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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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breaking news. an -month-old baby found freezing at the wrentham outlets. skyeye is heating in that direction. a shopper called 911 and sphishesz were there when the mother came out of the store. >> the woman from rhode island is charged with child neglect
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the child was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. this is happening as we have been watching bitterly cold temperatures. single digits this morning and the windchills well below freezing. not too much of a warm up throughout the afternoon. >> even with the sunshine out there, we have to get ready for another cold one tonight. eric it is back with a closer look. >> the big difference tonight, if you look at the temperatures out there, they are cold, the wind is diminishing. when you don't have a lot of wind, it makes the cold easier keene 18. overnight lows in the single digits and teens across the area. that pond ice continues to grow in southern new england. here is the trend as we head through the rest of the week, a couple of bright days tomorrow and thursday. degrees. the weekend above average. for the most part this has been a two-day arctic outbreak.
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it will return next week when it comes to the cold stuff. a dry stretch to the end of the workweek. a couple of systems this weekend, one which should bring ice. we will talk about that in a bit. >> see you then, eric. at 5:30, going beyond guns. >> we will do more to help those suffering from mental illness get the help they need. >> president obama says his executive order on gun control is intended to do much more than tighten background checks. the president is proposing $500 million in improvements to mental health care. >> the president said nearly two thirds of gun deaths are from suicides. local experts think the president's plan could make a difference. >> reporter: getting your hands on a gun could be more difficult after president obama announced his package on gun control. >> we will ensure that federal mental health records are submitted to the system.
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would give half a billion dollars to increase access to mental health care. >> we would like to see more money in the mental health system. >> reporter: lorimer tinelli is the executive director of the national alliance of mental illness. she read the president's proposal involving mental health. >> how do you feel about that in rip to gun -- relationship to gun control. >> there is a lot of myths with gun control and mental illness. some would like you to believe that if we only kept guns out of the hands there would be no gun violence. that is not true. >> reporter: she says there is a stronger correlation between purchasing guns and suicide. >> the correlation between access to guns and suicide is huge. that is a much bigger issue than the guns and mental illness. >> reporter: she believes it could save lives.
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if that kid had access to services, that might not have happened. >> reporter: the white house did not specify how exactly the $500 million would increase access to mental health care. when we learn more, we will pass it along to you. >> thank you. charlton police hope surveillance video will help catch a thief that broke in a car. officers posted this video with the caption on tonight's episode of security cameras ruin everything. they would like to speak to the man about his chosen nocturnal occupation unquote. if you have any information, call charlton police. a fitchburg couple denied the right to be foster parents got another set back. they say the welfare agency acted legally when they denied their application. they admitted they spanked
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promised not to use corporal punishment on any foster children. that red flag was their undoing. the state's attorney argued that many foster children are traumatized and seeing another child spanked could cause serious harm. they fought back saying that dcf fringed on their constitutional religious rights. new jersey governor chris christie spent the morning speaking with students at the new hampshire student convention. the republican presidential hopeful had a simple answer when he was asked why donald trump is leading in the polls. >> this is like flying into o'hare on a friday before christmas. everybody is circling waiting to land. no one starts to land until people start to vote. >> the new hampshire primary is february 9th, five weeks from today. the democratic front-runner hillary clinton is in iowa proposing a new plan aimed at
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it would require private insurance companies to cover autism services. some people have decided who they will vote for in the general elections. ' not all family members agree on candidates. we jay i can't think is in new hampshire. menu. >> he won't owe anybody anything. >> reporter: this married couple bikers over breakfast. >> i am a republican. >> i'm a democrat. >> you are already laughing. >> reporter: that's because marine -- marlene is the local chair of the donald trump mark bleeds blew for hillary clinton. and a lot of tension. >> reporter: mark says in his state there is a lot of pressure to follow presidential races.
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primary ballots after the iowa caucuses. politics is part of the culture. >> it's on the lawns, tv, commercials play twice. >> >>reporter: the smith kids say they learned about diplomacy. >> don't let politics get in the way of who you love. >> that's a good lifeless son. >> what it boils down to is you don't necessarily have to agree with the other person's opinion, you have to respect their right to have it. >> words the smiths live by after 15 years of marriage. the house motto. >> a happy medium. >> reporter: agree to disagree. doesn't get more poly correct that. ' developer of luminosity will pay a 2 million-dollar fine for misleading customers. they suggested playing online
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boost performance at work and delay the onset of dementia and alzheimer's. we heard about tom brady's strike diet, avocado ice cream as a treat. won't eat. brady's personal chef says he rarely eats tomatoes because they can cause inflammation and he stays away from peppers, mushrooms and egg plants. sushi rolls, fruit rolls or raw chocolate chip cookies. >> i read the article and i thought i would lose a lot of weight in that household. do you sneak out to the fridge in the middle of the night. >> how late night snacking can hurt more than hur waistline --
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new england's energy comes from eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, to go up and down. across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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apparently mark zuckerberg reads what people write about him on social media. >> he had a perfect response. under the post describing his personal challenge for 2016 darlene wrote i keep telling my granddaughters to date the nerd in school. he may turn out to be mark zuckerberg. he replayed even better would be to encourage them to be the neared in their school -- nerd in their school to they can be the next investor. >> boom. >> wouldn't that freak you out if he wrote to you. >> keep my hand off the computer. pushing the envelope of fashion.
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will smith and the face of louie vuitton's women's line. jayden has been seen wearing skirts on different occasions and experts say he reminds people that gender expression is different than gender. he identifies himself race a straight boy but his fashion choices don't have to. i didn't know about this until today. >> i didn't either but if my son is listening he will say great. the ultimate in school spirit. >> an atlanta teacher showing off his dance moves to his students. >> that is ron clark doing the do it like me challenge. he is doing well. >> good. >> he and the students nailed the choreography there. bet you can't do it like me. >> the problem is every week there is a new song you have to try to learn. he is doing very well.
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brain game than the luminosity. straight ahead, how doctors and coaches of teaming up to
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this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal
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have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton and i approve
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nino storms so far this season is soaking california right now. they need the rain. they are in the midst of a terrible drought in that state. back to back storms could trigger flooding and mudslides. you see it's causing major problems. communities are under a flash flood watch in places and some people in parts of ventura and orange counties are being asked to evacuate. >> we heard el nino several times the past couple of months. eric you mentioned it will lead to a possibly less than average snowfall year. >> absolutely. around here the fact that december was kind of expected. an extreme version of what is expected. january a little colder but not that cold all things considered except for today. one cold day. i'm a big believer in you have to love what you have. in new england that means snow. in china, it means ice. you know what, if it's really cold outside you have to
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this is the annual ice festival. you have tourists from all over the world. they are taking a look at a cold spot. they build these cities out of ice all lit up. wild. >> a triple dog dare you to put your tongue on it. >> can't deny a triple dog dare. >> very striking. when it's cold you have to use what you have. take a look at the snow totals from the ocean effect snow over the last 36 hours, plymouth had 3 1/2. martha's vineyard 2 1/2. duxbury two inches. not a lot but enough to make it look wintry. it feels wintry for us. 19 in nashua and worcester. providence 24. it doesn't last too much longer.
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the ocean effect snow is winding down. the arctic air pouring over the ocean, you can see them showing up well off the east coast. they had bay effect snow in the chesapeake bay and snow on the outer banks of north carolina. all of us seeing similar weather. tonight low 5 to 12. 14 in downtown boston under clear skies. big difference. less wind. the cold is a lot easier to take even though it's chilly outside. a southwesterly breeze tomorrow. the westerly wind is a milder one. that will help the temperatures to rebound. after a cold start and sunrise at 7:13, a cloudless sky, pleasant rebound. should feel great, great sunshine. high near 40. chilly evening heading home from work tomorrow night. 42 plymouth. new bedford up to 43. lawrence 39. a day above average for this
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all told it should feel great. into thursday, the mildest day of the week. we will have more southwesterly winds. well into the 40s. friday a change. we will have more clouds building in, the wind starts to come in off the water with the high close to 40 and sets the stage for just enough cold air for light wintry mix saturday mainly in the morning and mainly i'm watching the interior from 495 north and west. enough cold air locked in, maybe sleet and freezing drizzle. not a major storm but causing things to get tricky on the roads. a bigger storm potential into sunday. indications are a storm track over us to the west and that is a mild track. it means rain. it may mean rain up to ski country. here is the albuquerque seven- day forecast. every day they are above average after the two-day arctic shot. not dramatically show. sunday is the day to watch.
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that would be record territory this time of year. >> a little dip then we shoot back up. >> next week another cold shot then warm up at the end. give and take. >> i like it. thanks, eric. >> appreciate it. protecting young athletes from concussions. health professionals are pushing for sports injury reporting. there are laws on the books in every state about when to report the injuries. as mark albert shows us there isn't a system to make sure that it happens. >> absolutely i had a number of concussions that i can remember. did you get the care you needed? >> absolutely not. >> that's why a former ncaa youth football player and coach wanted to do something. one help develop a web based system called injure free which reports concussion symptoms the moment they happen on the field. it's sent to a medical professional for follow-up. >> create a standard of care
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>> reporter: it's part of a half million dollar concussion program being rolled out in the nation's capitol not only to increase reporting but provide awareness training to parents, students and coaches. >> since 2009 every state passed a concussion reporting law. so far congress has not created a national registry that would help taylor treatment and prevention. >> is it a lack of will? >> it's about priorities and about funding. >> do we have time to wait. >> we don't have time ever to wait for a youngster to be injured. >> at a news conference tuesday, dr. michael said information needs to be recorded immediately every time a child takes a hit to the head. >> you want to understand how you prevent the chronic long- term effects and save lives. >> this gives me peace of mind.
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all d.c. schools, parks and rec centers this year. tonight a new reason to avoid the late night snacks. researchers say munching on midnight meals could make it harder to learn new things and store memories. a study with mice found eating at the wrong time of day can mess up your internal clock. >> we get home at midnight. what do you get when you cross the batmobile with a corvette. this is a super cool concept car. don't even think about taking your family for a spin. the trick sports car has -- electric sports car has one seat and expensive. she put up a fight for fans. now she is standing by them. >> up next a newton native homecoming. >> next at 6:00 breaking news. a baby found in a freezing car at the wrentham outlets.
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what is happening with that child tonight. >> a 65-year-old woman shots a man that -- shoots a man that tried to rob her. you will hear from the woman
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this is a great homecoming for rachel. she was with carson and kennedy performing her new hit i am
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find a way to break through, even if we can't find heaven i will walk through hell with you. >> her new album wildfire came out friday and it's in the top ten on itunes. listen to carson and kennedy every weekday morning from 5:30 to 9:00. we have much more ahead. the news at 6:00 starts right now. a pair of storms for this weekend. >> an emotional president obama trying to tighten gun control laws. >> when i think about those kids i get mad. >> exclusive new england prep school accused of ignoring sexual assaults on campus. >> the former students that say they were raped then victimized when they asked for help.
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rail. we begin with breaking news first at 6:00 a baby found alone in a cold car. >> police say the mother left the baby alone while she went shopping at the outlets. >> shoppers saw the baby crying in the car and called police. the eight-month-old baby was alone in a car parked in a handicap spot. eventually the mother did return but police took the baby checked out. the baby is expected to be okay. that's the good news. the mother was not arrested. she will be charged with child david and paula. >> thanks very much. this all happened in the middle of some of the coldest winter. >> things will improve. eric fisher is here with
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