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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 31, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz news at noon. >> developing right now at noon a. deadly crash involving an airport hotel shuttle kills two tourists just outside logan airport. this noon, we have learned the victims a man and a woman were both from texas. >> the crash happened after one this morning as leaving the airport. nicole jacobs is live with what happened. >> reporter: a tragedy in this situation. the crash happened above here on route 1a. the northbound lane. that area was shut down for several hours. state police began to investigate. taking a look now at the scene from the overnight hours, state police say a shuttle bus van from the hampton in in revere picked up several passengers
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crash happened. a subaru rear ended -- rear ended the shuttle during the impact, two passengers were ejected from the van both from texas. three others on the bus including the driver were injured as well. taken to mass general hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. i want to give you a look of that shuttle bus van. our cameras capturing pictures of that a short time ago. there is still a investigation to come as to whornt the passengers were wearing seat belts which were told -- which we are told by state police the seat belts are on the shuttle buses but that's parts of the -- part of the investigation. and whether or not the driver of the subaru will face charges. again, along -- a long investigation to come here. i should also add that we reached out to official was hampton inn this hour. we have not heard back from them. that's the latest from boston,
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breaking news right now paul lepage will not resign but seek spiritual guidance after leaving an obscene rant on a law maker's -- lawmakers's voice mail he apologized the law make irhe and others still want -- lawmaker and others want lepage to resign he says he he doesn't have addiction or mental health issues others suggested he said he will stop speaking to the media because he says they are fueling the controversy. and more ki salem mother accused of withholding cancer drugs from her dying son changing her plea. this is a sudden turn of events a few months after a judge granted kristen labrie a new trial. >> she says she didn't take her son to chemo because she didn't want to make him sicker. anna meiler is live with the latest-- sicker. ann ameiler is live with the latest. >> reporter: she said the plea saddened her but it was
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get closure. kristen labrie stands before a judge and takes responsibility for withholding chemotherapy from her son jeremy. the 9-year-old boy who was profoundly autistic died in 2009. she said she didn't give her son the medications because of the terrible side effects. she was convicted of attempted murder two years later and sentenced to 8 to 10 years behind bars. earlier this year, the state highest court granted her a new trial based on inadequate council and she was bail but today she plead guilty. >> -- pled guilty. >> time to move on and she has taken responsibility and is not the same person she was when this all happened. >> reporter: today the judge sentenced her to the 5 years she has already served. the district attorney's office says they got justice for the little boy. >> we are satisfied that the sentence was fair and balanced and reasonable and it was tempered with mercy. he was not a footnote he was a child. and it was our job to speak for
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without saying a word free to go on and live her life. but her attorney says the loss of her son will stay with her forever. >> will this ever not leave her mind? i don't think so. i think she will live with it for five years and will live with it the rest of her life. >> reporter: she is on probation for five years because she was convicted of reckless endangerment. anna my lee, wbz news -- meiler, wbz news. >> we are on the storm watch tracking trouble in the issues for the holiday weekend. barry burbank has the latest look at the accu-weather forecast. barry. >> good afternoon to you kate and everybody. here's what's going on. the storm is down in the gulf of mexico right now considered a tropical depression by the national hurricane center. as of 11 this morning, with maximum sustained winds of 35 miles an hour. it's about 400 or so miles southwest of tampa florida. you can see bands of heavy rain mock onshore on the west coast. now, the projected track from the national hurricane center
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northeastern gulf of mexico and as a tropical storm later tomorrow, and so it looks like it would be heading to the east of appalachian cola and then moving right along the immediate coastline. doesn't have much of a chance of becoming a hurricane because so much of its circulation is over land. but it gets to the north carolina coast and where does it go from here? the current track takes it offshore and starts to curve it towards new england because it gets trapped and it's too early to say if that's happening or it's going to come directly up to be giving us wind or rain and it shouldn't be a hurricane. but we may get wind and rain out of this. it moves on that track here and it will be coming in and curving towards us. but it may get in here and get stuck in a loop and get caught in the atmosphere block. the potential effects are some high season rough is you of and gusty wind on the came and islands -- cape and islands and perhaps beneficial rain. i will have more to say about
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clouds rain for tomorrow. i will see you. >> thank you. extra security at pentucket reasoning nall high school for the first day -- regional high school for the first day of class after a student was arrested formation threats on social media. there was a picture on instagram showing what appeared to be a gun in a waist waistband with a note referencing first day of school. police arrested the teen who posted the picture at his home in worked closely with police to act fast. >> this is an example of how quickly we can respond and within 90 minutes i had a message out ready to go for parents and staff were informed and we were able to you know calm everybody down and reassure them that there was no threat. >> the gun turn out to be an air soft pistol. the 17-year-old student will be in juvenile court today to face charges. turning to campaign 2016, donald trump is headed to mexico.
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nominee is traveling south of the border today to meet with mexico's president. just hours before a major speech on his immigration policy. craig boswell has more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: donald trump is headed to mexico to meet with mexican president and president pena extended a inveigh tigs -- invitation and explained why i believe in die lo log to protect mexicans mexicans are not happy about -- dialogue and to protectmention. mexicans are not happy. pena has been a critic of trump comparing him to hitler says mexico will not renegotiate nafta or pay to build the wall. >> big speech on immigration. >> reporter: trump will clarify his stance on immigration tonight in phoenix after softening the rhetoric about deportation forces rounding up america's 11 hip million undock
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campaign trail after-- million undocumented immigrants. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail. the state department says some of the e-mail recovered contained approximately 30 documents that may be related to the benghazi attack that killed four americans. the fbi is expected to publicly release notes from the investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail server. craig boswell cbs news, the released a sketch of someone they are look for in connection to the murder of a jogger while jogging in queens. authorities have not connected the killing with the murder of vanessa marcotte. new york city police are not calling him a suspect but someone they want to find. back here at home in allston a home destroyed. 11 people looking for somewhere else to stay after the home
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fire. everyone inside got out in time. >> the challenges of time of night you know, you know people are sleeping so your first thought for the firefighters coming down responding is everyone out and accounted for. >> one firefighter was hurt battling the flames. and was treated for a back injurych the damage to the home is estimated at a million dollars. beverly 18-year-old is charged with stabbing a friend with a broken golf club. police say 3 teens got fight on the breakheart reservation yesterday and 18- year-old curtis day grabbed the broken golf club and put it through another teen's neck. he was arrested when he crashed a stolen car. >> the big question is a golf club? >> we are not going to comment on motive or weep weapon. >> we are really quiet nice little town -- weapon. >> we are a yiel quiet nice
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nice little town. >> the teen is in serious condition. five minutes into a fear fighter training session in middleton, the chief had a heart attack. many of his guys have been friends of his for decades. and when they saw he was in trouble they raced for adefibrillator. >> they performed their job flawlessly. it was amazing it all came together the way it did. >> the chief is grateful to be alive. originally he was not part of the training session and was in his office alone firefighters called him to join them. they say had he not agreed he might have been by himself when he had the heart attack. coming up on the wbz news, chris bound back on bail the singer that has him taunting police. >> a daring rescue as police pluck two men stuck out on a jetty. why they couldn't make it back to land. >> and what's in the water? the bloom that has health officials telling people to stay away from parts of the
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welcome back a highflying rescue in new york. two men were out on a jetty when the rising tide trapped them.
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police to reach the then on the ground and they -- the men on the ground and they were trapped for an hour. neither was hurt. chris bound is free on 250,000 dollars bail after a stand off with police that lasted for hours. the sing her was arrested yesterday on charges of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. a woman claims he pointed a gun at her face. brown would not let police into the home instead he taunted them on social media. >> when you get the warrant or whatever you need to do you can can walk up in here and will see nothing. you idiots. >> brown did walk out of his homeer with was arrested by police. the woman who accused brown model baylee curran says it started when she admired another man's diamond necklace. new this noon a historic moment for the u.s. and cuba. >> first commercial flight between the countries in over 50 years. the jetblue flight and arrived in cuba an hour ago. it's the first commercial
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marks the start of what will be likely 300 weekly flights between the u.s. and cuba. and four of the major airlines are being fined for being dishonest with passengers when they are but ped or luggage is lost or damaged. if-- when they are bumped or luggage is lost or damaged. they have not been giving passengers accurate information about how much they should good. fines range from 35 to $45,00 >> barry burbank is honest when he tells us monday may not be so great weather wise. >> i know it. >> yeah we have got to watch this tropical system and it's a holiday weekend so a lot of people who have plans and you know murphy's law aflies we knew it was too good to be true when we were seeing 3 nice days in a row. >> i know. that's so true. take a look at the picture this morning from nan as it ket beach. thanks for that picture. a beautiful sunrise and so many sunrise pictures from everybody
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you can see the well defined waves coming onshore there. they are run 3-g or 4 feet some of them and be aware of that because that -- 3 or 4 feet some of them. and be aware of that because that's a risk for rip currents as we have the waves emanating from hurricane gaston in the atlantic. here's august last few hours of august we are enjoying the afternoon. look at the red squares above average temperatures that is going to go into the record books record here in boston. surpassing 1988, 2002 and 1973 and 1944 and so on and so forth. all through the years. and off all this is going to go in the record books as the driest summer june july and august. it beats the record in 1957. there's rain to the west and we will see that momentarily. you might have seen the clouds coming in today. it's a lot of overcast
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sunshine. -- dim sunshine so we won't go to 09 today but lower -- 90 today but here 80s for the most part. temperatures in the northeast and these are the dew points. it's a little more humid and you notice it more today than the last couple days when the air has been so dry and very humid on the coast. it will be humid this afternoontonight and tomorrow. we have a little rain coming in. most of this is aloft not much is making it to the ground a couple sprinkles and more thunderstorms forming in the chance of getting rain this afternoon is pretty much zero so okay for the game at fenway park this afternoon around i don't think-- i think i will downgrade it from 86 to 83 or 82. and lows in the upper 60s to near 70 as it stays on the muggy side. so any of the rain coming from the west will weaken out and tomorrow's highs should be mostly in the 70s. mid to upper 70s coming up for tomorrow. and there's going to be rain tomorrow. look at this. we go through the afternoon and
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overnight tonight, the conditions become favorable for us to get rain overnight and local downpours in the early morning hours possible with thunder and lightning tomorrow as well. that first batch may move out and we may get additional development of more showers and storms during the day. as the disturbance comes across southern new england and moves away. nothing to do with the tropical system to the south. we clear out and become partly sunny on friday. the potential is there for maybe a few tens of an inch of rain and going to the beach tomorrowem day with the rain falling and the risk of rip currents tomorrow. here's what's going on look at the eye of hurricane gaston out there with winds of 120 miles an hour. that's way out at sea. this is what we are watching closely and it's not a tropical storm. likely will become a tropical storm hermine by later this afternoon as it moves northeastward. we showed you the track earlier but since it's going to hug the coast not much chance of
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move offshore and curl up towards us and because of that position in the rain bands and wind may rotate back in at us and that may start sometime later sunday sow you need to keep abreast of the forecast next couple days. it won't be a hurricane but we could have some tropical storm wind gusts perhaps towards the cape a possibility not definite yet and with rain ending tomorrow we will have a half inchp or so and nice days on friday and saturday. then it clouds over the chance of rain later sunday and well. so more on the weather coming up later today. check with eric on the 5:00 news. >> thank you. boostsonon is a running -- boston is the running town and the rest of the nation is taking notice. runners magazine named us one of the best cities in the country for running crediting the charles river and emerald necklace but 90% of the residents live within walking
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there's something in the cater of the charles river there's -- in the water of the charles river. people and pets should avoid contact with the water. the blue green algea usually grows in calm warm shallow water and can give the water a green paint like appearance. don't need to tell me twice. i won't go in. coming up on the wbz news at noon, a incredible incounter. >> how a -- >> how a family got up close and personal with a great white and lived to tell the story. >> and here's what's hot on the
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results"
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it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2. for stronger public schools. a close encounter for a duxbury dad and his dad in provincetown. >> it's caught on come are a. camera. >>-- caught on camera. >> he is coming up to the boat holy. >> don't swear. >> good advice. that's a 20 foot great white circling the boat. 8-year-old jack loves sharks and says he was thrilled and got nervous. >> when i saw it coming towards
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couldn't see its eyes but you could see the white nose just coming at you. >> sizing him up for dinner. several shocks have been parted off race point beach in the last few days alone. >> you know when the eyes are not looking at you and the nose is coming at you, that's when you need to get a bigger boat and get out of there. >> yeah. >> definitely. an out of this world discovery for nasa. >> scientists have found a new galaxy cluster and it is a record breaking one. light-years from earth. and scientists say this find makes them believe the kusters start -- clusters started to form 700 million years before they originally thought. >> coming up next on wbz news at noon, a sneaky snake. >> the clues a massive snake in maine is leaving behind that
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mainly airline use technology to keep bags from getting lost we look at how it works today at 5. and a creepy discovery in the mystery of the 10-foot snake in west brook maine. >> wessie snake allude capture for months and there have been sightings and discovery of a snake skin. officials originally thought that wessie was a python but they took the skin in toretesting and it's an
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swelling across a river. >> we will cross maine off the list for our final summer vacation destination. >> we will hear it's the loch ness monster. >> right. >> you never know. barry so we are looking at changes in the forecast. >> yeah watch the next few days us about it might come up the coast more quickly and not get stalled in a block and may give us rain starting on sunday. too much to look at right now and not really confident forecast but i know it's going to rain tomorrow and then it will be we will have two light wind and nice dry air and the rain may come quickly or take a while to get here. it's too many question marks remain with the system as it develops into tropical storm hermine. >> we have no rain so i guess we need the rain and it sunday fortunate that it's on a holiday weekend. >> it could be a lot of rain. >> september changes. >> yes. >> you bet. >> thanks. join us for the next newscast at 5. >> see you back here tomorrow
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? >> neil: and so it begins. ? >> st. john: the masquerade ball was one of the coolest things that i've ever been a part of as an actor. >> please welcome dionysus, the greek god of wine. >> st. john: it was one of the rare occasions that everyone was on stage. i'll never forget it. there will never be another memory like that. >> lily: and i'm old enough now to make my own choices. >> st. john: christel khalil is brought onto the show. >> lily: that's why you have to trust me, because i'm not stupid. >> khalil: one of my favorite moments was with michael graziadei when we had to go on location to malibu, and it was when lily and daniel ran away. >> lily: it's so beautiful here. >> khalil: i felt like that was a very pivotal point for my character, as well. >> st. john: when devon first came on the canvas, i didn't


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