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tv   WBTV News 3 at Noon  CBS  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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that will be the case in the evening. hickory and toward shelby, dysart'sville, statesville all looking at patchy areas of freezing rain this afternoon. we have a long way to go. all of this moisture out of the gulf. cold air across the carolinas now. as this precipitation begins to push in, we will see the warmer air come in. that will raise the snow level. still through the evening, we have a winter weather advisory charlotte, freezing rain advisory to the south, and for the mountains, a winter storm warning remains in effect until 12:00 p.m. tuesday. in charlotte, 31, dew point serb winds are call. it is 32 in boone, 31 charlotte. 24 in hickory, and 29 gastonia. we will look at our latest computer model and talk about much warmer temperatures on the way. >> our coverage on the ground, here we are monitoring changes
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here in the charlotte area, we could see a wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain into the afternoon. we are live in charlotte this afternoon. tell us more about the conditions you have been seeing through the morning and right now, and what the city has done to prepare for winter weather. >> reporter: the temperature is doing its part. it is cold out here. the last couple minutes, we just saw our first few flurrys start to fall here, so the snow may be starting to move this way. as far as what the city is doing to get prepared, crews are out for the city and state, making sure we are ready, once we start to see precipitation start to fall of any serious form in and around the charlotte area. this morning, we knew they had 30 trucks last night, one thing that might work to the advantage for d.o.t., the temperature, it
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solution is going to work. if it gets below 25 or too cold, they have to put a different solution on. it doesn't look like that will be the case. the trucks are positioned, they are loaded with supplies they need. all they are waiting on and the -- is the precipitation to start to fall. temperatures are cold enough. if there's any change, we'll keep you posted. >> anchor: thank you. the winter weather is having an impact on dozens of flights at charlotte-mecklenburg international airport. it is because of wicked weather not only in our area but really across the east, eastern ohio, western pennsylvania and western new york could get up to eight inches of snow today. we are on your side with more, what officials are saying about air travel. >> reporter: we have been communicating with officials over twitter this morning. the most recent tweet they sent is we have just started de-icing on runways and roads. that is happening at the
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we are not seeing anything coming down yet, no flurries here. on the inside, it is a different story with cancellation on the board behind me, departures and arrivals canceled. a lot of red on the board this morning, a lot due to problems in the northeast. they are preparing at the airport as well as american airlines. we heard from them overnight. they have de-icing trucks on the runways in case this winter weather comes this afternoon. i talked to a group of people, didn't know each other. they realized all their flights are canceled and had to make do, they had to make sure they are having fun even though it is a tough situation for travelers. >> when we were heed, it was deserted, every person looks up, distraught, and then people started showing up, i figured might as well make the best of it, make friends.
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updated on any travel issues we see at the airport and any more cancellations we are seeing for arrivals or departures. >> anchor: thank you. and let's take another live look at king street in boone, this is in watauga county, with several other counties including avery, ashe, burk, under a winter storm warning for snow and sleet. we continue team coverage in boone. >> reporter: snow has been coming down off and on here all morning in boone, going through high and low, periods of no snow as you can see now, the flakes coming down that stick to the roads. it has been keeping crews busy. you can see it coming down. crews have been working around the clock to make sure they get the snow off the streets and having roads decent.
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morning, as i got further north, the roads got worse. they got the roads looking decent at one point. now the snow came down again, and they are back to being snow filled. i suggest to take it easy behind the pedal. here. you want to make sure you don't slam on the brakes, if you slide steer in the direction you want to go, ease off the gas and steer in that direction, and give yourself plenty of time, distance between you and the next car. with several inch reported to fall today in the mountain areas and boone, i suggest if you don't have to be outside, please remain inside and take care of yourself. say warm. >> anchor: you really need to be careful out there. it is a possibility you run into icy conditions depending on where you are driving. this is new video out of burk county. officials in hickory are
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in that area, so there are slick parts to some of the commutes today. just be careful. now, the weather has made school district closed, charlotte-mecklenburg among them. you can find the full list of closings online, the full list is there for you now. make sure you have the free weather app. you can check current temperatures, and check where this storm system is moving. and keep it on wbtv through the day today. we will continue to have live team coverage of winter conditions from charlotte to the mountains beginning first at 4:00. several republican candidates for president are in the palmetto state today campaigning for your vote. it comes ahead of saturday's primary. donald trump is in mount pleasant for a town hall, he
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p.m., and will be in the state all week campaigning. in 30 minutes, dr. carson will tour laboratories, and hold an event at carolina christian academy in lancaster. jeb bush is bringing his brother along for a rally, and earlier this morning, marco rubio held a town hall in rock hill. the make-up of the supreme court is an issue now at the forefront of the presidential campaign following the weekend death of justice scalia. president obama could try to get a nominee through the senate this year, even though the majority leader says that could wait until a new president is in office. a confirmation vote probably would be months away. breaking news, hickory policing are investigating after a woman was shot twice. it happened in the last hour at a home on 11th street northwest in hickory. the victim has been taken to the
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was shot by a man she knows. he is being questioned by police. no word on the victim's condition. next, gas prices keep falling. we will have a look at the forecast at the pumps coming up. >> anchor: freezing rain a evening. and then heavy rain as we head
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the the forecast is next. >> anchor: new video of snow coming down in ash ie county. this from our viewer. he says snow has accumulated several inches in his yard since yesterday. we want to see your video and pictures of all the winter weather. you can share them on social media, make sure you include the hash tag snow b tv.
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economic news. the average price of gas in charlotte has fallen 3.7 cents per gallon the past week. 45 out of 50 states have an average below $2. experts say low prices won't last as refineries talk of production cuts with crude oil at a 13 year low. the average price of gas in charlotte, 1.59. we saw 1.49 at the costco on i-77. the r rated film has taken the box office by storm, it annihilated records topping $135 million from its first three days. starring ryan reynolds, super hero. it became the biggest r move. it easily trumped last year's
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we know you all are thinking about the weather this afternoon. and here's a live look at our hd tower cam, of uptown charlotte. it is cloudy and overcast and very cold. you will need to bundle up if you are making your way outeds. believe it or not there's a warm-up in store the next 7
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we will be breaking that down.
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sleet and snow is falling across much of north carolina causing wrecks, closing schools and businesses. winter storm warnings and advisories are in effect over the state, except the coast and extreme western counties. the national weather service says the precipitation is light now but be aware of potential ice on bridges and overpasses. charlotte-mecklenburg police are trying to identify a man they say is responsible for two bank robberies. a $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the man you see on your screen. they say he robbed the bank on pineville and arboretum drive. if you have on who this is and the incident, call crimestoppers right now pope francis is holding a mass in the mexico state, thousands of people are gathered to hear the pope.
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largely toward indigenous communities. today is the midway point for the five day trip, he plans to have lunch before arriving in mexico city where he will visit a children's hospital. music's best singers and musicians prepare to take the stage live here, the show will be packed with unique collaborations and stiff competition. we go inside the staples center in los angeles. >> pit bull will rock the stage with the diverse mash-up of musicians. >> come on, man, doesn't get more rock 'n' roll than that. >> reporter: part of a tradition that partners different generations and features rising stars like first time nominee,
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voice with pop star in a duet. organizers say it is different from previous years. the show will be filled with stirring tributes to honor the long list of legends who have died recently. album of the year contender chris stapleton will heed an all star tribute to bb king. >> the greatest, he has had more influence than anybody i can think of in history. >> lady gaga tribute to the late david bowie. >> a medley of 9 tunes. >> reporter: he put together the tribute. >> this is very personal, because it feels like it is a wonderful way to say goodbye. >> reporter: the biggest spotlight may belong to taylor swift, up for 7 grammies, and rapper, leading with 11
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>> the 58th annual show hosted by ll cool jay is live here, at 8:00 p.m. tune in for that want -- we want forecast. we should expect more changes. >> we still hold on to the potential for freezing rain, because we are starting to moisten up. very dry at the surface, midnight last night, dew point was 1. bone dry. we are 17 now. up. with the cold air locked in at the surface we are looking at the possibility for freezing rain and sleet in the afternoon. it will be fairly short lived, overnight. we will get to all of that in just a second. the areas where you see pink in mecklenburg county county, to the south, rock hill, and the foothill areas, starting to see some of that freezing rain. in the mountains, we have a lull
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toward bristol and interstate 81 it is turning to rain, so the southerly flow begins to bring in the warmer temperatures aloft. still freezing rain morganton, lenoir, taylorsville and hickory where the roads have been slick. there you see tega kay, maths, mint hill, you have seen freezing drizzle the last little while. we will continue to see some of the moisture. look at the line of precipitation out of the deep south, then up into the mountains this afternoon. so we have the cold air locked in at the surface now. but generally as we head into the evening, warm air aloft will come in and mix out those temperatures. winter weather advisory for charlotte, until 7:00 p.m. the upstate of south carolina, freezing rain advisory until 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon. then the winter storm warning continues for the north carolina high country. here's a great perspective of mort. you can see the freezing
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camera lens, burke, caldwell, you have seen freezing rain already. 31 in charlotte. dew point temperature, 17, so the humidity has come up to 57%. it is 32 in boone. warmer in boone than it is high river, gastonia, statesville, and that cold air sort of locked in for the afternoon and evening. the pattern, into the afternoon, still seeing some pink and freezing rain. look at the heavy rain to our west. it comes across the area, overnight then we have another short wave diving through tomorrow night and wednesday morning. west get to the closer perspective. 12:00 p.m. this afternoon. here's the area, salisbury, regard, and hickory continuing to see freezing rain in the afternoon and evening, this is 7:00 p.m. in the night, the line begins to shift. rain showers in charlotte. still a mix of freezing precipitation toward hickory.
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is all rain, and the rain may be heavy at times overnight. seven-day forecast, presidents' day today, low 30's. 57 tuesday, but a very nice warming trend in the weekend, sunshine, 60 friday. 68 saturday. that's a check of the forecast. >> thank you. here with three great reads, especially if you are still eating valentine's day candy. >> absolutely. >> reading, pop in a few. >> or what i can tell you, to distract you from a big day this week, you need distracted. >> this week. >> i think so. >> could be wrong. >> i think it is on wbtv. >> big rivalry. >> you need a distraction, these are good. sweet, easy, fun reads. and who doesn't want something to do. pretty inexpensive if you
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in the bargain bin. shopaholic, she is back, married and has a child. she and her husband, she is wanting to style for one of her husband's clients. she starts styling for a competitor. i don't know how she keeps being funny. some lose funny. >> on a totally different note, this spy mistrous, this is historical fiction about a woman who from virginia, raised by quakers, so during the civil war she actually becomes a spy for the union, and really helps house and move forward some of the mission. i just think women during that time, everybody doubts them. really cool stories come out. true story, this is actually
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>> got it. >> the character is real. the last thing is also a case of mistaken identity. we don't know. two women from the same town, with the same name, who went win a glorious house. both claim it. obviously you can check the social security numbers to know who won, but you don't just look at someone's name. that i have to get past with the book, but it is really cute. how they grow together, and love too. >> ok. >> good stuff. >> wednesday.
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>> we'll be right back. >> mecklenburg county, tega kay, rock hill, foothills and mountains, quick look at the seven-day forecast, the freezing precipitation turns to all rain overnight. >> thank you.
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latest for you. >> lily: yeah, i've sampled them both, so let's go with the 2008 vintage over the 2012. okay. thank you. >> neil: hey. >> lily: hi. >> neil: wow. you really pulled this place together fast.
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transformation. >> lily: yeah, thanks. you don't think it's too reserved? >> neil: oh, no, no. i think it's absolutely perfect. so, why'd you, uh -- why'd you need my help with any of this? >> lily: um...i don't. >> neil: you don't? but your text -- >> lily: yeah, i-i asked you to come here because devon told me what happened at the lab yesterday. >> neil: i was having a bad day. >> lily: no, dad. i think it went beyond that. >> neil: [ sighs ] >> lily: you're drinking again. >> devon: i haven't spoken to neil since he stormed out on us yesterday. >> hilary: did you try calling him? >> devon: won't answer the phone. >> hilary: and you think that working with us is gonna be too much for him. >> devon: well, don't you? this is how everything started last time. he -- he started having flashes of losing it and then secretly drinking. >> hilary: and then he caused the accident where christine williams lost her baby.


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