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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning, everyone. today is sunday, august 27th. i am nicole jacobs, here if terry. >> oh, i am happy to do it. >> oh, she deserves it. oh, yes, a great day yesterday. more on tap today? yes, more of the same today, i think. and now to the weather bug network, nicole, we will look at the tease this morning, it
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school. and now at the central school, they are saying it is 56, that may not be right, that seems low. and providence is actually 56, so that may be right. so we will not dis-guard that number there--discard that number. the rest of the area is in the 60s. very nice weather indeed across the area. and we have some clouds and and we will have a sunny to partly cloudy sky like we did yesterday. and some showers are in canada, a weak front up there. so there could be a shower around here, but today, i am not expecting rain at all. so we have a sun, cloud combination with the temperature going up at 81 at the coast. southwest wind at 16 miles per hour. high tide this morning at 8:30 p.m. thank you, barry, on this
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morning, where a home was hit by a far, a charred shell, barely standing. black smoke went through the community on saturday. this morning, neighbors say this could have been a whole hot worse, if not for some helping hands, jim smith has the very latest from plumb island. >> reporter: fire crews work into the night, soaking down hot spots only hours after fire de-troyed a home on lyme- -destroyed a home on plumb island. one home was in ashes and the heat damaging two others. amy's family escaped dam amanda thanks to neighbors and family. >> it was not any one house that anyone was caring about, it was everybody's houses and
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buckets and they were throwing water. >> reporter: but not everybody was so lucky. this man's family home was hurt, along with some cars parked out front. >> it is very upsetting. yes, it is very upsetting to see something like that happen and the whole house is up in flames, pretty much. it is crazy right now. it has not set in. tonight i will not go back to my house. >> reporter: the fire could be seens from miles around, from land and the sea, but incredibly, nobody is hut. it took a group effort to keep the entire neighborhood from going up in flames. >> we appreciate all of the mutual aid companies, they did a great job in the heat. >> reporter: so obviously, very sad about the damage knot home, but a great job to everyone making sure that the fire did not spread more. and that includes an off duty fire captain who lives on the
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first alarms: and also, a newberry police officer to make sure that everyone was out safely. and police are looking for a person who shot and killed a man sitting in a wheelchair. the shooting hatched on- -happened on saturday in front of the 7/11 on center street. and 18-year-old man has died in a drunk driving early saturday morning. austin robbins was killed after the car he was riding in went out of control and struck severe trees. a roadside memorial is growing where many are droppings off flowers and cards. the driver, 19-year-old joseph of gardener, has been charged with drunk driving and moe sour vehicle homicide. in--motor vehicle homicide.
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this weekend, killing one man. e. coli man. here is--one man. here is the latest from roxbury. >> reporter: the parade continues the tradition spanning decades. >> you know, i come out all of the time, i support it. >> reporter: but this year, and recent ones, left a negative impression, boston police say that three overnight shootings happened at parties indirectly t >> yesterday, i went out in front of the media and said this is always a challenging night for us. i think we had fife people shot by this time last year, four this year so, we are working hard and we have more police out there. >> reporter: and it was felt on blue hill avenue. >> i feel safe, i came up to see my family, you know, it was a really great time.
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with her sister. >> the pay raid, it is aen--the parade, it is a great family event. >> reporter: and mayor wagger vows increase safety. >> we are on top of it, we are going to do our thing. >> things happen, out of our control, but you know, it is still a good event. >> reporter: police say so far, no suspect arrests. wbz this morning. a quincy man is facing charges after driving into a cafe. police say that jeffery went over the sidewalk and right into the front of square cafe on north street. two customers inside were seriously hurt. and a passenger in the truck was also hurt. the police say that he was okay, and he feels not under the--and that he was not under the influence. nb t a police are trying to
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lewd behavior while riding the green line earlier this month. if you know anything about him, call the t police. and campus police are increasing patrols, this is its a thousands of college students. >> reporter: to the boston area. authorities say early saturday morning, a student woke up in bed with a man standing in the room. that suspect quickly took off, ran down college avenue, and jumped into a get aw police are investigating. plenty more to come on wbz this morning, including a look at the campaign trail. hillary clinton is taking day off getting her briefing. hear what she talked about with intelligence officials. >> and a fiery speech from a former massachusetts governor running for vise president.
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now to campaign 2016, hillary clinton met with national intelligence employees on saturday. it was her first briefing as a candidate on security threats facing the u.s. and donald trump campaigned in iowa and he has a very special reason to be in the hawk eye state. >> reporter: a police car led several vehicles into and f.b.i. office in fork, where hillary to security briefing. the democratic presidential nominee was at the more than two hour briefing by herself, with no aids. she got an overview of threats facing the country. it was her only scheduled event of the day. ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: republican presidential nominee, donald trump, spoke at the a fund- -spoke at a fund raiser in iowa a state where polling shows that the candidates are tied.
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leading trump by about six points. but donald trump is staying positive about his chances. >> we are beginning the have a great vick--we are going to have a great victory on november 8th. >> reporter: and donald trump got some ire ant a comment made. he said that wade's cousin was just shot and killed in chicago, just what i have been saying. the tweet br on social media. donald trump later tweeted again, offering his condolences. cbs news, new york. the libertarian ticket was in boston on saturday. gary johnson on former massachusetts governor bill wells held a rally on boston commons. wells believerred a speech just steps from his old office, saying his ticket is the only
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>> it is a wonderful combination, he is truly great, i call him honest johnson, and i hope it will stick, because it is true. >> the two former republicans are pushing to be increeded in any--included in any debate on tv between donald trump and hillary clinton. governor charlie baker was out on the trail he wants people to vote yes on two, to increase the amount of chartedder schools in the state, currently limited by law. >> kids usually do as well and that has been the only example where it has been proven. and now families are on a waiting list. >> the massachusetts teachers association, which is the union
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drains money from poorly funded public schools. still to come on wbz this morning, big problems due to a big sink hole in miami. what officials belief caused- -believe caused it to open. >> and it was a late night for no shoes nation as ken chesney played last night. and now barry has the forecast, it is coming
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>> opened up just outside of miami. the good news here, barry, is that no one was hurt. troopers quickly shut down the highway, they think a broken water line underneath may have caused that sink hole. >> whoa. that is a big one. >> incredible picture there is. >> there are two of them there, right? >> yes, it looks like it. one in the upper side of the screen and then win right there
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pothole. >> yes, i would not want to get stuck in that one. >> we have a few big potholes around this area, in the late winter, early spring, but nothing like that. >> oh, no, but incredible forecast for today. yes, more of the beautiful weather we have been having, nicole. so let's stay with the plan and go with it and of course, the flip side is the extreme drought that we are going into in eastern massachusetts. man, i have not seen anything like this in a long, long time. it is and the severe drought expanded this past weekend into parts of southeastern massachusetts, so it is widespread and conserve water, there's. we are hope--please. we are hoping for more water. we did get some water early next week, which helped things a tiny little bit. and some of the lawns are getting greener a little bit. but it looks like we are going into the record books as this
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record, 2016, 3.92-inches for june, july, august, the record is 3.97, back in 1957. we have just a few more days left in august. and the cans for getting a shower--a chance for getting a shower to bring the rainfall up seems to be low. the chance for that is very low right now. we have low temperatures in some locations, in the usual questionable spots here, in the low lying areas airports, new hampshire, come down, 59 there. but other wise, it is mostly the 60s, until we get to cape cod, we have some 50s out there. the wind is light. and over much at cape, in fact, it is 52, the dew point at the vineyard. but it is 65 in boston. so it is variable in terms of the dew point. and it is getting more humid
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it is then drying it out again tomorrow. the highs today are similar to yesterday, maybe a degree or duotwo difference in some--or two difference in some locations. ranging up to 87 or 88 in many areas away from the ocean. some spots almost made it up to 90. one area got to 91 yesterday for the 34th day this year of having temperatures at or above 90-degrees. and a lot of 90s here, is looking at the high pressure coming in to give us the dry air for now. we are looking at the tropics and looking at hurricane gaston right now, getting up to 90 miles per hour. it is going well east of bermuda and we may get some of the higher swells coming on shore here and that would be good muse for surfers later this week. here is the seven day forecast, upper 80s today and tomorrow a
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other wise, humidity is giving way to drier weather tuesday afternoon. 90 on wednesday a late day shower or thunderstorm. and than showers enthuse. back to you,--on thursday. back to you, nicole. thank you a big rally for aly raisman in her hometown on saturday, coming up here on west this morning, how--on wbz this neighbors came out. and the other olympian who was also honored in her hometown. >> and now a look at celebrity birthdays, leann rimes turns 34 today. and guzman turns 60 today. and if it is your birthday, happy birthday to you, make it
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[ cheering and applause ] rallies for ali raisman, hundreds of people gathered on saturday to welcome her back. fans cheered along and now she has a very special message for girls. paul burton explains. >> reporter: it was an olympic home comes for aly raisman, coming in on a fire truck. the two-time olympic medalist took parking lot in a rally. >> thank you so much for coming together. >> reporter: receives in the class of 20--she was in the class of 2012.
5:26 am
for the town. she won two silver medals and one team gold medal at 2016 rio olympics this month. >> it is really hard to put into words. i feel like it is all a dream. i spent a lot of time stressing about competing. >> reporter: and she took questions from the fans. >> what it is like being one of the best gymnasts in the world? >> rewarding, but a lot of hard work. >> to see herself at this level and go at it again is great. >> reporter: and she says she does not plan to spend a lot of time here, in fact, she is able to go on touter--she is about to go on tour with her teammates and then she is going to spend time with her family. >> it is great to see her represent a little small town. >> the best advise that i would
5:27 am
make you stronger. you make sacrifices, i think you can do whatever you want. >> reporter: she thanked her coach, parents, and her fans for the support. >> great to her. and lori hernandez got her own welcome home yesterday in new jersey. thousandsof people lined the streets for a six mile parade. it all ended with her high school marching band guiding her on to the football field. some southwest flight that was forced to make an emergency landing. that caused the plane that make an unexpected stop. that is coming up. ? [ music ] ? >> and now a live look over the beautiful city of boston this morning, we will be right back
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narrator: let's put this ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. welcome back. thank you for staying with us this morning, it is sunday, august 28th. i am nicole jacobs here with barry burbank. >> well, it is august 28th already. >> yes, i messed that up a half hour ago.
5:31 am
time to have more summer weather. yes, but we are just kind of squeezing out a few morer summer like weekends. >> yes, i think so. yes. i think we will have hot weather in september. it is nice if you like hot weather. nice weather coming up for today. and now to the weather bug network. and massachusetts, 64. and then in the cape, it is 62 this morning. many areas are clear, there are clouds, though, which are just north of boston, across the her mac valley. it is kind of cloudy right now, but much of the rest of the area is on the clear side. and you can hardly see the clouds at all. but there are clouds up there:
5:32 am
right now be l have sunshine later. most of the showers are going up to the north. we will have sunshine in many areas. and about 81 at the coast. 88 away from the ocean. high tide this morning at 8:30 a.m. and the rest of the forecast coming up. nicole. barry, thank you. time now is 52 3-0 2:00 a.m. --5:32 a.m. fire crews worked well into the the fire broke out yesterday afternoon and quickly went to five alarms. dry conditions from the drought and yesterday's heat made things harder for fire crews there: and two homes were also damaged. but thankfully, no one was hurt. investigators have not yet determined the cause. boston police say at least three shootings over the weekend were connected indirectly to the caribbean festival and parade. and most of the thousands of
5:33 am
or were at it watching, kept it safe and a celebration. former massachusetts governor bill wells has return today massachusetts for a campaign stop. wells is running for vise president obama--for vice presidential on the libertarian ticket. there was a rally on boston common in front of about 500 people. they get to get at least 15% support in five public polls to be in upcoming national debates. out of town news, the landmark in harvard square may soon be out of luck, before the we have net, out of town news was really the only--internet, out of town news was really the only place to read the newspapers of the world. and now the city of cambridge has plans for the property, and it may not include the famous
5:34 am
place. really, i think, it should be a public space. >> that is the problem, the newsstand zits on cambridge land and leases a kiosk owned by the city. the city wants it opened to everyone. and richard is the cambridge city manager. >> the city's goal is pretty clear, you know, we want to make it a more public space. >> a multimillion dollars renovation means it is going to lose its home. >> it is a shame to see it just be forced out i mean, it is a landmark. >> for generations, students, tourists, and residents, it has been a place to grab a paper, or a magazine, something to drink, and a souvenir. >> i would be devastated, i would be really upset, i love this place. >> the kiosk is on the national register of historic places. >> the building will not be torn down, it is not going to be moved. >> as this shows, it would be re-purposed, but it is too early to know the purpose.
5:35 am
could there be a big screen there? maybe you watch the olympics, the world series be. >> and with all of the history, it would be missed. >> i think it is an institution, it just fits right in. >> and the lease ends in the middle of next year, then it goes to month to month. there will be many more meetings and discussions before southwest airlines jet when part of the engine comes apart mid flight. look at the images, you can see the engine with the front cover torn off. people were going from new orleans to orlando. the flight continued on for about half an hour more before making an emergency landing in pence cola.
5:36 am
>> it was--in pe tsa cola. >> it just blew arranges then the rattling after it--blew, and then rattling after it. >> parts of the engine blew off and dam amandaed other parts of the plane,---damaged other parts of the plane, including part of the wing. southwest says that the plane is being inspected. the ntsb is also looking into it. the red sox are get back on track at home. we will have the highlights of last nights game coming up in sports.
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well, good morning, hoping that david--you were hoping that david price had turned a corner, last night, a big death, the defending world series champion royals, winners of 16 of their last 19 games. the red sox got off to a good start. coming out of a slump, a hit to left, out of the park.
5:40 am
but that didn't last long at all. royals got both runs back in the top of the second. and it was 12 2-2-2--and it was 2-2 heading into the bottom of the second. >> kicks and comes home 2-2. and it is hit down the right field side. heading to the corner and this is going to bounce and go over the wall. so bradley in to second. young scores. and the red sox lead it 3- >> yes, good to see jamie jay get a big hit. and now does tin, four more- -dustin, four more hits. he finally made an out in his last at bat with 11 straight hits. and now a strong arm to get the out. hanley, price, six strong innings to win his fourth straight start. red sox win it 8-3.
5:41 am
minnesota, and toronto trailed until this place, and the twins played it like it was a grenade. and now toronto comes from fie runs back to win a thriller. and now to football, coming into the friday nightparenters game, we wanted to know who was going to start: and jimmy d started. well can be-g started. well, and more than we thought. in the 1st-quarter, he sees action and comes out strong, a play action pass, nice run after the catch as well. a gain of 37-yards and that would set up a patriot field goal. and then vintage brady, from the 33-yard line, into the arms of kris hogan, the only through he can make, brady's only touchdown in his four series of
5:42 am
almost getting picked here. and then broke off a route and jimmy threw it to where he thought he was going to be. they talked about it going offer the field. but jimny said it was a communication issue. >> just a little miscommunication between us and i can not make that throw, i just have to be smart in the red zone. i mean, it is my fault. i can not do . i have to be martyr down there,- -smarter down there. tight windows and tight throws. >> and now koby was 9-9. and now the defense, three interceptions friday night. they were busy. they all got picks. and yes, the connection is striking. that is eight forced turn overs in three games and logan ryan was just happy to be playing. >> i know watching the first
5:43 am
sideline, or back home, i wanted to be out there to seen the tourneyers that the- -turnovers that the guys were getting and i think once i got one, and dov got one, and then another one. so got the ball rolling, and turnovers early in the game are big, and we want to get a lot of them. >> and other nfl news, they are saying that jonathan was sign today a two-year constrict extension. and--contract extension. i am dan roche, wbz sports. accepting out on s--sending out on sos using fans. how a scene right out of a movie save two fishermen. >> good morning, on the map this morning, we do have a
5:44 am
in the atlantic and here is bermuda, winds now of 90 miles per hour. it is a stretch? i will have the forecast coming up in a few minutes. and now the trivia for this hour, which was not a powerful august hurricane? which one was not a powerful august hurricane? andrew, one of them didn't happen in august. take a guess. we will have the answer and the forecast coming up. you drive with uber to make money for the things you want, and the things you need. for the places you want to be,
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just tap, and go. and only you decide when to call it a day. start making money for the things that matter to you. sign up now at ( four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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and so etched in the sand, it is a scene right out of a move richardson, but it actually saved two fishermen. they had been missing since august 19th with limited supplies and no aircraft and boat kaitlyn patrol searched more than 16,000 square miles before finally spotted by the u.s. navy. good eye by them. >> oh, yes, you bet you. [ laughter ] well, definitely great weather there. they survivorred, i am sure, thanks to the weather in part. yes, we have had really good weather here. it has been a good summer.
5:48 am
for me. >> oh, yes, some people are saying it has been too hot here. but we have had a beautiful june and really hot weather in july and august, that is for sure. and these were the highs yesterday, in the upper 80s in many inland spots, some places, almost got to 90. this seems to be the hot zone, in areas off to the northwest of boston, right in here. some areas in here always get up to 90-degrees, they are far along the coast a beautiful sea breeze, keeping it cooler. but the water is very warm. so august, look at all of the red squares, five degrees above average yesterday. the mean temperature right around four degrees above. and we only had cool days in the beginning of august and more red squares for the next new days. however, it looks like it may
5:49 am
that, we are starting september on thursday. it looks like boston will go into the record books as this being the warmest august, surpassing all of the others, this is like the second one, 1988, these are the numbers right now, we have a couple of cool pockets in some of the valley areas, like in the vineyard, at the airport there, 53-degrees. we got temperatures, for the most part, though, in the low to middle 60s. in the 70s off southwest. we--to the southwest. we have a 65 at logan airport right now. off to the southwest, it is muggy and it is going get more humid with time today and then dry out until the morning. so--out in the morning. lower 80s to upper 70s at the coast. 90s a good piece of the eastern part of the nation today. so hot weather out there. we have at dry air now, but it is going to be replaced with more humid air later today.
5:50 am
and now we are watching system down here, that may develop into something in the eastern gulf of mexico. and of course, we have gaston out there, and it is moving well east of bermuda, way out to sea, it is a pretty powerful hurricane, it is already a cat one storm right now. at the beaches today, a high tide this morning at 8:30 a.m. and low tide at 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. water temperatures nice. finway park, it is nice for the first pitch. and now upper 80s going on, for as you can see, right on through tomorrow and then it is cooler on tuesday, about 79 at the coast, 85 inland. and then after that, it is going to be heating up on wednesday with higher humidity briefly. and then we have showers, and hopefully getting rain in southern new england on thursday, mid-70s.
5:51 am
here on friday. a brief shower, gusty winds, only 74 for a high and then we starlet to warm up later--we start to warm up later next weekend. and then we have to watch the gulf of mexico to watch the storm later in the weekend for labor day weekend. here is the trivia, which one of the powerful hurricanes didn't happen in august? andrew, cam ille, hu, -katrina. >> yes, i am going with c, final answer. >> yes, it feels hugo, hugo hatched in standpoint in- -happened in september in charlton, south carolina. and we all know about katrina, which happened in 2005. >> all right, thank you so much, barry. i think you are going to like this one, too, a celebrity meet and greet for the four-
5:52 am
them. maney was in boston saturday. he has nearly 2 million likes on facebook and thousands of followers on twitter. he travels the country to promote charity events. a dog is man's best friend, of course, and while that may inspire some to get a new dog, experts say it can cost more than $1000 just in the fist year. in fact, brook found that some dog >> reporter: she does not mind spoiling her dog, is there the box full of toys. >> i watch a brush. >> reporter: and the cabinet filled with aims for her pet. >> i think i would be afraid to know what we spend on him. >> reporter: and the numbers were run and it can cost up to $875 a year to take care of a
5:53 am
and the first year is more. and some owners spend more. >> i would say 90% of our amazon packages are for the dogs. >> reporter: the best way to cut costs is good food, check ups, toothbrushing. an ohm get the vaccines--and only get the vaccines that your dog needs. >> any pet or dog adopted will have most, if not all of the vaccines already given to them. >> reporter: and this woman says it is expensive, what she gets in return is priceless. >> unconditional love and company, that is worth it. >> reporter: cbs news, new york. the funny girl herself, barbra streisand has new music on the way. coming up, we take a look at her interview with cbs sunday
5:54 am
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barbra streisand has a new album on the way, the woman who
5:57 am
broadway show, has recorded a collection of broad way standards. here is more for sunday morning. >> it is funny, i used to come on from the other side of the stage, i remember, from the wings over there. >> reporter: when barbra streisand won the roll here at the winter garden theater in 1946--does it feel the same? >> i have to have a moment to feel it. >> reporter: jewish girls with noses were not se lady material. but the message of barbra streisand in funny girl, the critic pauline wrote is the talent, is beauty. >> i don't necessarily agrow. >> reporter: you don't this. >> no. >> reporter: you know you changed things. >> well, i have read about it. it is interesting because i didn't-- >> reporter: did you not feel like you were doing it this is. >> i could not feel the power behind what you are saying.
5:58 am
time. >> the legendary barbra streisand plus more interviews and a visit to a summer outing for santa clauses. crews working late into the night on saturday to put out a fire. coming up on wbz this morning, how some helping hands are to thank for putting out the
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