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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5AM  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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where the biggest power problems are this morning. >> christine: kristen, thank you. we learned in the last few minutes. avery county schools are closed today. could be one one of a few closings we will hear about. we will tell you about updates first. >> john: how cold is it and what about the mountains? check northbound with charlotte's most experienced morning meteorologist, al conklin. >> al: i have a rise is the first of several or all of the school districts. i can't see them operating normally. 55 mile per hour wind in downtown boone. you can see giving us this street scene from king street, right in front of the mass general store, the winds are howling, snow continues to fall and you can see it. windchill factor is at 11 degrees in boone, very cold, very windy up there. but the snow is confined to the mount mains. mountains. 32 monroe, the winds will be with us through the day, slowly
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41 seems to be a popular number from shelby, morganton, rock hill, charlotte, monroe, albermarle, salisbury and statesville, colder in boone at 29, not getting reports out of lancaster and chester, they had power outages this way. partly to mostly sunny, windy, won't be damage like yesterday but still wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour in the piedmont, 55 miles per hour in the mountains and afternoon temperature of 56 degrees. remember, you're never more than and traffic on wbtv news this here's chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic this morning is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. and we're getting going early with the morning accident here just down to the south of gilead road, that is mccoy atkin see avenue, ifat kinseyavenue, new in the last 5, 10 minutes. i-77 at west boulevard, freeways once again volume light, running clearly this morning so you see a whole lot of green out there
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485, 77, 85 look okay, providence road, independence, no problems as of yet but come in closer to center city. this is just one of many places where we saw trees down overnight, not overnight but from the storms that we saw yesterday afternoon. this is over on queens road. what a scene there. wbtv's mark davenport live this morning at henley place and queens road where a huge tree is still blocking part of the roadway this morning. mark? >> reporter: chris, yeah, this is a monster tree behind me. take a quick look at it, unreal. this tree came down yesterday. the high winds we felt all over the viewing area, check out the root ball on the tree, still laying across the southbound lanes of queens road. you can't get through here if you're heading away from the city. that root ball is tall. you can see this tree spans the entire two lanes here and they were able to cut a little bit off the right side here so they
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the city. no problem going queens road to uptown charlotte. the problem is away from uptown charlotte. we have alternate routes people can take this morning. this is a massive tree, been down since yesterday, we're expecting crews at some point this morning, those crews will be working to cut the tree up, will take a while. you see how big it is. queens road trees are huge, we'll make sure we're here when the crews get out this morning tell you first on wbtv, also watch the commute and see if we're having back-up on queens road away from the city later this morning. i will be out here all morning for you. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: a busy morning for road and utility crews this morning as they work to clean up from the storms. >> john: wbtv's ashton pellom has spent the morning following crews out there, he's live in charlotte right now, so ashton, are crews making progress? >> reporter: here's the thing, john, crews have been busy all night working to clean up this
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look like this, i'm on oak road where the tree that fell yesterday is still down in the middle of the road right now. i was out earlier and some charlotte workers came out here put up barricades. this tree completely down on this road. i'll zoom in and get in the focus you can see the wire from the power line it hit as it came down, still wrapped around the tree. you can see the barricades up down there in the background and still that power line laying across the road, this is oak road near the intersection of oakdale. take you to video when i first arrived on scene, police cruisers right there blocking the entrance, blocking this way, then crews working out here to really block the road and try to just keep people off this road until they can get crews to come out here and cut down the tree and get power restored, duke energy crews have been busy, busy this morning. they say all around the clock all over the city cleaning up damage and restoring power. this is on old potter road, you
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across the road, police blocking that road right there. they tell me one driver was coming down the road, other drivers were turning around, she went around, the drivers turned around, ran in the tree and took off the front bumper, her car had to be towed out of there. lastly, this is on treyburn drive, power line down in the road, police on scene telling me that power has been out to an apartment nearby apartment complex there and a neighborhood, not tar from where the power line came down. not far from. crews have been busy. one contractor for duke energy said some workers worked over their daily limit. some scenes are still like this, power lines, trees down, they have blocked the road off so people won't come up and down. a lot of workers will get back to it and throughout the day to restore power around charlotte. coming up in the next half hour hit, i'll show you more damage around the city and when we
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cleaned up. reporting live in charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: right now, thousands of customers in several county in our area are without power. >> christine: thousands of people, kristen miranda is tracking this up to the minute information live in the alert center. >> kristen: real time updates on the power outages, a lot to talk about when it comes to power. a couple ways to look at this. go county-by-county, gaston county, 3300 customers affected. mecklenburg county, look at that, 9015 customers affected. but look at the actual map itself. we very rarely see this. look at the dots, each red dot represents an area where people are having significant problem with power outages to give you an idea as we zoom in here, in the mint hill area, we have about 646 customers without power. in south charlotte, it is a
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power and that area, so a significant power problem this morning. as i said if you have power you're lucky, check on the folks that you know may be in some of the areas who might not have power if you know that they don't, remind them they can livestream us on or using our mobile app. we don't want them to miss out on the morning news and we can keep them updated when the power will be restored. a lot of them are saying they are still assessing the damage. >> john: eight deaths are being blamed on the outbreak of severe weather includes a man from south carolina who was killed after being hit by a falling tree branch. the death toll has risen to four in virginia after this tornado touched down near the town of waverly. one of the victims, a two-year-old boy, just take a look at the damage here. car fast lipped over. the laundromat was leveled. >> christine: breaking overnight, two people are okay after their van rolled over in west charlotte. it happened around 2:00 this morning on rozzelles ferry road near halsey street.
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injuries. charlotte-mecklenburg police are investigating but say alcohol was not a factor. >> john: learning more about charlotte city manager ron carlee's decision to step down. officials announced yesterday he has decided not to seek an extension to his contract which expires at the end of march. city council met in closed session yesterday to discuss who should be named as interim city manager. possible carlee could remain on the job longer to ensure a smooth transition. >> christine: we're just getting started for you at 5:00 a.m. president obama's push to name a new supreme court justice could result in a surprising pick. the governor who is reportedly on the short list to fill the seat left vacant by antonin scalia's death. >> john: we're going to break but before we do, a check of temperatures, 41 in charlotte. up in boone, 29, they're having wind gusts of 51 miles. it is windy, avery county schools are closed. we'll keep an eye out on other
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i-77 at west boulevard, things are moving smoothly but keep in mind there could be debris in some areas after yesterday's severe weather, keep that in mind as you head out.
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and traffic on wbt >> bringing you the latest updates live from the alert center, thanks for choosing wbtv news this morning. >> john: now 13 after 5:00, campaign 2016, president bill clinton will be in rock hill today to campaign for his wife, hillary. attend an event at 11:45 at freedom temple. he's making stops, hillary clinton will be making stops in florence, north charleston and myrtle beach today. clinton is ahead of benz by at least 20 points in most polls in
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campaigning in flint, michigan today but will be back in south carolina tomorrow, of course south carolina's democratic primary this is saturday. democrats and republicans will compete tuesday in primaries and caucus in more than a dozen states. >> christine: president obama considering a republican for the replacement of antonin scalia. considering brian sandoval as potential nominee. mitch mcconnell said republicans will not hold hearings or vote on obama's pick. some believe the president is hoping they will reconsider if he nominate as republican. sandoval is a former federal judge who supports abortion rights. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. meteorologist al conklin with an early look at first alert weather. >> al: the transition day, we're done with the rain but not done with the wind yet. i say that after having about
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week alone and only thursday morning. we are done with the rain now for a while. where do we stand? you may recall i showed you this last week, we had a deficit for the month and year. ha ha ha, all gone, no problems at all. surplus now, 1.5 for the month and half inch for the year. i don't see much rain coming for the next week or so that is good news. snow in the mountains to day, upper level low is spinning in the great lakes. rain on the front side, snow on the backside, anything that falls in the mountains likely going to be snow. the winds are still howling up there near 50 miles per hour in boone. you will have those gusts all day long. wind gusts in the piedmont in the 20s right now, we will be in the 20s to 30s through the day today. you can see it here i'll stop it at noon, gusts between 25-30 miles per hour, likely going on at 4:00, then going toward the evening the winds will die down overnight. for today, look for partly to mostly sunny skies, 42 this
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close to average. the thing is, the wind will make it feel cooler than that. the gusts, 25-30 throughout the day. looking ahead to the weekend talk about that plus the next opportunity for rain in the seven day forecast. 5:15 here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we do have an early morning accident up in huntersville, take a look this is off gilead road at mccoy. i-77 west boulevard, volume light running smoothly, most of the major highways are running in the green. seeing a few slow downs on 74 heading outbound past albermarle. as we roll out to the west just a bit, this is caldwell, williams road now closed between brookshire and old plank road. likely downed trees there. coming back in center city the john belk, brookshire, no problems but the ciaa tournament in town this week and you will
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warner cable arena and again, queens road a portion there outbound blocked off at henley place because of the big tree down where mark davenport has been giving us reports this morning. that's a check of the morning commute, guys, back over to you. >> john: thanks, chris. we want to let you know ashe county schools are now on a three-hour delay. ashe county schools on three-hour delay. >> christine: another school closure since the top of the hour, mitchell county schools are closed for today. if you're with us earlier you heard avery county schools are closed.
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would be school closure updates. watauga county schools just reporting they are closed for student, teachers, so keep that in mind if you're up in that >> john: avery, mitchell and ashe county schools are three-hour delay. get over to kristen miranda, she has details on storm damage along the east coast live in the alert center. >> kristen: we're not the only ones dealing with this. nick, come around here, i want to show video around here seconds ago. around. this is new milford, new jersey. there it is, you can see a massive tree fell on a home. let me paint the picture what happened here. a family says they were having dinner in the dining room when this 50 foot tree fell along the back of the house. in new milford, new jersey. they think the deck and awning limited damages. there is a big hole in the home.
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have a lot of clean-up ahead. the tree was planted in the late 1930s. shortly after the home was built in 1935. the homeowner saying sad to see the tree go, also sad to see the damage to the house. back to you. >> kristen: wow, yeah, thanks kristen. the new york times reports apple is working on new features that will keep anyone, including them, from hacking into a device. this comes as federal investigators are battling to force apple to provide access to a cell phone of one of the shooters in last year's attack in san bernardino, california. apple has until tomorrow to file its opposition to the f.b.i.'s court order. >> john: a new survey from research firm finds young adults aren't starting the day with cereal because guess what? they say it is too much work. >> christine: yeah, 40% of milennials surveyed said having cereal for breakfast was in convenient.
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and put away the bowl. instead younger adults are choosing items that can be eaten on the go. cereal sales dropped 5% from 2009 to 2014. >> al: where are they going, where are they in such a hurry to go? >> christine: easiest breakfast ever. >> al: what are you going in the basement, play video games? >> christine: too much work, al, they want to eat and work. >> al: let's not get the peanut butter out, that is real work! glad you're with us at 5:23 on thursday morning i hope you have a better day than yesterday. a lot of us having to deal with severe storms and damage and power outages, oh my goodness. we have this upper level low on the backside all snow across the great lakes, ohio valley in the north carolina mountains. this is going to be the weather
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mountains and wiped for all wind for all of us. you can see the snow showers continue for the high country and will be there most of the day. in fact right through tomorrow morning, 7:00, we have a winter weather advisory for wind, windchill factors down in the single digits and the snow that will continue to pile up. i've got three to five inches here, highest elevations on the tennessee line, ski resorts five inches. two to three across the population center, west jefferson, boone, blowing rock and such. meantime, partly cloudy skies, you can see that from metro school camera, times we will have tons of sunshine, other times mostly cloudy in and out sunshine. out there right now, partly cloudy, 41. there's the west wind sustained at 13. there are definitely higher gusts than that. right now gusts up in the 50 mile per hour range. not as bad as yesterday, but
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us until this evening then gradually die off during the overnight hours. our current temperature, 41 popular number morganton, shelby, hickory, salisbury, albermarle, monroe, concord and rock hill 40, lincolnton, start off near 40 this morning. partly cloudy skies, brisk, chilly out there. gusty winds, will be with us all day long this. afternoon, still gusty breeze, seasonal, temperatures 56 degrees. look for partly sunny skies. rain chances are basically done for a long time here, so if you're making plans for the weekend and beyond, we are knee good shape, in the seasonal 50s the next several days but look what happens over the course of the weekend. we shoot up and stay there next week, all the way through wednesday, i see temperatures above average, in fact by wednesday, 70 degrees and close to that even monday and tuesday. here we go, today, partly sunny, 56, windy, cool, tonight, cold, down near 30. tomorrow much less wind, 53.
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the better day of the week, both pretty this day is warmer and stay that way in next week. next opportunity for rain looking like it will be on thursday. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. chris: al, thank you, rst alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. taking a live look i-77 center city at west boulevard, no problems here, volume of traffic still light and running along smoothly. as is the case with most of the major interstates this morning. we are seeing a few delays outbound 85 as you make your way up toward belmont across the river there morning. in center city the john belk, the brookshire running in the green, ciaa tournament continues today, heavier traffic around time warner cable arena. and we do have a partial road blockage, this is 9th and myers street in front of the school, again, this is not a major commute route but looks like we have a partial road blockage. queens road, different story, trees blocking a portion of queens road as you make your way
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mark davenport has been live on the scene there this morning, he will keep us updated aces they bring outas theybring out the chain saws to clear that massive tree. >> christine: thank you, chris. >> john: new schools could be on the way in mecklenburg county. >> christine: what we are learning about cms construction plan all new at 5:30.
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be back in three >> reporter: a lot of debris and damage left from yesterday's storms here around charlotte. i'm ashton pellom, coming up in a live report at 5:30 i'll tell you when you can expect this to be cleaned up a and what you can expect for the morning commute. >> christine: could charlotte-mecklenburg schools
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the mayor who wants his town to split from cms. >> john: thank you for waking up with wbtv news this morning, it is now 5:30 i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow, good morning, on your side with school closings this morning. avery, mitchell and watauga county schools are closed today. here are the delays. ashe county schools on three-hour delay. alleghany county on two-hour delay. you can find the full list at let's go to meteorologist al conklin, al you called it you said more districts would be calling in. adding to the list. >> al: i'm surprised about the delays, they may be buying time because it is brutal in the mountains right now. 40 to 50 mile per hour gusts and snow that pours down. dangerous wind chills. this is center city charlotte from the central piedmont community college camera looking back toward the west, it is being buffeted by still gusty winds. right now the wind gusts are close to 50 in boone, 22 here in


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