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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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should be okay. we will -- everyone should be okay. we will stay here. >> thank you again. good news the injuries are minor. we will continue to follow the story. as we get new information we air and online. we have breaking news out of andover a dump truck overturning on 93 south near the exit for 495 north. that exit 44b. crews had to shut down the two right lanes so that they could clean up the big mess. all the lanes are back opened right now during afternoon commute. traffic is getting by okay. busy evening breaking now at 5, skyeye over what may be an explosion in foxboro. you will be able to see in a moment smoke coming out of an industrial building. i am told we don't have the live picture. this is an industrial building on pine acres road, firefighters are at the scene and investigating to see if it's an explosion. no word on any injuries. also tonight we are
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details on a murder in norton. >> police say an 11-year-old girl called 911 reporting her mother. and today 35-year-old martin mcdunna face adjudge. bill shields was in the courtroom. >> reporter: this is really very inconceivable when you think about this apartment last night, there were four kids, one of them was a neighbor's kid he was over there visiting the other three. the couple was he is streangd but they seemed -- estranged but seemed to be trying to getthings together and the husband came over for dinner and is allegedly stabbing to death his estranged wife in front of all the kids. two of them their own. 35-year-old marty mcdonald murder -- marty mcdonald murdered his wife in front of their two kids and his 11-year- old step daughter called 911 find kateing her mother was
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he left in the truck. police responded within minutes to the scene and they found 34- year-old julie meede appeared to be have been severely beaten and stabbed multiple times. >> reporter: julie meede lived here with her three daughters and a 9-month-old and 3-year- old were fathered by marty mcdonald. the couple had been having problems and they were separated. but he was there for dinner then apparently snapped. the kids saw it all. >> then some point took out a knife stabbing her multiple times and the young girl then indicated she tried to call 911 and at which time the defendant struck her in the head area took her phone so she couldn't call 911. >> reporter: renee lives next door and knows the family. today she was in tears describing marty mcdonald. could do that?
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mcdonald crashed his truck on route 495. in apparently confessed to a state trooper. >> the trooper inquired as to what was going on and he said i killed my wife. >> reporter: a doctor testified in court today that mcdonald knew exactly what was going on and exactly what the carriages were but -- charges were but they order him to undergo psychiatric evaluation for 20 days. the reporting live, bill shields wbz news. >> thank you. we have breaking news this evening a case of the the zika virus confirmed here in massachusetts. our dr. mallika marshall joins us we talked about this yesterday with respect to central america and caribbean islands. all of south america. >> reporter: what does this mean? more than 20 con advice -- countries have been identified to having the zika virus. so it's not unusual and it was expected that we would see some cases in new england of people returning from abroad. this is not a case of zika
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that was -- understand that was contracted here in the united states but contracked elsewhere. aid man -- contracted elsewhere. it's a man and not a pregnant woman and there's no public health threatch the man is not look-- threat. the man is not likely to pass iton we don't have any mosquitoes floating around in these temperatures so you know to be expected and nothing to worey about. >> so take away -- worry about. >> so the teak away is this is a virus that may spread based on how people move but no great threat with this case. >> reporter: you got it. >> thank you. >> reporter: you are welcome. >> great information thank you. also tonight, the loss of a political legend. former providence mayor buddy seeansy -- cianci passing away at the age of 74 the providence. >> he was beloved by many people and didn't shy away from controversy. prison for racketeering. paula ebben has a look back at
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>> i guess that a person is not known by the good times but known by the adversity. >> reporter: and tough talking wisecracking vincent buddy cianci had plenty of adversity. >> as mayor of the sit they. >> reporter: he was elected mayor in 1974. but ten years later he was forced to resign after being convicted of assaulting his ex- wife's lover. >> you be cents to the the adult correctional institution. >> reporter: that was detour weasms's-- ewas elected mayor again ash did he -- he was elected mayor again a few years later by the scandal called plunder dome was the beginning of the end. it was an investigation into city hall corruption. cianci faced charges he orchestrated bribes for jobs contracts and campaign contributions. >> the judge was fair and he think the system is fair. >> >> reporter: he was found guilty on only one count. >> i was acquitted of 29 charges and i was convicted of
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>> reporter: and he defiantly held on to the office. >> i have at this point no intention of stepping down because that's not what the law provides for. >> reporter: that lasted until he was sentenced to five years in federal prison. released in 2007, he took another shot at the mayor's job in 2014. >> like old times. >> reporter: but this time the voters said no. and his political life was over. >> the election has been bizarre. >> reporter: corruption will always be associated with the man they sometimes called the prince providence he is remembered as someone who ushered in revitalization of the city turning providence from decaying old town tore a modern city. >> i said i would be the mayor and i run the city and with a lot of other people. and we have made the city what it is today. >> reporter: after his last failed run for mayor, he worked in radio and tv and always maintained his innocence. though all of his appeals were turned down. david and lisa.
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also tonight, it was a moment forever. 30 years ago today the challenger space lift off. of course all 7 astronauts including new hampshire teacher krista mcauliffe were killed and today the nationed paused to remember the lives lost. >> reporter: nearly 500 people including the families of the challenger crew gathered at cape canaveral florida for a moving ceremony paying tribute to the victims. it was the largest nasa memorial held for the crew for the first time krista mcauliffe's son scott now 39 took part e was there with his two young sons and said it was time for them to learn about the space programthe names of each victim was read allowed and what became a very
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>> judith a resnick, allison s- - ronald e mcnair. gregory b jarvis. >> also at today's event educators who competed with mcauliffe to be the first teacher in space one who served as backup said new hampshire educator was always thinking of her students even writing college recommendations for them right up until launch day. david. >> we will remember that little wave she gave. thanks so much liam. tragedy hit new england hard because of the death of mcauliffe. tonight at 6 beth germano looks at her interview with mcauliffe when she was collected as one of the 10 finalist to take the historic trip. a lot of people on social media report feeling a shaking in new jersey and new york and connecticut. certainly felt like an earthquake. we want to go over to eric and we have learned it was something else. >> twa. yeah people were feeling the
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the usgs in the central part of new jers crane they said it was a son-- new jersey and they said it was a sonic boom what jet is breaking the sound barrier and creates a pressure wave to shake the ground. you can feel it down at surface. it's interesting because norad said we don't have any jets over that airspace. so this one may not be completely over yet. sel we will watch and maybe new -- something we will watch and maybe new information will come back. a earthquake has not been ruled out. we are watching two systems one across florida and another moving from the west as it will bring us snowflakes by tomorrow. the short-term tonight increasing clouds and tomorrow morning and temperatures in the upper 20s. we will talk about the snow chances and look forward to a weekend with a shot at 50 degrees. breaking news at disneyland in paris, a man carrying two guns ammunition and a copy of the quran was arrested trying to walk into the new york hotel at the theme park.
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incident and the park remained open even after the arrest. france is in state of emergency following the tear of the attacks in november. just a few hours the gop presidential candidates will take the stage for one last debate before the iowa caucus next week. but the front-runner donald trump says he won't be there because megyn kelly will moderate he clashed with bill o'reilly over the detigs. >> it is what it is -- decision. >> it is what it is. >> you are taking this much more seriously than i am. i am not taking it sears you -- seriously. >> i want you to consider, think about it say look, i moit come back -- i might come back forgive go forward. >> i don't like being taken advantage of and in this case i was being taken advantage of by fox. >> he won't be there and instead of debating he will hold an eye sent a few miles away in eye -- event a few miles away he says will benefit veterans etch has the biggest lead over the gop rivals
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trump is 7 pontes ahead of the closest rival -- points ahead of the closest rival ted cruz. the poll was before he announced he would skip the debate. we will see if that has an effect. creators of barbie have taken heat for making a doll that was they said out of touch. now, barbie getting a major makeover. >> we will look at the remake of an icon. >> plus, honors at harvard. woman of the year kerry washington comes to cambridge for hasty pudding. >> what you should be eating to lose extra pounds. >> and we are following breaking news. at least 12 elementary school students hurt although not seriously in the school bus crash in framingham. it happened close to the dunning school this afternoon before 3. and the students been taken to the hospital and we will bring you new information
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barbie has a new look and curves criticized for years toy maker mattel gave her the biggest makeover yet. new barbie was unveiled today and it will be available in three sizes curvey tall and pee teeth. >> and we look at the reason for the redesign. >> reporter: at toy shops
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is a girl named lotie. >> she doesn't wear makeup or high heels and is the age of her. >> reporter: the owners of tadpole toys don't stock barbie. the world's best selling doll. - >> it's not something we specifically tried to avoid but we have a customer base that it is thoughtful about positive influences on girls. >> reporter: some parents have blasted the typically white doll with unrealistic proportions for years saying >> barbie. >> reporter: aka barbie, sends the wrong message about beauty. toy maker mattel recently introduced 23 new dolls with colors. now they areaing three new body types -- they are adding three body types curvey tall and pee
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>> reporter: women rights activist is promoting a pay equity bill and applaud the new look of bare and-- barbie and says good doesn't have to be the opposite of perfect. >> it's a griewtion. >> reporter: they spent years remaking it. the redesign is on the cover of time magazine. leaving it up to parents to decide if they have done enough. >> so surprised it as it haiken -- it has taken this long but aid positive move on their -- it's a positive mob on their -- move on their part. >> they are losing money on barbie. sales down 15%. >> so becoming more inclusive will boost the bottom line. we will see. >> well i am buying high on the weather. >> yeah look at the big-- >> we are doing well. coy look for this through february. >> i don't think you will get
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>> but it's nice now. >> a request at the very least. >> request yes but we are lucky anything. >> pretty mild for a while that's for sure. beautiful sunset gorgeous day. blue hill camera looking out to the west south from milton this evening. and nice mix of cloud cover and gooda good way to end a -- good comfortable day. 43 degrees today high temperatures it's late january and felt good. you this is -- you know this is warmer than any day from january 20th until march 3rd last winter weep didn't hit 40 once that entire stretch. it was so incredibly cold last winter i blocked that out. but a day like today we would have begged for last season. 39 in boston as well as norwood and lawrence. hyannis at 34. talked to phil in brewster who said the known is gone on the cape from the blizzard. some places saw over a foot now it's in the wood and shady areas. two storm systems.
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shore and a cold front moving from the west. they will combine to create sloppy weather for friday. it's mostly dry tonight and temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s. not dropping off too dramatically. it will be a chilly evening. looking at changes for tomorrow morning the clouds will increase overnight hour by hour. head willing towards tomorrow morning rain and snow showers will break out. now notoriously this type of setup i was complex one across the northeast the models are terrible and so i am telling you tomorrow morning into the day there will be scattered rain and snow showers very likely across the region. and i think temperatures might end up being a couple degrees cooler. best chance for rain mixing in the cape and islands and temps are the warmest. but heading north and west we will see snowflakes flying. scattered about into the afternoon before the activity dies down into tomorrow evening. so a sloppy day it's not a big storm. but it could cause travel issues. highlighting the mix of rain and snow showers a burst of snow could limit visibility. a coating to ionch the max.
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the north show and sea coast as well as the main coastline. so again, it's. >> the huge thing but something to be cognizant of traveling around tomorrow. so we start the day with areas of rain and snow showers and near he freeze mark -- near the freezing mark. a lot of clouds and winds start to shift and that brings drier air for late in the day. so northwesterly at 5 to 15 by the evening. and rain or snow showers will wrap up for friday night a bessy pattern here. we have two systems tomorrow night. then heading towards saturday another front approaches but north. that means for us is that it will be a pretty quiet day. snow showers in northern new england but looking dry here. then on sunday, we get into the milder sector and it's going to be extremely warm outside for the final day of january. we are there. so 40 on saturday with partly sunny skies. right around sunday closing in on 50 during the afternoon. and i recommend going to the ski slopes this weekend. it will be cool and comfortable. saturday. and as we head towards next
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going to bray lot of warmth and -- bring a lot of rain and warmth into canada. the accu-weather 7-day. look at mop, february 1st, 55 degrees a few rain showers. still close to 50 on tuesday. and david and lisa on rain possible. >> okay. i am delivering. >> we will take it. half they pudding theatrical honor the woman of the year scandal star kerry washington by parading her down the streets of harvard square and the players who were dressed in drag accompanied her afterwards they launched a roast. man say they were nervous to put on an event for her because sheplay as pr wiz. next month they honor joseph gordon levitt as the man of the year. >> you are late to work for no good roon but have to come up with a reason. >> what was your excuse in up next a look at the most outrageous excuses of the year. >> and terror in the sky.
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the moment a tornado crosses the florida road. coming up new at 6, christa mcauliffe former student. >> everybody cheered in the cheering just continued. we didn't realize what had happened. >> remembering the challenger disaster and how mcauliffe's legacy inspired here to -- her to become a teacher. car repairs, home improvements, a family trip... it's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses
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go to or call 1.888.get.fios. congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place
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and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight to take back our government. we have good news if you like berries soy or coffee crowe know how i feel about coffee. all are good for you. >> dr. mallika march sall has great news in today's "healthwatch." >> reporter: good news for coffee lovers and lovers of chocolate a study finds that regular caffeine intake does not cause extra heartbeats or abnormal heart right u on the heels of snore study that found
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associated with a lower risk of death in general. want to avoid unwanted weight gain harvard researchers say eat more foods like apples pears and berries andions and tea which are rich in flavonoids. the nutrient that gives the food the bright color. and it doesn't take much even a half a cup of blue beer yeas day can make a significant difference. -- blueberries can make a different. peas and corn and poe tados can do -- potatoes can make you gain weight. success with fertility effectsthrough a chemical present in the bodies of most americans. bpa is linked to reproductive health problems and may interfere with treatments. those who ate soy products had better success with ivf than those that didn't.
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of us in fact a new study found 25% of us are late at least once a month. career builder are out with the most outrageous excuses. some of the best my hair caught on fire from my blow drier don't you have to have proof when that happens a vaseline truck overturned on the highway and the cars were slipping all over the place. wouldn't that be on the traffic news? and a black bear entered the carport and decided to take a nap on the hood of my car. but what are the real reasons people are late. traffic, oversleeping and getting delayed at day care. those are the real reasons and they are all pretty good. >> those are legit. > many dc car owners finally able to dig out. >> still to come, the unfortunate surprise they may be find under the snow. >> and caught on camera a tornado moving across the florida highway. we will look closer at the damage tonight. >> and two arrests in a bizarre violent crime in brookline. the investigation far from over.
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breaking news off the top. 10 elementary school student hurt in a school bus crash in framingham. all injuries and this was good news minor. really described as bumps and bruises. this happened close to the dunning school some of the kid have been taken to the hospital and we will watch it and have
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