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tv   WBTV News Prime Time  CBS  February 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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per hour. that's about it. so a real commotion will hold off and we will advance this and see rain begins to fill in west of i-77. west. that will be reserved for when morning. the temperatures are locked into the upper 40s through the evening hours. and then coming up we will get back into the advisories and the watches as well. of course the threats along with the system coming through is part of your seven-day first alert forecast. >> just into the wbtv newsroom, one person has died after severe weather tore through baxterville . it is an area of lamar county, mississippi. our raycom sister station reports a trailer demolished. there was a person inside. they died from the impact. it is just shredded in that photograph. we want to show you pictures of damage the storm left
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louisiana. a reporter from our sister station tweeted these photographs. you can see a lot of damage there. we saw the 18-wheeler on its side. in texas school was canceled after hail broke windows. you can see the holes there and the broken glass? >> the hail was probably golf ball to baseball-sized and it held for about 10 minutes covering the roads. >> maureen: the first alert weather team will track it as it continues to make its way to our area. you can track the storm on our smartphone. it is free in the app store and marketplace. right now on "primetime" charlotte-mecklenburg police are looking for two people accused of kidnapping a local pizza delivery driver overnight. authorities say the victim was that delivery driver.
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suspects in a vehicle and forced him to get inside. the two then drove the victim to an atm where they withdrew money from his account. the victim was let go and his car was later found abandoned on baldwin avenue. if you have any information crimestoppers. two teens are now charged with shooting a puppy. we learned through an arrest warrant that douglas allegedly threw a knife at the puppy. he had an accomplice, a 14-year-old according to police, but the 14-year-old was not named. douglas is carnlged with animal cruelty. in south carolina that carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $5,000 bond. brody, the puppy, his story and his amazing will to survive has captivated
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it is remarkable when you see the bb pellets coming up. kristen hampton takes you in where this brody is tonight. you will see how he is recovering and learn more about where he is headed next. >> we the jury find the defendant gill stey -- fill tee tee -- guilty of attempt to commit murder in the first degree. >> maureen: with that she faces up to 140 years in prison for attacking a former appalachian state student and cutting her unborn baby from her womb. the attack happened last march. the victim, michelle wilkins attended school here and now lives in colorado where the attack happened. [no audio] and choked her. the unborn baby did not survive. we want to warn you that it is such a disturbing story and some of the testimony in the trial was pretty graphic. molly granthom has more on
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that's new on "primetime." >> reporter: prosecutors say she was desperate for a baby. she was faking a pregnancy for over a year and even holding a baby shower. her boyfriend was increasingly skeptical and about to kick her out. >> she was given an ult ultimatum and her time was running out. so she lured michelle wilkins to her home, brutally attacked her, tried to kill her and cut her unborn baby from her uterus to pass off as her own. >> reporter: at the time she was 7 months pregnant with the baby girl she named aurora. last week wilkins took the stand. it is the first time since the attack she spoke publicly. >> i just thought of her and i wanted to survive for her. >> reporter: they say lanell cut the baby from the womb using kitchen knives.
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excruciating pain. >> i could feel the blood seeping through my pants and i could feel my intestines outside my body. she cut you in your stomach? >> i'm pregnant. >> reporter: prosecutors say lane took the baby to the hospital claiming it was hers and it was still born. >> this is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: they say it was a spontaneous and not planned act. >> it was a hasty, impulse sigh, sigh -- impulsive and reckless act. there never was any intention. just because it wasn't a good plan or doesn't make sense does does -- doesn't mean it wasn't intentional. all she cared about was getting that baby and taking that baby for herself. >> wbtv "primetime." >> maureen: wilkins spoke out after the verdict was read. she says she forgives lane because that is the kind of person she is. >> there is nothing in anyway,
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remotely prepare you for something like this. what has dominated my perspective consistently is disbelief and words are mott sufficient to describe -- are not sufficient to describe it, though i may try. it just never entered my world view that someone can be so cruel and value life so little. >> maureen: doctors tell wilkins she will be able to have children again if she chooses. will -- wilkins plans to be at the sentencing as she faces up to 140 years in prison. >> maureen: up next on "primetime" surveillance video moments before this plane crashed on a california street. plus what a witness in a local murder trial says he saw in his friend's backyard. and we are on your side tracking destruction and death like this in its path.
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what you can expect by the time it gets to our area. you are watching "primetime", your only live, local news at
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back in 90 seconds. now on "primetime" a look at today's most notable video. we are getting a look at surveillance video showing a plane crashing on a street.
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one was hurt. a witness says he saw the plane dodge homeses moments before that happened. >> maureen: waterspouts were caught on camera ready to move over this lake in louisiana. just about noon today it happened. the same time a line of strong storms moved through that area. meet the members of the zoo in england. they are now 11 days old this is after a rare c section birth. it is a handful of gorillas to be born c section worldwide. look at that face. >> maureen: next on "primetime." >> people were screaming and yelling, but more get to the center and get to the bathroom. >> maureen: chaos in this gym as people and some mothers try to find their kids and race from a major storm. that's next.
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this is a -- more this is the six-week old puppy so many have called and e-mailed us about. he was shot 18 times with a bb gun and survived. we mentioned him earlier in the newscast. his name is brody. tonight we are taking you in the animal shelter where he is being treated. you will meet the people caring for him and hear more about his remarkable story of
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kristen hampton has more in tonight's "good news." >> there is no hiding the horrible circumstances that brought brody here to steal all of the hundreds of hearts. 8 steen steel -- 18 steel pellets were inside. >> i have never seen anybody deliberately and maliciously shoot at a dog. this is about as defenseless as an animal gets. >> the worst in some people brings out the best in others. the phones have not stopped ringing. >> today 75 to 100 easily. >> phone calls. >> ebenezer animal hospital is running double duty as the pr agent for the six week old lab mix. >> how is he doing? >> the e-mails are running neck and neck with the phone all from people calling and caring about the little dog
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>> but he is a lucky dog. this is not something that most puppies would survive. >> brody wasn't ready to be adopted yet. but so many people have signed up for the chance to take him home that they have had to shutdown the list. >> it is great to know that everybody stands with us to wish him well in his recovery. >> in rock hill with the good news, kristen hampton, wbtv on your side. >> maureen: certainly glad he is okay. go to to read more about brody's story and the national attention he is getting. you will also find a link with more information about the arrests made in this case. you will see the first alert weather team tracking the system and what we have been telling you about for hours. it packed quite a punch as it
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cheryl mercedes with wafb was on the ground and spoke to people in a louisiana gym after a major storm rolled through there. >> reporter: it was more than a routine lunchtime workout for more than 20 people at gold's gym in prairieville. he says he was just about to settle into an hour of lifting when suddenly in just seconds he says he and about a dozen others rush to find shelter. >> there were people screaming and yelling, but it was more get to the center and get to the bathroom. >> some were mothers scrambling to get to the children in the gym daycare. even after all of this he realized it could have been much worse. >> i was grateful the storm came from the way it did. if it came to the front of us it would have come from the glass and would have caused more damage jie. shattered glass covered businesses and parking lots across the street. the side wall was shaved off
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the rooftop of an auto shop next door curled back. and cars parked outside were riddled with damage. >> the bumpers came off and stuff like that. >> some of them belonged to the workers at the nearby popeye's. there was not much damage to the restaurant, but the general manager says her employees and the customers got a good scare. >> we heard a big boom noise and we ran to the back with the cooler. we had one employee stay out and help a couple of the customers that was out here. we told them to run to the cooler. >> robinson and her staff stayed behind to clean up but they were working outside to restore service. >> hopefully lights will open back up so we can sell more chicken. >> you saw the damage in baton rouge. you are seeing our sister
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looking a the a tornado touchdown in the saint james parish of new orleans. obviously that's a densly populated area. and it is always unusual. you worked for some time in louisiana. is it typical to have them in a densly populated area? >> oh yeah. they are not discretionary. >> especially when they are so close to the coast. >> it is very flat down there. that mississippi delta, it is primetime. alabama often get far worse tornadoes than even the classic tornado alley around a oklahoma and kansas. >> and on top of that they have all of the rain associated with this and flooding is an issue down there. that's one of our concerns. we go back to the live pictures and we can see the first responders and not much damage here, but it appears this is a mobile home park. as you can see it is a wide open space and that's the perfect breeding ground for if you have the tornadic activity.
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sheared off trees. the other thing is i just retweeted if you go to eric thomas wbtv, these tornadoes going across lake upon -- lake ponchatrain. if folks want to check out that video, you can go there. meanwhile the tornado watches are shifting away from louisiana and now working their way into mississippi. as far east as the georgia border now as this system continues to make its way out of the mississippi delta as we just talked about and across the gulf coast states. next up will be, you got it, north and south carolina. now we are not expecting to have as high a threat as we are having along the gulf coast states. nonetheless we can't take severe weather off the table. for now though if you are running outside you will run into patchy rain. we have two inches of rain in many locations in the rain gains across -- the rain gauges across the area. we could see another one to two to three inches if you are
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that's why it is in affect for the vast majority of the viewing area with the exception of a few of the eastern counties. i-77 westbound everybody under the flash flood watch through the day tomorrow and the wind advisories if you are outside the mountains around 40 miles per hour and if you are in the mountains, there is a warning for the winds up to 50 to 60 miles an hour up there. here is a look at the model day tau. first thing in the morning at 7:00, already you can see wind gusts. those are the brief gusts nonetheless. 30 to tort miles per hour -- 30 to 40 miles per hour and the same can be said in the high country. midday. this is the time the front is coming through and there could be embedded gusty winds with the cellular thunderstorms. we are talking mid40s. that's very, very high. and then up to around 50 to 60 at points in the mountains and then here it is even at 7:00 in the evening we could still be seeing wind gusts 30 to 40. all of that is associated with the storm system.
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continues to cut across the southeast. it is making its way through the wbtv viewing area. the winds as well as the saturated ground could be a bad combination around here. we will show you that it is only about the patchy rain, but already coming into view you will see the pockets of heavy rain. then we continue through the overnight hours and it is not a nice way to kick off your day. especially if you are starting to get out and about in the heavy showers and thunderstorms. and notice these temperatures are going to move upward by about 5 to 6 degrees in response to the wind shifting with the approach of the system. so beyond we'll take you through the noon hour. this will be close to the end of it, but we won't take the chance of strong thunderstorm off the table until late in the afternoon when we know for sure that we have moved all of the dynamics off to the east. if you live in a flood prone
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an 8. we still can't rule out a brief tornado and some of you may even be dealing with some hail. hour by hour forecast. look at this 65 through the noon hour tomorrow and then up to 67 at 4:00. the warm air also feeding into all of this. and that helps to bully up the thunderstorms. 70 the high briefly tomorrow and wednesday. and then the cold air with the mountain snow on thursday. folks in the high country could get one to three inches. after that here you go, maureen, sunny and we will sail through the rest of the week and into the weekend with a few showers on tap by early next week. back to you. >> maureen: thank you. a barrel of burning clothes and a gun wrapped in a rag were key parts of a testimony of a murder trial heard in rowan county. maurice robinson is charged with planning the murder and robbery of a convenience store owner. today one of his friends testified that he helped robinson get rid of evidence
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here is more on the story on "primetime." >> reporter: a long-time friend of maurice robinson testified that he heard robinson tell watson to take off his clothes and shoes and burn them in a barrel in that friend's backyard. he didn't know at the time, but he was seeing evidence in a murder case destroyed. >> i didn't mean to do it. i was protecting my family. i didn't mean to shoot him. >> reporter: watson has pleaded guilty and so has the co-defendant. robinson is standing trial. the state wants to show that it was robinson who planned the robbery in december of 2012 and that it was robinson who gave watson the gun he used to kill the store owner. today that friend also said he saw a wad of cash in robinson's lap after the robbery and saw watson hand the gun over to robinson who wrapped it in a rag. wbtv on your side. >> maureen: we are back after this.
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>> maureen: here is your forecast, maureen. it is the warm air that thrusts in here that could fuel some of the thunderstorms, potential severe weather and then the cold air is right back in the mountains on thursday. then you know what? the waters will smooth and we will level off into the mid50s for a couple days. sunny into the weekend. how about look the a sunday right now. 63.
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i was just hearing from people in morganton and they say it is drizzly and chilly. bundle up and stay warm.
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eight years ago. it's not over for erin andrews. the perpetrator served his time, we'll tell you what erin wants now. >> oh, my god, i could totally take him out and nobody would know. >> o.j. feet away from her kim goldman on her very tempting opportunity to avenge her brother, ron's, murder. >> did you know this was coming? >> darling, it's an engagement ring. we can't know when it's coming. >> first interview since her proposal and plans for the wedding. >> i'm most excited about the grandeur, darling. lights, camera, access. day one of erin andrews' 7$75 million peeping tom trial. she was secretly roo recorded in the nude by her stalker. the video went viral. she's not just going after the man convicted of crime. >> nochlt she's also targeting


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