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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. developing right now at 4:30. a teenager hit a stray bullet in the kitchen a search for the suspect. a store owner and a thief, at a local market. and the snow time line when it arrives and how it will impact your commute. boston hospital's hacked, patient information exposed, what you need to know. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning.
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tuesday january 12th, up and at 'em. chilly, it's cold. we got some snow on the way, it is the quiet start this morning we're not going to have any issues for the morning commute. we have a fast moving clipper system moving by, that will mean snow will move from west to east at 2 p.m. snow showers moving through the evening commute. snow squalls may produce hazardous travel north and west of boston, will be a little bit colder that will have a big impact. in the state of maine where the storm will rapidly intensify and in northern maine. for us it is quiet, temperatures running in the teens it is a cold start, 24 in boston, satellite and radar is pretty quiet. we have just a few scattered
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west to east later on this afternoon. what will happen is the clouds increase through lunchtime. start to look and feel a little bit like snow. temperatures come into the mid to upper 30s. notice by 4 p.m., bursts of rain and snow coming into eastern massachusetts, bursts of moderate snow in far eastern massachusetts we'll have a tougher time sticking notice where the temperatures are at or below freezing, especially between 8 and 10 p.m. we'll see bursts of snow that we'll look at the accumulation map coming up in just a couple minutes. breaking news police have sealed off a popular tourist location in turkey after an explosion. happened in a historic district. several people were injured, turkish tv stations are reporting there may be some casualties. state-run television says the blast was likely caused by a suicide bomber but so far authorities have not said what
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follow this story foryou and bring you updates. developing this morning, a teenager hit by a stray bullet inside his home. police are searching for the person who fired those shots he was standing his kitchen when he was hit. >> bullets hit cars at least one apartment at the complex on pine grove drive. a bullet hit 17-year-old right below his right shoulder blade he is expected to be okay but neighbors say they watched this situation get worse. >> i heard the shots and my wife says that's fireworks, i says no that's bullets, that's gunshots. >> how many shots did you hear? >> i'd say 7, 8, all glass on the ground, tomorrow have to get the window fix, my wife has a bullet in her year passenger side tire, have to go fix that. police found 18 shell casings around the apartment
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boston medical, he is expected to make a full recovery. 4:33, incredible video from fall river, a store owner fighting off an armed robber with a knife by pulling out an even bigger knife. the struggled in the market sunday morning went on for more than a minute. the thief got away with a couple hundred dollars and the owner's knife. this isn't the first time this market has been hit back in 2014 the owner was able to scare off the would be robber with that same knife. 4:34. a thousand patients affected by a security breach at the women's hospital. hackers broke into an employee's e-mail account and gained access to those patient'snames birth dates and medical information. hackers didn't get health insurance numbers or financial information. so far there is no evidence the
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they are working to notify all affected patients. also this morning, a warning for people using dating apps in worcester. 2 men were attacked when they thought they were meeting up with a woman both went to the lobby of the laurel street apartment complex but instead of meeting a woman, they were attacked by a man. one of the victims was stabbed. >> it shows the level of violence these two perpetrators were willing to do to somebody. >> they say both men responded to the sim woman's profile about a week apart. the stabbing victim is expected to be okay and police are urging people to always meet in public places. >> firefighters rescue a father and son from this burning home in dental office, this morning we're learning younger man is in serious condition the fire went to four alarms. the dentist was dazed and confused saying he was trying
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a near by gas station owner is shocked. to have him be in here this morning and be talking to him and then this afternoon for this to happen, you know, not a good feeling. i hope the son is going to be okay. >> officials say the son was in cardiac arrest, he and his father went to the hospital as well as a firefighter whosuffered an injury. and president will not present a wish list in year's past, preview executive actions he'll take without congress like on immigration, minimum wage and gun control. a 9-year-old boy from syria will be congressmen seth multon's guest. he lost his arms in an attack on a refugee camp. his three siblings were killed.
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letter asking the u.s. to let more syrian refugees into the country. you can watch the president's address right here on wbz at 9:00, stay with us for the wbz news at 11:00. switching to campaign 2016 now with just three weeks until the iowa caucuses hillary clinton and bernie sanders in that state. both took part in iowa showing candidates running neck and neck with clinton hanging onto a small lead over sanders. it is a different story in new hampshire with sanders over a small lead over clinton. chelsea will be there to campaign on her mother's behalf. and yesterday chelsea made several campaign appearances in boston. donald trump was meeting voters at a town hall in windham.
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be a quote dream come true. 4:37. officials are giving residents a chance to weigh in on sites like draft king and fan dual. several states have already banned the sites but saying they can operate in massachusetts if they face stricter rules. good news patriots wide receiver julian edleman is good to go with the chiefs. number 11 was back on the practice field for the first time yesterday since breaking his foot on november 18th. the patriots didn't lose without edleman on the field, saying he won't be holding himself back. >> would you say you're 100% back out there? >> i can't put a percentage until sunday, i'm feeling a day better than sunday. wbz has you covered from
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special 90 minute edition of patriots game day at 2:00, the pats and chiefs kickoff at 4:35 followed by the fifth quarter post game show. alabama once again the, in a game to win their fourth championship in the last seven years the victory dashing clemson's hope of becoming the first team to finish the season what a celebration too. coming up on wbz, taking a closer look at school start time. seriously considering whether in. what needs to happen to make it a reality. and apple wants to help you get some more sleep, the change coming to iphones and ipads that could lead to more shut eye, stay with us. ew neighborhood, and i need help learning my surroundings. to civilian life. where can i turn?
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resource for elders, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities of all ages. we link you to the services you need to live independently in the setting of your choice.
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. some new technology to keep sleepy drivers off the road and a legendary deal in hollywood.
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the money watch. >> and t and t is bringing back the up limited data plan to direct tv subscribers, users could pay for effort to get both wireless and tv services, summer. china's group is buying the film company legendary entertainment for $3.5 billion, legendary behind films like jurassic world, the hang over, bat man. and this is the first time a studio came under chinese ownership. soon your car will know how much sleep you've had and adjust accordingly. ford is creating technology that syncs with your smart watch in all the sleep and health data, if you're tired and stressed the car will adjust to safety settings, the cruise control would lead distance between cars which would give a tired driver more
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i think my car would say, don't bother getting behind the wheel, you're too tired. so true, right? we're always tired. >> no matter what. doesn't matter how much sleep you get you always feel tired when you first wake up. thank you very much. we've got weather to talk about some big changes on the way. yeah. snow we're talking snow danielle. >> quiet start for this morning but snow for the evening. today we're getting off on a quiet start, it is the evening that will see the big impact. temperatures are 25 degrees colder than yesterday. winds out of the west at 8 miles per hour there is less wind that's good news. 24 in boston only in the teens for most of the suburbs that includes back to the south coast. we have just a few scattered clouds over us, they'll thicken up quickly throughout the late morning here we go, here is the
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pennsylvania and new york, with a fast moving system that will approach as we head into later on this afternoon. let's time things out between now and late morning you see an increase in clouds, starts to look like snow, you know that sky where it gets a little bit gray. mid to late afternoon we have a couple snow showers that start to develop and kind of fill in during the evening commute. notice there are deeper blues in here that's my concern it is not just a light snow we have a burst of moderate snow that comes in at times right during the evening commute likely be mixed with rain drops back to the cape. notice 6 p.m. right in boston, metro worst through the brookshire, one more burst comes in between 8 and 10 mixed with rain and snow, any left over flurries should come to an end partial clearing comes in it is all gone by the time we get into
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it is a fast moving system, generally a coating to an inch. there may be amounts very localized to top out 2, maybe potentially 3 inches the jackpot will be across maine. not a major event it is the evening. tomorrow windy, much colder, wind chills will be in the tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will be up around 30 degrees and on thursday there will be a little less wind and moderate the temperatures just a little bit. today's highs manage to come into the upper 30s where we're coldest that's the concern that would impact the evening commute, tonight we drop back into the 20s, tomorrow only in the 20s to around 30, you have to factor in the wind. when you do that tomorrow, this is the real feel, running in the single digits and teens. definitely going to be a bitter blast through the middle part of the week.
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thursday, late day clouds will be up around 40 degrees on friday watching a potential storm could impact the pats on saturday likely be mixed with rain and snow across the interior windy and colder by the time we get to sunday. back to you guys. if you struggle to get your kids up and off to school on time you might be in favor of later start times. some school districts are seriously considering it for years people have been talking about moving to the school a little later to help busy teenagers get more sleep. paula takes a closer look to see if this dream of a few more hours of sleep will ever become a reality. it is our eye on education . >> reporter: the school buses roll in early at the high school. is it tough to be here? >> classes begin at 7:50. >> i don't get a lot of sleep, it would be super nice to start
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to help these busy teenagers newton is now looking into the possibility of a later high school start time. >> research is so over whelmelling and studies continue to come out that say that later start times are healthier for adolescents. the american academy of pediatrics recommends middle and high schools delay the start of class to 8:30 or later. harvard found 16-year-olds could benefit from a 10:00 start time. in hour later could be best for 18-year-olds. changing is clock is not easy. >> if it was simple a lot of smart people would have done it a long time ago. after school sports activities, jobs and schedules at the elementary schools create a maze of challenges. it would complications. >> i'm a fan of letting them sleep but my daughter said shewants to get up early. >> several are looking at a
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possible later start time. the change says is impossible for one school alone. >> one school makes a change, tremendous implications for sports, extracurricular activities, as well as teacher schedules a lot of pieces have to come into place, not something that can be rushed. new ton is getting feedback from parents and teachers and students to see if people want to make a switch. and lawmakers are pushing for a study on school start times to see if changes need to be made statewide. sticking with a sleep theme. one way to get extra sleep go to bed early, or now your iphone can help do that. it will come with a feature called night shift, once the sunsets your display will shift towards warmer colors many say
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your sleeplast night amazon issued a feature on its fire tablet. anything to make it easier to go to bed. a message from a hockey player seriously injured at gilette stadium. the update on her recovery. sean penn reacting to criticism over the interview,
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. up breaking news out of turkey, at least 10 people were killed 15 others hurt. happened in a historic district. the blast was likely caused by a suicide bomber but so far authorities have not said what caused it officially. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you updates throughout the morning. 4:53. checking our other top stories a teenager in the hospital after being hit by a stray bullet while standing in his kitchen. residents at the apartment complex on pine grove drive heard a hale of gunfire. police recovered 18 shell
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is expected to be okay. police searching for a thief that held up a convenience store armed with a knife. the owner who was working behind the counter fought back with his own big knife as you're watching right now the thief got away with some cash and the owner's knife. this isn't the first time the owners had to fight back details coming up. a man accused of shooting a boston police officer is behind bars on $1.5 million bail. prosecutors say officers say grant was dealing drugs, trying to pull him over when he open fire and shot officer kurt stokinger in the leg. headley refused to enter the courtroom and began yelling at the end of his hearing. >> also a gps and a curfew. >> he is expected to be okay. the lawyer for the man accused of killing the little girl known as baby bella says
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didn't do it. michael mccarthy's lawyer argued that two autopsies failed to reveal a cause of death and no signs of broken bones of trauma. bella's mother says she saw mccarthy beat her daughter to death, mccarthy pleaded not guilty. the boston pride hockey player seriously injured at gilette stadium is sending out a message to fans and supporters. >> we're back! speaking from her hospital bed at mass general, she tweeted out the video yesterday, that shows she is now talking 10 days after her injury. she still faces a very long recovery. 4:55. dramatic new video takes us inside the raid where investigators found el chapo
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>> the footage shows marines in a shoot out. joaquin guzman was captured friday after months on the run. proceedings are underway to send him back to face justice, that process could take a year. top investigators sean penn's interview for rolling stone. they tracked penn and an actress as they arrived for the secret interview. penn spoke out dismissing criticism, saying he was quote, had nothing to hide. it is 4:56. millions of americans do it every day, but not tom brady. the surprising admission from the patriots quarterback about his diet.
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. as you reach for your morning cup of coffee, second, maybe third, we're learning something new about tom brady this morning. he has never had a cup of joe. that's right tom brady says he has never drank coffee in his life. in his weekly radio show brady says, he has just never tried it of course we all know brady, also doesn't eat fruit because apparently he doesn't like the taste. >> i'm with him on the fruit. danielle is giving me the eye.
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