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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  February 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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for being with us. >> lyndsay: we're saying our names now, 6:00. good morning i'm lyndsay tapases. >> kristen: good morning. >> lyndsay: could have been an actress, i wound up here. >> kristen: you could have been. >> lyndsay: that was like my dream job. when i was younger. to be an actress. >> kristen: a lot of us end up that way. >> lyndsay: close enough. >> kristen: doesn't that make you feel confident when she tells you the forecast? >> kristen: then you did the science and math. >> lyndsay: i loved, loved, loved science and math. it was a perfect marriage of two of my passions. >> kristen: that's nice. >> lyndsay: i love my job. okay, 8:00 temperature upper 20s, low 30s. now that the wind has gone calm, temperatures dipping lower than the past couple mornings. by noon around 50, give or take, 54 by 4:00, that will be our high of the day, so tomorrow
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little bit cool, it will be below average for us but will feel nice since we'll have full sun and won't be windy. nice afternoon ahead and gets better for tomorrow. got a great weekend to look forward to, more on the details coming up in a few minutes. >> kristen: in campaign 2016, south carolina democrats will have a chance to make their pick for the party's presidential nominee in an hour. polls open at 7:00 bernie sanders campaigned across the state but says quoting here "there are some states we are going to lose." for her part, hillary clinton focused her message friday on the republicans rather than sanders. arguing that the gop candidates are are offering failed economic policies. for the polls will be open through 7:00 tonight we're going to have continuing coverage of the south carolina primary throughout the day right here on wbtv, you can also get up to the minute election results on on the republican side,
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unexpected support from a former rival. chris christie endorsed the front runner, delivering a surprise and powerful boost to the billionaire. he said he is the best republican to lead the country and beat hillary clinton. we're headed in the final day of the ciaa basketball tournament, brings in roughly 150,000 people to the queen city every year, that is double the average number of fans that can fit inside bank of america stadium. alex giles has more on how police are handling the people. >> reporter: police have been patrolling the streets you can't go a block without spotting a squad car. the crowds were out in full force friday night, been a very fun, festive mood. police standing by to monitor the crowd for the most part. security tight around the epicentre, at some points guards wouldn't let members of the public in the epicentre while they cleaned up the area. dozens could be seen headed down to the nc music factory, there was a shooting on ciaa weekend
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this year we spotted the cmpd with the crimestoppers vehicles. >> it's a good thing to have security out here and keep the environment safe. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: the ciaa tournament wraps up saturday with the championship game. reporting in uptown, alex giles, wbtv on your side. >> kristen: hickory police are looking to see if jewelry thieves caught on camera are connected to a convenience store robbery. they say a tall man went in the jewelry exchange on north center street with a woman, when the clerk pulled out several rings for them, the man grabbed them and took off. they escaped in a silver four-door car. the man has long hair, tattoos on his neck, they believe the woman was wearing a wig. if you recognize either, call police. police are reviewing video from the robbery on thursday night at the fast and fresh convenience store, also in hickory to see if it is connected to the jewelry store investigation. more developments for charlotte man accused of killing his mother.
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be held without bond in his first court appearance. accused of killing his 82-year-old mother, ina, in 2014. investigators have not said if feld man will be charged with first or second degree murder. a judge appointed a capital defender and a public defender. a capital defender could represent him if it becomes a death penalty case. neighbors are questioning what started a fire at hildebran high school. it was the center of controversy with town leaders voteing to tear it down. people are suspicious. the investigation put on hold because the building is to unstable. >> i think it was a strange coincidence that it was about ready to come to a settlement, and it burned. >> a reward may be offered for any information leading to an arrest. contact the burke county sheriff's office if you know anything at all.
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administrators are suspended basketball court. they are principal luke brown taylor. sources tell wbtv the action came about after an administrators allegedly moved a suspension day for one of the students involved in the fight from friday to monday. so that the student could play in the basketball game. brown is suspended three days with pay. tailor was suspended two days without pay. the north carolina high school athletic association banned both salisbury and north rowan from fight. imagine your child being found by a stranger, walking down the interstate. that is a real life scenario for a mom in charlotte who reached out to us asking for answers. her seventh grader walked out of lincoln heights academy made it to the interstate. that is a mile. dedrick russell talked to the family and cms to find out how it could happen. >> reporter: a call this mother
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>> i was scared, i was nervous. >> here's the reason for the call. latas shark a pross had an incident. caused him to get upset, he wanted to leave school. >> i said i was going to go. they already like all right, buy. ibye. >> after the student left the school, he was found walking right there, along i-77. while walking on i-77 a stranger approached him. >> by god's grace and mercy. she found him. fear set in. >> oh my god i don't know this woman, i don't know who she is, or if my son, you know, going to be seen again. >> the story had a happy ending, the stranger reunited mother and son. while pross said the school had
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the mother admits her son has a history of leaving school, she says he's not the only one. >> i've seen students run out the school, running in the middle of the street preventing traffic from going. >> the mother believes the district should do something. >> if you know they run out of the school and you can't lock the door, manpower should cover the entrances. >> cms says if a student leaves campus without permission, protocols are in place to return the student to campus. but that didn't happen for this student. the mother says her son will not return to lincoln academy while she figures out his education, he has learned a lesson. >> next time i won't walk out of school. >> at lincoln heights academy, dedrick russell, wbtv on your side. >> kristen: it is a school for students who struggle academically and socially. the mother claims the school has not reached out to her about this happening and hired a lawyer. the chairperson of the school
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responsible for every student in their care every day. a charlotte school shut down after a possible norovirus outbreak is expected to reopen on monday. health officials say the gastrointestinal virus may be circulating at metro school. students and teachers had symptoms. if you have the symptoms, drick drink plenty of liquids. carowinds will be holding a job fair and open house later this afternoon. starts at 1:00, runs until 5:00. you can ask questions, learn more about job opportunities and apply and interview for positions on the spot. the park is looking to fill more than 4,000 positions. charlotte douglas international airport also holding a job fair today, from 10:00 until 2:00 at charlotte center on wilkinson boulevard. a wide variety of jobs available at the airport including retail, ground transportation and security. employers are looking to fill hundreds of open positions
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also to t tweetsie railroad will hold a job fair, they expect to hire 250 employees to operate the facility and entertain guests during the 2016 season, april 8th through october 30th. follow in the steps of john carter. he was an employee for tweetsie. i have never been. >> lyndsay: we should do a field trip. >> kristen: go on a monday. >> lyndsay: the season is getting ready to start. >> kristen: first nice day we'll go. >> lyndsay: can you believe it is almost march? >> kristen: yes and know. >> lyndsay: one extra day i already did my leap year explanation.
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we have a leap year and this is a leap year, an extra day monday, the 29th of february. set. >> lyndsay: either way, almost march, which is crazy, only a few days left in february and we'll go out on a little bit of a nice note. you noah they say about march, in like a lion, out like a lamb. looks like march starts out quiet. so this what is it looks like over uptown, scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, sun will be up at 6:56 this morning. 30 in the charlotte area, right now. wind is calm, dew point at 21, feels like is also 30 degrees, full ten mile visibility out there this morning. temperatures this afternoon will hold in the 50s. yesterday we hit 51 for the high, today around 54. however, since it is not going to be as windy and pretty much full sunshine today, all of those factors combining will make it feel warmer than yesterday, even though temperature-wise will only be two or three degrees warmer than yesterday.
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concerned you're going to do a lot better you've been holding around freezing the past couple days. low 40s, not quite as cold, ashe, watauga avery counties, you may have clouds giving way to sub. allsun. lows tonight to freezing, much warmer half of the weekend tomorrow. the complete forecast coming up in a few, kristen? >> kristen: you know the brain requires nutrients like your heart, lungs and muscles. up next, why eating well is good for your mental health as well as physical health. we're always on your side, this
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it is 12 minutes after 6:00. >> kristen: 6:13. >> lyndsay: is that heavy? >> kristen: heavier than i thought it would be. >> lyndsay: heavier than most of our products. >> kristen: are you excited? >> lyndsay: not really. >> kristen: you're not? >> lyndsay: i'm not a hot dog person. i like them -- i went through a phase i wouldn't eat them because of when i thought too much about what it is. >> kristen: you just can't. >> lyndsay: then i got past that and then -- anyway.
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eat one today but we have to try it and see if it works. >> lyndsay: pop up hot dog toaster. who would have thought. >> kristen: here's the deal. hot dogs like the easiest thing to make. in a pan, microwave, on the grill. boil them. >> lyndsay: throw it over the fire. literally cook it anyway. >> kristen: it is baloney and eat it raw if you wanted to. however, this toasts the hot dog bun. >> lyndsay: i don't understand how people don't like a toasted bun. >> kristen: i don't need one. >> lyndsay: up i am all about the toasted bun. >> kristen: i don't need one. this was how much, producer ashley? $20 at wal-mart. >> lyndsay: a little steep for product test. >> kristen: you think? >> lyndsay: yeah.
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the one for next week? >> lyndsay: oh, yeah, the hair dryer thing. >> kristen: you put on your head looks like you're an alien. we'll do this at 7:45 this morning. >> lyndsay: good morning. 6:15. 6:56 is the sun-up, 40 minutes or so away. sun-down at 6:16, average high for the date is 58, so for today, a little below average, and then by tomorrow we will be alittle bit above average. a tiny bit of cloud cover as the sky is starting to lighten up but won't have sun-up until 6:56. outside in the mountains mostly clear sky, despite a couple small clouds, overall the day will be generally clear for us, you've got more cloud cover if you're watching from the mountains or foothills, but even for those spots the clouds will gradually clear out through the afternoon.
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sunny for us, not just locally but across much of the southeast. we have high pressure building in from the west, that will be our weather make they are weekend, that will keep things not only clear and dry but also going to be responsible for the temperature shift that we will have. we have a northerly component to the wind on the eastern side of this high, as it slides east and shifts east in sunday, we get the return flow on the backside of that high, which brings the wind out of the south by tomorrow. with that southerly wind, that will go a long way to warm us up in the 60s by the time we are talking about sunday. so 54 today, 65 tomorrow, some the sos 10 to maybe as much as 12 degrees warmer with the south wind kicking in are for sunday and fully sunny from start to finish. both weekend days, which you will see confirmed on futurecast here, even in the mountains, it does look like the cloud cover clears out, 6:00 this evening,
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we keep things rolling in sunday here are the temperatures, 43 in boone, in the foothills in the lower 50s. taylorsville, 54 in the charlotte area, same with concord, albermarle. 54 monroe, 55 in wadesboro and in the middle 50s across our south carolina counties. now, the 60s don't last just to tomorrow, they last through the early part of the week. monday and tuesday in the mid to upper 60s, wednesday is when the next front gets in here, so along with that, we'll have rain, a few rumbles of thunder. uncertainty in the timing of this rain. one model wants to bring it in evening. another one keeps it around longer. either way it looks like wednesday is the day to focus
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maybe a few rumbles of thunder, doesn't look like we deal with severe weather and behind that front, cooler by next thursday and friday, high temperatures in the low 50s to close out next weekend, the first day of march will be on tuesday. >> kristen: all right. we're ready for it. >> lyndsay: are you? >> kristen: yeah. i'm ready for 67 degrees, will feel amazing. >> lyndsay: march is the beginning of meteorological spring. we're almost at spring. and done with winter, that is exciting. >> kristen: it is. lyndsay, thank you. eating well is good for your mental and physical health. in health report, mary maloney explains how certain foods can help boost your brainpower. that story is all new this morning. >> reporter: the bad news, as we age, our brains can become less sharp. sharp. key can improve our chances by adding smart foods to our diet like blueberries.
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effective in improving or delaying short-term memory loss. broccoli, a great source of vitamin k, it is known to enhance cognitive function and improve brainpower. fish, a protein source linked to great brain boost is fish. rich in omega 3 fatty acids for brain and heart health, two servings weekly. whole grains, a diet high in whole grains can cut the risk of cholesterol. can reduce your risk of plaque build up and enhance blood flow offering a simple way to fire up brain cells. nuts. they are good sources of vitamin e, linked in some studies to less cognitive decline as you age. and even chocolate, dark chocolate contains natural stimulants like caffeine which can enhance foods. for health minute, i'm mary maloney. >> kristen: we're on your side with consumer headlines, even
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safety seats because kids can loosen the internal harness. the recall includes transition 3 in 1 combination seats from december of 2014 through january of 2016. no injuries have been reported. hollywood's biggest stars are getting ready to walk the red carpet at the academy awards. it costs a pretty penny to get them gorgeous. $3500 a person according to wallet hub. the actual red carpet costs $30,000. the gold-plated oscar costs about $680. next at 6:30 ahead of the presidential election, political discussions taking place on social media every day.
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>> kristen: with campaign 2016 social media is playing a key role. candidates are reaching out to
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best person for the job but what about when your friends post their own political views on social media? jamie boll is on your side consulting experts to find out how to handle social media posts on politics. he's on your side with more. >> reporter: when he's not working as a furniture repairman, jeff davis likes to go on facebook to keep in touch with family and friends and occasionally he uses it as a political sounding board. >> the adage, agree to disagree that is where i fall with a lot of people. >> he admits his posts have led some people to unfriend him. >> most of them, you know, it is kind of a bittersweet thing because they are still friends as far as i'm concerned. >> the social media comments are what michael cornfield is studying. comparing how presidential candidates are mentioned in social media to how they are talked about in mainstream
6:24 am
>> i am important topic, increasingly people are getting news and opinions from facebook. >> he doesn't necessarily think social media has made people more interested in politics, but -- >> social media allows them to say more than they ever could in public. >> this increase in dialogue is bound to stir up strong emotions. professor jessica myrick researches the way various media shapes our emotional reactions. >> i think people have always been passionate about politics and now with social media, there is more outlets and more ways to express it. you can share a news story and implicitly show your opinion but you can also write a page-long rant. >> myrick suggests people think before they post and don't let's motions get the best of them. >> i think when people are posting about politics they should imagine if they ran in their social media friends in the grocery store and said the same thing in person how others would react.
6:25 am
political science students students what they post is public. >> they those things as though they would be read 20 years from joy in a job interview. >> myrick suggests using your energy in a constructive way. >> don't just try to inhibit the emotion. we're humans, see if you can turn that emotional energy in something more positive by doing research or volunteering for a political cause you believe in. >> jeff is not out to hurt anyone, and will continue to post his political views as the presidential election heats up. >> i've learned a long time ago that i'm not likely to change anybody's mind. >> that is jamie boll reporting. if you really can't stand a political's posts, one option is to unfollow that person until the election is over. this is a slightly more subtle
6:26 am
without going to the extreme of blocking or unfriending them altogether. coming up next at 6:30, a new idea for trash pick up has neighbors upset. the proposal for charlotte and how it could save tax dollars. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> kristen: 6:30 on saturday morning we're glad you're hanging out with us, i'm trying to get where i need to be. how are you? >> lyndsay: i'm doing well. how are you? >> kristen: i'm doing well. >> lyndsay: we got distracted taking pictures of the sunrise. > kristen: really pretty. >> lyndsay: 6:56, the official sun-up. hope you're having as beautiful of a start to your weekend as this sunrise is right now. sun-down at 6:16, that was poetic. >> kristen: very nice. >> lyndsay: today below average in the mid 50s, by tomorrow well above average. our weekend is beautiful all around, temperatures are going to be very different from today
6:30 am
that is going to be nice. >> kristen: that will be good. we have all sort of guests this morning. carolina fish market is coming in. look how yummy that looks. >> lyndsay: i love scallops. >> kristen: they will show us how to make seared scallops and and the shortribs. that is in a little bit. >> lyndsay: like surf and turf. not traditional but still. >> kristen: stinking delicious. warm up on a chilly day with comfort food, not chilly but cooler day. >> lyndsay: cooler than average. >> kristen: slow cooker recipes. she will make chicken and dump dumplings. >> kristen: nothing like a slow cooker. >> lyndsay: amazing. we work weird schedules, we have more time in the evening but
6:31 am
i'm sure it is a life-save r. >> kristen: you have to get a good recipe some can taste fake and gross. >> lyndsay: one you trust that it won't overcook or under cook. >> kristen: lori pratt from weight watcher is setting up with heart healthy stuff. that is the thing i always know what she brings in will be healthy but also good. healthy doesn't always taste good. >> lyndsay: no, it does not. >> kristen: she has us covered. >> lyndsay: cool. >> kristen: we'll see you in a few minutes. new search warrants show most of the guns stolen from local firefighters personal vehicles in a recent string of robberies are missing even suspect. investigators say johnny bing was listening to scanners and when firefighters were called to emergencies he would smash car windows, taking electronics and weapons. hit up 14 fire stations in north and south carolina, the charlotte fire chief says stations need to make changes.
6:32 am
cameras up and get a recorder hooked up and actually link it in to cmpd's big system because we want them to be able to see the cameras for anything they might need to. >>to. johnny bing hit with more charges, he is in jail on half a million dollars bond. the union county school board calling a special meeting monday likely to talk about the district superintendent who we learned will not face criminal charges. the sbi was investigating dr. mary ellis about a conflict of interest. the superintendent along with the assistant superintendent and director of technology formed two companies with a sales executive for leno very. lenovo. the sbi investigation cleared them of any wrongdoing and we will follow-up on the story as it develops next week, we will update you on any new information. state lawmakers could head back to raleigh early to take
6:33 am
non-discrimination order. tim moore tells our news partners at the charlotte observer that he is exploring the idea of a special session. moore says part of the ordinance which allows transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice poses a threat to public safety. the general assembly will reconvene in april just as the change to the ordinance go in effect. prepare topsy more to see more construction, an additional turn lane will be added on exit 28, the work will help combat the back-up that go back to torrence chapel road. the city posted a picture, this construction will cut off part of a crosswalk, take a look. the work is slated to start this spring but once started will only take a couple weeks to finish. proposed cuts to trashing collection in charlotte are getting a rough reception. the city is considering whether to drop trash pick up for multi-family homes. any complex with five or more units would have to use a private service.
6:34 am
property owners at a forum today. >> they want to try to move money around give people certain services take it away from other people. nothing make logical sense. charge people service, provide the service. >> city estimates it could save $3.8 million. the assistant manager is a officials are listening to concerns. >> as we had this open forum today with homeowners, townhome owners, associations, leaders, they raised valid points we at staff need to consider. >> the city could vote on changes to traffic collection a dirty problem in rowan county is getting unique solution thanks to deputies who are willing to give up some of their time off. trash on roads has been piling up and the sheriff noticed near his home so he is working on a plan that could clean up the streets and fight cancer. david whisenant on your side on
6:35 am
>> a lot of debris on both sides. >> reporter: hd thomas tries to keep his yard neat, living along this road makes it a challenge. >> a mess, keeps you busy every time you go out and come in, you see can and paper and stuff in the side ditches and everything. >> reporter: one of the other neighbors noticed it too. >> the area i live in alone, the stokesberry area, i see it every day, that area is pretty congested with traffic. and therefore, more garbage. >> reporter: several members of the sheriff's office noticed so they came up with the idea of letting deputies volunteer to collect trash on their days off. they can get sponsors who will donate money that will go to the american cancer society and relay for life. >> one thing our folks have is a lot of money but big hearts, that is what we want to show. >> response has been good but still many ask the sheriff why don't they let the inmates do it? turns out it is not as easy as
6:36 am
>> the difference in a local jail and the department of corrections is those individuals in prison sentenced most of our are pre-trial, that changes the rules. there is feeding only gays on the way we do meals, that changes it, bathrooms, and then we have to pull manpower from somewhere to manage the inmates when they work. that is why we use our special deputies who volunteer their time. >> they will start soon so money can be turned in for relay for life in may. if you're one of those neighbors -- >> it is a mess to see it on both sides of the road. >> any help is appreciated. >> that was david whisenant reporting. the sheriff says the bigger issue is changing a cultural mindset that seems okay it is okay to throw trash out a window. never okay. never. >> lyndsay: never. ever ever. >> kristen: you learn that in elementary school. >> lyndsay: that is one of my biggest problems when i see people litter makes me angry. >> kristen: a girl in front of
6:37 am
driving a car in front of me i saw her because she passed me and got in front she threw and entire bag of mcdonald's outside her window at a stoplight. i like -- >> lyndsay: were there other people around? >> kristen: i can't remember i was uber focused on the bag hitting the ground. >> lyndsay: that is not an accident. that is intentional deliberate, don't litter. >> kristen: that is our public service announcement today. >> lyndsay: so beautiful, he is special her our city. one of my favorite things about charlotte is how clean it is. you shouldn't litter around here. >> kristen: keep the queen city clean. >> lyndsay: a beautiful city, let's look at it, prettier at sunrise and sunset. there is the sun coming up over the skyline from our scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, a couple clouds not a whole lot, won't see much cloud cover at all these may end up being the only ones we see all day because the day for the most part is going to be generally clear for
6:38 am
a little bit of a cold start, many of you away from the city are in the 20s. 30 in charlotte, albermarle at 24, 27 salisbury, 26 statesville, gastonia, 30 hickory, 27 morganton, 28 in boone, lancaster, monroe, 28, 26 in rock hill. as we go forward, hour-by-hour, take you to the low to mid 40s by mid-morning, 52 at 2:00. 54 by 4:00. that will be around the high of the day. today, a smidge below average. should be in the upper 50s so, 54 will keep us a little below that. however, will be better than it was yesterday, we won't have as much wind and full sun, a comfortable 54 degrees and of course by tomorrow will be well in the 60s. little bit of cloud cover hanging on for those of you in the mountains and foothills that should clear out, as we headed for to the afternoon. a great weekend on tap t. the rest of your seven day forecast details, got more rain returning over the next week.
6:39 am
kristen? >> kristen: just ahead, capturing a baby's first moments, after birth. we'll tell you how much parents are paying to have a professional photographer with them in the delivery room. whether you might want that, i don't know.
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news saturday morning. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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>> chris: i hope you're having
6:43 am
i'm chris larson. first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. big weekend in center city as the ciaa tournament wrap-up with the finals on saturday but activities continuing through sunday morning. down to our south, south boulevard southbound lanes will be closed between atherton and ideal way until 6:00 a.m. on monday morning as another construction project gets underway. you'll take tremont to south tryon back down to remount road to get around that closure. that's a check of first alert traffic, guys, back to you. >> kristen: chris, thank you, for more traffic go to click under the traffic tap and follow our traffic team on twitter, find a link to their account on the wbtv traffic page. they are there foreign gaugements and wedding and anniversaries, professional photographers perfectly capture the most special moments of our lives. but what about the first moments? we found a shutterbug with a special calling. >> kiss him one more time.
6:44 am
phone camera won't do. or can't do. precious minutes. potential memories mom and dad may miss because let's face it, there is a lot going on when a new little one is coming in the world. billy jo rice had baby no. 2, a little boy. >> happened so fast i know it didn't, you're giving birth and not worried about anything but getting this healthy baby out in the world. >> along with her husband, alissa bray was in the hospital like many local photographers she does studio portraits of babies. >> we have several set-ups. >> there are only a few who will agree to be on call for delivery day. >> what are you taking pictures of, what moments? >> i go when mom is five cent i meters dilated. doctor putting on the gown. >> an out of body experience to see otherwise. >> dad caressing her back, trying to ease the pain. a pained look on her face, that is part of your baby's story.
6:45 am
>> in the moments you are sitting recovering from something. so dad is loving on his new baby and she will never see those if i don't take the pictures. >> she captures nearly everything. >> taking pictures of everything? >> oh, god, no. really? i don't want to see that, mama doesn't want to see that, the doctors definitely not going to let me see that. >> the photos allow parents to experience the day differently. >> i get to take all the details and give it back to them so they can see what their babies birthday is like. >> she will only take one customer per quarter to be sure she can be there when the moment comes. >> there have been times i left my son's birthday party to go and make sure i captured someone's moment. >> whether she hands over the photos. >> tears, always. >> alissa was there when her first baby was born. >> captured the most precious moments before and right after delivery, moments that we are busy living so there is no way we would have captured on camera
6:46 am
>> a priceless gift she says worth the hefty price tag. >> it costs about $1000 for the birth photos. i asked how doctors feel. go to to hear her answer. the pictures, the babies, so precious. so amazing. and it is neat. a lot of people don't want, they want their husband or sometimes they don't want him in there, but so she has to have a certain way about her in order to be there delivery room. >> lyndsay: cool how photography is so big now which i think is due in part to social media. people are having photo shoots for everything, but now we have so many more memories saved than as recently as even ten years ago when i don't feel we were taking as many pictures as we take now. a lot more memories.
6:47 am
facebook live, 7:30? >> lyndsay: sure. sounds like a plan. 7:30. >> kristen: the best plan for forecast. plan. i can tap dance, there is a lot of things -- >> kristen: that sounds like a better plan. go with that. >> lyndsay: the sunrise is fantastic, prettier for us this morning, a lot of color to the sky with a tiny bit of cloud cover. 6:56 is the official sun-up, we're ten minutes away from that. 6:16 is sun-down tonight. average high is in the upper 50s. believe it or not, in the mid 50s today, a little bit below average, before returning to the 60s by the time we are talking about tomorrow afternoon. so out there right now, we have a mostly clear sky in place, and it looks like my clicker is not working right now so let me step over -- there we go, okay, perfect, was glitchy. cloud cover in the mountains and foothills, outside of there the sky relatively clear like you
6:48 am
those of you in the mountain and foothills, does look like the clouds will clear out as we head through the afternoon. overall, a nice day ahead for the entire viewing area. we have very quiet conditions extending back pretty much as far as the shot will show us here, at least to the mid-section, lark area large area of high pressure will keep things quiet for us. we will see a shift temperature-wise, because of today being a little bit of a northerly, northwesterly component to the winds, that is why temperatures are a couple degrees below average today but as the high shifts eastward, we see our wind turn out of the south by tomorrow and that's ma what will warm us up in the 60s by the time we talk about tomorrow afternoon. a lot of us will have a good 10, 12 degree temperature jump from today to tomorrow as far as the weekend is concerned, pretty much with sun from start to finish. in the mountains, in the lower 40s. foothills will be in the low
6:49 am
taylorville, lenoir, morganton, charlotte area, will be about 54 degrees for the saturday afternoon high and we will also be in the middle 50s across the south carolina upstate, 55 cheraw, pageland, 56 toward chester. tonight, lows drop to around the freezing mark as we head in sunday, in the mid 60s, mid to upper 60s for monday and tuesday, too, still warm as we head through the early part of next week, by wednesday that is when the next front comes in, rain and storms along with that and behind it we're in the lower 50s by the time we head in thursday and friday of next week. are you ready, kristen? >> lyndsay: monday is leap day, a leap year, 2016. why do we have leap year? how many days are under a year? 365, right? wrong. it is 365.25. so we round down how many days we have in a year. well, a year is how long it takes the earth to move around
6:50 am
rounding that down, we're losing some time mere. if we didn't make up for that lost time, over time our calendar would be off. within 100 years our calendar would be off by 24 days. completely losing the time. we need to make it up because obviously if we're losing that time our calendar and the seasons would be off. so every four years we make up a day because .25 days is what we're rounding down times four equals one day we're making up every four days. february is still winter, july is still the middle of summer and if we do not have a leap year overtime, february would be the middle of summer and july would be the middle of winter. >> kristen: oh my gosh. you're really smart. >> lyndsay: now you know why february 29th is important. leap year comes in and saves the day. >> kristen: we all learned a little something.
6:51 am
29th can celebrate their birthday on their birthday. >> lyndsay: wouldn't that be cool to have a birthday only four years. you could stay super young. >> kristen: they are the best. >> lyndsay: i'm kidding. >> kristen: after the break, incorporate heart healthy foods in your diet, hi, lori, weight watchers promoting healthyeer life style, i see cookies, back
6:52 am
[laughing] honey, you gotta see this! time warner cable now makes your internet do more. honey! [laughing] honey? our ultra-fast internet with home wifi keeps your devices connected, [laughing] anywhere in your home.
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honey, have you seen this video? [laughing] discover how much more is included. get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc. time warner cable. >> kristen: we're getting heart healthy with our friend lori pratt from weight watchers how are you? >> i'm great kristen, you? >> kristen: i'm great. sometimes heart healthy doesn't mean flavorful, you have options for us this morning that change that idea. >> first of all february is heart health month and i think we do need to be aware of it
6:54 am
disease is the no. 1 killer of americans. >> people think it could be cancer or -- >> exactly. then the good thing is 80% is preventible by losing 5 to 10% of your body weight. we can establish a healthier lifestyle, that what is watch watchers incorporates. today, little changes that you can do, basically eating right, being active and repeating on a constant basis. >> kristen: when you think about losing 5 to 10 maries of% of your body weight that is norman that is more manageable. >> it could be 6-10 pounds, i think people get overwhelmed, let's break it down and focus on the basic simple steps and that is what weight watchers has done. the 2015 guidelines have come out and they are difficult to read.
6:55 am
nutritional facts it does become overwhelming. weight watchers has our smart points plan we give a smart point value to every food so you know that is going to be low in saturated fats, low in sugars. let's just take an apple. if you have your apple a day, with the skin on it that will give you more fiber. you take the salad and you have spinach, by adding fruit to it, again, it will be a little bit more fiber. this is going to fill you up, satisfaction you have to think whatever you're choosing for breakfast or lunch has to carry you on the next meal. you want to make the smart choices. in the morning, everyone goes for great oatmeal, but the packageed oatmeal little high in sugar. it doesn't take that much time to make it home-made and then to add sweetener, i did dried fruit. >> look at that. >> you know what i'm saying, little things and this doesn't take any more -- this doesn't
6:56 am
it will keep it healthier. we have to watch the sugars. you have your oils. so many people shy away from that. but that is high in unsaturated fats which we need so the avocados, nuts, all that stuff are great options. >> you have to be smart about the portion size, right? smart about the portion size and that is with everything. everything in moderation, kristen. what we did with the avocados, added black beans and again, that would be perfect snack you could use any vegetable that you want, dipping and all that stuff, a little twist again, adding the fiber, making sure that it is high in the unsaturated fats. >> i feel like black beans are your secret weapon. >> it is. we do a ton with black beans. >> which is great. it does add the fiber. >> we want whatever you choose you want to be satisfied so when we talk about smart points you think about all the good food is
6:57 am
mid-line you think about proteins, legumes, fruits vegetables all low in smart points. >> in the ten seconds left, tell me about the cookies. >> added a coconut and carrots to lower the sugar. do you see what i'm saying. a little different. of course we're not going to ask you to give up your sweet but it is a different way of looking at things so we're lowering the sugars, adding different stuff, because we want to if it good stuff in our diet. but too much sugar is too much sugar. >> there are carrot in here? really good. lori, you gave us recipe we appreciate. >> on your website. >> it will be if people want more information, go to -- >>, come in a meeting check it out. losing 5 to 10% of the body weight we can all do that.
6:58 am
6:59 am
cookies, they are really good. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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