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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. developing right now at 4:30 a young athlete from lowell shot and killed in california. his family says he was playing pokemon go when it happened but we are learning-- what we are learning about the investigation. >> police on alert after a threatening sign in tewksbury the extra tapes they are taking. >> and tragedy at a water park. a ea world's largest water slide. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. it's 4:30 right now on your monday. monday, monday. extra coffee needed. >> no kidding. >> i am cathen hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon we will kick off with barry burbank. >> we are in for more beautiful
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>> it's wobbledder -- wonderful. a lovely summer morning i love the early mornings that can be so nice a little on the cool side but nice and refreshing. it's 57 but mostly he clear and a little high thin cloudiness overnight and early this morning. most of that disappeared. he so i think we are in -- so i think we are in for a nice sunnyday monday and scattered clouds this afternoon. here's what's going on. lower 60s on average as you start off this morning. a sunrise at 5:44. lower 80s and lots of sunshinelow humidity nice breeze and hardly any wind. a onshore breeze. 79 at the coastline and sunset at 7:54 and a high tide at 4:00. more weather coming up and i will tell you about a lot of hot weather this week chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much.
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kidnapped overseas. a security official in afghanistan says five gunmen with military uniforms abducted an american and australia in kabul near the american university of afghanistan. both are believed to be university employees. a car slammed into a building in roslindale hitting top liquors and there's minor damage to the building and no word on injuries or if the driver will face charges. tewksbury police are on alert over the threatening message spray painted at skate park in town reading kill cops with the increased violence, against police across the country, officials tell us they are taking it seriously. >> we notified the police officers and we have been putting out roll call to be more vigilant and make sure that everyone is watching for any little details that could lead to something bigger. >> they released this photo hoping someone will come forward. if you have information you should call tewksbury police.
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shot and killed in california. a family friend says he was playing pokemon go at the time. according to his cousin 20-year- old calvin riley had moved to california to pursue his dreams of playing professional baseball. he was shot saturday night near a popular tourist area in san francisco. a detective with the u.s. park police says riley was not robbed and none of his belongings were missing. they are asking the public for help. the family set up a gofundme pa t the father of a young murder victim will be in a connecticut court facing extra diction to massachusetts walter desilva was arrested by marshals they say he was wanted for a warrant not related to his daughter's murder last month but new reports says he is a person of interest in the case. 19-year-old sabrina desilva was shot and killed july 3 outside her apartment in new bedford. a worcester neighborhood on edge after two women were struck by a bullet a stray bullet in their home.
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the side of the house there. one person was hit in the leg and the other grazed on the back. wbz katie brace has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: a small hole in the siding harks where -- marks where police say a stray bullet went no a second story porch. the man was leek and says his mom is recovering. worcester police say a stray bullet went through a 52-year- old woman's leg and then grazed a back of a 42-year-old woman. it w as they sat in the enclosed porch enjoying an evening have friends. police say someone feared several bullets but the women were -- fired several bullets but the women were not the intented target. both will make a full recory. detectives found evidence outsided build -- outside the building and they are searching for who fired the gun and why. katie brace ww-z. -- wbz this morning go conned trump will be in --
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to talk about his economic plans to improve economic growth if elected president. his campaign cheryl says his plane -- chairman says it will cot on cutting tax regulation and new ways to boost middle he class wages and hillary clinton heads to detroit on thursday to talk about her economic policy. aides say he will argue trump is focused on the wealthiest americans. today clinton has several stops in florida to talk hoping to get a step closer to being on the ballot. vie vice presidential -- vice presidential nominee plans to filed paperwork here to guarantee he and party presidential nominee gary johnson are on the bay state ballots. now a developing story in capsas. the -- cabsas-- kansas. a 10-year-old son of a lawmaker dies riding world's tallest
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brian webb has more. >> reporter: a day after the tragic death of caleb swab at water park, officials have yet to determine what happened. >> a full investigation is underway. right now, the focus is on the family. >> reporter: he was killed on the water slide sunday afternoon. the ride certified as the world's tallest by the guinness book of world records features 168 feet plunge at hour. 264 stairs lead to the top. >> our lifeguards are critical and it would be difficult for them to focus after something like this. so, for that reason we felt it was wise to close the park. >> reporter: the son of the kansas state lawmakers was at the park with his family at the time. in a statement, the family thanked the community for their support adding "since the day
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all those he came in contact with. the slide opened in 2014 following multiple delays. the popular attraction as well as the entire park are closed pending the investigation. brian webb for cbs news. >> according to the park website riders have to be at least 54 inches to ride and all occupants cannot exceed 550 d. teachers could begin without classroom assignments. the globe reports an estimated 102 teachers are displaced due to budget cuts and declining enrollment. but because of the union status they must be kept on the payroll. this will cost about 8 million dollars in salary and benefits. school system is hoping to reduce the number by the start of the school year. the last all girls catholic school in boostson --on is:bush
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closing their doors. they blame a drop in enrollment and financial problems. there will be a meeting to help them transition to other catholic schools. coming up on wbz, city of boston calling out some area universities. >> college aren't paying up for city services. >> also ahead, alex rodriguez has four games left in his professional baseball career. three of them here in boston. and the cost of seeing his final at bat could be pricey. >> and mission accomplished. thousandsing crossing the finish line for the pan-mass challenge and we have a closer look at the race to raise money
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welcome back 4:41 morning. a -- on monday mong. a majority of-- morning. a majority of boston area college are not paying to help the city cover costs. globe reports 19 of-- 14 of the 19 college paid less than was requested and some did pay the full amount others hike boston university paid only -- like boston university paid only%.
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4:41 is the time. in today's money watch the surprising place olympic knock offs are coming from and more americans are wasting vacation time. >> and a-rod'sing about announcement leading to a surge of ticket prices. hena daniels has today's money watch. >> hi. good morning. are you headed to the red sox versus yaifngees expect to pay more. prices sky after rodriguez announced his final game this week. before the therd gazeman made the announcement tickets were about 75 bucks -- third baseman made the announcement tickets were 75 bucks now they are close to 450 dollars. and counterfeit merchandise for the olympics organizers of the game is selling roar end quality olympic gear at cheaper prices. knock offs of official rio
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like logo t-shirts many brazillians can't afford the t- shirt that cost about 30 bucks but the low cost version is 12 dollars. your-- a survey found 658 million days went unused last year for vacation. 222 million of the days can't be rolled over and are gone for good. more than half of american workers had unused vacation time. back to >> that's huge. and significant what's going on. >> take the vacation. >> take it. or give it to us we will figure it out. >> we will split it amongst ourselves. thank you see you next hour. barry burbank is in on that. >> you hear him laughing. >> he wants in. >> love that comment. yes. >> it's going to be another great day out there today. >> red going to be fab tastic-- it's going to be fantastic. we have had a lot of days this summer when we have not had much high humidity around.
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for sure like yesterday when it nudged 90 in boston and didn't quite make it but did in taunton so it was another pretty hot day but it was much more comfortable yesterday than the day before. so we have what lot of 90 ogee days in boston so far. 13 and that's the average for the whole year. so we have many more probably to come. we are forecasting 20 to 24 back last wint he for this summer so we will see if that's going to work out but we could have several coming up later this week in boston assuming we don't get a back door front. but 72 in the city at logan airport but outlying locations cooled off to the upper he 50s and lower 60s -- upper 50s and lower 60s. it was a pleasant summer morning. and dew points are in the 50s and will stay that way today. it's low humidy. you don't feel it much. dry air is to the south and we know it's going to be lasting today and tomorrow and then the
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wednesday. so today's highs is well into the 80s. mid-80s or so. a couple spots 87 or 88. along the coast a little question mark lower 80s and may fall back this afternoon but it could be a development of a sea breeze. afternoon temperatures at the beaches may drop back a few notches as the wind switches from a land breeze to a sea breeze and high tide at 4 coming up before this afternoon. looking at the sky it's going to be sunny and a few scattered clouds may show up but there will be no showers around today except in the rt chance of that happening. so that is about it from there. in the meantime, looking at tomorrow, we are looking at a mainly sunny day to partly cloudy. temperatures tomorrow will go up into the range of the upper 80s to near 90. my seven-day accu-weather forecast and you have it going up to near 90 tomorrow but 82 at the coast and the dry air conditions a few clouds around. more humid lots of clouds on wednesday and showers and storms and look at what happens at the end of the week. more 90s coming.
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but if a back door front slips behind the door it could have a cooler weather. that's the 7-day accu-weather forecast. what happened this week? pan-mass challenge and it was a successful weekend. wbz weather team hit the road this year. we called ourselves the wbz cyclones and took off from wellesley yesterday morning and we had a great ride. the weather was wonderful a lot of great people other wbz -- we met and other wbz includes lisa hughes david wade and hugh weesa moller. and we had -- louisa moller. >> a good looking team barry you looked good in the shirts. well-done. and thousands of other bike riders in the pan-mass challenge made their way across the at this .ish line. >> the goal to -- fin -- across the finish line.
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yr for dana-far-- raise money for dana-farber rs you might-- >> reporter: you might call it joyful chaos the finish line at pan-mass challenge thousands cyclists finally home. >> you did it. >> nice yob. thank you. >> thank you for ride -- nice job. thank you. >> thanks thanks for riding. >> ready to do it again. >> reporter: they ride for cause. fighting cancer. for survivors. and in memory of those who have passed. >> great ride buddy. >> i lost my dad to cancer in 97 and my mom has been battling and it's you know for guys-- it's like the least we can do. >> my wife and my mother both have fought cancer in the last couple years. i lost two cousins and an aunt. so, finishing first is nice but
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success story. a half a billion dollars raised since this all began back in 1980. >> we raised a toon of money -- ton of money. the men and women doing a great job. i am trying to get through it like everybody else. not getting easier but it's a lot fun and the people are wonderful. >> reporter: and somewhere in the madness we spotted our own lisa hughes. a pmc stand out year after year. >> hey. how are you? >> somebody the other night called it the pmc and i think when your legs are being ay or feeling hot or you have a sunburn you get caught up in the emotion of it and the power of something that is so positive and you feel he very lucky to be able to -- feel very lucky to be able to do it>> reporter: an affair of the heart every mile another chapter every churn of the wheel another promise to keep battling cancer. jim smith wbz news. >> and the ride is over but the
4:49 am if you want to donate. >> glad to see it was a success. just ahead a. new danger out west. >> another wild fire forcing evacuations in california. we will have the latest on the situation there. >> and president obama taking advantage of a beautiful sunday on the vineyard. who joined him for a game of
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ticks are out in mass. so check yourself, your kids, and your pets anytime you've been outdoors. check everywhere -- in your hair, under your arms, and between your toes. if you find a tick, remove it as soon as you can. use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick close to the skin. use firm, even pressure pulling straight up, without twisting or turning. then clean the bite area and your hands with soap and water.
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so if you start to feel ill or notice a rash near the bite,
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breaking overnight an american kidnapped overseas. a security official in afghanistan says five gunmen wearing military uniforms abducted an american and an australian in kabul. this happened near the american university of afghanistan. both are believed to be university employees. and a developing story in california. a college student from lowell shot and killed in san francisco. a family friend says he was pl according to his cousin 20-year- old calvin riley moved to california to pursue a dream of playing professional baseball. he was shot during a pop har tourist area. he was not robbed and none of his belongings were missing. the family set up a gofundme page to help with funeral costs. police are searching to are a man who tried to lure three young girls into his van by asking them to play pokemon go. they were walking on lady
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approached them. they managed to run away but anyone with information is asked to call police. a north redding woman accused of vandalizing a donald trump sign in andover will face a judge on tuesday. police say curl sayance video -- surveillance video caught susan bryant prey painting a donald trump sign and when he tried to confront her she nearly hit him with her car. officials think a fire was no accident. the fire began on the saturday night and spread upstairs. they are calling the cause of the fire suspicious. 19 people are left looking for somewhere else to live. luckily no one was hurt. a fast moving foreof the fire in southern california -- forest fire in southern california prompting evacuation of dozens of homes. it began about 55 miles east of los angeles near silverwood lake. it is grown to more than a square mile inside. air quality could reach unhealthy levels due to the
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fishermen love to talk about the big one that got away and now we have proof for one fisherman that it happened a group of guys were out for a half day of fishing off the coast of san diego. look at this. unbelievable. the captain of the ship hooked a shark and the shark decided to turn to an olympic gymnast having a ball out there. it's crazych the shark was estimated to weigh 500 pounds and really put a on a show. the -- put on a show. the shark get away. beaches on the cape back opened after several great white sharks shut them down to swimmers. 6 great whites why spotted feasting on a dead whale friday. officials immediately closed noon's landing beach point and cold storage all three are back opened. the first family enjoying the first weekend of their vineyard vacation. president obama spent his first full day on the island working on his golf game. he played at the farm neck golf club in oak bluffs and chris
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the attorney cy walker and joe paulson. a big night for red sox youngster andrew as his-- he hits the first major league rbi. boston scored the game's first two runs but then it was a familiar story from david price. as the staff ace struggled giving up 6 runs 3 earned through 5 innings of the red sox offense scored another 3 in the 6th but it was not enough as red 4:55 is the time. iconic boston street free of cars. >> coming up next, pedestrians taking over newbury street for one day. could this trial be a sign of
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look at this boston iconic newberry street usually jammed with traffic but yesterda high end retail row became playground for pedestrians. for one day it was closed to cars. this was to try to boost pedestrian traffic and business for stores. >> it's a great thing for the city to showcase our city. that's what happens here today. and it's going to be a lot of to the shops that will benefit. i think the businesses will be coming to us saying we would love to do it more next year. >> should be like this every
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they were playing games and enjoying food in the street. very cute. the mayor says they will study how yesterday impacted sales to see if it's worth doing again next year but what a great idea. >> it's cool because a lot of big cities have those promenade places where you can shop and not worry about cars so newbury street looks good noon at weather was perfect for it. >> absolutely. your top stories weather and traffic straight ahead here on wbz this morning. >> the news at 5 starts right now. developing ws young athlete from lowell shot and killed in california. his family says he was playing pokemon go when it happened. what we are learning about the investigation. >> police on alert over a threatening sign in tubesbury. the ex-- tewksbury. the extra steps they are taking. >> the 10-year-old boy killed can on the world's largest water slide. >> a car crashs into a local restaurant. a closer look at the damage.
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in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 5:00 on the dot. thanks for joining us i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. it's monday august 8th. rise and shine people. time to get back at it. let's check the forecast with barry burbank. good morning. >> good morning. and good morning everybody. it's a beautiful morning out there. it really is. temperatures have fallen down into the mid-50s to lower 60s in many suburbs. some of the urban warmer than that like downtown boston and out at logan airport. it's 71. but it's a nice crisp morning out there. it's beautiful with a lot of high cloudiness that came through southern new england that receded to the the south. we are in good shape. we are in for nice weather a few clouds. there's a front up across southern canada that may produce a couple showers across the mountains and northern new england. but here's what's going on for the dealy planner. lower 60s -- daily planner.


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