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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530 AM  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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morning will be right back in >> christine: law enforcement officers watching the fight between apple and f.b.i., how the outcome could affect other
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>> john: good morning, thanks for waking up with wbtv news this morning here on this monday, now 5:31 i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. hope your weekend was great, get the morning started with the most accurate look at the forecast so you're prepared for the day here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: out there this morning a fairly mild start. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s, a weak frontal system this morning, you can see where the rain is. notice the rain is much more concentrated across pennsylvania, west virginia, you head down in our part of the carolinas, and it is really not much of anything. a few clouds coming across the mountain, small chance of shower there this morning, rest of us rain-free. dry right now in charlotte, scott clark nissan honda at south boulevard, looking good. clear skies and temperatures how about this, 51 right now, very little variation between the mountains and all the way down to the sand hills. within a degree or so from 50 to rock hill, monroe, kannapolis, gastonia, mount holly, boone, blowing rock, everybody around 50.
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charlotte, 70, like wise concord, mooresville, sunny skies, mostly sunny up around boone, 57. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. start with a live look here this is 277, the john belk, that is coming toward us going up toward bank of america stadium, no travel here on the southbound lanes as you make your way over toward the independence expressway. looking at our mapping system, 485 looks good. slow downs on providence road inbound, 74, wt harris, a few slow downs over there. it is a different story on central avenue where a section at 4913 is closed down because of an overnight fatal accident involving a hit and run and we also have a new accident at central avenue and north sharon amity. so again, that section of central avenue closed down with a second accident at central
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of that creating delays. if you're looking for alternates that would be norland or eastway drive or if you can make your way through that intersection at north sharon amity, that would get you to highway 74. wbtv's mark davenport has been live on the scene of this fatal accident during the overnight hours, he joins with us more on the investigation this morning. mark? >> reporter: yeah, chris, as you were talking right now, you may not have to look for alternate routes anymore. just as you were talking we have police opening up central avenue again, so all four lanes are going to be open back to traffic right now. they opened the far lane as well, so traffic is moving again here at central avenue just past sharon amity, where a fatal hit and run happened probably around 2:30 this morning when they say a man was hit and killed on central avenue behind me. they had police tape up and everything behind us, medical examiner was here, took the body 30 minutes ago. police told me in the last five minutes they have found the
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the vehicle involved in this hit and run. they have not found the driver yet. so they are processing the scene around the vehicle, that is where they are heading next since they left this scene and will see whatever evidence they can get from the vehicle can lead them to someone that they can later bring in to police headquarters and speak to about the incident that happened this morning. once we get more information we'll get it back to you as soon as we can. i'll try to find that vehicle as they are processing the scene, cmpd did tell me they are in the process of towing that vehicle back to headquarters. we'll see what we can get on central avenue, it is open again, both lanes so all four lanes here in both directions, wide open, for traffic this morning. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: thank you for that update. three men accused of firing nearly 50 shots uptown are due in court today. charlotte-mecklenburg police say howard wright, kevin thompson
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and a front door of a condo and hotel. all three were in town for the ciaa tournament. the shooting did not happen at a ciaa event, it was not a random act of violence. >> john: bill allowing school employees in south carolina to carry guns on campuses is being put on hold for now. the republican who is sponsoring the bill wants to protect the safety of children in rural schools that can't afford a certified police officers. lawmakers are not happy employees could carry guns after two weeks of training. they say more training is needed. >> christine: 5:36, get back to brody o'connell, who got details about a stabbing at a school in china and he has more. >> brody: disturbing news on cnn, ten school children stabbed, apparently the person who carried out the attack
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state-run media in china. all of the children are expected to survive, right now they are in the hospital receiving treatment. the incident took place in the far southern island of hunan. the motive is unclear at this time. john and christine, back to you. >> john: new this morning, prosecutors say the f.b.i.'s fight to have apple unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino terrorist shooters could help investigators here in north carolina. according to our news partners at the charlotte observer, law enforcement agencies across north carolina say that if the f.b.i. wins, they will seek similar help unlocking phone in their own criminal cases. the charlotte-mecklenburg police is one agency who say encrypted phones made some investigations more difficult. steph curry is one of the carolina panthers biggest fans, as we know. it looks like the feeling is mutual.
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therers in athreepointers in a game, 12, including a 32 foot shot that broke a tie in overtime! jonathan stewart posted these pictures on instagram. showing his mood after seeing curry and the warriors win. >> christine: he looks like he's ready to get on the court. >> john: he would be a good player. >> christine: quite the shot to end the game. a live look at the commute right now, 5:37, this stretch looking great here, traffic really light right now, on the interstates. of course we're watching the accident scene on central avenue for you that closed down that road. and whenever problems arise in other areas we tell you first on wbtv because you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. conklin. >> al: out there this morning, no problems at all weather-wise, tracking a frontal system that issues. there may be a shower this morning across the mountains you can see where the heaviest rain
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these are very spotty showers, on the tail end of this, overall a lot of sunshine for today. our n umale fishing forecast, 53 this morning. 66 lunch time, 70 this afternoon. john reese of mint hill sent in the big catch picture, his daughter erica, excited to catch her first blue gill fishing at her grandmother's play in upstate new york. the finger lakes region. an excellent third grade student at fairview elementary school in union county, our big catch of the day. folks, i need your big catch pictures. email them to me at if you like to day, enjoy it, we go down a little bit tomorrow and go down much more so on wednesday. but that is how march is. up and down. we'll break down the seven day forecast, looking ahead to the
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>> christqne: a film maker from texas using a drone to entertain kids in africa. look. >> john: the crowd of kids chasing the small drone in the hills in uganda. this was the first time seeing such a device. he was filming with a non-profit teaching about hygiene and health. >> christine: i'm sure they had fun. what is that in the air? >> al: hygiene and health is all great let's see the drone. >> john: that is more fun for the kids. >> al: hopefully you had a good weekend, weather-wise spectacular, 50s saturday as we thought it would be, seasonal day yesterday, bumped it up, 67 in charlotte. if you liked that you'll love today. little breezier and cloud cover
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almost total sunshine and nice warm end to the second month of the year. hey, we have some rain we're tracking but even as far north as the great lakes, this is rain. places in the dead of winter in upstate new york, this isn't snow, it is rain. pittsburgh, charleston, so again, this is all rain, however, sort of runs out of gas once it gets to north carolina on the tail end, we may get a couple showers in our mountain counties this morning, that would be it. you'll wind up being mostly sunny. here is futurecast, that looks bullish at 5:00, a few showers, the clouds give way, almost total sunshine for the mid part of the day and in the afternoon. a very pleasant evening coming up and temperatures will respond to that sunshine. out there, we're clear, this is our metro school camera in center city what you don't see there is a breeze blowing. you'll notice it the minute you head out for work or school. a warm breeze. we're 51 degrees right now. southwest wind at 10-miles-per-hour, there have been gusts up around the 20, 25
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let's look ahead to 8:00, temperatures mostly in the upper 40s to low 50s, we'll advance on this, mid 60s, we're already well above average for this time of the year but don't stop there. upper 60s near 70 in the metro area, mid to upper 60s in the foothills, well in the 50s in the mountains, a very very nice day. enjoy today, there is the frontal system, as we go in tomorrow we see a gradual increase in cloud cover, by noon, the model is suggesting we already have rain breaking out here i think that is way, way fast on this. but it is an indication that things are going to be changing again. this front comes in tomorrow night, most of the rain is going to come in during the overnight hours, i think this is a little bit fast, showers and thunderstorms for tuesday night, very very early wednesday morning. but we're suggesting now we think we will clear out by daybreak on wednesday and high pressure builds in for a day or two before another frontal systems moves in late in the work week and that could bring us another round of showers late
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boone, next couple days, not so bad today, and tomorrow but then going in wednesday and thursday, we cool back again behind the front, asheville, 60s today, then 40s, up to 50s. very typical for late winter, early spring, up and down swings, charlotte, 6 for tomorrow, 58 wednesday, 55 thursday, cooler on friday. down along the beaches, the cold air is a little tampered, tempered, not quite as robust. sun at 6:54, sets at 6:19, nice couple days coming up but changes. best opportunity for rain comes tomorrow night, we're at 6 68 degrees. 55 more clouds thursday, 52 friday, but we bounce back up, seasonal on saturday, dry and mild on sunday. 64 degrees. that is the forecast, check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. give you an update here with this accident scene that was
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central avenue allowed to reopen but we have a secondary accident at the corner of north sharon amity at central, be aware of that. let's take a live look, this is i-77 clanton road, no problems here, volume heading southbound beginning to pick up a bit. but most of our major highways are continuing to run in the green this morning, looks like we have a few slow downs inbound on 74 up toward that albermarle split. and again an accident came in 15 minutes ago, this is sunset at sunset circle, that is just down to the south of miranda and oakdale. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: we all know the basics to keeping your health thee, a healthy diet, regular exercise, have you ever considered the toxins you're using on or around your body? in the 6:30 half hour, kristen miranda is on your side breaking down what is and isn't safe. >> christine: brody o'connell live in the alert center get you
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news is happening. we're going to check in with him in the alert center right after
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>> christine: ten minutes before 6:00, welcome back. >> john: get over to brody y connell who is live in the alert center with new details on trial involving someone who worked at a nazi training camp? >> brody: this is auschwitz, one of the more famous death camps carried out there during the reign of nazi germany. the trial is getting underway for 94-year-old former ss medic, looking at 3681 counts of accessory to murder. helped the nazis carry out the death camp, putting gas in the chambers at that location.
5:51 am
attorney insists his client did nothing wrong. while at auschwitz. another interesting fact about this, the charges stem from a one month period in 1944 that involved 14 different transports of jews including anne frank and her family. john and christine, back to you. >> john: of brother of a pastor in ohio fatally shot at church yesterday will likely be arraigned today on murder charge. dayton police say 70-year-old william schooler was shot in his office at st. peter's church. his brother, 68-year-old daniel schooler, is in jail this morning. >> christine: a four-year-old girl missing in montana was found yesterday on the indian reservation a few miles where she was reportedly abducted playing in a park friday. a suspect, about 20 years old, was caught after witnesses at the park identified him. >> john: president obama will award the highest military honor
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a u.s. hostage in afghanistan. in 2012, edward myers, jr., took part in a mission to save a doctor kidnapped by the tallet taliban. another seal died in that mission. >> christine: a happy update we want to bring thank you we first told you about in the alert sen at the last week. >> john: a deputy shot eight times is sharing how she is doing. kimber gist of the berkeley county sheriff's department posted a picture "i'm alive, i fought, i made it" the man who shot her killed himself. people are putting up blue ribbons on signs, doors and mailboxes. >> christine: a lot of people were interested in her condition when that first happened last week. glad to see she is doing well and recovering. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and
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let's check in with with meteorologist al conklin. >> al: back to work and school, we have a great stretch of weather many coming up. five sweeps of power doppler radar showing maybe a small chance for shower in the mountains, the rest of us will be dry. you can see how the model has a couple showers early this morning. partly cloudy skies by 8:00, the rest of us we're enjoying sunshine throughout the day today and clear skies in the evening. it should be a very very nice one. out there right now, dry conditions, this is main street in belmont as we look down toward the railroad tracks, very dry conditions there, no issues out on the roadways. our temperatures close to 50, start off at 53, 8:00, 66 at lunch time and 70 by late this afternoon. our rain chances we have two opportunities this week, i'll let you know about them in detail the seven day planner in a couple minutes. let's check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic is sponsored this morning by toyota of north charlotte an accident at north sharon amity at central
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expect you may find a few delays there. central avenue has completely reopened now after that overnight fatal accident. looking live at i-77 on clanton road, volume of traffic beginning to increase a bit but still most of our major interstates in and around the charlotte area are continuing to run in the green. hop up to the north in salisbury this morning, where a section of jake alexander boulevard is closed down, we've been telling you about the fire in salisbury at a fast food restaurant, 601 jake alexander boulevard above 150 closed down as crews work on the fire. that is a check of the morning traffic, christine, over to you. >> christine: we're staying on top of several breaking news stories happening across the area. >> john: we'll have a report on a fully-involved fire in salisbury, plus police investigating a deadly hit and run in east charlotte. mark davenport will be joining us live with all new information. in the past hour, we learned two people were killed in that explosion in cleveland county,
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left of that home in fallston. ashton pellom will join us live with the latest information. you're watching wbtv news this morning where you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news
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wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now with breaking news. >> christine: that breaking news live in cleveland county right now, two people killed when a house is leveled by a propane tank explosion. you're looking at the live aftermath of this scene on east stagecoach trail in fallston. ashton pellom is live on the scene learning how this all went down. >> john: more breaking news out of east charlotte, police investigating a deadly hit and
5:59 am
apartments, police believe they found the vehicle involved in the hit and run. mark davenport will be joining us live with all new information. brody o'connell following morning breaking news out of the alert center. >> brody: a major fire at a burger king in salisbury, you're minutes away from new developments in the alert center. >> john: welcome to wbtv news this morning on monday, february 29th, leap day of the leap year, how about that. good to have you with us i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow, good morning. get this half hour started with the most accurate look at your forecast, charlotte's most experienced morning meteorologist to get you out the door on time, al conklin. >> al: leap back in a nice day, yesterday, 67 degrees, a few changes, breezy this morning as a weak front is crossing the area. lion's share of the rain will be north of us up in virginia, west virginia, but we have rain that may have a slight impact on the mountain counties this morning. otherwise, it looks like smooth sailing for today.
6:00 am
charlotte, again dry conditions here out the door, bit on the breezy side, mild, check this out, 51 degrees in charlotte. 50 around mountain island lake, 48 in belmont, 50 tega cay, weddington, 51 harrisburg, arboretum and ballantyne. nice day, tack on 20 where we are right now should get near 70 this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. a couple opportunities for rain this week. i will spell it out and looking ahead to the weekend, the seven day planner in a couple minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffic this morning sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we are going to start up in salisbury, brody will have more on this coming up by a section of jake alexander boulevard above highway 150 and brenner avenue is closed down this morning as firefighters work to battle that fire at that burger king. i-77 at clanton, volume of traffic in both directions


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