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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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dorchester, what we're learning this morning. >> police searching for the suspect who sexually assaulted a woman in a south end. the warning this morning for neighbors. >> and the clean-up underway after a tornado touches down in concord. we'll have a closer look at the damage that was left behind. . good morning. it is 5:00 right now. thanks for joining us. and barry burbank, if you went outside right now, it's feeling like september, like we've already turned the page a little bit possibly into the next season. >> it does, but it feels good, it feels kind of good out there. it's going to be warming up. it will feel like a nice summer day this afternoon. but we have some 47s on the map. how cold can it get? getting kind of cool when the air is nice and dry. the air is completely clear of
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any arrests. >> and right now boston police certaining for a suspect they say sexually assaulted a woman at a local playground. >> anna miler is live in the south end with what police want you to know. >> reporter: kate, police say a woman was walking right here in the south end around 1:00 yesterday morning when a man came up to her, said he had a knife and forced her to follow him. boston police say the man approached her when he was riding a blue bmx-style bike in claremont street. investigators say the suspect forced her to walk to the careter playground where he sexually assaulted her. he then took off toward davenport street and is still on the run. police are now putting out a community alert warning the public to be on the lookout for the suspect who they describe as a hispanic man in his late 20s to mid-30s. he's 5'6" inches tall has a medium build. he has tattoos on his right arm
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boston police are asking anyone with information to give them a call and you can stay anonymous. reporting live in the southest, wbz this morning. >> thank you. clean up will continue this morning just one day after tornado touched down in concord leaving a path of destruction there. >> let's get to nicole jacobs live in con court. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning, to you. many residents i spoke with say the storm minutes to pass through their yards and leave behind this type of destruction. it rolled through quickly. >> and all of a sudden instead of the curtain blowing in they started sucked out. >> we hid underneath bit fireplace right there. >> reporter: just after 3:00 a.m. monday while many were sleeping an ef1 tornado tore through concord. >> we thought it was an
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against the walls. >>reporter: memories of the sights and sounds now a part of the storm's story. >> it sounded like this rumble that came through, it got louder and louder be and then it just quit. >> reporter: it left behind a path of destruction. trees scattered apart, poles snapped, residents without power. the national weather service's assessments determined there was twisting in the 100-mile per hour wind during the half mile long tornado, 39 homes were damaged. but all lives were spared. >> i'm house. it's standing. >> reporter: and just as quickly as it hit, it was over. but this concord community has a clean-up that continues. driving through this area, seeing all the trees that fell, it's absolutely remarkable. no residents were injured in all of this, and that is a miracle. we're live in concord. the governor got a firsthand look at the damage.
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lieutenant governor first responders and emergency management. >> the most amazing thing to me is how much tree damage was done up there and thankfully nobody was hurt, and the damage to the houses within that same area is relatively light. >> con court firefighters issued a reverse 911 call for people to stay inside their homes while crews cleared live wires and downed t. commute. new e tolls along the pike could take a toll on your wallet when the all electronic tolls, is some drivers could end up paying more. i want to bring in brianna with the details. >> good morning. mark your calendars, the big switch happens october 28th. drivers will no longer be able to pay cash for a toll. the goal is to ease congestion and traffic but the big change could cost you more. >> well i know they have this new thing over here, right?
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>> reporter: more than a dozen metal gantries are being installed along the mass pike. they're part of the new all electronic no tool both initiative. they calculate your tolls. >> i do have a tran responders. so we will not have to slow down. it will be high speed. >> correct. >> like they have in colorado. >> correct. >> that will be good. >> reporter: your commute could be foster but new proposed rates might slow you down. from framingham to boston your toll will remain the same. from westin to boston but from west newton to downtown, each trip will cost you 70 cents more. >> it's not cheap. it's really going to add up for you then. >> very much. very much. not happy. >> reporter: for drivers without a transponder. >> they will need to cover the cost it takes us to administer their program. think of it as a processing fee. >> reporter: cameras will snap a picture of the plate and the d.o.t. will mail you a bill. >> the new rates aren't locked
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then transportation leaders will vote in october. massdot is encouraging all drivers to get a easy pass responderment for information on where you can get one. check out our website. >> all right. thank you. the waiting continues for a proposed muslim cemetery in dudley. according to the "boston globe", the down's board of selectmen once again deferred action last night putting off any decision on the 55-acre 16,000 plot the issue will likely return to selectmen's agenda next month. a summerville couple facing robbery charges accused of armed robbery of a nun. vanessa young and her spouse crystal, pleaded not guilty at their arraignment monday. quincy police say the couple robbed the nun. we spoke to the nun's superior, mother olga. she tells us the nun who wasn't wearing her habit at the time told the robbers she didn't have money, that's when they took her
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life and saved this young woman from committing much bigger crime. >> mother olga says she believes in forgiveness and hope the women get the help they need. meanwhile, foamboro police are looking for a man they say stole an autographed patriots helmet from skip jack's restaurant. he was wearing a tom brady jersey. he walked out on his tab. the thief apparently even called in the next day to confess, saying he would ship the helmet returned. police think he's from wilmington. anyone with information should give them a call. >> now to campaign 2016. donald trump heads to texas today to fund-raise and rally supporters while the controversy over hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server continues to loom over her campaign. cbs's brian webb with the very latest. >> reporter: appearing on jimmy kimmel last night, hillary clinton talked about getting ready to debate her republican
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in elementary school. >> reporter: before addressing the latest chapter in her enduring e-mail saga. >> we've already released, i don't know, 30,000 plus, so what's a few more? >>. >> reporter: on monday a judge ordered the state department to quickly release close to 15,000 previously undisclosed e-mails and documents recovered from her private e-mail server by the fbi during their criminal investigation. clinton campaign aides say they aren't sure what's in documents but support all her work-related e-mails being released. at a campaign event in ohio, donald trump sought to keep the limelight on clinton's family foundation. amid mounting claims its foreign donors got preferential treatment at the state department during her tenure. >> the favorses done and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited
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prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. >> reporter: the nominee also made a pitch to minority voters. >> what do you have to lose? i will straighten it out. we'll get rid of the crime. you'll be able to walk down the street without getting shot. >> reporter: a new monmouth university poll finds clinton leading trump among black, hispanic andation voters 72 to 10%. brian webb for cbs news. >> president obama in the meantime, heads to louisiana today to t vacation in the vineyard and not visiting the state sooner even though state officials asked him not to come. 13 people have died from the flooding and more than 60,000 homes have been damaged. coming up on wbz this morning, it's game on for the casino in everett. >> plans now moving forward on the wynn casino after the latest legal bid to block it is dropped. >> we'll tell but a delicious way to give back. how you can eat breakfast and fight childhood hunger all at
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and eat some breakfast outside. >> indeed it is. you may want to take a long hunch hour as well. at noon time, 75 to 77. sunshine everywhere. nice dry air, what more could you want? it's beautiful out there right now. we have temperatures in the actually 40s in some of the suburbs, around 60 in downtown boston. we'll back with the forecast in
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. a community in maine on alert. someone stumb u snake skin. this comes just one month after police saw a ten-foot long snake near a popular location in westbrook. and this macon firm that the snake is still around. the snake has been named wessy and is believed to be a python. wessy has her own twitter account with more than 1400 followers. okay. first of all, i don't want to know what happened to that snake. i don't care what happened to that snake. i hope that snake is long gone.
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snake? not me. >> a ten-foot long python. no thanks. >> good luck. good luck to you, wessy. >> get off twitter. >> we don't want to hear from you, see you. go away. >> i agree with that. when i start shedding my skin. >> what does that mean? we're going to have an early winter? what does that mean, barry? >> it's going to be an early winter. that's it. good morning, everybody. here's what's going on this morning. we have a really dry summer as you know the question is will it end up being we are so close to that. look so far in 2016, 3.94 in boston, we have about 9/10 of an inch yesterday. do we really want to make this a record and beat the record and put this in here? i don't know. we've had such a dry summer out there. the farmers have a tough time. wells are drying up. creek, streams and lake -- it's just awful the water levels around here. we need some more rain.
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it's going to stay on the dry side. it's going to be on the cool side mainly this morning. this is going to be the coolest morning. but it will be pleasant tomorrow. these are the lowest temperatures. it looks like this. in the dairy field school in manchester it's 48. at the elmwood school it's 49. so it's a little cool out there. the airport is 61 degrees. wee the nearby suburbs and most of the northeast is in the 50s. dew points have dropped. you know how nice it feels. it started feek feeling that way -- feeling that way yesterday afternoon. the dew points are in the upper 40s. december continued to stay there all day long, and tonight as well. and creep up a little bit tomorrow in the mid to upper 50s. but that's still considered nice and dry. high temperatures in the lower 80s. south-facing locations will be in the upper 70s.
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southwest breeze at 5 to 15 miles an hour. high pressure is in control giving us dry weather now. as it goes to the south, it will pump the humid air on the northeast. we'll go out to the tropics it's getting active this time of year. fiona is going to die out. this thing we might have to worry about. and this tropical storm, ga ston is moving out in the atlantic. it now has winds of 50 miles per hour. so that's going to go away. there'he storm ga ston. it's moving out like this. so that's not going to be a problem. however, the other system, tropical wave east of the islands, is going to come in here and the conditions are going to become more favorable for this to develop. we'll see if it affects the united states. terps not as low as last night, upper 50s to around lower 60s in boston. and tomorrow's high should be in
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again. here it is, we have the 82 today, we have 89 tomorrow, and 90 to 91 on friday. so boston's probably going to pick up 1 or 2 more days over 90 degrees at the end of the week as it turns more humid. but no rain in the forecast until maybe a couple of showers or storms next monday. the weekend is looking good. >> we want you to be aware of an accident on 495 north in foxboro. there's an overturned truck there. it's just before exit 28 at route one lefb it's not causing any back-up just yet. we will keep an eye on this. your ride into boston from the north is still short and sweet this morning. route 1 to 93 south are wide open and the t and the commuter rail are both running on time. >> thank you. a woman hit and killed in the school parking lot in lowell. 70-year-old claudia nor manned died outside the america lynn school yesterday. neighbors say shelied just a few blocks away and was out for her daily walk. investigators say a pick-up
5:18 am
was backing up and didn't see her. >> he backed up and he backed up on her. and then i don't think he knew and he dragged her into the parking spot and he just kept on saying, i didn't see her, i didn't see her. >> the truck driver was there to do work for the school. but may have been directed to park in a different space. no charges have been filed at this time. a scare at the statehouse, the building was evacuated around 11:00 yesterday morning after an alarm went off. state police say the alarm is triggered by accident and there building. after about 20 minutes, everyone was allowed back inside. general, is open for business in boston. the governor and mayor paid a visit to the company's temporary office. the globe reports about 175 employees are working from the office in the city's four points neighborhood. ge expects that number to be around 800 by the time the new headquarters opened up. and it is game on for the
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its final fight to block the project. the city's mayor says both sides have reached an agreement to address transportation, health and environmental issues. at can a see no is he expected to open in june, 2019. fighting childhood happeninger. >> from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ihop restaurants are offering a short stack of their pancakes for just a buck. 100% of the proceeds sold will be dough flatd to the share our strength no kid 1 million short stacks sold at restaurants today. >> that's about an hour and 40 minutes from now, but who is counting. up next, where tom brady? >> number 12 missing from the practice field again. what the coach is saying about the absence. >> plus the catch of the day. the red sox rookie stealing the show. steve burton has a closer look
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. tom brady missing a gillette.
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against his old team. steve burton has more in our morning sports. >> the red sox they put up six runs last night and david price was outstanding against his old team, the but the story of the night, the catch the kid made. andrew benintendi made one of the greatest catches you'll ever see taking away a two-run homer. price he was locked in facing his former team in -- this myself old home. only gave up two walks, struck out eight. this kid was seriously wielding. then in the catch of the year. sue is a takes price into the dep field corner. what a catch! up over the wall to rob him of a home run. it was his first game at tropicana field. kept his eyes on the ball the whole time. it would have been a two-run shot. red sox go on to win it 6-2.
5:24 am
of first team reps at the workout because tom brady was not on the practice field. he wasn't with the team on sunday too. mike reese tried to get some clarity on brady's situation from bill belichick. >> report that tom -- today and yesterday for nonjury. can you confirm that? >> i won't comment on his personal situation. >> oh he's just not going there. wbz is the place to be for pats preseason game number three on friday. starting with patriots game day at 7:00. all right here on wbz. again, let me repeat this, the sox are back in first place. that's sports for now. i'm steve burton, guys over to you. >> so the sox are in the first place. >> sox are back in first place inch the dallas cowboys stealing a patriots slogan. the cowboys just showed off
5:25 am
facility. >> that's crazy. but espn reporter darren rowvel tweeted out this picture, it's in their locker rool. the words do your job on a wall right above a clock. the thing is the patriots have that slogan trademarked. the cow beaus have since taken down the -- cowboys have taken down the mess avenue. >> it looks -- message. >> it looks too familiar. >> everybody wants to be by the patriots. still to come, a park ranger of secretly videotaping women. >> wre at a popular swimming spot. >> plus a new warning about youth programs. why the biggest injury is on the practice field. >> good morning, everybody. nice summer weather across most of the nation today. these will be your highs, many areas and some 90s starting to build back. some of those 90s may be heading back into new england. my accuweather forecast just a
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. breaking right now at 5:30. police scouring a local neighborhood after reported shooting. the details coming in overnight. >> a woman sexually assaulted at a boston playground. the warning from police and the search going on right now. >> a park ranger accused of
5:29 am
how police finally caught him. . welcome back everybody. 5:30 on your tuesday morning. >> tuesday, august 23rd. let's get you out the door with barry. good morning, barry. >> as you mentioned a little while ago, had to put on a jacket this morning. kind of cool out there after the muggy mornings we have had. yesterday was one of them. this morning, it's very dry and look at these numbers, norwood, in taunton. and a few other scattered locations in the deeper valueries are down in the 40s. but most of the nearby subeshz in the middle 50s. crystal clear sky everywhere. it's absolutely wufl from the -- beautiful from the mountain tops to the sea shore. it's going to continue all day long today. so let's see what your daily planner has for today. i think it's going to be sunny all day long. sunny at mid-day. low humidity a west southwest
5:30 am
82 this afternoon -- 80 to 82 this afternoon. so enjoy. let's go to traffic and here is brianna. >> crews are still working to clear an overturned truck on 495 north. it's before exit 28 at route 111. it's not putting a strain on the morning commute. but as the morning goes on this could become a problem. so we'll let you know when it clears. we're also starting to see the very beginning stages of traffic in braintree on 128 south as you approach the split, a couple ofe maps. there's slow and go traffic. >> thank you. breaking overnight, police investigating a shooting in dorchester. this happened just after 2:00 a.m. police and k9 units searching that area. the victim was taken to a boston hospital. checking our other top stories. boston police are looking for a suspect in a sexual assault in the south end.
5:31 am
a blue bmx-style bicycle around one monday morning when he approached a woman near greenwich park. the victim says he told her he had a knife and forced her to work -- walk to the carter playground where he sexually assaulted her. the suspect is believed to be a hispanic man in his late 20s to mid-30s with short brown hair, about 5'6" to 5'7". he also has tattoos on his right arm and the back of his right harnld. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. a par arrest this accused of societying up a camera inside a unisex bathroom at a swimming spot. raymond mckinnon faces multiple charges. prosecutors say he wanted to capture image and video of unsuspecting workers using a staff bathroom at the bathhouse in milton. police were tipped off by a female lifeguard who noticed what looked like a pen with a flashing light. >> videos of certain employees known to the commonwealth,
5:32 am
the bathroom, several of whom's genitals are clearly seen on the video. in addition, there is a video of the individual who placed the camera adjusting the camera. >> recording lifeguards. >> yes the dcr says it is disturbed by the allegation. a two-year-old girl pulled from a pool in lowell over the weekend is improving this morning. officials say her condition has gotten better but she is still in the hospital. a 3-year-old boy pulled that same pool remains in critical condition. police are investigating how those kids got into that pool. the two women hit by a party bus early sunday morn actually fell out of an emergency window. that's according to the limo company's owner. the bus ran over one of the women killing her. the company tells us they don't mow how the wind opened. >> a warning in rhode island this morning. u.s. marshal service is telling residence to be away of jury
5:33 am
scams. >> they've seen an increase in scams. they say the callers claim to be u.s. marshal or law enforcement officials. they threaten to arrest people if they don't pay up. marshal service says it never asks people to pay fines over the phone. a federal judge says the victims of the meningitis outbreak trace to a framingham company won't be allowed to speak when one of the owners is sentenced. karla, the majority owner of the compounding center, is and her husband pleaded guilty earlier this month t of thousands of dollars to avoid federal detection. but they were not charged with making the tainted drug. so the drug says statements from the victims would not be appropriate in the hearing. 64 people died in that outbreak. more than 750 others got sick. a vigil was held for a to remember a man shot and killed in north carolina. candles lit inside of a heart mark were 29 daniel harris was killed last week. it happened near his home.
5:34 am
chase began. when harris got out of his car in his neighborhood the trooper fired. harris was unarmed and has a hearing impairment. it is unclear whether he knew what was happening or not. officials are now investigating. students in miami returned to school in 90 degree weather wearing long sleeves and pants. they were told to dress that way because of concerns about the zika virus. two public schools are in the new zika zoneer louisiana soon. they say it could stick around for a year or so. on health watch this morning, young football players may have have a higher risk of head injuries during practice rather than games. researchers from virginia tech followed 34 players ages mine to 11. they found 70% of high magnitude head impacts happened during the practice sessions. the researchers recommend that coaches reduce time spent on practice drills to lessen the
5:35 am
how much sugar kids should have every day. the american heart association is now saying children from ages 2 to 18 should be eating or drinking less than 25 grams of added sugars every day. that's only about six tea spoons. eating -- linked to an increasing risk of obesity and higher blood pressure. television ratings are not acte is prevalent across shows regarding their rating. regardless of the rating, rather. because of that, researchers say those ratings offer little help to parents. when monitoring what their children should watch on tv. still ahead this tuesday morning, collateral damage from the wikileaks push to expose government secrets. >> plus a first from tesla, the new leasing options available and the price tag that comes with it. . >> also the buzzing sounds of
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. tuesday morning, stressing out about credit card debt? well chances are you're not alone. >> a new survey by go banking rates talked toen to you -- 7,000 people. they found 20% are stressed out. the second most stressful thing, not being able to retire. about 15% of people stress about that. others say not being able to save and emergency fund worries them.
5:39 am
court for wall street. plus the new leasing option for tesla. >> more fall out from the wick i leak crusade. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. wikileaks crusade to expose government secrets is inadvertently leaking personal information of regular citizens, including medical files belonging to sick kids, mentally ill, even the identity of survivors of sex abuse. the associated press has atted founders, and at this point they've not been successful of the. you can drive the tesla without making a long-term commitment. the first time tesla is offering two-year leases. they start at about $600 a month, there's a down payment of about $7,000. from the basketball court to wall street, coby bryant rang the opening bell yesterday. the firm is going to be based in los angeles.
5:40 am
derrick jeeter's website, the players tribune and the floor was a buzz. i can tell you that. >> jill, chris has done some investigative journalism by that i mean he went on his calculator, he figured out that tesla is only $21,000 over a couple of years for the two years. that's a pretty good deal for that car. >> reporter: i -- chris, nice investigative work. and i agree. i think especially if you don't want to pay $100,000 and wait 3 or 4 years to get one of those new teslas, this is a great option. >> nice. jill, thank you very much. i'll put it on my birthday list. >> if you get one, i want a ride. >> sounds good. it's a deal. >> that's a deal. coming up, bread winners be wear. >> how being a good provider could be impacting your health and why the results are different for men and women. >> boston police are putting out a community alert after a woman is sexually assaulted in the south end. i have details on the suspect
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. you could be one of the nation's mow beloved -- this is duke. he a mayor in a small town in minnesota. >> the nine-year-old dog was just re-elected to his third consecutive term.
5:44 am
candidate and this is his first campaign. oh my goodness. how do i vote for him? how can we vote for him? >> write it in. >> oh my gosh. i love mayor marty walsh. but like i want to show my support in minnesota for that amazing mayor. >> we should send something, i don't know. >> i don't know. some biscuits. barry, i know you've always wanted to do weather with a dog by your side because you're a big dog fan. maybe he will come and do an have rusty the weather dog here for years. remember rusty? >> i do. [ dog barking sound ] >> and people thought when i recorded the message on the telephone they thought we really had a dog here. but it was only me. my name was rusty. i am a little rusty, right? >> i was like, i don't remember this growing up. i don't remember rusty the dog. >> oh, come on. you never called the weather phone. if you would call the weather
5:45 am
here we have the august and look at all the red squares. you know how warm it has been. the mean temperatures are 1.4 degrees above average. we'll add more red squares this week. today will be close to average but as we the week goes along we'll have red squares across the board there. so here we go. let's check out some of the -- some of the weather watchers this morning. james says 47 and bruce has 52. 52 in ashland. shawn says it's 53. holbrook david whitman, i used to work with a david whitman. he used to be the angor man here in boston and i worked with him quite a few years. david went down to florida. but this is not the same caved david. 61 degrees in boston right now. we have some 50s to the north. a couple upper 40s here and there. like in norwood and taunton, you
5:46 am
being the chilly spots. in the 50s on the cape -- on the cape right now. we have dew points which are in the upper 40s to near 50. they'll stale there all day. then they'll rise a little bit but not to worry. only rising up to the mid 50s tomorrow. so that's still comfortable. we have air temperatures going the lower 80s today. southwest breeze, nice dry air in control. high pressure is ruling the roost here for now. and much of the country in good shape. the higher humidity is eventually going to come being baa across the in new england. we'll be waffling the tropics over the next few days. fiona will weaken, say good-bye to fiona. this investigative area right in here may become a threat to the united states. i'll show thaw in a minute. in the meantime, tropical storm ga ston is out here. that one is going to move out in the atlantic. mr. is bermuda there. it looks like it will be a pretty powerful hurricane. the other thing i just showed you that thing that is going to
5:47 am
may be coming into the caribbean here. so watch that all along the eastern seaboard next week. lows tonight not as low as they are right now. mainly some upper 50s. some of the urban centers, lower 60s. probably norwood and taunton will be down close to 50. tomorrow's high nudging 90 again. it's probably going to be 88 to 89 in the city. and looking at the beach weather for today, it's looking good. we have high tide at 3:51. check it that forecast right on now through the weekend. that's it. it's going to be just beautiful vacation weather. it gets more humid later this week. a little bit cooler this weekend especially along the coast and the wind comes on shore. a few showers and storms may start beginning of next week. traffic and weather together. brianna. >> good morning. you can bring your dog with you this morning on the compressway, to keep you company, maybe, because there is a lot of traffic out there this morning. things are really starting to
5:48 am
expressway actually at the braintree split. let's take a live look at the northbound lanes by the fwas tank. again traffic starts way before this. if you live on the southshore, route three is pret busy right now. it continues on to the split, up to the circle in quincy. traffic is heavy coming from 128 south due to an accident. as you approach the split, the left lane is blocked this morning so definitely a busy area. leave the house clean-up underway after a tornado touches down in concord. >> plus a sex assault at a local playground. here are your top stories on this tuesday morning. >> reporter: boston police are putting out a community alert after a woman is sexually assaulted in the south end. investigators say the suspect approached a woman in the area of greenwich park and claremont street around 1:00 yesterday morning. he was riding a blue bmx style bike. the suspect told a woman he had
5:49 am
to the carter playground where he sexual whether assaulted herment he then took off toward davenport street and is still on the run. i have a closer look at the suspect coming up. live in bot, anna miler, wbz this morning. good morning. i'm nicole jacobs live in con court where an ef-1 tornado hit bringing with it winds upwards of 100 miles per hour and leaving behind this kind of devastation. of course it'sow we'll give you a closer look at more of that damage, downed trees and power lines. 39 homes were damaged only one structurally, but miraculously no -- no one was injured. the national weather service says twisting twindz toppled these trees in a way it was a tornado. taking it another live look just proof there is more clean-up to do today. we're going to have much more on
5:50 am
some good news for firefighter in california, a 58 square mile fire that destroyed more than 100 homes east of los angeles is almost entirelily contained now. and all evacuation orders have been lifted. mean while, in central california, a different wildfire has grown to more than 50 square miles. president obama heads to louisiana today to tour flood damage. the president took some heat for staying on vacation in the vineyard and not visiting louisiana sooner even though governor told him to stay away. 13 people have died from the flooding, more than 60,000 homes have been damaged. a big blow to president obama's order on transgender bathrooms in schools. a federal judge in texas put that policy on hold. the order allows transgender students to use the school bathroom or locker room of their chosen gender identity. texas and 12 other states questioned whether or not the policy was legal. more bad news for ryan lochte this morning following
5:51 am
his major sponsors, including raffle lauren and speedo. it's costing him about $1 million. the move comes after lochte claimed he was robbed in rio last week. officials later said he lied and confronted by security after vandalizing a gas station. lochte has since apologized saying he overexaggerated the story. a big move in the biotech world. pfizer is buying a cancer drug company for $14 billion. the drugmaker will company that produces a late-stage prostate cancer treatment. the deal is expected to close in the third or fourth quarter. could injure choice of instagram filter tell if you're depressed. a study found people who were depressed poefd pick hurr that were less bright. the ink well filter which makes pictures black and white was the most used by those who were depressed. . a filter that lighten, are most
5:52 am
depressed. a warning this morning for bread winners being the primary provider could be bad for your healthy. at least for men. a enough tid i fundz that men who -- study finds that men who ared breadwinner are less healthy. the more they are depended on, the worse it is. but but effect is not the same for women. researchers say female workers are not impacted psychologically by their earning status the way that men are. well, still to come a dog trapped in a pipe all night. >> the and the lengths her owner went
5:53 am
5:54 am
i called for help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good.
5:55 am
. a dog owner up all night after his hunting tog got stuck in pipe. westin trained belle a few nights a week. but sunday night she got stuck. he used the gps tracker in her collar to find her. but police and firefighters said they couldn't reach her until daybreak. so early yesterday morning, he cut a piece of the pipe and crawled in to get belle out. >> when she came out she looked like a woodchuck. he moved the pipe, she popped right up. the tail was going.
5:56 am
doing just fine today. >> that dog gets steak every night for dinner for the rest of its life. i've decided i've made a decision, we're going to feed that dog steak. >> she's like a championship hound so it's pretty cool. keep it right here to wbz this morning. your top stories are straight
5:57 am
kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what ng for you. ? do you love me? ? with hood sour cream, you can love every scoop, every delicious bite, and every way hood has brought everyone to the table for over 160 years. ? because not only is it rich and creamy -- it's just 30 calories per tablespoon. ? so every meal can be made easy and delicious.
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always good. always hood.
5:59 am
. good morning, everybody. >> thanks for joining us. it's tuesday august 23rd. >> right now it's 6:00 a.m. a warning for women. the search for a sex assault suspect in a south end, who police are >> and new rates proposed as massachusetts moves towards electronic tolling. some drivers will pay more. how you can weigh in. >> a worker injured while clearing debris from the tornado in concord. we'll have the latest on the clean up. but first we want to get a check of the day's forecast. >> barry burbank is here this morning. it's a nice one out there. >> it is indeed. from the mountain tops to the sea shore, it's going to be fantastic today all day long, no interruptions from mother nature at all. the sunshine will be


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