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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 4, 2015 3:07am-4:00am EST

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gop debate. >> it turns out they can't hand albunch of cnbc moderators. >> trump writes, i'm a business man with a brand to sell. when is the last time you saw a
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climbing the fourth best pete a izza
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. now to the book of revelations about americans and religion. there's interesting findings in a report today from pier research. but the number of americans who say they're absolutely certain god exists has fallen from 71% to 63. >> reporter: in north hollywood california, alex mckale says she fulfills her spiritual needs at a yoga studio. >> most of my friends and when most, i mean all except for my
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boyfriend, don't go to church anymore. >> reporter: in fact, only 28% of her age group go to services weekly. but not necessarily saying there's not something out there. >> absolutely not. it's more like i hear so many people who are like i believe there's a god, just not a hell. >> reporter: there has also been a decline in the number of americans who claim be to affil affiliated to religion. but the survey notes that among those who do identify with a religion, the number of religious observance has remained the same. the number who say they pray every day has risen from 65% to 66%. >> there's something that
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and is something that we respond to and we respond to it through religious or spiritual practices and i don't think that that will ever go away. >> reporter: while organized religion may be declining, spirituality is on the rise. the study shows 6 in 10 adults say they regularly feel an inner sense of peace and well being and that's up seven points from seven years ago. the iraqi politician that persuaded the u.s. to over throw saddam hussein died of a heart attack. after the u.s. invasion, he tried but failed to become arack's prime minister and later had a falling out with the pentagon. he was 71. iraq today is a fractured nation. much of the north is controlled by isis, and here is a town
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where people fear their way of life is disappearing. >> reporter: abdul ronny and her children found shelter here after islamic militants over ran mosul. she was forced to make a stark decision, convert to islam or face execution and now she says she doesn't trust any muslims. they recruit kids like mine to behead people. how could i like those peopleal. like thousands of others, she fled to this village where the entire population is christian. the site is also home to the saint monstrae, its origins dating back to the 7th century. it's one of the oldest symbols of christianity in this region.
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and as isis has forced people out, it's becoming onef the last. for the thousands of christian refugees, it's not just isis, known as dash, that keeps them from going back. this father says people were shocked by the betrayal of muslim neighbors they've known forgenerations. >> they were supporting dash and we know dash will go away from iraq but the mentality of dash will remain at mosul. >> reporter: he told us that even if isis is one day defeated, she'll never go back. for christians, she said, iraq is gone. none of this bodes well for the plan to drive isis out of mosul and in the hope of putting the second largest city back together again, especially since it's been under isis control for
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and several countries are about to study the jet liner that went down in egypt. and two heat flashes were found. there was no sign of a missile launch, meaning it's unlikely the plane was shot down. investigators also zeroing in on the cause of a jet liner fire last week in fort lauder dael. a preliminary report says a fuel line became disconnected, burst into flames as it was about to take off from venezuela. 22 people were hurt. a former ceo's golden parachute saves his life. and a warning about a health
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an alarm is being raised tonight about a potential danger to your pet. a sweetner could kill a dog. here's chip reed. >> come here. >> reporter: sam curesand jordan
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pellet recently adopted gunner. he's helped fill the hole in their hearts created wh 2-year-old luna died in april after getting into chewing gum. she started vomiting and they rushed her to the vet but it was too late. >> her kidney tests weren't good. they were shutting down and we didn't have any other choice but to put her down. >> reporter: xylotil is safe for humans but can be cause seizures in dogs. the number of products is on the rise and so are the calls to the aspca's animal poison control center. more than 3700 last year. some animal well fare groups are
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products with xylotil. >> you just have to be really careful because they're hungly the time. i know my dogs are and always looking for a treat, so you have to really watch them. >> reporter: sam and jordan go one step further. >> with a lot of things like candy, gum, peanut butter, we check them all and if they have xylotol in them, we don't buy them. >> reporter: if it has it in it, either get rid of it, or put it way up in a top cabinet, far out of the reach of these guys. >> great dogs. protesters disrupt monday night football.
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most nfl teams will not let you bring a water bottle into their stadium. but somehow activists managed to get sophisticated gear into the panthers. colts game last night. >> reporter: for thousands of fans in bank of america stadium and millions more watching on tv, the question was how did activists repel from the upper deck in the peaceful protest. the nfl proposed new security guide lines that limited fans to only bring clear bags like these into games. and they do pat downs as fans enter relationship.
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something with 70,000 people, this many eye balls on what we're doing. >> reporter: but 35-year-old madrid says she just walked in with the gear. >> i went in just like anybody else would with very little on my person. i had a clear bag, just like anybody else would. >> and you got searched. sfwlrks the incident hads many security experts questioning the nfl stadium security procedures. >> i couldn't imagine how one gear on. sdwlrks the head of bank of america america's security says they're looking into how it made the past security. >> a security deficiency was recognized through a peaceful protest that occurred as posed to a more violent incident that may have happened.
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>> reporter: four protesters were arrested and face several charges, including tress passing. it was raining in last night's game and fans couldn't even bring in their umbrellas. for an ex-walmart ceo, a parachute was worth its weight in gold. he popped an emergency parachute and made the plane make a slow landing after clipping a pick up. simon, two others on board and the pick up driver were treated for minor injuries. scott kelly has circled the
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no american has spent as kelly. his current mission has him year. sfwlrks scott kelly has been 250 miles up in space for nearly eight months and has another four to go. >> i'm in this inclosed environment. i can't leave. you don't have the freedom to walk out your frend frupt door. ont door. >> reporter: 19 years an astronaut and he took his first walk in space last week.
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wouldn't believe it but it was kind of that top two kind of fun. it's fun bh it's over. >> so, you don't like space walking, you like having space walked. >> yeah, i guess i could say that. it's pretty challenging and a pretty risky environment out there. it's not that we kind of fun that you have on a roller coaster or something like that. >> reporter: when you had been looking at sunrise and sunsets from inside the space station, is there any difference from when you're observing a sunrise or supset when you're space walking? sglirts incredible the distance. i thought the view is pretty amazing out here, how could it be much more amazing? but when you're looking through one pane of glass, it is just a
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completely different level of color and brilliance that you see of the earth than we see here looking out the windows. >> reporter: while we debate the value of future space space exploration, one thing is for sure, the views are priceless. cbc news, new york. and that's the overnight news for this wednesday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us a little later for the morning news and join nora and gale and me from the broadcast center in new york city.
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this is the cbs overnight news. welcome to the overnight news. kansas city was glowing royal bluetop it blue. it seems the entire town showed out to celebrate their world series champs. hundreds of thousands joined the team for a parade in town town. they captured the first in 30 years and only the second in history. in football, fans of the carolina panthers have reason to
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they're 7-0 sitting atop the nbc south but their victory was over shadowed broi what y what was going on in the stands. two climbers spent to game dangling over the seats. >> there are a couple of fans propelling there. sfwlrks two protesters dangled over fans at the carolina panthers bank of america. and they called on bank of america to cut tied with dominion. and the protesters continue to dangal well into the fourth quarter. they say the pair refuds kmants
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the scene in the skands quickly over shadowed the play on the peeled. protesters smuggled a banner and repelling gear into a panthers game, yet most people can't get in with a bottle of water. >> the team is investigating the incident. we reached out to the nfl for comment, but have yet to hear back. no injuries reported. at the vatican, a story of deception and intrigue that could be ripped out of the pages of the davinci keyed. two members set up to go over shady fine angle and all this as parent investigative books are about to hit store shoves. >> the center of the contravrsh oversy is the first of two pookz
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available this week. the other says quote this is a true battle between new g and evil. the book is titled merchants in the temple where he says the pope's men are lined up on one side and aon the other, his enemies. that change was started shortly after pope francis was elected. he set up a special commission to examine the vatican's finances and they found numerous shortcomings and areas where there was no accounting for how it was spent. >> the procedures for beautification and caninization, a marketplace in which millions of dollars change hands.
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two fold, first, calling them fruit of the pope's betrayed trust. and they are accused of leaking information, including actual recourtedings of the pope at private meetings. >> the fact that these arrests have come so close to the release of the backs, sort of indicates that we should see france e is in line with people in the church. >> though our other allegations weren't earth shaking, this was one of the main reasons pope benedict resigned. $400,000 sent in by churches to help the porand instead went
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they're offering a an $11,000 reward for information on a gunman that killed a 9-year-old boy. he had been shot in the head. it is not clier if he was a target or an innocent bistandard. cbs news has been asking for suggestions in our series, voices against violence. we have two views tonight. i'm larry pratt, director of gun owners of america, where we have advocated that the problem of mass murder in this country is the gun free zone. we have a federal law that says schools must be gun free zones unless a staet goes te goes through an enormous amount of trouble. our violent crime rate has been
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owning guns but not in arm free zone. when there's a bad guy with a gun, he stopped when a good guy with a gun se is around. and until we insist on disarming good guys, we're giving the advantage to bad guys. and there's a measure that would treat your concealed carry license. it's going to be good anywhere in the country. >> i'm an kwoen-year-old innovator 23ru78 boulder, colorado and i spent the last three years of my life developing a smart gun that only works for the owner. >> it works by identifying the user's fingerprint before the able to travel.
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and start to play it wt it doesn't turn into a life altering accident. living in boulder, colorado, the theater where that shooting occurred is only 45 minutes away from my house and something that deeply impacted, not only me but the colorado community as a whole. the smart gun technology that i've developed is very secure. the fingerprints are encrypted using military grade technology. the next step is to take technology and move the to an ank actual metal l al live firearms. i learned that every 30 minutes on average in the u.s. a child died or is injured by firearm. a technology like this a can
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with easy-off, so the only thing they see is that beautiful bird. go ahead. let 'em judge. various forms of the so-called smart gun have been around for years but you won't find them in the stores. >> reporter: in the 2012 movie "skyfall" q givers james bond a smart phone only he can activate. later, when the bad guy gets ahold of it. >> good luck with that. >> reporter: firearms that recognize only their owner aren't just the stuff of movies.
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developing a touch pad scanner that recognizes finger prints like an iphone. add it to an existing gun and it's a smart gun. so, it's recognizing you. >> it's recognizing me. now pull the trigger. >> i can't even pull the trigger. >> that's the point. other inventors are working on gunds that recognize the squeeze of your grip or unlock wirelessly if the shooter wears a watch or ring. the gunman owned the firearms in the mass shootings but smart gun advocate said say they could counter this aller to rr grim reality. chiltdn are shot and killed by
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smart gungds could curtail the number of suicides and cut downen the resale of stolen guns. what good is a gun no one but the owner can fire? >> and they would help on duty coupes. there was a struggle. and yet, with at least a half dozen smart phones in mas it development, no major u.s. gun company is making them and no edealer is willing to sell them? >> why? consider what happened to one maryland gun dealer who tried. last year, andy raymond, co owner of ingauge arment announced he would say the ip 1
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a smart pistol made in germany. >> people who aren't normally into guns. i'm too afraid or whatever. >> reporter: did you an tisination reaction you got? >> no. sfwlrks within minutes of his announcement angry emails and calls started coming. it was just in one day. one person threatened to burn down the shop. another threatened i would be raped. the crazeies did come out the work work. he sayed in his store to guide it and poetsed this video on facebook. >> so, anyway, obviously, i received numerous death threats today. that's a great tling for gun rights.
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against them was viral, though he wented by they would oppose a sale of any gun. >> how can the nra where people want prohibited guns and we're supposed to say that any gun is good in the right person's hands. how can they say it should be prohibited? >> if you believe thin in the second amendment, then you should be able to buy whatever you want. sfwlrks what handy didn't realize is there's a long beleaguered history to these devices. smith and wessen promised the clinton white house smart guns as a way to fend off liability. the gun lobby organized a
3:41 am
saying smart guns as far of the gun control agenda. employees were laid off and after that, no big u.s. gun maker ever went near a smart gun. >> there's a lot of skepticism and a lot of resistance. >> president of the gun lobby and trade group represents gunman, dealers and businesses. does yourinization say see this as gun control? >> people with gunds are not the people saying, pleesz develop it. it's from people who want to put as many obstacles to a gun going off as they can. >> why are dealers that want to sell eit, why are they being intameidated not to. if you don't do want it, don't buy it. >> it's totally up to the market
3:42 am
place. that's the point. people don't understand the passion that firearms owners have for the firearms thae they own. >> it has been kwul fuelled by the nra who says it could open up a uth other guns. in 2022, new jersey's governor signed a bill known as the mandate. >> once a gun like this is offered for sale anywhere, that's the only kind that can be sold. >> fair rr sold in wyoming or california, this triggers this law that everybody in north korea new jersey has to have. the new jersey state senator didn't foresee its consequences. we passed that bill to help spur
3:43 am
backfired because it spurred a passionate objection to the gun. because of the intervention of the nra. >> they say the reason they've intervened is the mandate. >> it's the people who threatened folks who actually wanted to sell such a gun. >> reporter: andy raymond came to realize even if he had sold it in mayoral knd, it math have traigered the mandate, banning the sale of regular handguns in new jersey. >> i did apologize. i'm sorry. i'm sorry to this day. >> did you actually sell any of the guns? >> no. >> anch after his case came to her attention, and she has yet
3:44 am
>> they seem to oppose almost anything. we've gotten very little cooperation back. >> if the law were completely repealed, do you think the gun lobby would then let this go forward? >> no. >> why are you trying to take my firearm that i've never had problems with it it and add something to it that's going to make it more prone to failure. >> what about this argument that we have airbags, seatbelts. why not make a safe gun mandatory mandatory? >> they are safe. >> he says athd high tech to sgunz may make them less safe. for example, the batteries that operate the smart gunds. >> so, the people who are working on this tell us that the batteries will have a 10-year life.
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>> what about the 11th year? >> you change the patry. >> if you remember. if the gun is stored inside a cabinet or box you might not see the warning.
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we're here in a tesla store where the newest feature available makes this a car that can almost drive itself. once in the driver's seat, you choose settings on the big screen and then turn on autopilot but that brings up this big warning that tells you exactly when and how to use autopilot safely but rits arwarn it's a warning many drivers have been ignoring. the evidence is in youtube video suggesting autopile ot is a good way to get a thrill ride while pushing technology to its limits. when austin mier posted a video of himself driving while reading
3:49 am
admission that he was on a private road but he realizes others may not be so careful. >> it feels a little like the wild west because tesla is releasing an autopilot before it's bullet proof but to me it's wonderful. >> colby brooklyn is tesla's director of communications. should you have taken more measures to tell people what they should not do when they switch this on? >> we've been very clier ear with our customers. and we trust them to be responsible. you should keep your hands on the wheel but you're paying attention to the road, your hand is right by the steering wheel. that's what is most important. sfwlrks >> reporter: get too close and
3:50 am
it will brake. >> by marketing a system that does some but not all of the driving, tesla could be setting itself up for liability, first, if the vehicle malfunctions and second, if the driver of the vehicle misuses or abuses the system. somebody is going to get in an accident. will tesla be liable for that? >> if there's unfortunately an accident, the driver is in control of the car. >> reporter: right now, tesla is the closest thing to a self driving car that a consumer can drive. why do it now instead of waiting until regulations are fully in place? >> we're pushing that technology forward and showing the world what is possible. >> reporter: after going down a freeway at 65 with no hands, i can certainly understand the
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temptation to push this a little too far. adding autopilot to a tesla costs $2500. it may be hands free but certainly not a free ride. >> the cb when the engines failed on the plane i was flying, to save my passengers. but when my father sank into depression, i didn't know how to help him. he left our family devastated. don't let this happen to you. is suicidal, prevention lifeline.
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