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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now we're getting robbed on the moisture infulx because oflux. look at atlanta, those are the lines we're concerned about as we warm in the 60s and 70s later today. still cool in the 40s and 50s. by later this afternoon, we will be close to 70 and there is the threat of potentially severe weather during the during the midday hours. we have a mention of snow in the mountains tonight, more on that in a few minutes. here is chris, first alert, you're never more than seven traffic on wbtv news this >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic is sponsored charlotte. let's go ahead, take a check, a live look at the john belk, that is coming on the inner loop up toward bank of america stadium, you can see rather a sloppy mess out there this morning and we do
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is north caldwell at 277, so again the interstate running okay but if you're on north caldwell, injury accident in center city this morning. 485 looks good, 77, 85 both still running in the green, a few slow downs here independence boulevard up to the monroe road split or albermarle road split, and a few slow downs there on providence road. as al mentioned, the rain showers continue to move in and out of the charlotte area. but it is a nasty morning for your wednesday morning commute and keeping an eye on that is wbtv's kristen hampton, she is live this morning with the latest on travel conditions. kristen? >> reporter: yeah, chris, i think you said it best, a sloppy mess. let me step out of the way, this is i-85 north and southbound at freedom drive in west charlotte. you can see that mist coming up off the roadway. it is not raining right now but 15 or 20 minutes ago pretty heavy band of rain came through, re-wet the interstates. they will be wet throughout the morning. and that is what has been going
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i've been out throughout the morning, been through fairly heavy showers out and about this morning and those are expected obviously to continue around the area. so certainly something you want to be careful with, the interstates are wet, they will stay wet, the side roads are wet and keep the wipers on, lights on. and be careful in that heavy rain. live in west charlotte, kristen hampton, wbtv on your side. >> christine: she will let us know when accidents pop up first. breaking overnight crews have cleared the scene of a tractor-trailer crash on i-85 northbound west of the airport. happened while you were sleeping. we'll show you the scene here as we arrived. this is near the sam wilson road exit. troopers say the tractor-trailer hit a car that was pulled over on the side of the road around 12:30 this morning. the driver of the car had to be taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the truck driver is now charged with failing to maintain lane control, the crash caused lane
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but those lanes have since reopened. right now the severe weather system headed our way has already spawned tornadoes and left several people dead. >> john: kristen miranda is in the alert center watching the feeds for all the latest information and images, she does it throughout the entire show and she has more right now. >> kristen: john and christine, a ton to talk about hard to get you all the new video. but i have a few pieces to show you. let's look at some of the storm damage we have seen. look at that wind just whipping at least three people have died from these storms. several people are still missing, the storms hit all of the gulf states, talking about we have seen damage in louisiana, damage in alabama and damage in florida as well. pensacola reported tornado tossed cars around. damaged the neighborhood here, not much left in some spots. it is going to be this morning we see the truex tent of some of the damage. look at the storm as it moves
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storm spawned three water spouts on lake ponchatrain. a lot to look at, minute i get new information i'll bring it to you right away. >> john: 6:05, several south carolina school districts cancelled classes because of the threat. horry and georgetown county schools near myrtle beach are closed. several other districts will dismiss early. >> christine: closer to home, charlotte-mecklenburg schools keeping a close eye on the forecast as well in case things take a turn for the worst this morning. >> certainly we practice tornado drills in schools and so our schools are certainly prepared, should those circumstances happen once we get to school. but we have an operations team that will be monitoring that through the night. >> ann clark encourages parents to watch the forecast. to keep kids indoors until the
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get on the bus if there are downpours. north carolina governor pat mccrory says he's putting the state's urban search and rescue teams on standby in case of severe weather. the worst of it is expected more east near raleigh. but the governor wanted the entire state on alert and ready to roll wherever they are needed. you can stay on top of the threat for severe weather by downloading the wbtv mobile weather app. it is very handy for this season, the interactive radar can help you track the storms in real time. >> john: the charlotte-mecklenburg school board has approved five broad goals for student assignment. board members believe the first step toward easing public tension on the issue. mark davenport joins us now live here in charlotte with more on what happened and mark, if you would, tell us what the goals are. >> reporter: john, i will, it was a big first step last night. superintendent ann clark urged board members to move forward with this so they could start work on the student assignment
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i'll take you in the meeting last night at council chambers at the government center. the school board members approved five goals after 90 minutes of debate. these goals are going to serve as the framework, the foundation in developing the student assignment plan. here are the five goals, no. 1, provide choice and promote equitable access for all children. no. 2, maximize efficiency in the use of schools facilities for transportation to reduce overcrowding in cms schools. no. 3, reduce high concentrations of poor and high-needs children. no. 4, provide school assignment options to student in low-performing schools. preserve and expand successful schools and programs. those are the five goals that will be the face and foundation moving forward. only the first step, what they night. parents listened in and were told that this will not be going in effect any time before the 2017-2018 school year, so there is a lot of wiggle room, they
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goals and be able to talk about the plan moving forward. we'll watch it for you right here on wbtv. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: mark, thank you. a lot of people interested in that topic this morning. still plenty ahead in the 6:00 a.m. hour of wbtv news this morning. >> john: governor pat mccrory speaking out about the non-discrimination ordinance. before the break, a live look at power doppler radar, no other radar is as powerful as this radar. and here is a look at your traffic conditions and you can see wet roads out there this morning. remember, you're never more than
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wbtv news this morning. >> john: 11 after 6:00, we have several all new stories that you need to stick around for in the 6:30 half hour, at 6:31, on your side talking with the national weather service about how to keep you and your family safe in the event of a tornado warning. the fight between apple and f.b.i. continues over whether the company should unlock a terrorist's phone. at 6:42, how that case could affect a murder investigation. >> christine: governor pat mccrory is blasting charlotte's new non-discrimination ordinance calling it flat out wrong. >> everyone's privacy is at risk. people, you know, using a rest room facility or a locker room is a very private matter. and i think everyone is at risk. >> christine: the governor told our steve crump in this one-on-one interview the ordinance is an overreach by local government, mccrory says the general assembly will take
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reconvene, possibly banning towns from passing other ordinances like it. the north carolina legislature is allowed to vote to cancel local government policies. we'll see what happens. some charlotte business owners are trying to figure out how the ordinance will impact their customers. the owner of pure pizza in plaza midwood said it is not affect her business. she changed her bathroom to gender neutral. we talked with a concerned business owner who will open a gym in the next few months. he says his customers have expressed concerns. >> we've already dealt with women feeling unsafe in certain areas. i've already had a few ladies tell me they would, if it passed they wouldn't be going to a gym at the very least changing at home. >> legal experts agree it is a tough law to enforce. the city will see voluntary compliance from businesses through the community relations committee. if businesses were found violating that it could be considered a misdemeanor.
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new reports of the zika virus transmitted sexually in the united states. the cdc says it is investigating 14 cases in all and several of them involve pregnant women. there are confirmed cases of zika in 23 states including north carolina. the world health organization estimates four million people will be infected in the next year. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. the forecast the big headline as well, let's go to meteorologist al conklin. >> al: thanks a lot, christine. out there this morning we're tracking rain, nothing severe right now, we have a big area of rain most of this is light across the foothills from lenoir, morganton, taylorville, newton heading toward troutman and statesville. another batch here just south of monroe right now, that is heavy, that is the one out of lancaster, let's widen this output a tracker on this, moving northward, folks, this is going to be a big system going northward for these folks in
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a brief but very intense downpour. not a lot of lightning with this, right now still seeing we have a cluster of thunderstorms here across georgia that is robbing the inflow of moisture but i'm very concerned about lines that i'm seeing out of georgia and alabama. that is the warm sector. when we get in that this afternoon, potential that we could get severe storms around here. this is this morning at 8:00. now let's move ahead to 10:00, this is also an issue whenever you see breaks in the lines, and there is one that goes over mecklenburg county just before noon, there could be a lot of wind with that, perhaps a brief touchdown of a tornado, once we get this to move through, things should quiet down later this afternoon and evening. not before we get up to 70 in charlotte this afternoon. 6:14, check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. looking live at i-77 at lasalle heading inbound from i-85, very wet roads, you see the spray coming off the cars and trucks there. we do have a couple of accidents
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the first one at north caldwell right at 277, not on the interstate but again if north caldwell is part of your commute be predator that. john belk and brookshire running in the green. ciaa tournament in town, heavier traffic around time warner cable arena. 77, 85 running in the green this morning, 485 looking pretty good down toward lake wylie, this is highway 49 at grand pail saids grand palisades parkway. christine, over to you. >> christine: will michael skakel face a new trial? >> john: a break down of the murder mystery of martha moxley. >> today is day 2 of the ciaa attorney. we look ahead to today's games and what police are doing to
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>> john: 20 minutes after 6:00. a live look outside, we have wind blowing out there this morning. there is rain in the area, some of it is lighter than other areas, but it is going to get heavier later this afternoon. we'll check in with al? a moment for the latest on that. now over to kristen miranda who is live in the alert center with results now coming in from the nevada republican caucus. >> kristen: john, a situation that has been in a little bit of flux all night long. if you fell asleep, didn't know what happened. i'll show you the numbers here from cbs. if we can look at apple tv. donald trump certainly the decisive winner in nevada's
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his third victory in a row. no. 2 and 3 spot, marco rubio now trying to elbow out ted cruz for the no. 2 spot. these are the numbers that for a good chunk of the night too close to call. no one was saying whether rubio or cruz came in second place but looks like the last update on these numbers was before 6:00 this morning and it looks like they held strong marco rubio with 24% of the vote and ted cruz with 21%, that is how the nevada caucuses turned out yesterday, now republican attention fixed on the multitude of march 1 primaries heading in super tuesday. >> christine: for those of you planning to attend the ciaa tournament in uptown charlotte, it was declared an extraordinary event by police. that gives police expanded authorities to search people. police chief kerr putney says while there is no known intelligence regarding threats for uptown, there is a general
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>> john: the tournament tipped johnson c. smith women against elizabeth city. jordan led the way jcsu wins, they take on virginia union at 2:20. a look at other games. in the mens bracket, fayetteville state advances. lincoln won to take on -- lincoln will tall on livingstone at 8:15. a lot of. >> brody: going on. >> christine: will theya lot of basketball going on. >> al: the same elements, the same parameters yesterday are
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its a much weakened state. system moving north away from us now, we're on the edge of it. i'm not dismissing the threat of severe weather, there is potential there, but not to the extent it was a slam dunk forecast for those folks, unfortunately, we had fatal tornadoes down south. so we'll keep an eye on this, chris and i will be here through the lunch hour and beyond if need be, tracking these storms so you can see where the rain is, rain across i-40, 321, u.s. 70, 64 all wet. we jump here a little bit, this cell is weakening south of charlotte, there is charlotte but union county is getting the rain right now, put a tracker on this and show you where i think the heaviest of this rain is moving. it is moving northward now and moving in a really good clip at 50 miles per hour, the things are moving out as far as they -- as quick as they move in. again, one of the things we're watching while we haven't had so many big downpours so far this morning this is cluster of rain
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once that bypasses us then i think we get in the richer transport of moisture and i don't like what i'm seeing across georgia because this has a history of severe weather and this is about 150 miles away from the charlotte area, that line coming through atlanta now. stands to reason as it gets in the more robust, unstable atmosphere that there is a chance we could get stronger storms with that. outside of any severe weather threat, we have the flash flood watch that runs through 6:00 tonight, and also strong southerly winds with the ground being saturated wouldn't take much to bring down some of these heavier trees, we'll monitor that situation as well. here is our short term futurecast, again by 8:00, a lot of the area with heavy downpours, then we start to break out a little bit and warm up, notice how we don't have the lines, we have the individual cells that come through and that is the potential for a couple of isolated tornadoes. we'll keep an eye on that situation. right now there are no watches for that severe weather, but that is certainly subject to change. we're 52 now charlotte, but look
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all kind of warm air to the south of us and that is going to come northward. we'll go from the 50s this morning with rain, to thunderstorms mid-day approaching 70, all this should be pushing out later this afternoon. by 4:00. once we get the warm front to lift north and before the cool front comes through late this afternoon, this area, once that comes right over us, then i think we'll see these type of stronger storms to come through. on the backside of this, again, there will be snow for the mountains. on the front side, severe weather potential is greatest to the east of us, certainly not zero in the charlotte area, at least a slight chance we get in good storms here as we go through the mid-day and early afternoon hours. once this goes on through, mixed clouds and sun tomorrow, 56, windy, snow in the mountains, several inches. rest of us dry out nicely, warm up, by the weekend in the 60s by sunday and well in the 60s next week. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic is
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still showing an injury accident on north caldwell right there at 277, expect delays if you're trying to make your way over to the brookshire freeway. john belk running in the green, center city looks okay, ciaa tournament busy around time warner cable arena. live look at i-77 out toward the rest area, you can see the spray morning. really still looking at a lot of green, 485, 77, 85 looking okay, a few slow downs providence road over on wt harris and over in the lake wylie area, this is coming off up to the grand palisades parkway, injury accident on 49, expect you may find a few delays although 49 is continuing to run in the green and has for about the last five or ten minutes. that is a check of traffic, christine, over to you. >> christine: thank you, chris. confederate flag that once flew at the south carolina state house could soon be headed to a new home. >> john: after the break, where state legislators are considering moving it and other
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>> you're watching wbtv news
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we'll be right back. >> christine: next at 6:30, potential for severe weather in the charlotte area, this is a live look at power doppler radar right now, it shows a storm system already spawned several tornadoes in the southeast moving our way. >> john: no other radar is more powerful, wbtv is on your side with live team coverage, kristen miranda is in the alert center with some of the aftermath from this storm. >> christine: we have chris larson who is tracking trouble spots on the roads right now, but first, get started with meteorologist al conklin with the most accurate look at your forecast. >> al: thanks a lot, christine. at 6:30, tracking rain this morning. some of you already had big downpours, we had thunder and lightning especially east of charlotte during the early
6:30 am
now what we're looking at is simply spotty showers. no thunder, no lightning, light rain falling in center city. there is the metro school camera in the queen city. as far as temperatures go, at 52 right now, by 8:00, will rise to showers. winds south at 17-miles-per-hour, winds gusting up to 25, 30 miles per hour, most of the storms by 4:00 will have moved east. by then our temperature close to 70. the volatile time is between 8:00 and 4:00, around lunch time, give or take an hour or so is when the front is expected to move in here. that is the potential if we get frame. >> chris: download the app. >> al: we will be together at noon and have around the clock coverage. >> chris: atondo avenue between
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down, lanes blocked there. we have kristen hampton on the way to the scene, we'll bring you more when we get that in. injury accident at north caldwell right at 277, so again, expect that you might find delays if you're trying to make your way into center city on that route. oak lawn avenue, 1326 oak lawn off 77, where it crosses 77, injury accident, medic responding to the scene. taking a live look this is i-77 out near the rest area, you can certainly see the roads are wet and the spray is coming off the cars this morning. still overall, our major interstates are running in the green this morning. so we'll keep an eye on that and then out toward lake wylie, this is highway 49, at the grand palisades parkway, seeing delays with an accident out there coming across lake wylie. that is a check of the morning commute. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: chris, thanks. severe weather system has spawned tornado warnings in
6:32 am
your side what the national weather service says you should be on the look out for. all new in this half hour. the national weather service wants everyone to know it is extremely important you heed every warning when an alert is sent out. official says they will be monitoring the radar if they believe there is severe weather or get eyewitness reports from an area, they will issue a warning. for many, you will get an alert on a mobile device, if you are in the certain area, a warning has been issued for. however, technology is only in phones manufactured in 2014 or later. a reason it is so important to have a back-up. >> i would say as a rule, noaa weather radio is the best way to receive emergency weather warning. especially in the middle of the night. i would also recommend a lot of public building like schools and libraries have one, so they can get the alert and then people can take cover right away. >> if a warning is issued and you're in a house or at work, avoid windows and get to the
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building. if you're in a mobile home, get out and get to an emergency shelter. 6:33, get over to kristen miranda. >> christine: in the alert center now with more on the severe weather and other parts of the country. >> kristen: want to show you some video from the atlanta area, big problem they are having overnight and in the morning is trees down. this video shows trees down in atlanta, also seeing reports online of a personal being stuck in a house because a tree fell on a house. meteorologist al conklin came over to the alert center, i know you're so busy, they are getting hammered in atlanta with the rain causing trees to fall. >> al: that line we just were watching that came through atlanta is to the east, 150 miles away from charlotte. however, when this came through, there were wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. we had two inches of rain this week, another half to one inch of rain today it won't take very much to get the same kind of damage in charlotte. now, this morning that cluster of storms to the south of us in
6:34 am
once that goes by, this is what will come in our direction. i'm most concerned about the low moves northward, we get in the warm sector, our temperatures go from the 40s and low 50s this morning to near 70 by lunch time and that is a very unstable atmosphere potential for strong storms here. >> kristen: keep your eyes on you today. >> al: on the weather for sure. >> christine: this morning uncertainty surrounds the search for the next superintendent of charlotte-mecklenburg schools. the school board was supposed to decide on a time line for that search at last night's meeting but that didn't happen. wbtv's mark davenport live with a look at what went wrong, mark? >> reporter: christine, board members couldn't come down with the time line last night, a lot of back and forth in the meeting here at the government center, a lot of blame being tossed around from board members to other board members last night.
6:35 am
meeting talking about the superintendent for cms schools. get a look inside council chambers where it was held uptown. school board members were confused at times during the meeting, what they were trying to accomplish and get at. mary mccray went on the defensive after taking the blame for not setting a time line yet. even after the board promised a time line would be set at meeting last night, they couldn't come down with it. nothing was figured out. parents and taxpayers in the audience watching this all unfold, they are upset. >> they have a year to deal with this and it seems like what they have done tonight is just kicked the can down the road a little bit further. one week becomes one month, one month becomes six months. six months becomes another year. and we are right back with no superintendent. >> reporter: in the end, cms school board members did decide on something, they voted 7-1 to talk about this again on march 8th. they will be back in the same seats in the government center trying to figure out a time line
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we'll watch for you right here on wbtv. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: new this morning the confederate flag removed from the south carolina state house grounds last year may be moved to charleston. state legislators are considering moving the flag and another items to other museums across the state. the proposal is all about saving taxpayers money. they will analyze available museum space and costs of moving the collection. the governing board recommended spending $3 million to expand exhibit space at the current location in the state museum building. also new in this half hour, a scare for city officials in durham, data held for ransom for the second time in a week. officials say ransomware was detected in computers on friday and yesterday. it is a computer virus corrupts files and demands pay for those files to be restored. officials did not have to pay,
6:37 am
to back-up files. >> christine: looking ahead the hornets will give us a preview of the new scoreboard set to be installed at time warner cable arena. event begins in a few hours at 11:00 this morning, we'll bring you more on this story after the renderings are unveiled. a live look at the commute as well, and this is i-77 at the state line, north and southbound traffic moving just fine, but again, the roads are plenty wet out there this morning. you'll want to give yourself extra room from the car in front of you. this is a look at the stretch of 77 at the nations ford road exit, you can see volume picking up here. let's go to meteorologist al conklin. >> al: nothing severe out there right now, christine, but it is wet weather coming down and so as a result, will hamper the commute in. you see the five sweeps of power doppler radar, rain over the mountains, foothills. union county, gaston county, that warm front is trying to look northward, once it does we become unstable.
6:38 am
now, warm 70s will be coming northward, that sets the stage for pretty strong thunderstorms mid-day give or take an hour or so. n umale fishing forecast, 55 this morning. 70 for lunch time and early afternoon hours, strong thunderstorms are possible, especially from charlotte eastward. jennifer sanford of gaston county sent in a picture of her daughter morgan all smiles after she docked a blue gill. a senior at north gaston high school in dallas. she loves to fish when not playing softball or dancing. we get rid of the rain, we are knee goodin good shape. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: next on wbtv news this morning -- >> christine: if the f.b.i. gets apple to unlock a terrorist's cell phone it could affect a murder case in the state of louisiana. we'll explain how, right after the break. >> john: first, here is a look
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>> john: following breaking news north of uptown charlotte, crews on the scene of downed power lines at at atondo at north graham street. kristen hampton is there, what can you tell us? >> reporter: john, let me step out of the way and show you ex g gng on. you said this is atondo at north graham, no stoplights at this intersection right now. police, cmpd officers out here in their reflective gear directing traffic as best they can. the problem on the left side of the screen just barely is dangling traffic signal. i'm not sure right now exactly
6:43 am
getting on the scene here two or three minutes ago, but that traffic signal dangling down in the roadway, they lost power in the area here and police are in the roadway trying to make sure everybody can get where they need to t go. give you a quick reminder when i pulled up on the scene and live now, people are are moving through here very very quickly. it is rain, misty, foggy, if you see blue lights, slow down. these guys are out here working to keep this area safe. slow down. we're live in charlotte, kristen hampton, wbtv on your side. >> christine: thanks for the head's up there. in this half hour, authorities investigating a murder case in louisiana are hoping the f.b.i. wins their battle with apple. the f.b.i. ordered apple to create that back door to access the lost iphone of san bernardino terrorist syed farook.
6:44 am
precedent. baton rouge's district attorney believes it could help them catch a killer. >> the question is are you going to live in civilized society and you want justice, you have to give up some of your liberties. and this is one that i think is reasonable for you to give up. >> authorities in baton rouge hope to access the iphone of brittany mills, killed last april. they believe she knew her killer and her phone could contain vital clues. >> john: now 6:45, and we're keeping a very close eye on the weather situation for you this morning because there is potential for a lot of different things. >> kristen: the issues it caused on the road. >> al: this is mostly been light spotty rain and again no warnings for severe weather now and i'm here to tell you the situation here this afternoon is not going to be nearly as robust as it was across the deep south yesterday afternoon. louisiana, mississippi, alabama,
6:45 am
we're on the edge of this and i'll show you that in a moment. you can see where the rain is, take you in here closer, a decent downpour on i-85 between kings mountain and mount holly, up to the airport and 485, more rain to the south, clover, 321 will be wet. not much happening in charlotte. but you notice back here toward the east, we have more rain that is falling over matthews, mint hill and indian trail, heavy downpours right now, so idlewild will be wet, old charlotte highway, certainly, wesley chapel getting in the rain. providence road up toward brief road and 218. we're in the rain right now but this is spotty stuff. this big cluster has sort of prevented us from getting in the real rich moisture just yet. once that bypasses us, this is what i'm more concerned about. the thunderstorms blossoming here at 6:45 in the morning. across the upstate of georgia and in tennessee. that is the warm sector, that leading line is 150 miles away from us, so as we go through time this morning on futurecast,
6:46 am
go in the mid-day hours, notice we get holes in the clouds, we start to warm up, we'll go from the 50s to near 70 and that sets the stage for potential strong lines of storms that come through. once they do, later this afternoon, things will quiet down, partly cloudy, every where outside of the mountains. in the 30s in the high country, 50s in charlotte. 63 is the sign of what is coming our way. i'm very confident our temperatures go from the 50s near 70 toward the midday hours. blossom. it is this window of a couple hours right in here it will be very unstable as that works northward, that is the potential for severe weather here. the greatest threat in the carolinas looks to be from raleigh eastward. a slight chance in the charlotte area, foothills, piedmont, but not a zero chance. possible. once we get the storm to move out, cold air comes in the
6:47 am
starting midnight tonight and overnight and through the day tomorrow i could see two to four inches up there, schools could be canceled tomorrow because of snow. you got to be kidding me. it is very much likely. showers and storms throughout the day today, 70 degrees. cooler tonight, 40. 56 tomorrow, windy and cool, rest of us partly sunny outside the mountains, nice warming trend, friday, saturday, 50s, sunshine, 64 on sunday. 60s next week. check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, we're continuing to follow breaking news this morning up on atondo avenue at north graham, where traffic signals are are out at that busy intersection and you can see from kristen hampton's live look crews are on the scene, charlotte-mecklenburg police department in the roadway directing traffic. expect that you will see slow-downs and police directing traffic through that intersection.
6:48 am
where this happened, that is atondo avenue, the signals are out there. closer to center city, oak lawn on 77, injure require accident, 1326 oak lawn avenue in center city, north caldwell at 277, another injury accident, that has slowed traffic along north caldwell and you see the live look from 77, clanton road, roads are wet, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: 6:48 now, kristen miranda following all the latest news on social media and wires getting you news first all morning in the alert center. you got your hands on severe weather damage in louisiana, when i saw these, just wow. >> kristen: devastating pictures to look at. this is in convent, louisiana. these pictures from the baton rouge area. you can see them, this is an rv park two people were killed. we talk about this storm system
6:49 am
two of them in louisiana and they happened right here. so a reporter from our sister station back out there in the area getting pictures this morning. the real test today will be clean-up for people in louisiana, florida, alabama and several other areas. stay with us, we'll be right
6:50 am
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>> john: seven minutes before 7:00. breaking news north of uptown charlotte. >> christine: traffic alert, want to show you a live picture at atondo at north graham. police are directing traffic due to damaged traffic signals. you see the signals are out this morning. and there are definitely slick
6:53 am
it is plenty wet right there. the rain not falling down in this immediate area, but again, still plenty wet. that is expected to change through the next few hours. meteorologist al conklin live with the first alert weather. >> al: if it is not raining now, stick around a half hour, it is likely to be. because these cells are moving quickly toward the north, northeast, almost 50-miles-per-hour. nothing severe right now. i'm more concerned later this morning and through the mid-day hours. once this warm front moves northward, in the 40s and 50s now, wind up in the 60s to low 70s and before the cold front comes through late this afternoon, once we get in this, you're seeing what is going on across alabama, tennessee, georgia, stout lines of showers and strong thunderstorms, when that gets here, potential will be there for some severe weather. the greatest threat will be east of our viewing area, but i'm still concerned there is a slight chance from the foothills eastward through the i-77 corridor in the sand hills late this afternoon and this evening.
6:54 am
at least a little chance we could see a tornado or two, isolated tornado, not a zero percent chance, wind and flooding probably the greater threats today. we will keep you posted. seven day forecast, once we get beyond today, snow in the mountains tonight and tomorrow. rest of of us dry out, partly sunny tomorrow, 56, sunshine friday, saturday and sunday. check in with chris, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. again, reminder signals out at atondo at north graham, kristen hampton telling us they are in the street directing traffic, cmpd. gibbon at nevin, delays there, roads are wet, a look at john belk heading up toward bank of america stadium and we're starting to see a few slow downs on 77 coming north across 485 and certainly those delays, 77 southbound coming across the lake.
6:55 am
christine, over to you. >> christine: kristen miranda with three stories we need to watch. >> kristen: this is from the prairieville, louisiana area. this is a view from inside of a gold's gym torn apart by a storm. look at that. i saw pictures from the outside, an entire wall you can see the wall is missing. >> we have shown you pictures from an rv park in convent, louisiana, that is where two people were killed, in all, three people killed by the storms. >> damage in pensacola, florida, homes were ripped apart. today of course in those areas, it will be clean-up for us a much different story hoping we don't have anything near severe. >> holt of assessment probably going on as the sun comes up in those states. we are switching to bounce tv right now for continuing team coverage on your forecast.
6:56 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, february 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." deadly tornadoes tear through the south. powerful winds toss rvs through the air. tens of millions could still be in danger. donald trump wins the nevada caucuses in a landslide. marco rubio surges to second. he'll be with us. is your phone secretly recording you, how some apps steal your personal information and your money. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. look up. it's going to cross right in front of us.
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>> wind picked up and sounded like a bomb hitting the house, basically. deadly storms sweep through the south. >> severe weather threatening on the southeast atlantic coast to the middle east atlantic coast. >> we love nevada! thank you! >> donald trump winning the nevada caucuses and leaving rubio and cruz far behind. >> donald became president? nobody know what he would do. he doesn't know what he would do. >> sanders went after clinton over her wall street speeches. >> i'm very happy to release all of my paid speeches to wall street. here it is, chris! there ain't none! >> worry about the zika virus spreading. u.s. health officials say 14 cases may have been sexually transmitted. republicans aren't blasting the plan to close guantanamo bay. >> this is what i think of the president's plan. to send terrorists to the united states.


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