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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and now at 11:00 a little snow is moving in. most of us will wake up to freezing rain tomorrow. >> a -- severe weather down south. deadly tornadoes have touched down in louisiana and mississippi. threat is not over yet. the storm hilting the south tonight is moving our way. >> high winds and heavy rain tomorrow night but let's talk first about what's happening right now. eric fisher tracking it all. >> pretty busy forecast. a koatding to an inch of snowfall. will be spotty during the rest of the night. what we're watching is the transition. big accumulations but the kind of -- very slick travel during the
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morning. watching this area cross connecticut. the pink is where you have the freezing rain moving in. central massachusetts. this is going to create that glaze during the overnight hours. you sigh the temperatures. they tell the story many boston at 37. norwood at 37. all above -- you stay above freezing tonight. so no icy conditions there. but as you work your way outside of 128 temperatures at or below freezing. so as that lighten -- moves in, on contact. and that's going to create some of those icy areas. tomorrow morning out the door. areas here in pink we got just about up to 128 and into southern new hampshire. this is where we have that icy glaze to contend with. use some extra caution and temperatures will be very slow to climb. winter weather advisory are out until noontime tomorrow. areas in purple here away from the immediately coastline and away from southwestern massachusetts. hour by hour in boston staying
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and then as we head to the a gradual rice. severe with weather across the southern states. that's going to move up the eastern seaboard. they arrive tomorrow night. also our temperatures spike to mere 60 degrees. take a closer look at that end of that storm. >> all right. thank you. we're going to tracking the storm right through the night. 4:30 tomorrow morning for the latest forecast. the travel conditions and any delays or cancellation stion >> more on the deadly storms in the southern u.s. severe weather has killed at least three people and injured dozens more. >> let's get right to -- live in the seattle center with the -- the national weather service says that at least seven tornadoes have struck louisiana and mississippi. we've just learned that another tornado just hit pensacola, florida where there are reports of heavy damage at an apartment complex there. rescue worker were going door to door with what is left of this
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they were searching for people trap or wounded after a reported tornado tore through the area. >> we know of two that it willties. with know of seven critically injured and we know of 30 plus that were injured all different types of injuries. >> the storm flipped and mangled dozens of frailers and knocked down treats. ryan live an ex door to the rv park. >> i heard like a big rumbling sound. the whole house started shaking and i just knew that, you know -- it was a tornado. >> he and his family hid in their bathroom for safety. >> i got in the bathtub with my dog and they were praying and i was crying and i was so scared. i mean, the house would not stop shaking the whole entire time. >> a dozen people were working out when they -- other areas reported down trees and power lines. severe weather moved through the new orleans area earlier in the day.
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were recorded over lake pachatrain. some schools accept kids home early. the same storm system will affect the east coast wednesday. >> just a short time ago they have iefd one of the people killed. 573-year-old man. tore through his trailer. lisa? >> thank you. right now the search is on for a missing mother tonight investigate force were looking for includes at her home where she left to pick up her son at day care but jennifer arrived no. one has heard from -- since yesterday afternoon. wbz spoke with her family tonight. she joins us live. julie? >> reporter: her husband is under understandably quite up set. he's working closely with investigators. >> he reluctantly addressed the disappearance after they left his home tuesday night. she hasn't been heard from for more than 24 hours now.
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coworker. >> his sister-in-law was supposed to pick up her son from day care monday afternoon after leaving a walgreens where she works as a pharmacist. her husband reported a 39 yearmd missing when she didn't show. >> her husband and ten-year-old son is very good. they just -- they wasn't away on vacation recently. spent some time together over the weekend. >> they pinged her as much in connecticut. since then that phone has been off. relatives are frantic and hope someone has seen her or her white toyota ka -- see her photo or she'll return home safely. >> relatives say judy would have no reason whatsoever to be in connecticut. if you have any information, contact state or
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we're live in -- there is a new clue in the search for a misdzing man. surveillance video shows zachary leaving a boston bar and walk to the charles river. they didn't find anything. he vanished a week and a half ago. he was last seen outside a bar. daiftd? >> developing right now some new video just in. police say it shows a driver falling over drunk during a sobriety test. this man is accused of setting off a chain reaction crash that sent two other people to the hospital. wbz is live tonight and witnesses say he just couldn't even stand up. >> that's right. couldn't stand. one witnesses telling me he was you just mentioned which is alarming to say the least. >>
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thomas attempting a sobriety test before flopping to the ground. moments earlier police say the 51-year-old man was drunk and on drugs when he plowed into another car and a pedestrian. >> just a massive crash. but by the time we ran out here, the cars were stopped. a lot of dust in the air. >> around 12:50 police say he was driving on washington street when he struck a black pickup truck with his tan mini van. next he ran into a 39-year-old pedestrian from wamoth. the victim was sent to the hospital with life threating injuries. still present at night. the influence. arguing with the police. >> he was arrested an charged with oui and other charges. driving violations
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>> a little bit of shock right now. >> a woman answered the door tuesday evening and said she had just learn the about the incident. >> been going through a bad time. >> okay. >> that's all i can say right now. >> thomas and the driver of that black pickup truck were also both transported to south shore hospital. wbz news. the campaign 2016 now -- the gop caucuses are underway and donald trump is poised to win again. the bigger question which candidate comes in second. live in our studio with the candidates final push. >> republicans in nevada started to gather for the caucuses just a few hours ago and this is the first teps for the candidates out west. >> this is the fourth contest in the 2016 presidential race. donald trump had a substantial lead in the polls but warned supporters his rivals
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>> watch out for dishonest stuff. and that's the only way we lose. >> ted cruz is betting on nevada burden of proving -- you know that if everyone one of you here gets nine other people to show up tonight, each of you will have voted ten times. >> we have to nominate someone in the republican party that has a chance of winning the election. >> marco rubio who lived in las vegas as a child has yet to win a state. he's already campaigning in minnesota and michigan which hold their primaries in coming weeks. voting ends at midnight our time so we should have results shortly after that. we'll have the numbers and the candidates reaction on wbz tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 a.m. as for the democrats hillary clinton and bernie sand rers focusing on south carolina's primary on saturday. david? >> all right. thank you. of course, supertuesday is just a week away. vote ners 12 states will go to the polls and wbz will
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tv 38. at 10:00 a cbs news special here on wbz followed by the wbz news at 11:00. >> we know state senator will not seek re-election. that decision comes after the fbi and the irs agency -- the democrat insists he's doing nothing wrong. joyce has been in the senate since 1998. >> new at 11:00 dozens rally protesting the fbi for trying to force the company to unlock a terrorist iphone. the same protest happening across the country tonight. folks upset over a court order have a back door to unlock the iphone use the bid -- apple is expected to respond to the court this week. >> well, it was exciting enough when a local family got tickets. >> but tonight they got up close and personal with the star. the surprise that she planned
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>> then terrifying new video how a pilot landed its plane in the middle of a busy streetment and wail walked away without an injury. election? the future of your health care. r -- whered candidates stand where obamacare is on trial. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons...
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...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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they knew they were going to the concert. they didn't know they were picked to meet the grammy winner: they took much more than an autograph and a selfy. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> this is a big moment. >> the cape kod military family is getting to meet carrie urndwood before she performs at the guardian.
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>> a special treat for the coast guard family that hasn't always had a easy. >> we lived in a bunch of different states and you have to adapt to this situation. tough be willing to meet new people. >> but tonight they're getting the star treatment including an invite to a special underwood concert in november in new york for military families only. >> it's overwhelming. it's overwhelming. i'm just beaming with excitement. i'm nervous. i'm excited. >> she can barely contain her excitement and the kids are pretty much speechless. >> tell us why you like her so much? >> for underwood it's the reason she does this. >> i was excited to be able to get involved and such an easy thing to do to meet some extra show. it's -- can to say thank you. >> what the family didn't know is they're also getting a free vacation cruise thanks to carnival cruise.
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this is awesome. this is one of the best experiences of our lives and especially thinkers. >> a huge gift his family can barely believe and never repay. >> all i can say is thank you. i don't think a simple thank you is is enough. wbz news. that's a great gift. >> to learn the other side. it's fantastic. she does it in every city she goes through. pretty lovely. >> probably not a good night to be cruising >> . so lousy. it sound like waves of lousy. >> a little bit. she said she loves boston weather. welcome to town. a few festive flakes falling tonight. changing over to freezing rain. some icy
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a little low tomorrow. slick overnight travel. you can see exactly the temperature difference. when you're right along the coastline south and east. all of the communities here. stay above freezing. no ice expected much once you go outside of 128 now you've got those temps at or above freezing. out the door tomorrow morning. focusing west of 128 and outside of 495. this is where we'll still have those lingering icy areas.
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keanlses not likely. dangerous storm. several tornadoes. that's going to move its way west of us and force in that warmer air. i think the models overdoing it a little bit. in terms of temperature and rain. i think just some areas of drizzle to start the day. and this as we head to the evening that's when the warmer air drn by 5:30 especially south of boston you'll start warming up. i think it will be quite cold here. north and west of the city. raw northeast wind. keeping the cold in place. you won't warm up across the interior until tomorrow night. and that's when we get our heaviest rainfall. this is where we see the downpours. notice the temperature way up into the 50s and the timing as such. wrap up between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. we can get rid of that heaviest
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thursday eeses morning drive. fine tuning that timing through the day tomorrow. some terms -- tomorrow's one of those icy areas. some showers out there for the evening and our heaviest rainfall early on thursday morning. looking at one to 2 inches of total rain. will bring stronger wind gust. coincide with the heaviest rainfall. late tomorrow night into early on thursday. hour. some scattered outages. a few limbs and trees may come down. here's a look the our -- it stays mild and blustery. fiftys to around 60s. upper 30s and still some wind. right now weekend looks good. right on saturday. into the 40s on sunday. >> david and lisa back to you. >> thank you. some new video shows a pilot's crash landing in california. look at that. the planes engine died. the pilot force to land on a -- full of cars and touches downright in the middle ever traffic no. one was hurt.
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generating endless controversy and debate this election year. >> in his special series on the top issues where the candidates stand on health john? >> well, david, lee si one party wants to repeal it. one thing is clear. this election has in large part, become yet another chapter of obamacare on trial. >> we are going to repeal obamacare. >> if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. >> repeal and replace has been the gop candidates refeign but replace it with what? all of them support expanding medical savings accounts to help people pay for insurance making it -- make your plan move and reducing costs by cutting red tape. >> when we -- john caseic claims his state's expansion of the health care
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people is a model for reform. but critics say it has added bureaucracy without lowering cost and only marco rubio among the remaining republicans -- the controversial cadillac tax on generous employer funded health plans that everyone else in both parties toment repeal. >> probably the single most important change in terms of controlling our health care spending long term. >> a stance endorsed by john kingsdale. a long time health care executive who found the massachusetts health insurance connector authority under then governor mitt romney. >> our mcwill save the average middle class family 5,000 dollars a year. >> the numbers don't add up. and that's a promise that cannot be kept. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders want to raise your income taxes.
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making 50 dprand. an array of other taxes to wipe out copays and deductibles. >> it's so ironic. he represents in the senate the state that was committed to do single payer and had to back off of it. >> because of the cost. >> well the cost and some imp -- the candidates can promise whatever they want but any major obamacare changes will require consensus within a political establish ment that is as divided as ever. lisa >> >> all right. thank you. and for more details on the key issues in this election, the position the candidates are taking see the analysis by going to our website. >> coming up next one last spring training for our
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>> the red sox in fort myer. touched upon retirement.
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a little drama already. there's an elephant in the room and it's a pan da. with that we send it right over to you.
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if it makes you any better he has a personal trainer. he said today that not only is he quicker than last year. he lost 25-pounds since the end of last season. >> you be the judge. >> made his first appearance of the spring today. down in fort myers. so far the big topic in camp has been his weight but westerner says he's not too concerned. >> he knows what it takes to be successful. he's one -- three world series and from my own perspective and the organize -- what he does starting april 3rd is what's important. >> meanwhile david ortiz met with the media today and he addressed sandoval. he has the details. >> it's going to strange snot not seeing david ortiz next spring here in spring
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this coming year. training press conference on tuesday. he touched upon numerous >> hello, everybody. >> it's official. the david ortiz farewell tour is underway. >> i thank god every day for giving me the town from the career i have and i think everybody get--you know, you feel like -- >> ortiz said numerous times tuesday he doesn't want to be a distraction and that another world series is his only goal. >> first of all, that's all that matters. winning. walking home with a w and sitting down and after the season be like, wow. that was a hell of a season. we ended up winning. >> and if they do win, he expects david price to be a big part of it. >> they met monday to -- pr previous conflict. >> told me he had my back. he stared with a handshake and ended with a hug. it couldn't have
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>> ramirez and sandoval enter 2016 under intense scrutiny. big poppy has some advice. >> don't try to do what you do in a year in one day. just go day by day. the focus part of it. be focused. and you can't be getting caught and doing some things that get wow away from your game. >> ortiz -- they will all join the red sox for their first full squad workout of the spring coming up on wednesday. as they finally get down to business here for 2016. >> for the red sox, wbz sports >> . thank you very much. sirlt r searching forked first acc win of the season. once again, not meant to be. eagles had 15 turnovers and they crush the eagles 71 to 56. now 0-15 in the acc.
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we'll be right back. we're living in a very competitive global economy,
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workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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john miller discovered a goat and mini van in oxford. the goat it well behaviored but was just playing for the cameras but his owner said during his ten minute shopping trip he turned on the hazard, turned on the wipers drank and old soda. drank a nut bar, wrapper and all.
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>> he was hungry. there for? arts for a new barn.
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>> r glfnlgt thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. colbert is next. >> jon: ste rt! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: thank you so much, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! welcome to can the to "the late show,"" everybody. thank you, that's lovely. thank you so much for joining


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