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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430AM  CBS  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a defense fire team was brought in to make sure the fire didn't spread to other moments, that is how significant it was. no one was in the home at the time of the fire. officials are urging people to use caution in the area and make room for responding crews. we'll have much more in the next half hour in the alert center. somewhat mild start to the day, check in with meteorologist al conklin. >> al: john, after highs in the 60s both days of the weekend we're as you say mild, mainly in the upper 50s in the charlotte metro area. as a weak frontal system slides northern iredell county, these are spotty, that is about it. otherwise, not much rain around. no brain in charlotte, patchy fog, use caution early this morning, very damp, mild start to the day. we're in the upper 50s in charlotte and monroe, down to lancaster, almost 60 in
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56 in rock hill, 55 in gastonia. does get cooler north, 52 salisbury, statesville, 52 morganton, hickory. lots of clouds, won't be as warm as yesterday, low 60s, above average. deeper through the day the rain chances pick up and we have a wet start to the work week here you can see the rain loitering to the south of us, that is heading in our direction. talk about it in the seven day forecast in a few minutes. back to you. >> john: charlotte city council members are expected to vote on an ordinance designed to protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. governor pat mccrory is vowing to intervene if it passes. he emailed two city council members saying it could create major public safety issues. the ordinance failed to pass council last year over concerns about a clause changing accommodations for public rest rooms and locker rooms. michael clark brings us both sides of the story.
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proposed changes that would protect people are long overdue. >> nobody should be kicked out of a cab for holding hands with their partner, nobody should be kicked out of a restaurant for the way they identify. >> reporter: a battle matt hershey and equality north vote. now there is a new mayor and council members who may see things differently. >> every person deserves the same rights and everybody everybody else does. >> one changed would allow someone to use the rest room he or she identifies with, a concern for many including religious leaders like pastor mark harris. >> we know there is a risk that individuals who do happen to be sexual predators would be able to take advantage of this. >> governor pat mccrory emailed council members that passing the measure could result in immediate state intersen convenient shun and strain the relationship between charlotte and the state.
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will fight changes and rally. >> they may find themselves in positions of being fined, or facing some kind of lawsuit for really choosing to do what their convictions and faith lead them to do. >> hershey feels business should focus on profit. council members have been overwhelmed with feedback, hershey is confident the changes will pass. >> this is a small, small, small way to help protect members of the community. >> that was michael clark reporting. the governor's email sent in response to a councilman asking the governor how it might affect charlotte's relationship with the state. you can see the full email at that rally starts this evening at 5:00. also looking ahead, charlotte-mecklenburg school board members plan to vote on
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plan. for the new student assignment plan. parents asked questions about buses and school choice. christian florence attended two forums. >> thereafter hearing about the possibility of their children being bused out of neighborhood schools, parents of cms student made sure they got questions answered in one of two forums sunday. cms board of education thelma byers-bailey hopes parents know any changes made are with the children well-being in mind. >> we're not trying to do this to people, we're trying to do it for them. >> many parent concern stem from the vote on goals for upcoming years. one of those addresses schools with high concentrations of poverty leading to many believe busing will become reality. many parents welcomed diversity. >> being bused or however you call it may be a good thing.
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diversity >> don't want my baby to think or any brown baby to think they have to be bused to another neighborhood with people that don't look like them to be educated properly. >> byers-bailey wants mike sure busing is not a goal being voted on. >> busing is a tool, not a goal. >> parents on both sides of the issue come in agreement on one thing, no schools can be ignored. >> what i would like to see is all neighborhood schools be invested in and bring all neighborhood schools up to par. >> if your kids were assigned on this time of town, they are not being sent to a hole where no one cares. >> byers-bailey says after the vote the board of education will be in a planning stage to achieve the goals and just a reminder, today is the last day to fill out community survey on
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there is a link with christian's story on this is a big week for charlotte as the queen city welcomes the ciaa tournament. mens and women's games kick-off tomorrow. there are events all week long, people are already checking in hotels, looking forward to a week just -- more than just basketball. >> a winter vacation for most families, reunion, it's basketball tournament, alumni activities. professional networking all wrapped up in a weekend, a week of activities >> it is big. the ciaa tournament has a huge financial impact on the city and has raised more than $20 million in scholarship money. expect more traffic around uptown hotels and time warner cable arena. we have a schedule of the games posted at right now charlotte-mecklenburg police are looking for a person in connection to a shooting at a gas station. police say two men got in an
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marathon gas station on north graham street, one was shot in the arm and drove himself to the hospital. firefighters in gastonia stressing importance of having working smoke alarm after a man escaped a house fire. broke out early yesterday morning on cedar avenue. took firefighters ten minutes to put out the flames in the kitchen. there was an electrical malfunction in the heating system and the man's dog helped him get out in time. the home had no working smoke alarm. firefighters say if you can't afford one call 704-866-3355. this morning the red cross is helping two people after their home burned in iredell county. it happened before 7:00 on wiggins road in mooresville, no word if there were injuries. a man is facing charges after a wreck in gaston county in which he and two others were injured. the gastonia fire department sent us a picture of the wreck which happened yesterday morning on i-85 near exit 17. investigators say a semi truck,
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of the suv was trying to merge. he has been identified as 26-year-old junior santos. another vehicle then rear-ended the semi, officials believe that driver, a woman, was distracted by mur phone and didn't brake. she has serious injuries. santos and a female passenger were treated for minor injuries. this morning we're working to learn the can be of a person who was thrown from a vehicle in northwest charlotte. medic says it happened near the intersection of belhaven and mount holly-huntersville road. the highway patrol is also investigating a serious accident in burke county. two helicopters were flown out to an accident on miller bridge road in connelly springs. motorcycles. the focus for the presidential race turned south, a look at the stops two candidates made over the
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4:39, 21 minutes before 5:00.closed captioning on wbtvnews is sponsored by subarusouth boulevard and subaruconcord. >> john: 4:42, fresh off the primary win in south carolina, donald trump spent time in atlanta. he expects to win enough delegates to clinch the republican nomination before the party's convention in july. he went on to say he expects to
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republicans don't even think of. he pinpointed two states, michigan and new york, he said he would sweep in the republican column. after coming in second in the south carolina primary, marco rubio made a stop in tennessee. he is important trying himself as the lone candidate who can unite republicans now that the field is narrowing. he's a conservative who can unite and grow the gop and the entire nation. >> i will be a president for all americans. even the americans that don't agree with me. even the americans that don't like me. even the americans that protest against me, even the americans that say nasty things about me on twitter, i will cut their taxes, too. >> was in little rock, arkansas yesterday. presidential hopefuls are weighing in who should nominate the next supreme court justice. antonin scalia was laid to rest saturday. discussion on his replacement
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after his loss to hillary clinton in nevada. bernie sanders shared his opinion. >> the constitution of the united states is extremely clear. president of the united states has the right to nominate candidates, justices to the united states senate. no one debates that. >> democrats turn attention to south carolina for the democratic primary, this coming saturday, sanders made a stop in greenville yesterday. still ahead on wbtv news this morning, people in michigan are mourning the loss of six people killed in a string of random shootings over the weekend in michigan.
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>> john: a man from michigan, there manis custody accused of carrying out a series of random shootings that killed six people and injured two others. kenneth craig reports from kalamazoo where people are gathering together to mourn. [ singing ] >> reporter: music and prayer brought hundreds of grieving da ma zoo residents together sunday night at a church service to honor the victims killed in a deadly shooting rampage. >> this kind of tragedy happens in california or in new york city or overseas, it doesn't happen here. >> reporter: authorities say 45-year-old jason dalton's spree allegedly began when he
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6:00 saturday night outside an apartment complex. four hours later a father and son killed that the car dealership. then investigators say dalton killed four women at a roadside restaurant, a 14-year-old girl seriously injured. the women were in two vehicles here at this cracker barrel parking lot. authorities are still searching for a motive. cbs news confirmed dalton was working as an uber driver. matt melon was the passenger less than two hours before the rampage. >> driving through medians, the lawn, speeding along and then finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> his fiance posted on facebook to warn other passengers to stay away. authorities believe dalton would have continued his shooting spree if he weren't stopped. kenneth craig, cbs news, kalamazoo, michigan. dalton did not have a
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believe the acts are terrorism machineryterrorism-related. a live look at the charlotte skyline from the scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: we have a fair amount of clouds as you say and on the mild side, temperatures are in the upper 50s, almost 60 here in charlotte. we do have a little bit of rain we're tracking on the five sweeps of power doppler radar, very spotty and light, up here in the foothills in the i-40 corridor, i'll wide n this out, take you closer over in caldwell county, just to the east of 321 and lenoir, heading over toward taylorsville, turnersburg, this is heading off toward the southeast, very spotty and mostly light but troutman, mount
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rain moving through. you look at what we had over the weekend a smidge of rain yesterday and saturday. really didn't amount to very much but it was a little bit of a nuisance during the day saturday because it came in during the middle part of the day if you were out and about. look at the numbers, 1.71 for the month and four inches for the year, we're running deficits for both of these, an inch for the month and almost two inches for the year, make a lot of this up over the next 48 hours, to 72 hours. clover leaf elementary school, a little bit of fog, not widespread, be mindful of that early this morning. 50 in jefferson, 51 boone, morganton, 55 lincolnton, 54 in concord, 57 in monroe. again, pretty mild start to the day, won't be as warm as yesterday, we almost hit 70 in charlotte, today, low 60s, still above average. highs tomorrow different story, reality check, back in the 40s
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viewing area. we have several rounds of rain we'll have to deal with, weak boundary coming through this morning, high pressure will build to the north of us will provide the colder weather tomorrow. a lot of moisture across the south and so the combination is we warned you about this last week there would be a big chance for rain going forward. so here we are late this afternoon in the evening, rain overspreading the entire wbtv viewing area, with us tonight, off and on rain tomorrow as well, and may get in heavy rain and thunderstorms on wednesday, as this frontal system moves in the area. once that goes by rain chances go down, so we'll dry out nicely, the first part of the week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, rain chances ramp up. as far as temperatures go, up down, up and then down. so it is kind of all over the board. 60s today and wednesday, but in between, tomorrow, in the 40s. a little bit of a shock to the
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bit of a hassle how you dress for this. 62 today, another mild day, rain coming later in the day and in tonight. 49 tomorrow, rain, 90% chance, thunderstorms some of them heavy on wednesday, we dry out nicely more seasonable, 50s here thursday, friday, saturday, by sunday back up close to 60. that is the forecast, john, see you with an update at the top of the hour. >> john: exciting finish to the daytona 500, highlights and what denny hamlin was the key to his success. wbtv always on your side, in
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nine minutes before 5:00. >> john: 4:54, accident any denny hamlin the daytona 500 champion. record-breaking for how close it was. joe morano shows us how the race will be one fans will remember a long time. >> denny hamlin has long had success on the sprint cup circuit, now will forever be known as the daytona 500 champion after emerging emerging victorious yesterday in the closest finish ever. best drivers in the world gathered to kick-off the nascar season on gar just day for the running of the 500. chase elliott won the pole in the xfinity series the race before, led for three laps
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earnhardt jr. the undoing comes 18 laps in as he wrecks on the front stretch and his day comes to an early close. however, also a tough day for dale, jr. a crash on lap 169 knocked him out of the race. dan kay patrick knocked out on lap 183, that allows for the field to bunch up as enormous finish approaches. with 13 laps to go, matt kenseth out in front and he was in front for the final 40 laps until the final turn where he shoots up the track. between hamlin and martin truex, jr., neck-in-neck and hamlin closes by a nose in the explosive finish in daytona 500 history winning by a hundreth of a second. >> the preparation was great, my team was ready for anything, we didn't lose that lead even taking four tires when everyone
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>> i think just that fact that we worked as hard as we could work, we feel like we got over the years we had great drivers and crew chiefs, so hard to put it together. >> i didn't know we had won, i saw the pylon change and blink at the last second and so i just heard on the radio people were all crazy excited so assumed we won, when that happened. >> prior to this victory hamlin finished fourth in the daytona 500 two times before. he also finished second in the sprint cup points standings, back in 2010 and now he has a leg up on this season with the stop in atlanta to come next week. reporting at daytona international speedway, joe morano. >> john: coming up, we're continuing to follow breaking news as crews battle a house fire in huntersville, what is
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homes are in danger, al? >> al: still fairly mild, but we do see temperatures falling off, a big drop in temperatures and big uptick in rain through the next couple days, i'll have the seven day forecast, chris? >> chris: al, quiet out there for early monday morning commute but you know things will heat up as we roll toward the rush hour we'll keep an eye on that.
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this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> john: now at 5:00, time running out to weigh in on the new student assignment plan for charlotte-mecklenburg schools, the major concern many parents still have. >> christine: charlotte city council members could vote on expanding the nondiscrimination ordinance, the controversy over the issue. >> john: welcome to wbtv news
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monday, february 22nd, i'm john carter. christine sperow. those stories miss brody o'connellplusbrody o'connell getting details on a fire. >> brody: would be person is being treated for smoke inhalation, new details in in minutes in the alert center. >> john: get started with charlotte's most experienced morning meteorologist, here is al conklin. >> al: a very mild start to the day and damp as well w that a little bit of fog, around wadesboro, zero visibility, good visibility here in charlotte. be mindful you may run in a little bit of fog this morning. you may also get a spritz or sprinkle, rain is spotty and light, no rain in statesville right now but a little bit of fog you can see clover leaf elementary school. dry in charlotte, very mild, 59


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