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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a snow day takes a heartbreaking turn. a tree branch falls and kills a little girl. >> she was gone. it is prompting police to warn all parents about the danger left behind. >> reporter: it is heartbreaking for the family of the little girl. you can see how heavy the snow is part how it weighs down the lines and the trees.
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police used social media to urge everyone to stay inside because the number of tree branches falling down. truck keleigh kenyon could not wait. the wet snow was perfect for playing but it was also putting weight on the tree limbs. >> my dad and i turned. >> reporter: she turned six in january. she was in her family's backyard. a large tree limb fell from 35 feet up landing on her. her father and older brother were nearby. >> is my sister okay? i ran over there with my dad. it was `. they were branches coming off of it. >> reporter: hearing screams the mother and daughter living next-door ran over and performed cpr.
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>> reporter: paramedics rushed her to the hospital. >> just pray for her. she is just a little baby. >> reporter: that was her older sister. she was the youngest of four. keleigh kenyon died a few hours ago in the hospital . utility crews are scrambling to restore power after trees brought down power lines. 100,000 customers are off-line statewide. >> power crews tweeted out this video of a live wire fire. it is unclear how long it will take utility crews to restore electricity. travel was tough all day long. >> this was a good day for
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there were no major problems. a tree fell on the tracks. that shut down parts of the green line. >> we should see some melting this weekend but we are keeping an eye on the next possible storms. a busy pattern is taking shape. winter will come back with a vengeance. the storm is off to the east. the skies are clear. there were significant snow totals. was there at 12 1/2 inches of snow. kingston at 10.for. thank you to everyone who took a measurement and sent it in. one thing to watch for tonight mi./h. there is a chance of heavy snow
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temperatures are cold. things will freeze overnight. we will be into the 30s tomorrow. sunday lower 40s. good news for the cleanup crews. we start to watch the next potential. we have a storm close by with snow on monday and another on tuesday. we will talk about the potential coming up. a deadly crane collapse in new york city. new video shows one of the survivors who was a mattress sutures -- massachusetts man. >> reporter: rescuers freed him from the car. he only suffered a gash on his head. >> reporter: he shoveled his own walk tonight after doing
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>> we stepped up to help. >> reporter: he is talking about this man. seen in this video with his head bleeding trapped in his car. after a crane collapsed this morning. >> you run to the windows and you see a crane falling on the street. >> reporter: it buckled and fell as workers were trying to secure it. the cranes a counterweight landed on top of a decks -- desk. a wall street trader was killed. the mayor said the construction crew saved the lives. >> as they were lowering the claim -- crane they were keeping traffic from proceeding down west broadway. >> reporter: his neighbors watched this video in horror. >> he was shaken up and had a
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they took him to the hospital. it was nerve-racking to see. >> reporter: it was parked on the street waiting for his daughter to exit an office. she was not hurt and neighbors say he will be okay. the cell phone video ends with rescuers trying to get the metal off of his car. >> you cannot explain that sort of thing. you cannot plan for something like this. >> reporter: the crane had just been inspected yesterday. the mayor ordered 400 other cranes around the city to remain secure until investigators figure out what happened. we are following news overseas. a powerful earthquake in taiwan. five people are dead more than 220 people were rescued from an apartment building. can pin 2016.
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democratic unity rally. clinton and sanders have been pretty civil. >> the more that is changing as we get closer to the primary. >> reporter: this is really a rallying cry organized in new hampshire. it is the last opportunity for bernie sanders and hillary clinton to talk to thousands of their fans and hope to stir up enthusiasm. >> reporter: energy surge through manchester. the sound of 6000 people galvanizing new hampshire's democratic party. a final push for presidential candidates before the new hampshire primary. a place where they could speak to an eager audience. >> new hampshire has never quit on me and i will not quit on you.
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>> i say to the billing our class we are going to create an economy that works for working families not just the people on top. >> reporter: define who they are . >> you want a president who will roll up her sleeves and make a difference in your lives. >> reporter: expand their passion. >> the first thing i would say is she is the most qualified to be president. >> reporter: with supporting evidence for their pick. >> i love everything he does. >> reporter: the question is which narrative will when? the battle tested politician or the political revolutionary? we will have to wait until tuesday. getting down to the wire
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one another using new hampshire event to spread their message and attack competition. >> many republicans got out. ted cruz held a town hall in salem. he told voters carson had dropped out. a surging marco rubio held a predebate rally where he introduced his family and try to fend off attacks about his accomplishments. >> thank you. >> reporter: one attack came from jeb bush. he was campaigning with his mother. he summed up rubio's accomplishments in one word. nothing. and chris christie who picked up charlie baker's endorsement told a town meeting to not reward those who do not show up in new hampshire.
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donald trump. and trump did not make it to the granite state. he blamed the weather. instead he rallied voters in south carolina. donald trump will head back to new hampshire tomorrow. charlie baker will be at a rally with chris christie to show his support. it is getting busy there. we are your election station. live coverage begins tuesday evening. live in california tonight. thousands of people are celebrating. >> the crowd will get bigger. we are joined live. >> reporter: thank you. you can feel the excitement. take a look behind me. the crowds are getting bigger
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we are less than 48 hours away to kickoff between the broncos and the panthers. at the stadium they were rehearsing for the pregame events with local high school football players. i had the chance to talk to brett gumbel. i asked him if he was surprised if brady would be here? >> knowing the competitor that he is i think he hates coming here not being a member of a team that is playing in the game. but i think that -- he has never been a bad guy as far as i could tell. i think it is a good move for him. i think he gets a kick out of doing the unexpected.
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here it will show up. >> reporter: it seems like everywhere you go you run into someone connected to the patriots. i ran into the data of matthew slater. you will not believe the advice he gave his son. that is coming up in sports. some exciting news. bruno mars confirming that he will join coldplay and beyonce during halftime for the super bowl. >> you can watch all the action and super bowl 50 at 6:30. strangers who became best friends. our cameras were there for the reunion. a marine and a dog. we played word association with new hampshire voters using the names of the candidates.
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-- speaks volumes. we will watch the weather leading up to and during primary day in new hampshire. we have a couple of storm
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the reunion at logan between a marine and his best friend. >> we have the heartwarming tale. >> reporter: this is an incredible story. this former marine rescued this puppy from a war-torn country. the question to ask is who rescued to? >> reporter: the weight was involved. more than four hours after he landed he went through customs. and his dog was in his arms. they had not seen each other since last november.
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he volunteered to fight isis and he found the puppy clearing buildings. he decided to keep her. spca international saw to it that he did. their operation baghdad pups program got the dog out of the rack. -- iraqi. >> i have been missing her. she always followed me around. i kept her. i built a doghouse. >> it is what kept them going day-to-day. having to leave her behind is not something that anyone to think about. >> reporter: we waited six hours for him to come through the door. i have never seen a dog behaved
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rotc family and friends before heading home to vermont. that is my favorite story of the night. thank you for your service. dogs like snow. snow is backing up. boston's total was 618. -- 6.8. it is below average for this time of year. amazing sunset pictures. of this world. we got hundreds of pictures. that is a postcard. you can see the bridge and the
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one more. i put these up on twitter and facebook. tonight the storm is up to the east. it is cold. it is having an impact for freezing but people do not have power. there are some single digits by tomorrow morning. for the weekend it will be quiet. we will see some melting. ski areas are in good shape. on sunday it will be milder and not much going on. temperatures tomorrow in the mid to upper 30s. we have bright skies.
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load up the trees and the power lines. saturday night it will be 20. on sunday it will be milder. 42 degrees. we move to the start of next week. we are assured some snow. storm number one arrives on monday morning. it is a large coastal storm. we will see some snow on monday. the question is how much. is the first storm is the dominant one and it gives us a good shot of snowfall it is likely that the trailing storm does all to see. if it misses us we get storm number 2. it will snow in the start of next week. there is a potential for some significant snow. there is a potential for the first storm with strong winds and high tides. it could introduce coastal
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we will keep you updated. plan on a wintry start to next week. here is the seven-day. we have cold temperatures next week. we have a chance for more snow by friday. after walking around in shorts and t-shirts reality is setting in. which candidates are voters describing? >> we show how voters see the men and women who want to be president. >> reporter: the shocking thing is that it does not seem as if hillary is connecting well what the voters in new hampshire. >> reporter: when we asked democrats which shares the abuse it is not hard to see why. 74% said bernie sanders or than
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clinton an astonishing gap given how broadly they agree on most issues. look at the harsh negatives voters associate with her. meyer dishonest on trustworthy. by comparison for sanders the word honest is only outweighed by socialist apparently not a negative. >> years of attacks against hillary clinton and her trustworthiness by republicans and increasingly by sanders have had their effect. >> reporter: how is this? this bad news for donald trump is matched by republican skepticism of his challenger. marco rubio can draw hope from an emerging split on the anti- immigration right between trump and ted cruz could create running room for rubio.
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tradition is alive and well. latebreaking decision-making. nearly 1/3 of democrats and close to half of republicans say they could still change their mind. buckle your seat belt. the celtics are hot in cleveland.
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san francisco? >> there is a huge party. it seems like it is electric. >> reporter: it is getting colder. the fans do not care. more people are starting to show up by the moment. we arrived at super bowl city. all the big names are starting to show up. many were here for the hall of fame luncheon this afternoon. one of the legends of the event was matthew slater's father. i asked him what it was like watching his son play in the nfl. >> i am sure he has told you i did everything to discourage him from playing football. he is grown. he has an unbelievable determination. always has. i sit there like any other
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i hope gives up and he is doing well. when he is hurt he does not talk to me much. i can always tell when something is bothering him. >> reporter: he is proud of this year's team. he was devastated by injuries. they talk about brady's decision to show up for the pregame ceremonies. calling him selfless and a good representative. the nfl commissioner gave a speech and spoke for 45 minutes on all aspects. including the league's appeal of the ruling last fall on whether or not the nfl will suspend brady if the ruling should be overturned. >> this is not an individual player issue. this is about the rights we negotiated and our collective bargaining agreement. we think they are clear. we think they are important to
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disagree with the district judge decision. we are appealing that. i am not focused on it right now. i will not speculate what we will do depending on the outcome. when it happens we will deal with it. >> reporter: let it go. he had a not answer answer. kickoff is at 6:30 on sunday night. how about the celtics? they took on the cavaliers. they had to battle back from a deficit. bradley hits the buzzer. that is eight wins in nine games for the surging celtics. back at super bowl city. i love
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tomorrow is the nfl's on a ceremony. several patriot players are up for awards. we will bring you that tomorrow. we will pretend he did not complain about the weather. see if the patriots player
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