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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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tornado reeking havoc in several states and the threat is not over. >> the same storm is round 2 for us timing out the rain and damage willing wind -- damaging wind threat. >> and a man charged with drunk driving. details op chain reaction crash he is accused of causing too donald trump leaving the competition in the dust in nevada a closer look at the race for second place. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us. it's 5 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. we have lot of weather to talk b danielle you are tracking quite a storm. >> there's little bit of everything. part one is almost done but there are some slick spots outside 495. that's where we are at or below freeing. everybody else -- freezing. everybody else is okay.
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been focused across the worcester hills in through southern new hampshire and back edge of the steadiest precip is ending so from millford new hampshire back to southern new hampshire nashua and still dealing with pockets of freezing rain a it up of sleet mixed in where you see the heavier downpours. some sleet mixing in but it's generally rain when you get from the merrimack valley stretching down into eastern massachusetts so you will encounter wet roads and need the wipers but at least it's not an icy threat this morning inside 495. other than that, most of theprecip tape overs through late morning but another round you notice -- tapers off through late morning but another round you notice. temperatures in the 40s or 50s. and the rain is going to come down hard overnight tonight. look at downpours and it lingers into early tomorrow morning.
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off pretty like i -- quickly during the morning. high wind watch has been issued from midnight tonight until 8 p.m. tomorrow. gusts over 50 miles per hour may cause damage. i will have more on that coming up. let's go on the road with traffic and weather together. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. quiet right now. some of you will have a slick ride this morning. here's a live look over 93 and the zakim bridge no issues 93 southbound from woburn. to the south as we pop up the map, a lot green. expressway getting busy but no slow downs rain tree to boston. -- braintree to boston. everything else looks like up to speed ride. more on deadly storms in the southern united states. three people have been killed. dozens more injured in confirmed tornadoes that touched down in florida, mississippi alabama and louisiana. this is the newest video from pensacola along the florida and handel war tornado caused major
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a tornado caused majordamage. one man says he and his family hid in the bathroom. >> i got in the bathtub with my dog and they were praying and i was crying i was so scared. the house wouldn't stop shaking. >> the the national weather service issued a tornado watch for florida georgia and south carolina until 10 this morning. a developing story in brookline this morning. string of burglaries. >> police tell us the cases are all very similar. susie steimle is live with the details. susie. >> reporter: good morning chris and kathryn. that's what police are saying right now that these are similar crimes but not necessarily connected burglaries at this point. and it happened within a mile of each other. if you look here we have a list of the streets where the break- ins happened. all have been within the past 6 days and all have been in the evening hours. they are very similar types of things going on with all of these burglaries. they happened in the evening hours. and they happened within a mile
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location in the houses, there is signs of forced entry in the rear of the home at either a door or a window and the same types of things were taken from the homes as well. small electronics and jewelry in each case. police say at this point they have not made any arrests and they are advising people in this area of brookline which is not far from the police department to be vigilant and if possible to lock your doors and lock your windows and then also maybe keep a light on in the evening hours because that's when the burglaries have taken place and, of course, police are saying if you have any information, they want to hear he from you. wbz this morning. new this morning, cbs news is projecting donald trump as caucuses. the results are still coming in and right now second place is too close to call. danielle nottingham has the latest from las vegas. >> reporter: after picking up a
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the nevada caucuses donald trump continues the winning streak with an eye on super tuesday states. >> we have great numbers coming out of texas and amazing numbers out of tennessee and georgia. it's going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months folks to be honest all right. >> reporter: the billionaire front-runner garnered much of his support in the state from voteers who are dissatisfied with the government. >> political correctness is he destroying us. >> -- is destroying us. >> i think he is here for the people and i think he wants to win. >> reporter: the win gives trump the majority of the delegates in the state bringing him closer to clinching the gop nomination. >> i think he is well positioned to really sweep across the board. >> reporter: as trump continues to gain momentum, the rest of the gop field is battling it out to become his alternative. entrance polls show a majority
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candidate with more political experience backed marco rubio over ted cruz the texas senators addressed supporters shortly after the polls closed. >> one week from today will be the most important night of the campaign. >> reporter: they will face trump in the next debate tomorrow night in texas. danielle nottingham cbs news las vegas nevada. >> and super tuesday is 6 days away when voters in several states including massachusetts will go to the polls. wbz will bring you complete coverage beginning at 8 on my tv38 and at 10 a news special at wbz followed by the wbz news at 11. look at this video. police say it shows a driver falling over drunk during a roadside sobriety test. he is accused of setting a of a chain reaction crash. nicole jacobs is live in wail out with a closer look -- weymouth with a closer look at what happened. >> reporter: the ped suffered life-threatening injuries. the driver of the other vehicle
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man accused of being drunk and high should have never been behind the wheel. a sobriety test gives the bike big picture. thomas mohan falling to his face. that's what happened after this scene police say just before one in weymouth. >> just a massive crash by the time we ran out here, the cars were stopped and a lot of dust in the air. >> reporter: michael saw the washington street aftermath. mohan was driving the minivan that hit a pickup truck and pedestrian. >> the driver of the meny van was quite upset and obviously under the influence arguing with the police. >> reporter: he was drunk police say and high on drugs. >> he has been going through a bad time. that's all i can say right now. >> reporter: at his home tuesday, a woman answered the door. >> i am in a little bit of shock right now. >> reporter: saying very little no one to speak on the driving
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but mohan will have to answer to charges with he-- when he faces a judge in court. he was also taken to south shore hospital and he will likely be arraigned today. live in weymouth, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. the search is on for a missing mother. she left to pick up her son at day care monday but never arrived. last night state police detectives were looking for clues at judith sales' home in holbrook she was seen monday afternoon leaving her job as a pharmacist at taunton walgreens. her husband reported her missing when she didn't pick up their son for day care. character. >> she never did anything like leave before. we are hoping and praying someone will see a photo or she will return home safely. >> as long as she comes home safely that's all that matters. >> that's judith's husband
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police pinged the cell tone in connecticut. since then the phone has been off. mrs. say they were going to activate the lojack to locate the vehicle. a new clue in the search for a missing man from the town of harvard. police say surveillance video shows zachary marr leaving a bar and walking towards the charles river. divers searched the water again yesterday but didn't find anything. marr vanished a week and half ago last seen outside a bar. michael skakel is heading back to court as prosecutors try to reinstate the murder conviction. the connecticut supreme court will hear the case. the nephew of the ethel kennedy was convicted of killing his neighbor in 1975. he is freed in 2013 after a judge granted him a new trial saying the original trial lawyer failed to properly represent him. the court is not expected to rule today. dozens rallying outside the apple store on boylston.
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to force the company to unlock a terrorist iphone. the same protests across the country last night. demonstrators are upset over a court order to have apple create a so-called back door to unlock the iphone used by the san bernardino shooters. apple is expected to respond to the court this week. 5:10 on your wednesday morning. coming up a recreating the shoot out with the marathon bombers for hollywood. >> watertown residents weighing in on a request to film the scene in the same neighborhood where it happened. >> plus new details on the search for answers about the el faro sinking. investigators explaining why they didn't recover bodies. danielle. >> good morning chris. it's a little slick outside 495. temperatures will rise into the 40s with some areas of showers and rain filling back in. that's not the heaviest. we will time that out along with the damaging wind threat
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a star studded surprise for a local military family. the van huyens is got to meetcarrie underwood. >> she invited the coast guard family to a special show in november exclusively for hundreds of military families. but, the surprises didn't end there. the family is getting a free carnival cruise. >> now we can have a memory
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this is one of the best experiences of our lives. >> it's an easy thing for me to do to meet incredible people and have them at our shows and put on an extra show. i mean i try to do things wherever i can to say thank you. >> chief warrant officer aaron van huysen is stationed with the coast guard on the cape and says his family is very excited. >> she is something. not only talent bud giving back too and taking the time. >> really cool. we need to get a check of the weather today. weather is the big story of the morning here danielle. >> we had a coating to as much as a inch of snow. love carrie underwood. anyway side note. framingham one inch and .8 in westboro. worcester a half inch same in shirley and coatings elsewhere and a little crust on top of that and that's why there's slick spots this morning.
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-- generally outside 49 a. -- 495. there may be slick surfaces. doppler radar shows areas of rain this morning. the back edge inside 128. so there's one more slug coming through. but there is some freezing rain here. generally in southern new hampshire but from new boston back to millford and east towards merrimack and dairy a-- derry along 38 there's areas of freezing precipitation. there's slippy spot through concord and epping and port smith. so that's part one. part 2 is still down to the south. we have got ice and snow extending from ohio back down through arkansas and at the same time, there are storms rumbling through south carolina down through the florida panhandle where actually a severe thunderstorm watch and tornado watch is posted until 10 a.m.
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weather here at home but there may be isolated rumbles of thunder. what you will notice today is we get leftover showers and a band of downpour that is comes through during the afternoon. have the wet weather gear today. through the evening periodic rain light to moderate. notice the cape and islands today. there may be a couple showers from time to time and after midnight it is going to pour. oranges. timing out things pretty well during the overnight period but there will be some leftover rain early tomorrow morning. so the morning commute especially the earlier part of it is going to be wet especially from worcester to boston with heavy rain in the cape and embedded thunderstorms possible. by 78, 8, a lot of that is shipping off the coastline. so the tail end of the commute is better he. and even breaks of sunshine possible. temperatures will be very warm up around 60 degrees tomorrow. and then turning quieter but cooler to enter the week. rainfall totals half an inch to an inch and a half and there
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canly in western massachusetts through the lower connect kit cut river valley. -- connecticut river valley. other the other issues is the wind. high wind watch has been issue. so a couple round of wind comes in. the southerly wind 20 to 35 mice per hour may gust 50 to 60 it canly along the south coast and cape. that will be strong enough to cause scattered pockets of damage and outages. just want to show outhour by hour forecast because the wind ramps up tonight and coinciding with the heaviest downpours. gusts over 40 miles per hour at the coast and 50 plus plymouth back down to the cape. one round through early morning and we get a little low lull and tomorrow afternoon and evening we may gust again along south coast up to 50 miles per hour. accu-weather 7-day forecast talking about temperatures that climb up overnight tonight into the 50s and it will be near 60tomorrow and blustery to enter the week. weekend looks good in the 40s a couple rain showers in the 50s on monday turning cooler after that. traffic and weather together.
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we have the thaw out because otherwise it would be snow on people's roofs and with that rain that's just like. >> this is good and it's only really slick outside of 495 which is good news too. >> reporter: good. all right so let's look at the slick rides out there right now. this is a live look over the expressway my pour came -- poor camera lens is getting wet. i will have to send up the intern. moderate volume heading into boston out of braintree. no backups. rest of the major routes are trouble free. no green or issues on 93 southbound. everything else is speed limit ride. watertown residents have mixed opinions whether a movie crew should recreate the night when police were caught in the bombers. story yesterday. represents the film patriots day stark mark wahlberg asked residents to film scenes including simulated gunfire in the neighborhood a source tells us originally the scene was
5:19 am
vancouver but some people in the watertown community wanted it in their neighborhood. >> i believe that it happened here so you need to see this is just a regular neighborhood. and that it's not a movie set. >> i suppose it's good for watertown to get business out of it. >> it gives a sense of authenticity to the film and will bring out feelings for people who lived on the street. >> watt thertown police say if filming goes ahead his officers that were there that night will work the security detail. movie is produced by our sister company cbs fill glms new details about the uber driver that confessed to a killing spree in michigan. a gun store released these new images of jason dalton from the same day as the shootings. the owner says dalton was a regular customer and came in saturday and bought a tactical jacket before police say he went on his rampage. dalton is accused of shooting
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pick being up passengers. passengers. new details about the the sipping of the el farrow theserve crusade they couldn't identify gender or ethnicity so it was left to be collected later. searchers looked for survivors but says a tracker put on the be relocated. all 33 crew members on board died when the el faro sank during hurricane joaquin. coming up, a closer look at spring training for the red sox and big papi's final season. >> i am dan roche. david ortiz touched on
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wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw center. 5:23. big papi talking to the media at spring tang- training and he has advice for a-- training and he has advice for a few teammates. >> you know if it makes you feel better pablo sandoval has a personal trainer who said not only is sandoval quicker but lost 25 pounds since the end of last season. you be the judge. david ortiz arrived on monday
5:24 am
first time yesterday. he addressed sandoval and other topics. details. >> reporter: it's going to be strange not seeing david ortiz in a red sox uniform next spring in spring training. the coming year. ortiz held the final spring training press conference and >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: oidz physician, is underway. >> i thank god every day for giving me the opportunity to have the career i had you know. and i think everybody gets the moment you know. when you feel like it's time to go. >> reporter: ortiz said tuesday that he doesn't want to be a distraction. and that another world series is his only goal. >> first that's all that matters winning. walking home with a w and sitting down and after the season be like wow, it was a hell of a season we end up winning.
5:25 am
he he expects david price to be a big part of it. they met monday to clear up hard feelings from previous conflicts. >> he told me he had my back and started with a handshake andended with a hug. >> reporter: ramirez and sandoval enter 2016 off down years and under intense media and fan scrutiny big papi has advice. >> don't try to do what you do in a year one day go day by day the focus part of it. you have to be focused you know. you can't be getting caught doing somethings that get you away from your game. >> reporter: ortiz sandoval hanley and company will join the full squad on wednesday as they get down to business here for 2016. with the the red sox in fort myers dan roche wbz sports. >> can't wait. that's sports for now. i am steve burton. >> 5:25. still to come, more on the
5:26 am
big win as the other republican candidates look to regroup before super tuesday. >> this is jon keller who cares about celebrity endorsements in the presidential race? okay no one. but we will have laughs as eye run -- as i run down a short list of who's with whom. >> and a few slick spots outside 495. temperatures rising into the 30s and 40s. you want the umbrella late in the day. packing areas of rain and you can see the wiper as we look towards the mass turnpike. stay with us.
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when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums breaking news at 5:30, deadly storms down south. tornadoes leaving a path of destruction in several states. >> and that storm around 2 for us. timing out the heavy rain and threat for damaging winds. >> trump wins again. gop front-runner easily wins
5:30 am
is on for second place. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning everyone. welcome back i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon we are dealing with a bunch of stuff going on out there weather wise. >> the good news is the only slick areas are outside of 495. because that's where we are below freeing. everyone -- freezing. everyone else is okay and we have more rain that fills in later today. >> it's tricky because the roadsare wet. >> we are above freezing in boston and we will continue to rise through late morning. the winter weather advisory is up until noontime today. wouldn't be surprised if they tend to expire this a little early. some places like southern worcester county back up into the city of worcester because we are at 31 right now but over the course of mid morning we should see the temperatures rise.
5:31 am
hampshire there's slippy spots. it's 30 in worcester and 34 in lowell. inside 495 we are fine. it's 40 and brockton -- in brockton and leftover sleet and freezing rain. traveling along 93 into southern new hampshire manchester back up to concord it's going to be quite slick along route 101 from manchester east through epping and then along the new hampshire sea coast we actually get a little rain mixing in to hampton and the day today. temperatures slowly rising. through the afternoon into the 40s and 50s in southeastern massachusetts. with leftover downpours that into tomorrow morning. we will talk more about the damaging wind threat coming up. let's get you on the roads.
5:32 am
starting to see the first commute. let's check the south expressway. now bumper to bummer between furnace brook and that looks like 15 minute delay. 128 southbound heavy and slow between 37 and the braintree split to the north over 93 somerville 93 southbound has one stop up in the andover stretch between river road and route 133. chris. >> thank you very much. 5:32. checking top stories on your wednesday morning. at least 7 tornadoes reported in the deep south in the last 24 hours. two people were killed when a tornado touched down in louisiana rv park a third was killed in mississippi and at least 7 others are in critical debris. tornadoes have been confirmed in alabama and florida. police issuing a community alert after a string of burglaries in brookline. there's been at least 6 burglaries and attempted burglary at homes in the last week. yesterday.
5:33 am
someone forced their way in through a back door or window. most of the robberies were not far from the brookline hills and bta stop. it looks like donald trump has done it again. cbs news projecting trump as the winner of the nevada caucus. precinct reports are coming in and right now marco rubio and ted cruz are battling it out for second place. lagging behind john kasich and ben carson. we have a number of school closures and delays just into the wbz newsroom at the bot on the screen. check the website cbs a lot of celebrities are picking sides in the race for president and this morning jon keller takes a closer look at whether the endorsements really matter. >> reporter: good morning. since we seem to be in the middle of the presidential campaign where celebrity trumps all else no pun intend let's at the time the qualification and urgent issues of our time aside
5:34 am
hillary clinton's roster runs the gamut from ben affleck to robert de niro and helen miren and howard stern to sharon stone and gets the nod from one thegreatest basketball players in history magic johnson but she is endorsed by a-rod. but bernie sanders is no slouch. watertown's own eliza is feeling the bern as is george you remember norm from cheers. and if kareem abduke jabar is not enough to neutralize magic sanders can send in ronda rousey to mop up. curiously perhaps or greatest living comedian was a sanders endorser but now appears to be backing clinton. let's face it. an anchorman has to appeal to the mass audience at all times. on the republican side, donald trump definitely has the most
5:35 am
including the likes of latrell sprewell the former nba star who once tried to strangle his coach. john rocker the former baseball star famous for his ethnic slurs and mike tyson, about whom nothing need be said. same goes for another trumpster ted niewjet. we could go -- nugent we could go on but why bother none has no insight into who should lead our country than you do probably less. which is why celebrity endorsements are amusing but also the ultimate in empty calories. share your thoughts with me at or via twitter at keller at large. state senator brian joyce will not seek reelection. that decision is a week after fbi and irs agents raid his off the in canton as part of a federal investigation. he insist he's done nothing wrong and joyce has been in the senate since 1998.
5:36 am
the state is not ruling out a new massive project for the mbta. the state department of transportation plans to spend 2 million dollars to study the proposal to build an underground link between south and north stations. the idea has been proposed and rejected many times over the years. but former governors dukakis and wells are actively push for it. we are getting the first look inside the government center t stop. you can see new signage for the blue and green lines. the t station has been undergoing renovations for two years now and will reopen on march 26th. 5:36. first a string of health problems at chipotle. >> but now it seems customers are sick of something else. we have details in today's money watch. >> a man accused of causing a serious crash in weymouth. his so bright test -- sobriety test video is one you don't want to miss. >> i am talking to you in front afro botic camera. no human behind it.
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welcome back. home sales are up in has shutes. warren group says the number of single family homes sold in the state jumped 25% in january compared to last year. median prices held steady and condo sales saw boost over last year. a new way to pay with your
5:40 am
>> southwest flying to a new destination. hena daniels is live as the bell goes off it's a trial run. >> wake up. >> reporter: but it's very loud. that's right. it wakes you up. good morning. southwest airlines may be headed southeast to cuba. the company ceo says the carrier could begin flights this year after the u.s. and cuba agreed to resume commercial air traffic last week. currently only charters are flown there. u.s. carriers face a march 2nd deadline to submit applicationer. chipotle facing a problem with nothing to do with food safety. new market research shows customers are getting board with the -- bored with the choices calling it menu fatigue. they serve a limited menu of burritos burrito bowls and tacos and salads but prides itself on being a healthier alternative to traditional fast- food. they have not changed the menu since opening the stores almost two decades ago.
5:41 am
buy items with your face. the credit card company is launching selfie and customers make online purchases. the company will be able to tell if it's a legit selfie instead of a previously taken photo by requiring useers to blink while shooting the picture. chris and kathryn. >> so they -- the things they can come up with. >> that's neat. >> i am going to try to trick kathryn take a selfie. click thanks for the coffee. >> make sure yo blink. >> exactly. you blink. >> exactly. >> we appreciate it. coming up a check can- traffic and weather and the day's top stories. >> new details on the boy found wand airing loan in the middle of the night. what he told police he was looking for. >> reporter: a series of 6 break-ins all within one week of each other in brookline. the similarities of the
5:42 am
residents need to look out for coming up. >> and good morning. checking in with weather watchers. temperatures are running in the 30s out the door. it's coldest outside of 495. and that's where we have a couple slick spots this morning. we have a little snow overnight an inch in hopkinton and less than an inch half an inch from shirley and little under a half inch of snow and crust on top of that with mainly rain the rest of the day of the we will
5:43 am
the world a president has to
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that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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5:45. time to check weather and we are dealing with a lot. >> it could be slick for some but not for others. >> mainly outside 495 that's spots this morning. a lot of eastern massachusetts is doing just phone because we are above the freezing mark. last of the rain pushing offshore. there's some lingering pockets of freezing drizzle in areas but notice lowell at 34. so you are above freezing. 39 in boston and we are in the 40s in southeastern massachusetts worcester is at 30 and it will be slick extending into route 2 and southern new hampshire. epping and barrington and portsmith some freezing
5:46 am
encounter road druce and anything untreatable is -- crews and anything untreatable is slick. round 2 has ice in ohio and indiana stretching back down to snow in parts of arkansas. thunderstorms ongoing from south carolina back down into northern florida. that's the sign of the amount of energy all of this moisture will work in our direction by later today. between now and late morning there will be lingering pockets of freezing drizzle outside 495but we will warm up. temperatures rising in the 40s. additional downpours during the afternoon. have the wet weather gear with you today. southeastern massachusetts the cape may be exempt from that. with a few showers. heaviest rain by far comes in after midnight tonight. watch what happens. heavy downpours and embedded thunderstorm is possible. after midnight until the predawn tomorrow. 5 a.m., rain is wrapping up in western massachusetts. and still rain inside 495 along with downpours so the early part of the morning commute
5:47 am
a lot of ponding on water and reduced visible the by 8 or 9 heaviest rain is done so the tail end is getter and breaks of n shine possible. temperatures about 55 to 60 as early as tomorrow morning. so projected rainfall totals blue indicates half an inch to ionch and half. maybe higher amounts. see the purposeels and reds. across the berkshires and lower connecticut river valley. ponding of water on the roads possible very localized urban flooding as well tonight into very early tomorrow morning. wind the other issue a high wind watch for southeastern massachusetts and there's almost two rounds of winds that come n overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning with the heaviest bands of rain. by 4 a.m. gusting over 40 in a lot spots but over 50 from plymouth to the cape. i think pockets of damage and outages will result overnight into early tomorrow morning. and then we get a little break in the action. still very windy during the late morning and early afternoon. then another round of strong wind gusts it canly along the
5:48 am
along the south coast and cape late afternoon and evening. gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour that may cause damage late in the day tomorrow. temperatures up around 60. friday blustery feel highs in the upper 30s. 40s this weekend upper 40s the weekend overall is look good and 50s starting next week a couple rain showers possible cooling us off a bit by tuesday. how is it looking. >> reporter: expressway is a mess earlier than expected this morning. let's look live northbound sidbumper to bummer between the split and south hampton. 20 minute ride. ceiling between 37 and the split. route 3 northbound hanging up between union and the split. to the north still only one slow pocket on 93 southbound. that's up in the andover stretch stop and go between river road and das couple road. a community alert in brook line and new video of an accused drunk driver on the south shore.
5:49 am
breaking news go dozens reports of tornadoes. in the last 24 hours the national weather service is working to confirm the reports. three people have been killed two in louisiana and mother in mississippi a tornado watch for parts of florida georgia and south carolina until 10 this morning. >> reporter: good morning i am susie steimle live outside the brook lib police -- brookline police department where they are investigating break-ins they he call similar but not connected. there's been a series of 6 over the past week. we have video of the area where this happened. it is not far from the police department and similarities they are talking about. everyone of the homes that was targeted had signs of forced- try in the back of the home through a window or door. the thieves were taking small electronics and jewelry. right now police have not made any arrests and they are hoping anyone with more information will come forward. at 6 we will tell you about the
5:50 am
can take if you live in the area. live in brookline susie steimle. >> reporter: good morning i am nicole jacobs live in weymouth war 51-year-old man is set -- where a 51-year-old man is set to answer to drunk driving charges. look at this cell phone video of his sobriety tests and you can see thomas mohan is struggling to get through it. police say he was drunk and high when he hit a pickup truck and then a pedestrian. tuesday afternoon. that pedestrian suffered life- threatening injuries. coming up at 6, we will take a look at his driving record as well as hear what someone from his home had to say about his drunken condition. live in weymouth nicole jacobs wbz this morning. a police officer working a construction detail dragged by a car. she was hrt but will be okay
5:51 am
route 30 when a driver hit her and thought she was-- and the driver took off drag her and is now facing charges. fire tears through the sur tan leather trading post. flames coming out of roof at one point. the fire shut down a section of route 28 for part of the day. 5:51 and time for the daily talker. bad news for a growing number of americans who struggling to make midge wage. >> they could lose their low paying jobs not to other people but to robots. here's robi with more. >> reporter: i have been work at bz for a quarter of a century and in that time i seen coworker be replaced by automation. right here in the studio, there used to be three humans operating the cameras now there's only one most of the cameras shoot me kathryn chris and danielle are robotic. this morning we are talking about a white house report that details who is in danger of losing their job to a machine. now if you make less than 20
5:52 am
chance that a robot could take over your gig. if you earn between 20 and 40 bucks an hour the chance drops down to 31% and if you are lucky enough to rake in 40 clams an hour or more, there's only a 4%shot a machine brace you -- brings you a pink slip lower skilled jobs are at the most risk for take over. workers win tensive social and creative skills like us right here, stand the best chance of staying in their positions and good news for people who work in boston, boston and washington, d.c. are the cities that have the least percentage of jobs at risk for being taken away by automation. so we are in a good spot. what say the people out there the humans who are watching us on the daily talker? steve on facebook says unless the robot can be pulled and stretched in every direction like gu. mby by the bosses here with conflicting views my job is safe.
5:53 am
number of ways to comment go on website twit other facebook -- twitter or facebook. no robotic comments accepted. has to be humans>> hey moreau bots to tack about with -- hey, moreau bots to talk b even -- hey, more robots to talk about. this was create ed by bostondynamics. it's enjoying a walk through the woods strugeling a little bit in some places. it can open doors and pick up and move boxes and this is the latest version of the human shaped atlas robot and this one machine. go down. it's creeping creepy. still to -- it's creepy. he is winning fans. >> the boy who was told he couldn't play basketball. how he is proving everyone
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
holding court. unlikely player who beat the odds and the doubters to earn a spot on the team. tristan w lmott is 3 1/2 feet tall. >> but he's force on the basketball court. he's high school freshman and made the jv team despite a rare genetic condition that limits his growth he says basketball has been his dream for as long as he can remember. >> enenner jet -- energetic and i like shooting i have 14 points.
5:57 am
when he is getting ready to check in the crowd and everyone is excited. >> tristan is growing and will probably get another foot or so. either way he says he wants to play in the nba. we are rooting for you. >> we are. what an awesome story. >> keep it here at wbz.
5:58 am
(vo) beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy.
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break news right newt 6 deadly tornadoes down south and the threat is not over yet. >> and that same storm is round 2 for us. timing out the rain and damaging wend threats. >> if you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much and now we are winning the country. >> in you this morning donald trump takes nevada and now it's a close race for second place and the numbers are still coming in. >> and the stunning video of a sobriety test. police say the driver you see falling over drunk set off chain reaction crash. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 6:00 i am kathryn hauser.


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