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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. good morning thanks joining us. i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon. we are following several breaking news stories first intense flames in allston. scare for firefighters and new questions this morning. >> also breaking a deadly crash just outside ted willials tunnel. new details coming in and what you need to know for the morning commute. >> and developing this morning a. local teen accused of making a threat against his own school. the security procedures in place as students head back to
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danielle niles and this could affect the holiday weekend. hope not. >> we will look at the maps about that in a little bit. looks like the storm will be trapped in at atmosphere blocked and come closer to new england late in the holiday weekend. no problems this morning chris. good morning everybody. we have mid and upper 60s across most of the region. a lot of cloud cover has arrived as a lot of high thin cloudiness and maybe creating watch the showers off to the northwest and even though there's a lot of clouds it doesn't look like there should be rain around so for the bus stop this morning it's 68 at recess about 78 and a lot of cloud cover a little sun through the clouds. ride home this afternoon about 85 and this afternoon there won't be rain. but it's going to be on the cloudy side. set at 7:19. later tonight a few showers. we will hook at the tropical weather in a few minutes. we have new information on
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with a hotel shuttle van taking people to and from logan airport. two people from out of state were in the shuttle van and were killed. four others from both vehicles were taken to mass general. injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. the ted williams tunnel is closed at exit 26. and drivers are diverted into the airport onto a service road and then back onto 1a past the crash scene. no word when it will reopen and check out backup on the leverett connector from lanes of storrow drive a bessy morning out there. >> thanks. also breaking overnight, crews battling a fire in boston in a neighborhood popular with college students. >> nicole jacobs is live in allston this morning. >> reporter: after more than 5 hours here on the scene fighting the blaze firefighters cleared the scene as the fire is well under control and put out. but the damage here is done as you look at the home here on
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firefighters here. and we know 11 people were displaced as a result of the fire. it want to get you to video showing you how intense and fierce the flames were when fire crews arrived on the scene. you can see heavy smoke and flames shooting through the windows of that building. the fire official here on the scene tells us the fire moved up the wall to the attic and through the roof of the building. that certainly made it even 11 people displaced. we are told those are young colling students and young professionals. no one was injured except a firefighter we are told did sustain a minor back injury. 85 firefighters were here at the peak of the fire. again, now it's well under control but i do want to get you to sound with the fire official here who says that there were fire detectors. >> i talked to one firefighter
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that's all part of the investigation. they check it out and you know i personally did see a couple of detectives on the ceiling. >> reporter: again all of that still under investigation as is the exact cause of the fire. as you look live at the building now, the fire official says he believes it began in a rear bathroom but it's loss $1 million in damages we are told. and again the cause correction investigation -- under investigation. developing news this morning a 17-year-old arrested accused of threatening his high school. >> it's the first day of school today and police are trying to calm parents' concerns. anna meiler is live in west newbury with the details. good morning. >> reporter: one 17-year-old will not be here but will be in juvenile court because ace cuesed of making threats
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media. police say he posted a picture on the app instagram referencing the first day of school and showing a firearm in the waistland. -- waistband. officers went out suspect's home and arrested him around 9 last night. he is charged with communicating a threat to a public school. investigators say the firearm in the picture turned out to be an air soft gun but it's still considered a firearm when used to threat ann school building. the chief of the grovel regardless of the intent or lack thereoff behind the social media postings municipal police departments takes any form of threat against a school seriously. police don't believe there was a threat to the school and class also start on schedule today. the 17-year-old is being held without bail and he will be arraigned in lawrence juvenile court later this morning. for now reporting live, anna meiler wbz this morning. >> thank you very much for the update. 6:05. this morning a beverly 18-year-
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of a golf club. police say 3 teens got into a fight on the breakheart reservation and 18-year-old curti -- curtis day grabbed the golf club and put it through a teen's neck. >> i think the big question everybody has is a golf club? >> we are not going to comment on motive or weapon at this point. >> we are very quiet nice little town. >> the teen who was injured with the golf club is israel hospital. 6:06. a kingsboro police officer has -- kingsboro police officer has been cleared of wrongdoing. 27-year-old michael clark was shot. investigators with the district attorney's office say police was chasing clark when he struck a chelmsford officer and dragged him with the car. the tingsboro officer shot clark and the da says the use of for the was justified. both clark and the officer
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domed trump is heading to -- donald trump is heading to mexico accepting a invitation to meet with the president. this comes as he is going to driven a-- deliver a major speech on immigration. hena daniels has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump confirmed the high-profile meeting with mexico's president in a tweet tuesday night but gave little insight to the address on immigration in arizth border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. and i will be talking about that tomorrow night in arizona big speech on immigration. >> reporter: that big speech comes amid speculation the republican nominee is softening his stance on deporting millions of undocumented immigrants. at a rally in washington state yesterday, trump used the issue to sway minority voters away
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>> hillary clinton's immigration policy brings in illegal immigrants as refugees to take jobs from our hard working african american and hispanic citizens. >> reporter: clinton who has been off the campaign trail fund raising is being doged by the use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. the fbi could release documents including interview notes as early as today related to >> this is something we wanted to have happen and we are glad it is going to. >> reporter: with the first debea less than month away the democratic nominee hoped to move away from the controversy. she hits the campaign trail again today in cincinnati. hena dan, cbs news. -- daniels cbs news. chris brown has been released on $250,000 bail his attorney tweeting he is out and well and the allegations against him are false.
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yesterday after an who you're long stand off with police. brown was booked on charges of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. a woman claims he pointed a gun at her face although brown would not let police into his home he did taunt them on social media. >> when you get the warrant or whatever you need to do walk up in here and you will see nothing. you idiots. >> the woman who accused brown model baylee crorean says it started when she -- curran says it started when sh man's diamond necklace. five former faculty members engaged in sexual misconduct with students. the cases at elite boarding school date back to 1970s and 80s. the school referred the cases to the state and says it has taken steps to protect students from abuse. the woman accused st. paul's prep school graduate owen labrie of rape is speaking outs. chessy prout was 15 when it
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hidden her identity but she says she doesn't want that. >> it's been two years now since the whole ordeal and i feel ready to stand up and own what happened to me and i am going make sure that other people other girls other boys know they can own it too and they don't have to be ashamed either. >> prat's family is suing -- prout's family is suing st. paul saying they should have done more to protect her. a uber driver is banned from the app after a disabled woman accuse from her. police in malden say the women called -- victim called wilsonbrea for a ride because she had ridden with him before. he stole her handbag and medicine and took off. he was arraigned and bale was set at $500. a donation jar stoleen in chelmsford n video you see -- in the video you see kids walk up and stop and one grabs the jar and they both leave.
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england tropical pet store in chelmsford. the money was meant for lowell humane society. today is international overdose awareness day and organizers hope it's something they he don't have to mark for long. at umass memorial today four overdose survivors will take part in a free panel discussion and at 5:30 there's going to be a candlelight vigil behind the city hall in worcester to railroad those who lost the battle with drugs and you can show shore by wearing the color si. back to school treat for some t riders. >> the discounts for studentsand the added benefits kids will see. >> and it's that time of year. the warning from state police for all those college students moving back into boston. barry good morning. >> good morning kate. they are moving into warm weather in boston today but not hitting 90 like it will be across much of the nation today. we have a look at new tropical storm which will be forming in the gulf of of mexico today. will that have an impact op new
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my accu-weather forecast is a few minutes away. i called for help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom.
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four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few. vote no on question 2. apparently it's paying off runners world magazine named us one of the best cities in the country for running.
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neglect las but the fact that 97% of the site's residents live within walking distance of a park -- city's residents live within walking distance of a park. stop is san francisco followed by seattle. some say san francisco is too hilly and too hard so we win. >> we win. >> i agree. the charles is my route every day. >> he runs there all the time. >> i been around there run many times and rollerblading and out on the charles >> like you go for a run in between newscasts on the weekend you see barry after the 6:00 news. >> as fast as i can to get back. >> exactly. >> we have this morning we have warm weather and a beautiful sunrise shot and i asked people to send pictures in and we have one from sully this is the hingham harbor sunrise and some mid and high level clouds adding beauty to the sky this morning. some places it's almost overcast but there are places where it's a colorful sunrise.
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limited sunshine today because the clouds will be taking over a lot of 60s around here right now. and there are a few upper 50s in some cool pockets but it's a nice start to get out this morning to go to school and warm and hardly any wind a little breeze out of the southwest and balmy breeze so to speak but we won't get up to 90 today i don't think so. those are the dew points as you can see. air temperatures are in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. and again we will not hit 90 in boston today because of the fact there are too many clouds out there but it will be in mid to upper 80s. we have had 20 days of it hitting 90 and we will have 2 or 3 more late next week that's how it looks right now. mainly 86 on the map. south facing coastal spots at 80. and if you going to the beach find mostly mid-80 toss lower 80s at south facing beaches. east coastal beaches took a dive the last couple days when the wind went offshore and
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betrickeling back in. water temperature will be coming back but not what it was when it was over 70. around cape cod and south facing beaches water is warmer. and also because of the tropical being aist in the atlantic there's a moderate risk of rip currents so be careful out there. we have a high tide of 11:17 this morning and going to fenway park for the afternoon game against the rays around 86 for the high there this afternoon at fenway. humid and a lot of cloud cover and limited sunshine. but even though there' likely not to be a drop of rain in most spots until overnight tonight. an isolated shower can't be ruled out late this afternoon and this evening and the chances of that hitting boston unlikely and this likely will go into the record books as the driest summer ever. we have got rain which i think is going to be more productive than this model is indicating. that should be coming along during tomorrow morning. we have this front which will
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that's a cat 3 storm. look at the eye of that thing we are more interested in what's going on with tropical depression 9 and winds of 35 miles an hour and likely to be increasing today to become tropical storm hermine coming into the gulf coast of flue florida tomorrow night and tomorrow-- florida tomorrow night or tomorrow morning. it is hikely to get caught in a block so it may get pulled back to new england. we will have more on that in the next half-hour. but i think there's going to be rain and wind and i forecasting a hurricane but maybe a tropical storm wind gust toward the cape and rain. i know there will be rain tomorrow morning tapering off to showers and then drier air nice weather friday and saturday and into sunday before clouds over and rain comes in on monday and tuesday. more weather in a few minutes. >> reporter: state -- state police on the scene of a deadly crash involving a car and a
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the shuttle van why killed four others from both vehicles were taken to mass general. their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. ted williams tunnel remains closed to eastbound traffic at he exit 26. drivers are being diverted into the airport onto a service road and then back onto 1a past the crash scene. mass state police hope to reopen it sometime during the morning commute. there's an accident blocking the center lane on 93 south in woburn near exit 36 and stop and go back to exit 37 >> thanks very much breana. a 17-year-old is in the hospital after getting hit by a car in newton. he was riding his bike near walnut and duncklee street. the driver stopped and is cooperating. the victim is at boston children's hospital. square cafe in hingham will reopen today. friday night you might recall a out of control truck smashed through it. two people inside the store were hurt. both have been released from the hospital. driver faces several traffic
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students can soon ride the mbta for less than half price. starting tomorrow students can buy discounted monthly passes for the bus and subway even if the schools don't purchase the student pass. another change students get the discount year-round. the mbta made changes after students complained they didn't have enough access. and a warning from state police for college students and families moving into boston. know the height of your movingtruck. overpass on stor low. state police sweeted -- tweeted this picture yesterday of a rental struck that got -- truck that got stuck. double check your route before heading into the city. 6:20. high speed rail service to new york city and beyond is going to get more comfortable. amtrak says it is upgrading the fleet of acela express trains. they will have outlets usb ports and reading lights at every seat. and they will have the ability to go up to 185 miles an hour although they won't travel at those speeds at first.
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local fire chief involved in rescues is thanking colleagues to save him. five minutes into training he had a hart attack. his guys were friends for decades and when they saw he was in trouble they raced for a defibrillator. >> they perform the job flawlessly. it was amazing it came together the way it did. >> the chief is grateful to be
6:25 am
until firefighters called him to joint training session and he had not agreed -- had he not agreed he might have been alone when he had the heart attack glont "healthwatch" surviving a heart attack when you are young doesn't mean you are out of the woods later in life. in fact, the american heart association says heart attack patients 50 and younger are almost twice as likely to die prematurely when compared to the general population. but overall, the rising for premature death after heart attack dropped significantly. bipolar teens likely to engage in high risk behavior even after becoming adults. that is according to a study at mass general which found bipolar adolescents are more hookly to abuse drug and alcohol five years after diagnosis and 22% more likely to smoke. dogs are man's best friends. but do they understand what we are saying to them? >> a study says yes. in fact little things we say
6:26 am
researchers scanned brain activities of dogs as they heard phrases and found dogs process words using the same regions of the brains that we do. meaning, even if you talk to them in happy voice about going to the vet, they will see right through you. bottom line they are very smart and we have learned they don't like the word never the else will and -- nevertheless and however not that you would say that but they don't like it. >> makes sense you are like let's go to the ve are like no. >> i don't think so. >> see you later. still to come, an update on two breaking news stories we are following this morning a deadly crash in east boston. and an intensifier in allston. >> maine's governor in the hot seat. controversial comments he made about two local communities. >> and donald trump heading to mexico today. his meeting with the mexican president ahead of a major
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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breaking news at 6:30. a deadly crash involving a airport shuttle.
6:30 am
thecommute. >> crews battling intense flames at a home in allston. how much the damage is estimated it. >> a local teen accused of making a threat against his school and students get ready to head back to class today. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning of:30. thanks -- 6:30. thanks for joining i am chris mckinnon. >> i last day of august. we are keeping an eye on the tropics but barry teachers and students are headed back to class this week and it's feeling like summer. >> it is. and it's going to feel like summer next week too. good morning kate and chris. in fact at this time next week, there's three days after labor day looks like we would have temperatures, 90, to 95. hot stuff is coming later next week. in the meantime, we are watching the tropical system and it has not become a tropical storm yet and it will come into florida late tomorrow
6:31 am
that remains to be seen but we may be impacted by the storm sometime later on this labor day weekend. say monday into tuesday. right now, though, as a lot of cloud cover is out there making a beautiful sunrise in many locations this morning, but because of all the cloud cover it's not going to getp up to 90 today. with all the clouds there shouldn't be showers until maybe tonight. and then we have a band of showers which will come through tomorrow morning. so here's what we have for you daily planner around 65 to 68 for the morning rush. and we have got about afternoon with lots of clouds and limited dim sunshine and higher humidity and southwest breeze at 10 to 15 miles an hour and the rest of the accu- weather forecast in a few minutes. >> state police are investigating a deadly crash in east boston involving a car driven by a a man and hotelshuttle van taking people to and from the airport. two people in the shuttle were killed 4 others from both vehicles were taken to mass injuries. -- general. their injuries are not life-
6:32 am
closed at exit 26 and divers are diverted into the airport onto a service road and back out to 1a past the crash scene. mass state police want to reopen this at some point during the morning commute. there's an accident in the eastbound lanes of the mass pike in framingham before exit 13 and route 30 and it's blocking the left lane a busy morning chris and kate. >> thanks very much. breaking overnight as well, crews battling a fire in boston and a neighborhood popular with college kids. >> nicole jake oobs is live on h scene in allston radioed. >> reporter: -- >> reporter: we are told firefighters spent 5 1/2 hours clearing the fire here if you hook on maverick street. the -- look on maverick street. it's a total loss. one million dollars in damages you can see the roof is what is part of the main issue. i want to get you to video while i explain how
6:33 am
spread so quickly it went to the walls and attic and through the roof. 11 people were inside the home now displaced. this is a home that house three different apartments. the fire official says that young professionals and college students live here the fire chief believes smoke depettors were working going onto point out as college -- detectors were working going onto out it's a good time for college students to familiarize themselves with fire alarms. and they point out a few challenges the crews had upon arrival. >> challenges time of night you know. you know people are sleeping. so your first thought for the firefighters coming down responding is everyone out and accounted for. >> reporter: looking at the
6:34 am
30, 32 myrick street where fire official believe the fire began in a bathroom in the rear side of the building again a total loss but they are trying to still determine the exact cause of the fire. we are live in alton nicole jakes ox can be jake sobs wb-- jacobs wbz. a 17-year-old boy arrested threatening his high school. >> the first day of school and police are trying to calm parents' concerns anna meiler is live with the details. anna. >> reporter: ch first day of classes. instead he will be in juvenile court. that is because he is accused of threatening the school on social media. police say he posted a picture on the app instagram references the -- referencing the first day of school and posted a picture of a fire a.m. in his waistband he was arrested around 9 last night investigators say the firearm turned out to be an air soft
6:35 am
to threat ann school building. the chief of the groveland police department says regardless of the intent or lack thereoff behind the social media postings municipal police departments take any form of threat against a school seriously. classes will start on schedule and the police stress the school is safe. 17-year-old is held without bail and will be arraigned in court later this morning. for now reporting live in newbury anna meiler wbz this mornin for the man accused of stockpiling weapons in his home. it comes as we are american now details about his past. joseph gargulo wanted to target police muslims and president. court paperwork shows his ex filed two restrains strange orders against him five months ago saying he forced his way into her home and threatened her son with a knife. the sentencing will stand for a sex assault case
6:36 am
school sports star. top district court judge in massachusetts will not review the case of 18-year-old david becker. a member of the governor's counselor requested a review after he was sentenced to two years probation pleading guilty to indecent assault and battery against two classmates. isn'tence drew a national outcry and a call for the judge to be fired but the district judge said the sentence was within the limits set by the legislature. meanwhile california lawmakers have passed a bill creating stricter mandatory sentences for sex offenders. it comes on the heels of the brock tuner case. stanford university swimmer is set to be released three months after going to prison for sexually assaulting a unconscious woman. a father drowned trying to save his children on monday and this morning we are hearing from the woman who rescued three of his kids. christine lemuiex was with her
6:37 am
she realized a family playing on nearby rock was in trouble. she says the children were bobbing in the water the father desperate to keep them above the surface she dove under the water and rescued three of the children and wants everyone to know what drowning really looks like. >> i can't believe how silently the children were drowning. i never realizeed that drowning could be so subtle. they weren't flashing and no one was calling for had he been. >> he peme performed cpr. three children are expected to recover. their 39-year-old father didn't survive. the coast guard to the rescue off cape cod. a helicopter airlifted an injured lobsterman off his boat yesterday. coast guard says a crew member contacted them when the # 1- year-old was accidentally impaled. he was taken to cape cod hospital. main's governor says reports that he will resign are
6:38 am
with leaders in massachusetts. he spoke at a meeting in boston and saying the open owed crisis is because of the black and hispanic people in lowell and lawrence we asked the lawrence mayor about the comments. >> we are new england states and should be working together not trying to figure out how-- who to point fingers at and it's a national problem at the end of the day. >> after making the comments about lowell and lawrence governor pa a fact want me to lie. donald trump will be in mexico city today for a meeting with the country's president. he is hoping to clarify his stance on illegal immigration and will put it in between stops in california this morning and arizona tonight. 200 homes are being evacuated east of los angeles in the the latest wild fire. it started yesterday afternoon and firefighters say the flames are 25 feet high in some places. gusting winds and brush dried
6:39 am
one firefighter has been treated for a minor injury. if you an animal lover it will be hard to hear a rescue organization is suing researchers at the university of missouri columbia accusing them of purposely blinding six beagles and killing the dogs after the project failed. our sister station in st. louis says the bagel freedom project found -- beagel freedom project found details. more than 90% dogs in research labs right now are beagles. 6:39a old scam is making a comeback with hackers trying toconvince you to let them into your files. microsoft has taken complaints from more than 175,000 users saying they were contacted by people claiming to be from tex tech support. many messages came in the form of pop-up messages. your best bet microsoft says is never call a phone number you
6:40 am
four major airlines fined for not paying their passengers every thing they are owed. any time you are kicked off an overbooked flight or your luggage is lost or damage the airlines owes you money but american united alaska and southwest airlines have not been giving passengers accurate information about how much you should get. the fines range from 35 to 45,000 dollars. still ahead, the latest on breaking news that we are following. >> an intensifier -- intense fire breaks out in allston. >> a new twist in the case of an illusive snake in maine. what official discovered when they tested the skin the snake
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
he can sighting new twist in case of a 10foot snake skin in westbrook maine. >> wessie the snake has been alluding capture they thought it was a python but they took the skin in for testing and it's an anaconda. so that means wessie could reach 20 feet long.
6:44 am
crntly as last -- recently as last week swimming across the river. >> the head as big as basketball and body big as a truck? i am hoping that's not true barry because i don't want to begin to think what's going on here but they say that they think it's juvenile snake and that's good. >> that means it has room to grow it's already 10 feet. >> i did tell you about the snake in my garden up in maine once. >> no you want to know. >> the snake had. >>i don't know. >> you want to was? >> how big? >> i will tell you later. it was a big one but not 20 feet. let's look at therise this morning. it was beautiful and presunrise after sunrise and stunning sandwich sunrise thanks to megan o'leary and thanks for that. and we are looking at temperatures right now which are mid and upper 60s to a couple can spots near 70a few 50s out in connecticut river valley. and excuse me we have dew points which have risen since
6:45 am
and basically it's going to be a muggier day than yesterday and the day before. and we have got 86 as i think that's about all we got to today because of the cloud cover maybe 86, 87 and 80 at south facing coastal spots. south southwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour so most of the beaches to the middle 80s. rip currents because of the tropical action out there creating waves in the ocean and coming from mainly hurricane gaston we will look shortly. high tide 11:17. some of the waves will be three to as much as 5 feet out there. and we will be dealing with that much of the week. so fenway forecast 135, 86 and humid-- 1:35, 86 and humid. a lot of the action will take a long time to get here but we have a lot of cloud cover that's all in place. when it thins out a little bit today the sun will be bright are but there's going to be dim sunshine this afternoon. and most of the scattered showers will break out late
6:46 am
after midnight and then tomorrow looks like the stage is set for some tropical downpours here in southern new england. especially southeastern massachusetts and it clears out for friday. it becomes partly sunny. the reason is approaching frontal system. we have gaston way out in the atlantic with a really defined eye out there category 3 hurricane. this tropical depression has not developed much and it is stale tropical depression with 35 mile per -- still a hour winds but likely to move towards gulf coast of florida and that will happen the next 24 hours likely named tropical storm heris mine. from there it will take a track and gets caught. so, this is by monday it's going to be meandering and pulled closer to new england. aid tough call because -- it's a tough call because of a building block. the potential is for high seas
6:47 am
rain starting -- beneficial rain starting monday into tuesday especially southeastern new england. keep abreast of the forecast the next few days to see how it's going to evolve. today no rain lots of clouds. 86 tomorrow there will be rain and on friday at san, nice dry air coming back. sea breezes in the low to mid- 70s at coast. upper 70s inland and we will watch the storm later thisweekend. >> reporter: crews are working to clear the scene of a deadly crash a car driven by a man collided with a hotel shuttle vata logan airport. two of the shuttle passengers were killed. four others from both vehicles were taken to mass general with nonlife-threatening injuries. right now the ted williams tunnel is closed to eastbound traffic at exit 26. drivers are diverted into the airport onto a service road and back out on 1a past the crash scene and hope to reopen it soon. this is putting a strain on the morning commute. eastbound lanes of the pike are pretty jammed up and traffic is backed up all the way to the south boston exits. chris.
6:48 am
officials say a nome allston is a total loss after a fast moving fire. crews are still on scene monitoring hot spots. fire spread inside the walls. at one point everyone was ordered out of the home. officials say there are three apartments there and 11 people have been displaced. none were hurt but a firefighter is treated for a minor back injury. damage is estimated at million dollars. this wednesday morning a 17- year-old boy from ov accused of making a threat against his high school on social media. >> the instagram post showed the teen holding what appeared to be a gun and referencing the first day of school which is today. police say there will be increased security at pentucket regional high school middle school and all four elementary schools. local teen is due in court accused of stabbing a friend with a shaft of a golf club. police say three teens got into
6:49 am
reservation -- breakheart reservation. then curtis day grabbed the club and put it through another teen's neck. the victim is in serious condition. day was arrested in wakefield after police say he crashed a stolen car. 6:49. coming up next the pats gearing up for the final preseason game of the year. >> why tom brady hopes to take to the field and how he is preparing for the four-game suspension. >> and bad news for the sox what happened when they took on rays at fenway.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
wbz sports driven by bmw the test drive a bmw today at massachusetts bmw center or visit >> welcome back. 6:5. red sox looking for win as they continue the pursuit for a playoff spot. ramirez getting the sox off song to a home -- with a home run. and clay buchholz took the mound and gave up the winning 3-run home run sox lose 4-3. >> patriots gearing up for tomorrow night's preseason finale against the giants in the meadowlands and tom brady is hoping to take to the field. the 4-game suspension starts saturday. he won't be back until week 5 of the regular season. brady has not missed a game since 2008 and says it won't be easy to sit and watch but will do his best to stay in the right frame of mind. >> i am pretty positive so, i
6:53 am
the days the best way i possibly can. so, i am going to try to get ready and do everything i can so i can can be at my best when i have the opportunity to play in october. >> wbz has you covered for the preseason finale. kick off at 7. and stick around for 5th quarter post game show immediately after the game and it's all right here on wbz. tom sporting a new do. >> new hairdo. >> new hairdo. >> what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with norah o'donnell. >> good morning. ahead on cbs this morning, donald trump heads to mexico to meet with the country's president hours before a major immigration speech. we will talk with trump's running mate mike pence and findings on how much your dog actually understands you. probably more than your spouse. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7. >> all right look forward to
6:54 am
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oh ly
6:57 am
>> don't swear. oh my. >> a duxbury dad and his son had the experience of a hive time. 8-year-old jack gibbons and his dad jim saw a 20 foot great white shark circling the boat. jack loves sharks and says he was thrilled at first and then got a little nervous. >> i saw it coming towards me it is like eyes were just pointed to the side so you couldn't see its eyes but you could see it was white and the nose was coming at it. firsttime either there's been several shark sightings in the last few days. i don't think that's our friend ben the shark who is lovely. >> ben is a fantastic shark. this one looks a little scary like sizing you up for dinner for sure. >> i am not messing with that shark. >> no name yet. >> no. not friend friendly enough for a -- friendly enough for a sand. >> anyway we have some warm
6:58 am
today so i am sure people disappointed about that. especially the kids going to school but tomorrow we finally get rain maybe a third to a half inch of rain and it's okay for part of the weekend and we will watch what happens to potential tropical storm on the impact here about monday. >> barry the shark i like that. >> you like that? >> nice guy. >> yeah. >> cbs this morning up is next on wbz. >> see you at noon. have a good one. four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't
6:59 am
four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, august 31st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump makes a surprise visit to mexico today. he'll meet with that on immigration. trump's running mate mike pence will join us irks the potential hurricane takes aim at florida while in the pacific. a pair of hurricanes could hit hawaii with a one-two punch. plus, we are on board the first commercial flight to cuba from the united states in more than 50 years. will the island nation be able to keep travelers safe? we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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