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tv   WBTV News 3 at Noon  CBS  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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not even five minutes later, shooting. they found eight bullet shells and -- bullet casings and bullet holes in the home. no one was shot there, though. before 11:00, police responded to pearson drive. the residents say someone fired shots into their home and no one was injured. investigators say they do not know if the cases are related. we are following this story today. police are investigating a smash and grab burglary at a rite aid in northwest charlotte. take a look, all for a pack of cigarettes. >> managers and workers at this rite aid have quite the mess to clean up after earlier this morning, police say someone smashed and grabbed a couple of items out of the store. police say around 3:30 this morning, someone used their car and backed it up upon the ramp and through a set of double doors, smashing two front doors and smashing glass all over the
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police just gave us an update and they say the suspect only got away with cigarettes and then fled the scene. police went on to say the person did get away but they are reviewing surveillance video that was caught from a camera right above the front entrance of the doors. so far, police haven't made any arrest in this case but as soon as they do, or give us any updates, we'll make sure to give you updates on air and online at >> north carolina transportation leaders spent the morning at a conference in charlotte mingling with executives from the company building the i-77 toll lanes. the transportation and infrastructure conference was sponsored by the charlotte chamber of commerce and comes just days ahead of a trip by the ncdot secretary to texas to sentra. last minute trip came after another road operated by the spanish company declared bankruptcy on wednesday. the d.o.t. secretary said he's
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doesn't expect the trip to contract. >> i need to have as much understanding as i can before we give this report to the governor and the people so that i'm not skipping over something that i should have included. >> wbtv has been pressing leaders for answers on the deal since we drove the now bankrupt road in texas last month. watch wbtv news tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. find out why the d.o.t. is just now reevaluating this contract. a man will spend seven years in prison for his role in an indian trail home invasion. 22-year-old alexander st. claire was convicted by a jury on thursday of first degree burglary and several other charges. now, in 2014, he and two teenagers entered a home with masks on and assaulted -- and had assault rifles in hand. a third teen waited outside in the car.
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the scene. the funeral for a man shot and killed by police in raleigh will be held in just under an hour from police shot 24-year-old denkins after he pulled a gun from his waist band. he was being arrested on a drug with an officer. he pulled the gun and tried to grab the officer's weapon. the officer fired several shots, killing denkins. his death sparks protests with many, including the naacp calling for justice. 61-year-old man from alexander county is charged with indecent liberties with a child. little was given a $20,000 secured bond. no other information will be released due to the sensitive nature of the case. but his first court appearance is scheduled for monday. four people arrested in myrtle beach for sex crimes against two 4-year-olds. the children told police that they were sexually assaulted by four people and forced into sexual situations.
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multiple locations for five months, including at a myrtle beach gentleman's club where one dancer. that's according to the victims. the race for the republican nomination turned a little nasty during the fox news debate. the three leading candidates went after one another personally and professionally. craig has more from the white house. >> donald trump picked up where he left off from the debate, taunting his opponents in michigan friday morning. little marco. lying ted. >> the republican event last night often evolved into a yelling match. >> you've got to do better than those. >> he referred to my hands as if they're small, something else was supposed to be small. i guarantee you, there's no problem. i guarantee it. >> cruz and rubio lodged attacks at trump. >> he's trying to con people
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money. >> is this the debate you want playing out in the general election? >> despite their jabs, cruz and chance. >> last night someone needed to land a knockout punch and it didn't even look like they came to box. >> but no matter how bad his opponents say trump will be as a nominee and president, they say they'll support him if he wins. >> if they're saying he's going to ruin the country and ruin the republican party, then they sort of stepped back from that. if they say, well, but i'll endorse him anyway -- >> friday rubio said the reason for that is simple. >> we as republicans feel that hillary clinton would be a disaster to the country. that's how bad she is. i would look at that as a reflection of how bad she is, not good how donald trump is. >> trump fairs the worst against clinton of all the republican candidates. >> friday afternoon heading into the weekend, we've got a nice looking little warmup on the way. it's going to be cool out there today with highs in the mid 50's but take a live look from the
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partly cloudy skies, but again, it's about seven degrees warmer this hour today than yesterday. climbing into the low 50s currently 52 degrees. your relative humidity in the mid 40s. 45% with a northwesterly wind. it's breezy. it's 16 miles an hour. 47 at rick ryry. power doppler is quiet here in the charlotte area. still clouds in the north carolina high country from boone down towards asheville and even a couple of snow showers lingering into the mountains but again, generally clear here in the charlotte area. for this afternoon, expect highs in the upper 50s, rock hill 57. hickory in the mid 50s at 54. only the upper 30s for the boone area. by sunday afternoon, we're talking about sunshine, temperatures climbing into the mid 60s and we're looking at the 70s in the forecast for your extended seven-day. we'll take a look at that coming up. over to you. >> i have moved into our
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they're all here answering your questions about any legal issue that you might have that you have a question on. harrison lord is here with us. 7:00 this morning. this is an opportunity for people at home to get free advice on all kinds of topics, right? >> not advice but definitely information. we give out information on all sorts of legal topics across the board. >> you're at least getting people in the right direction. it's a place to start and see if maybe their question they do attorney. >> absolutely. a lot of folks don't necessarily need a lawyer. they just need to know what the rules are so they can conduct themselves appropriately. sglot phones, since i've been in here since 7:00, have been ringing off the hook. what are people calling about? >> all sorts of stuff. we've had everything from family law issues to bankruptcy to tax issues, everything across the board. >> and this is, as i said, a place for them to start. you'll point them in the right direction, give them a phone number, place to go if they need help. >> oftentimes people do need lawyers.
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for many folks, they just need to know the rule, what they need in the first place. >> do they need to have any documentation, anything when they do call, or just a good question? >> i think either is fine. i think the documentation is often helpful. sometimes our lawyers do have questions. they want to know a little more information if that's handy, it's certainly easier. >> about the 15 seconds we have left, it's a benefit for you guys, too, isn't it? >> absolutely. we love doing it. it's one of my favorite parts of practicing law. >> get back on the phones, young man. they'll be here until 7:00 tonight so if you do need some information on some sort of legal issue, this would be the place to calm. we'll keep running the number at
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we'll be right back. >> this just in. a 17-year-old from porter ridge high school faces felony charges after posting threats to instagram. justin parker cassidy's threats
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students this week prompting an investigation by the sheriff's office. after questioning, cassidy admitted to making the threats. but claimed it was a hoax. cassidy was arrested yesterday, relegalsed on ed oned on ed oned on -- released on a $5,000 bond. several other threats were found in a bathroom and deputies identified both of the juveniles responsible for that. they will face felony charges. we'll continue to follow that story. google stepping in to help the spread of zika virus. they're donating $1 million and help scientists determine where it will hit next by analyzing large sets of data. zika is mainly spread through me skoet -- mosquitos and is an epidemic in latin america. regular use of aspirin can prevent cancer. that's according to researchers at massachusetts general
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long-term studies. and how about this? coffee may be a little bit better for you than you think. a new study shows large amounts have possible health benefits. researchers in sweden and the u.s. found drinking as many as six cups of coffee a day reduced the risk of multiple sclerosis. they say coffee has anti-inflammatory properties that could explain the link. no need to make an appointment necessarily at apple's genius bar if you need help with your math bobbing or iphone. apple has set up a customer support account on twitter @ apple support can answer your questions directly and also offer tips and tricks about apple products making the whole process maybe just a little easier. a movie merger in the works. amc looking to buy kacarmike. amc was bought by a chinese company in 2012. the deal, though, still must
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let's take a live look outside from our hd tower cam. really pretty day and the there. our meteorologist is watching the forecast and look at the rest of the day, the weekend and your next seven days. and next at noon, the official cause of bobbi kristina brown's death has been released. we're bringing you the very latest when wbtv news at noon returns.
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in your community. >> new at noon, we now know that official cause of bobbi kristina brown's death. a medical examiner says her face being immersed in water along with drug intoxication led to her death last year. officials in atlanta released a statement this morning as they prepare to release the full autopsy report. the 22-year-old daughter of singers whitney houston and bobby brown was found face down in a bathtub in her town home in january of 2015 and she died in hospice care july 26. final arguments are being made in the trial of erin andrews. she's suing the marriott in ten teb for $75 million for giving her room number to a stalker who filmed while she was naked. jessie palmer says that andrews travelled with extra security
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not feel comfortable being in a hotel room alone. the other witness was a hotel agent at the front desk. mexican drug lord el chapo is having a hard time in prison. such a hard time that he wants states now. el chapo's attorney says that he's chronically sleep sdprooifdeprived and getting ill. he wants to be moved to the u.s. that's only if he's held in a medium security prison and not in isolation. mexico has already been working to extradite el chapo. last year he broke out of a mexican high security prison before he was recaptured at the beginning of this year. coal ash violations have been issued against duke energy. they allowed waste water to leak from coal ash basins at 12 facilities, including the allen
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the violation notice requires duke energy to take corrective action. they have 30 days to provide the actions and data. they may issue more violations if they find that water quality standards are not being met. right now governor is visiting the united sewing machine company in conover. it is the company's 30th anniversary celebration so the governor came into town for that. 12:17. our meteorologist joins us to talk about the weekend forecast. >> we have a warming trend underway as we head into the weekend. one chance for small showers late tomorrow night and then temperatures in the 60s, climbing next week into the 70s so i think you'll like the seven-day forecast. for today partly cloudy and cool and we have a bit of a stiff northwesterly breeze with us. that's a live look from our hd tower cam. not completely sunny but we've seen breaks in the cloud cover giving us peeks of sunshine this afternoon.
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in charlotte. a little thicker in the hickory area this afternoon, mostly cloudy, and along the appalachian crest with that northwesterly flow and you've continued to see light scattered snow showers up into the high country this afternoon. that is the system that brought us the snow overnight into the north carolina mountains and a few very light rain showers here in the charlotte area, now sliding up into the northeast. so you can see our camera bouncing around a little bit in the wind this afternoon. we've got north-northwesterlies up to 16 miles an hour. degrees. there's around 55, 56 late this afternoon, relative humidity right now at 45%. charlotte area neighborhoods in the generally upper 40s and low 50s. 52 in valentine, 51 indian trail. hickory 47. 56 in boone.
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our rain chances are pretty low, but we do have a little system that will slide into the mountains late tomorrow evening and bring us a small chance for rain showers in the charlotte area tomorrow night into sunday morning. then we're dry sunday, monday and tuesday with another small chance for a few sprinkles coming up wednesday and thursday as our temperatures continue to warm. morning. this is 5:00 a.m., clear skies and a cool morning start here across the charlotte area and clearing out up into the high country. now as we roll into saturday afternoon, here is that quick hitting little system. this is 9:00 p.m. saturday night. rain and snow showers in the high country, only snow showers in the very highest elevations and that slides across the charlotte area saturday night into sunday morning. and this is the lunch hour on sunday afternoon. we're back to generally sunny skies. so if you're heading up to the high country, 49 saturday in boone, up to 53 on sunday. 58 monday and into the low 60s monday afternoon for asheville.
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63 sunday, up to 66 on monday afternoon with a mainly sunny sky and if you're heading to charleston, 67 on saturday, 68 sunday, up to 71 monday and we'll jump in the mid 60s in the wilmington area for monday afternoon. seven-day forecast shapes up for a warming trend early next week. 60 degrees saturday with partly cloudy skies. that small chance for a shower late saturday night, 66 coming up on monday. as we go into tuesday and wednesday, our temperatures continue to climb just a bit with 50 degrees for an overnight low coming up on wednesday. 73 in the afternoon both wednesday and thursday. that is a check of your first alert forecast. over to you. >> thank you. tim is here. hello, how are you, my friend? >> i'm doing well. >> good. fork is the restaurant and popcorn is what we're using today >> we have spices on there. >> i was paying attention to chris but also trying to figure out what's on the popcorn that you have here. it's like this here. go ahead and show them.
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>> it's got a little cayenne pepper, a little cumin, coriander and allspice and clove. >> i think it was the allspice i that was good. it's good. >> there's a sweetness to it. >> what are you making now that we talked about the popcorn? >> portabello mushrooms. there's a lot of farms now cultivating mushrooms for sale. >> all kinds, right? >> all different kinds. you have to be careful where you buy them as a restaurant. we need to make sure they're certified by the health department. a lot of farmers do it but they're not really watched. this is a farm that cultivates them. >> what did you do with them? had them in the pan. >> put them in the pan, a little balsamic. there's a gill on the inside. take that out and save it, make a stock or something with it. we put balsamic, olive oil, salt
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the oven. when they get soft, then we cut them on the bias so you get the different color change. >> and people always talk about portabellos having a beefy flavor and the way you have them makes it look like that as well. >> a lot of vegetarians, you know, you see a burger or some sort. this is jerusalem artichoke and arugula. >> that's what that looks like? >> that's whathat looks like. i thought it was ginger. >> it's the same sort of thing sunflower. >> does it taste like an >> yeah. a little bit. that's what they say. it can have that a stringent taste of an artichoke. >> i see. >> and a little bit like a water chestnut. >> and the 20 seconds we have left, how is the popcorn working? >> we just get nice spicy on there. if you want it spicier, we put
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>> what is the vinaigrette? >> just cider vinaigrette. >> is this on the menu at fork? >> sometimes. >> that means not today probably but sometimes. >> we're doing great. getting ready to open the porch if it's 74 next week. >> thanks for the super fun popcorn and the delicious meal. we'll be right back. at the original mattress factory, we simplify the mattress shopping experience. by building mattresses and box springs in our own local factories,
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>> sunny and warming into the weekend.
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look at that, 70s next week. >> porch will be open at fork for sure. that portabello mushroom delicious. so good. thanks for being here. we appreciate you. >> always a pleasure. >> look how cute that looks even though we picked it apart. we'll be back here first at 4:00
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see you later.tt0w!tx#hi!!%4@-*! tt0w!tx#hi!!el@- &l tt0w!tx#hi!!ed@-&$( tt0w!tx#hi%!)8h-fzt tt0w!tx#hi%!kzh-[5( tt0w!tx#hi%!n-h-.\$ tt0w!tx#hi%!0ph-0;< tt0w!tx#hi%!s"h- i\ tt0w!tx#hi%!ueh-#+, tt0w!tx#hi%!7hh-?)x >> nick: how do they know dad faked his condition to avoid going to jail? >> sage: well, that's the least of it, don't you think? i mean, considering all the things victor did to get him arrested. >> nick: it's bad news all the way around. >> sage: well, i just hope all this stuff isn't scaring away our baby mama. >> nick: [ sighs ] shawn? >> sage: hey, shawn. are you all right? >> shawn: yeah. um, i just got terrible cravings, so everything's not okay if you're a jelly doughnut. >> sage: [ laughs ] well, sit in my chair. i'll get you one. >> shawn: that's okay. i called in an order to go. i've got a thing i have to get to. >> sage: oh, like -- like a meeting? >> shawn: i have an ultrasound. you guys want to sit in? >> sage: yeah. we'd -- we'd love to sit in. >> shawn: cool. at the hospital. half an hour.


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