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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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breaking right now at 4:30 violent protests against donald trump overnight. the president-elect responding to the unrest. what he's blaming. we're also following an developing story of an infant who is dead. a man accused of the dangerous items police say he was carrying and who is credited with catching him. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. happy veteran's day thank you to everybody who served our country. >>happy friday.
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is chilly as you step out this morning. it depends on where you are keene sitting at 29, but most are actually not as cold as we have been in the past few mornings. skies are clear, but there are some building clouds north and west of us. so your veteran's day, forecast not too cold this morning. temperatures in the 40s and breezy. the northwest winds gust up to 40 miles an hour. tempat dry today. it'll add a bite to the air with temperatures around 40 as we head into the evening. we cool quickly for the evening rush. we are talking about the weekend and i think you're going to like it. it's a chilly start tomorrow, details straight ahead. >>i just want to say danielle and i did not plan this. we are both wearing the exact same outfit this morning. we have a
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into dorchester, 10 minutes from the split up to the pike. and north of the city looks good, only one construction site in burlington is closed. breaking overnight violent protests against president- elect donald trump in oregon. demonstrators in portland starting fires and breaking windows there. >>and for the fi responding to the demonstrations after his big day in washington, d.c. hen a daniels has the latest. >> reporter: demonstrators in oakland, l.a. and portland brought traffic to a standstill last night angry over donald trump's election. >>i think he's hateful and racist. >>i am undocumented and i am
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issuing a weapon confronted demonstrated. this woman was captured on cell phone video throwing detergent on those blocking roadways. president-elect trump took to twitter late yesterday saying his opponent as professional protesters. many made their voices heard outside his properties in several cities including new york. >>no matter how you spin it, hillary was a better trump. >> reporter: amade the -- amid the unrest concrete barriers have been placed around trump's residence in new york. >>we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you suck said, then the -- succeed then
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>>i think we're going to some spectacular things for the american people. >> reporter: among his top priorities to repeal obama care, henna daniels, cbs news. >>the first lady talked to michelle obama talking about the challenges of raising children there. donald trump will give his fi interview sunday night right here on wbz. hillary clinton back on the trail walking. a woman man into her walking her dog near her home. president clinton took the photo here. it's the first time the clintons have been seen since she conceded the race. an investigation is under
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parked car in melrose then continued driving. the driving was worked for the mbta for 12 years. officials say he will not operate a vehicle until the investigation is complete. an infant was found unresponsive inside a marlboro home has died. a man and a woman were found at the home unconscious. they were rushed to has more. >> reporter: vectors walked down harrison place in marlboro with bags of evidence in hand thursday 8. -- thursday night 8 hours after first responders were called to the home. >>the only thing i seen was three ambulances, four cruisers. >> reporter: emergency crews arrived to find an infant dead as well as two adults unconscious, a 19-year-old
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and a 23-year-old man. both were rushed to the hospital while the home was sealed off by police tape a sight startling neighbors, including one who says she went to high school with the 19-year-old woman. >>i'm kind of freaked out, usually nothing happens ever, everybody goes home, goes to work, same routine every day. >> reporter: still no word on what caused the baby's death but the d.a.'s office was investigating. reporting marlboro, nick giovanni, wbz this morning. >>the couple who accused their nanny of killing their baby has been awarded $4 million. mccarthy was deported to ireland. the family's lawyer knows she doesn't have the money, but they want to make sure she doesn't profit from any future movie or book deals. a man charged with posing
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to -- fbi agent and trying to get inside someone's home. >> reporter: police say the man was armed with a gun, a knife, a stun gun, rope, duct tape and zip ties. his attorney claims the items were for camping. 23-year-old beganen le blanc was arraigned yesterday. he works at lincoln labs in lexington and so does the woman who lives at the home. she didn't know him. they say he identified himself as an fbi agent and asked to use the bathroom. >>he knocked on the door and they didn't know who he was and he said, well, i'm an fbi officer, and he said can i use your there were, and they thought -- your bathroom and they thought that was suspicious.
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residents for calling police immediately. le blanc also works for the federal credit union at mit and had the name of four clients and personal information. brianna, thank you. police are searching for a man who attacked a 14-year-old girl on her way to school just before 7 yesterday tonk. a man knocked her to the ground and tried to strangle her. a witness intervened. okay. police are searching for a white man with gray stubble noble his late 20s or early 30s who took off in a light blue or gray sedan. police say they are following several leads and asking anyone with information to come forward. boston police searching for two men who car jacked a ups driver in dorchester. the driver told us he was okay but didn't want to talk on camera. the men ditched the truck a
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if any packages were stolen. today is veteran's day, and this morning new homes for veterans will be dedicated in south boston. it's called patriot homes. the building on d street was a former police station. it had been vacant and was becoming an eyesore. now it features an police department complex a ribbon cutting will be held this morning with mayor. coming up on wbz this morning a new strike threat at harvard. >>what they are demanding. boston-based new balance on fire this morning. what the sneaker company said about donald trump that has people burning their shoes. and the patriots unveiling a new sneaker for charity. we
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. americans are lighting new balance shoes on fire if they are anti-trump. a new balance
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administration turned a deaf ear to them. new balance says they support trump's trade policies and they want to see more shoes made in the u.s. thousands are flooding the company's facebook page saying they'll never buy their shoes again and lighting their shoes on fire. in money watch, many businesses offering deals for veteran's day. >>plus do gift cards make a good or bad present. jig wagner joins us live with those stories and the la market, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. the post election rally continues in wall street but this is a tail of tale of two markets. the dow closed at a new record high. nasdaq fell 42 points, but banking stocks are getting a boost. investigators think a trump administration will ease regulation on the financial
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financial reform act. tech stocks like amazon, google, and facebook are falling. sill season valley overwhelmingly supported hillary clinton. there are areas about global trade. many restaurants are saying thank you for veteran's day. you can get a free on tray at olive garden and baskin robins will donate a portion of its prit service organizations. it is an easy gift but apparently not the right one, a new study finds that only about half of americans plan to give a gift card this holiday. only 27% of people actually want them. millennials it's even higher, only about 43%. opening a gift card not quite as fun, right? >>yes, jill, but you don't have to return a gift card.
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a gift card. >>good point. at least i do. all right. that's true, jill, thank you. that's so true and forget to use it. >>you're so right. i think i have probably five or six gift cards. >>oh yeah. >>just sitting in my bedroom. sometimes i forget about them. >>i change my view on gift cards, danielle. >>you've got to keep them in one spot in a bag or something. >>you're organized like that. >>i've got them in my bag. i want to make sure good morning, everybody, happy friday. 48 in boston this morning, not as cold as we've been the past few mornings. it is 48 in taunt en -- taunten right now. we have building clouds to our north and west and a couple of showers too. this is with a cold front that means business. it's going to kick up the wind and drag up colder air
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the clouds will build at times and filter out the sunshine. temperatures will be running in the 50s this afternoon, pretty normal for this time of the year. tonight we drop into the 20s and 30s. and tomorrow for saturday it looks bright and beautiful just a little bit breezy and the wind will make it cool colder in the afternoon. the wind chill at times tomorrow will be running in the upper 30s. we make a nice rebound sunday. high pressure and control we start to get a wind we bump it up to 55 to 60 and we get even milder into the start of next week. the active breeze to my recollection 55 in bedford, 57 in boston -- eave breeze today, 55 in bedford, 57 in boston.
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particularly for the cape and islands where we'll see gusts up to 40. the wind advisory that stays in effect until 1:00 a.m. overnight tonight because the wind is going to stay strong. clear and chilly, 25 to 30 in the suburbs. 34 downtown boston. highs tomorrow in the upper 40s, low 50s, that is about it. a cooler an average day, but at least the sun will be out saturday and sunday. 57 for a norwood, 58 in fits burg. plenty of sunshine, a beautiful sunday. clear and chilly, 44 degrees, the wind will not be an issue. 60 on monday. it looks like a pleasant start next week and then the next area of low pressure will come and bring a chance of rain tuesday and temperatures in the mid 50s
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traffic and weather twinsky this morning. police have shut down one lane on route 20 saying a water main break has made a mess. police are on the scene and the water department is responding as well. you'll want to avoid this area on route 20 for right now, kate. 700 custodians at harvard say they will strike if they don't reach a new contract by tuesday. the service employees negotiating with harvard since october 7th. yesterday they authorized a strike vote if talks break down. last month cafeteria workers ended a three-week strike, the school's first in more than 30 years. horse racing will return to suffolk downs. the group of owners and trainers opposed the short schedule and they want an
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course. the mayor won't be seeking re-election next year. he grew up in nut en and wrapping up his second term -- 90 and wrapping up his second term. boston's museum of fine arts is spending $24 million to create a state of the art conservation center. the center will include six labs to preserve paintings, objects, frames, and furniture, and public. the center will be paid for through the museum's largest ever fund-raising effort. there's a new sneaker for charity that go on sale this morning. the tongue features a blow-backpay treats logo, and the in soul reads we are all patriots. the owner revealed them yesterday.
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the boston businesspeople and i told him how i loved his air force ones and how comfortable they were. he said, let's make up a shoe that can be a patriots, however, an rkk shoe, and i said well, i'll only do that if we can benefit a charity. >>the proceeds will benefit the boys and girls club in boston. craft hopes shoe sales wi the way. >>pretty cool. ahead, the future obama care in jeopardy. >>and that's not stopping people from signing up. the website just had one of its busiest days. the flu season is here why getting sick could actually
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. overnight violent protests agt police are calling this a riot. president-elect trump reacting to the nationwide unrest on twitter tweeting just had a very open and successful presidential election, now professional protesters inciting by the media are protesting. very unfair. yesterday president-elect trump met with president obama. both called the meeting cordial and product of.
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mcconal. president-elect trump says re-appealing obama care is one of his top priorities. more than 100,000 people signed up for obama care wednesday. congressional republicans are promising to protect people now covered from losing health in the -- healthcare in the shift. millions of smoke detectors are involved in a concerns the bartry life alert won't chirp and let you know it needs replacement. for more information visit our website when you were born could may a major role on whether you get the flu. the strains you were exposed to as a child could play a knoll whether you get the
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whether you get the virus later in life. exposure at a young age was good for everyone. environmental police officers captured a moose on the run in springfield. officers were able to immobilize the moose with chemicals and then they took it to an area where it was ultimately released. the count down is on for nathaniel hall holiday spectacular. you can see the 80 feet norway spruce from sky eye. the in na tree in the marketplace will be decorated -- decorated -- -- you can see the free in the marketplace. it will be decorated with more than 350,000 lights. and we invite you to join us for the holiday spectacular live on wbz at 8:00 p.m.
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>>you did? >>i did on tuesday. and it looks great. >>i love it because next week will be the time we've got to bear down and get ready for the holidays. it's time to focus. >>what do we have, like, two weeks to thanksgiving. get the turkey out and start de frosting it. >>we could say gronk is halfway there. showing off his best bon joey impression. -- jovi
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. rob gonecould yousky the rock star. >>he is channeling his inner bon jovi ?[music]? >>oh my goodness, gronk says that's his real voice. he called it kind of average saying he wished he could sing a make a career out of that. i think that that would be a better video game than the madden game if we could just have gronk sing different songs from the different decades. >>you should -- he should come out with a cd. >>i would so buy that.
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weather and traffic are all here. the news at 5 starting right now. anti-trump protests turning violent overnight. developing news an infant found dead in a local home, two adults unconscious inside. a man accused of posing as an final investigate to get into a co-workers home. what police say -- as supposing to get into a co-worker's home. good morning, 5:00. thanks for joining us. i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. it is friday november 11th. it is veteran's day and it's not too bad right now but, danielle, a change is coming. >>the wind is going to kick up today. it's not too bad this morning. it's 47 degrees in boston right now, a much milder start than the past couple of mornings.


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