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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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dried out for most part and we should see a big drying trend as we go through the day. the rain is very spotty and light here in charlotte, that is our metro school camera, there is a little bit of fog. we'll wind up as we get in the midday hours. a lot of sunshine and we will wind up close to 60 late this afternoon. i'm tracking our next front, let you know when that arrives plus the seven day planner, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffic this morning sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we have seen accidents already this morning, most of those not on area interstates, injury accident beaties ford at miranda road, that is miranda right before you make your way up toward beaties ford road. taking a live look this is i-77 at woodlawn, volume picking up here, just after 6:00 this morning. if central avenue is part of your morning commute, they have it closed down between hawthorne and central because of some flooding from a construction scene there. looking at the overall charlotte
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major interstates are running in the green. up to the north a different story where the colder temperatures created icy conditions and we still have delays on i-77 coming southbound. wbtv's mark davenport joins us live along i-77 where there was serious trouble spots overnight, mark? >> reporter: yeah, chris, there was serious trouble spots out here overnight. i saw a lot of them this morning as i was driving up i-77 north, saw a lot of cars on the side of the road in guardrails, in ditches. i saw a car on the top flipped over. those are from last night. a lot of the ice that was accumulating on the roads had drivers in bad situations overnight. i didn't see anything fresh this morning. i called highway patrol because we were on our way up here and they actually just opened up lanes, we're at 421 and 77, last night there were two tractor-trailers or excuse me a tractor-trailer that jack knifed up here, caused big delays, big back-ups. also two tractor-trailers that got in an accident further back
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if you're heading north. i want to show you what we're looking at, some ice out here, this is from the snow that came down overnight up here, turned in ice, but on the roads, things are looking okay because of the rain that we've had and temperatures above freezing right now. so you see the ice on the side of the roads, you have to steer clear of that, obviously, on the roads looking good since the rain has been coming down most of the morning. that was my drive all the way up here in the rain, nothing too serious but you have to keep aware of everything that is going on around you especially in conditions like these because you can get comfortable and things can go sour fast. i want to let you know, chris, one more thing before i go, 77 southbound i'll head back down to that back-up, when i was coming up i saw where it began. looked a like a tractor-trailer being towed away from the scene at 421 but really blocking up traffic and stopping things up there as volume was intense. that was for five miles, i'll head back that way, check that out i'll report from 77 southbound this time.
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wbtv on your side. >> john: across the charlotte region there were dozens of accidents on roads with icy conditions. this was the scene on i-85 near exit 17 in gastonia where this ambulance overturned. happened around 8:00 last night, caused traffic to be backed up for miles. this was a stanly county ambulance. in the foothills, drivers said it was more the same. >> this is not snow. this is ice. i would much rather have the snow. easier to drive in. >> cars off the road everywhere. a car wrapped around a telephone pole right up there. >> john: back here in charlotte an eight-car pile up shut down part of i-485 during rush hour. couldn't have happened at a worse time. medic says one of 64 accidents it responded to in mecklenburg county throughout the day. >> christine: breaking news, police and power crews on the scene of several issues around charlotte overnight. wbtv's ashton pellom has been
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these scenes for us and he is live at the scene of a road blockage east of uptown, ashton? >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine, currently on hawthorne lane, the nearest cross street is central avenue, you might have heard chris mention eight moment ago right behind me there are barricades, there was some flooding here in this road, it has receded since the rain has stopped, i'll take to you video to show you at the peak when police cruisers were out here. police tell me a construction site nearby flooded and then residual effect the floodwater from the construction site has gotten on the street here on hawthorne lane, that is why they shut it down. police were waiting for the rain to stop you, now that it has stopped and water receded they are waiting on city crews to get out here and see how they will clean this mess up. but this road is currently blocked right now. you mentioned power outages, i did see duke energy crews out
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than 240 homes lost power for an hour or so. some branches were on power lines out there and i saw duke crews working to remove those branches off the power lines and they restored power in the area. also a couple other outages around the city but they have been resolved. back out here live on hawthorne lane, the road is still blocked off, i saw people come down the road past the barricade, drive up on the sidewalk to get through these barricades right here, just not a good thing if you have to drive on the sidewalk to get past something, you probably shouldn't be doing it, the road is blocked you have to use hawthorne lane, find an alternate route, be careful on the wet streets. reporting live in charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> christine: thanks, ashton. other parts of north carolina dealing with tens of thousands of power outages. >> john: kristen miranda live in the alert center with new details coming in. >> kristen: things are looking a little better if we can look at the duke energy outage map, we were talking about this an hour ago and we had significant
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a closer look i can show you that some of the spots, especially the area in saw mills was at 1400 customers without power, now sits at 103, that is great news. all the rest of the power outages in the hundreds and really the low 100s and 200s, this one in newton, 400 people, still seeing problems as well. just taking a quick look at blue ridge electric, outage map, seeing the same situation as we did an hour ago, just small handfuls, small pockets of anywhere from two or three to 150 outages in some spots in the foothills and in the mountains. remember, if your power ever goes out you can always stream us live right on here or your ipad or tablet and you can make sure you get caught up on all the news on wbtv. don't forget that. or use the app. back to you. >> john: download the wbtv
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whenever you want, the app is free for apple and android devices. >> christine: plenty ahead in the 6:00 hour of wbtv news this morning. >> john: ing a garbage truck crashed off edge he straighted highway in a park below. elevated highway. >> an officer involved shooting outside columbia. first a quick check of the first alert weather before we head to break here, we have 37 degrees in charlotte, same thing up in boone. look at this, freezing in shelby, 32, 48 down in lancaster, 49 in monroe, 53 in wadesboro. i-77 at woodlawn, wet streets you may want to leave early to compensate for that. remember, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather
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live from charlotte this is wbtv news this morning. >> christine: welcome back, we have several stories that you will want to stick around for that is brand new in this hour we have not played yet this morning. in a few minutes at 6:34 a.m., north carolina lawmakers taking steps in case they are forced to re-draw congressional lines. this is a controversial issue, we'll hear what members of the community had to say about it.
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gallon, at 6:43, the gas price war that had some payers filling up their tanks for less than a dollar. >> john: we have dramatic video of an officer-involved shooting in south carolina that put an officer in the hospital. just take a look at this. police in cayce released dash cam footage, shows encounter from last november when officers were trying to arrest the man on drug-related charges. he breaks away from the officers, watch as they struggle. pulls out a pistol from the waistband and opens fire. one of the officers was hit, the other pulled out his gun and shot back, killing the man. police announced the officers will not face charges and that the shooting was justified. >> christine: an investigation underway after a truck lands in a park in miami, florida. the driver of a city of miami garbage truck drove off the ramp on i-95 and landed in the park below.
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basketball when they heard the truck hit the railing. sounded as if a bomb went off and before they knew it, the truck slammed in the pavement below. the driver was rushed to the hospital in serious condition, it is up clear what caused this accident. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. a good reminder, we have wet roads, drive carefully as you are commuting this morning. >> al: let's hope your commute is not as eventful as that. we had a holt of lot of wrecks in the foothills, it is still icy back to the west of charlotte. you can see the heaviest of the rain is pushing away from us, 37, light drizzle in boone. that is king street from, you're likely not to go much of anywhere with the temperatures, there is likely to be mostly cloudy skies and a few rain and snow showers, i don't think a lot of accumulation. for the rest of us, still at 32 in cleveland county, hickory, up toward statesville, barely above freezing in morganton, probably quite a bit of ice, use caution
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not so from gaston county southward and eastward, temperatures in the 30s, 40s and 50s. in charlotte today, look for mostly cloudy skies, 39 but plenty of sunshine for the midday, up to 59 degrees here, just shy of 60. a temperature turn around, rain is moving to the east, tracking our next front plus a big weekend warm up in the seven day planner. let's check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: if you're just getting ready to hit the roads, the roads are wet, traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. let's start with a live look at i-77 at the rest area coming off the south carolina state line, you can see the splash and spray still coming off vehicles this morning. now we had street flooding over on hawthorne lane, ashton pellom telling us that they are still working to clear that scene. a little further up the road, central avenue at eastway, new accident in the road there. looking at the overall charlotte commute most of the major interstates are still running in the green this morning.
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you're coming in toward kannapolis and concord, accident on i-85 heading southbound in china grove snarled traffic. you'll find a two mile stretch that is stop and go. that is a check of the morning commute, christine, over to you. >> christine: how easy is it for teach attorney's move and get another job in another state? >> john: important details on unreliable screening process and what it means for your children. >> christine: kristen m manda in the alert center getting you headlines just in, she is coming the wires right now and we'll check back with her for another headline. coming the wires. wbtv is always on your side, in
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>> john: 19 after 6:00. dozens of school closings and delays this morning. but charlotte-mecklenburg schools are operating on a normal schedule. you can find the full list scrolling on the bottom of the screen or online, let's give you a live look the charlotte skyline from scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, we have low-lying clouds in the area, hard to see the tops of the buildings out there but that is going to change today. right now go over to kristen miranda, live in the alert center with new details coming in on a yellow alert in the nation's capital. >> kristen: live picture from washington d.c., live images this morning, it is a little messy weather-wise, and they are getting rain, now more rain throughout the day. a yellow weather alert has been put in effect today, through the rest of the day today as freezing rain is going to change to rain and then heavy rain as we go throughout the morning. the temperatures are below
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now is causing icy conditions on sidewalks and parking lots, anything untreat sod you can untreated so they are putting something down to get rid of the ice so people walking around the capital aren't going to slip and fall. it is much of what we have seen here, they are now seeing there and i'm looking at al's radar looks like the big mess headed their way. back to you. >> christine: march madness is around the corner with selection sunday less than a month away. already feels like march madness the way this season has been going, nc state at virginia looking to finish strong heading in the acc tournament, they need to win it all to get to the big dance. virginia would control this one as they win 73-53. >> john: duke fresh off their win over virginia, back in the top 25, ranked 20 after spending two weeks on the outside looking in. how about this, the big one, elizabeth.
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wbtv tomorrow night at 9:00. now, that means there are changes to how you can watch the season premiere of survivor. part 1 will air from 8:00 to 9:00 on wbtv. the final 30 minutes will air on the bounce channel. now, you will say wait a minute i want to watch the whole thing. you can watch the entire premiere on bounce from 8:00 until 9:30. part 2 of survivor will air on wbtv 1:37 thursday morning followed by the big bank theory andcode black. >> al: what are you doing, balancing the federal budget, that is what it sounds like. >> christine: he's just the messenger. >> john: it is the game!
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elizabeth, as you said. the rain is moving out, much drier conditions, let's hook at it right now, there are the five sweeps of power doppler radar, still getting rain in and around lincoln county and up toward catawba county, just shy of the statesville and these temperatures are still close to freezing here, so a little bit of a concern while our temperatures have been coming up over the last 12 hours or so, there is pockets of ice, so do use caution. but you can see the lion's share has moved out, still a little bit of snow trying to break out in the mountain, mostly drizzle, 37 in boone right now. let's go through futurecast, look how the sky opens up, outside of the mountain, we will see a ton of sunshine for the morning and midday hours, by late this afternoon, next front approaching from the west, still dry during the daylight hours for most of us, in the evening, this is going to be rain, temperatures will be above freezing. could be a couple snow showers in the mountains, where there is an advisory out, i don't think it adds up to much.
6:23 am
appreciably as we go through the day. today, 33 at mountain island lake, 46 ballantyne, 51 indian trail. a lot of warm air south and east of charlotte, that wants to come up here today. still near freezing hickory, statesville, shelby, morganton and wilkesboro. again, this morning, use caution. in charlotte, the rain will be gone, sun trying to break out, maybe a parting shower, 8:00 temperature, 39. going in the afternoon hours, coming home from work and school, much milder, partly to mostly sunny skies, looking at 59 degrees here low rain chances. the big system that is on top of us now, that is moving away. next one, tonight's weather maker not as robust, some rain overnight and that's it. we should be dry for the foreseeable future beyond the weekend. late tonight we get in some of the rain, that moves through quickly overnight and sunshine for tomorrow, plenty of sunshine thursday and friday and with that, our rain chances will be going down, so thursday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, very much dry if we
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in the day more likely sunday night into monday. same time temperatures going up. look at this, a lot of you wondering after last weekend being so cold, when will we warm up? how about the weekend in friday close to the 60, well in the 60s saturday and sunday. nicely. showers tonight, 36. 56 tomorrow, mostly sunny. almost total sunshine thursday, friday into saturday, few more clouds sunday but look at reading, very pleasant. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. chris: i want it to be saturday now. first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. let's start here this morning i-77 at trade street, roads are wet but most of us in the charlotte area the rain has come to an end. highway, 77, 85 look okay. slow down providence road toward independence around arboretum area, we do have a relatively new accident, this is central
6:25 am
that is part of your commute trying to make your way toward the express way you'll find delays there. charlotte looking good. head up to the north, i-85 coming southbound in china grove, still seeing significant delays along i-85 in cabarrus county. we'll keep an eye on things but right now in the charlotte area, most of the traffic on major interstates running along smoothly. christine? >> christine: the 58th annual grammies held in los angeles last night. >> john: the legends we lost were honored. we have highlights coming up right after the break. >> christine: you're watching wbtv news this morning, lady
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we'll be back after this. >> christine: next at 6:230 a live look at one of our dot cameras as the commute is picking up. rain is moving out but roads remain slick and wet. we're on your side tracking the trouble spots and getting a check of conditions. >> john: passengers stranded at charlotte douglas international airport are getting frustrated with the airlines, kristen miranda will be joining us in the alert center with more on what they can expect. >> christine: music's biggest night showcasing top songs and artist of the year paying tributes to legends, highlights for the 58th annual grammy awards. >> john: good morning, thanks for waking up with wbtv news this morning, so good to have you with us at 6:30 i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. if you're a charlotte-mecklenburg school student, class otherwise is on a normal schedule.
6:30 am closings, for closings and delays. >> let's talk about the forecast as some of you are about to head outout the door. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: heaviest and steadiest of the rain is now pushing east over the pee dee and yadkin river and that is moving away from us. we'll get the drying trend through the morning. starting off with clouds, damp in belmont, that is main street in belmont but the rain has ended, and quickly we'll wind up with sunshine coming back in the picture, 8:00 temperature, 39 charlotte, 35 statesville, 36 hickory, 52 wadesboro. toward noon, everybody starting to warm up outside of the mountains. in fact by the afternoon charlotte will likely wind up in the mid to upper 50s, low 50s across the foothills, a big improvement over yesterday. speaking of yesterday, we were probably enemy no. 1 with the ice and cold but boy, wait until we get to the weekend, everybody will want to be friends with us. >> chris: was nasty yesterday afternoon.
6:31 am
want warm weather, we got it. >> chris: breaking news in gaston county, this is on highway 74, heading westbound in gaston county, getting word that road is closed because of an accident. as you look at the mapping system, 74, 85 running in the green. but nc-dot saying that 74 westbound over in gaston county is closed down so we'll keep an eye on that. we have a crew on the way to the scene, we'll bring you more as it comes in the newsroom. looking at the charlotte area, the major interstates continue to run in the green, but we do have an accident central avenue at eastway, also an accident up at miranda and beaties ford road. that is a check of the morning commute. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: as the temperatures warm up road conditions are improving some but there are other spots that remain slick from overnight rain. wbtv's mark davenport live along i-77 in iredell county and mark,
6:32 am
this morning, how are things looking out there at this hour? >> reporter: well, christine when i was first coming up 77 northbound, rain was coming down really, really hard. coming back down 77 southbound after i made it up to 421 up here, north of statesville it was more challenging on the road. heading southbound there was more challenging because there were small chunks of ice and things may have frozen overnight in little patches of snow. so you have to make sure you are safe coming southbound from 421, north of statesville the most challenging. every where else like a rain event. now it has stopped, i can get out of the car, no rain coming down now. not sure what it is like in uptown charlotte but up 77, no rain coming down. i want to show you one thing, this is interesting, southbound lanes are behind me here head toward the city look at the truck behind me over my left shoulder, this truck is faceing northbound.
6:33 am
over to the side of the road here off the shoulder. this truck must have skid out overnight like i saw. just be careful on the roads. >> christine: seeing the slushy mess behind you, mark, thanks for the live report. let's check in with kristen miranda next. >> john: live with more on the travel troubles at charlotte douglas international airport. what is going on? >> kristen: troubles at charlotte douglas and airports across the northeast. i wanted to show you the misery map from flight aware. you can see d.c., no city new york city and florida, some problems. we can look at video from charlotte douglas international airport overnight, some of travelers getting out okay, some of them spending the night at charlotte douglas. i talk to ashton pellom he swung
6:34 am
flights canceled because of the weather. we talk to a couple of travelers. >> i'm very frustrated my wife is pregnant, it is kind of hard traveling waiting and you got a pregnant wife. >> extremely frustration, and very lack of efficiency here. >> kristen: people not happy, whether they will be able to get out it will depend. west of charlotte they should be fine. going to the northeast they might have more trouble. we'll keep an eye on the delays throughout the day today. back to you. >> john: 6:35, u.s. supreme today on whether or not north carolina will have to redraw the lines of two congressional week. a panel of federal judges ruled the state has until friday to reconfigure the maps after it determined that the districts were unconstitutional because race played a role in determining their boundaries. during a hearing for public
6:35 am
in the districts a month before the primary would create chaos. some blame those that filed the suit while others blame the judges who made the ruling and others blame lawmakers. >> not your fault, this is the fault of the sore losers. >> they have changed the rules and precedent not during the game but after it has been completed and the score has been submitted. >> hearings part of a back-up plan should the supreme court refused to overturn the ruling the plan would reconvene the full legislature thursday. >> christine: 1200 workers at two local freightliner facilities are being told they are laid off. daimler is letting people go. 550 employees from the plant in cleveland county are losing their jobs. in mount holly where they make medium duty truck, dame daimler is laying off 700 workers.
6:36 am
the council approved a request to let grub properties rezone an office space a few blocks from the park road shopping center. according to our news partners at the charlotte observer, it will bring 450 new amounts and apartments and commercial space. >> christine: the grammy awards showcased music with art is thes making a statement and pay tribute to music legends. taylor swift opening the show and won the top prize for album of the year for her album 1989. she urged young women to not let n aysayers get in the way. >> focus on the work and not let people side track you. >> mark ronson and bruno mars won record of the year forup town fun k. ed shearann song of the year.
6:37 am
kendrick lamar lady gaga paid tribute to david bowie. earth wind and fire was honored, eagles glenn frey and bb king. a live look at the commute, 6:37, this stretch moving along smoothly here, i-77 at trade street exit, but again the roads are wet and some of the shoulders there on the interstate especially going north of charlotte, maybe a little slushy with ice and snow, watch for that over on the shoulder. meteorologist al conklin has a look at the forecast now as the rain is moving out. >> al: heaviest of the rain is moving out, quite a storm last night, a lot of win, heavy rain, almost an inch with the storm system in charlotte, a lot of outheard you heard the thunder, moving out toward raleigh and i-95
6:38 am
nice drying trend. a parting shower this morning, skies clearing lots of midday sunshine, a few more clouds, look at the afternoon reading, 59. gray huddleson sent in the big catch picture, gray on the left proud of his big catch and that is his nephew on the right with a bass he hauled in out of lake norman. he didn't expect to catch much but was put to shame, uncle gray was happy to be outfished by a fifth grader. sun-up at 7:09, sets at 6:07. 55 is not mall high. we'll dois the normal're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: next on wbtv news this morning -- christine: being called the uber for kids. how zemcar will give parent as new option to get kids to and from school and other places safely.
6:39 am
less than $1 a gallon? that what is some drivers did when two gas stations got in the a price war. first a look at what is
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6:43 am
>> the app allows to you send a video permission slip with the driver and you can choose the circle of drivers you trust for future rides. they kick-off in boston area next month. driver in toledo, ohio paid pennies per gallon for a fill-up. this pilot travel center had prices set at 49 cents early one morning, a few hours later they were down to 19 cents. employees at the pilot said it was the result of a computer glitch. at circle k they dropped to 17 cents. left driver in disbelief. >> i feel my whole tank from dead empty for 26 cents. ha ha ha. i told her to put 10, now i have to get my change. that is too funny. >> john: i like that guy. >> christine: it only lasted a
6:44 am
not a bad war to be caught in between. >> john: i would like to get caught in the a war. >> al: amazing price. 17 cents a gallon. someone has something to explain. we'll explain what happened here and what is going to happen with the weather. heavy rain that came in last night nearly an inch here in charlotte, of course you heard the thunder and maybe saw the lightning, we have pops all over the place between 1:00 and 3:00, now what is left of the line is the coast. that is a vicious line, wind with this, no warnings right now. starting to dry out. you can see the back edge is moving east of the viewing area, our short term futurecast, deeper through the morning we will see a lot of sunshine, the one exception to that rule in the mountains, stay locked in cloud cover all day long. by late this afternoon, this is 4:00, starting to see the clouds increase. this is our next weather maker, this will be pure rain for all
6:45 am
is the mountains. winter weather advisory from 4:00 to 6:00 tomorrow morning. a little bit of snow up there not a lot this. comes through this evening and moves away from us, dry out and sun comes back out tomorrow. the timing is great. little bit of fog now that the rain ended, stallings at 485 and 74, currently in charlotte we have decent visibility, about a mile or so, 37 again, very very spotty, very light rain. notice the temperature, 53 rockingham to wadesboro, almost 50 albermarle, monroe, lancaster, get in 30s, still icy conditions, from shelby to morganton, hickory statesville, do use caution this morning. a lot of the schools are close and delayed for good reason, still a mess north and west of town. in charlotte, we'll wind up at 59, in fact even in the foothills wind up well in the 50s today. in the mountains stays in the 30s. next weather maker, once this moves through, done with the
6:46 am
we have a nice dry pattern setting up and see lots of sunshine with warmer conditions. here we are this evening, rain, mountain snow is gone, big area of high pressure build in for wednesday, thursday, friday, our temperatures go nicely up and we have a nice stretch of weather heading in the weekend. if if you were locked in the house it won't be the case this weekend. some rain tonight, 36, mostly sunny, 56 tomorrow, mid 50s, seasonal thursday, approaching 60 friday, in the 60s saturday and sunday, if we get rain sunday at night, more likely on monday. that is the forecast, check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, continuing to follow breaking news out of gaston county this morning. westbound lanes of highway 74 as they cross i-85 are closed down heading in kings mountain this morning. if you're coming up 74 you need to get in kings mountain, jump
6:47 am
exit, that will get you back in kings mountain. that section of 74 as you come across 85 is shut down going westbound this morning. looking at the charlotte commute, most of the major interstates continuing to run in the green, but we are starting to see a few volume delays, 77 northbound also over on wt harris boulevard and albermarle, live look at i-77 at trade street, no problems here. earlier accident, central avenue at eastway, they have likely gone in the clearing stages there, but then as we head up in cabarrus county, we do have the slow downs because of an earlier accident on i-85 south near china grove but seeing delays there, north and south on the interstate in china grove. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: thank you, chris. 6:48, kristen miranda has been tting alal the latest news coming in so you can get headlines first as news is happening. she is in the alert center with the very latest on surging oil
6:48 am
hope that doesn't impact that. >> kristen: it is yet to be seen we have been so lucky to have cheap gas prices we learned word oil prices are surging on word that saudi arabia, russia and other opec members agreed to freeze oil production if other countries other producers agree to do the same. low gas prices an oversupply combined with less global demand, that sent prices way lower, and massive sell-off on world stock markets. they are worry had slide will hurt their economies. so they are saying if anybody gets on board we'll freeze production and of course you assume that will make fuel prices go up. back to you. >> john: thanks, kristen. after the break, show you the diamond that would be anybody's best friend. >> christine: when we switch over to our sister station bounce tv in a few minutes, on your side with information about meals and snack prep to help you get back on track with the new
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> john: a quick look at top local storyies. >> christine: hawthorne lane remains closed due to flooding.
6:53 am
police are waiting for the area to be cleaned up. overnight we found this branch that brought down power lines on clement avenue near independence boulevard early this morning. crews have restored power to hundreds of people affect in that area. >> john: charlotte-mecklenburg schools on normal operating schedule today but more than a dozen other school districts are either closed or delayed. we have six school closings. find the full list at the bottom of the screen, we have that scrolling or find them all at once at closings. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: john, a lot of those closings are coming from the foothills. rain has ended but we have temperatures very close to freezing from cleveland up to burke in lincoln, catawba, iredell and rowan, use caution early this morning. 32 statesville, hickory, shelby, 36 gastonia, every where south and east of i-85 in the 30s. but at least above freezing.
6:54 am
skies but 8:00 the rain is over with, mostly sunny as we go in the midday hours, late this afternoon right around 59 degrees, major improvement over the last couple days. for tonight, we will have mostly cloudy skies, probably rain around late tonight and tomorrow, 36 at least in the morning and tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny, 55, lots of sunshine, thursday, friday in the 60s over the weekend. that is the forecast, check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: continuing to follow breaking news out of gaston county lanes of i-74 or highway 74 westbound are closed down heading in kings mountain this morning. take a look at the mapping system, this is 74 as you cross over i-85, accident there has closed the lanes down. now if you're trying to get in kings mountain you may want to think about i-85 southbound to yorkmont road, that will get you back in kings mountain this morning. i-77 northbound at trade street, volume picking up, starting to see a few slow downs on 77 northbound in the city this
6:55 am
downs on i-85 over in cabarrus county around china grove because of an earlier accident there. christine, over to you. >> christine: kristen miranda back with three big stories we need to watch. >> kristen: anthony foxx will be in cuba to sign an agreement to return commercial flights from the u.s. to cuba. >> a man is going on trial in federal court in arizona, what is believed to be the first time the u.s. government has put a person on trial on terror charges that are related to isis. >> new proposed rules to be announced by the agriculture department would require retailers that accept food stamps to start stocking more healthy food. we'll keep an eye on that. >> christine: finally before we sign off on wbtv, if diamonds are forever, there is a big chunk of eternity here. >> john: a 400 carat diamond discovered in the country of angola. the length of a credit card.
6:56 am
>> 27th largest diamond ever found could be worth $20 million. clean it up.
6:57 am
>> christine: we're taking steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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good morning. it is tuesday, february 16, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the bush brothers reunite on the campaign trail amid new taunts from donald trump. we'll talk to jeb bush. teachers accused of thanking, shoving, even luring kids for sex. how are they finding new jobs in
7:00 am
kendrick lamar makes powerful statement and taylor swift makes history with the grammys. but we begin today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> you have to be very careful. he's very unstable. >> the gop race gets ugly in south carolina. >> just going on about how i'm the most horrible person in the world because i keep repeating the things he says. >> how does it feel to have the band back together? >> george w. busch trying to turn the tide for his brother. >> i want to remind you what our good dad told us one time. labels are for soup cans. >> the supreme court concerns everything you are concerned about. >> if you go for it the other way, you can see the second amendment being wiped off the face of the earth.


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