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tv   WBTV News Prime Time  CBS  February 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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so much more worse than that. we appreciate that live update from the alert center. investigators are telling us they are trying to find conniving thieves targeting the people who work to protect us. as firefighters worked this crash they were the target of thieves. take a look at this video mark davenport took after arriving this morning. a man was driving drunk in an suv and ran into a power pole causing traffic lights to fall. the driver according to authorities you can see him there was screaming at the time of his arrest. we were there -- we were the only station there as they took him into custody. while the crews worked that scene the charlotte fire department confirms two of their employees' personal vehicles were broken into. cmpt tells wbtv this month alone there have been four incidents of car break ins at
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they say the thieves are listening to scanners and then striking when a station is out responding to an emergency. >> these firefighters are out trying to protect lives and property. it is wrong that this is what they are coming back to. >> maureen: in addition to the five charlotte stations fire grove and mount horn have reported break ins. until the suspect is caught fire stations will remain on high alert. they ask the public to do the same. >> maureen: a family devastated after this massive fire. a dad is trying to save his 9-year-old daughter and other children killed in this blaze. tonight we are hearing from people who saw the fire. molly granthom has the story new on "primetime." >> reporter: heart -- heartbreaking situation. a father ran out of the home with his 9-year-old daughter and went back in to find his other kid and never came
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he died in the fire. >> this is a sad day. this is a sad day. >> cheryl briggs is a neighbor who knows the family. >> you know growing up hi, how are you doing? i will never see these people again. >> officials say the 9-year-old has burns on 90% of her body. her mother ran with her in her arms across the street. >> when i opened the door i grabbed the little girl because i thought it was soot on her until i turned my hallway light on and realized her face and her hair and all the way to her feet was burnt. >> reporter: afterwards the girl with her two siblings were sent to the hospital. firefighters worked heroically to put out the two-alarm fire. in the end a man in the upstairs apartment also died. >> they believe every fire they will go to they will make people. thinking. not to be able to do that is devastating.
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wbtv news. sheriff irwin carmichael says he plans to relocate the majority of inmates at the jail north facility on specter drive. this is basically a consolidation move since inmate population continues to drop. the average daily population is about 1400 inmates. it was 2600 on average in 2008. the inmates will be fed month to the sen -- will be moved to the central jail location. >> maureen: there are two confirmed cases of mumps. it involves the company of lowes. the workers are part of the customer support center. a total of 4,000 people who work at the facility daily. they say they told their employees about the situation about preventing and treating mumps. wbtv is on your side tracking the latest on the mumps cases
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go to to get the latest information. you can also find out about a confirmed case in mecklenburg county. there are also six probable or suspected it cases according to health officials in the tri-county area including cabarrus county. hd tower cam. we had a mild day and some sunshine, but i understand clouds are moving in this weekend. eric thomas is in the first alert weather center. >> eric: good evening to you. let's show you the clouds maureen was describing. they are lining up along a weak frontal boundary. if we roll on the future cast here it is again. let's push it ahead five or six hours and you can see that's all it will amount to in the short-term. no rain and no disruptive weather. if you are heading out enjoy yourself. your scott clark toyota weathernet, beautiful sunset. not a cloud in the sky as of
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52 degrees and that's your number and beyond the charlotte area upper 40s and the lower 50s common in the piedmont and quickly in the low 40s in the carolina high country. your hour by hour forecast is 52 at 7:00 and 47 by 9 cook and -- 9:00 and 46 through the 11:00 hour. the cloud will thicken and rain shows up in a big way next week, maureen. it is part of your seven-day first alert forecast. >> maureen: you will love this story. a special lady celebrated a special birthday. margaret kennerley is 103 years young today. do not call her old though. that. you know how these stories always come with a secret to living so long? this one does too. kristen hampton has that in >> reporter: very few people can say they had a birthday 103 times.
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be there to help you celebrate. >> reporter: her ears don't work like they used to, so after her party we sat down to find out what makes her soul so special. >> i picked cotton from the time i was six years old and helped to haul hay and worked on the farm. >> reporter: she gives much of the credit for her longevity to hard work. she says it's made her strong. she gives the rest of the country in a story you just have to hear. way back when she was a little girl her mother wanted her father to replace their aging outhouse. >> dad didn't have time to build one. the old one burned down so he was happy to build a new one. >> with a box of matches she granted her mother's wish. >> we set it a blaze and set it afire. >> reporter: she is in no way an advocate of arson, but she
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>> that's another thing. people don't laugh enough. >> reporter: and there is the take away message. >> no special food and no special exercise for her. >> it can help anybody to livelonger. >> to laugh? >> yes. >> that's the secret? >> i believe it is. >> reporter: in moorseville with the good news, kristen hampton, wbtv on your side. >> maureen: keep on laughing. kristen is always looking for good news to share. send your ideas to good news at >> maureen: it is time for a look at what is trending and these are the three most popular stories on the social media sites for wbtv today. students on a bus say they were terrified as a speeding train barely missed the bus they were sitting on. you can see the train pass by feet from the bus. the driver reportedly pulled across the tracks and barely made it through before the train made it over the tracks. >> we were all screaming and
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everyone was freaking out and really terrified. >> maureen: i imagine so. the driver has been let go for not following proper procedures. video of a man being taken down trying to rob a pharmacy goes viral. the fireman -- he is there with his girlfriend working in the pharmacy when the accused robber rushed over and climbed the counter and made threats. at one point authorities say he had a gun. the fireman jumped in and watch this, he subdued the guy and then holds him until the cops get there and make an arrest. he looks like a trained fighter. an officer involved shooting in cincinnati, ohio has a lot of people talking. the man killed by three officers according to authorities. he hadn air soft pistol that looked like a handgun. the man was shot nine times. authorities say he refused to lie flat on the ground and
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for his gun. before the shooting a woman called 9-1-1 reporting a man with a gun. several other people called saying the man crashed into a utility pole and appeared drunk and had what looked like a gun. for more on these stories and others like it on facebook click on the links there. >> maureen: flames engulfing a local home. who is uh of coursed -- affected and what we know of how it started. and how this is one of the best view of something you can't see. and neighbors say a certain nuisance is becoming more common. what it is and why it is such a problem. you are watching "primetime."
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>> maureen: now on "primetime" the most moatable video -- notable video in the big three. it is one of the best views of something you can't see. it is a massive black hole. it is about 300 million light years from earth. scientists took these pictures with the hubble space telescope. the hole is actually larger than a million suns combined. try to wrap your brain around that. but it can't be seen because it pulls in light with gravity. astronomers can determine its size by looking at the stars that surround it. look at that doggie in
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firefighters after falling through a frozen lake. as you heard the dog was frightened and yelping during the rescue after carefully making their way to her. they were able to get her safely out of the frozen water and back with her owner. >> maureen: this was the look on a texas teacher's face when his class surprised him with a birthday party. the students decided to get him a cake, balloon and presents after they learned he hadn't had a cake in 10 years. the teacher was moved to tears. students said his reaction was perfect. >> maureen: next on "primetime" -- >> they will be very unsteady on their feet. they will literally walk up to people and don't seem aggressive at all. >> maureen: we'll explain what neighbors in one south carolina town are reporting more of and why it is a problem.
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first what's ahead on wbtv. >> maureen: two people are without a home tonight after this fire in the town of stanley . chief jerry swift tweeted this. engulfed. this is a due plek -- this is stove. neighbors in hendersonville, north carolina say the problem with a certain neighborhood nuisance is growing. the nuisance? raccoons and they are very,
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wbtv anchor brigida mac explains it. >> reporter: downtown hendersonville, the site of cars and apparently sick raccoons. >> they almost act drunk. they will be unsteady on their feet. they will literally walk up to people. they don't seem aggressive at all so people can walk up and touch them. >> reporter: but that's not a good idea. cries were dispatched to five different sick raccoons displaying signs of distemper. >> a six-block area we had to put four down. >> reporter: and there is one in a freezer in a box waiting to get tested for the disease. here is the western animal disease diagnostic laboratory. a man brought the dead animal here. he called complaining about a raccoon displaying odd behavior. >> obviously i hope it does come back as distemper. i would hate to think a rabies outbreak is this close to home, but we'll see. >> reporter: wbtv on your side
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>> maureen: let's hope not. incredible video. watch closely and you can see a fire tornado. this was caught on camera as the crews worked to put out a 50-acre grassfire there. we first showed you video of the fire on "primetime" last night. but then we caught this again and you can see the wind whipping up the fire and making what looks like a tornado out of flames. it is incredible. i guess the heat from the fire caused the air to start moving? >> yes, you have very hot air. hot air rises, we know that. hot air balloons? you have this rapidly rising column of air and then as the other air moves in to fill in, it starts to circulate around it. take the opposite. take the drain in your sink. all of the water running down the pipe so what does it start doing? swirling down the drain. turn it upside down and it swirls upwards.
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>> i have seen a fire-nado before. >> a fire-nado? >> that's what we call them. scott clark nissan honda tower cam. have a look. 52 degrees and it was reasonably seasonal. the average high temperatures are making their way well into the 50s. we hit 58. the wind out of the south will continue to change our fortunes as we take you to the weekend time frame. we are looking for milder air to get into the picture. low 50s across the piedmont with a couple of upper 40s sprinkled in. the pattern up through i-77 and into the catawba valley and the foothills and then into the low 40s around boone and blowing rock. how do the temperatures trend over the next few hours? it is friday evening. a lot of you will be out late. not falling off all that fast. in the mid40s all the way through 1:00 a.m. if i click there i can show you the official overnight lows and you should be able to deal with that. of course you may not even be out in the morning. it is saturday after all.
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36 morganton and 36 in boone and blowing rock. let's talk about the actual weather now that we covered the temperatures. partly cloudy skies through the evening hours, and then as we take you through the overnight, yes, a weak front produces maybe a stray shower or two up across the high country. we'll call it 42 degrees with the stray light showers. that's going to be about it. don't think we will see much of a chance in the piedmont. it goes up during the day to 46. we'll call it cool, but not cold. back to the future cast and you can see how the clouds are filling in. this is all the way through the day. notice where the best chance of rain stays up around the high country. take you to 63 degrees by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon with a stray shower. that could change on sunday a little bit as more moisture continues to [inaudible] down into the piedmont. we are going to allow just for that. a couple of extra showers
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your seven-day first alert forecast. even as the sun is maury stricted into sun -- more restricted it will not stop the warm air from getting in here. we will have a little better chance of showers. monday again the mows tour is still working its way our direction ahead of a system that will b a deal on tuesday all the way into the wednesday time frame. the highs will really start to cool off again. upper 40s to the lower 50s. the first system comes through on tuesday and right behind it i expect this area of low pressure to arc through the gulf coast, and that will also make its way into the southeastful we'll have elevated chances of rain on tuesday and wednesday, and then we get behind that and it looks quiet thursday and friday of next week. maureen, back to you. >> maureen: charlotte is known as the second biggest baning city in america. there is one known financial institution in our city that has thrived for more than seven decade u.s. and may not know about it. in tonight's black history
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a business that turned into a beacon of hope. >> in a town where bank to you you -- towers reach for the sky one institution thrives under the radar jie. we are walking through the doors our ancestors opened for us. >> she is the president of the first legacy credit union and one of the so-called ancestor is eugene brigsby. >> we would bring a ledger home from school and it would have an adding machine. >> she lives in the home she grew up, and where the credit union was birthed in 1941. the dining room table was part of the office and that's where her father spent many hours after coming home from work. he was the full time principal of the old high school.
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they had the foresight to create the institution for the community. >> reporter: the main office located on beatysforth road. long-time customers like larry medical ton embraced its -- melton embraced it. >> the word legacy is on the shoulder. >> they were the first customers. >> it is our goal to grow for the next generations to come. >> reporter: branches are now in four counties with 8,000 members and assets of more than $30 million. actions that would bring a smile to a man with great vision. >> i think he would have been quite proud. >> reporter: this place of banking is the little engine that could.
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wbtv on your side. >> maureen: the credit union has kept up by adding on-line banking and smartphone apps. coming up later on wbtv news on "bounce" north carolina could get a new license plate option. the state department of commerce says the plate will have the tag line "nothing compares" along with the state's new blue and green pine tree logo. we want to know in tonight's soundoff if you like the new plate. we are reading your chents from the wbtv twitter and
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we are back after this. >> maureen: it is time for tonight's "primetime" pic. this is from melissa with the caption "sweet miss brooklyn." look at those bright blue gorgeous baby. post your picture with the # wbtv and me. that's the one we are using on find you. follow us on instagram, wbtv underscore news. i'm also on instagram so follow me as well if you will. can we get a final look at what will be a soggy? >> not bad. her expression, that baby's expression explains the forecast well. how about near 70 and the real rain early next week. >> maureen: thank you for
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our news you were wearing kanye. >> does kris think that kanye is damaging her kardashian empire and is he maneuvering behind the scenes to fix it? i'm billy bush. she's definitely having fun at the expense of her ex. >> my worst, i think is going to be caitlyn.


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