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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430PM  CBS  February 15, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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we have a winter storm warning for our mountain counties and burke, caldwell, alexander. winter weather advisory for post of the heart of the wbtv viewing area and in south carolina a freezing rain advisory. at least for a couple more hours. this is the precipitation falling. so far just light freezing rain in the foothills but more rain coming from the south and the temperatures makes it freezing rain. this is around charlotte. going to concentrate there first. 485. if you are traveling home on 485 if you know someone for rush-hour around 485, that could be a problem. around the pineville area, matthews, indian trail and mint hill and harrisburg all of these areas have rain falling and it could be falling as freezing rain. we need everyone to be careful even in south carolina there's more rain where that came from. sound 77 you notice a batch of heavy rain between chester and
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to the north and as it pushes to the north if our temperatures stay below the freezing mark in mecklenberg county and union county we could have another wave of freezing rain. there's more rain where that came from. the heavier rain has not gotten here yet that is good timing the light rain out of the way and the colder temperatures here comes the heavier rain during the overnight period but i'm glad to say the temperatures will be going up. heading down after the sunsets temperatures going up just a tad around the freezing mark by 6:30. going up, upper 30s by 10:30 in the 40s by tomorrow morning when that heavy rain moves through it should not be frozen. more on the forecast and when we see things clear up in a little bit. >> thank you. we are monitoring conditions from throughout the wbtv viewing area. lincoln county had a slippery start to the day and where we find sharon smith live now. what are the latest conditions like?
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been a misty mix and we are getting tiny snowflakes. i don't know if you can see them. and main street in downtown lincolnton indicative of what we have seen most of the day. no major slick spots but with more rain it could become more of a problem as daylight goes away. we did find one bridge about a block from here and it was covered in a white dusting of snow. and it was slick. we watched cars going over it and they did not have trouble. and i spoke with ems that told me they responded to a whopping 50-something calls about accidents this morning. but by lunchtime, things had cleared up and they got better out here. and they are hoping it stays that way. coming up at 5:30 we'll show you the story we are editing now how the storm affected people in different ways.
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in her eyes as she was talking about her relief. live in lincolnton, sharon smith wbtv on your side. >> all right thank you. >> and you can track the winter weather with the first-alert weather team download the wbtv weather app and free in the app store. tonight at 5:00 p.m. live coverage throughout the carolinas and our first alert forecast tracking the latest for you. >> other parts of the country are seeing snow. this out of virginia. the national weather service says that area has seen 10 inches of snow. >> not sure, but we have an accident to report on monroe road. alex giles has the latest information live in the alert socialcenter. >> a truck crashed into a building morris costumes not the ufo that you see in the top there. i think that is normally out there. medic reporting that paramedics are on scene. and no life-threatening injuries
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one person being treated at the scene. an interesting crash site there but i'm glad everybody is all right. >> thank you. >> back to our photographer jordan sawyer on 485. he has been monitoring the roads and freezing rain and he says that ice is just now starting to form on his windshield. 30 outside in charlotte. so you can see how that is going to become a problem. as you are headed out, be super careful, especially as we start to get to the latest evening hours and night fall it will be difficult to tell what is slick and what is not. right to tonya rivens she is in the first alert traffic center and she has been monitoring the roads today. >> and brigida where alex was at morris costumes that monroe road outbound past mack elway road and an accident at albemarle and independence boulevard things are getting busy on the
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independence boulevard starting to see congestion. wendover a great option. and also it's starting to clear out but a problem with a stranded motorist and the lane block at w.t. harris southbound and lawyers road. congestion by this area especially approaching w.t. harris a mile of stop-and-go traffic. and two additional accidents; one at hickory grove and w.t. harris creating problems. and another accident at pence road, robinson church road is a great alternate route for this. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. >> thank you. deputies are searching for a suspect who has been added to the rowan county most wanted list. check out this photo of anthony fudge. the 39-year-old is a registered sex offender. they are looking for him because of a probation violation. his last known to be in salisbury. if you know where he is call
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>> a myrtle beach couple charged with child cruelty when they left a toddler in a car when they stole lingerie. they were caught trying to shoplift when they found the couple's child in the car. >> homes and businesses destroyed in south carolina after historic floods this past fall. the effort to get things back to normal is still going on months later. how the power of thousands of volunteers helped a church reopen. >> and we continue to follow reports of winter weather across our area. a live look at the radar. can you see that pink mix there on the screen which denotes a mix of snow and sleet and freezing rain. the areas most experienced
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>> four months ago another weather event caused devastation in the carolinas. sky3 over columbia south carolina in october after heavy rains caused devastating floods and months later, families and businesses continue to recover from the historic flooding. >> this weekend was a new day for a lexington church. watershed fellowship reopened. the church suffered thousands of dollars in damage and had no
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volunteers worked for months. >> during the days all the volunteers the restaurants and food people came and kids came from schools. it was just true community. a lot of laughter and a lot of joy in the midst of doing hard work messy stuff. >> lots of thumb's up. the church says thousands of people helped out since october putting them back on their feet. cool stuff. >> good to see. and we continue to follow the winter weather today some of you reporting ice and sleet and others have snow. >> and this is our network of d.o.t. cameras. the roads are wet and the rain is coming down and slick spots
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very latest when we >> i'm paul cameron we are 15 minutes away from news at 5:00. icy roads and lots of wrecks. the winter storm is making a mess on the roadways. we have live team coverage as we get ready for the rain continuing tonight. and a woman in critical condition after shot twice in hickory. we are on your side with new information in the case. right now back to first at 4:00 with brigida and jamie. >> paul, thank you.
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just in on a child abuse case in rowan county. >> our alex giles is live in the alert center. >> look at this video, this is from our david whisenant up in rowan county. he sent this to us. it's suspect shannon clement. she was facing the child abuse charges accused of letting her daughter get her hands object prescription drugs. the child was found unconscious and we know clement was charged with obstruction of justice that was her outside of the courtroom. and investigators say she tried to convince a friend to lie to police officers about that case. not a good situation there. but we'll continue following this in the court system. >> alex giles thank you. >> we are on your side with the top consumer headlines. flying is the safest it has been in the past five years. airline accidents dropped in 2015. a report shows there were four
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in 2014, 641 people died. this does not include crashes that were caused deliberately. >> nordstrom will accept returns from nordstrom rack that paves the way for shoppers to return items brought back. despite the change store officials are encouraging shoppers to make their returns througug or the retailer. >> they have not been doing that? >> the could be a problem if something that does not workout. >> and you had to go back to the original stores. >> let's update the traffic. wet roads in mecklenberg county. here is to be ton in the tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> and we are seeing activity on our interstates. i've seem one report that this accident i-77 south salisbury road in statesville is blocked.
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alternate routes. but congestion as a result of this accident in both directions. southbound we have three miles of slow-moving traffic. and northbound at least two miles of slow-moving traffic. as we head back towards the city and look on the mapping system things are fairly quiet. with light volume of traffic but again, activity starting to pick up. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. back to you guys. >> all right thank you. a live look from the car our photographer jordan sawyer is driving. this is 485 in matthews. you can see the roads are wet. and he has the windshield wipers going and has been reporting that his windshield has started to ice over. it is a test to the slippery situation that is going on out there. and be careful on the roads tonight. especially once night falls and it will be hard to differentiate between what is wet and black ice.
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temperature it's 30 and supposed to get warmer later. t not right now. here is leigh brock in the first alert weather center. >> we have that but the warmup but you hit the nail on the head. you just cannot tell if the road was water or ice on it. that is why we have to assume that everything is ice. and then be careful there. and from your hd towercam, just a gray evening, a wet evening and we have the dew points coming up more. and whatever you see falling is reaching the ground. and the numbers. they are below the freezing mark in just about every location. 20s in the foothills and temperatures in the 30s closer to charlotte and south carolina but anything that falls can freeze on contact. that is what freezing rain is. winter storm warning in effect for the mountain counties, burke, caldwell, alexander
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and a freezing rain advisory for south carolina until 7:00 p.m. this is what it looks like. here is the precipitation and it looks light it is but still any frozen precipitation that freezes on contact even if it is light can certainly cause problems. light showers falling across the foothills and closer to charlotte there is a steady stream of precipitation coming up. this is in the charlotte area around uptown. and zooming in closer this is 485 going around the city. we have freezing rain in idlewild, mint hill, matthews, into indian trail. pineville you are picking up freezing rain and shopton you were not included and you now have the freezing rain. and there is a wide swath of freezing rain for several of our counties stretching up into rowan county, cabarrus county, concorde you have the freezing rain right now. and kannapolis this is 85 here.
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that area, but it's not the main roads that are thehe biggest concern. but the side roads they have not been treated. those are the ones you have to get to the main roads and get away from the main roads. and here is the next batch. this is in the south carolina york county, lancaster county you are getting rain. here is 77. and this is all pushing to the north. and while you may be above the freezing mark down there, this is moving into an area that does not have temperatures above freezing so we could have another batch of freezing rain for the charlotte area and areas to the east. here is what it looks like tonight that is one batch moving through this is the frozen to stuff right now. and there is a little bit of drying. and then the big batch of rain. it is going to be heavy at times. but the coldest air should be moving out. and possibility of freezing rain for the evening hours. most of it after a couple more
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of the mountains around the foothills you have this lasting longer than anyone else. and turning to plain rain. and closer to charlotte in south carolina heavy rain overnight. and then it moves out coming into tomorrow morning. overnight temperatures are going up. heavy rain 44 your low temperature or your morning time temperature. 57 on tuesday for a high temperature. 58 on wednesday. we get back to the 60s for next weekend. keep that in mind dealing with the elements this evening. there is the forecast. back over to you. >> thank you. we are on your side with a programming note. this wednesday night 9:00 p.m., wbtv will air the duke-unc basketball game there are changes how you can watch the season premier of survivor. follow me here. part one will air from 8-9 on wbtv. the final 30 minutes will air on bounce. you can also watch the entire 90-minute premier on bounce from
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part two of survivor will air on wbtv at 1:37am thursday morning followed by the wig bang theory and we have all on our website at folks interested in the basketball here. and make sure your regular programming is taken care of as well. >> and if you do not have bounce tv dish and direct you can catch it on demand. but you want to be aware of that as well. next at 4:00, the countdown to the presidential primaries in south carolina is on. and jeb bush is now getting his family to help ramp up his race to the white house. >> and hello to debra today's facebook fan of the day. encourage everyone to go to and hit the like button.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... >> campaign 2016 is in the palmetto state. five presidential candidates campaigning across south carolina today ahead of saturday's primary. jeb bush is making headlines with the help of his brother former president bush. >> they campaigned side-by-side for the first time. wbtv anchor maureen o'boyle is on your side why this is important for the bush campaign. >> former president george bush made his debut on the campaign trail with wife laura, meeting
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south carolina. >> how are you doing? >> still bush country? >> maybe george but not jeb. >> laura and charlie north say they are making up their minds. jeb bush and his brother are joining forces to convince the undecided voters they hope to capitalize on the bush's popularity which is strong in the palmetto state. >> willing to lie about anything and then you hold-up a bible is no good. >> donald trump continued his drum beat of attacks on bush's family and took a new swipe at ted cruz. >> i think he is 'unstable person. i really do. >> some of the candidates are fuming from last saturday's debate with this warning from marco rubio. >> these divisions if they continue it's going to take months to bring everybody back together. >> and ted to do added his two cents. >> i would note when both marco rubio and donald trump scream liar it makes you wonder how they would handle dealing with putin.
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and travels to south carolina tomorrow. maureen o'boyle wbtv on your side. >> next on wbtv news big changes ahead for the sat. what you need to know before your child takes the test this spring. >> and we are on your side with live continuing team coverage of the winter storm that is bringing freezing rain and frigid temperatures to your neighborhood. our team of meteorologists is on your side with the most updated forecast in 90 seconds. introducing longhorn's big, bold, steaks. the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cut 10 ounce filet. our perfectly seasoned 16 ounce t-bone.
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>> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> snow, freezing rain and icy roads a winter storm is moving across our viewing area leading to several crashes and a mess on some roads. >> from the foothills to the charlotte area we have what you can expect tonight as we prepare for more winter weather. it's been an active afternoon on radar. welcome i'm paul cameron. >> i'm maureen o'boyle. nice to have you in with us. this winter storm will bring more rain, freezing rain and frigid temperatures to your neighborhood. >> a mix forecasted for the charlotte area. thousand this is a live look at uptown. >> and over to chief meterologist, eric thomas. he begins our coverage in the first alert weather center. >> maureen, good evening this is a big system and we have a ways to go. you will see all the freezing rain in the viewing area right now.
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two of this storm during the overnight. part one no question the freezing rain you will see everything color coded in the pink areas. some of that rain is starting to creep up through south carolina and that is rain. and it's all freezing rain and concentrated on i-77, i-85, york county, mecklenburg and then northbound into the i-85 corridor, cabarrus county, stanly and then on up into rowan county. then you get into patchy freezing rain where things were at the worst with numerous accidents and roads closed around the foothills. and they had the three-six inches of snow in the high country. the way things will progress, you see the subfreezing air. that dark line. that is the pocket that is going to be problematic through the evening hours. as above freezing air starts to change to rain in north carolina and south carolina. in the area under the biggest threat that is a winter storm warning for freezing rain totals
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and then the winter weather advisory for everybody south of i40, and i will tell you this is mainly for the same thing for a glaze of freezing rain. not concerned about much more than that. but, again, the roads treacherous when you start dealing with freezing rain especially at night. now part two of the storm might get your attention as well. here is leigh brock with more on that. >> we have for the overnight period heavier rain than what we have seen. but the good news is the warmer temperatures are coming in. this is 10:00 p.m. we will put this into motion this is 3:00 a.m. notice the really heavy rain from boone through lenoir, hihiory, shelby all of those areas seeing heavy rain for charlotte. and then by tomorrow morning it starts to move out again. maybe wet for the commute this is 6:00 a.m. and starting to push out of here. and then 10:00 a.m. we are starting to dry out. tomorrow afternoon we will be seeing subject again heavy rain


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