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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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ews right now. at noon, the danvers teen accused of murdering his math teacher now accusing to enter the courtroom. we h of terrorism. russia vows to respond after saying a bomb brought down a plane over egypt. >> and changes to acdc. -- changes to [ indiscernible ] >> nearly three decades in the making.
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chisolm refused to leave lockup and told the court officer he could not take it anymore and d chris. a stunning situation here on day 2 for phillip chisolm. he flat out refused to return to court after e morning recess and this is inside of course, the defense is arguing that this
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page mental health report that he was competent to stand trial l began yesterday. and this is the first bit of behavior, if you will, that we have seen from phillip chisolm of this nature and from this particular trial. of course, what led to that mental health evaluation initially was something milar where court officers observed chisolm him banging his head against the ll walls and floors and that was something that was alarming to them as well. of course, they implemented that mental health evaluation for chisolm. this comes on an emotional day for the ritzer family. we heard from the mother this morning. let's listen to what she had to say. >> her day was very routine from the minute she got to
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she was always like that. >> and she would come hope. because i worked at home, she would come into the office to ask how my day was and then he i could ask her about her day so she could tell me about her day. >> reporter: they say she was a creature of habit and did the same thing -- same thing every day from the time she woke up to going to bed and not returning home at 3:30, r normal time and that was alarming to her parents. family and friends went to danvers highschool that evening looking for her and that is when they found her vehicle there and, of course, filed the missing person's report and all of the investigators and police became involved and they have been discovered, they discered the disturbing evident of bloody gloves and things of that nature and this is where we are at this point and again, phillip chisolm refusing to return to court and we'll
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right now, the judge said that he will not stop trial for the purpose. live in salem this afternoon, nicole jacobs, wbz news. news in howell. car crashed into a construction vehicle. street. was speeding. the bobcat driver had to be serious injuries. and right now -- to the hospital with serious injuries. state officials are trying the schools. it's a battle between the park test administered on computers and could cost the state $15 million the m-cas, the test is student must pass to graduate. and a third option is being considered, the mcas2.0. and it would be a test for massachusetts developed by local action leaders. we'll bring you the results of the vote as soon as they come into the newsroom.
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homemade bomb brought down a passenger plane in egypt last month. the head of the security agency said this was a terrorist act. the president of russia vowed to hunt down those responsible. a $50 million recard is being offered for information. all 224 people on the plane, most russian tourists, were killed. in france, investigators are looking for a second person directly involved in the paris attacks. >> and this is after a might of over 100 raids with scene people being arrested and detained. john than vigliotti reports from paris. >> reporter: police seized a car this morning in northern paris with belgian license plates. several have ties to belgium, including the suspect who got away. and overnight, security forces carried out more than 100 raids in france and police seized
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he hopes they catch the attackers who are on the run. when terrorists struck friday night. >> and he broke down as he told us he was separated from his shoulder. >> and i feel so bad, he said. like a coward for leaving her. some parisians are on peg and many are angry about what happens here. and a group of french muslims started a social media campaign to condemn the attacks. >> what they did is terror and this is not the islamic -- . >> islamic militants claimed responsibility for the attacks that killed 129 people. france is demanding its european allies support military action against iss is. secretary of state -- isis. secretary of state john kerry said that more needs to be done. >> and we have to step up our efforts to hit them at the core
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>> reporter: for a second day, trench warplanes slammed isis targets in syria. >> and wbz has continuing coverage of the paris terror attacks on air and online. we'll bring you the latest available. and breaking news. major change is coming to the families. governor baker is making the first significant update to the apartment -- department, which has been under fire after the death of several children and changes include a policy overhaul. the first in nearly 30 years. and in many cases, social workers were aware of what the correct policies were and social workers and caretakers will face additional screening and they will be given a specific work and checklist to apply to each case. >> the deal with the kinds of circumstances and situations these folks deal with every day and to have to do it without having a playbook for lack of a
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them so that they can rely on and depend on and, by the way, be held accountable to for see long. and in some respects, the most disappointing aspect of all. at least for me. >> reporter: the governor called this step one of a long overhaul process to protect at- risk children. all employees will be trained on the new protocols in if be and additional policy changes will be announced in march. and turning to the weather now, why it feels chilly compared to what we have been seeing recently. we 30s. nashua, 38; same in keane;
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sneak into come up by afternoon. and the sun is shining and some ocean affect clouds developing from marshfield and ducksbury, the east. otherwise, 40 for the ride home and we cool quickly. thirtys north and west of boston. the sun set early, 4:21 and clear and cold tonight. 34 downtown and widespread 20s in the suburbs and the winds go calm. scattered frost overnight about 50 degrees tomorrow and a rebound. sunset on sunrise tomorrow at 6:38, and we warm things up a bit, mid- to upper 50s to end the week before cooler air comes back and that is coming with a rain, too. thank you very much. and a beverly man expected in court today accused of trying to strangle his estrangeed wife. the attack happened yesterday.
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the woman suffered life- threatening injuries. the 45-year-old axle sheerer is not due in court until today. the attorney general is expected to release new information in a cold case that dates back to 1985, when a hunter found two bodies and a metal drum in allenstown. two additional bodies were discovered 15 years later. the remains were three girls and one woman. and she is related to two of the girls. the fbi and other law enforcement agencies will take part in today's news conference. and this afternoon, apologizing to drivers after the traffic nightmare and this morning, crews took two lanes on route 128 and shut down during the morning rush and that creates backups and stretched for miles. math -- and the lanes have to be closed to allow a compound place on a bridge expansion. and the t is reversing
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ad causes some writer outrage. the u.s. government should stop sending military aid to israel. it's sponsored by a pro- palestinian group. they removed ads and allowed them to return after the aclu got involved. >> and we support the key decision toa, low more speech and that is sething everyone benefits from and this is community. matter. >> the policy will champ to no longer allow abs dealing with politics or hotly-debated issues. thirty fbi agents are working to track down the car believed to be a part of the robbery at the wooster armory. wee learning about the theft of 16 high-powered weapons. and that took the thief five hours to load the car. the alarm in the area was never triggered because it was turned off due to construction in the area and the fbi has a partial
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getaway car and they're hoping nearby surveillance cameras can get more clues into the driver. >> and concerned about it and suffered -- apart from anything with terrorism. i am concerned about the fact that high-caliber weapons were stolen from the military facility in the first place. that is my primary concern on this. >> the city manager tells wbz that police will step up patrols in key areas of the city. in other news this noon, a new england patriot is facing a health crisis. this time with the family. >> offensive lineman nate -- [ indiscernible ] announcing his son is fighting cancer. he was diagnosed with a tumor in the kidney last month and this is circulate on twitter with the #hudson strong. you will notice the shirt said tough like my dad. he has testicular cancer in 2049 and he's hoping the son
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hudson underwent a few rounds s started on sunday morning at 11:30 with patriots game day and the post game show is monday tion th charlie sheen. what he's telling the world about his health. >> and also ahead, getting rid of the grange. how parents are fighting back to save the holiday spirits. >> and a surprise visit, the backyard bear getting a lot of
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. a hollywood bombshell making headlines this noon. >> actor charlie sheen reveals he's hiv positive. >> it's a turning point. >> reporter: actor charlie sheens ended days of rumors positive. >> i thought i had a brain tumor and it was over. after a battery of tests and
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all of that, they walked into the room and said bo. >> reporter: sheen, who is 50, >> tights. he's been married three times and has five childr undetectable. >> have you hundred protected sex on any occasionsence is your diagnosis? >> yes, the two people i did that with were under thcare of my doctor and they were completely warned ahead of time. >> reporter: she said people who knew of his status have black mailed him and that he's
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he hopes the statement will ag you're right, we're getting used to this above-average stretch we have had and the sun is shining out there. winds out of the northeast in and off of the ocean at 6 miles an hour. and that creates a s, keane and nashua, mid-40s on the cape and islands and the skies are clear. right? the cape d islands with ocean
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back do into chatham and, too, through the south shore. ducksbury, marshfield and hour- by-hour, the rest of us temperatures coming up and fluctuating a degree or two between now and 3:00 p.m. and gradually cooling back. and the clear skies is going to promote conditions for the meteor shower tonight. it's going to peak into the predawn tomorrow and we see about 10 to 15 per hour. some of the other meteor showers you could see as many as 100 that is not as big of an event and nonetheless, it's clear skies. the best after midnight tonight and boo i a couple of hours, especially with the new moon out there and overnight tonight, we drop into the 20s and lower 30s. similar to this morning. thirtys on the cape and islands, one of the milder spots and that is going to be a start tomorrow morning. the weather's quiet here at home and that has not been in the central part of the country and blizzard conditions in
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at the same time, we're tapping in the gulf of mexico for moisture and spotting another round of severe weather and for the kids at the bus stop jacket. the heavy coat and lower 30s to start the day and around 50 into tomorrow afternoon. a good amount of sunshine. the wind coming in from the east-southeast tomorrow and either side of 50 from worcester to fitchburg. jaffrey tomorrow and another quiet day, normal this time of the year in terms of the high temperatures around 50 from the south shore back down into the cape. the high pressure flips off of the coast line. tomorrow night. the hope here is the heaviest access of -- axis of rain is to the west and moving from west
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to east during the late evening and overnight. friday, predawn hours. the rain is still with us and shifts off of the coast line friday morning with clearing coming in after that. accuweather seven-day forecast, 50s and to end the week. friday morning is mild. upper 50s and falling into the late afternoon. and right around 50. and snow shower early on sunday. cooling us off. >> the vote is in 2.0 is -- by the department of education. officials decided to take the new generalized test and use schools.
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. this noon, if you're a few cups of coffee into your day, don't worry abou
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of premature deaths. similar results were seen in decaf as well. an update to a sit lap for free. we're getting into the holiday spirit here at wbz. this weekend it all gets tree-lighting spectacular. you can see it at 7:00 on wbz. on my tv 38. >> and exciting. can't wait for that. still to come, getting too comfortable. >> the bear cub trying to sneak
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. just in time for the holidays. an unwanted visitor to make stops in a new hampire neighborhood. >> and check it out. these are images from litchfield police. a black bear has been roaming in the meadowbrooke area. the home surveillance captures the bear. look, trying to get a snack from a bird feeder. paw's up. caught red hand said, right? look at those i -- caught red- handed, right? >> look at those -- . >> around here. [ laughter ] >> and a chilly day. >> yes, chilly day today.
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about 50 with sunshine tomorrow. >> sounds good. that is it for us at noon.
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