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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 11 starts right now. breaking news from worchester tonight. two killed by fire inside their home. the elderly couple that lived in the home on burn code street rushed to the hospital, but it
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i am kate merrill. jim is at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: such a sad story tonight in worchester. two elderly people losing their lives in a house fire. i want to show you the seen back -- scene. investigators are still at the home securing property. rescuers did get the victims out but unfortunately they did not make it. a tragic story from worchester. two elderly victims killed in a house fire. the flames broke out around 8:00 sunday evening. investigators believe they were smoldering for a while. firefighters did what they could.>> it appears that the fire had a head start and was on the fake did -- undetected until we got the call. we immediately found two elderly mail-in female and removed them -- male and female and removed them.
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to their injuries.>> reporter: authorities believe the flame started on the first floor. it happened on a quiet residential street, neighbors are startled. >> it is a shame that a family has to go through this kind of sadness. we saw them going into the house and you can tell when the smoke was coming out it wasn't good.>> reporter: such a tragic story. worchester police still have your securing this home on burn coats street. the deputy chief told us earlier they believe that the flames started on the first floor possibly by a living room and spread upstairs. the cause obviously under investigation by the fire marshals office. jim smith, wbz news. southridge. investigators searching for the complex. flames got around 9:00 at the
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the fire hurt three including a firefighter. the injuries are minor, but the same development was badly damaged by the tornado in 2011. a new hampshire man will be charged tomorrow with torching his parents home. justin kane was arrested on main street in salem. fire crews smelled gasoline. kane's mother said he started the fire after an argument. firefighters contained the blaze to the deck inside of the home. it looks like the perfect weather might -- weather might be moving out of the area. how are things looking?>> things are feeling more damp. here's what's going on. the humidity is up to 83%. pretty much uniform in terms of
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maybe a touch of miss, getting up to around 52. here's where the rain is coming from. that will stream in our direction. a lot of that will not be happening until late tomorrow and tomorrow evening. the timetable on that and how the temperatures will change i will see in a few minutes. tenor find -- terrifying moments in a walmart in pennsylvania. a man was pointing two handguns at customers. police shot him when he did not put the gun down. in los angeles, police are defending their use of deadly force against a black man as he fell to the ground. chris martinez explains that the man had a gun in the hand and refused orders to drop it.>> surveillance videos captured the moment two deputies fired multiple shots at nicholas robinson in lynnwood.
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the shooting scene saturday night. pamela brown is robinson's -- robertsons mother-in-law. >> he left three kids behind. they could have today's 10. -- chased him -- tased him. the sheriff's department -- >> reporter: the sheriff department released this video showing robert send -- robertson walking down the street carrying a gun.>> he did not comply with the repeated requests to drop the weapon.>> reporter: the sheriff's department also released these images of robertson on his stomach. deputies fired 33 rounds. robertson was dead at the scene. not see ali says the shooting is disturbing.>> it appears this young man crawled to his death.
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leaders have called for an independent investigation. chris martinez, cbs news. worchester police have taken nearly 200 guns off the street thanks to a gun buyback. people in worchester and other communities turned into hundred 25 firearms including 50 replica pellet guns in exchange for the weapons, the police handed out gift cards worth up to $75. new at 11, a christmas grinch steals holiday lights from a home. neighbors have replaced the decorations and then some. katie brace is live at the story. -- with the story. >> reporter: you could say grinches when after this house twice, stealing christmas decorations. when the homeowner thought they were striking a third time, she
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might sparkle more at this home in watertown. >> everybody got together. >> reporter: thieves stole the decorations at linden street. at that clark owns the home.>> i had an empty feeling. >> reporter: her story spread. others felt empty, too.>> i was so upset. the family is awesome.>> reporter: friends decided to surprise them in lot decorations.>> i heard a commotion and i thought they were taking my joseph in my mary ann jesus. >> reporter: the commotion was not santa but pretty close. they were who clark calls for decorating angels. >> today when i saw what they were doing i was just overwhelmed. all i did prescribed.
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-- cry.>> reporter: -- >> i love each and every one of you.>> that second ted 2 was the snow miser. the christmas spirit prevails. katie brace. the man whose train took off without him will face a disciplinary hearing tomorrow. a rubber cord was wrapped around the throttle controls. the runaway train rolled on for nine minutes before power was cut in it came to a stop. fastkart is could be fired. of tourneys -- attorneys in the philip chism trail should deliver closing statements tomorrow. he is accused of raping and
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the lawyers say their client has a history of mental illness. the prosecution argues he has been faking insanity and knew what he was doing. the holiday season is understandably a tough time for those who new colleen ritzer.>> a special concert was held in her honor today. money from ticket sales will benefit the beloved teachers foundation. this auditorium transformed into a full-blown pop concert.>> this is a great time and we get to do some good with it.>> reporter: this year's concert will benefit the memorial scholarship fund along with two other charities.>> she was a wonderful example of dedication to teaching. >> reporter: daniel scott gale says it has been a challenging year for students and staff. spreading some classical holiday cheer is uplifting.>>
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her students really loved her. >> to have a concert like this to benefit her is something that will carry her legacy for many years.>> reporter: this is a difficult time for the community. closing arguments are this week. students and staff said it's important to keep the legacy alive.>> i want to keep her memory alive. >> what she has meant to the community and her legacy, especially for students who want to study education in those students. >> reporter: paul burton, wbz news. pope francis is coming to mexico. sean o'malley will join him. trip in february. the pope plans to make a statement about immigrant rights at a stop along the
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a while crash overseas.>> a driver narrowly escapes injury when a crane slams into his truck. donald trumps new threat in iraq as ted cruz boosted ahead of pack -- moves to the head of the pack. there could be snow, sleet, and freezing rain in maine. we will be snow -- will there be snow in boston?
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dramatic video and a close call in the czech republic. a truck slamming into a train. the truck went right through the flashing lights. no one was hurt. flags across connecticut will have -- fly at half staff to mark the new town shooting. 20 children and six adults were killed three years ago in sandy hook elementary. officials will try to make tomorrow as normal as possible for students. tomorrow is the first time that the anniversary falls on a weekday. campaign 2016. there is a new candidate on top
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lead against donald trump and the rest of the gop field and iowa. the des moines register has crews at 31% with trump 10 points behind at 21%. ben carson is third with 13%. the obama administration drugs are says it is time for a new approach to help people escape the downward spiral of addiction. michael but shelley, director of the national drug policy, after holding a similar job in massachusetts says it is time to stop treating addiction as a crime.>> this is not a moral failing. this is not about bad people who are choosing to continue to use drugs because they lack we don't expect people with cancer just to stop having
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she is a recovering -- he has been sober for nearly 30 years. lots of people decorate for christmas and the holidays, but some displays are more elaborate than others.>> this home in new hampshire, a replicate -- replica of big ben.>> here is another house decked out on union street. again, dozens of colored lights all around the house and all around the trees. i think you have to get permission from their labors -- your neighbors for something like that. >> it reminds me of christmas vacation. the neighbors next door.>> usually they are accompanied by weather. it hasn't been here. would you like a white christmas? >> i am very torn. >> to you like a white
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is cold and snowing. >> i would like for the snow not to melt if it is 70. there is a chance of white christmas. the probability is about 23%. how about this year? the chances right now, less than 1%. the probability of that happening. i don't think it will happen, because the pattern is not favorable. there has to be a remarkable reversal for that to happen. is a matter of fact, this model , granted, it's out 12 days, it's a low confidence forecast, but if it is verified, and many times we've seen storms going up to the west, so that may be the case next week.
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it shows warm air coming up the eastern seaboard. if that is verified, we would have the warmest christmas ever in the more immediate future i can tell you today was pretty nice, mild, but not as warm as yesterday. wilmington middle school in the veterans memorial school also that's what was in boston. that is 11 degrees above the average for the sake, 42, not up to the record of 63 in 1984. look at the red squares in december every single day except the first day of december way above average. it is just amazing how high the mean temperature is for this month. these are the 50s for today. tomorrow we will get in the 50s especially afternoon. we have record high in the 70s. we will not get there, but what may give us a shot of getting
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the warm air tries to come back at us. the front stalls to our south. to the south of it is precipitation and also this trip in the midwest with rain. we get some snow, sleet, and freezing rain going across maine tonight. we have cloudy skies and i wouldn't be surprised to see drizzle in the morning. we really don't get much rain until tomorrow evening with some heavy duty damage. i think a quarter to a half inch of rain is possible. then sunshine on tuesday. here is my seven-day accurate it whether -- accuweather forecast. maybe 60 on tuesday. very warm. back to seasonal on wednesday, about 44. next weekend will be a little bit colder than average. after that, who knows? able we will warm-up the time as we approach christmas.
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taking on the texans in houston.>> they got help before they even took the field.
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the patriots started the day as a three seed. >> thanks of change. hopefully by the end of this game. things looking so far so good. orr these are changing rapidly, going from three to one in the blink of an eye. we will take it. the patriots are in control and are in a battle. the good news is grown is back. -- grown -- gronk is back. a touchdown, then another reception. he has four catches for 88 yards and a score.>> the patriots are in the definite driver seat. the pats scored first to keep sean martin.
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passed from a yard out. the patriots are in the drivers seat with about four minutes to go in the game. when her lose, join us after on wbz, the only place you can see bill belichick and tom brady's press conference is in houston. the bengals hosting the steelers. d'angelo williams from a yard out in the first quarter. from there, things got worse for the bengals. andy dalton suffered a fracture in his throwing hand, possibly while making a tackle. it is unclear how long he will be out. the steelers never looked back. gone. steelers roll. 33-20 when over cincinnati.>>
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can they stand defeated and moved 13 -- stay undefeated and moved to 13-0? cam newton goes deep. nothing in his way. 74 yards, carolina is on their way. still in the first quarter, that combo looks up again, this time from 46 yards out. panthers complete the story. 38-0 the final. they are three games away from a perfect 16-0 regular season. the patriots are about three minutes away from winning this game in houston. sports final coming right back at you. we have some patriots fifth quarter on wbz. a great day for a parade even if it's a christmas celebration and there is no snow.>> santa drops in for some fun.
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a great turnout for the annual christmas parade. >> santa arrived by helicopter and waved at the crowds on commercial street. limo -- elmo and hello kitty and the minions were on hand.>> lots of people took advantage of the weather for a bike ride. they wore holiday costumes. about 150 people rd. from our limited to harvard square for the annual jingle ride. they stopped and sang christmas carols along the way.
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look at the forecast in a
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a little blip in the weather. >> just a little bit. rain coming in, but it will still be warm. upper 50s tomorrow and close to 60 tuesday. what else is new?>> after last year's winter, no problem. >> from one extreme to the other. your long-term forecast for christmas looks warm. it is not etched in stone.
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warm.>> thanks, very -- berry.>> have a good night, everybody. el brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m.,
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or maciato for $1.99.
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