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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, a water emergency, the drastic restrictions now in place as the state faces a severe drought. an emergency in the air. a passenger in police custody. an astroid expected to make a close pass by earth. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 11:00. measures in an extreme drought. they are facing a water emergency affecting everything from your dinner out to your front lawn. it is so severe that they banned outdoor watering and ordered restaurants to stop serving tap water. >> and the reservoirs are so low, they will buy water to keep up with demand and this is a statewide problem. the newest drought maps out today show more than 3/4 of massachusetts is in a severe or extreme drought.
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changes there. >> reporter: this situation really very serious. so serious that the water fountain here behind the city hall has actually been turned off all in an effort to save water. it's just one more indication of how severe this drought has become. he fills his watering can and gives his flowers a drink. he's he's required to hand where you allowed to use the hose, part of water restrictions ordered by the city. >> it's tough because if i don't water, it's going to die, you know. i have to water it like twice a week. >> reporter: this is the reservoir in holden, a major part of the water supply. it is bone dry in many areas, visible sections of land that would usually be under water. >> we're hoping to get a 20% reduction in use of water to
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small amount of water that we have left and the prospects of the next 90 days is for very little precipitation. >> reporter: restaurants are required to stop serving tap water to customers unless they ask for it. >> if they ask for tap wear, we obviously -- water, we obviously give it to them. vehicle washing is now restricted to commercial car washes. the new restrictions all are a drought we're all experiencing. the city manager says when reservoirs are this low, it's an emergency. >> it's probably the most kind of essential resource that we have. >> reporter: back here live here in downtown, there's the sign. the sign, first of all, advises people that these fountains are shut off and asking the public for their help for any efforts they can make to conserve
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they will buy millions of gallons from another reservoir, but that will take big bucks. thethey are hoping for rain. >> getting a little bit of rain right now. in this drought emergency, a welcome sight in boston. a live look where the rain is moving in. eric joins us. we need so much more. it's night to see showers and downpour mixed in. what we need is a pattern change, a flip to a long doesn't sound appealing, but it's what we need. take a look over the last many months. almost every single month below precipitation. going back to the start of 2015, a long-term drought, 18 inches below average when it comes to rain. out there tonight, a couple rain showering there egg moving through. it's night to see and feel outside. not adding up to much rainfall. all moving out to the east and most of us will wrap up by the morning.
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in the heat. what you don't want in a drought is very warm weather. that's the out look for september and certainly we'ller what we have form -- what we have tomorrow is near record highs as we reach the 90s in the afternoon. a little rain in the weekend forecast coming up in a few. new developments in the battle over police body cameras in boston. >> hours before a judge rules whether officers can be forced to wear them, several leaders in the department say they will. wbz is live at police the department's top brass. in a move to show the community and their officers that body cameras aren't going anywhere any time soon: the next time boston superintendent chief william gross hits the streets, he may be wearing one of those. on thursday, police commissioner bill evans announced gross and 7 other members of his command staff will be trained and equipped with body cameras stating,
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i'm committed to getting this program started for the benefit of the community and my officers out there every day. >> it's a big statement that they're making. you know, they're interacting with the community and i think this puts a stake in the ground that we're committed to the program. >> reporter: it comes amid a bitle batten between the city and the police union. he announced he would assign 100 officers to wear body cameras for a pilot program after not one volunteered to partake. then, the union filed an injunction citing a brief of agreement and calling the timing of the program horrible. >> i agree with them. the time are of this is horrible. we should have the cameras in the street by now. >> reporter: the two sides testified at a hearing and friday, a judge will decide who rules. the mayor says he can only hope for a favorable outcome. >> i'm hoping he rules the way the city -- not necessarily the way of the city, but what's right right now with what we're
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says his command staff will follow the same exact body camera policy as any other officer. we're live outside the police headquarters. wbz news. tonight a british airways jet is on the ground in orlando but not before diverting to boston. it was headed to orlando, but they decided to head for boston and that's where the passenger had to be taken off the plane. state police confirming that the passenger is a 24-year-old man from simply unlulu ruly. state -- unruly. he will be summoned to court for interfering with the flight crew. it was more than a football game tonight when two teams met for the -- it was part of a healing for an entire community. before the first snap, there was this moment of pure joy. something most of the tarantino family never expected and it
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night. katie is live now with the tribute. >> reporter: auburn took on lester, two towns that officer tarantino served and lived in. i his family says the community support has really helped them and tonight, the community is more than delivered -- has more than delivered. as auburn and lester high school football squads charge the field, their motivation different than most games. the tarantino family huddled on the slide line. chris, the officer ron, stood in front. auburn officer tarantino was shot and killed in the line of duty in may. his murderer was killed in a police stand-off. he had already served in lester where his family lives. >> the hearts of the people that gave tirelessly of themselves to honor ron. >> reporter: the two communities renamed the season opener the top cop game. >> there was a person in the crowd that doesn't want to do something for this family?
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her three sons oversaw the coin toss. >> heads was called. >> reporter: before the field cleared -- >> they have come all the way from fort bragg, north carolina. >> reporter: the honorary captains needed to take the field. ron, the third, surprised his mom. he is currently stationed at fort bragg. >> we're family. we love each other and it's hard for me to be so far away and not be able to be here and support them. so opportunities like this are a big deal. >> we have oar whole family here. i'm so grateful. >> repoer includes these thousands of people from auburn and lester. [ cheering ] >> oh, my gosh. these communities have the biggest hearts of any community i know. >> reporter: and the final score was auburn 30, lester 23. now, all the proceeds from tonight's game go to the tarantino family and before kickoff, they had sold more than 2,000 tickets. reporting live, wbz news.
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one of the people who was hit when a car crashed into a pizza shop is speaking out. he's being charged with two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of driving to endanger. two people were killed, 7 people were seriously hurt when police say he crashed right into sweet tomatoes in newton. today, the district attorney defended why it took six months for the driver to finally face charges. >> we're fortunate to have lots of things, forensics, videos, d kinds of cases. it takes time to bring this all together. >> it's good to see there's arouses pollution moving forward. justice takes a long time and talking with the da and seeing what she said, they want to get this right. >> a friend of the driver said that he struggles with medical issues. the district attorney would not comment on that but did suggest that we're going to learn a lot more in court when he faces a judge in the coming weeks. two men are dead, four others injured after this van
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lanes during the morning commuted. one of the survivors told us a tire blew and the driver lost control. the men were workers on their way to a job up in maine. people in one neighborhood want to know what is killing birds. at least 40 dead birds fell to the ground and many more are sick. these were found dead around bakersfield street this morning. people who saw the surviving birds tried to help them, but many seemed unable to move trying to figure out if they ingestedded a pest control poison or whether they have some kind of disease. . what with you do if you were elected about a lepo? >> about a -- >> a lepo. >> and what is a lepo? >> that was a major gaff on the campaign trail today. a candidate who's trying to get attention getting the wrong
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libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson. it comes as he has been performing relatively well until the polls and as he's making a push to get into the debates. his running mate calling it a gotcha moment. >> i didn't think it was that bad. >> reporter: former massachusetts governor defending his libertarian running mate after this tough moment on morning tv. >> what would you do if you were elected about a lepo? >> about -- >> >> and what is a lepo? >> you're kidding. >> it looked like a gotcha moment, are you kidding as posed to are you serious? he said he knew what it is. he just blanked. he thought the reference was to an acronym. will it keep them off the debate stage? >> i don't think it has any impact on the debates accept, perhaps, to en in-- increase our name recognition.
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ratcheting up their attacks. donald trump said she was flip- flopping. >> every time she talks about the subject, it's different. she has to get her act together. >> reporter: clinton took aim at donald trump on foreign policy citing some isis leaders are hoping for a trump win. >> they are saying, oh, please allah make trump president of america. >> reporter: and she slammed his praise of putin who trump ca m of a leader than president gloam that's not just unpatriotic and insult culting to the -- insulting tote people of our country as well as to our commander-in-chief. it is scary. >> reporter: and tonight, cbs news learned the government is increasingly concerned that the russians might try to launch cyber attacks leading up to november 8th. election officials will receive an alert from homeland security with instructions on how to secure their systems. david and lisa.
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the results are running there at the bottom of your screen. coming up, a flag that served as a bea could not of hope after -- beacon of hope after 9-11. >> we will tell you about it. nasa launches a rocket and hopes it will unlock secrets of the universe, the mission to bring back a piece of an astroid more than 4 billion years old. will he play or
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... lays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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. this flag raised at the 9- 11 attack helped define the resilience. it was missing until a man returned it north of seattle. he told firefighters someone gave it to home.
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museum. and lift off. 7 year mission to boldly go to an astroid and back. >> it's no ordinary mission. it's a mission to hunt an astroid. nasa successfully launching a rocket to bring back samples from a rock in outer space. they think it can hold the key to understanding the origins of the universe. >> without over stating, it is also a bit of a threat and within a few decades can make a close >> reporter: scientists lanes it holds the key to our solar system and life on earth. it's thought to be relevant live lee unchanged since the solar system was born 4.6 billion years ago. tonight, nasa launched a robotic astroid hunter. a piece of the equipment on board is designed by mit students. it will analyze how the astroid's surface interacts with the sun's raise. >> it will be the first nasa
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sample and return to earth that sample from an astroid. it will be the largest sample returned since the apollo era. >> reporter: the trib will take two -- trip will take two years. then it will spend three months mapping the surface, taking pictures, and collecting soil and gravel sam pals to take -- samples to take back to earth. >> we'll grab that material and bring it back. >> reporter: the scientists decided to study this because in 2135, that close path by earth. it will actually be closer to us than the moon. they hope what they learn about it can help them suspend them against possible collisions with astroids. >> which is strange because we got e-mails asking if we want to go to space, something about an oil rigging team landing on an astroid. >> and can you hit a target with a piece of paper into a camera? >> they said they would stop by
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us. if you're on earth today, the weirdness in the sky was a fog bank. odd skies around boston. this picture is really thin shallow fog bank, but it was dancing along the shoreline. this is hermine saying goodbye. now we welcome back summer. there are a few shower chances in the forecast this weekend, but no washouts and if you are a humidity hater, this forecast isr the dry air returns sunday afternoon. here's our cold front that's stretched out moving its way through the mid-atlantic. scattered showers moving east. it's nice to see rain moving through. some of the steady rains down into hopkins this evening and evening moving through the brookfield area. anything is better than nothing at all. but also very humid. dew points rising around 70. it's tropical outside and it will be humid when you wake up
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head into the afternoon. out the door, warm, muggy the last of the showers should be moving out. might be some cloud cover early on in the day, but as we heed toward mid and late morning, increasing sunshine and warmth. then for the evening, we're near 90. just like it would be in the middle of the august outside as we approach the middle of september. so high temperatures in the lower 90s across the s toward cape -- 80s cord toward cape cod. forecasting the 91. so we will be in the ballpark. if you're lucky enough to head out to the beach. 85 to 90 for high temperatures there. the wind out of the west southwest at 5 to 15. water temperatures are cooling a little bit coming off our summertime highs. then we move to the weekend. as we look toward the beginning the saturday, there will be cloud cover around and a slight chance of showers early on
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northward, we'll get into brightening skies. the humidity moves up and the story that we've seen all sum summer -- summer, what we're seeing tonight, it's not moving through. that's how you generate more thunderstorms and rain. sunday's fronts move through in the morning. a chance for a couple of of showers and a rumble of thunder in there. we'll be drying out in the afternoon and i don't think it's going to be a big rainmaker. so saturday, 70s at the coast. low 80s inland. we'll start with more cloud cover in the morning and then filtered afternoon sun. sunday is a chance for a first and then mid-80s by the afternoon. humidity kind of with us here for the next few days, but if you want that dry air, it moves in sunday night and is absolutely here as we head to monday and tuesday next week. so that crisp feel will be there. of course it's right around the time of your way to work on monday. here's your accuweather 7 day. it will be a beautiful start to the week and gorgeous on tuesday as well. the low 80s. chance for a couple more showers and storms on wednesday, but david and lisa,
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going. no widespread reason. >> such a dumber. as tom brady gets ready to sit out, what he's looking forward to doing with his family. and gronk looks ready to go back. the question is, is he? what he's saying about his
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. there's this long list of things that tom brady can't do while suspended, but apparently he can give interviews. >> that's a good thing. as excited as we are, it's going to be strange having it start without him. >> it's starting to set in. it was nice to hear him tonight as well. let's get to that. his sousings will -- suspension opener. he did an interview and said he didn't take the nfl sticker off the back of his helmet and reacted to julianne saying it's like his best friend in jail. >> well, not quite jail. i feel like judge have the -- i don't have the opportunity to do something i love to do. that's part of the situation we're in. i'm going to try to be positive about that and spend quality final with my family and pick my kids up from school and do
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the opportunity to do in october, november, and december. for the years to come. hopefully i can keep playing football for a long time and i don't have to ever sit out another september for as long as i'm playing? what do you think about the banner hanging at gillette stadium? >> i think it was a cool gesture by team. i'll be excited to be back out there in october when i'm there for real. it was a really cool thing to do. i'm very humbled and be flre quite a bit of it. i have yet to see it in person. >> meanwhile, his teammate gronkowski has a lingering hamstring problem. this is video of him stretching in practice p. today he's not 100%, but he's feeling good and itching to play. >> i mean, i want to be out there so bad especially to help out the team, help out the team
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there and just -- with the team supporting them. so it's super big and just doing the best i can. >> and we'll get you ready for the season opener with a special edition of patriots all access tomorrow night, 7:00 here on the show bill belichick from training camel. pretty good stuff -- camp. pretty good stuff. steve will go one-on-one with chris hogan. passing cards kick off at 8:30 and our postgame show is here after the game. to baseball, red sox are off tonight. they will open up a 3 game set with toronto. they have a one game lead over the jays in the east. meanwhile the bruins celebrated the opening of their practice facility. it's part of new balance's boston landing development. the players are in their glory as it has everything they could want or need.
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everything they've put into this. now we have all the resources for us to reach potential. there's no excuse to moving forward and for us to prepare for this uncoming season. -- upcoming season. >> the weight room and the locker room, it's every facility we have. it's great and as a player, i know all the people who are there. we're truly happy with what we williams upset in the semi- finals tonight. the nfl season opener, broncos and panthers in denver tonight. denver holding a one point lead in the 4th quarter.
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