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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6PM  CBS  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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wbtv news starts right now. with breaking news. >> and breaking news just into the news room, u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia was found dead in texas, he was a conservative voice on the high court. the cbs news will have continuous coverage at 6:30. thank you, we continuing to monitor the weather tonight. some areas are under a winter storm watch tonight, and send things over to meteorologist leigh brock. >> first things we have cold
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charlotte and 17 temperature in boon. and plus the winds blowing. look at the mountain temperatures, 5, and 16 in fleetwood, and 11 at beach mountain, and you add in that wind, and wind chill advisory in effect until 10 o'clock sunday morning, and temperatures in the teens and plus you have wind gusts and put that together, just really cold temperatures, not just the mountains but everyone. plus on top of that, yes, we have a winter storm watch, into effect tomorrow evening and lasts for just about everybody. we have a mixed bag, snow, sleet and freezing rain, and rain, and i will detail the forecasts and
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>> you want to stay on top of the weather as we head into next week, and download our weather app for free, find it in the app store. many had a chance to learn more about their neighbors this afternoon, the islamic outreach foundation hosted others the opportunity to learn more about islam. >> reporter: yes, a lot of non-muslims told me today that the reason they came to this event simply they were curious. and that's what this was about, look inside the event, still going on right now. organizers tell me they know that the rise of isis and islamic extremist has painted a
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but want people to know that is not islam. the nonmuslims sitting back to watch. 5,000 flyers invitations in this event in south charlotte, essentially as an olive branch to the community. we are not different from the average american, we are muslims and we are americans, we love this country and wish good for this country. >> reporter: one subject that kept coming into my efforts tonight of the bans of the islamic into the country, and some saying that is disturbing, and i will introduce you to a nonmuslim mother insisting to be here for the event. >> right now police need your help in finding a man who they say is a serial bank robber. last month the subject walked into the fifth third bank,
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and this morning he robbed the p & c bank on arboretum drive. and remember that the first robbery involving the suspect caused charlotte catholic high school to go on lock-down. new tonight police have arrested kaufman in the walmart on highway 9. police say a woman was approached as attempting to load her groceries and kaufman hit her in the face, facing armed robbery. new gas line break and workers working in the highland peak neighborhood, 288 customers
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heat restored this morning, 20 houses remain without gas service tonight. new tonight a kershaw man is in jail charged with facing voluntary manslaughter charges, and saw spencer and others taking items from his pick-up truck. now kershaw county sheriff office says that he was fleeing a scene where those laws do not apply. the funeral for william rucker was held at aj rucker middle school, named in honor of his family. his death just hours before the
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his son a football and he unexpected collapse and died afterwards, those said that he was well respected in the community. >> he was a good kid always. >> he went around the neighborhood in that big truck of his talking to everyone. >> those of the family say they are coping as best they can. colgate and family dollar came together to offer free dental screenings and oral healthcare at family dollar stores. organizers say it's a good chance for kids to warm up to dentists at an early age. >> we have children scared and maybe even crying and leave happy and satisfied.
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history month but children dental health month. after the break, the winter weather causes a pile up in pennsylvania. and an earthquake rocked oklahoma this morning, just how strong was it?
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returns. >> strong winds and heavy snow led to a deadly multi-car pile up in pennsylvania, check out this video, at least three people killed and more injured. a heavy snow squall was moving through the area, the pennsylvania state university basketball team was involved in that crash, 18 members of that squad. within -- witnesses say that people need to be careful. >> people don't understand how dangerous, and if one person causes an accident, everyone is involved. >> that man has been a truck driver for 30 years and has seen
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new tonight a magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck oklahoma today, and 17 miles northwest of fairview, residents felt the quake. the strongest earthquake to rattle that since 2011. tonight you can catch the gop after the break. >> we have a winter system coming this way just in time for
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>> the ninth republican debate takes place on cbs and wbtv and south carolina a week ahead of that state's primary. donald trump and ted cruz will enter the stage, but the pressure is on another candidate to perform well, craig is in greensville, south carolina.
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greenville, kasich and bush continue to work the trail. this state has been good to the bush family, both his brother and father won here. but bush and the other candidates are trailing trump in the polls. the winner will be head stage with ted cruz. >> it's all a smoke screen to hide from his record. >> who has the most pressure on them to perform? >> i think it's rubio. >> david woodard, says that florida senator, marco rubio must do better tonight after falterring in the new hampshire debate. >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. >> there it is. >> and this pressure is not just
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could be on any candidates with the primary weeks away. >> this is very important to do well in the debate. because it turn around the whole election. >> candidates with a poor showing in the primary could be forced to drop from the race. >> and again you can watch that debate live here on wbtv starting at 9 tonight. the question for you, we have been talking about it for days. almost like seeing an auto mechanic, how bad is it going to be? >> yeah, that's exactly the question right now, things are still coming together, not one of those cut and dry situations. things could still change but now look to have that winter weather, get to the details in a second. first of all check it out, sun is on its way, 6:03 is the
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that's. and the sun is barely officially down and all right some temperatures freezing. 17 in boone. what it looks like tomorrow morning, we will be really cold in every location. most of us in the teens, and charlotte temperature 18 by tomorrow morning, you will be in the single digits in a lot of places. that's why there is a wind chill advisory, not only temperatures in the single digits but gusting winds could make it feel like negative 10 tomorrow morning. before a storm system, we have that to deal with. as far as the satellite, we have nothing to show you, you may think there is a storm system that is supposed to come this way, where is it? let's pull it out and can't find
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impressive. but here's the thing, a system is forming and getting it act together, sunday evening and monday morning is when it will come through. we are under a winter storm watch until monday. first things first, what it looks like on sunday, 18 morning temperature and 36 at best tomorrow. then we get to sunday evening. put this into motion. most of the day tomorrow completely fine. clouds move in the second half of your day. this is 6 o'clock on sunday evening, notice already snow showers build into the mountain area, and the rest of you dry. what we are dealing is dry air at the surface and have to moisten of the atmosphere before anything reaches the ground and why it may be monday before we see anything falling.
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here's what will go through your day, warm air tries to work its way in. and as we head through the morning hours and seeing wind and then by evening hours see a winter mix in foothills and rain in the highest elevation. as of now this could be the biggest problem, the ice could be the worse in the foothill community. we are watching this, things could change, it's not a forecast that is cut and dry. as for now, don't hang your hat on these, just to give you an general idea, not looking at feet of snow, probably less than an inch in the charlotte area. it looks like the worse is monday morning for the commute. when we have snow changing over to the winter mix. could pick up to an inch.
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the mountain counties. this could change but right now what we are looking at. and this turns over to plain rain heading into tuesday afternoon into evening and stays as plain rain on tuesday. that's the heaviest rain on tuesday, fortunately above freezing by then. detail the forecast, overnight tonight 15 as the sun comes up. afternoon high 36 , we stay above freezing all night long, 26 is your morning low and 38 the afternoon high. notice how we creep above the freezing mark in the afternoon. and we have that snow turning over and winter mix, and then just plain rain in the evening hours and monday night into tuesday morning, but here's the thing, we stay above the freezing mark.
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and 58 on thursday, and 60 by friday and saturday. how is that for a change, snow and ice all the way to 60 , we have it all. check with the forecast and ashley stroehlein. >> a lot of action today, kentucky up three, but less than 2.5 minutes into the game and john calipari picks up two technical fouls. ejected from the game. clearly not happy about that, and gets his money's worth as his team has to hold him back and his guys rally and play pretty well after his ejection. murray steps in and makes the steal and take it all the way for the slam. that puts the wildcats up 23-16. and then lee would set the screen and receive the pass for the slam. 29-19 kentucky.
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up 18, and euless creates the turnover and here the huge alley oop. the final is 89-62, kentucky. the 49ers hosting north texas today, 103-79. freshman guard white starts the three-point streak to help the niners get off to a lead, and braxton leads in the game, on the road and play marshall on thursday. look at the college basketball score board. clemson winning over georgia tech. and gardner-webb falls to coastal carolina. johnson would help his team out with the buzzer beater, with the eagles with the win over radford. and the pirates fall to the bearcats, davidson is just one
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and queens would run past morris hill at home, but holding down carson newman in a win, and anderson is short. close game with the bulldogs. and anthony barber's career high to help with the lead over wake forest. nba all-star weekend is in full swing and for first time in the 65 year event it's held outside, in toronto, canada, and yesterday things kicked off with the nba media game and the hall of fame announcement and the subject game. drake and kevin hart are the coaches. and this features someone dear,
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him off. and kevin hart couldn't stand it and come out of retirement, with his team trailing by seven. and pulled up for the three-pointer and didn't go so well. team canada will be up mcgrady and add insult to injury and hold the ball out of the reach of kevin hart. this morning players selected for the nba all-star game getting ready for tomorrow's game, and that is on tnt, and kobe bryant, and coach popovich and steph curry and lebron james and many more. and participating in the skills challenge and the slam-dunk
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after the break,
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third round of the pebble beach pro-am taking place here, and this guy bill murray having a great time, and even autographing people's heads. and you can watch the final round here on wbtv tomorrow at 3 p.m.
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>> cold tonight down into the
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monday a >> axelrod: breaking news, supreme court justice antonin
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the high court's conservative anchor found inside his room at a resort in texas. the stage is set in south carolina for tonight's cbs news republican debate. the final six candidates in their last face-to-face showdown before a crucial primary. a deadly pileup on an icy interstate as temperatures in the northeast plummet toward record lows. and why these kids from the class of 2032 have a million reasons to be thankful. captioning sponsored by cbs i'm jim axelrod. we begin with breaking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia dead at the age of 79. scalia was the longest serving justice of the current supreme court and its conservative. paula reid is in washington with


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