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tv   WBTV News Prime Time  CBS  February 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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it is rolling back into avery county. there is a look at the winter weather advisory for ash, watauga and mitchell counties. a little something for everybody again. we will talk about how things will change and warm up coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> maureen: thank you. you can stay up-to-date by downloading the wbtv weather app. it is free for your smartphone. charlotte mecklenburg police are warning women about what they call a growing crime. detectives say thieves are targeting women who leave their purses unuh end tended -- unattended while shopping. one thief distracts the woman while the other takes cards from her purse. the cards are used to buy gift cards. the thieves turn around and sell them on social media. charlotte police warn that this is happening in local restaurants and stores. >> maureen: right now on "primetime" parents are
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assignment. paul bail looy is hosting this forum at the caramel church toen curling people to fill out surveys on student assignment and to hear their concerns. next week the school board will vote on the goals of the student assignment. one goal is to create more diverse schools. mecklenburg county health officials confirm that there is a case of mumps here. we also learned that it is related to the confirmed case in iredell county. symptoms are fever, headache, loss of appetite, muscle ache or tenderness and swelling in the glands below the ears. there are two vaccines to prevent mumps, but no treatment. and mucous from the mouth. outbreaks can happen in the highly vaccinated areas. the best way to protect
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hygiene and avoid sharing food. -- >> maureen: one man is okay after finding an intruder of his home. tony pitt said somebody came through the sliding glass doors. he didn't ask questions first and instead he started shooting. he fired three shots, the intruder was hit in the leg. pitt says he has been broken into before and he used his gun this time because he was afraid. >> if i hadn't had one he would have killed me. >> he did the right thing. >> maureen: the man who was shot remains hospitalized. no charges have been filed yet, but if he recovers there could be. police say the results of their investigation will be turned over to the district attorney's office and officials there will decide if tony pitts is in trouble. he hopes last night will send a message to crooks not to come to his house. >> maureen: a rowan county man charged in the 2012 robbery and murder of a convenience
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and two others in the same case are testifying against him. those two have pled guilty and are serving prison terms. maurice error bin son wanted to face a judge and jury -- maurice robinson wanted to face a judge and jury. >> reporter: the robbery happened on highway 150 in salisbury. it was in december of 2012. the store owner was shot and killed. the crime was caught on the store's surveillance camera. >> i didn't mean to do it. i was protecting my family. >> reporter: when he was arrested christopher watson said he didn't mean to kill the shop owner. with tears in his eyes and his head in his hand he said he met robinson when robinson supplied his crack cocaine habit and the robbery was to pay drug debts he owed robinson. he testified that the robbery was robinson's idea. he said
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robinson and kinzader went in and bought candy while watson waited outside. when they left robinson yelled chop it up and that was a signal to go in and rob the store. today he said he fired a rn whatting shot when he thought the man was picking something up. moments later he shot him. watson thought he was faking being shot when he fell to the floor. watson reached over the cash register and then noticed a pool of blood and then turned to run from the store. wbtv on your side "primetime." >> maureen: both watson and kenzader pled guilty in 2014. >> maureen: is a the campaign trillion heats up, governor nikki haley said she may not endorse the gop race. during a meeting to announce an expansion to help at need mothers in south carolina, governor hayley says she is still looking at the candidates and hasn't made a
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endorse any of them. >> you know when you have candidates that come in and that go against governors it is everything a governor doesn't want in a president. we don't want a president who will tell us what we are not going right, but we want one that will help us win and tell us why prisoners don't need to come to south carolina. i thought it was quite obama like. >> maureen: she went on to say she was embarrassed by donald trump's criticism of president bush's handling of 9/11. she also says the republican party needs, quote, a fighter. south carolina's first in the south republican primary will take place this saturday. there are now six candidates in the running. you can see all of them here. >> maureen: it is time for a look at what is trending tonight and these three are the most popular stories on wbtv social media sites today.
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story is disturbing and it has a disturbing picture. the 16-year-old brother of this 2-year-old little girl from tennessee could soon face charges for hog tieing her with duct tape. she wasn't hurt, but police are investigating the teen. he is in his mother's custody tonight. >> maureen: two people are devastated after a shooting. he is charged with volume lawn terry man slot -- voluntary manslaughter after he shot and killed brandon spencer. he claimed spencer was trying to break into his truck and he fired as the teen was running away. >> maureen: the grammys were a big hit on cbs last night. taylor swift won her second album of the year grammy. during her speech she talked to those who felt defeated and disurge cked by others. and discirnlgd by others. >> i want to say to all of the young women out there there are going to be people along the way who will try to under
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credit for your accomplishments or your fame, but if you just focus on the work and you don't let those people side track you some day when you get where you're going you will look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there. >> maureen: many are speculating that speech was directed in part to con -- to kanye west who said in a new song that he, quote, made swift famous. for more stories like this click on our link. >> maureen: 16 years later and still no sign of aisa. now a look to see is going on.
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they will use it for. >> we will introduce you to the smartest kid in matthews. he is only four years old. wait until you hear why he is so intelligent. you are watching "primetime." we are your only live, local
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woo we >> maureen: now on "primetime" today's most popular video in
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not sure if this is an aerial video of the ocean instead. those are sharks. tens of thousands of black tip sharks currently swarming the waters off the coast of florida. the researchers say it is part of the annual migration pattern. two suspected it thieves in denver, colorado accused of ripping off this woman's luxury clothing store, and it is caught on video. you can see the man grab a dress from the rack and fold it over and then stuff it in a backpack under his coat. the woman helps camouflage him. authorities say they got away with $20,000 worth of items. a tornado in florida was caught on video yesterday. there are reports of damaged buildings and at one point tens of thousands of people were without power. we do not know if anyone was injured.
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"primetime" after this. >> maureen: when you get off your flight with the airport what do you do with your boarding pass. 134 people just throw it away. that may not be the best idea. the wbtv anchor explains why now on "primetime." >> reporter: a few taps on the screen and the airline kiosk spits out your boarding pass if you haven't printed it at home. this will get katie into her seat on the plane. after her flight --
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>> reporter: specialist jeremy gilbert says it contains information you don't want to fall into the wrong hands. >> we should all work toward securing our dynel tall life -- our digital life. you can't get the social security number from the boarding pass, but you can get more information that is a jumping off point to go down that road and steal someone's identity. >> he says the thieves were arrested. >> they had everything. they had my name and social security number and my address where i lived. they had my home phone number and all of the information about me. >> reporter: so he helped others guard against it. he shows us the bar code on the boarding pass. it reveals your frequent flier number. he says you don't need sophisticated equipment to scan it. >> it is information that comes up. >> reporter: with permission to scan this one, we find a frequent flier number and even though it is pass word protected -- >> i would say having that number and having enough information about a person would be enough to be able to
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information about the account. >> reporter: and hack the gift card with the miles. bottom line, protect yourself. >> i treat boarding passes as if it is a credit card statement, and if you use a paper boarding pass, shred it. >> reporter: use the boarding pass app on your smartphone and delete it after your flight. as for crosby's boarding pass -- >> this is going in my pocket book and i am going to take care of it at home after this flight for sure. it is definitely not going in the trashcan. >> reporter: wbtv "primetime." >> maureen: things you don't think about. 16 years have passed since she disappeared from her shell booy home and still she has not been found. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information that lead to an arrest and conviction of a person or the people responsible for her disappearance. the case started in 2000. she was nine years old when family members saw her asleep in her bedroom. that was around 2:30 in the
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at 4:00 a.m. drivers reported seeing her walk along highway 18. at 6:30 that morning her parents reported her missing. and then a year later her book bag was found buried off highway 18 in burke county. last year on the 15th anniversary of her disappearance we spoke with her mother who still holds out hope that her daughter is alive. >> continue to pray for us because we do believe that she is still alive. we are still looking for a person to walk in, and we know one day we will see her again. >> maureen: we want to show you this age progressed picture of what she may look like today at age 24. if you have any information that might help unravel the mystery call 704-672-6100. >> maureen: looking at the screen we saw the temperature in the mid-50s. and it is incredible to think the jump we had in
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yesterday is when we had the grammy red carpet on so we weren't here, but it was very cold outside. >> eric: we were trying to dislodge it from 32 degrees all day. and we hit 59 degrees this afternoon, maureen. boy, just when you think, okay, it is -- we put it all behind us, no, it is raining in charlotte right now. if you look out your window the drops are falling and it is not just about the rain, but it is about the snow. there is snow rolling right back into the carolina high country yet again. can you believe it? so there it is. it is a large patch of rain now that is overtaking ease special special -- especially the western half of the wbtv viewing area. we will get to the snow in a minute. we have the moderate patch that is crossing highway 321 in the north carolina-south carolina border. this is all moving off to the east at 35 miles per hour. if you are heading out the rain will pick up in intensity over the next few hours. and then at that point you can think about dryer weather once we get you into the wednesday time frame. look at this.
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county and watauga and also ash. yes, you got it, winter weather advisory out for the overnight. two to four inches of snow perhaps. watauga and ash county and avery and mitchell and yancey. alert to the folks up there, those folks will get tricky all over again. here is what it looks like on the future cast. we are in the zero to six-inch range so the purplish area is three or four inches. that's a pretty large footprint too of the heavier snow up there. meanwhile the temperatures are supportive of snow. it is just about down to freezing if not below freezing to the higher elevations around beach mountain. outside of the mountains we are still talking about the 40s and the 50s. that's going to cool off quickly as this rain continues to fall now. 53 and we saw a few of those drops on the lens. future cast then we'll take you through the rest of the evening hours. the snow in the mountains will pile up and then the showers will continue to move in and
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counties that extend down into the upstate of south carolina. so 50s dropping down into the low 40s by late this evening. all right, so the rest of it then, future cast overnight, snow tapers off toward morning and so does the rain for that matter. and so overall clearing skies out the door temperature about 39 in charlotte. we take you back into the mountains and it should be over by daybreak with the temperature at 29 degrees. we'll look at the rest of the day and now we are talking about a quiet weather map. i suppose a snow flurry is possible in the mountains. outside of that you will like it. wednesday the sun will break back out with a slight chance of parting rain in our eastern counties in the morning. the high rate at seasonal levels, 56 and pretty much the same idea on thursday. and then we bump it up. near 60 on friday and midict ises on saturday. it looks to be a dry weekend and pleasant. then we take you into monday
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it could end as a few snow showers are outside the mountains. >> that's the way it is, maureen? >> maureen: thank you. we are introducing you to a remarkable child from matthews his name is tommy and he is just four years old, but he knows all of the united states presidents by heart. and that is scratching the surface of his knowledge. kristen hampton has tonight's good news. >> so this president or that president? >> washington. >> everybody knows the very first president and maybe the last dozen. >> look what i'm doing. >> reporter: but there are 30 or so guys in the middle who don't have the most recognizable faces. >> i'm good if you do it in order or not. >> reporter: unless you are 4-year-old tommy johnston. >> reporter: if you are a little rusty with your
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a 4-year-old is here to take you to school. >> thomas jefferson, james madison, garfield, arthur. >> reporter: tommy has been sponging up knowledge -- >> grover cleveland. >> reporter: since before he was old enough to talk about it. >> whatever he can learn he will learn. we have to double check him sometimes if we don't think he is right. i am 0 for 10 on that. >> i am getting tired. >> reporter: tired of schooling you on just presidents. >> mercury, venous, mars, jupiter, earth, neptune, but pluto is not a planet. he used to be. it was the size of neptune. >> reporter: educational milestones for a 4-year-old suggest they should be able to name some colors and shapes. tommy -- >> what is the capitol of georgia? >> atlanta. >> reporter: knows all of the states.
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>> reporter: and all of their capitols. >> mount peliar. >> reporter: if you wonder how he got to be so smart, the answer is as simple as he is cute. >> i want to know new things. >> reporter: in matthews with the good news kristen hampton, wbtv on your side. >> maureen: he is so cute. kristen is always looking for good news to share. maybe you know someone like matthew. his name is not matthew, maureen. he is tommy. maybe you know a tommy in your neighborhood. i doubt it though. write to wbtv at so adorable. back after this. >> closed captioning on wbtv news is sponsored by subaru
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concord. >> maureen: we have breaking news now. we have just confirmed one person was injured in a shooting in lincoln ton. it started as an argument over property between two men. the victim was hit in the arm and his injuries are nonlife-threatening. our alex giles is headed to that scene. we will have the latest on wbtv news tonight at 11:00. >> maureen: eric, what do you know? >> eric: how about two all beef patties and special sauce, lettuce cheese on a sesame bun? >> maureen: it made me feel
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done my daughter wrong. he is impressive. >> eric: very impressive. i am just embarrassed. i think i knew three presidents.
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accomplishments. >> did that play well? did taylor land her kanye counter punch? i'm billy bush. on the flip side, the whole story behind that, of a friend she beat. who had the great perform performance of the night? we have so much you didn't see. and wait till you hear where adele went to shrug off those audio issues. >> i want a full spin of this. look at this. >> a lot of risk takers working that red carpet. we break down the best and a few of the rest. kendrick lamar had the performance everyone is talking b taylor gave the speech everyone is talking about. welcome to "access hollywood." it all came when kanye called


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