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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  September 2, 2016 3:07am-4:01am EDT

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morning, kaine insisted clinton is not media. >> you see hillary take questions from reporters every day. she talks to the press everywhere she goes. >> reporter: actually the last time clinton answered even one question from her traveling press was two a1/2 weeks ago on august 16th. her aids promise that will change this week when for the first time she'll share a plane with her press pack wherever she
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will be right back.
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more than a thousand people in chicago, indiana are looking for new homes. they're contaminated with led and arsenic. jericka duncan is >> reporter: her 3-year-old son was screened for led today. they just moved to the east chicago area and she wanted to make sure he was okay. so far he's safe. not the case for 2-year-old allen whose led levels are six times higher than normal. her parents, chantel and charles allen have lives here for six years. they say all five of their children's led levels are in the danger zone.
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living in poison. i feel like they should be taking this a lot more serious. >> reporter: in 2008, the environmental protection agency declared it a contaminated super fund site build on top of an old led refinery and addressed clean up options with the city. but according to the mayor's office, it wasn't until six years later that the epa sharedl with the city. they were living on led-laced soil 66 times higher than what's considered safe. since then the epa placed signs throughout the neighborhood warning children to stay off the grass. ruth represents the allen and more than a thousand other people impacted by the soil. >> we're going to find out where the break down occurred and then go after that problem to
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>> reporter: federal officials are paying to relocate the more than 1,000 people who live here. and tonight, the attorney for the city tells me that out of an abundance of caution, they plan to test the water for led. >> in east chicago, indiana tonight. slavery has been called america's original sin. today a prominent catholic university owned up to its role in that sin and told us how it plans to atone for it. washington. >> reporter: georgetown, founded in 1789 is the oldest catholic jesuit university in the united states. it has an endowment of $1.5 billion now. but in 19 -- they sold slaves to keep it open. >> we will seek forgiveness for our participation in the
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>> reporter: last year he created a committee to explore how the university should atone for its slavery past. he told cbs news why. >> in this moment in america we're living with the fact that we neve amealierated the original sin of slavery. >> reporter: today would be $3.3 million. it's estimated there are 10 to 15,000 of those descendants who now get the same special look as those of alumni and donors. one of the descendants called it a good first step. >> our country is really tearing apart by racial strife and georgetown is perfectly institutioned to lead the charge with us. >> reporter: and building a memorial and renaming two
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notice for his capture. for descendants living in louisiana, their push for answers have solved a mystery for her family. >> not having your history is something that we've lived with but it stays with you. who were you when you were a thought? >> reporter: racial tensions on campus and across the country introspection and while one descendant feels the school still hasn't done enough, others hope other schools with similar history follow suit. coming up, facebook didn't like this. its latest project went up in flames. and later, mind travel. the device that can take seniors virtually anywhere in the world. marco...! s?? polo! marco...!
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and that's why i will never, ever wash you. protect your clothes from the damage of the wash with downy fabric conditioner. it not only softens and freshens... it helps protect clothes... from stretching, fading and fuzz... so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner wash in the wow. today a spectacular spacex rocket explosion marked a huge failure for the private space industry and a setback for facebook's latest project. here's vinita nair. >> reporter: you saw it before you heard it. the explosion ripped through the falcon 9 rocket before it
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canaver canaveral. it was being fuelled and had intended to carry a $200 million satellite that would have provided access to large parts of africa. there were no injuries. cause still unknown. more soon tweeted elon musk, the billionaire owner of spacex who also helped create tesla motors. despite 25 successful launches from this site since 2010, spac setbacks. they have lost rockets trying to land them upright in the atlantic ocean. and in 2015 another explosion. this time after lift off. next month they're expected to talk about a mission to mars. but an explosion this size brings more scrutiny of space travel funded by private companies.
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it's unclear how bad their pad was damaged or what caused it. up next, colin kaepernick
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mom: ?oh hi baby? so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers . there has been strong reaction, pro and con to colin kaepernick. the san francisco 49ers quarterback took a stand by sitting down during the national anthem before last friday's game. will he do it tonight in san diego? >> reporter: in this big military town, home port to the pacific fleet, the biggest conflict is in the football stadium before the game is even played. >> i don't like it and if he's not for our country and the united states flag, get out of my country. >> reporter: navy veteran, john lair is talking about san francisco 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick.
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anthem. says he considers the american flag a symbol of oppression. >> when i feel the flag represents what it's supposed to and the country is representing people the way it's suppose to, i will stand. >> his akctions were disgracefu. >> reporter: boomer esiason. >> when you see people disrespecting the flag or the national anthem, it really you the wrong way. >> reporter: here in san diego, his stance struck a nerve. >> when he steps on the flag, he's stepping on a lot of our military and people who died for our country. >> i won't watch a 49er game from now on because of him sglerks but sgler. >> reporter: he is getting some support under the #veterans for
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down when the national anthem is being played. >> yes, sir. as much as i don't agree and a lot of people don't agree, that's his right. >> reporter:arian foster has talked to kaepernick and s supports him. >> you're entitled to say whatever you want or feel whatever you want about colin kaepernick but there are people hurting in this country whether you want to believe it or flag is unfurled on the field and navaly s.e.a.l.s are sky diving into the stadium. military appreciation night is a big deal here. >> carter evans in san diego tonight. john lewis, an icon of the civil rights movement is one of the most revered, respected and distinguished members of congress but it turns out he has a wild side.
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finally tonight for some older folks travel can be difficult. but now there's a device that can take them anywhere, even back in time. here's michelle miller. >> reporter: the men and women here at the brookdale senior living community don't need to leave the building to take a they've got the power of virtual reality. they can sore through yosemite national park. and explore the depths of the ocean. mit grad students are pioneering the use of this technology with seniors. >> i feel for the people living inside these communities that
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stimulation. they need to have a sense of wonder about the world. they need to be curious and exploring and when you're not physically able to do that by yourself, virtual reality is a aid in that. >> reporter: marion keith got the opportunity to return home. >> you recognize the house? >> wait a minute. oh, don't say that. who did this? >> reporter: you touched off her emotion. she felt something. >> absolutely. other people in the room felt it. and those were powerful moments. the 2-d picture will provide. >> julia child -- >> reporter: a chef says he still has many traveling days ahead of him.
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virtually visit a restaurant he opened in berlin. nearly two decades ago. >> that's seriously addictive. come on. go wherever i want. sglrks >> reporter: a trip of a lifetime from the comfort of your chair. cbs news, quincy, massachusetts. >> that is the overnight news for this friday. for some of you the news continues. the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new
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? ? this is the cbs overnight news. welcome to the overnight news, i'm michelle miller. a day after focusing on his immigration plan and two high profile speeches, donald trump has prep hispanic advisory board. advisors are angry and ready to resign after hearing trump's hard line immigration message in arizona. the republican nominee had struck a much softer tone after meeting with the president of mexi mexico. major garrett is following the trump campaign. >> reporter: two donald trumps.
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uncompromising advocate of deportation and border walls that trump followers have come to love. and he ended a brief public fleuritation with a softer immigration policy. >> anyone who has entered the united states illegally is subject to deportation. >> reporter: in phoenix, donald trump promised mass deportation but did not explain how he would do it. >> people will know you and wait to be legalized. >> reporter: undocumented immigrants must return to their home country and apply for reent reentry, trump said. vowing to subject new immigrants totests. >> it's our right as a sovereign nation to choose the immigrants we think are the likeliest to thrive, and flourish and love us.
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immigration agents, with holding tax dollars from sanctuary cities. and a over hall on visa over stays. trump's number one point was his most rehearsed. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. they don't know it yet but they're going to pay for the >> reporter: this time trump added a new diplomatic wrinkle. >> mexico will work with us, i absolutely believe it. and especially after meeting with their wonderful, wonderful president. >> in mexico city trump met with president pena nieto with hushed tones of cooperation. >> we all share a common interest in keeping our hemisphere safe.
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financing didn't come up. >> we did discuss the wall, we didn't discuss payment of the wall. that will be for a later date. sfwlrks p er sfwlrks. >> reporter: pena nieto said he said mexico will not pay for the wall. hillary clinton slammed him saying he failed his first foreign test. >> reporter: trump choked. that was the verdict from clinton's campaign chairman after trump said he and mexican president pena nieto didn't get into a key topic. when the mexican president contradilco cont contradicted trump, clinton campaign amended the statement, "it turns out he didn't just
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and she argus she knows diplomats and trump's not one of them. >> dropping in on one of our neighbors for a few hours and flying back. that's not how it works. >> mexicans are just beyond reproach. >> reporter: doesn't match up with his own past pronouncements like "i want nothing to do with mexico." "don't do business with mexico" off the u.s." both trump and clinton were invited by pena but only trump jumped at the opportunity. >> she didn't go to mexico. she was invited. she doesn't have the strength or the stamina to make america great again. believe me. >> reporter: the clinton camp is firing back this morning,
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money where their mouth is. they're investing six figures to buy ad time though it's unclear right now whether they really have a shot or if they're just trying to goad trump into collecting more money to protect his narrow lead in arizona. many americans are looking to forward to flying to cuba after the first national flight arriv arrived. >> reporter: silver is the second commercial scheduled airline to serve santa clara. america will roll out here and several other cities in cuba starting next week. a lot more americans are going to be coming to this town, which is a place we don't know anything about. >> reporter: 10 month old olivia gonzalez probably doesn't
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what's happening around her. but as jet blue flight 387 arrived from fort lauderdale, more communications start. late r today, they're getting married and their two daughters will be baptized in their family's long time church and they'll meet their ailing great grandmother for the first time. what does it mean to be there for your grandmother? the meet olivia meant everything to me. i really want to make this happen. >> reporter: it was an emotional moment when yetta arrived in the place her mother grew up but fled in the 1960s. this is the moment she finally met her uncle. >> it's like the first time a child sees santa clause and gets a christmas tree full of gifts. >> reporter: santa clara is the
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it's a bit of a cross roads in the center of the island. famed revolutionary is buried in this monument. one that will soon be visited by many more americans. as the level of scheduled flights expands, testing the limited infrasfrtructure here. >> getting the infrastructure in a position to embrace this kind of activity is going to require a lot of effort on the part of cubans. >> reporter: marie lock wanted to be on the first flight so she could see cuba as it is now before the rest of america arrives. >> we wanted to get there while it was still raw. >> reporter: and when we talk about tourist infrastructure, there aren't a lot of hotels, not a lot of mass transit and take the runway at the airport. there's about 500 feet that is out of service. there was a truck parked to mark
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they had to fly over the truck and then land.
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a community of neighbors in indiana is being forced to abandoned their homes after dangerous levels of led were found in their homes. they have placed warnings in a housing complex warning not to play in the durirt. >> reporter: this housing complex was built i refinery. well, now more than four decades later at least 1,000 people who live here are being forced to vacate. >> i'm angry because my family got poisoned on someone else being negligent . >> reporter: each of their five children have higher than normal
3:41 am
results, they said we need to come back immediately because everyone's test is inaciinaccur. >> reporter: the mayor said eepa recently informed him of led and arsenic in the complex and learned at the end of may. >> it's a dewraste and nobody bothered to tell me. >> reporter: he claims documents from meetings dating back to 2011 show the city knew there was a serious problem. >> we're going to look very seriously and find out where the break down occurred and then go after that problem to compensate these victims. >> at the end of the day, is it too late? >> unfortunately in some ways,
3:42 am
continue to go door to door testing each property's lawn for led. when do you plan to move? >> as soon as possible. >> reporter: mother of four sandra smith, has been living here for five years. all of her children's led levels are low. she doesn't understand why her city didn't act sooner. >> was this a project where you were trying to see how long it takes to kill off a bunch of people. you know that's not safe. >> reporter: the east chicago said that all of the residents here will be given housing vouchers to help them relocate. meanwhile, this housing complex will be demolished and the soil will be treated once again. the virtual reality industry is still in its infancy but a company called rendevor is working towards a future where
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a granddaughter's wedding. they'll be a able to travel virtual and in real time. the men and women here that the brookdale senior living community have the power of virtual reality. they can sore through yosemite national park. and explore ocean. >> oh, look at that fish. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: mit grad students are pioneering the use of this technology with seniors. >> i feel for the people living inside these communities that they don't have enough stimulation. they need to have a sense of wonder about the world again. they need to be exploring and when you're physically not able
3:44 am
is a aid to do that. >> reporter: much is done through google maps footage like this and they show 360 degree film. vanessa has been living here for two years. you talked through the whole event. >> my tourist asked 100 questions. >> reporter: so you're like this in real life? >> oh, >> reporter: and marion keith got the opportunity to return home. >> you recognize the house? >> wait a minute. oh, don't say that. >> reporter: you touched off her emotion.
3:45 am
other people in the room felt it and those are extremely powerful moments. that 2 d picture will provide. >> who did this? >> reporter: in a follow-up interview, we asked keith about her experience, but she struggled to take us back to that precise moment. what does that tell you is happening? >> it's a spark. without us bringing her there, she wouldn't have neighborhood she walked in and her husband worked on the back of her house. virtual reality allows us to spark that. >> nothing can ever replace human touch and human interaction. >> reporter: neurologist says while virtual reality does indeed have the power to stimulate, the brain is a complex organ.
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the place, taste the place. >> reporter: abdu shakur says he still has many traveling days ahead for him but me was over joyed to see a restaurant he opened nearly two decades ago. >> that's seriously addictive. >> reporter: this? >> yeah. i could say - want without going anywhere. >> reporter: they plan to start offering their service for an upfront fee, plus a monthly
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mega support with megared advanced 4in1. need to get a stronger radio. >> there is no way we're going to get the weirdo in there without anyone noticing. i mean, look ? ? >> wow. she looks -- >> pretty. good. you look pretty good. >> that's a scene from the new sci-fi hit "stranger things."
3:50 am
netflix has confirmed it will be back next year for a second season. jaime whak shows us how twin brothers were inspired to create the show. >> since its july debut, the buzz surrounding "stranger things" has grown. the creators of the show have generated their own buzz and curei curiosity as well and we caught up with them inn bar in los angeles. from the outset, "stranger things" has the look, sound, and feel of an '80s classic. >> stop it. you're freaking her out. >> reporter: set in 1983, the show follows a group of junior high mitt fits on a mission to find their missing friend. along the way they encounter a
3:51 am
dimension. >> yeah, we created "stranger things." >> reporter: the twin brothers who actually came of age in the '90s, were inspired by the movies they loved growing up. >> our thing was could we go back to the style of summer blockbusters but in this new format. >> "jaws" and "indiana jones" and "back to the these were all original ideas. now it's hard to get something like that made. >> he's missing is what he is. >> reporter: for one of the main cast members, what is old is new again. wynona rider who starred in a handful of memorable '80s and '90s films plays the mother of will bier. >> we didn't have an established
3:52 am
she really loved the script but it's a leap of faith and without her, i don't think the show would have broken through the way it did. >> will, are you here? >> reporter: to find the right mix of younger stars. >> this isn't some "lord of the rings" book. >> "the hobbit". >> shut >> reporter: they screened thousands of audition tapes. >> one bad child performance, i think it would destroy it. >> reporter: in a video posted by actress milly brown on twitter, the brothers witnessed her transform into the soup natural role of 11. >> with 11, who's played by milly brown because this is a character that doesn't have a lot of lines but the minute we filmed mini and we were in a close up, we went oh, my gosh. >> reporter: judging from the online buzz and artwork created
3:53 am
did you have a clue it would be as successful as it had been? >> we knew it would appeal to people like us who grew up loving movies from the '80s and hoping that it would work for a younger generation. >> reporter: do you have moments where you look at it and you're right back in 1983? >> maybe someone -- people will see that trapper keeper and they're going to be >> toys are important. >> that falcon was not easy to get. it's hidden under a blanket until dustin brings it out for the one episode. because it was too costly to keep it in there the whole time. >> reporter: but the throwback hit almost wasn't. they finally connected with what they call their dream home.
3:54 am
they like to the break the rules. and they like that it wasn't something that had been done on television before. there was a line where he's talking about 11. >> she's our friend and she's crazy. >> i feel like that about netflix. she's our friend and she's crazy. >> reporter: now they're plotting how to make season two even stranger. >> there's unresolved issues. a portal to another dimension that's wid there's going to be a new main tension and that's also going to be resolved, very much in the way you do a movie sequel. >> reporter: wednesday netflix released this cryptic trailer offering a hint of what's to come. another hint, video games may somehow be involved in season two. we'll have more on our streaming network cbsn starting tomorrow. the cbs overnight news will
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a powerful photo of moment of kindness is drawing praise from around the world. it show as college football star joining a young cafeteria, after seeing him eat alone at lunch. >> reporter: he was sitting alone in the tuesday. >> it was right there. >> reporter: you looked up and there he was? >> yeah. >> reporter: and what did he say? >> he said what's up, dude? >> reporter: he was travis rudolph, a star wide receiver with the florida state football team. five players were visiting the school as part of a community service program. >> he asked me am i going to play in the nba and i said yes.
3:58 am
me? i said are you in the nfl and he said no. >> reporter: rudolph noticed a young kid sitting by himself and headed to him. >> i got two slices of pizza and something clicked in my head, let me see if i can eat lunch with him. >> reporter: someone snapped a photo of bo and his new friend having lunch and sent it to the sixth grader's mother. bo is autistic and many one sits with him at lunch. the thought of him eating alone gets to you. >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: she'll always remember the college football player's kindness to her son. >> could have sat with anybody but he picked bo who was sitting by himself. >> yes. so, i'm just moved with emotion
3:59 am
i don't know what made him pick bo but i'm so grateful he did. >> reporter: this is one day i didn't have to worry if my sweet boy ate lunch alone because he sat across from someone who was a hero in many eyes. that post has been shared thousands of times since. >> i definitely hope that kids welcome him in because he's a genuine person and he can be around me >> reporter: when bo walked into lunch wednesday, every kid wanted to sit with him. >> i'm a super star. everybody recognizes me. and that is the overnight news for this friday. for some the news will continue, for others, check back a little later for the morning news and "cbs this morning" from the broadcast center here in new
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captioning funded by cbs it's friday, september 2nd, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." breaking news is for the first time in nearly 11 years, a hurricane roars on to florida's shore. hurricane hermine made landfall just hours ago. a look at the impact this morning and for the rest of the weekend as the system gets set to slam the east coast. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green.


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