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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5PM  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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your forecast, 54 at 9:00 p.m. and 52 at 11:00. and coming up we will be tracking all of this in your forecast. >> thank you. and you can track storms moving across your neighborhood right now by downloading the free wbtv weather app it has live radar and forecast and push alerts to warn you of problems. download it for free from your app store or marketplace. >> and a group against a proposed nondiscrimination 0rd nance that gives more protections to the lgbt community is holding a rally. dozens have signed up to speak about the proposal at tonight's meeting. coleen harry live with more and this ordinance stirred up a lot of debate on both sides? >> yeah, that is right. in fact right into the news conference that opponents are having and they are not happy
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shutout not given an opportunity to speak to the council. and the ordinance they say will force business owners to go against their religious objections and citing public safety saying transgender residents could expose women and children to predators but supporters held a news conference they delivered boxes of petitionses to councilmembers saying everyone deserves legal protection and urged councilmembers to pass the ordinance who prohibit any passenger from hire vehicle for discriminating against gays and lesbians and ban bars, hotels and restaurants from refusing to serve if gays and lez yaps. a pastor in favor of the ordinance, he says this law will not benefit predators. >> the law will not help them in anyway. if they are going to do wrong they will do it without a law. this protects people who are
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want to be able to fully express who they are and fully be able to participate in society on equal footing. >> now, i checked with city council officials and they tell me if the ordinance passes, it will go into effect april first. i can tell you the crowds you see here just as equal inside an amazing crowd inside where the meeting is scheduled to begin in less than an hour. coleen harry wbtv on your side. >> thank you. governor e-mailed two charlotte city councilmembers and says the ordinance could create major public safety issues if it passes. steve crump has reaction from jennifer roberts new at 6:00 p.m. >> right now four more people are charged in connection with with the murder of a man in union county. these four responsible for the murder of carol willis griffin. all five are now charged with robbery as well.
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jail. >> right now more mumps cases confirmed in our area. the department of health now says there have been three confirmed and nine probable cases of mumps in mecklenberg county, cabarrus county russ and iredell counties it includes some people who recovered and no longer infectious. >> and new information in the murder case of a lake wylie couple. the death penalty on the table for two suspects accused. jamaal kuerten and malcolm hartley appeared in court and the attorneys argued for the release of key evidence before a death penalty hearing next week. prosecutors allege that kuerten ordered the killings from jail and hartley pulled the trigger. pamela escobar was in court and will have more tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> right now an old school building at the center a heated battle for demolition close-up in -- goes up in flames. >> what a fire and the large flames from the hildebrand school building.
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down the old school but an order delayed the demolition. steve ohnesorge talked to investigators and witnesses about the fire and he has the latest. >> for many in the town this was more than an old building. a piece of my heart going up in flames. >> it was the schoolhouse until it closed. evelyn was a student in the 1930s. >> a lot of good memories. >> it was just after 5:00 a.m. when the fire was discovered i could see the flames racing across the ceiling and through the roof. >> trying to contain it and protect exposures. >> in other words save adjacent buildings. >> it is a sad scene. >> the old high school was the focal point in a lawsuit claiming a town council meeting where they voted to tear it down was improper. the town won but the matter appealed. the town put a hold on the
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questions could be resolved. but now the mayor tells me there is no need to put a hold on that demolition any longer. >> this morning a deputy was by the mayor's side and she received threats. >> investigators now have a big job, the sbi is here,atf expected to be hoping to find the cause. we are told there was power to the building and it's believed the fire started in the basement. but finding answers will not be easy. >> it's sad. >> a place that many held dear and a piece of this town's history is now just rob bell. in -- rubble. >> steve ohnesorge wbtv on your side. >> and we have created a slide show of images from that fire. can you view them now on >> right now at least one person is dead after this logging truck crash in gaston county.
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highway 321 around 1:00 p.m. this is ferguson ridge drive. no word yet on what may have led to the crash. the highway patrol is investigating. >> and police say a man armed with a knife robbed two convenience stores and now asking for your help to track him down. you can see the man's face. police say the two robberies happened on garrison boulevard. this man robbed the express mart saturday and the family dollar on sunday. if you recognize him call gastonia police. >> right now a man is on the run after police say he kidnapped a high school student in east charlotte. police say a 16-year-old east mecklenberg county high student was walked to school when a man pulled up with a gun and told him to get in. >> here son has two choices. >> the first instinct was he
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[inaudible] >> wbtv's christian flores is live with reaction from neighbors and must have been a frightening situation for that young man. >> maureen, a scary situation for that young man but neighbors are scared. with the kidnapper on the run and armed. they are worried somebody they know will be his next victim. >> i do not like her getting into drama. >> he normally picks up his cousin from school to keep her out of trouble now he as parents are stand-upped this practice maybe mandatory to keep loved ones safe after hearing a kidnapper abducted a 16-year-old on thursday. >> i did not think it would happen close to home. >> shocking and terrifying and sad and obviously concern. >> the victim was walking to school early thursday morning.
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pointed a gun at him and told him to get in the car. the victim escaped without injury but the suspect is still on the run. >> it is a parent i would just i think if anything i would be more cautious. >> it's sad to hear that getting kidnapped at gun point. >> the kidnapper is a black man in his mid-5 oh, 5'9" with dredlocks in a white hef slay or malibu. parents hope they see more police officers around. >> there are a lot of access roads and crossing areas and sidewalks and so maybe increase police presence. >> and kelly will continue to pick up his cousin. >> i come here and get my cousin but i will make sure i'm here. >> cmpd has not released why this victim was targeted.
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kidnapping call crimestoppers. >> let's go to tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we start by looking at the expressway and independence we have wet streets. 277. slow-moving traffic. and let's check in independence boulevard eastbound by north sharon amity congestion monroe road is a great alternate route. and the slow-moving traffic again eastbound on independence boulevard. also as we look around center city on 277 volume is starting to build on 277 approaching i-77 northbound. and i-77 northbound has other problems as well. there is a stranded motorist at mathison and the plaza and central avenue there is an accident in the center of the intersection. the plaza or eastway drive are better alternate routes. and a view from cmpd in this area they have a problem there.
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>> right now to alex giles live in the alert center with the details on a breaking story about a gun found at a local high school? >> yes, that is correct. we got this information from officials in union county. a 17-year-old and 15-year-old was found with a gun inside of a car on piedmont high school property in union county. and we have been told by officials they are high school students but not students at piedmont high school. a school resource officer is the one who investigated and charged the students. the 17-year-old is going to be charged not sure about the 15-year-old yet. and then again two students 15 and 17 with a gun on acampus at piedmont high school. >> back to you. >> thank you. the gunman who fired on people in three separate locations in kalamazoo michigan is facing six counts of murder. >> and you will hear what police say the suspect told him about his ramp page.
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give way to rain and we may see
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weather com the ub are driver was arraigned in michigan. >> jason dalton confessed to part of the attacks. jamie boll has new information. >> 45-year-old jay sob dalton appeared by video link at the courthouse where he is facing six counts of murder. >> do you understand the charges made against you? maximum sentences that i stated? >> yes, sir. >> the uber driver went on a rampage in kalamazoo, michigan randomly kick six and injuries
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investigators say he began his shooting spree at an apartment complex where he shot a woman. tammy george came outside when she heard the gunshots. >> she was talking curled up in a ball and asking about her kids. >> dalton admitted he gunned down a man and 17-year-old son at a car dealership and killed four more women outside a restaurant. dalton preferred to remain silent when the judge asked him if he had anything to say and then denied bail. police recovered the gun in dalton's car. investigators are looking into whether he continued driving passengers between the shootings. uber says dalton, a father of two, passed a background check and had no prior criminal history. jamie boll wbtv on your side. >> uber says it's cooperating with the investigation. an uber passenger called police an hour before the shootings to
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north carolina has a law to help make uber services safer back in september the governor signed a bill that regulates the ridesharing service and requires drivers to have local and national background checks and insurance and the companies must pay a $5,000 annual state permit fee. >> and we have drizzle on the roadways and curious about the commute for the drives. tonya rivens has the latest. >> according to our chief mergt we have heavy rain and we will go to the dot camera but an accident two on rocky river road. west of 485 and back creek church. caldwell better alternate routes to get around this. and notice volume building on w.t. harris however that may be a better option to get around this accident that we have at milton road and the plaza as we go to the d.o.t. camera and look
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and things are wet on the roads. >> glad we are inside. hate for those who have to commute in this him. like. >> and it's going to get more possibly some stronger thunderstorms. maybe damaging thunderstorms. >> let's hope not. >> i'm with you. let's hope not but the showers you will see how the leading edge is ragged as you look at north carolina and south carolina but it becomes solid down into the georgia area, and wham bam alabama and this is phase one that is coming through. we are busy over the next 48 hours. the showers in the area are producing downpours and lightning strike. over gaffney in chair key county. the cherokee county. the motion is slow off to the east at 10-miles-per-hour. i stopped the loop to get a
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falling. let's get in closer and put this leading edge the tracker on it moving off again at 10-miles-per-hour. very slowly. concorde, midland, albemarle all in the path that is right on top of mount holly and moving into the i-77 corridor. bell haven boulevard, and here you see center city charlotte. anybody heading out right now you will be bumping into heavier rain and thunder. and it started off cloudy and then that rain came in pulled the base of that cloud cover on top of the buildings. 52 and temperatures will be steady through the evening mid-50s. cooler in the mountains. 43 up that way. and future-cast again, so you can expect more rain to be moving in and out of the area through the evening and as i said steady temperatures when you get the low clouds and the
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and overnight? little change get ready for a soggy commute in the morning. the roads will be wet that slows things down. give yourself extra time and it will be cool tomorrow, too, we will get locked in. you saw that temperature 47. and it does look like things will calm down during the afternoon on tuesday and we get ready for the next system coming our way wednesday. clouds during the afternoon notice our chances of rain are going down for the moment. we will get into a lull and have to wait for that wednesday activity to get in here as the temperatures manage to get backup to 50 . your wednesday weather and that front coming in. moving into the mountains. noon cutting across charlotte but do not turn your back on it. there could be a second pulse that makes its way back into the piedmont. so the threaten decks the rain gusty thunderstorms and cannot take a brief tornado off the
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showers on tuesday. that next line of storms wednesday and then on the backside mountain snow as we cool off for a bit but we should remain pretty into the weekend time-frame. >> more firefighters targeted by thieves and a veteran has a message for the crooks. >> and why the state of north carolina was given a stern warning by the u.s. department of education. what that warning could mean for your child's school. >> and new at 6:00, the ciaa tournament back in charlotte how organizers hope to improve the event and we talked about police's plans for security.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... >> a >> a warning to north carolina schools. our news partner reports that last year more than 300 public schools across the state failed to test enough students. that led to a warning letter from the u.s. department of education. if north carolina schools do not get at least 95% of students to take state exams this school year federal officials warn quote a range of enforcement actions can be taken. that includes the loss of some federal money for public schools. north carolina is one of 13 states to receive the warning letter. >> right now more trouble for lumber liquidators. people exposed to certain types of the company's lamb anything flooring were three times more likely to get cancer than predicted. the cdc estimates the risk of cancer at 6 to 30 cases per
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the recommendation also stay the same that people take steps to reduce exposure. >> a local man is arrested for having a weapon of mass destruction but it may not be what you think. that is next. >> and a local accused at shooting at four officers and
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>> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> new at 5:00 an unusual court defense for a man accused of shooting at charlotte-mecklenburg police officers. >> plus more crimes against our heros. vehicles two more fire stations are broken into by thieves and now a retired veteran is
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firefighters. >> they will fight for us. >> the first a nasty day here in charlotte and it's going to be this way for a while. you can see the activity here on our radar. welcome to wbtv news. glad you are with us i'm jamie boll. >> i'm molly grantham. in the first alert weather center with leigh brock and it's going to rain and it's not going to stop for a while. >> especially overnight. we have heavy rain coming in and it's in the picture for a lot of us and through the night and tomorrow morning it may not be tapering off as you are heading off to work and school. here is the rain and we have it pushing from the southwest to the northeast over top of charlotte and there's more back to the south and west. if you have not seen it yet you are still going to be seeing the rain. give it a little more time. here is the charlotte area. here is 485 right along here, 85 here is 77, and here is our
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east northeast moving quickly so it will be moving over top of uptown charlotte and we have seen the rain move through. and here is the direction. charlotte, idlewild and poplar tent this is heading your way. and yeah, there is heavy rain associated with it and more down to the south. here is another batch of rain now in south carolina. and around york county area and that is where you have heavy rain and that is about to push up into cleveland and gaston county and more is coming into mecklenberg county as well for the next few hours and it's not going to stop. temperatures will hold steady. 56 by 5:30. 11:30 the temperature is 52 . a slow drop on the temperatures and stays chilly tomorrow. and we have another round of weather could be severe wednesday. i have all the details in a little bit. >> and remember wbtv is on your side with the mobile weather app.


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