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  Face the Nation  CBS  December 6, 2015 10:31am-10:42am EST

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christie and vermont senator bernie sanders and we'll have plenty of analysis on all the news. all ahead on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs good morning welcome to face the make i'm john dickerson. president obama will address the nation tonight at 8:00 p.m. on the san bernardino attacks. cbs news homeland security correspondent jeff is at the fbi with the latest on the investigation. >> john, there are hundreds of investigators around the world running down leads, fbi director james comey met with the president on saturday to brief him on this case. one lead took invest gays for to riverside, california, home where friend of one of the suspects lives. a man who investigators believe may have provided two of the assault rice used in the attack. >> when i found out it was fbi, that's when i thought this is serious. >> investigators are tracking syed farook and tashfeen malik's
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overseas and in the u.s. to determine if the couple's shooting massacre was directed by isis. so far the fbi says there are indications of radicalization and potential inspiration. sources say the attack on the regional center appears to have been blend. a workplace grudge that appeared to trigger the attack, coupled with malik's facebook post of allegiance before the attack to the isis leaders. federal officials say shooting now moved the global terrorist phase. government official says we are going to see more attacks we can't stop. the fbi has about 900 cases across the country focusing on home grown isis sympathizers, these two suspects were not on their radar. >> dickerson: thanks.
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has already had a big impact on campaign 2016. democrats are pushing for stronger gun regulations. republicans are blaming president the saying they would be tougher on terrorism. no one more so than donald trump. who we met up with in raleigh on friday. there are links between isis and terror attacks in san bernardino but no red flags. happening again? flags. lot of people knew what was going on in that house or apartment and people were not wanting to call because they thought it would be inappropriate to call. >> dickerson: why? >> saying that it was -- that they would have been profiling. and a person said, we should have knew what was going on but don't want to profile. >> dickerson: should there be profiling? >> i think there can be profiling. >> dickerson: how would that work? >> something wrong with that group they saw what was happening, they didn't want to call the police because they didn't want to be profiling, i think that's pretty bad. people are dead.
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everybody wants to be politically correct and that's part of the problem that we have with our country. >> dickerson: have people been too politically correct with muslims in america? >> i think so. with maybe other things, too. but i think certainly so. as you know i came out with vigilance, whether it's mosques or whatever it has to be, but lot of bad things are happening. >> dickerson: whatever it has to be does that include, i know you -- where are you on the question of tracking citizens of america? >> look. we are having a problem with radicals in muslim group let's not kid ourselves. you can say it or don't have to say it. maybe you won't even want to, i've been saying it loud and strong. so, if you have people coming out of mosques with hatred and with death in their eyes and on their minds, we're going to have to do something, john, we can't just say we're not going to look at it. i made that statement a number of weeks ago.
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of people were not exactly thrilled with it. now everybody seems to agree with me. >> dickerson: this idea of tracking muslims in america, where are you on that? >> you have people that have to be tracked. if they're muslim, they're muslims. people have to be tracked. i use the word vigilance we have show vigilance if we don't we're foolish people. we're being led by people that don't know what is happening when you have president obama talking about global warming as our biggest problem we have a president that is just not with it at all. >> dickerson: there are three million muslims in america. what should they feel about their police in american life now? >> look, we are having a tremendous problem with radical islamic terrorism. you can say it or you don't have to say it. we have a president that won't issue the term. he won't talk about it. we're having this tremendous radical islamic terrorism. lot of people don't want to even say it. not a lot of people.
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president obama. until he admits this is a problem we're never going to solve the problem. he's only going to be there fortunately a little more than a year because the problem will get involved when he gets the hell out. >> dickerson: you mentioned muslims. what the criticism of you is that you are playing on fears that people have. >> i'm -- common sense. i'm not playing on fears. i don't want to play on fears. i understand the whole world. i understand. i have muslim friends who are great people. by the way, they tell me there's a big problem. i'm not playing on fears i'm playing on common sense. we have a problem. the world trade center came down. by the way, speaking of coming down, they put their families on airplanes couple of days before, send them back to saudi arabia for the most part. those wives knew exactly what was going to happen. those wives went home to watch their husbands knock down the world trade center, the
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plane was going, except we had some very, very brave passengers, wherever that third plane was going. those wives knew exactly what was happening. >> dickerson: you mention families go after families, what does that mean? >> well at least i would certainly go after the wives who absolutely knew what was happening and i guess your definition of what i do, i'm going to leave that to your imagination. but i will tell you i would be very tough on families because the families know what is happening. even in this last instance, i see everybody knew, so many people knew they thought that this man and this woman, whether it was radicalized or how he became. they thought something was going on. why don't these people report it to the police? why wouldn't they report it to the police? they said it was profiling. they didn't want to profile. can you believe this? they thought something very bad was going to happen. >> dickerson: sister said she didn't know what was going on,
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testimonies here. >> i probably don't believe the voice tim. >> dickerson: you'd go after her? >> a lot of people. find out whether or not they knew. i'd be able to find out. i don't believe the sister. >> dickerson: do you worry about creating more terrorists? >> stop terrorists. only way to stop them in my opinion is that way. you know they say they don't mind dying, i think they do mind dying. but i can tell you this, they want hire families left alone. they have to stop terrorism. >> dickerson: you don't think there's worry, attention if you go too far that you end up creating morita are terrorists. >> what's too far. they're killing people. what we just saw in california or in paris. they're killing innocent people. people without guns. you look at paris, no guns. nothing. you look at california, no guns. i can tell you one thing if i'm in there i had a gun, we're going to knock them out. one way or the other. couple of guns are in that room, you talk about second amendment. which i'm a big believer in the
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in paris they had no guns. in california they had no guns. only the bad guys had the guns. they were like sitting ducks everyone of them. >> dickerson: should the good guys get guns? people carry? >> if they want to they should be able. to because it's going to be lot safer. look what's going on. going into these gun free areas, how about the school few months ago. gun free school, gun free area you look what happened. it was a disgrace. if people had guns, how about the soldiers that were killed. six soldiers killed, champion marksmen, on military base, not allowed to carry their guns. a whack job walks in kills them. not right. so, i am a believer in the second amendment and bottom line to have the guns. it. paris is one of the toughest cities in the world for guns, right? can't get 'em.
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>> dickerson: why do you think people join isis in the united states? >> i think for one reason they're using the internet a lot better than we do. they are brainwashing these kids. word is brainwashing. they are brainwashing young impressionable people. largely young. doing it with older people also. >> dickerson: how do you fight that? >> you fight it with intelligence. beating them at their own game. you fight it by not saying mastermind like you did, like other people did. i see the word mastermind, the mastermind. i call them the guy with the dirty hat. the guy with the dirty filthy hat. these kids are watching the mastermind. i want to be a mastermind. the press is really hurting it. i will say that i was very strong about it last week and two weeks ago. with the paris knock out. and i think the press is making it -- glamourizing these people. these people are animals.
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masterminds. they're not even smart people i bet very low iq. they're not smart people. and the press is making them into something -- making them into robin hood and young people and other people are following. we have to stop their internet work they're doing -- we came up with the internet but they're using it better than we do. >> dickerson: in the moment on no fly list you can buy a firearm does that need to be fixed? >> i would take a very look at it. if you can't fly, if you have some -- i'd look at that very hard. >> dickerson: also look into the shooters in this case amass great amount of ammunition, they had multiple weapons, should that in this new world brick people under suspicion if they are developing that kind of -- >> people can look at it.
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people say there's something strange, that's not people going hunting for deer. because they had bombs, all sorts of pipe bombs a lot of things, certainly you can take look what's going on. again, the word vigilance. we have to be looking at a lot of different things. we can't do anything to hurt the second amendment. people need their weapons to protect themselves. you see that now more than ever before. >> dickerson: we'll have more of our interview with donald trump in the second half hour. also on "face the nation" website. we turn to new jersey governor chris christie who joins us from outside an ethanol plant in iowa. everyone is looking for a way to stop these kinds of attacks again, in this case you had a woman who dropped off her six month old child before going on this rampage how would you create system that could catch that kind of dedicated killer? >> well, john, it's very hard. this is what i say in the aftermath, by the way, the first