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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> now at 6 that daring rescue in acton three good samaritans didn't hesitate to help when they spotted a boy trapped and in trouble in an icy pond. the water was freezing meaning every second counted but thanks to their quick action that 9- year-old boy is doing fine tonight. our beth germano has the story. >> we could hear the boy and he was out in the middle of the pond. >> reporter: the cries for help that alerted the alert neighbors.>> reporter: looking out his apartment window to the pond below and saw a young boy had broken through the ice about halfway out. >> two days ago this was all ice. >> reporter: he grabbed his friend ty lamb. >> he had his chest up to the ice and going like this and moving around. >> reporter: as the boy was panicking in the freezing water lamb didn't hesitate to wade in. >> we knew we had people on the shore. >> with that knowledge base and stuff i decided to just break the ice as i walked out there and grabbed him. >> reporter: and they formed a
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bring the boy in. >> he got closer and that allowed me to throw the boy up close enough toe sew they could pull him up. >> reporter: residents say children are sewerous about the ice but the fluctuating temperatures have made it a dangerous situation. >> i think the boy is not used to. >> england weather and ice wherehe wombs from i don't believe he has ice in the south. >> reporter: it was a few heart stopping moments for allison who heard the boy. >> you feel happy like on thank to god he save someone kneels situations like this when you see someone in trouble or anybody in trouble you try to do a lending hand. >> reporter: lending more than a hand through the pond where the ice is deceiving. in acton beth germano wbz news. now a dangerous ride on new year's eve that ended badly. four people including two young
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an atv collision. story. >> reporter: well this has to be an incredibly tough new year's day for at least one family. the incident happened just up the road from me here and we know at least two of the victims are a father and son. one neighbor said it sounded like a gunshot when the two atvs crashed and now just yellow markings and debris. >> someone told me is your house burning and i said no. >> reporter: just after 9 p.m. on new year's eve emergency crews rushed this area a 500 ashburnham hill road and found the atvs toppled over a helmet abandoned in the snow and a gory scene. >> obviously it would be a severe medical issue you know multiple traumas. >> reporter: police say somehow the atvs crashed on the paved road seriously injuring all four passengers. a 32-year-old man was airlifted to the hospital his left leg amputated.
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transported with a head injury and then heart breakingly the two children a 6-year-old boy was airlifted because he stopped breathing normally and a 7-year-old suffered a compound fracture to his left leg. >> it's you know not the best situation you want to have on a new year's eve. >> reporter: now environmental state and local police are trying to get to the bottom of what happened. police are calling this an active investigation and it is still unclear if any charges will be filed. live in fitchburg louisa moller. a cemetery has been hit by vandals again. this time right before the new year. police say the criminals toppled 33 grave stones and monuments many smashed beyond repair some historic. and this is not the first time. vandals hit three times this past year all before a holiday. and now at 6a. classic matchup bruins and
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>> a -- gillette. >> a thrill to be shore but not the outcome they were hoping for. dan roche is live. dan. >> reporter: the fans a little more than deflated after this one. certainly tough the coach said the worst time to pick to play the worst game of their season. not going well for boston they lose by a score of 5-1 before 60,000 plus here at gillette stadium winner -- winter classic banner up with the patriots banner this was montreal from the get go. up 2-0. gallagher wraps one into the net and canadiens did that on three occasions today. not much tuukka could do. max makes it 4-1 on the 2-on one brake away all montreal today as they win 5-1 and after the the game, tuukka razz being was at -- rask was at a loss.
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know, we weren't making any plays and had surprises all over the ice and they got the first goal and that may have deflated us even more the first two periods was just i haven't seen us play this bad in a while so it was bad. >> reporter: you seemed stunned. >> well, yeah. i mean, you would think that especially when we are missing guys like we are you have to play hard and stick with the system and it hooked like that today. >> reporter: the bruins outmarchand suspend after an altercation on tuesday an illegal hit and they were short- handed but no excuses. but they fall and washington up next tuesday and they have the best record in the eastern conference. >> they needed marchand. >> i think bruisein are the only team to host the winner classic twice. it is a feather in the cap isn't it. >> reporter: it is. they did it once in 2010 at
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this marvel how great was, he said the crowd was double the size of fenway and they were louder but he said it was tough because we didn't give them much to root for so they are embarrassed disappointed and the way you look at it, think of the patriots 1/16th season is a loss and bruins 1/82nd of the season is lost so it's not that bad. >> good way of looking at it. thanks. tom braid great braidy and julian he hadelmen having -- edelman having fun. he thanked tuukka for honoringhim and says he will rock his pads sunday in miami hashtag winter classic and soon after that edelman sent out a tweet asking if the bruins they could have today. heated competition chilling out
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>> the the braves holes who -- souls who do it alland waiting for the ball to drop to make an appearance. we will introduce you to the first babies of 2016. >> together again after months of apart -- months apart they welcome home the heroes. >> natalie cole died at age of 65 from complications from an ongoing health issue. she is the daughter of in the king cole. she was the graduate of umass
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ringing in the new year with a reunion the families will never forget. dozens of servicemen and women welcomed home on few year's day. it was of course all smiles for
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>> members of the national guard remembered home after 9 month overseas. they couldn't have been more excited. and we have the story all new at 6. >> reporter: good evening. lots of hugs smiles and kisses at the new hampshire national guard armory happening on new year's day. when 120 soldiers were welcomed by their families. >> thank you. >> reporter: the stories are different. >> we are waiting to see her dad. >> to welcome my son home. >> reporter: but anticipation is the same. >> are we going to be excited to see. >> reporter: yeah. sharon is very familiar with homecoming. >> we are both serving and both deployed and we have never deployed together. but we have always had the opportunity to welcome each other home. >> reporter: after 11 months, this moment. >> aid good way to start 2016. >> reporter: on new year's day
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one love story after another cherished moment unfold. >> amazing. i am not here for christmas but at least for one of the holidays. >> hey. welcome home. >> reporter: jimmy is one of 120 national guards deployed for nine months in the middle east and they left new hampshire last february. >> i love you. >> very, very proud of him. >> reporter: and this is the first of two homecomings. some 100 more soldiers are expected to return here on saturday. reporting in new hampshire shante land wbz news. >> welcome home and happy new year. >> oh baby no better way to ring in than with a new bundle of joy. >> and we celebrate baby new year times two both girls born at 12:302. meal meet carmelita born this morning in worcester. she is the parents first child
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and here in boston zoe was born at tufts medical center mom and baby doing great as you can see. and ready to start off the new year as a family. >> congrats. lucky parents might get the first snowfall of the season as well for them. >> that's right. barry we are looking out the window and some places there's a little bit of snow. >> a few flakes falling arnold the region but not lasting that long. one more look at the december departure from averages. phenomenal. unbelievable so many cities in the northeast had double digits above average for the month of december. going into the record books as the warmest december ever in all these locations. how about january, it's cold now. and usually is cold in january. the average high is in boston for the month. each and every day around 37 to 36. we will gain 50 minutes of daylight during the month of january. and on average, boston gets 13.3 inches of snow. today up to # 1 above the average of 37 -- 41 above the average of 37.
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in the upper 30sin boston but lower 30s where the heavier snow is falling briefly out in worcester county. we are looking at snow showers marching eastward and a few flurries a few flakes and a few snow showers maybe an isolated snow squall but not lasting that long oom of the -- some of the snow is between shirley and harvard and and heading towards lowell and few more franklin south to woonsocket so the snow showers go through tonight but it's going to clear up this evening and be a rather cold night but not frigid. and most of tomorrow at least through the morning should be essentially on the sunny side and may turn partly cloudy in spots with most clouds across western and northern new england. and then on sunday getting into the day on sunday, varying a clouds but looks like it could be sunny for several hours before more clouds come down from the north and west and produce snow showers and snow squalls in the northern mountains planning ongoing up
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better and they get snow guns running and it's cold enough and they have had fresh snow but they need a big storm to open up theture terrain. 20s most all the suburbs and high temperatures tomorrow should be in the upper 30s a little bit lower than today. and around here 40 in the cape and mid to lower 30s well north and west. and sunday should be back to where we were today. in the lower 40s around boston and a little cooler off to the north and west. the first big cold shot is coming down through here sunday intro dewing the coldest air of the season and the flow -- introducing the coldest air of the season and the flow of the wind is coming from the cold air over the warm water producing snow showers especially in plymouth county and down over the cape on monday. here's my 7-day accu-weather forecast many i am look for 38 to # # over the weekend. but look at this 26 for a high on monday with snow showers along the coast. small accumulations possible in plymouth county and cape.
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it's going to feel subzero on tuesday morning when you head out. see you tonight at 11. lisa liam. >> subzero don't like that phrase. today was the winter classic. >> dan roche joins us again cbs they have to put this behind them. >> reporter: yeah capitals a good team and this had the perfect setting gillette stadium and great day and fans were outstanding and goalie masks were great and energy was great. everything you wanted in the winter classic was there for the taking. belichick talked to the bruins and on and off except for the game itself not good if you a fan of the bruins at gillette stadium. packed house with over 66,000 on hand to watch the biggest rivals open up the new year boston pops on hand and waying for the team to take the ice and they did. side by side a great ceremony. this may have been another game
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didn't feel like one. wearing a hoody on the sideline in honor of belichick. canadiens gained control and this was the theme. rebound and he passes and 1-0 at end of one and canadiens were not done. >> in the zone end left side feed in the front and score. canadiens are up 3-zip now. gallagher returning to the lineup goes upstairs onto rask drives it around the board and out in front right side and reach out and great glove save with 1/10 of a second to go in the period by far the best of the game. >> reporter: third period we go bruins show signs of life. finally gets one past him with over 16 minutes left to play. and bruins down 3-1. but, they
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montreal takes the winter classic 5-1 is the final. >> extremely disappointed the stage we were on and you know we are trying to represent a great organization and you know a lot of great fans and we blew it for sure. >> yeah. i mean, there's no stuff for me to come here and give you an explains because i don't know what happened. >> reporter: the bruins were honest about it. let's move onto football and head doubt down south where the weather is better as patriots prepare to try to lock up homefield on sunday. they headed south yesterday for the big battle with the dolphins. as they try to get the top seed overall and homefield advantage in a couple weeks. julian edelman didn't pick a the -- make the trip and pats worked out at florida lantic university a chance to get reactly mated with the heat temp in the 80s. several players with been roweled out including hightower
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back on the field after missing last week's game because he knows how important this one is. >> it's just as important to win the game period. it's going to help us to you know get homefield advantage but if we lose we have to keep winning so we have to get to this game first and see how it goes from there and get back healthy and take the week off to get our bodies back and good shape and you know, make your body feel good and go from there. >> reporter: all right. for a preview of the pay rots dolphins matchup -- patriots dolphins matchup check us out in a few minutes at the top of the hour 7:00 right here on wbz and sunday, patriots game day at 11:30. kick off at 1. and after the game flip tosserto my tc38 for the patriots 5th quarter show the only place to see and here bill belichick and tom bready post game. if you want to see the playoff game in perch the divisional round in a couple weeks tickets go on sale monday at 10 a.m.
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can't get them here at gillette stadium. so everything was perfect even the weather strikingly nice right now with the flurries and that good hockey feel to it except bruins didn't show up for this one. frustrating and you know probably more frustrating for them in that lock he ever room. they had friend -- locker room than anyone eld and they had friend and family fly in and it doesn't work out. >> speaking patriots divisional round how important is the week off given the injuries. >> reporter: it's huge. they can use all the rest and the homefield advantage you don't want to go to denver and play the afc championship game if they get by that divisional round. that game sunday they have to come out and give everything they have to went it and get the top spot and home field to have a chance to go to super bowl 50 in san francisco. >> we like the sound of that. dan roche live at cbs. >> foxborough still ahead the law that kicks in today that could mean more money in
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2016 could be a life changing year for someone if they are winner tomorrow night power ball jackpot. jackpot now at 334 million dollars. the 12th largest prize in power ball history. and if you take the lump sum you will get 205 million dollars. >> not too shabby with the new year comes new laws and this year that means good news for thousands of workers across massachusetts. as if today the minimum wage in the state is now $10 an hour and it's part of a 2014 state law that called for the minimum wage to rise in 3 steps. the final step is 2017 when the minimum wage will lock in at $11 an hour. here's something on demand haircuts could be coming to a neighborhood near you a bently university student developed my barber. and uber for haircuts of sores sorts. the app will help you find a barber or have it come to you. it's in development so we don't have word on how much this will cost. or what the hours will be but let's hear it for convenience.
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plunge and in this case it's
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now to a long-standing new year's day tradition that can give outchills watching. >> brave people do it. we are talking about the the polar plunge. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> hundreds of people braving the cold morning air to take a dip in the waters many dressed up in the for the occasion including big fans of star wars apparently. by the way the plunge has been happening for more than 110 years. >> they thawed out by now you think. >> i am not sure. yeah the water temperature in the 40s. and anyway. >> all things considered it could have been colder night could have been absolutely. but it's going to get colder but after the weekend is over so enjoy the weekend 38 to 42 and beginning next week it's going to be the deep freeze.
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thanks for joining us tonight have a great night everybody. gillette happy new year. we are back at 11. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [agent] hey brendan,you might
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