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tv   WBZ This Morning  WBZ  August 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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c1 breaking news right now at 4:30a deadly crash shutting down part of the mass pike overnight night. a challenge for firefighters while fighting a house fire in after a 27-year-old woman was murdered in princeton. the latest on the search for her killer. good morning.
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>> she is not off, she is here. different shift. >> we have 50s in the suburbs like yesterday morning, and it's nice and cool and reafrican americaning, and it will be another beautiful day. a lot of sunshine coming up, and mostly clear skies right now, and it should be moatedly clear this morning, and there will be a scattering of clouds, and it will be hotter than it was yesterday. we are starting out this morning in to middle 60s, and lower 80s by the lunch hour, and 90s this afternoon, except at coast a little bit of a sea breeze. enjoy the last day of low humidity. it will be sticky coming up. rest of my accuweather forecast in a few minutes. a deadly crash shutting down the mass pike overnight.
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throughout the night. some drivers were stuck in traffic for 2 hours as police investigated. and a fire in south boston. heavy flames. the home was under renovation. five people living next door were displaced by the fire. the damage is estimated around figure out what sparked this. a murder mystery putting a small massachusetts town on edge. >> a jogger was found dead, and the 27-year-old's body was found naked and burned. the murder of vanessa marcotte
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an officer watched over the home of vanessa murcotte's mother. sheer body was found half a mile away, and sources said she was neck ached and burned. >> we are concerned about the safety of our visitors. we ask people to pay attention to their surroundings. >> reporter: it prompted this warning from the princeton police chief on monday, and tops continue to van catastrophes the area after her death was determined to be a homicide. >> we don't know if it was a random act. >> reporter: investigators are focusing on the time frame, focusing on when vanessa went for a jog and walk and never returned. >> it's 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. yesterday. we are seeking the public's senate. >> reporter: marcotte was a google executive living in new
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her mother. she graduated with honors from boston university, and she was known by colleagues for her smile and love of b.u. sports. her death is startling to those who live in this quiet town. >> i, as a parent, hope it was a crime of passion and we don't have to worry about someone on the streets. >> reporter: the state police already went around and spoke to area residents, and they sa louisa muller. >> princeton is is a small town with a population of 3500 people. many people who live there said they are there for the seclusion. they are shocked this could happen in their town. they are taking extra steps to protect themselveses and their families. >> make sure the doors are
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make sure she is never alone. i will be with her 24/7. >> stay with wbz for the latest on the murder investigation, and we will bring you updates on air and online. delta airlines will be handing out refunds and travel vouchers. travelers could still see trouble today, and it took a few hours to fix the problem, but the damage was already done. 3,000 flight delayed. the airline says delays could continue today, and frustrated passengers who were waiting said they were told little information about what was going on. >> the agent said our system is down, and no delta flights are flying, and there's no news. >> i was excited to go home, but i guess it will be a little longer out here. >> delta says the challenge
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seats during the already busy travel season for the tens of thousands passengers whose flights were scrubbed. now to campaign 2016, the presidential candidates campaigning in key swing states today, hillary clinton in florida and donald trump in north carolina. yesterday trump tried to reset his campaign with a major economic speech, but the republican nominee is facing growing resistance within his own party. >> reporter: donald trump pitched his revamped tax his proposals have been embraced by republicans for decades, including across the board tax cut. >> my plan will reduce the current number of brackets from 7 to 3 and dramatically streamline the process. >> reporter: during the hour- long address, the republican candidate also took aim at hillary clinton. >> every policy she has tilts the playing field towards other countries.
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florida, the democratic nominee said trump's plan is more of the same. >> trickle down economics does not help our economy grow. >> reporter: monmouth university poll out on monday has trump trailing clinton by double digits nationally and facing growing opposition from his own party. latiest susan collins of maine said she would not be voting for trump in november. this is officials warn the republican candidate would be dangerous to the nation's security. clinton herself is facing more fallout from the use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. >> reporter: the parents of the two americans killed in
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against her on monday. they said her extreme carelessness led to their sons' deaths. new information on the 10- year-old boy who died at a kansas water park. caleb schwab died from neck injuries. caleb was the second oldest son from a kansas senator. a ferris wheel accident at the green county fairgrounds has left three people hurt. the three victimming fell out of the basket, plunging 35 to 40 feet. the oldest injured is a 16-year- old girl no word on their conditions. a belmont police motorcycle officer is recovering a a crash with the car. the accident shut down part of
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okay. snow one in the car was hurt. the crash is under investigation. state troopers are searching for the thief who stole a police suv in south boston. they found the vehicle abandoned in summerville hours after it was taken. troopers said the thieves did not damage the vehicle or take any equipment inside. an everett man is being held on $100,000 bail. mark barry is accused of taking pictures up a woman's skirt and facing child porn charges. barry was arrested after the victim and witnesses identified them. police found the child born while examining his phone. 4:39 right now, and coming up on wbz this morning a dog in danger off martha's vineyard. >> the race to the rescue. beefing up security at logan airport. the way to sign up for the
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walsh's cargo shorts. this morning the mayor is
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if you're looking to get through airport security faster a new precheck service is opening up at marriott next week. those who sign up and get approved can use the faster line. you don't have to remove your shoes, liquids, or laptops. there's appointments available, and walkins are become. in today's money watch, the best color car for resale. >> and a payment system hit hackers. hena daniels is live for us at the new york shock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: good morning kathryn and chris. oracle micros has been hacked. it's used by retailers around the world. a computer security blogger says it was breeched by the russian cyber criminals. searching for a new job? the government may have one for
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level air traffic controllers, and the number of workers in the field hit a 27 year low last year and the union said there's a severe shortage. applications will only be taken during the 1-week period. the median salary is almost $123,000. lyft is making it easier to friend. lyft is allowing the about to add a second donation by using the app. you can get more green from orange and yellow by selling your car. the cars hold their value the best. orange vehicles from 2013 saw a depreciation value of 22% and yellow, 23%, and other cars saw
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gold -- the colors are rare. gold was ranked the worst. >> no one thes gold, but yellow and orange, a hot commodity. >> please! >> who knew. >> hena, thank you. a nice day is shaping up yet again, barry. >> reporter: a nice morning, just like yeda the 50s again, and boston, it's pretty warm. we have had such a dry summer. what has been the driest summer so far? >> 1957. so far this june, july, and august only 2.26, and we have several days to go in august. hopefully we get above the 4- inch mark, and the stage is set
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next few days. 72 at logan airport in boston, and the urban center here. we go out in suburbia. 55 in taunton, and it's cool out there. there's going to be remarkable temperature rise today. some places low to middle 50s, and close to 90 this afternoon. more than 30 degrees going , 40-degree temperature rise from the morning lows to the afternoon highs, and these are the dew points just like yesterday, all in the 50s. it's muggy down in here, and the dew point in the 60s coming up later tonight, and we will feel the humidity later tomorrow. we have the tide that will be high late this afternoon. a gentle sea breeze, and keeping the coast cooler.
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nudging 90 degrees. 25th day this season of hitting 90 or higher out there, and this is the hot zone. many areas out here have had more than 20 days of over 90 degrees. here's what is going on today. sunshine through most of the day. even going into the afternoon hours a few clouds around. fewer than the last couple of days, and overnight tonight, cloudier, and mostly cloudy. cannot rule out the sunshine tomorrow morning. wa the model is not giving us enough showers. there will be more thousands -- there will be more showers than this is indicating. we have a problem with the computer this morning. we are not talking about snow. [ laughter ] the computer is going wild this morning. [ laughter ] we are not going to have snow. temperatures in the 90s the next few days. >> thank you, barry. >> oh my gosh!
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thank you, barry. we will check with you later. a 7-year-old boy was seriously injured. isaac harrington was with his family in maryland when he was accidently run over by a large commercial mower. the boy's left foot was amputated. incredibly you can see him smiling in these pictures. the man operating the machine threw it in reverse without looking. >> see -- seeing my son in pain is the hardest thing. >> he's 7 and the strongest little kid. i wish i was like that. >> isaac had two surgeries and will need more. his parents set up a gofundme page, and we have the link on a dog overboard. ferry passengers spotted a dog paddling in the water a mile
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woman on board shot the video. the dog swam towards another boat, and those boaters turned the dog to safety this is the photo of the dog back on dry land. one of the rescuers said the dog was reunited with his owner and apparently fell off one of the ferries, but doing okay. >> that's a lucky dog that the boater was nearby. >> and smart to swim over to him. good. boston mayor y clothing. >> on sunday mayor walsh word wore a pair of cargo shorts, and twitter users started to mock him almost immediately, call them ugly and uncool. men who wear the cargo shorts said they are comfortable and practical. mayor walsh said "i love my cargo shorts. they are the most comfortable
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leave the guy alone! >> who would think cargo shorts would be so controversial. >> who knew. a curve ball from kurt schilling. >> ahead, his push for a political office, and it comes out of left field. good news if your teenager spends hours playing video
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breaking news this morning a deadly crash shutting down part of the mass pike overnight . it was in the pike westbound. police were on the scene overnight. some drivers were stuck in traffic for 2 hours as police investigated. our other top story this morning. po woman in princeton. sources say police found vanessa marcotte's body naked and burned in the woods on sunday night. the 27-year-old had gone out for a jog earlier in the day near her mother's home, and police say they have no suspects thatry asking the public to come forward with any information. people in the neighborhood are also being told to be extra careful. outrage this morning from the families of those kill in
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a pokemon stop. it's continually visited by players. and the families are protesting that can be removed. pokemon go players are taking over a historical fort. fort pheonix is a hot spot for people playing the game, and caretakers said players are vandalizing and leaving trash all over players say it's a great way to socialize. >> it's fun. it's something to do other than social media. >> it just brings out the good in a lot of people. >> officials also said every night a police officer has to direct players out of the fort when the gates close at 10:00. a connecticut man accused of killing his own daughter.
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desilva on an unrelated case, and then they said he shot and killed his daughter on july 3rd. he was con vicked of trying to murder the teen's mother more than a decade ago, and he's headed to massachusetts to face charges . senator elizabeth warren has praised her fellow democrat saying weapons of war has place in communities, and said hewey will not be bullied. curt schilling may be thinking of running for office here in massachusetts. he said on facebook, i'm going to run soon. pressed for details, he said state office, white house in 8 years or 4 if by some amazing
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curt schilling was fired from espn after he shared a mean transgender meme on facebook. a new study found teens who are regular gamers scored higher than average in math, reading, and science on an international exam. the australian study said teens who scan their facebook friends or chatted with friends daily scored worse in math. researchers want to see how see if it can improve relations. a historic school on the move. >> the 193-year-old building headed to a new location, and crews turn to an old form of
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light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! light & fit crunch. a historic schoolhouse making its way back to the original location. it was brought back the same way it was moved years ago. by oxen. thousands of people came to watch the 22oxen move the school one-third of a mile down the road. it was part of an effort to restore the village's 19th century look. >> ox power? >> it's airplays from the past.
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weather and traffic -- it's a blast from the past. >> your top stories with weather and traffic starting right now. a deadly crash shut down part of the mass pike overnight. >> and new details about a fire in south boston, the challenges and danger firefighters had to deal with at the scene. a local town on edge after a jogger is found dead. the search for her killer, and the warning from police. thank you for being here with us. i'm kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon. >> and barry burbank is in. it's a lovely start to this day. so nice when it cools off, and


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