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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  August 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: severe weather threatens millions. deadly floods in the deep south, more than 1,000 rescued. extreme heat in 14 states. ( cheers ) also tonight, the surge in immigrant applying for citizep year's presidential election. >> i think urgency is real, and this election is a game changer. >> ninan: katy ledecky swimming in gold as michael phelps prepares for his last lap. and the rio landmark attracting not only tourists but nature's wrath. >> the statue sits 2,000 feet up and because it sits between the mountains and the atlantic ocean, it's a prime target for lightning.
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>> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan. at least two people are dead as historic floods slam the deep south. over a foot and a half of rain has fallen in parts of louisiana, which is under a state of emergency. more than 1,000 have been rescued. there's also flooding in mississippi and alabama. we begin with omar villafranca in hammond, louisiana. >> do you have something? >> yeah. >> reporter: rescue crews spent the day searching for people who may have been swept away in the floodwaters. they came across this car just dog from drowning. >> oh! >> reporter: national guards men on boats, trucks, and helicopters have helped more than 1,000 stranded pets and people. before john bel edwards says many who should have evacuated did not. some are risking their lives on flooded roads. >> it really doesn't take much depth of the water if it's moving quickly to wash your
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68-year-old man who drowned while trying to escape the rising waters. >> me and my son and another guy tried to get him, but it was too late. >> reporter: has the water gone down any? >> it looks like about six to eight inches from what i can tell. >> reporter: jeanie mcandrew holmes has to wade through waist-high water to get to her home in hammond. she's still cleaning up from a flood in march, where she barely got a chance to save her most cherished possessions. >> and i grabbed a big rubbermaid and threw as many photos into it as and this is where i get a little emotional. i mean, your pictures are everything. you don't replace pictures. and so that was the one thing that, i hate to say come hell or high water, but that was coming with us expwroarpt with more reason to come, the flooding could get worse. rivers are expected to break previous records by several feet. >> it is going to spread out very, very wide, and you're going to see homes flood that have never, ever flooded before. >> reporter: governor john bel edwards plans to tour the
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some of the street flooding drains off before the next round of rain comes through. >> ninan: omar villafranca covering in the flooding in the south. thanks, omar. north of new york city, in the town of poughkeepsie, lightning struck five people dpaghterred around a park bench. one person, a 55-year-old man, died. two others are in intensive care with burns and internal injuries. heat warnings and varieses were posted in 14 states. for moreth here's pamela gardner of wbz in boston. >> yeah, lot of heat variesies and heat warnings in effect. we're keeping a close watch on this nearly stationary area of low pressure spinning up tons of gulf moisture and flooding porkz of louisiana. central, southern louisiana has picked up over 20 inches of rain. this is unprecedented in some spots. additional rains of 4-8 inches is projected through tuesday across the same locations that have continued to have flood
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that low pressure is going to meet up with the cold front, draped across the midwest and ohio valley producing additional conditions there. excessive heat warnings posted through sunday for the atlantic coast here. heat index temperatures right around potentially 105 for tomorrow. reena. >> ninan: pamela gardner with the weather wout look. three suspects are under arrest for the fatal shooting of a police officer in hatch, new mexico. it happened friday during a traffic stop. 33-year-old officer jose chavez was turns out one of the suspects was wanted for a murder last month in ohio. with almost 12 weeks until election day, the race for president is heating up. at least in the fiery rhetoric between candidates. oned is, hillary clinton's running mate was in a key battleground state, raising kaine. errol barnett has the campaigns covered. >> and my prediction is, when this campaign is all over and people have forgotten the losing campaign that he ran, the two words they will remember about
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that's what they'll remember. ( applause ) that's what they'll remember. >> reporter: in new hampshire today, virginia senator tim kaine contrasted his running mate's detailed economic plan to what he described as donald trump's empty perhaps promises. trump's plans is to say we're going to be rich, but if you ask him about the details, we're going to be great, we're going to build a wall and make mexico pay for twhatever he says, he just says, "believe me. believe me." is there anybody in this room who believes one word that dona t >> no! >> reporter: trump is behind nationally and in most battleground states. in pennsylvania friday night, trump said a loss in november is only possible if the election is rigged. >> the only way we can lose in my opinion-- i really mean this, pennsylvania-- is if cheating goes on. i really believe it. >> reporter: the campaign is so concerned, it launched a sign-up page to recruit trump
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not just vote on the 8th, go around and look and watch other polling places. and make sure that it's 100% fine. >> reporter: after releasing her tax returns on friday, hillary clinton is now pushing donald trump to do the same. but trump is pushing back. reena, he says what voters really want to see are the 33,000 e-mails deleted from clinton's private server. >> ninan: errol barnett, thank you. well, health officials say three more people in tested positive for locally transmitted zika, bringing the total to at least 28. one of the new cases is outside the so-called zika zone, and that has residents and authorities concerned the outbreak area could be expanding. marlie hall is here with the latest. >> reporter: reena, florida officials say they're investigating that new zika case that was identified outside the miami neighborhood of wynwood, where mosquitoes have spread the virus to over two dozen people. the florida department of health
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it hasn't released any other details about the location or the patient, but we do know investigators and mosquito-control inspectors will be working in that area. the health department says at this point there is no evidence of active transmissions outside miami's one-square-mile zika zone. another area where locally transmitted cases of zika have become a major concern, puerto rico. the obama administration announced yesterday that the u.s. territory is under a of the outbreak there. puerto rico reported nearly 2,000 new cases in the past week, and more than 10,000 since december. that includes more than 1,000 pregnant women. the swriers has been tied to severe birth defects. the u.s. surgeon general visited puerto rico earlier in the week and says he predicts a quarter of the population will be infected by the end of the year. reena. >> ninan: a quarter of the population. that's significant. >> reporter: staggering
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marlie. in switzerland a 27-year-old man started a fire and stabbed several people on a train. a six-year-old child is among the wounded. the motive for the attack is not known. in northern syria, there were cell operations in the streets after rebel fighters backed by the united states took control of manbij. that's a town that had been under isis control. liberated women uncovered their faces. men, who had been forced to grow beerdz, shaved. in rio de janeiro, team u.s.a. is closing in on its 1,000th gold medal in olympics. the u.s. won its first gold medal in 1896. ben tracy has more from rio. >> reporter: and they're off. track and field is now under way in rio. jamaica's usain bolt basically jogged across the finish line in the qualifying round of the 100-meter sprint and still beat the competition. fencing doesn't get a lot of love from american fans, but the u.s. men's foil team won bronze last night, the first u.s. medal
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>> the world record! >> reporter: but so far, these olympics have largely been about what team u.s.a. has done in the pool. 19-year-old katy ledecky has been golden, four gold medals and two world records. she is the first female swimmer to sweep the 200, 400, and 800 meter races since the 1968 olympics in mexico city. >> i couldn't have asked for a better week. i've just had a ton of fun swimming and competing and >> is he going to do it again! you bet he is. >> reporter: but the swim of the night belonged to 35-year-old anthony ervin. he won gold in the 50-meter freestiecialg the same event in which he won gold se sydney olympics 16 years ago when he was just 19. >> thinking of my family and my friends, and those who supported me through the highs and the lows, that's-- that's what got me here. >> reporter: and michael phelps added olympic medal number 27 to his collection.
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had to share second place with two other swimmers. but michael phelps will be back in the pool tonight for what is expected to be the final olympic swim of his career. he says he'll retire after rio. he's going to be swimming in the 4x100 medley relay and. that team wins gold, michael phelps will have 23 gold medals in what must be a very crowded medal room at his house. reena. >> ninan: it certainly must it was the end of an era friday night as alex rodriguez played his final game for the yankees. tony dokoupil was there. >> ladies and gentlemen, let's have one more yankee stadium for alex rodriguez. thank him for all of the memories he's given us. >> reporter: a pregame ceremony, featuring a-rod's family and former teammates ended abruptly, when dark clouds
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opened up, raining on his celebration. but in his first at-bat -- >> the designated hitter, number 13, alex rodriguez. >> reporter: ...cheers, and a clutch piece of hitting. >> and a base hit for rodriguez! >> reporter: the man who is third on major league baseball's all-time r.b.i. listalded another. a-rod, slapping a double to right field. in his last inning as a yankee, rodriguez took the field for the after two outs, he was pulled from the game. teammates and fans showing their appreciation. ( cheers ) but his time in new york and major league baseball wasn't always so golden. despite winning three m.v.p. awards and making more money than any other player in history, rodriguez was also one of the most penalized. in 2014, he served 162-game ban for his use of performance-enhancing drugs, use
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2007. >> for the record you have ever used steroids, human growth hormone or any other performance-enhancing substance? >> no. >> reporter: after his performance sunk to a career low it this season, the yankees decided they had seen enough and opted to release rodriguez while still paying him the $27 million they owe him through next season. >> but when you just do the eye test, this is one of the greatest players in the history of baseball, and to go out this way has to be a little embarrassing, and he's even word "retirement "just yet because rodriguez isn't. >> in your heart, do you think you've played your last major league baseball game? >> i have to tell you, it's going to be tough to top that. that's a memory they will own forever. >> reporter: alex rodriguez will apparently still serve the yankees next season as a special adviser working with younger players, but he could still sign with another team.
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make "have a couple of cocktails." >> ninan: not a bad near-term plan. tony dokoupil, thank you. tonight for the first time in 22 years an n.f.l. game is being played in los angeles. the l.a. rams are hosting the dallas cowboys at the famed l.a. coliseum. an expected crowd of 91,000 could set a new pre-season attendance record in the u.s. british actor paik passed away saturday. >> r2-d2,ou >> ninan: baker played the beloved r2-d2 in six "star wars" films. baker was 3'8" tall and, yes, he was actually inside the costume. he was 81. coming up, they're coming to
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680,000 citizens at naturalization ceremonies. on thursday b6,000 people from 145 countries become citizens at ceremonies in los angeles. as carter evans reports, there's actually been a surge in citizenship applications this year, partially driven by the desire to vote. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: for these new american citizens, you only have to see their faces and their joy... ? whose broad stripes and bright stars >> reporter: know what this day means. but they'll also tell you of all of rights they now have, the one they cherish most is the right to vote. >> i think the urgency is real, and this election is going-- is a game changer. >> reporter: andrea leon-grossman was born in mexico, along with about half of the 3,000 new citizens at this ceremony in los angeles. andrea came to the u.s. in 1993. you've been doing everything
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decades now. >> correct. >> reporter: except for voting. >> for 23 years i have been paying my taxes. i have been contributing to society and to my community. and i think it's really important that my voice is counted. >> reporter: outside the convention hall, any mention of donald trump went something like this. >> i'm not going to allow something like this buffoon to take away my rights. >> reporter: but for alfonso martinez, from mexico, anger against trump doesn't translate who are you voting for? >> reluctantly, i'm going to be voting for hillary clinton. i really wanted to vote for bernie sanders because he inspired me. >> reporter: much of what hillary clinton says appeals to lilly simonetti, who was born in the philippines. how important to you is this right to vote? >> very important. i think it's a very important part of being a citizen. >> reporter: lily's husband, mark, backs donald trump. are you going to try and persuade her to vote republican? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and i guess it
6:49 pm
table. >> yes. >> oh, yes, every day. >> reporter: ultimately, for these newest americans what matters most is that they can vote. >> i think we matter, and i think this is what makes america great. >> so happy. i'm so proud. >> reporter: carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> ninan: thanks, carter. ask still ahead, the sharks that may be older than our country. how their incredibly long lives could improve human longevity. it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ? ? trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens,
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>> ninan: talk about long in the tooth. scientists recently discovered greenland sharks. they may actually be living for centuries, praption as long as 400 years. here's charlie d'agata. >> wow! >> reporter: they've been lurking in the depthses for centuries, looking more like half-blind, weather-beaten rocks than killer sharks. in the ice cold waters of the arctic and north atlantic, they prey mostly on smaller their only predator is other greenland sharks. the scientists say they determine the ages of the sharks by looking deep into their eyes. the lens is made up of proteins that build up over time. using radiocarbon dating, they were able to count them out like rings on a tree. they estimated the largest shark was most likely 392 years old, give or take 120 years. dr. david agus said they found one important time stamp.
6:53 pm
when nuclear bombs were being test off greenland, and we could see the radiation in the eyes there. and we can go deeper and estimate that it's 300 to 400 years when these sharks were actually born ? ? ? >> reporter: that's before can george washington was but a twinkle in his father's eye. in fact, around the same time the actual galileo started staring up at the stars. sure, ming the clam lived to 507 before scientists killed it clams have no backbone. jonathan the galapagos tortoise say mere whippersnapper at 184. and understanding the greenland shark's secret to a long life might help with our own longevity. >> well, these sharks are still functioning into their hundreds and attack their prey and eating it and living. to them it's a normal life. so we have to learn from them. and if we can live from these
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6:57 pm
here's jamie yuccas. >> reporter: the picturesque statue of christ the redeemer sits atop rio's corcovado mountain and and is considered the largest art deco-style sculpture in the world. >> ( translated ): wherever you are in the city, he's look over you. you can never forget about christ the redeemer. >> reporter: every year, nearly two million people get up close and take pictures from every angle. it's brazil's national icon, and protecting it can be a challenge. mountains and atlantic ocean, it's a prime target for lightning. workers say it is hit about six times a year. the catholic church now works with a weather monitoring center so the busy area can be evacuated during a storm. >> ( translated ): there are people who say lightning doesn't hit the same place twice, but the finger of the right hand of the redeemer has been hit more than 10 times. >> reporter: cristina ventura is an architect.
6:58 pm
care for christ. she said lightning rodses have been placed on the statue to send lightning to the ground. >> ( translated ): they are on the tip of the finger, run over the shoulders and there is a crown on the top of the head. this is all the system of preventing of lightning. >> reporter: lightning strikes in 2013 and 2014 did major damage to the statue, breaking off part of the middle finger and thumb. repairing the statue is quite an undertaking. architects must go through a rigorous process because the now hard to find and can sometimes be the wrong color. but it's worth it to keep the statue looking like a masterpiece for generations to come. jamie yuccas, cbs news, rio de janeiro. >> ninan: and that's the cbs weekend news for this saturday. later on cbs, "48 hours "and the news continues on cbsn, and
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