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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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0001 it's very tough for anyone who has to go through this or those who have responded. as a father myself, my heart goes out to the family. >> reporter: the regional high school opened two hours late today because officials worried about icy roads. just after 9:00 a.m., 17-year-old brittany was driving her brother to school when she lost control and hit a tree.
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and i know that ych r dook h -- i'm not going to wake up. >> reporter: they got in troothe car with the jaws of life but brittany was aural dead. the brother was in critical condition where his parents are at his bedside. >> i'm still in shock over it. i wish i could word it better. >> reporter: police are not certain about the roles of ice and speed in this accident. in the handfull of other accidents, drivers sited sliply payment. >> heartbreak. horrible. >> reporter: the high sool made a robo call to all students this afternoon, saying that grief counselards will be on hand here tomorrow. live in bury tonight, ken mccloud. >> thank you, ken. breaking news right now. a fire truck involved in an suv. we want to get live with jewely
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>> reporter: the crews just cleared the scene 20 minutes ago. let's get you right in some video. it was oo very serious accident, involving an suv and a fire truck. witnesses tell me, everyone walked away. witnesses say an skshgs -- suv appeared to run a stop sign and the two collided. the suv slipped and the female occupant climbed out of the back. >> went outside and came in and said holy bleep, it's practingly in the house. >> i could hear her in the care. tried to open the car. wouldn't pop open y. and got a flash light. she climbed out the back window. >> reporter: no word on how the female driver is doing. those witnesses tell me the
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to be okay. an officer is on leave. police cited him for hitting a bicyclist in the road and he was off duty at the time and driving his personal car. now at 11, new battle of the win rr suzeenee. this time it's the mayor of officials. we are live with the story. katy. >> reporter: this equipment is not moving any time soon because work on the wynn -- casino stopped thankses to a new lawsuit. they are tire offend the tug of war. >> other cities should have no decision on what this city does. >> i wish they would make their
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>> reporter: the city fired a new environmental legal challenge, halting the casino. phrosis the hiring of thousands of construction jobs and stopped work. >> unless you're helicoptering in, you're driving there. >> reporter: the casino will bring extra cars to the street. he argues the casino hasn't yet. arbitration. >> i am as perplexed as most people are why he would file an appeal, especially when they don't want to give anymore money. >> reporter: the mayor proposed the casino i insists this is not a money shakedown. the extra traffic is a problem. >> it is a serious health threat. report report this is what the casino would look like when it's
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cleaning up a hazmat site. residents are ready to roll the dice. >> first it was boston, now it's kaegs now it's -- please . >> reporter: the groundbraking was scheduled for april. it could now be years ago. reporting live. i caught up with charley baker tooblts and he tells me he's hoping this could be resolved quickly, including construction workers who may have left other jobs to join this project. >> this sort of thing came as a big of a surprise to a lot of folks. that's why i think it's important to work quickly and get other folks to work quickly with us to try toop get this resolved.
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commission --. police say they found her in cunet k. she was reported missing monday. investigators tell us someone send the family a tim on the mall. when officers approached her, hospital. a drunk drive who was seen falling on his face was arraigned in his hospital today and all scraped up from that. he crashed into a car that, then, hit a person yesterday. his blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limits. this was an emergency de check out kournlts. >> coming up next, what sparked a fiery problem. then donald trump appear unz stoppable but could new accusations be facing from mitt romny slow him down. thunderstorms.
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our former sgufshner and the gop presidential nominee suspects there is a bomb shell in trump's tax return. that's probably why he's not releasting them. we want to take our political analyst in to this conversation. could this blow down trump's momentum? >> reporter: i really doubt it.
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challengers have yet to release their returns. that releasathize question that many republicans are on seszing over. is there any way to slow down the daungled trump express. -- donald trump. >> now we're winching, winnish,ing. >> reporter: trump was gloating last night and why shouldn't be. his once rid yuled campaign is now unstoppable. look at the republican electorate right now. trump has the single largest slice at 34%. the ted yuz and marco rubio slices together are larger than trump. add in the john kasich and ben carson portions and the solid portions of this pie can't stomach trump.
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trump and when they do it's mostly lame snoochlt yenlts don't care what position donald slides to support today or the next day. they chaefshg change every day. >> reporter: while trump groups like the trump for growth pulled down this one. >> sl nothing conservative about giving money to the clintons. there is nothing conservative about donald trump. >> reporter: they're without apparent impact. >> we're going to make america great again. we're going to do it and it's going to happen fast. thank you. >> they wonl were why they haven't spo chased -- the way the obama did with romny four years ago. that may have to watd until the general election. >> so interesting. thank you, super tuesday. six days away now. we'll bring you complete coverage beginning at
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stay with us for the cbs news special followed by the wbz news. a man is recovering from severe brns after an e-cigarette exmroeltded in his pocket. take a look at this.
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a wofter is up to 58 degrees, 40 in orange much the notice as
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warmer and more humid and the wind will pickup. so tracking our downpours overnight. the steadiest ones will be between 1:00 a.m. and seven a.m. by 7:00 a.m. rk the heaviest rainfall is already starting to exit cape cod. so that's some good news. windy and mild, not a lot of rain left over by 7:00 morning. tomorrow we are in the 50s, wind advisoryies around 6:00 tomorrow. we have strong gusts developing tonight. then a chance for stronger wince into the afternoon tomorrow. we still could see those gusts up to 50 during the afternoon
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coasts, the cape and the islands. highs up in the 60s for most locations, it's just shy of records. we will be in the ballpark and after all of that it gets colder and quieter for the end of the week. the weekend is quiet, the storm is off to our north. forecast. sunday we are up at 50, final 60. >> so winter is almost over. tonight critics say pay pal is unfairly taking sides, sellers say that they are the ones getting ripped off.
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talking about her vintage louis, vuitton bag. after years she decided to sell it. >> reporter: she listed it on several cites and someone agreed to a price of $800. she shipped the bag and to days later got a confirmation from the post office that it was delivered but then see got an e- mail from pay pal, the buyer claimed she never got the bag. joanna sent the tracking information and pay pal still went with the buyer. this is a common comint, one seller wrote, they always side
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another person wrote, sellers be ware, pay pal always sides with the buyers. we spoke to a california lawyer who claimed that pay pal and ebay does not give sellers a fair shake in their dus peuts. >> when ebay and pay pal promised to do what they can to protect the sellers, they have a duty to do that. >> reporter: joann is convinced that the buyer never intended to pay for the bag after seeing several bad reviews. >> it's promoting fraud. >> reporter: pay pal said, we do not believe that there is merit to the lawsuit and we
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what ever the courts decide, joann has decided to not sell online any more. thank you, coming up in supports, the bruins take on the penguins at the gardens. >> a statement that september shock waves throughout baseball the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk,
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wbz sports is different by bmw, visit us today. one of the best games of the season for the bruins, five -- one against the penguins. what a shot. he converts, he becomes the youngest breun to score a penalty shot. he gives it to david pastrnak who scores his second of the game. now matt, cohen with 41 saves for the night.
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hayes. he buries it. now it's four -- one, then after that shot, it's five -- one. lets head south for spring training. check out ramirez with a nice stab, keep it up. >> danny was also in fort meyers for spring training. >> reporter: on wednesday another milestone, a full squad work out. >> the coach thanked his team for their support in his battle with cancer and then he put them through a two hour work out.
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team will be getting together on the field. >> the owner has been a force in the use of statistics and analytics in baseball. today he said that's not the whole story. >> perhaps we were relying too much on past performance and trying to project future performance. it has not worked in three out of the last four years. >> reporter: dave is considered a hands on president. >> he travels with the team regularly, he's present in pretty much every aspect that we do, he wants to know. >> reporter: he will be hands on watching batting practice on thursday. that's the next step in the process. always fun to watch the batters have a difficult time, even
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they get comfortable for the season.
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we know how hard it can be to walk through snow. imagine how hard it is for a robot. you see this robot pick up and
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it's a leaner, meaner quieter machine. >> up next, eric will talk another look at the forecast
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believe it or not we have a severe thunderstorm warning in berkshire county right now. >> thank you, we will see you tomorrow captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late e ) >> stephen colbert. ( cheers and applause )


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