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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> we stand by our students. i think the situation is blown out of proportion and we are the vikings. >> you want to teach your kids the right thing to do and hopefully the right things happen, but as you can see, not just this school, but many schools, it's a growing concern. >> reporter: the police have not decided if they will seek charges. at least 10 other students are also being investigated. >> typically in circumstances like these, we like to use this moment as a teaching and educational moment and, therefore, we'll look at division nair techniques and methods to address correctional behaviors. >> reporter: that message may already be getting through. >> i think you have to be careful pretty much what you do, no matter where it is, convenient if you're in a locker room or something. >> reporter: so once again, friday night football game with gloucester is off and as far as the varsity football program goes, that is on hold. the superintendent calls all of
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this a black eye for the sports program. live at winthrop high, jim smith, wbz news. paula? >> thank you. breaking nuance the missing cargo ship that sailed into hurricane joaquin. the coast guard will suspend its search for the ship and its crew at sunset. the rescue crewed searched for nearly a week in treacherous conditions sending helicopters and ships to the storm wreck bad ha mas. the coast guard says its decision was in the made lightly. they risked their own lives share as personal connection of the lives at sea. >> i want the family to really know how committed we were to finding their loved ones, to finding our fellow professional mariners and really to find those who go down to the sea in ships and do work upon great waters. >> seven new englanders, including the mass maritime graduates, were among the 33 crew members. the search will continue for the voyage voice recorder, which is similar to black boxes on airplanes.
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and we have some new video in now on the breaking news we have been following. this is a tractor-trailer that collided with a car. this was at the entrance to the mass pike at exit 18 in alston near the tolls there. the driver of the bmw got wedged underneath. the truck actually got lifted up several feet by the suv. this caused tie-ups on the pike for a while no word if anyone was hurt here. tonight reliving a horrific crime a young teacher killed inside a high school. now a group of men and women will have to decide if one of her students guilty of her murder. what happened inside danvers high school nearly two years ago stunned the north shore. get germano is in salem where jury selection began today. beth? >> reporter: paula, the facts in this case are horrific in what is certain to be a very emotional trial. today four pages were released with the names of potential witnesses. among those who could be called to the stand, colleen rester's parents and students and today
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the defense gave a hint of its strategy. >> do you want to say anything? >> reporter: diana chisholm tries to shield herself from reporters as she left the courthouse following the first day of jury selection, in the son philip. he was a high school freshman two years ago when he was charged with the murder and sexual assault of his popular colleen rizzser. authorities say her throat was slit, her body dragged in the woods in a recycling bin behind the high school. chisholm allegedly left a note saying i hate you all. now the defense is hinting it will focus on the teen's mental state do you plan on using the insanity defense? >> i have no comment. i really can't make a comment during jury selection. >> reporter: but the defense attorneys have revealed plans to call a psychiatric expert and today the judge instructed jurors about criminal responsibility. they'll have to determine if philip chisholm is a cold- blooded kill other arrest confused teenager.
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will not allow chisel hom -- chisholm's alleged confession. he reportedly told police it was trigger that prompted the killing saying, quote, after she insulted me. insulted me.(.ecl) that's when i became the teacher. he is being tried as an adult but his attorneys are asking the judge not to photograph him in court because of his age. and the judge has not yet ruled on that defense request. now, half of the jurors questioned today were excused, so the jury selection could go into next week. reporting live from outside salem superior court, i'm beth germano, wbz news. david? >> thank you. charges have been dropped tonight against a chatham police officer who ran over a college student. garrett gag nee was lying in the middle of the road early new year's day when he was run over by an officer. the officer was responding to an alarm call at the time. the prosecutors dropped the charges because the test results showed that he was drunk and under the influence of drugs. tonight a nanny is being
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charged with stealing almost $300,000 from her employers. the federal prosecutors say that stephanie fox forged 65 checks over two and a half years. they believe she spent 2 money to buy a diamond necklace, luxury watches, trips to the bahamas, aruina and hawaii as well. and what a mess in manchester, new hampshire a water main broke on a road near the airport there, and the ramps to 293 north had to be shut down and now there is a huge sink hole object the road, brown avenue. sky eye was over the damage earlier. the city officials say this will take at least 24 hours to fix. and well, talk about a gorgeous day here, aside from the risk of showers at the end of the week, we're looking at a really nice stretch of sun and warmth, perfect for fall fun, which is why we sent our chief meteorologist eric fisher out for a little fall fun in the mobile accuweather lab out in lexington at one of our favorite spots. hi, ache! >> reporter: hi, there. good evening, everybody.
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trip, right? here at wilson farm. agriculture. it means you buy into a share, produce. i haven't seen a wide spread frost yet so far this season. hopefully that can continue. let's actually take a look at the forecast a few changes as we head through the next 24 hours. now, today, the warmest day we have had until october so far, boston finally topping 70 degrees after a long stretch of 50s and 60s. we look at current temperatures, we're just starting to fall back a little bit. it is going to be another chilly evening. there is cooler air off to our north and west. and so tomorrow not quite as warm as what we had out there this afternoon. in fact, it will be nearly 10 degrees coolerment and tonight another one of those chilly fall evenings. we have been on repeats here a cold night warming up by day. mostly in the low to mid 40s. as we head toward columbus day weekend, a few showers before we get there, however, by saturday morning, we're drying out and it looks like a great stretch for sad, sunday and monday. we'll show you a little bit more about what you can
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defensive you're planning a weekend trip at wilson farm coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. amtrak is getting back on track. the train line will resume service tomorrow for the first time since monday's derailment when two cars slid down an embankment as the train got hit by rocks. seven people were hurt, not seriously. the vermonter runs between st. al bans and washington, d.c. the attorney general here in massachusetts says she is concerned about the allegations of insider trading on fainted sports web sites draft kings and fan duel. in an interview with "the globe" she revealed that draft kings actually reached out to her office when the report first came out. in the meantime, the state treasure wants the state lottery to launch its own fantasy sports betting web site. goldberg says fantasy sports attracts younger players. the lottery, she says attract as little older. of course, the lawmakers would have to approve this. landmark on the boston arts scene, the huntington theatre
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sup for sale. boston university and the huntington theatre company announced today that b.u. will put the theatre and the two buildings next to it up for sale and the new owner will have to promise to allow the theatre company to stay until at least june of 2017. the company hopes to reach a new deal with the buyers or find a new home, and it seems as though the whole arts scene in boston is kind of shifting over. the colonial theatre, and after next week it will probably be dark. switch aradiohere. always great. >> and coming up on wbz news, upside down billboards popping up on the highways. we tracked down an answer. one of the nfl's most controversial players talking about tom brady and his wife. responding. and a story of the mighty mights whose move goss beyond the line of scrimmage. ahead, you'll meet the football team whose surprise dance
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routine has now gone viral. >> it is all part of our team to do the dance.
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what is up with the upside down billboards along the mass pike and southeast expressway? you maybe heard people talking about anytime the office, perhaps people writing about it on twitter. >> and you see at first, that is an awfully big mistake. bill shields gets to the bottom of it. >> reporter: okay. so what is going on with this billboard? >> that is not ours. it is a car company. >> reporter: is this a monumental mistake or what? >> it totally has to be a mistake. no way you can drive and try and translate at the same time without drive ing into a barricade. >> actually it could be a cutting edge ad campaign for
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three of these upside down billboards around boston. and jeff cronin makes signs for a living. his opinion? >> it take as little while to get the gist of it or someone really skewed up. >> reporter: okay. if you don't have time to slow down and figure it out. here you go. drive prime as in prime motor cars. but is it an effective advertising tool? >> it is probably a ploy to get people to pay attention to it. >> i'm calling for a refund. >> you make a mistake? >> yes. regardless of your opinion about the sign, prime motor group is getting the attention of the main stream media you know whoa they say, any attention is good attention. in brighton, i'm bill shields, wbz news. and the owners of brim do confirm the billboards were put upside down on purpose. it is part of their new marketing campaign. pretty effective. >> good marketing. the last miff it and a half! >> absolutely.
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and look at the billboard or anything, cars, absolutely stunning out there. >> and wilson farms.(.ecl) that's where we find eric fisher tonight out in lexington with the mobile accuweather lab. hey, eric. everybody. great weather yet again. much needed rain and after that we're right back to where we here. we fueled up the mobile weather lab and went out to the farm and great stuff. great produce. the whole growing season has been a successful one. as we're getting ready for columbus day weekend, get ready for a hay maze. you have seen the corn mazes. they have been working on this and our photographer t.-mack actually took a little trip through this earlier today. i want to show you an adventure if you're taking the kids out, making weekend plans. have a different take on the corn maze thing. auto very cool area. they have the produce if you're doing cooking in the house. they have the kreider doughnutting and you can have the kids just taking an adventure walking around.
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going on one of these trips, it looks like the cooperative conditions are going to keep on going as we head toward the holiday weekend so we did get t.-mack back out, by the way. here is a look at what is going on in boston. the warmest day the month of october so far. the first day in the 70s in a while. the warm afternoon sun under the blue skies. the record high is 90s set in 1963. the latest 90 on record is october 12th. it can still get plenty hot this time of the year, but we have certainly switched into cooling, crisp mode. running 4.2 degrees below average. and today not by too much so september, the third warmest on record. we hit october and we jumped right into mid autumn. the low temperatures tonight, look it has been recently. low to mid 40s a couple of towns maybe dip ing into the upper 30s and 50 in downtown boston. it will be another chilly morning out the door for your day on thursday and the high temperature also stay cooler tomorrow. the cold front is passing through. that is going to knock nearly 10 degrees off of our high
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it is mainly the lower 60s. but plenty of sunshine. changes for friday a more potent cold front moves in. it has more moisture to work with. so scattered showers are likely. a lot more cloud cover. this isn't a major all-day rain event. it is a downpour. we couldn't rule out a quick clap of thunder or lightning and it is going to be moving offshore. so one day with the wet weather and the weekend is shaping up nicely. if you're doing a little bit of leaf peeping, columbus day traditionally, green mountains and it is late this year. it is also great color in the berkshires if you're heading west along the pike. elevation to the west. here is your full accuweather showers. the highs in the 50s on saturday. we could see the wide spread frost as we make our way into saturday night and moderating by columbus day, we're back into the 70s. back out here live, a little doughnut cam for you. if you're thinking fall, how
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can you not, how can you not have a kreider doughnut -- side ere doughnut -- doughnut in the fall? it was six-pack. i promise we'll be bringing some of these back at you tonight. we'll see you at 10:00. >> they do have more there that you can go and bring back for us, eric. i like the doughnut cam. >> i am going to out eric. i pass by the weather office where in the weather office they'll have all of the things they bring back from the farm and it never makes its way out to the news room. you know it, eric! >> he is not commenting. >> yeah, exactly! >> our director says she doesn't see some of those when you return! >> love the sights of that. >> that's right. and -- >> is that true? he doesn't bring the doughnuts to you insert. >> we make sure it makes it over to the sports department. >> what is going on tonight? >> this should make you feel better. dallas is one of eight teams that tom brady has an undefeated record against and they plan to keep it that way when they take on the cowboys this weekend in dallas. braidsy, by the way s3-0. and
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dallas may come with a lot of hoopla, but 2 pate -- the patriots are focused on strictly winning. >> reporter: getting ready for dallas and bulletin board material has been thrown and greg hardy has some personal remarks regarding tom brady. he took the high road in typical 12 fashion. >> we will have to be ready for all of the different types of moves he's got. they have a good d-line anyway. and count on getting pressure from the front fur and getting to the quarterback. i don't really care about his personal feelings. >> reporter: solid. now pats' biggest test could actually be up front in stopping the cowboys' running game. >> they obviously are very good offensive line, play well together, and we just have to do our jobbened execute, stopping the run first. >> they're big, physical, run well and, you know, they play well together. >> reporter: on sunday tom brady is going to make his 100th consecutive start. in fact, this is the second time he has done this.
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he had 100-plus starts and then he had the knee injury and now he is approaching that plateau once again. it say as ton for his durability. >> i think that is something that i have always taken a lot of pride nand so trying to be out there and be a consistent, defendable play -- dependable player and being kind to those guys what my job is >> reporter: tom brady looking to make his 100th start a good one where the patriots, wbz sports. >> all right. thank you very much! be sure to catch patriots' all 5:00 tess friday night at 7:00 on wbz. i go one-on-one with rob. >> and you definitely can't overlook a team like dallas, especially they play well at home. their fans are very energetic and they're going to make it tough on our offense. and it starts sunday with "patriots' game day" at 11:30. the pats and the cowboys will kick off at 4:25 here on wbz. followed by the fifth quarter post-game show on my tv 38. and the colts on thursday night
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the kick-off is at 8:25 here on this station, wbz. major league baseball playoffs opened up last night in the bronx. the yankees hosting the astros in the a.l. wild card game and, sorry, yankee fans, they are one and done in the post-season. colby rasmus went deep as the astros win it and move on to face the royals in the alds. and the n.l. wild card game takes place tonight as the cubs face the pirates in pittsburgh. that is sports for now. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. come up next, usually you score a touchdown and then do an end zone dance, but a dance party breaks out during a football game. the player whose stole the spotlight with their surprise
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i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options. aging happens. we make it easier. breaking the huddle and busting a move a group of young football players can't resist the urge to dance. they run a couple of plays during last friday's milford
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high varsity game. >> and then the song "watch me whip" came over the speakers and the kids wanted to whip. they eventually ran a few plays, but some of the kids took frequent dance breaks. by dancing the whip, the mighty mights wanted to the send an important message to the crowd. >> it is how we roll. we need to teach everybody what we do. >> i love the whip song. it is like my favorite song ever. >> pretty funny because everybody started doing it. >> we just like do it to do it. >> and you heard him. that's how they roll! >> do you know what they say ? great coaching because those kids are having a great time. >> and i thought it was like a trick play, you do the dance and then they're not looking. >> the stat you of liberty play but they're really dancing. >> we're going to head to break and we'll be back with more right after this. actually i wanted to give you update you quickly on breaking news. this is out in oxford now from sky eye, the view, of what has turned into a pretty large fire.
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we're getting new information as it comes in. it appears to be a mill building. a lot more coming back in a
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we have breaking news right now in oxford. take a look. sky eye is over what appears to be a large fire burning on old webster road. and this was the home of patriot environmental, a company that specializes in cleaning hazardous material and asbestos sites. so obviously a potentially very dangerous fire here for firefighters who are getting water from a local pond to try to fight this fire, but you can imagine the fumes there if there are hazardous materials and how many companies that have to be called in to try to knock this down. >> and you can also tell just how close the other buildings are do this building, just on the topside of the screen there, you can see there is another building that is just right there. the firefighters on that side
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of the building trying to hit it with water. of course, they don't want this to spread and you made that interesting point this was a company that cleaned up hazardous waste which leads you to believe at least there is the possibility there are storage tanks there that could be hazardous so this is something that we're going to be watching very closely. >> so out in worcester county, which oxford is not that far there from worcester a lot of old buildings. a lot of mill buildings and huge industrial sites like. this we will stay on top of this fire and bring you more throughout the evening on >> we thank you for watching. >> we'll see you back here for the wbz news at 11:00.
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