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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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break news at 6, a murder scene and highway crash. the investigation underway overnight and the estranged husband facing charges. >> a critical clue found in brookline as police try to track down the suspect in two crimes across-town. >> plus a gamble pays off big for boston. deal reach with the wynn casino in everettt what it peeps for both side. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. it's 6:00 right now i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. it's thursday, january 28th. and as you walk out the door,.
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there this morning danielle. >> not just cold 15 to 25 degrees colder than this time yesterday. we got spoiled it was so mild yesterday. 27 at logean airport. the air is -- logan airport. the air is dry. no real feel at logan airport. 21 in worcester. teens from keene to nashua. 17 in hunt. grab the shades as you head out. we are in for sunshine and a few clouds that will mix in. daley planner looks pretty good. bright and chilly start. a few clouds mixed in. up up around 40 for lunchtime. light wind from the south and clouds increase heading into the ride home. temperatures in the mid-30s andset at 4:52. speaking of reads let's go to the roads. >> reporter: a lot of slow downs and problems on the t as well. checking the south of the live look over the expressway.
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the split up to columbia road. 128 southbound bumper to bumper from logan he can press to the split. route 3 is sluggish. from the north 93 southbound two slow pockets between river road and 133 and between 128 and park street and route 3 southbound boggs down between 129 and 495. and on the t, they are using shuttle buses on the red behind between north quincy and jfk. all trains had stop at wednesdayy center and jf -- quincy center and jfku mass to accommodate the red line passengers that are inconvenienceed. >> thanks for the update. we begin with breaking news. a woman murdered in her home in norton. >> her estranged husband will be charged in court. nicole jacobs is live and police are investigating two different scenes. >> reporter: they are. the first happening here at this norton complex here. i can tell you police believe one man is responsible for the two crimes.
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interstate 495. two scenes and one murder. all beginning here at this home street amount in -- apartment in norton. a 911 call from apartment unit 2 results in authorities making a troubling discovery. a woman stabbed not breathing and not responding. identified as julie meede 34 years old pronounced dead at the hospital. in a bizarre chain of events it was only minutes later another 911 call this one from a crash on interstate 495 in norton. a pickup truck crossing the median slamming into an oncoming vehicle. the driver of the truck 35-year- old martin mcdonald the estranged husband of meede. now facing murder charges for her death. the circumstances surrounding the be the state crash are still under investigation -- vonning the interstate crash are still -- surrounding the interstate crash are still under investigation. i should add the driver of the
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injuries and was taken to rhode island hospital. in the meantime, mcdonald's expected to face a judge today. live in norton nicole jacobs. now to a developing story in brookline. police recovered the get away car involved in a double shooting and stabbing. detectives hoping that critical include leads them to two suspects on the run. susie steimle is live with a closer look at how it allunfolded. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say they have a good idea of who may have rened the car and are hoping that will lead to an arrest. all of this violent discovery started here where i am standing on st. paul street in brookline. this is where the first male victim was found with gunshot and stab wounds not far from here, two other male victims were discovered. now they are look for two suspects they say fled. this white ford focus with new york plates is considered a key piece in a brookline police investigation.
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is one of two suspects involved in the bloody brawl that started in brookline wednesday morning. the car was found on in back bay wednesday night. this started with the report of a man shot and stabbed on st. paul street in brookline that morning. >> disturbance 198 st. paul street caller on the the second floor reporting a disturbance from the third floor -- third floor. >> reporter: they responded to that and received another. >> i got two people stabbed. >> reporter: a few blocks away witnesses reported seeing two men tumble out of the ford focus covered in blood. the car took off and another man is dead to -- said to have run from the scene. >> i ran to the windows and saw the car in front. >> reporter: the disturbance forced schools in the area to shut down as police searched for the two suspects and took the other three men to the hospital. >> terrifying. it's unfortunate this is happening directly in front of my daughter's classroom and
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>> reporter: the throw men in the hospital were said to have suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. all five men are known to police. live in brookline susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thanks for the update. 6:06. a big deal between the city of boston and wynn resorts reaching an agreement an the everettt casino requiring the city to drop the legal fight and wynn will pay 368 million dollars over 15 years. some of that money will improve traffic and infratruck sture in the city. 1.7 billion dollar casino project will open in late 2018. a hingham man held captive in iran for more than a month is speaking out. matthew trevisick said he was about to leave when he was pulled off the street held for 40 days and his captors told him he would never go free.
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spotlights on me and they say matthew, matt, this is your last chance. you know admit why you are here admit that you are here to overthrow the government. >> he was wrapping up a four month language program at an institute associated with tehran university when he was detained. there's no word on why he was captured in the first place. he says he is now readjusting to life at home in hingham. tonight donald trump says he will host an event for veterans instead of astending the -- attending the final gop debate. stage. it's unclear how the boycott will impact trump's popularity with voters in the state. a monmouth poll shows the biggest lead over the gop rivals 7 pontes aheadch the poll was taken before trump announced he would skip out on the debate. it's 6:07 right now. today marks 30 years since the space shuttle challenger exploded about a minute after
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in new hampshire teach -- and krista mccall you have taught social studies today student will hold a moment of silence. they are working on a permanent displays about mcauliffe. the members are petitioning the president to crow ate national holiday honoring her and the challenger crew. boston marathon bomber gave a stunning courtroom apology but newly released documents say right after he was captured he showed the opposite of remorse. court documents released wednesday said he didn't show remorse or regret during fbi questioning. the documents are the first of more than 600 court filings and exhibits from the trial that will be released to the public. the number of gun licenses in massachusetts is growing. a report in the globe today finds nearly 350,000 class a firearms licenses were issued statewide in 2015. that's up about 8% from the year before.
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years ago. class a license is a broadest liedence available under stayed law allowing the holder to carry rifles shotguns or handguns and allows the holder to carry a concealed handgun. coming up on wbz this morning, the community fight over a school mascot. >> the big turn out at a public forum. >> and a vacation nightmare. a massachusetts woman severely injured in another country. doctors wouldn't help her. how a stranger came to her rescue. >> he is 11 but a basketball player is capturing the attention of nba stars. good morning danielle. >> good morning. not a bad looking hour by hour forecast. sunshine mixed with a few clouds this afternoon. we come up around or over 40. we will track changes tomorrow. rain and snow showers. the hour by hour coming up as we look live over the city of boston. clear skies and quiet start and a little chilly. stay with us.
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an 11-year-old in virginia has the moves that would make
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video has been seen thousands of times on instagram. so many times in fact the golden state warriors invited him to meet steph curry and he says it was a highlight but he is still at his happiest playing ball with his friends. >> amazing. >> yeah. >> and to think not to-- he is small to get a giant basketball kind of get the troubling down so cool. >> he has skills. >> impressive. >> good for him. >> getting noticed too. >> i know. >> we need to check the forecast on this thursday. dan -- we need to check the forecast on this thursday. danielle. >> a lot of sunshine mixed with clouds and bob average temperatures again. aid colder start this morning. the warm stretch relative of course will last through the beginning of february. in fact, we are talking about 50s heading into the start of the month which is on monday. couple rain and snow showers tomorrow. we will talk about that. the weekend looks good.
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the mild temperatures. saturday will be in the upper 30s and sunday should come well into the 40s. it's 27 in boston right now. 18 in nashuach teens through southern new hampshire. plymouth at 10 right now. and 14 in jaffrey and 16 in norwood. 20 in beverly and teens and 20s from the interior of southeastern massachusetts. vineyard only 15. 20s on the outer cape. grab the shades. clear skies overhead. plenty of sunshine mixed with a few clouds heading throughout the afternoon. in from the south. not all that strong. about 5 to 15 miles per hour. high temperatures climbing into the low 40s. keep in mind this time of the year, we should be in the mid- 30s. above average day. tonight the cloud will increase -- clouds will increase. some of the suburbs dip into the upper 20s. but we will rise tomorrow morning which will play a role in the rain and snow showers coming up either side of 40. so, from they similar to today. now the moisture for tomorrow
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to the carolinas. lakes. we have been talking about it all week. two disturbances how they interact and how quickly they do and it will play a role in the weather tomorrow. high pressure is in control a weak ridge building over southern new-lan. clouds increase this evening and tonight. tomorrow morning we are grazed by a ocean storm. most moisture is out to sea but we get rain and snow showers as the front comes through tomorrow and brief rain or snow showers. not a big impanth and clearing -- impact and clearing comes in. we start with sunshine and we get an increase in clouds on saturday and those clouds represent the warmer air pushing in. that will mean snow showers for northern new-land. for us a -- new england. for us a flurry or. two sunday sunshine into the 40s. tomorrow morning a pocket of light snow showers from southernmaine to worcester mixed with rain drops in eastern massachusetts. i am not anticipating a big
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don't be caught off guard if you get rain showers have the umbrella in the morning and some wet flax may mix in. in terms of snow accumulation, we are talking about a coat coding here or there primarily in the helpy terrain. worcester county southern new hampshire and it's going to melt away as temperatures come up above the freezing mark. slopes forecast looks good. snow showers tomorrow and again on saturday, and then sunday we jump into the 40s with partly sunny skies. so a great looking ski forecast if you are headed to the mountains and accu-weather seven-day forecast the weekend fantastic and monday, we jump into the 50s with a couple showers monday night, tuesday will be around 50 and the next storm comes in on wednesday. which means we are warm enough it should be mostly rain for the middle part of the week. what blast yesterday by the way with a third graders from the indian head school in hanson. they were have a strong stem program and i visited yesterday with the third graders and 4th grade hosted a museum of
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enjoined the museum of science exhibit on weather. they had a ton of energy. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: before we get to the roads we have some information for mbta red line passengers south of the city. because of a disabled train the t is using shuttle bus between north quincy and jfk and all trains will stop at conditionsy center and jfku mass to accommodate extra pass -- quincy center and jfk umass to accommodate extra passes. 128 southbound bumper to bumper. 93 southbound is slowest in the wilmington stretch. and 93 somerville slowest part is between park street and route 62. chris and kathryn. >> thanks for the update. tewksbury is in the middle of a community wide controversy over high school's mascot. last night residents turned outoverwhelmingly in support of keeping the redmen logo two residents felt it was offensive brought the concerns to the
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the issue for discussion. >> overwhelmingly in the research i've done it shows native americans found it offensive. >> race itch has never entered a kid' minds that drives me nuts because we show tremendous pride in all that. >> last night's meeting was the first step. next the superintendent will meet with students and local and state native american leaders before making a recommendation to the school committee. >> i remember i was sitting -- glsh i remember i was sitting in the-- i remember sitting sitting in the dirt and screaming about my upcoming wedding because my teeth had been pushed backwards. >> a perfect vacation became a nightmare month before her wedding. this morning she is crediting with a strangeer with sake her smile. stephanie greaves was jet skiing and was hit by a wave and knocked over. jet ski landed on her face. she says the hospital there didn't know how to handle it. luckily for her a doctor from
6:18 am
same emergency room and took charge of stephanie's care. >> some clrk said no you need to give this girl a cat scan and that's what she need and they became -- it became clear they were after money and wouldn't do it without proof they were going to get paid and the clerk said okay here's my credit card you-- kirk said here's my credit card you are working for me. >> he pulled her teeth back into place and flew with her in a medical helicopter to another hospital for treatment she is so grateful and is inviting him to the wedding. >> a nice gesture. wishing them the best. still ahead, keeping teens out of tanning salons. >> massachusetts lawmakers one step closer to passing a new law. >> reporter: this is jon keller when people exploit a charity for wounded veterans to party in style it makes you wonder how low can human kind go. more coming up on wbz this
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of:22. a well-known -- 6:2. a well-known -- 6:22. a well know charity accused of wasting money. erick millet came home with a traumatic brain injury i worked for the wound warrior project and said they spent millions of dollars on catered parties and conferences at lavish resorts. >> donor dollars trained me to speak and be a voice. that's what i am doing. and i am sorry i will be damned if you take hard working meshing americans' honey and drink it and waste it. >> cbs news says only 60% of the funds raised went to veterans. the wounded warrior project is
6:20 am
wrong and 80% of donations go to helping veterans. the organization denies buyingalcohol for participants at training conferences. as you can imagine the story sparking a lot of outrage. >> and this morning jon keler is giving us his take -- keller is giving us his take. >> reporter: in the lft36 hours c -- last 36 hours cbs news "new york times" and wbzi team report on the appalling spending practices of the wounded warrior project. one of our country's most prominent charities for veterans. they have documented millions of dockals -- dollars donated to help struggling vets waste on lavish parties unnecessary travel and perks. all fueling a 40% spending rate on overhead that is far higher than other charities devoted to veterans. how many times have we heard this same outrageous story of ego maniacs and sharks taking control of a well-meaning charity and blading the resources it's a larger more corporate version of the
6:21 am
who pretends to have a terrible illness so they can scam the community. and party with the proceeds. i am not sure there is language suitable for air. that can describe the anger and contempt i feel for people who would do this. they debase themselves bow tray those a rely on them and exploit well-meaning citizens who send in donations in an effort to help. it's bad enough that when a contractor rips off the military with gross overcharging or a worker rips off a system with a fake disability. greed and selfishness are facts of human nature. i get that. but there has to be a special place down below reserved for people who would exemployed disabled veterans or bureaucrats who covered up the scandalous lead poisoning of citizens drinking water in the midwest. shame is a powerful force. it helps guide us to do the
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but it seems too many of us have no shame whatsoever. share your thoughts on this via e mail at keller@wbz pop com or on twitter at keller at large. 6:26 on your thursday morning. lots more a come in the next half-hour. men giving a huge boost to one industry is spending billions on it. >> they are doing it toilprobable their appearance. it's our daley talker. >> bostonians good at tipping? you might be surprised to see where we are ranked. >> as we go to break four things to know for today.
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braking news at 6:-- breaking news at 6:30. an investigation after a murder and highway crash. a estranged husband is connected to both crimes. >> serving up more than pizza. the shop owner under investigation for prostitution. >> also trying to make boston
6:26 am
a task force on the case. >> from channel 4 studios in morning. >> good morning to you it's 6:30 on the dot i am chris mckinnon. >> i am cathen hauser and we up. >> a nice winter day. kids this morning need to be temperatures colder than this time 24 hours ago. 25 on average sunrise coming up at 7:02. climbing into the low 40s by later today with a few clouds mixing in. so a nice winter afternoon on tap. 17 in taunton and 18 in nashua. 16 in keene. clear skies overhead and we are in for bright sunshine to start the day and we will get cloud later on but grab the shades as you head out. bright and chilly. temperatures for most of us 15 to 25 degrees colder than this time yesterday. the wend will be fairly light not as strong as yesterday
6:27 am
6 to 12 miles per hour. 40 with sun and clouds for midday lunch and cooling off into the mid-30s heading into your evening drive with a few clouds on increase as well. sunset at 4:52. and still the wind about 8 to 16 miles per hour a couple showers on the way for tomorrow. we will talk about that cowping. let's get out-- coming up. let's get you on the roads. >> reporter: most of the slow downs are to the south of the city right now. let's look live at the expressway. northbound now is jammed from the split looks like from columbia road to the split a 20 minute delay. 128 southbound sluggish between route 37 and the split. route 3 northbound between union street and the split and 95 north is heavy to 128. to the north now, 93 southbound stop and go wilmington to woburn and roosevelt circumstance tolt leverett connector. 128 southbound heaviest between
6:28 am
a reminder the t is using shuttle buses because of a disabled train right now. all train stopping at quincy center and jfk u mass to help out the situation. >> we continue to follow breaking news a woman murdered in her home in norton. >> her estranged husband is heading to court today. nicole jacobs is live and this is more than just a murder case. >> reporter: it is kathryn. authorities say this is just the beginning. the scene here at this complex in norton. moments ago i spoke with a neighbor who says he actually saw the estranged husband now charged with murder yesterday when he was here at the complex and they shared a wave. never did he know of the extent what would transpire. i want to get you to video of the scene overnight. authorities say it was wednesday evening they received a 911 call from an apartment on
6:29 am
year-old -- 34-year-old julie meed' mother of 3 stabbed and -- meede a mother of three stabbed and died later at the hospital. minutes later another 911 call on 495 war pickup truck crossed a median and slammed into another vehicle. neighbors say they have known both and never would have imagined this. >> he was a nice guy a construction worker. construction worker so we got that. i feel for the kid. that's what it is you know. you've got a couple small children and so it's tough. >> reporter: and we are told the children were inside the home at the time of the stabbing. according to the neighbor. the neighbor also says that his children have played with the other children. certainly his heart goes out to the family at this point.
6:30 am
to be arraigned later on today. martin mcdonald is his name. again, the estranged wife julie meede the woman who was driving the nissan we are told did suffer serious injuries and was taken to rhode island hospital but certainly an ongoing investigation here. live in norton nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. 6:34. to a developing story in brookline. police recovered the get away car involved in a double shooting and staning. detectives -- stabbing. key tethives -- detectives hope it will lead them to clues to two suspects on the run. >> reporter: this is is a very violent and very public series of events in brookline. gunshot wound. yesterday. now of course this alarmed a lot of people in brookline but police say people shouldn't be worried because they are event. that being said, they are not explaining exactly what caused all of this violence.
6:31 am
saying is a very crucial clue in this investigation. and that's what you are looking at right now. that's a ford focus what they are calling the get away car from the incident. it was discovered on in back bay last night. yesterday morning is when all of this started. and that's when police found one male victim with stab and gunshot wound at an apartment on st. paul street in brookline two more men found down the street on harvard street. they were said to have been dumped out of the ford focus in front of a school forcing it to shut down. >> makes me very nervous. i mean i was in panic mode. >> terrifying. it is unfortunate this is happening directly in front of my daughter's classroom and that's very frightening to me. >> reporter: the three men taken to the hospital have nonlife-threatening injuries. all five men are known to police and police are hoping that the discovery of that car last night will help them track the suspects down who were on
6:32 am
two of them still on the run right now. they are hoeing to make an arrest shortly. live in brook line susie steimle wbz this morning. a nationwide manhunt for a killer ended in fitchburg. police say dana williams shot himself in the head as they closed in on his apartment. the 43-year-old is in critical condition right now. police say william murdered his exfather-in-law in virginia and kidnapped his former mother-in- law who is still missing. in fitchburg since last week. a man who missed getting hit by a tire that killed another criefer says -- driver says god was watching over him. the tire flew off the pickup truck on 128 in lexington a on tuesday. shot over jon eacrett's car andslammed into the wend shield and killing the driver behind him. >> the victim and his family and i am grateful it was not me or any of -- or anyone from my
6:33 am
but at the same time, tough have compassion for that poor guy. >> the victim was 26-year-old charles hu from lexington. the tire came off of a 1997 dodge ram and police are checking out the pickup trying to figure out why it came loose. into allegations of shop. the owner of liberty pizza in wayland is accused of trying to convains 19-year-old girl to sell herself for sex. police say they recorded mike giakoumakis offering her a job as a prostitute and bragging thing. yesterday the house approved a bill to prevent anyone from 18 years old or under from in-doortanning. the can't law allows people between 14 and 17 to use tanningsalons with a consent
6:34 am
now it's up to governor baker to sign it into law. a task force argue suggestions on how to make boston a destination for night life. it has been working for almost two years. some of the recommendations include letting restaurants stay open until midnight extending liquor license hours for bars in the downtown area and allowing live performances later into the night. public hearings will be held before any decisions are made. boston is the best place to work as waiter or waitress. popular rest runed rant review -- restaurant review guide zagat found boston with the highest reported average tip. at 20%. the national average is about just shy of 19% and the city with the lowest average in case you are wondering san antonio with 17%. it's #:38. time for the daily talker. botox is not just for women a growing number of men are now trying to look younger.
6:35 am
and the search for the fountain of youth is a 4 billion dollar industry. >> reporter: you are listening to a man who has been getting his brows waxed for 40 years and i understand the male personal grooming thing a lot of guys are doing botox and it's not just old dudes. one man cbs interviewed while getting his face shot up is 29. cosmetic surgeons are seeing more and more men in the 20s and 30s coming in for the procedure. up 273% over the past two decades. and it's not just botox that's becoming more popular in male grooming. in past few years sales of products like shower jell and facial cream jumped 15%. it's a multibillion dollar business. why the change? one analyst told cbs we have been seeing the definition of masculineity shift over the years and a plastic surgeon said there's leafs stigma now when -- there's much less of a
6:36 am
we tossed it out there to you to comment. maria says if it makes men feel better about themselves why not. self-esteem strugels are not just a woman problem. you are right sister and lee says why not they expect us ladyies to kipe our a-- aheadies -- ladies to keep up our appearance and why shouldn't they. number of ways to comment facebook twitter or website we would love to hear from you. and comment all day long. >> she has spoken. just ahead big news for the casino project in everettt. and boston. >> and wild weather in southern florida i should say. camera. good morning danielle. >> good morning kathryn. checking in with weather watchers and temperatures running colder than this time yesterday. we are running in the teens and 20s and checking in with degrees.
6:37 am
changes for tomorrow. rain and snow showers.
6:38 am
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if you woppeddered what it looks like to be too close to a tornado here it is.
6:40 am
yesterday. touched down. no one was hurt but look at the debris flying around. you can see the wind fierce. rig down trees and causing widespread damage and the area could see a couple more severe storms today. nothing like yesterday. but there's a threat for a pew popup -- for a few popup storms. >> active day yesterday. >> things are calm around here though. >> pretty calm. quieter than south florida and colder did you notice. >> i did. when we walked out it was like hello, winter. >> yes. >> we are 15 to 25 degrees colder than this time yesterday. clear skies beautiful bright sunshine going to greet you today. kid included. checking in with the live weather bug network.
6:41 am
and the josiah wednesdayy school in boston -- quincy school iboston is at 26. tawpton -- taunton 16. we have teens on the vineyard. here are the clear skies. we will get some clouds that mix in at times this afternoon. but overall it's going to be a nice winter day. the wind from the south 5 to 15 piles per hour boost temperatures into the lower 40s. so another above average day upper 30s to low 40s from the worcester hills through the lower to middle 40s for highs and sunshine and building clouds. tonight, cloudy with a sprinkle or temperaturey. we drop back to 30 degrees -- to a flurry. we drop back down to 30 degrees. tomorrow a passion rain or snow shower back up to shy of 40. northwest wind tomorrow will take hold about 8 to 16 miles per hour. those rain and snow thundershowers tomorrow starting to develop here. two systems.
6:42 am
into the great lakes and moisture to the south. week. the bulk of the storm had miss us out to sea. control. tomorrow morning, that storm shower early. i am not thinking there's going to be much accumulation in terms of snow. the. the greatest risk is worcester through southwest few ma'am sure yo. maw -- new hampshire. the showers that come through you may see a mix. temperatures should be up around 40. by friday night, clearing skies come in and we start with sunshine tomorrow. and then an increase in clouds i should say on saturday indicates mild air. it's going to push in for sunday. so if you like mild temperatures, sunday is your day. saturday is looking good too. there may be a stray temperaturey by saturday afternoon and -- flurry by saturday afternoon and evening. notice a little light snow possible from southern new
6:43 am
newd -- southern new hampshire to worcester. rain showers in eastern massachusetts. scattered and couple wet flakes may mix in during the evening and clearing comes in after that. a little unsettled tomorrow. the weekend looks good and look at that. first day of february,54 degrees. couple showers monday night. tuesday still mild and the next storm comes in on wednesday. but we are warm enough it looks like it will be areas of rain that develop during the day on wednesday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: good news for mbta riders using the red line. south of the city, train service has resumed between jfk, u mass and north quincy. they were using shuttle buses because of a disabled train but the train is off the tracks and the t tells us passengers can expect moderate reschedule -- residual delays as they catch up with the morning commute. but for now the t spokesman says everything should be back to normal on the red line
6:44 am
>> all right thanks very much. 6:47. checking top stories starting with breaking news a woman murdered in her home in norton. >> her estranged husband will be charged in court today. police got a 911 call from julie meede's apartment on holmes street around 7:30 last night. emergency responders rushed the 34 year oto the hospital where she was pronounced dead. a minute after that 911 call state police were alerted to a serious crash on 495 which was not far from the murder scene. they say the victim estranged husband martin mcdonald was driving on 495 south when he crossed the median and slammed into another vehicle. that driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. mcdonald is being held by police right now. he is set to be arraigned later this morning. police hope the get away car they found last night will help them track down two men connected to two crime scenes in brookline. yesterday police found a man with stab and gunshot wound in an apartment on st. paul street. two other men were found
6:45 am
witnesses told police they may have been dumped out of the ford focus. also this morning, the sit they of boston and wynn resorts everettt. wynn will pay 368 million over the course of 15 years and some of that money will help improve the city. boston will drop the legal fight against the casino. late 2018. still to come, celtics trying to make it 4 in a row. do they pull it off. >> tom brady has a message for patriots fans after a des appointing ento the season. >> and calling ought athletes. how you can take -- calling all athletes.
6:46 am
hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america
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all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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the cell ribs heat up -- celtics are heat up winning -- heating up winning 4 in row. smart with the steal and back to the other end. and he finds bradley for the 3. bradley had a huge game scoring 21 points in the first half alone. the green go onto win 111-103. registration is now opened for the 2016 pan mass challenge. the fund raising goal for the
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all the money every penny, goes to the dana farber cancer institute in yesterday rye deersraised 45 million for recrude crueting targeted at target therapies and treatment for a lot of cancers. wbz is proud to be a spanser of the pmc. and at 8 this morning, you will be able to register for the first decathlon in boston raise money for pediatric cancer patients at the dana farber. it's july 23rd and 24th. at brandeis university one day for teams one for individuals and spectators are welcomed. for more information go to the website cbs so to all the depressed patriots fans we have a letter from tom brady with love. >> the quarterback posted the handwritten letter on facebookto pats nation thanking everyone for the support and says we never quit and nor lost for. it's rare to have the honor on
6:50 am
ended it i learned the road to the next one is paved by seasons like this one. >> it's a classy move. >> and tom and i had the same penmenship. >> the handwriting is similar. 6:54 right now. time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with charlie rose. good morning. >> ahead on cbs this morning we will talk with one of the country's top infectious disease specialist and what the the government is doing to prevent an outbreak of the zika virus in the u.s. and we go inside the national zoo we want to find out how they kept the pandas and other animals safe during the blizzard. that and more the news is back in the morning. see you at 7. >> thank you very much. up next people better work on excuses for being late to work. >> we have some of the most bizarre excuses you will ever hear. stay with us. you are watching wbz this
6:51 am
being late to work happens to the best of us. if you need a good excuse for your boss don't use these. >> a job seek website ravening the most outrageous excuses for being late to work contenders i was detained by a homeland security. another one, vaseline truck overturn on highway causing cars to slip.
6:52 am
a nap on my car. >> i believe that one. >> if you live in western mass you could. >> i don't believe that but the bear it was a huge animal on right. >> right. >> have you useed that before. >> i am -- used that before. >> no i never used it have you eued anyone -- used any crazy >> no. >> on time. these two. >> keep us awake. beautiful weather today sunshine low 40s and rain and snow showers tomorrow. >> thanks for being with us this morning. homecoming? it' s awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan, it gets even better. r you know those people who pay a little extra t and get all the legroom in coach? that could be you, t if you refinance your student loans. i can refinance? yes, you could replace your current student loans with one new loan and save money on interest. sounds easy! it is easy! so, treat yourself to something from that in-flight magazine. or save up for a new car, a wedding or a down payment on the home of your dreams.
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