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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it is a different story in the mountains. rest of us are dry, partly cloudy skies early this morning, we have dry conditions here but it is chilly, that is our metro school camera in center city charlotte. right now at 34 degrees in the queen city, colder in outlying areas. 30 in tega cay, 34 around coulwood, belmont, 34 weddington, 35 indian trail and harrisburg, 36 at arboretum, 27 boone, wind chill factor is 20. 36 concord, wadesboro, 32 charlotte and down toward monroe and lancaster. for today, lots of sunshine, below average, we get back to only 51 degrees in the queen city, let you know about a warm up down the road. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north arlotte keeping an eye on iday morning commute. we're seeing an accident here, this is on the ramp from i-85 northbound down to statesville avenue, no significant delays
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you're coming off i-85. looking at independence expressway, volume of traffic here in center city beginning to heat up just a bit. let's look at the drive times, coming up from rock hill, 21 minutes, 64 miles an hour. concord to center city, 17 minute commute, speeds there in the upper 60s and lake norman southbound at 15 minutes and 65 miles an hour. looking at the overall charlotte commute, most of our major interstates continuing to run in the green and including 485, 77 and 85. we're seeing slow downs now outbound providence road over toward wt harris, albermarle and heavier now around the arboretum area. that is a check of traffic, john, back to you. >> john: this morning a state of emergency declared in north carolina as areas recover from this week's severe weather. governor pat mccrory says the primary problem right now is the number of power outages across the state. now at the peak of the storm, more than 122,000 customers lost power. mainly in mecklenburg, gaston and forsyth counties.
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remain without power across the state including many in our area. mark davenport is looking into this, he joins us live in charlotte and mark, i know you've been looking out for crews and repairs and things going on. what have you been seeing, what is going on right now? >> reporter: john, nothing going on right now. a lot of action yesterday, crews were working really hard around the clock to make sure they got power to as many people as possible, this morning it is quiet. i was looking on the back roads in south charlotte where they have the majority of the power outages in mecklenburg county. haven't seen any crews out this morning. i'm here at mountain brook neighborhood, right in between sharonview road and carmel road, where a lot of the power outages still are in mecklenburg county, 300 power outages. show you a picture of what exactly we're looking at out here, a lot of the homes i drove by were in darkness, patches in the neighborhood without power. i spoke to a woman her power
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the afternoon. she said duke energy crews told her it would be restored here at 11:00 tonight. so if that is true the power gets restored at 11:00 tonight, that is 56 hours without power for some of the people here in south charlotte. i want to show you another picture, this is the picture of the outages across mecklenburg county. we actually have 847 customers without power right now across the county. yesterday, 24 hours ago, at this time, more than 9,000 people were without power. so the crews are working hard, working hard yesterday, haven't seen them out this morning but once we find them this morning, we'll continue to watch this and continue to figure out exactly how many people will be able to get their power back on here in the next 12 hours. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: thank you for the update. four people are dead, including the gunman, and more than a dozen others hurt after a work place shooting in kansas. >> john: kristen miranda is in the alert center following new developing details coming in.
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following since i arrived at work overnight. take a look at video from the scene here, three people killed, 14 others injured. they were shot by a man police say opened fire in the lawn mower products plant. the gunman was killed moments later by the first officer who arrived on the scene. this is gunman here, police say a law enforcement source tells cbs news the shooter is 38-year-old cedric ford. overnight we heard from police and from a man who was shot. >> the shooter was actively across his sights. >> people were just running, saying somebody was shooting and next thing you know i got hit in the leg and that is when i turned and started running. >> kristen: before getting to the plant, the gunman randomly shot at drivers, hitting a couple of them. there were four scenes in the
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atf and f.b.i. helping with the investigation. the cbs affiliate reports he had an extensive criminal record. at least five of the victims are in critical condition this morning. back to you. >> christine: keep us posted on that, kristen, thank you. campaign 2016, democratic voters in south carolina head to the polls tomorrow for the state's democratic presidential primary. they will decide between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. wbtv's ashton pellom is live in south carolina this morning, so ashton, who is the favorite according to the polls? >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine, yeah, right across the state line here in hillary clinton has pretty much a large lead on bernie sanders, according to the latest numbers. average of polls by real clear politics, hillary has 57% of support over bernie sanders 33%. now tomorrow's vote is critical for both hopefuls, this is the first primary in the south for the democrats.
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historically black colleges in orangeburg. neither have focused a lot in our area but bill clinton campaigned for his wife yesterday in rock hill. south carolina has a large population of african american voters. both candidates received key endorsement from prominent black figures with jim clyburn backing clinton and spike lee endorsing sanders. presidential primaries in south carolina are open which means you don't have to register by party to vote but if you voted in last week's republican primary, you can't vote in tomorrow's democratic primary. we'll keep you updated on all the voting tomorrow. reporting live here in south carolina, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: 6:06, the man arrested and charged in the murder of his 82 mother will appear in a mecklenburg county courtroom today. police say 58-year-old irwin feldman killed his mother, ina, in february of 2014. officers say irwin cald police that night and told them he came home to check on his mother and
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before her body was found. he remains in the mecklenburg county jail this morning on that murder charge. >> christine: a pedestrian rushed to the hospital when they charlotte. this is the scene whether we arrived on 7th street at mcdowell street last night. the man walked out in front of the bus trying to cross the street and you can see the smashed windshield. the man was taken to the hospital, he is expected to recover. >> john: also happening today, a man police say broke in the personal vehicles of 40 firefighter in our area is scheduled to appear in court. police arrested 26-year-old johnny bing yesterday in charlotte. they say he's behind break ins at more than a dozen fire departments across charlotte, cornelius, huntersville, kannapolis, china grove, greensboro and fort mill. police believe he was listening to scanners and when they were called to emergencies, he would swoop in.
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him down. >> the key piece of evidence, i can't tell you what it was, was found in york county, during one of the -- during the investigations which led us to get the ability to look at a retail store that had video surveillance and pinpointed the individual. >> a crime analyst was able to identify bing and detective say the evidence led home to to a car he uses and they located that at northlake mall, where he was taken in custody. north lake mall. apple filed the response to a court order demanding them to unlock a terrorist's phone. what they had to say right after the break. but before we go to break, a quick check of the first alert weather temperatures, 34 in charlotte, a live look at independence boulevard, traffic there moving smoothly.
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and traffic on you're planning your day with wbtv news this morning. >> john: welcome back, we have several all-new stories we hope you stick aroundor in the 6:30 half hour. today at 6:33, crime and drop out rates in north carolina schools. we have the results of a new report that shows they are both on the rise. plus u.s. lawmakers are making new accusations against takata, the company that made the defective air bags linked to several deaths. what they are saying at 6:42. >> christine: apple filed the formal objection to a court order requiring the company to help the f.b.i. hack the phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. in its filing apple says the f.b.i. is seeking a dangerous power. officials say the company would be forced to dedicate six to ten apple engineers to create new codes that apple calls the
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apple says if it creates the software, criminals, terrorists and hackers will view it as a major prize. google is expected to back apple in court by filing a friend of the court brief on apple's behalf. they are concerned this case could set precedent. >> john: new video serving as a reminder to move over. this is out of missouri. whoa, did you see that? the tractor-trailer side-swiped a trooper's car, thankfully the trooper was not hurt. the truck driver was cited in the incident. both north and south carolina have laws requiring to you move over when you see emergency officials stopped on the roads. >> christine: a long time charlotte city councilman passed away. malachi green passed away yesterday morning after a long illness. green represented district 2 in charlotte. >> john: this morning, we're
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little puppy shot by teens with a bb gun. we have been following brody's story all week long. kailey adopted the little guy and we talked with her about her old dog and how brody is bringing back her smile. >> when i lost woodrow, i just thought i lost half my heart. but now i got that other half back. >> that is so sweet. brody has some of the bb's in him but he's making a remarkable recovery. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from this morning. let's go to meteorologist al conklin. >> al: they are having their own private blizzard in the mountains. rest of us cleared out nicely. king street in boone from i noticed here a couple spots when they have the in close look we're getting snow falling up there in the boone area. incredible, snowing now for the last three days, you got the winter weather advisory runs until 7:00 this morning, very
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in boone, snow showers continue, wind chill factor is in the teens. we have gusts to 40 miles per hour. the snow will be letting off today, and by the afternoon i think you wind up seeing partly sunny skies, getting back to 34. winds sustained at 15 with gusts to 30 later this afternoon. sunshine for the rest of us, chilly this morning, 36, 47 lunch time and below average today in charlotte. so again, here's what we've got for you wind will die down today, spelling error, first mistake all year. better weekend day i'll let you know and next rain chance, we have a nice sky already out there early on this morning. you didn't see that mistake, did you chris? back to you, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we have a problem in gastonia, an accident being reported on highway 321 on the roadway there under the bridge where 85 crosses there. we have seen intermittent delays popping up on 321, nothing
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look at the charlotte commute this morning, beginning to see heavier volumes of traffic making your way in toward center city. that was a live look at independence boulevard. drive times, matthews to center hour. providence road from the a redid you,arboretum, 17 minute commute. most of the major interstates across the charlotte area are continuing to run in the green and this is an earlier accident on the ramp from i-85 to statesville avenue, that is exit 39-a. that is a check of traffic, christine, over to you. >> christine: thank you, chris. oscar backlash. >> john: spike lee will discuss the controversy and his new michael jackson documentary. he's always interesting. that is on "cbs this morning" at 7:00. >> christine: next at 6:00 here on wbtv news, the semifinals of the ciaa tournament will be held at time warner cable arena today. we have a look ahead to today's
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wbtv is always on your side, in
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good morning, it is 6:16. >> john: several school delays, avery and mitchell county schools are or a three-hour delay. alleghany, ashe and watauga are on two-hour delay. go over to kristen miranda live in the alert center with new video just coming in of a plane's emergency landing. >> kristen: this is unbelievable video. watch this landing. look at the front the nose of the plane there, what is missing? no nose gear, watch this pilot, talk about sticking the landing.
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made the emergency landing in guam. you saw the front of the plane came down very very slowly. kept that off the ground as long as possible. only three people on the flight, this is the good news, none hurt. no smoke, no fire, airport operations unaffected. that pilot bringing that plane in looking like it was effortless, probably was very stressful. back to you. >> christine: there are just under two weeks left before the yancey countya cr tournament. plumlee 13 points, duke cruises to victory 80-65 the final. they travel to pittsburgh sunday. >> john: the men and women playing in the semi semifinals in the ciaa tournament. livingstone against
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in double overtime, what a game. coming through with a big three as they win, 97-91. they advance to the semifinals. here is a look at the slate of games. women get things started at 1:00 1:00, livingstone and virginia union play at 3:00. more great basketball action that one game double overtime. >> al: that is amazing. now all the folks under town for the weekend the weather turned out to be pretty nice. >> john: chamber of commerce ordered it. >> al: they got the order in early. 6:22, show you what is going on, high pressure at the surface is building in, that will promote plenty of sunshine once we get through the morning hours, seeing a nice bright sky look
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show you that in a moment. right now, there is scott clark's nick stallings, toyota in stallings. the sunrise is 40 minutes away. a gorgeous shot from the hd tower cam, 34 degrees, clear skies, little bit of a breeze. there is a feels like temperature about 30. a windchill if you will. much much colder in the mountains, you got flurries, but wind up close to freezing this afternoon with partly sunny skies, but still a gusty wind up across the high country. outside the rest of us setons of sunshine, 47 taylorville, 48 lenoir, 51 in wilkesboro. very little chance for any snow there. 51 statesville, mooresville, charlotte, 52 gastonia, 51 shelby, lincolnton, monroe, 54 wadesboro, rockingham at 53, wall-to-wall sunshine to the south. rock hill, chester, lancaster, 50 degrees or so. speaking of the ciaa tournament,
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evening, breezes lighter, 40 degrees, overnight lows colder, everybody in the 20s, this is early tomorrow morning. if you're out this evening you will be in the 30s. highs tomorrow, lots of sunshine, in the 50s, but these numbers are still below average this time of the year. as we get past the next two afternoons, this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, we head up. there is the average line, 58 degrees now, sunday, monday, tuesday, looking very very nice here with warmer conditions, and virtually no chance of any rain until we get to the middle part of next week. if you were with me yesterday the storm system looked like thursday, next one wednesday, models have sped it up by 12 to 18 hours. between now and then, we're in good shape, heading up. 51 today, 27 for tomorrow morning, 55 in the afternoon, sunday is a great looking day because it is warmer, 65. partly sunny, monday, tuesday, approaching 70. showers and storms on wednesday. you're never more than seven
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morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. still seeing this accident listed up on highway 321 in gastonia, we're seeing delays so getting reports from viewers that this accident is on the roadway under 85, so again you're seeing delays there coming up toward i-85 from 321. live look i-77 northbound at trade street, volume of traffic here across the charlotte area, increasing the last half hour or so. rock hill now up town, 21 minutes, if you're coming in from concord, 17 minute commute and lake norman southbound at 15 minutes and 67 miles an hour. still most of our major highways are running in the green this morning, seeing a few slow downs building down to our south around the arboretum area. that is a check of the morning commute, christine, over to you. >> christine: this morning, state lawmakers exploring steps to take in response to charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance. >> john: after the break we'll tell you what the state house speaker wants to do about that ordinance.
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right back. >> christine: norovirus outbreaks at two area schools, as one of those schools in charlotte closes for the day because of it. we're on your side with the efforts to stop the spread. >> john: crime and drop-out rates on the rise in north carolina schools. all new, we have the details of a new report. >> christine: kristen miranda hard at work in the alert center getting you breaking headlines first, we'll check back in with her for another story just in. >> john: thanks for watching wbtv news this morning, it is now 6:30 i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow, happy friday. if you're just joining us, about the school delays for this friday morning, avery and mitchell county schools on
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while alleghany, ashe and watauga county schools are on a two-hour delay. let's get right to meteorologist al conklin who has a look at the forecast where you live. >> al: as often times is the case, a different situation in the mountains, a lot of wind up there, snow showers, rest of us have cleared out nicely and in fact we have a lot of early sunshine here on the hd tower cam. you can see the gorgeous shot as we look off toward the east, brighter sky already. temperatures right now, 34 in charlotte, outlying areas colder, 29 tega cay, 31 mountain island lake, 34 in indian trail, 33 for weddington, marvin and 35 up around arboretum, piper glen. 27 boone, snow flurries, 33 in rock hill, 36 concord and 35 right now for wadesboro. freezing. chilly sunshine, less wind at the bus stop, a couple kids in shorts, there always are, everybody else needs a jacket. coming home, looking good. a little on the cool side but at least chris, we get rid of the
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words you'll like the weekend forecast if you like warmer conditions. >> chris: i better this ready for the wind to stop in boone. >> al: howling and snowing for three straight days. up there. we have an accident here in gastonia we have been watching this is along highway 321, first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. so that is 321 up to i-85 and we have been seeing intermittent delays from 321 for folks trying interstate. a live look, i-77 at clanton road. volume of traffic across the charlotte area, beginning to ramp up as we head in the rush hour. still in the green for most of our major interstates, providence road looks good, independence, a few slow downs albermarle, wt harris boulevard and this is an earlier accident, this was coming off of i-85 and on to statesville avenue, still listed at 39-a on the ramp. that is a check of morning
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seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: on your side with health news now, a lot of parents interested in this story this morning, norovirus may be going around at one charlotte-mecklenburg school in particular as well as wingate university. dozens of students reported symptoms and it has forced cms officials to close the metro school today. ashton pellom is on your side with what officials are doing to keep it from spreading. >> reporter: staff at wingate university will clean bathrooms, equipment. wingate officials say several dozen student went to the health center complaining of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. the university expects test results back today to see if this is the norovirus. for metro school, no classes today for disabled children that go there. the school temporarily closed to students so it can be cleaned. as you cab imagine, parents are pretty concerned. >> to know that something this
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shut the whole school down is serious. >> reporter: there is no specific medicine to treat the norovirus, it runs the course in a couple days. if you do have it monitor the symptoms and make sure you stay hydrated. reporting at wingate university for wbtv, i'm ashton pellom. >> john: all new, crime and drop-out rates in north carolina public schools are on the rise. according to a just-released report the state's overall crime rate in schools increased 1.5% from 2013-14 to 14-15. that included a of.6% increase in crime rates at the high school level. the drop out rate increased during the same time period. the state board of education is expected to discuss the report at the next meeting on thursday. >> christine: also new this morning, the speaker of the north carolina house is looking into a special legislative session to deal with charlotte's
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according to our news partners at the charlotte observer, tim moore and other lawmakers are against the so-called bathroom provision that would allow transgender people to use the rest room of their choice, depending on the gender with which they identify. in an email to another lawickers he said the recent radical actions of the charlotte city council pose a real danger to public safety concerning the sexual identity and bathroom matters. if we do not act, the charlotte ordinance will go in effect on april 1st. the general assembly is set to reconvene on april 25th. moore expects to deal with the provision in a state-wide bill that would prevent other cities from adopting similar ordinances. it is now 6:34, let's get back to kristen miranda. >> john: a story we first reported at 4:30 this morning a carolina. what is the latest? >> kristen: brand new information from berkeley county sheriff, this was posted on the
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that happened the deputy called to a suspicious vehicle behind a closed grocery store. the deputy wearing body armor, shot multiple times, not saying where that deputy was shot or how many times. but we also have learned that the deputy, a female, has been with the sheriff's office for two-and-a-half years, one year on patrol. this information just coming in the alert center. now the investigation is centered in north charleston where the suspect is believed to be in a stand off with police. raycom news reporter aaron mabin has more. >> reporter: we're on harbor lake drive off red bank road in goose creek, south carolina, 20 minutes from downtown charleston. let me take away and step away from the scene so you can get a look at the active scene. the police tape is up, a few officers are on scene. the shooting happened in front of the townhouses right over there. while there is still a lot of woods in the goose creek area,
6:36 am
homes and apartments, goose creek high school a half block away. k 9 units have been combing the area as they try to locate the suspect who is still on the run this morning. as for the female deputy as you mentioned, we have learned she is in a near-by hospital at try trident hospital, we're trying to find out the next step. we learned she is in stable condition. still very much an active scene here. reporting from goose creek, south carolina, i'm aaron mabin raycom news network. >> kristen: this is the scene where police are right now in north charleston, becksley street where police under a stand off with the suspect in this case it is believed. if this is not resolved schools, school buses will be reroute and one school, an elementary school may obvious lockdown. back to you. >> christine: thank you, kristen. a quick look at top story is a cross the nation and around the world. >> john: as voters prepare to
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democratic presidential primary. campaign 2016 was heating up in texas for the republican presidential candidates. donald trump was the target of a lot of attacks during the debate in houston. many coming from marco rubio. this fiery exchange was one of the most tweeted moments of the night. >> the biggest thing we've got and the reason we have no lines around the state. >> that is the only part of the plan, the lines? >> you have many different plans. competition so many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> the attacks between trump and ted cruz got personal with trump calling cruz a basket case. ben carson and john kasich took part but they struggled to gain the spotlight. close to 600 delegates up for grabs in next week's super tuesday contest. >> christine: all new in this half hour a family from arizona is back home after they say they were kicked off their aregent
6:38 am
the alvarado family was on a flight, got delayed when the 7-year-old had an allergic reaction, he thinks in response to a dog on the plane. the flight attendant moved them, then kicked them off. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. it is not my fault. one of them has a dog and said they wouldn't get off the plane. so we got taken off the plane. the families he was courted off, other passengers applauded. what passengers didn't knowal val rad doe's family has terminal cane sir, cancer was on his way home from visiting family. give you a live look at the commute, 6:38, volume picking up here on the interstates, this stretch is i-77 at remount road exit.
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seeing here but just watch for more congestion if you are about to head out the door. go to meteorologist al conklin who has a look at first alert weather. >> al: a nice bright sky, sun will be up in 20 minutes in charlotte. heading east toward cape hatteras, the sun is already up, not much wave action out there, pretty quiet this morning but i'm sure that water is cold. the numale fishing forecast, lots of sunshine, we'll wind up at 51 today, little below average this time of the year but plenty of sunshine to go around. phil dee sent in a picture of his son nolan, holding a 40 pound sail fish on his first deep sea fishing trip in the gulf of mexico. excellent student in senior year at gaston day school, avid fly fisherman, big catch out of the water long enough to snap the picture and back in the drink. way to go, you're our big catch of the day today. 58 where we normally should be, but today only close to 50.
6:40 am
up going forward, and which better day of the weekend we have. i'll have all that in a couple minutes. right now, back over to you. >> christine: thank you, al. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: next on wbtv this morning -- >> christine: new details to ll you about emerging in the takata air bag recall, what u.s. lawmakers are accusing the company of doing. >> john: first, a look at what's
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20 minutes before 7:00. (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. bring you the latest updates live from the alert center thanks for choosing wbtv news this morning. >> christine: all new, u.s. lawmakers are accusing takata of faking test results to cover up
6:44 am
a report from the senate commerce science and transportation committee cites internal documents in the past 12 years. they show company officials argued that data on inflator quality and tests was manipulated to hide the problems. the national highway traffic safety administration says they could explode sending metal fragments flying. the nhtsa called it the largest recall and most complex safety recall in u.s. history. >> john: 16 minutes before 7:00. and let's talk more weather here, cold outside this morning. >> al: still getting information over the outbreak of severe week. look at this picture, ef-0 tornado from cheraw, close to cheraw, south carolina, on the edge of our viewing area. this was floating around social media from a photographer chris jackson in south carolina. impressive right there. the information they did a
6:45 am
you down there and show you what they found. ef-0 what does it mean? winds over 80 miles an hour or over 60 miles per hour up to 85. this was on the ground for almost ten minutes. seven mile stretch from patrick south of downtown cheraw. crossing u.s. 1 here. so again we were very fortunate, no injuries, no fatality, well warned for out of the columbia office. and no reports of any damage from any potential tornado around the hickory area, remember we taubed about that, chris and i were on the air quite some time. they have done their survey, not seeing anything that looked like a tornado, we saw funnel clouds earlier but we escaped it because eastern north carolina and certainly in virginia where they had many, many fatality, a lot different story. main street in belmont at quarter to 7:00, brighter sky, dry conditions, good looking day on the way. let's look at seven day forecast. first off, you'll notice we have a warming trend underway here as we go from today in the weekend.
6:46 am
looking at is plenty of sunshine, starting off chilly, down in the 30s but this afternoon, i expect we'll get to about 51 charlotte, gastonia, 47 hickory, monroe about 51 and salisbury you come in shy on that at about 49 degrees. tomorrow we bounce back up, cold in the morning but then 55 in the afternoon tomorrow on your saturday and a good deal of sunshine. only about 40 in the mountains but everybody else well in the 50s. that is still a little below average this time of the year, sunday appears to be the better day of the weekend, not that saturday isn't nice, because it will be sunny but look at the warming trend we go from saturday into sunday, monday, tuesday, well in the 60s, our next opportunity for rain doesn't come until down the road a ways. if you're making outdoor plans today, tomorrow and in monday and tuesday, i see virtually no chance of any rain, that kick in on wednesday, the models have sped up a little bit by one day, the idea we'll get showers and thunderstorms. right now, we're at 34 degrees headed for 51, plenty of
6:47 am
check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: i made a scientific discovery every time you bump the temperature up my honey-do >> al: sorry. going to be cold this weekend! >> chris: make it stop. nations ford an injury accident 8800 nations ford, that is off of arrowood. if this is part of your morning commute off 77, you may find a few delays. looking live at i-77, west boulevard, look at that traffic beginning to build here through center city. running along smoothly but the volume is heavy. we have yet to see the morning northbound, so looking good there and still a few back ups in and around the arboretum area on highway 51. that is a check of the morning commute, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this >> christine: chris, thank you. 6:47, kristen miranda been watching all the live pictures coming in our newsroom at this hour. she is in the alert center watching another picture, is
6:48 am
>> kristen: very important fifa conference, big decisions made so take a look at this live picture they are streaming online at, soccer leaders meeting today to elect a new president. now. the asianmembers passed some wide-ranging reforms would protect against corruption and curb the powers of the new president. fifa and lawyers hope the reform will show u.s. prosecutors the soccer body is serious about changing the culture. many decision making powers will be stripped from the president and the executive committee. it will be renamed the fifa council and is expected to have more female members. all this is happening as we speak right now, a story we will follow on wbtv today. back to you. >> john: after the break, we're
6:49 am
in pursuit of a uni corn. >> christine: when we switch to bounce, another weekend for college basketball, a few weeks until conference tournaments. mark packer will be live in the studio on bounce, to talk about big games including top 10 match up between unc and virginia. that and so much more from 7:00 to 9:00 on bounce tv. here is where to find bounce based on your cable provider or live stream the newscast at coming up, accusations and insults as the top three gop other in the debate. we talk with marco rubio about his own performance. plus a closer look at donations. more real news coming up on cbs
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>> christine: 6:53. stories. >> christine: a man who police say broke in the personal vehicles of 40 firefighter in our area is scheduled to appear in court. johnny bing in charlotte. they say he's behind the break ins at more than a dozen fire departments across charlotte, cornelius, huntersville, kannapolis, china grove, greensboro and fort mill. >> john: health news, a norovirus outbreak at charlotte's metro school forced officials to close the school today. the mecklenburg county health department says student and teachers exhibited symptoms of norovirus yesterday. it is not just that school, dozens at wingate university reported symptoms of the virus and they include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. several school delays due to weather today you need to know about. avery and mitchell county
6:54 am
alleghany, ashe and watauga on two-hour delay this morning. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: a little bit of cloud cover, a pretty morning this morning, clear skies now, the clouds have given way, this is downtown belmont, right in front of the city hall as you look toward the railroad tracks. a good-looking day on the way it will be cool. temperature right now, 33 charlotte, 30 albermarle, 35 salisbury, 26 with snow showers in the mountains, rest of us are dry, 37 in morganton, 31 shelby and 33 in rock hill, today, a 30s. winding up just about 50 degrees, still a little bit, in fact 8 degrees below average this time of the year, we'll make that up, tomorrow, 55 after morning low of 27. 65 on sunday, and in the upper 60s for monday and tuesday, next shot at rain comes on wednesday. afternoon. traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic
6:55 am
we have a new injury accident being shown on west sugar creek, this is just down to the south of i-85 at, merlane drive. expect you see emergency crews arriving to the scene. looking live at i-77 west boulevard, volume is pretty heavy here but no stop and go traffic moving along smoothly, most of the major highways are continuing to run in the green this morning. just before 7:00. one other injury accident to point out nations ford at huntsmore drive above arrowood. christine, over to you. >> christine: kristen miranda back with breaking details on the shooting we told you about in south carolina, a female deputy shot. >> kristen: a deputy shot, an important update, police were negotiating with the suspect in north charleston for two to three hours, they say, those negotiations suddenly ended, suspect. they were able to get in the home that the suspect was inside
6:56 am
dead in a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the situation has ended in north charleston. continuing. that female deputy in the hospital, stable but with serious gunshot wounds. >> christine: wearing her body armor when she responded to a suspicious vehicle. more updates on bounce tv, make sure you switch here in a couple minutes. we're hearing about police pursuit in california. that might surprise you. >> john: take a look at this. officers chasing this, a unicorn. at least it looks like one. >> kristen: a white pony the star of a birthday party, that is not the real horn. but got loose and dartedded on a busy road, thankfully officers caught it in an orchard, can you imagine? there is a unicorn on the loose. it was last spotted at -- >> john: we would love for you
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
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we're live captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." marco rubio and ted cruz tear into donald trump in the final debate before super tuesday. could this be a turning point? a gunman storms a kansas factory, killing coworkers. victims describe the chaos as they tried to run from the bullets. and spike lee is in studio 57. we will talk about the oscars backlash and creating change in hollywood. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. seen the guy pull up and hopped out with ak-47 and fired


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