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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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weather and traffic are all here. the news at 5 starting right now. anti-trump protests turning violent overnight. developing news an infant found dead in a local home, two adults unconscious inside. a man accused of posing as an final investigate to get into a co-workers home. what police say -- as supposing to get into a co-worker's home. good morning, 5:00. thanks for joining us. i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. it is friday november 11th. it is veteran's day and it's not too bad right now but, danielle, a change is coming. >>the wind is going to kick up today. it's not too bad this morning. it's 47 degrees in boston right now, a much milder start than the past couple of mornings.
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same in worcester and the same in taunten, skies clear for now. and a few clouds building back to the north with the cold front coming through today, mainly dry. i can't rule out an isolated sprinkle, but it will kick up the wind. your veteran's day forecast upper 40s this morning breezy and mild. the northwest wind will gust 30 to 40 miles per hour, so you'll notice it, but shouldn't cause any damage. the cape and the islands could see a few pockets of outages. weekend details are straight ahead. let's get you on the roads. danielle, we already have some issues this morning. one lane of route 20 in marlboro is closed for a water main break. police say there's about 4 inches of water on the roadways. the water department is responding to the scene and we have a crew at the scene as well.
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as of now no other issues for your morning commute. breaking overnight a violent protest against president-elect donald trump in oregon. police are calling this a vie on the, common demonstrators starting a dumpster fire there. this was the second night of protests across the country. >>for the first time president-elect donald trump is responding to the demonstrations after his big day in latest. >> reporter: demonstrators brought traffic to a standstill overnight angry over donald trump's stunning election. >>i think he's hateful and a ma sonnist and racist -- massoginist. >>i am very afraid. >> reporter: this woman was
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blocking roadways. -- detergent on those blocking roads. donald trump took to twitter, many have made voices heard outside his properties in several cities including new york. >>no matter how you spin it, hillary was a better option than trump. >> reporter: amid the unrest concretes barriers have been placed around president-elect donald trump's primary si new york. >> reporter: the extra security came after his meeting with president obama at the white house yesterday. >>we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed then the country succeeds. >> reporter: he also met with mitch mcdonal and paul ryan -- mcconal and paul ryan, among
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obama care. henna daniels, cbs news. >>michelle obama gave melania trump a tour of the white house yesterday and talked about the challenges of raising children there before having tea in the yellow oval room. donald trump will give his first extensive post election interview to 60 minutes sunday night at 7:00 right here on wbz. hillary clinton is back on the trail, not campaigning just walking. a woman run into clinton lk trail near her home in new york yesterday. the woman who voted for clinton was out with her baby girl. president bill clinton took the picture. it's the first time the clintons have been seen since she conceded the race wednesday. the mbta is investigating whether a bus driver was under the influence of prescription drugs. passengers called 911 after the bus clipped a car and then continued on. no one was hurt. the driver will be in court today accused of leaving
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the driver has worked for the t for 12 years. to a developing story an infant found dead inside a marlboro home. two adults were also found unconscious inside. police are trying to figure out what happened. nicole jacobs is live with the latest this morning, nicole. >> reporter: kate, investigators were at the home well into the night. a man, woman, and a baby were all found unresponsive. the baby is now dead. no one really knows what happened here. >>i can't make anything out it's involving a child i believe. >> reporter: the presence of investigators on harrison place in marlboro was alarming to residents. >>the only thing i seen was three ambulances, four cruisers. >> reporter: investigators collected bags of evidence from a home where an infant was found dead and a 19-year-old woman and a 23-year-old woman were found unresponsive.
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saying much but they responded to a call just before noon thursday and as word spread residents through uneasy. >>i don't like to hear this stuff. >> reporter: because this scene is unusual here, they say. as they tried to make sense of an investigation involving the death of an infant. >>i'm kind of freaked out. usually nothing ever happened on this street, ever. >> reporter: that man and woman were taken to the hospital. they're both still at the hospital i can also tell you straight police and the district attorney's office are investigating. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. the cambridge couple who accused their nanny of killing their little girl has been awarded $4 million. they sued the nanny for wrongful death. she was deported to ireland. the family's lawyer knows she doesn't have the money but want to make sure she doesn't profit
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deals. you won't believe say this man was carrying while trying to get inside a home. >> reporter: police say the man was armed with a loaded gun, a knife, a stun gun, rope, duct tape and zip ties. his attorney claims the items were for camping, but police are concerned this incident could have turned violent. the 23-year-old was arraigned yesterday. he works at lincoln labs in lexington and so does the woman who ve home. police say le blanc knew her but she didn't know him. they say he identified himself as an fbi agent and asked to use the bathroom. >>she knocked on the door and they didn't know who he was, and he said he was an fbi officer he said he needed to use their bathroom. and they thought it was suspicious. >> reporter: police say he was
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for that. they say they refused to let him inside and called police immediately. prosecutors say he also works for the federal credit union at mit and had the names of four clients along with personal information. he's being held without bail depending a dangerousness hearing. police are searching for a man who attacked a 14-year-old girl on her way to school. a stranger knocked the girl down and tried to strangle her while she was walking to the bus just before a witness intervened. the student is okay but police are searching for a white man with gray stubble on his face. he fled in a light blue or gray older model sedan. anyone with information is asked to call borne police. boston police are searching for two men who car jacked a ups driver. two masked men pulled the driver from his truck and then took off in the truck. the driver told us he was okay but
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the men ditched the truck a short ways away. we don't know if any packages were stolen. 5:09. today is veteran's day day. this morning officials in boston will open new affordable housing for veterans. >>anna meiler is live with a closer look at today's ceremony. >> reporter: good morning, kate. this building is actually an old police station here in south boston that's been vacant for decades and became an eyesore. housing for veterans. take a look inside the building. the police station was remodeled and a second building was added on providing a total of 24 units for veterans, 12 units for individuals and 12 for families. 6 units are set aside for homeless veterans. this project is meeting a critical need for affordable housing because the percentage of veterans living in south boston is double the city-wide average and rent in this neighborhood is rapidly increasing.
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handicap accessible and energy efficient and they aren't just homes. there will also be on-site staff providing critical support and case management services. >>there was a big need for veteran's housing that's affordable for vets. it's difficult to develop housing in the city for any use and this was a parcel that the city owned they put it up for a request for proposal and our group was successful in winning on the basis of doing housing with the preference for veterans. >> reporter: applicants for those 24 units, so they will be chosen using a lottery system. that shows how much of a need there is in the city. there will be a ceremony at 9:00 this morning and we will bring you the latest at noon. anna meiler wbz this morning. 10 past 5 right now. coming up concerns about another strike at harvard. >>a closer look at the negotiations under way.
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lovers. when we'll be back open for oyster harvesting. good morning. temperatures on the mild side. running in the 40s out the door right now, but we're coming to the 50s today. the wind will kick up this afternoon. and we'll take you through the weekend in
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a bald eagle has been
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florida. two eagles got into some kind of territorial fight in the air and then fell to the ground. in about an hour one flew off and the other fell into the drain. experts were able to get it out and it's being checked out. originally they thought the two were looking out for one another there in that position, but, no, it was a fight that neither one of them could let go. they were fighting, and they >>wow. >>and then finally said, all right, enough is enough. >>can't we just all get along. the bald eagles, really. >>i'm glad they're going to be okay. it's not that cold this morning. we're in the 40s right now. the biggest thing is the wind today. >>i felt pretty cold. it is the wind. i'll give you that. look at the wind. >>the wind is kicking up this
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it's a little bit chilly, but it could certainly be worst this time of the year. thank you to all our veterans, by the way, nice shot of that american flag this morning. 47 degrees in boston right now. that's not too bad. it does feel colder with the wind factored in. we have some colder readings north and west of boston. it's 31 degrees in keene right now and that's the cold spot. skies are clear for now, but we will the afternoon. there are a few showers to the north and west as well. upstate new york, northern vermont, northern new hampshire. this is with a cold front coming through midday and afternoon. we may see a sprinkle or two. for most of us it's just the wind, 30 to 40 miles per hour. it's going to be strong through the overnight tomorrow. chilly start to the weekend but both weekend days are dry and i
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sunday because the wind won't be as strong and we warm up a bit. we come into the upper 50s sunday afternoon. high pressure is still in control off to the south. 55 to 60 today, pretty normal. you have to remember the wind is going to be strong. a wind advisory is in effect. 1:00 p.m. this afternoon until 1:00 a.m. for the advisory for the cape and islands for gusts up to 40 miles per hour and sustained winds may be around 30 too. 34 for an overnight low in bonitas but -- in boston. tomorrow will be a chilly start to the weekend. temperatures about 10 degrees colder than today. 47 in boston for a high tomorrow. 48 in norwood, bedford, mid to upper 40s for most of us to around 50 when you get back to the south coast. sunday, less wind and milder temperatures. mid to upper
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clear and chilly 44 degrees. monday we push 60 and then the next chance of rain comes in tuesday, mid 50s through the middle part of the week. we're told the water main break is minimal and not affecting traffic right now, so all lanes are open. no worries there. we're also check the commute from the north. we have light traffic on 93 south but it's an easy right into the tunnel this morning. boston is a water main break at one center plaza right across from the government center. this happened around 4:30 this morning. the road is shut down from sudden bury to court street. no -- sudbury to court street. a set back for a teenager's defense before she goes to trial. centers will be --
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her texts against her where prosecutors say she encouraged her boyfriend's suicide. cart ser refused of convincing conrad roy to take his own life. 700 custodians at harvard say they will go on strike if they don't reach a new contract by tuesday. the union has been negotiating with harvard since october 7th. yesterday they authorized a strike vote if talks break down. cafeteria workers ended a three-week strike last week. horse racing will towner suffolk downs. the -- will return to suffolk downs. they want an out of state vendor to hold a longer season at the
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through the museum's largest ever conservation fund-raising effort. humans and creatures of all kinds evacuated from the brooklyn animal shelter after workers became lightheaded yesterday. the fire department couldn't find the source of the problem. 12 to people felt better were they never found the cause of the situation. wellesley ha open for harvesting tomorrow. 80 people got sick with the norovirus. the closure meant there were no oysters at the popular fest back in october. look at this. a baby blue lob ter caught yesterday morning by a fishing boat. the captain kept the little guy long enough to snap a picture before releasing it back into the water.
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the next time they catch it it's probably going to be huge. >>now you've got to look for a pink baby lobster. coming up next a big honor for three sox sluggers. and what seattle says about preparing for the game. and the highlights coming
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patriots getting ready to take on seattle this weekend. plus the bruins against the blue jackets. >> reporter: a good test at the garden for the bruins last night as they hosted the blue jackets. they came in playing good hockey while the blue jackets also playing good hockey winning four of the last five. the bruins fell behind early but had a flurry this goal to feel good for him tying it at 1. after the turnover, this guy's first goal as well. and the bruins are ahead 2-1. then off a long pass, a pretty pass for the goal, his second of the year, 3-1b's. right after that a bruins flurry in front of the
5:24 am
next whistle the refs take a closer look. it wasn't cold a goal on the spot. the review called it. 4 goals in 4 minutes. bruins go on to win 5-2. they're at arizona tomorrow tom brady and the at a treats again to gear up for sunday with the seahawks. rob groncoksky asks asked time to get going sunday. >>we want the chemistry to be there, in sync together, so there's really no difference from a bye week to a normal week. we've got to prepare the same every week. >>and we'll preview the pats and seahawks tonight at 7:00 right here on wbz, and be sure to start sunday with patriots game day on wbz. pats play on sunday
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quarter post -- our 5th game post game show. the celtic host the hicks don't. i'm dan roche, wbz sports. they go on sale with a new sneakers for charity this morning. >>the tongue features a throw-back pats logo. the owner unveiled them yesterday. >> be speaking at a club here in boston to the boston businesspeople and i told him how i loved his air force ones and how comfortable they were. i said we should make up a shoe that can be a patriots shoe, an rkk shoe, and i said we'll only do that if we can benefit a charity. >>proceeds will benefit the boys and girls club in boston. craft hopes the shoe sales will raise
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the ones that mr. craft wears, which are always looking sharp. >>looking pretty good. >>coming up next an update to breaking news overnight. protests turn violent. police calling it a riot. plus, how schools are responding to concerns from kids. this is john keller. senator elizabeth warren welcomes the president-elect to washington with an embrace of some of his agenda and warning about the rest of it. vile more when wbz this morning continues. good morning and happy friday. temperatures climbing into the 50s for veteran's day. there'll be gusty wind gusting up to 30 miles per hour this afternoon. i'll take you through the hour-by-hour forecast and talk about the weekend as you take a live look at over boston this morning just
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. developing news at 5:30, an in distant two adults found unconscious inside a home.
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found unconscious inside a home. the infant has died. and what's next for democrats. why many are pointing to elizabeth warren as the next leader for their party. live from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. welcome back i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. happy veteran's day to everyone out there and a big thank you from all of us to anybody that >>absolutely and all the praised and celebrations today are going to be good to go, but there'll be a gusty wind today. kind of a changeable weather day. 47 in boston right now. it is a mild start in terms of the actual temperature. the wind is gusty already and it will only get stronger through the afternoon. enjoy the sun while you have it. clouds are starting to build already in the berkshires through vermont and new hampshire. we will get building clouds late morning to
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break out. breezy and mild. sunrise at 6:31 this morning. temperatures will be in the 50s this afternoon, partly sunny with gusty wind, 30 to 40 miles per hour at times, and then as we head into the evening and through the afternoon our temperatures are going to drop quickly, so the ride home will be around 40 degrees. sunset at 4:25 and the wind is going to be strong. i've got details on the weekend ahead. let's get you on the roads. look at the eastbound lanes of the pike in brighton. no issues getting through construction onto the pike and into the city, just 30 minutes from 495 to the ted williams tunnel. i want to give you a reminder about something tonight. at 8:00 p.m. crews will be shutting down route 9th ramps. -- route 9 ramps. thank you.
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police are investigating after they say an infant was found dead inside a marlboro home. two adults were found unconscious in the home. the 19-year-old woman and 23-year-old man are in the hospital right now. so far police are not releasing any other details. 5:32 right now checking other stories. overnight violent protests against president-elect donald trump in oregon. police are calling this a riot. demonstrators in portland breaking windows, vandalizing businesses and starting a fire. and this just in. there have now been 26 arrests in the city. president-elect donald trump reacting to the nationwide unrest on 2013 saying "just had a very open and successful presidential election now professional protesters inciting by the implead are protesting, very unfair." yesterday he met with president obama in the
5:33 am
speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconal. some are concerned about how reaction to the election will impact kids. boston public schools sent parents a letter saying there will be counselors on hand if students have anxious about the election. we talked to the mayor about that. >>young kids watch, read the paper, watch tv. they know what's being said, so when you hear horrible things about people, some of the comments that were made, they hear it, and they take so there is a little fear there. >>the letter -- the letter reads in part "it is important to be strong for our students ask each other." >>now that the election is over many are wondering what's next for democrats. some are pointing to a familiar face here in massachusetts as the party's next leader. >> reporter: good morning. we know our country will soon have a new leader, but many of the questions are popping up like who will be the new leader of
5:34 am
nancy pelosi and which you can shuler will have major platforms. i suspect you'll hear a lot from bernie sanders too. ?[music]? >> reporter: so it was very interesting to me that she chose to skip the usual pleasant ries in her first -- pleasantries and instead threw down a challenge to president-elect donald trump warren praised trump for criticizing wall street and big-money corruption in washington, trade deals and the establishment's failure to deal with soaring college and child care costs. it was striking how much the trump political critique matches that of warren and sanders. "the deep worry that people to over an america that does not work for them is not liberal or conservative sorry," she said. but then
5:35 am
he guts financial industry regulations, industries obama care and offers tax breaks that help the rich she will fight him "every step of the way." it won't take long for trump to make clear which parts of his campaign rhetoric were serious and which were not. she has made it clear that any trump honeymoon is likely to be extremely short. your comments are invited on twitter at keller at large. for some people the presidential election caused a great deal of stress and it appears people in boston turned to alcohol to cope with that. drizzly, a company that delivers alcohol says it received an 80% increase in alcohol on election day. what were people thing? wine, hard liquor, and -- what
5:36 am
hard liquor and beer. the website 24/7 wall street says the five areas in boston have a larger area of people that drink more than the average. the dry evident city, provo, utah. >>we have a lot of colleges in boston. >>that's true. we have a lot of colleges in boston. it's very cold here in the winter. >>we've had some really sad losses in the sports world good party. >>exactly. still ahead this morning, gift cards becoming a go-to holiday gift, but do people want them? plus saying thank you to servicemen and women, what some restaurants are doing today to give back. what better day than veteran's day to open new affordable housing for our vets. why this type of housing is crucial to bring to south boston
5:37 am
most of us are running in the 40s right now. eric says 48 degrees with clear skies. i like the picture he posted honoring our veterans. he said "thank you veterans for all that have served," with the american flag taken yesterday afternoon. the flags will be blowing about. we're going to have the
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it's 5:40 right now. the special deals in service of men and women in honor of veteran's day. >>and what investors are hoping for from donald trump's presidency. jill wagner joins us with today's money watch. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kate. the post election rally continues on wall street. the dow jumped 218 points yesterday opening today at a new record high. the nasdaq fell 42 points with tech oc investors semen couraged about president-elect donald trump and his plan for infrastructure spending and tax reform. banking stocks got a big boost surging to levels of that we have not seen since the financial crisis. there is a lot of speculation trump will ease regulation on the financial industry. it is an easy gift but apparently not the right one. a new study shows that half of americans plan to give a gift card this year.
5:41 am
millennials say they want an actual present. today's veteran's day, many restaurants are saying thank you to vets. they could get a free burrito or taco at chipotle at 3:00. and baskin robins is donating a portion of profits to the united service organization. >>we love it, jill. thank you. appreciate it. what a great idea. >>the least we can do, right? >>absolutely. coming up a man accused of posing as an fbi home. >>and the discovery police made when they arrested him. also, a baby, two adults found unresponsive in a home. the baby is now dead. we'll have a live report, an update
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school. >>kick iting back to the '80s and channeling his inner bon i don't havey -- jovi. ?[music]? >>this is a new ad from ea
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and that if he could sing better he would do that for a living. >>do you think he wrote the lyrics to that? >>possibly. it's a good twist on an old classic. >>maybe he's a lyricist and we didn't know it. >>and the wig. >>too much hair. >>i can't deal with that. i think the wig is amazing. i love it. >>i definitely they -- think they had some wind blowing at him how i loved. speaking of the wind it's going to be -- at him, i loved it, though. speaking of the wind it's going to get stronger as the cold front comes in today. a wind advisory is in effect from 1:00 p.m. on saturday until 1 saturday. the wind may be sustained around 30 miles per hour, so straight up windy day on the cape. 47 in boston right now. a mild start to the today,
5:46 am
over the cape. clear skies right now. sunrise coming up in about 45 minutes. and you'll want to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts because clouds are building in through western massachusetts, and these clouds will come in. there are showers from upstate new york across northern new england. a lot will dry up a bit, but we may see an isolated shower as the cold front pushes through by midday. the clouds come in and the wind kicks up and then they clear back out. temperatures will fall in the second half of the afternoon. in the meantime tomorrow looks like a bright start to the weekend but chilly. the wind won't be as strong as today but it will still be active and that will mean temperatures will feel at times like they're in the upper 30s in terms of wind chill values. we make a nice rebound sunday with high pressure to our
5:47 am
50s in the afternoon. middle 50s today for most of us. pretty seasonal afternoon, but the highs will be reached midday and then they'll fall in the afternoon. we cool quickly for late afternoon and evening. we go 55 to 60 on the cape. tonight chilly. 20s in the suburbs. and the wind chill will be 5 to 10 degrees colder. the breeze tomorrow is out of tomorrow. about 10 degrees cooler than today. partly cloudy saturday night, 26 to 32 in the suburbs, 37 downtown and then sunday looks beautiful. mostly sunny and pleasant, a really nice fall day sunday. 57 degrees. monday looks good, milder. next chance of rain coming in tuesday and it looks like some showers may linger through the middle of the week with temperatures in the mid 50s. checking out the commute on
5:48 am
route 3 is clear -- on the south shore. route 3 is clear. 24 north is also wide open up to 128. there is a big weekend closure in needham to tell you about. starting tonight at 8:00 p.m. the ramp to 128 north will be closed for construction. we've posted a detour map on see. essentially what's going to happen is you're going to get on 128 south, and then kind of loop back up to 128 north. d morning, so back to normal for that morning commute. chris ask kate. thank you very much. a man charged with impersonating an fbi agent and an in and if dead in marlboro. anti-trump protests in oregon turned violent overnight. demonstrators in portland were breaking windows, vandalizing businesses and started a fire in
5:49 am
26 arrests in the city. president-elect donald trump met with president obama in the oval office calling the meeting cordial and productive. trump also sat down with paul ryan and mitch mcconal. >> reporter: i'm nicole jacobs live in marlboro where authorities are investigating the death of an infant. police were called to the home on harrison place yesterday just before noon and found a 19-year-old old man and the infant unresponsive. the baby was later pronounced dead. officials aren't commenting on the circumstances surrounding the death of the baby right now, but we know those two adults remain in the hospital. state police and the district attorney's office are investigating. we're live in marlboro, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. a man accused of posing as an fbi agent tried to talk his
5:50 am
a loaded gun, a knife, a stun gun, rope, and zip ties. he asked to use the bathroom at a home and was told no. his attorney says the items he was carrying were for camping. the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey made his first court court ap he is accused of setting off a bomb in manhattan and another at a new jersey road race. protesters locking themself to the main entrance of td bank in bostons. it is one of the main lenders of the pipeline t has prompted access north dakota where a tribe is worried their drinking water could be
5:51 am
arrested on charges of disturbing peace and resisting arrest. >> reporter: i'm anna meiler live in south boston where an old police station that sat most vacant for decades will open today as affordable housing for veterans. here's a look inside. there are 12 units for individuals and 12 for families. 6 are set aside for homeless veterans. this project is meeting a critical need for affordable housing. that's because the percentage of veterans living in south boston is double the average. and rent in this neighborhood is rapidly increasing. and this project will do 1067 o -- so much more than put a roof over their heads. live in south boston anna meiler, wbz this morning. when you were born could play a major role on whether you get the flu. a new study found strains of flu you were exposed to as a child could protect you later in life. researchers say people born before and after 19
5:52 am
strains of the flu virus. exposure at a young age was good for everyone. the count down is on, a week away from the holiday spectacular. you can see the 85-foot norway spruce over the next 8 days. the tree and the whole marketplace will be decorated with more than 350,000 lights. the blue man group, the boston ballet and special guests will join us when we flip the switch next saturday. we want to invite you to join us for the holiday spectacular live right here on wbz. it's next saturday, november 19th starting at 8:00. >>i love watching that on tv with my kids. it's such a fun boston night and gets you in the spirit for the holidays. >>the tree is huge, bigger than the one at the white house. last year it was bigger than new
5:53 am
a look in the rearview mirror. >>stay with us.
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from the election of donald trump to a tight senate race in the granite state. >>and everything in between. here's a look back at the week that was. it's tuesday november 8th, election day.
5:56 am
the polls. >>both candidates have been fighting hard for new hampshire. >>go vote, it's your privilege and your civic obligation. >>donald trump is president of the united states. >>we have live coverage. >>he won with a sweep of blue collar rural counties. >>it's a victory for education. >>and marijuana getting the nod from massachusetts voters. >>in the new hampshire senate race about 700 votes separated the winner, maggie hassan from patriots getting political. >>my wife said i can't talk about publics anymore. >> reporter: people have crashed the canadian immigration website. >>give love. >>i give free hugs every day, kate. chris, you're the best. >>you guys can hug it out while i'm doing the weather. >>i just wanted her to know we love her. >>you felt left out. it's okay. we love you, chris.
5:57 am
director a hug. she's, like, no you stink. >>top stories are straight
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. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. it's friday november 11th and it's veteran's day. breaking now protests against donald trump. the president-elect responding to the unrest on twitter. we're also following a infant is head and two adults rushed to the hospital. and a bizarre arrest in arlington, a man accused of posing as an fbi agent. the items police say he was carrying and who they are crediting with catches him. first we want to start off with danielle niles and a check of our forecast. windy today. >>it's going to be windy and kick up from midday through the afternoon. mild start to the day. temperatures running in


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