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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  February 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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bernie sanders in nevada for a win. we'll look at both sides. we're getting closer to the north carolina primary and south carolina democratic party primary. so we have a lot to cover this morning. hope you're having a good start to your morning i'm brody o'connell. >> and good morning i'm lyndsay tapases. >> there may be fog where you are this morning. >> a week ago today we were preparing for a winter storm but this morning it just feels so much like spring it's damp. you've got a lot of due, high humidity that has led to thick fog so our visibility is two miles in charlotte but some of you have near zero. so almost all of us are under a dense fog advisory until 10:00 o'clock this morning. that will be our biggest issue in the short-term. can't rule out showers for later on this afternoon especially the second part of the day. so we'll talk about those coming up and what we can expect for the week head.
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we have a lot to cover in campaign 2016. donald trump is focusing on the nevada g.o.p. caucus tuesday after winning the south carolina republican primary. it's the second victory for the real estate mogle after his first place finish up in new hampshire. ted cruz and marco rubio are in a close race for second. meanwhile another prominent candidate has suspended his campaign. jeb bush made his announcement after finishing a distant fourth. >> his fate was sealed when the popular republican governor nikki haylee endorsed marco rubio. many republicans are praising bush for leaving the race saying he's putting the future of the party ahead of the prospect of becoming president.
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>> i'm proud of the campaign we've run to unify our country and advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god given potential but the people have spoken and i really respect their decision. so tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> big announcement there. we have a total of five candidates officially in this race. donald trump, marco rub yorks ted cruz, john kasich and ben cars sin -- carson still in it. we're on your side for donald trump. he claimed victory in all but two palmetto state counties. we will never ever forget south carolina. >> a sea of signs waiving from hundreds of donald trump supporters after an important victory in the palmetto state. >> i couldn't miss it. i mean i love donald trump.
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trump fought off challenges from cruise and rubio. >> i want to congratulate -- ted and marco did a really good job. >> trump supporters cheered when jeb bush announced he was getting out of the race. it didn't take donald throng go after rubio and cruz -- >> they don't understand that as people drop out i'm going to get a lot of those votes also. you don't just add them together. >> stops in atlanta and nevada are ahead for trump but he used saturday's stage to talk about his plans in front of current and future voters. this is the most exciting race that i've seen since i was born and he's young and he always comes with me so i wanted him to come out and see what everything is like. >> with three states down and the field narrowed to five trump looks to keep the momentum rolling but tonight he's celebrating with supporters.
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let's make america great again. thank you very much. >> all right. that was michael clark reporting. ben carson finished at the bottom last night in rockhill friday said he would stay in the race. he reiterated that last night in his speechl. well for cruz and rubio a strong finish means momentum moving into super tuesday -- rubio is confident he'll come out on top. >> pretty conservative movement is the son of a bartender and maid from cuba. >> rubio said after last night's primary it's now a three person race for the nominatiti. >> senator cruz says he isn't scared of condition all thatted trump. he's -- donald trump. he's staying folk cuffs -- focused.
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has beaten and can beat donald trump. >> that's why donald relentlessly attacks us and ignores all the other candidates. >> all right. well on the democratic side hillary clinton has won the nevada caucuses but first time caucus goers favored rival bernie sanders. >> hillary clinton save verdict her victory over bernie sanders in the nevada caucuses -- save voired. >> i'm so thrilled and grateful to all my supporters out there. >> women voted for clinton 57-41 percent but entrance polls exposed -- exposed weaknesses. clinton lost among voters who value honesty.
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tuesday we have got an excellent chance to win many of those states. >> this was the first test for the democratic presidential candidates at courting minority voters. democrats gathered at dozens of sights including the las vegas strip so casino workers could attend. >> i wanted to put my stamp on bernie getting that close finish maybe. >> for some voters it comes down elect guilty in november. >> she has been about children and family her whole life. danielle nottingham c.b.s. news las vegas. >> next up for democrats they got their primary there in next
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to nevada where the caucus will take place tuesday. count on wbtv news to be there for you each and every step of the way. as lyndsay tapases steps on over to the desk here again. lyndsay, i'll tell you what it's loan to me off a bit because it's really feeling like spring out there this morning and it's still february. >> yeah i noticed it this morning more than i did yesterday during the day. i think it's the high humidity. >> we had clouds yesterday. i don't know if i got any rain where i was. >> you might have. you probably did and didn't notice it it. >> i was in the movie. >> which fyi -- >> chocolate but yeah it was an already movie. >> any how that's how are you missed the rain shower. there wasn't a lot yesterday. there was probably a little little more out there later on
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term we've got foggy spots. it's being picked up on some cameras more than overs. you can see from our metro school -- more than others. you can see over the charlotte area. so as we talked about the dense fog advisory pretty much for everyone that will go until 10:00 o'clock under dense fog advisory where many of you have visibilities at or less than a mile out there this morning. while the clouds briefly cleared out overnight that actually kind of is what led to some of that fog formation shin during the overnight hours. they're now filling back in so by the time the sun does come up which will be an hour from now then we'll be mostly cloudy. we do have showers upstream so the clouds will be with us pretty much all day long. there's showers in the far western parts of the state and they'll fill in so our shower chance bumps up each time stamp
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through 8:00 o'clock and low 60s by noon and 40 percent outside of the mountains by 4:00 it will be higher for you in the mountains. temperatures in charlotte will be in the many mid-60s. we'll talk about that. >> seven people are dead following a series of what police say are random shootings in californiakalamazoo michigan. the suspect is a 45 year old male -- they found weapons inside his vehicle there. authorities are telling the public the threat is over. the shootings happened near cracker barrel, a car dealership and residential complex. we'll look for updates there. >> now new this morning gastonia firefighters say man was able to escape a house fire thanks to his dog. this broke out at 1:00 a.m. on cedar avenue. when firefighters got on the
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the blaze out. the fire was caused by an electric malfunction in the home heating system. no injuries. the residents had no working smoke alarm. gas stone what fire wants to remind you if you can't afford a fire alarm they can provide one. call them. >> coming up next here on wbtv news sunday morning an actress is being recognized for her work in the plight of women and children. in some of the world's most impoverished countries. we're going to take you to a very special presentation in massachusetts.
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time for to entertainment move. this morning we're celebrating black history month and this morning we're remembering nina sam moan. >> -- on this day in 1933 she was born in north carolina. she started her career at a nightclub in atlantic city and went on to become a jazz vocal list. she recorded 40 albums. she passed away back in 2003 at the age of 70.
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actress lucy lu is being honored for kill bill and charlie ages all starring in elementary c.b.s. series has been named 2016 artist of the year for inter cultural and race relations -- she is a unicef ambassador and has been a spokeswoman for the human rights campaign. well singer concern shall has made a court appearance in her effort to be released from sony music contract -- she's been unable to record new music. she claims they abused her. he denies the claims saying the singer is lying trying to destroy his reputation. fans of concern shall showed their support yesterday in new york -- >> i'm pretty heartbroken right now. because if it weren't for concern shall and her music i
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>> it's inhumane it's sickening and disgusting. >> the sony filed a case against concern shall's mother. >> a lot of passionate fans there -- >> now this morning. >> i won't be afraid just as long as you stand by me. >> yeah you're hearing from one of the greatest there. also one of the best covers if i may say so. a lock of his hair sold for $35,000 in dallas, texas. a hairdresser kept some of lennon's hair after giving him a trim as he prepared for a movie roll. it was purchased by united kingdom based memorabilia collector.
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sale. >> you know i talk about it every sunday. >> you are a huge. >> i love the beatles love john lennon. mccartney is my favorite beatles but collecting someone's hair to me that kind of is too much for me. i mean i love the beatles but a lock of hair is just weird. >> i can't even see i don't care who you are there is no part of me that would want your hair. >> it's ironic because we avoid getting hair in our food and hair in other places and thank you for this moment but why you guy a lock of hair. >> it's creepy that she kept it. >> i can understand. you're excited and you hold onto it for a minute. >> we can talk about this all morning because we haven't talked about the fact that someone paid $35,000. >> they must be a really big fan. it just seems crazy. >> anyway. >> all right.
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creepy. maybe we're wrong. >> you just got a hair cut. >> yeah. >> they're going auction my hair for 35 cents. so look for that. >> oh boy. >> all right. we're being told move on. i don't blame our producer. it's time to move on. >> all right. 704 will be sun up. sundown at 6:09. average high for the date is 56 -- yesterday we were right around 60 and today we will be into the 60s. so keeping things above average for us for the second half of the weekend. well get right to future cast temperatures because it's a mild start to the morning so many of us are beginning the day already close to 50 and as we head to the mid-morning hours we're going to do come up quickly. despite the clouds we'll be well on our way to the low 60s. by the time we're approaching noon and then upper 60s will be
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this is 2:00 o'clock on future cast. keep in mind 30 just 30 was our high last sunday. so compared to one week ago today we have made major improvement as far as the temperatures are concerned. clouds briefly cleared out overnight which actually contributed to that thick fog that has formed. clouds are now moving back in from the southwest so by the time the sun does come up shortly after 7:00 a.m. it will be mostly cloudy for all of us. there's a couple showers getting to us at the state line but this is part of a disturbance. the center of the storm is bypassing us to the north but it is dragging a weak front through the area that will cross through the carolinas later on this evening which is why the shower chance will be with us later on this afternoon and evening. so future cast does still paint
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or highest coverage in the mountains as we head through this evening and into tonight. as we do head into monday we never shake the clouds. eighteen though the first part of the day on monday should be dry for most of us we're going to have more rain lifting back in from the south into monday evening and monday night. that will be our second batch of rain which will bee the second of three or four separate chances to pick up rain this week. so it's going to be kind of wet over the next seven days head. fifty-seven in boone will be your sunday afternoon high. again highest shower coverage for the mountains and foothills. even in the foothills you should be in the 60s for highs. upper 60s for us in the charlotte area. we'll call it around 68. so 12 degrees above average getting closer to 70 maybe low 70s for places. across the upstate of south carolina this afternoon. lows tonight hold around 50 and tomorrow we'll be just around 60
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start to cool off upper 40s and 50s along with the wettest days of the week. we do see temperatures back in the 50s late week and dryer next weekend. >> brody, back to you. >> what's there to do on a cold snow day? seth has found a hot sports winter activity. check it out. >> sure they're monkeys but haven't you felt like this? really who could refuse a steaming hot bath on a cold winter's day. this guy seems so relaxed he can't quite keep his eyes open. these snow monkeys come down from the mountains in japan seeking warmth and as you might imagine plenty of humans come seeking them. we made the trek in through a thick forest of japanese cedar along with a group of photographers. lead by mark. >> i'm not a wildlife
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photographing the monkeys because they have such human characteristics. >> they have it made. they have the light. >> teachers from milwaukee first saw snow monkeys in national geographic. >> we see them relaxing and doing something we enjoy doing. >> these primates prefer to bathe during age clement weather and the snow makes the perfect backdrop -- in college mant. >> that produces a nice soft appearance for the monkey face and plus because these are snow monkeys we want snow. great story right there. the snow monkeys of japan plus oscar nominee jennifer jason lee and books that reveal hidden secrets. those stories and more this sunday morning on wbtv. it starts at 9:00 o'clock. there's much more ahead including coverage of the zika virus. there's one reported case in north carolina. this morning we have an expert
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you could see from the zika virus spreading out in south america. we're going to talk about the implications in the workplace
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>> [ indistinct conversations ] always set a place at the dinner table for good manners. stay seated, napkin on your lap and elbows at your sides. and remember, mealtime is for nourishment, nothing more. let the music play, he won't get away
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let it play let the music play well zika virus has been causing anxiety that has crept through the workplace and this morning we have travis here to talk about what you need to know. travis is an attorney and he's going to offer some important advise you may want to think about. first of all thanks for coming in. >> i really appreciate it. >> what are some of the hot topics that you want people to know and be thinking about? >> first thing of travel
6:24 am
stop somebody from traveling to brazil and another country? >> you can't stop your employees from traveling overseas and that includes any pregnant employees that you have because zika the pregnant folks. >> and we know most of this where olympic games are going to be taking place. i'm sure a lot of folks who are making plans to go south whether they're athletes or recreational time but the important thing is if they're on personal time you can't be denied. >> you can't prohibit the lawful activity when they're off-duty. now if you're sitting in there to work that's where osha kicks in if there's a reasonable basis for that employee to think that they're in danger of immanent death or serious injury then they can say no, i'm not going. how do you prevent that as an employer you educate your
6:25 am
you make sure they have mosquito repellant and educate them on what can happen and if you do that then that burden of immanent death would be met. >> there was a case in north carolina. what changes as far as people being concerned about going to the workplace here at home? >> i think it's really going to change as it gets warmer in north carolina because there's two different species of mosquitoes that carry the virus. one is found in north darrell line that. so it's -- north carolina. it's going to be a different story this summer because the mosquitoes are here. the virus is transmitted by or through exchange of blood or sexual activity. in the workplace it's not going to be an issue but when the mosquito is here it's going to change the story. >> i think one of the important things we want folks take out of
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travel and your employer tries to step in the way what should you do? >> well the employer can't do that. if you're wanting to go olympics or go off-duty -- the employ i don't remember can't stop you from doing that and as we've seen on the screen when they come back if an employee goes brazil and comes back to north carolina your employer may say well, if you're running a fever or something like that one of the symptoms of zika we want you to have a medical examination the burden for the employer to do that the legal burden is high. the employer would have to show that the employ gee a direct threat to the workplace before they could make them go get a medical examination. so if your employer you have an employee to go brazil and comes back and they're running a 73 very be very cautious before i make them get a medical
6:27 am
>> if you're an employee and your employer wants to send you, what do you do in that situation? >> i would make sure that you have an understanding is this place where there has been an zika outbreak? how can i prevent mosquito bites. that's the big issue mosquito bites. seek information from your employer. make sure they understand where you're going to if there has been an outbreak and do everything you can to prevent mosquito bites. >> we have a website up in case this is something you've been thinking about or might come up in your life. some good news we saw things are expected to quiet down in brazil in particular come the olympic games so they're hoping the numbers drop there. some good news there but it's going to be an interesting story once we start to warm up up here. >> i would say lawyers don't know everything. there's great resources centers for disease control, osha dot
6:28 am
go to the websites to see what the updates are with respect to the virus -- >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> stick around for headlines plus weather right after this
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>> most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. good morning. all the clouds briefly clear out they are filling back in so by the time the sun comes up completely which is about five minutes after 7:00 a.m. this morning we will have partly to mostly cloudy sky. you can see a tiny bit of fog in the shot there so we have a dense fog advisory for everyone outside the mountains. that goes until 10:00 o'clock
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spots. i corrected myself. >> yeah. >> it's really damp. we've got 100 percent humidity so it's mistie too out there this morning so yeah. >> -- the fog is thick. >> all right sounds good. we want to turn to campaign 2016. another big win for donald trump in his quest for the republican nomination. he won the south carolina g.o.p. by 10 points. it's his second straight victory after a first place finish in new hampshire. florida senator rubio edged out ted cruz by less than two tenths of one percent take point. after a poor showing jeb bush made a big announcement that he suspended his campaign. on the democratic side hillary clinton celebrating a crucial
6:33 am
nevada and victory party in las vegas. she lavished praise on her supporters and says this victory is for you. her presidential bid advances to march first super tuesday. >> supreme court justice is being remembered as a man of faith family and law. scalia's funeral was marked by church ritual and they paid homage to the man who was a man of faith and also was one of the nations's political leaders here. he was one of more than 3,000 people in the country who are being recognized here and 3,000 mourners came out to remember him for his services throughout the united states and you're seeing that ceremony there and certainly a great opportunity to pay homage to him. >> a south florida woman is in a coma may after she was allegedly attacked by a roommate she found
6:34 am
>> 35-year-old byron mitchell is in jail -- mitchell has entered a not guilty plea. >> edward snowed den said he would entertain the idea of extradition in return for a guarantee of a fair trial. edward snoet den asked for a guarantee where he can make a public interest defense -- and have jurors decide his case. in 2013 the former contractor leaked details of a secret government eavesdropping program. >> well police say one person is unapril counted for after a small plain with four people aboard crashed in long island sound -- less than a mile off the new york shoreline this happened. well authorities say the plane went down in port jefferson harbor about 60 miles east of new york city. police say two people were arrested and a third person has
6:35 am
>> in recordings of calls from the el faro cargo ship to its owners -- the captain can be heard pleading for help as the vessel went down in a hoshg cane. the emotional calls were played during the coast guard's investigation into the u.s. maritime disaster -- hurricane. >> the clock is ticking can i please speak with the k.i. -- q i. >> captain davidson called the call center trying to get in touch with anyone he could about what he and his crew were experiencing. >> i have a marine emergency and i would like to speak to a q i we have a hull breach -- it blew open during a storm. we have water down in three hulse with heavy lift. we've lost the main proposal pull shin unit the engineers cannot get it going. can i speak with a q i please -- >> as families listen some hung their heads.
6:36 am
recess executives hug and console some the family members. >> hearing the recordings from the captain on shore side was difficult just really recalling what could have been a series of events at the time and really having a feeling for what our experiencing. >> captain lawrence got a call to give more information about what the response would be. the coast guard said they believed el faro could anchor 48 miles from san salvador since the ship was disabled not distressed even suggesting he get a tugboat sooner than later. >> i'm not in the distress phase currently because we're not at risk of sinking. >> according to coast guard there was no need to evac kate crew. lawrence received e-mail that the captain had adjusted his
6:37 am
still it wasn't until affidavit son's call the company plotted it's location in relanes shin to walk keen so -- relation to walk keen. >> based on the ship having feeling for those on board but right now i think that all that's going to be revealed once we get deeper into the details. >> it will determine if misconduct or negligence contributed and federal officials will determine if criminal charges should be filed. >> protesters are planning to assemble to lash out at the f.b.i. over the organization obtaining a court order that requires apple to make it easier to unlock an encrypted iphone in the san bernardino shootings. the protest by an internet rights group are scheduled to take plays out side apple stores in 20 states. >> new this morning new york
6:38 am
f.b.i. joint terrorist task force about a confrontation that left two new york police officers recovering from gunshot wounds. investigators continue to try to piece together exactly what happened yesterday morning. the two officers were shot around 3:30 a.m. after a -- approaching a suspect in brooklyn. both are expected to make a full recovery. >> it's been a bad week for crystal city, texas. all but one top city official has been arrested on bribery and corruption charges and now they're dealing with undrink bl water there. -- volunteers handed out water as state environmental officials test the water. >> u.s. conservation service and forest service have announced an investment of 400 million dollars for restoration of forest. more than 40 partners are contributing to the program to
6:39 am
animals and supporting rural animals. >> a fears cyclone brought 177 miles per hour winds in fiji. at least three people are dead. hundreds of homes collapsed after the strong winds. the airport has reopened there. but officials are trying to establish communications throughout the island chain. especially the hardest hit areas which are absolutely devastating. >> you were saying 177 miles per hour. those are winds of category? >> well past category five. the threshold for a five is one 55. so it blows that away. fortunately the only three deaths -- i could not believe that number was not higher. so hopefully it doesn't go up. >> any loss of life is tragic but when you have that in an island that's incredible but
6:40 am
they're getting things reopened -- fortunately it seems like they're getting things reopened. we have a little fog out there. >> yeah. the sunrise is pretty right now. we've got the back edge of the clouds or leading edge i guess starting to move back in. tower cam over up town the fog already looks like it's gradually starting to lighten up. at least a tiny bit. our visibility over the past hour has come up a mile in charlotte 50 degrees in up town. we've got a lot of you sitting around 50 degree mark give or take closer to 50 along and southeast of the city. so cooler north. we're in the 40s and 50s. as we head through the mid to late morning hours we're going to be well above average. this red bar is you're average line.
6:41 am
we're going to be around 68 for our high today. small shower chance outside of the mountains.
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animals in the bedroom can mess with your sleep is being challenged d and patricia had canine company in bed as soon as -- >> he started to cry and i put him on my bed and he curled up in a ball and has been sleeping there ever since. >> a recent mayo clinic survey found 41 percent of sleep patients who share their beds with their animals find it beneficial. >> if having a pet nearby helps them feel relaxed and gives them a sense of security which permits them to fall asleep with less difficulty then i think that's something that does deserve attention. >> 20 percent of respondents admitted their pets interrupted their sleep. study officer says there are many things pet owners need to consider. >> they need to know how well
6:46 am
well the pet sleeps. they need to take into account the size of the pet. >> other considerations the size of the bed. the number of pets and the pets must be clean and free of flees. >> if they're wet i wipe them off. >> sullivan says her dogs don't just relax her. >> if i stay up too late the dogs remind me to go bed. they walk into my bedroom and say let's go to. >> even though they're barking sometimes wakes her up she wouldn't have it any other way. all right how about that? the study did not look at whether different pets or different species were more disruptive than others -- they hope to focus on those areas. >> we brought in lyndsay tapases to crime in so lyndsay i know you have a dog. >> yes, i do. she sleeps at the foot of the bed. >> yes. >> i put an extra blanket down
6:47 am
she doesn't disrupt me. >> if she wanted to sleep next to you. >> no she just stays at the end. >> it don't have a dog but we always had dogs growing up and one in particular loved to jump up and sleep with me and she was really funny because she was insistent on getting under the covers. >> yeah. if a dog has flees it should go without saying hopefully. >> this back half of the story saying they're looking at different species. i mean yeah you know what you're pet python sleep habits. >> or a mouse or guinea pig. >> i've seen cats batting people in the face when they're sleeping but anywho how is the weather? >> 56 is your average high. sun up will be at 7:04.
6:48 am
we'll be well above average for our high later on this afternoon -- with temperatures into the 60s. we have had fog issues this morning. visibility is slowly coming up for some of you. it's back up to three miles in charlotte. you have near zero visibility. so it is still thick out there for some of you. dense fog advisory for everywhere in gray which is all spots outside the mountains. some exceptions south of the city. it's until 10:00 o'clock this morning. >> clouds are filling back in. so we showed you the tower cam shot earlier. skies are starting to lighten up. once the sun comes up it will be partly cloudy sky. even in the morning first thing for you especially in the mountains you could pickup lighter showers. if we do look upstream we have a large batch here working through central tennessee. so the anchor of the disturbance
6:49 am
riding along through southern ohio and that's dragging a bit of a weak cold front. that will prompt showers our way through the later part of the day today which is being picked up here by future cast. so as we do go forward in time here we are at 6:00 o'clock this evening. it it will be in and out through the day. mountains. you will have the highest coverage or the most wide spread coverage. even outside i think you have a fort 2i percent chance of picking up wet weather. then we have another batch tomorrow. first day back to work monday is cloudy. not overly wet. your monday morning commute is not going to be soggy. your monday evening commute that could be another story. more rain moving in during the later part of the day on monday lasting through monday night that. won't move out until tuesday morning. that's going to set us up for an unsettled week head.
6:50 am
rain beyond that for the rest of the workweek but as far as sunday is corn served we won't rush it. 57 in boone. we'll be in the 50s and 60s. in the foothills it's mild for this time of area. it's a lot better than 30 which it was last sunday in charlotte. this sunday 68. so what would you prefer? i would prefer the 60s. low 60s into monday and then we turn colder. upper 40s return by next tuesday and wednesday. let's check your -- that's a check of your forecast. >> in today's economy it's hard to keep up with the bills. many americans are finding it difficult to put aside cash every week but simple habits can help you.
6:51 am
>> now is a perfect opportunity to check in on what was one of the most popular financial resolutions save more. to start put your savings on auto pilot. figure out how much you can stash way and then instruct your bank to pull that amount from you're checking account every month. if you've set aside your emergency reserve fund and saving for retirement contribute to your company's match to start. many plans have an automatic feature that increases your couldn't book shin level every year. if you're saving with an ira or roth -- most brokerage firms will pull a predetermined amount from you're checking account on a monthly basis. if you've filed your taxes and received a refund now is the time to adjust your withholding and save more throughout the year. >> happy savings week in new york i'm jill schlesinger.
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tips head to america saves week
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