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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. it's friday november 11th and it's veteran's day. breaking now protests against donald trump. the president-elect responding to the unrest on twitter. we're also following a infant is head and two adults rushed to the hospital. and a bizarre arrest in arlington, a man accused of posing as an fbi agent. the items police say he was carrying and who they are crediting with catches him. first we want to start off with danielle niles and a check of our forecast. windy today. >>it's going to be windy and kick up from midday through the afternoon. mild start to the day. temperatures running in
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47 in boston, 46 in lawrence, middle 40s in worcester. enjoy the sunshine once it comes up just under a half hour from now because it will be limited to the sunshine this morning and then building clouds are already coming into worcester county. the clouds represent the cold front that's approaching. it's kind of a changeable day, sun in the morning, clouds build n the wind kicks up, we go out of the 40s into the mid 50s by midday. miles per hour, and that'll make it feel cooler this afternoon and the temperatures will fall during the second half of the day. it evening it will be clear and chilly. we've got a weekend to talk about. details ahead. we want to get you on the roads. right now there is a disabled car blocking the right lane on 93 north. it doesn't appear to be effecting traffic.
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on route 9 in needham this weekend. we want to remind you with commuter rail service being suspended on the entire needham line. boston police have confirmed there is a water main break at 1 center plaza. this happened around 4:30 this morning. the road is shut down from sudbury to court street on the south side of cambridge street. no word if it will impact t service this morning or when repairs will breaking overnight violent protests against president- elect donald trump in oregon. demonstrators in portland breaking windows, vandalizing businesses and starting a dumpster fire there. police are calling this a riot. it was the second night of protests in many cities across the country. >>for the first time president-elect donald trump is responding to the demonstrations after his big day in washington, d.c. henna daniels has the latest. >> reporter: a wall of police
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overnight. eventually firing tear gas and setting off flash bangs. some protesters set fires, others threw objects as officers attempted to move them off the streets. police fired back with rubber bullets. >>when you respond to peace with armor and weapons, what do you expect? >> reporter: amid the unrest concrete barriers have been donald trump's primary residence in new york. the extra security came after trump's meeting with president obama at the white house. >>i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including council. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump took to twitter late yesterday branding his opponents as professional protesters inciting bid media. >>michelle obama gave melania
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challenges of raising children there before having tea in the yellow oval room. donald trump give his first post election interview this sunday. you can watch it sunday night a at 7:00 right here on wbz. hillary clinton is back on the trail, not campaigning just walking. a woman ran into clinton during a dog walk near her home yesterday. the woman who voted with clinton was out with her baby girl. president bill clinton took this tomorrow it's the first time e photo. it's the first time they've been seen since tuesday. passengers called 911 after a bus clipped a parked car in melrose and then kept driving. no one was hurt. the driver will be in court accused of leaving the scene of an accident. the driver has worked for the mbta for 12 years. officials say he will not operate a vehicle until the investigation is completed. 6:04 right now, a
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found unresponsive in a home has died. nicole jacobs is live with the latest on the investigation for us, nicole. >> reporter: chris, investigators were at the home well into the night. a man, a woman, and a baby all found unresponsive there. this morning we know that baby has died. no one really knows what happened here. >>there's a hysterical female. i can't make anything out. it's involving a child jibe the presence of investigators on harrison -- childing a child, i believe. >> reporter: the presence of investigators on harrison street is alarming. vectors collected bags of evidence from a home from an infant was found dead and a 19-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man were found unresponsive. >>it's quiet here. >> reporter: police aren't saying much but they responded to a call just before noon
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residents grew uneasy. >>i don't like to hear this stuff. >> reporter: because this scene is unusual here, they say, as they try to make sense of an investigation involving the death of an infant. >>i'm freaked out, usually this street nothing ever happens ever. >> reporter: the man and that woman are still in the hospital, we're told. as well we know state police and the district attorney's office are investigating. we're live in marlboro, this morning. a man charged with posing as an fbi agent and trying to get inside an arlington home and you won't believe what police say he was carrying. brianna pitts is here with details. >> reporter: police say the man was armedded with a loaded gun, a knife, a stun gun, rope, duct tape and zip ties. his attorney says the items were for camping.
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he works at lincoln labs and so does the woman who lived at the home. police say le blanc knew her but she didn't know him. they say he identified himself as an fbi agent and asked to use the bathroom. >>he knocked on their door and they didn't know who he was and he said he was an fbi officer and he asked to use the bathroom and they thought that was kind of suspicious. >> blanc was arrested quickly at a nearby bus stop and they're crediting the arlington residents for that. they say they refused to let him inside and called police immediately. prosecutors say le blanc also works for the federal credit union at mit and he had the names of four clients along with personal information. he's being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing, chris. >>thank you very much. police are searching for a man who attacked a 14-year-old girl on her way to school.
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just before 7:00 yesterday morning when a man knocked her down and tried to strangle her. a witness intervened. the student is okay. police are now searching for a white man with gray stubble possibly in his late 20s or early 30s who took off in a light blue or gray older model sedan. police are following up on several leads but ask anyone with information on the attack to come forward. 6:08 right now. today is veteran's day and this morning boston is dedicating new for veterans. anna meiler is live with all the details. anna, good morning. >>good morning, kate. this building is actually an old police station here in south boston that has sat vacant for decades and became an eyesore in the community, but it has been refurbished and it will open today as affordable housing for veterans. the police station was remodeled and a second building was added on providing
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12 for individuals and 12 for families. 6 units are set aside for homeless veterans. this project is meeting a critical need for affordable housing because the percentage of veterans living in south boston is double the city-wide average and rent in this neighborhood is rapidly increasing. the apartments are handicap accessible and energy efficient and they weren't just -- aren't just homes. there will be on-site staff providing critical support and case management services. >>there was a big need for for vets. it's difficult to develop housing in the city for any use and this was a parcel the city owned. they put it up for a request for proposal and our group was successful in winning on the basis of doing housing with the preference to veterans. >> reporter: there were 900 applicants for the 24 units, so the occupants will have to be chosen using a lottery system. the number really shows the need for this type of housing in the city. there will a ceremony at
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opening. reporting live anna meiler wbz this morning. coming up on wbz this morning, a new strike threat at harvard. >>hundreds of employees threatening to walk off the job. what they're demanding. and the patriots unveiling a new sneaker for charity. we have all the design details. and the mannequin challenge comes to the white house and this version was a slam dunk. danielle, mannequins. temperatures running in the sunshines, but we'll reach our highs around midday and then drop during the afternoon. it will be windy as well. we'll talk about that and your
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the cleveland cavaliers got a big assist from michelle obama for the mannequin challenge. the first lady posed with lebron james inside the white house yesterday while she celebrated
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president. to do the mannequin challenge, get as many people as you can to freeze in interesting positions while one person pans a video camera around the room. >>okay. >>we had to do it [ laughter ] >>was that good? >>i don't know. >>i held my clicker off. that's great. >>too funny. >>happy friday, everybod >>thank you, brianna. go work on your map. >>happy friday, everybody. >>did we get you there. the wind will be the big story today for veteran's day. it's kind of a changeable day. we'll hit our highs around noon and then fall. the as i understand gusty out there, a live look at -- the wind is gusty out there. thank you to all of our veterans for serving. aside from the wind today is not going to be bad. it's a mild
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in boston right now, mid 40s in worcester. 46 in lawrence, lower 50s over cape cod. it feels a little bit cooler with the wind factored in but the wind isn't that strong just yet. once the sun comes up it'll be shining briefly. the clouds will continue to advance south and east ahead of a cold front that'll bring a blast of wind and colder temperatures. there are showers with it, but a lot of them are going to be drying up as they enter southern stray sprinkle but most of us will be dry today. wind gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour. it's going to be cold tonight. if you've got friday night plans, you'll want to bundle up. the wind stays strong. saturday kind of a tism november day. it will be -- kind of a typical november day. in the upper 40s to low 50s. bright sunshine sunday and milder, back
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60 for the start of next week. early afternoon the wind out of the northwest gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour, temperatures for most of us will be in the mid 50s. clear and chilly tonight, 25 to 30 in the suburbs. 34 downtown and then you factor in the wind on top of that, the wind chill, teens and 20s overnight tonight. highs rebound, 47 in boston for a high tomorrow, sunshine mixed clouds, the wind out of the west-southwest. most of us will be 45 to 50 degrees. sunday nice rebound, though, and less wind. it does make a difference with the sunshining really a nice fall day the second half of the weekend. seahawks coming to town to take on the patriots. we'll drop into the 40s for the 8:30 kick-off. the wind won't be strong. we'll be around overnight violent for the
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week and then the next chance of rain comes on tuesday. and some of that may linger into the middle part of the week with temperatures running in the mid 50s. >>i completely forgot it was a holiday, so that's why traffic is so great. a live look at the expressway, really, really light. your drive time up to the pike check in the rest of the south, so route 3, this, 95, 128, all great this morning. kate. thank you. 700 custodians at harvard say they will go on strike if they don't reach a new contract by tuesday. the service employees international union has been negotiating with harvard since october 7th. yesterday they authorized a strike vote if talks break down. last month cafeteria workers end add three-week strike, the school's first in more than 30
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sufficient o'clock downs for -- suffolk downs, they want an out of state vendor to hold a longer season at the course. the mayor won't be seeking re-election next year making the announcement on his twitter page yesterday. warren is wrapping up his second term as leader of the city. he didn't say what's next, but said "i will always be dedicated to public service and boston's museum of fine saturdays spending $24 million to create a state of the art conservation center including 6 labs to preserve paintings, objects, frames, and furniture. much of it will be visible to the public. the new center will be paid for through the museum's largest ever conservation fund-raising effort. anti-trump americans are lighting their new balance shoes on time of the the company came out in favor of trump -- on
6:19 am
right direction. a spokesperson said the administration turned a deaf ear to them on trade. they want to see more shoes made in the u.s. thousands are flooding the company's facebook page saying they'll never buy the shoes again and lighting their sneakers on fire. patriots and nike teaming up again on a new sneaker for charity. they are black with a silver nike logo. the to logo. it's the 3rd year of the fundraiser. robert craft unveiled them yesterday. >>the ceo of mike happened to be -- nike happened to be speaking at a club here, and i told him how i loved his air force ones and how comfortable they were. he said let's make up a shoe that can be a patriots shoe and an rkk shoe.
6:20 am
boys and girls club in boston. mr. craft hopes the sales will raise a half million dollars and the sneakers cost $150. can i wear them? would i look dumb in them? >>no. >>they're not just for boys. >>especially with the ankle injury you could totally rock from rkk nikes. >>i will. how amazon will reimburse parents whose children made internet purchases without and how getting sick with the flu virus could protect some people. the pats tight end living on a prayer and showing off his
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. a lawsuit means it'll be harder for your kids to buy things on your phone without permission. a judge says amazon has to reimburse customers whose kids made in-app purchases while playing games. they will have to notify affected customers. amazon as well as apple and google now require a password for in-app purchases. >>thank goodness. thank you so much. a recall alert about millions of smoke detectors morning. kiddi yes. nighthawk has pulled many over concerns the battery will not let you know it needs a replacement. for more information visit our website on the health watch this morning when you were born could play a major role on whether you get the flu. researchers say people born before and after 1968 were exposed to different
6:25 am
that exposure better protects them from infections within that group as they got older. exposure at a young age was good for everyone. police officers captured a moose on the run in springfield. according to the facebook post officers were able to immobilize the moose with chemicals then they took it to a more rural area where it was monitored and ultimately released. rob gronkowski the rock star? >>he is the start of a new add and channeling jovi. ?[music]? >>gronk says that is his real voice you're listening to. he says it's kind of average saying he wishes he could sing and make a career out of that.
6:26 am
auto tune and lip syncing. >>and how about if tom brady started to follow his lead? >>they could have a whole patriots rock band. >>a tv channel that i will watch 24 hours a day. >>and if they need some news in the morning, hey. >>we're available. >>lots more on our next half hour including john kerry's trip to ant arc ca john keller -- keller welcomes president-elect donald trump and a warning about the rest of t vile more when wbz
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with hood, cottage cheese can be... ? hey! ? ...pineapple on a waffle... or cucumber and dill as a dip. vors of hood cottage cheese, the possibilities are endless. always good. always hood. breaking news violent protests against donald trump overnight. the president-elect responding to the unrest, who he's blaming. we are also following a delving story where an infant is dead and two adults are rushed to the hospital.
6:30 am
home dedicated in south boston today. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. it is 6:30 right now on friday morning, happy veteran's day i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. november 11th, a lot of things going on for veteran's day today. the question is how about the weather shape up. >>it will cooperate for the most part. the ohm thing is the gusty wind but we're staying dry for the praised. thank you to all of our veterans for your service. 47 degrees in boston right now, 44 in worcester. it is a mild start. the sun is officially you p and it will be shining briefly -- it is officially up and it will shining briefly here. i can't rule out a sprinkle today, but most will stay dry. it's a breezy start to the day, sun officially up i should say in 10 seconds.
6:31 am
the temperatures will be high around midday and then a cold front comes in. the second half of the afternoon and the evening we're really going to cool quickly. so for the ride home, chilly wind, sun sets at 7:55. the wind will gust o 30 to 40 miles per hour today -- gust 30 to 40 miles per hour today. we have one issue, a car fire on 495 hopkinton. it doesn't seem to be causing any back-up right now and hopefully everyone involved is okay. we're check traffic to the north, very light, just a little slow on the connector this morning. we have a disabled car blocking the right lane on 93 great drive times on this veteran's day day, kate. breaking overnight protests against president-elect donald
6:32 am
businesses and starting a dumpster fire. police are calling it a riot. they have arrested 26 people. a new tweet from the president-elect just a short time ago saying love the fact that the protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. >>yesterday president-elect donald trump met with president obama in the oval office. both called the meeting cordial and productive. trump also met with republican with paul ryan and mitch mcconal. >>and president-elect donald trump saying that repealing obama care is one of his top priorities. despite that the federal health exchange website saw its busiest day since open enrollment started. more than 100,000 people signed up for obama care wednesday. congressional republicans are promising to protect people now covered from losing health insurance in the shift to a new system. now that the election is
6:33 am
>>john keller says some are pointing to a familiar face here in massachusetts as the party's next leader. >> reporter: good morning. we know our country will soon have a new leader, but one of the many questions popping up in the wake of this election is who will be the new leader of the democratic party. the two congressional minority leaders, nancy pelosi and which you can chumer will have major platforms, and i suspect you'll sanders too. elizabeth warren is now more than ever one of the party's most prominent voices. it was interesting she chose to skip the usual pleasantries in her first speech since election night and instead threw down a challenge to president-elect donald trump and the dc establishment. warren praised trump from criticizing wall street and big-money corruption in washington, trade deals, and the establishment's failure to deal with soaring college and child care costs.
6:34 am
broad trump political critique matches that of warren and sanders. "the deep worry that people feel over an america that does not work for them is not liberal or conservative worry," she said, but then warren issued a blunt warning to the income president is that if he guts financial industry regulations, tries to deport millions of illegal immigrants, destroys obama care and offers tax breaks that help the rich she will fight i am way." it won't make long for trump to make clear which parts of his campaign rhetoric were serious and which were not. warren has made it clear that any trump honeymoon is likely to be extremely short. your comments are invited by e-mail at or on 2013, keller at large. an infant found unresponsive
6:35 am
the home unconscious. nicole jacob is lives with the investigation. >> reporter: this morning investigators aren't saying much about exactly what happened. we know authorities were at the home well into the night. this after they received a call thursday just before noon, and when they arrived they found three individuals, a woman, a man, and an infant unresponsive. we know that woman was 19 they are at the hospital -- the man is 23 years old. the baby was later pronounced dead. officials aren't commenting on the circumstances surrounding the death of the baby right now. we know both adults are at the hospital, but residents are shocked that something like this could happen. >>i'm a little freaked out. usually this street nothing ever happens ever. everybody goes home, goes to work, same routine
6:36 am
are investigating. we're live in marlboro coral owe, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. the cambridge couple who accused their nanny of killing their little girl has been awarded $4 million. they sued ashley mccarthy for wrongful death after prosecutors dropped murder charges against the nanny. she was deported to ireland. the family's lawyer know she didn't have the money but they want to make sure she doesn't profit from any future movie or book deals. boston police searching for truck. then they took off with the truck. the driver told us he's okay but he didn't want to talk on camera. the men ditched the truck a short ways away. we don't know if any packages were stolen. an elderly woman badly injured in a home invasion that killed her husband has died. joanne fisher and her 95-year-old husband were attacked while watching tv in their home in orange last
6:37 am
in connection with the crime. protesters locking themselves to the main entrance of td bank in boston. it is one of the main lenders of the oil pipeline that has prompted massive protests in north dakota. the tribe is worried that the pipeline could contaminate their drinking water. they urged people to close accounts at td. four people were arrested. secretary of state john kerry has become the highest ranking official to visit antarctica. he is there for a two-day visit that was delayed by bad weather. he is speaking to scientists about the impact of climate change then he'll be in new zealand and then he'll give a major speech in more rocco. people -- morrocco.
6:38 am
had a lay lou i can't. -- you a lay lou i can't. -- halalula. anna meiler is live in south boston with details for us, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. this building is actually an old police station here in south boston that has sat mostly vacant for decades and became an eyesore in the community, but it refurb he should and and he did refurbished. the police station -- refurbished. a second building was added on providing a total of 24 units for veterans, 12 for individuals and 12 for family. 6 are set aside for homeless veterans. this project is meeting a critical need for affordable housing because the percentage of veterans living in south boston is double the city-wide average and rent in this neighborhood is rapidly increasing.
6:39 am
handicap accessible and energy sufficient and they aren't just homes -- energy efficient. they aren't just homes. there'll be on-site staff providing services. >>there is a big needs for affordable housing for vets. it's difficult to develop housing for any use. our group was successful on winning the bid. >> reporter: th applicants for the 24 units, so the occupants will be chosen using a lottery system. the number really shows how critical it is to bring housing like that into the city. there will be a ceremony at 9:00 this morning marking this exciting opening. reporting live from south boston anna meiler wbz this morning. and this morning many restaurants are saying thank you to our nation's veterans today m chains nationwide offering
6:40 am
taco at chip oat low, ret, white, and blue pancakes at ihop. baskin robins is donating a portion of profits today. a bus driver off the job. >>police say he clipped a parked car and then took off from the scene. now they're trying to find out if he was under the influence of prescription scruggs. hundreds of dolp spotted swimming. weather watchers checking in with temperatures in the 40s right now for most of us of the it's kind of a mild start to the day mostly in the 40s. let's check in south of town. 45 degrees says steve in weymouth with sunshine right now. the wind not too strong yet. he says great weather day to honor and thank our veterans. absolutely, steve. happy veteran's day, everybody. we'll take you through our hour-by-hour forecast and talk
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swimming next to them. experts say they are long-beaked dolphins which can swim up to 25 miles per hour. they are having a dolphin party. >>that's cool. >>that's a major party. >>i hope they saw whales too on the whale watch. >>sort of like a flash mob. >>i feel like you get excited when you see one or two. 500,. >>i'd be fine if i didn't see any whales. a look at the american flag this morning start to the wind is going to kick up this afternoon. and a wind advisory is in effect for the cape and the islands from 1:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. the winds may gust up to 25 miles per hour but the outer cape could see sustained winds around 30 miles per hour this afternoon. the rest of us it's going to be a plain, old windy day, a mild start to the day. there's a broken deck of clouds
6:45 am
southern new hampshire. we will get into clouds over the next few hours. they'll build n the showers will tend to dwindle as they come over southern new england. i think it'll be isolated perhaps the berkshire and worcester hills. temperatures reach highs around midday and then fall through the afternoon. if you have friday night plans, it's going to be cold tonight, 20s and 30s but the wind making it feel colder. start to the weekend, a little on the chilly side with highs topping out in the 40s tomorrow. it will add a little bit of a bait to the -- bite to the air. temperatures rebound quite nicely into the mid to upper 50s sunday afternoon. let's take you through. today 56 in boston, 55 bedford, but the highs are reached around midday and then we fall through the afternoon and early evening especially.
6:46 am
today in keene. most of us will be 55 to near 60 from plymouth to the cape. a brief building of clouds and then we clear out this evening. tonight 20s and 30s. the chilly breeze and then that'll stay with us for the saturday of the weekend tomorrow. notice by november standards, not bad. the sun is going to be out and it will mix with a few clouds tomorrow. we rebound by about 10 degrees with a beautiful fall day sunday. mild, around 60 on monday. our next rain chance comes tuesday with an area of low pressure coming from the south. we may get some rain into wednesday and a leftover shower thursday with temperatures in the mid 50s. danielle this is holiday traffic. one last check of the expressway traffic or lack of traffic you could say. barely anyone on the roads right now. your drive time from the split up to the pike 10 minutes.
6:47 am
of the mass. pike it is smooth sailing into downtown. breaking overnight violent protests against president- elect donald trump in oregon, demonstrators in portland vandalizing businesses and starting fires. police are calling this a riot. they arrested 26 people there. and president-elect donald trump says the media is insighting these protests. >>in a tweet last night he called it unfair. but in a new tweet he said love the fact these small groups of protesters last night have a passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. yesterday he met with president obama in the oval office. trump also met with house speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconal. donald trump will give his first post election interview this sunday. watch it sunday
6:48 am
police are investigating after they say an infant was found dead inside a marlboro home. two adults were also found unconscious in the home. the 19-year-old woman and 23-year-old man are in the hospital. an mbta bus driver pulled over in stoneham. officials are investigating whether he was under the influence of prescription scruggs. passengers called 911 after the bus clipped a car and continued driving. this is video of the no one was hurt and the driver will be summons to court accused of leaving the scene of an accident. the driver has worked for the mbta for 12 years. a man is accused of posing as an fbi agent and trying to talk his way into an arlington home. 23-year-old beganon le blanc was carrying a knife, a stun again, rope, duct tape, and zip ties. they say he asked to
6:49 am
lee street. the couple said no and called police. his attorney says he was lost and the items he was carrying were for camping. still to come the bruins honoring veterans. >>a special puck drop during last night's military appreciation night. we've got the highlights
6:50 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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6:52 am
. sergeant pitts dropped the honorary puck. it was also military appreciation night at the garden honoring active service members, veterans and families. after the ceremonies, the bruins faced off against jackets. >>the bruins fell behind 1-0 early but had a flurry of goals in the first period. then the game was tied up at 1. and then after the columbus turnover. the first goal of the year for this guy. bruins score 4 goals in 4 minutes. they go on to win. tom brady and the pats gear up for sunday night's game against the seahawks. the pats
6:53 am
we will preview tonight at 7:00 here on wbz, but be sure to start sunday with patriots game day at 11:30 on wbz. pats and seahawks play on sunday night football and after the game you want it wbz for the 5th quarter fest -- turn to wbz for the 5th quarter post game show. let's check in nora o'donnell, good morning. >> reporter: good morning chris and kate. ahead on cbs this morning what to expect from donald trump's as we learn about people he's considering for top posts'. and my conversation with defense secretary ashe carter on this veteran's day. the news is back in the morning. see you right
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from a tight senate race in new hampshire to a big win for donald trump. >>here's a look back. tuesday, november 8th, election day, voters will start heading to the polls. >>both candidates have been fighting hard for new hampshire. >>go vote. it's your privilege and your civic obligation. >>donald trump is president-elect of the united states. >>we have live coverage. >>he won with a sweep of blue collar rural counties. >>voters saying no to the expansion of charter schools and
6:57 am
massachusetts voters. >>in the new hampshire senate race about 700 votes separated maggie hassan from kelly ayotte. >>patriots getting political. >>the election results crashed the canadian immigration website. they have tim horton's coffee, which is great, catch up chips, which are saw did you mean. >>chris, you guys can hug it >>i wanted her to know how much we love her. >>oh we love you too. >>i wasn't a part of it either, chris. >>that's all right. >>brianna more like fist bumped today. >>it is the weekend, guys. the weekend's here almost. what are we looking at weather-wise. >>the wind is going to kick up today. otherwise, it's pretty good for our veteran's day. temperatures are in the 50s, the temperature will fall through the afternoon. tomorrow chilly, 47, but a nice rebound
6:58 am
weekend with the sun shining and less wind. brianna check the roads real quick. >>there's nothing to check. happy veteran's day out there. >>thanks guys. thanks for watching this morning here on wbz. happy verdicts and thank you to all of our service members out there.
6:59 am
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good morning. it is friday, november 11, 2016. welcome to cbs "this morning." violent protests against president-elect trump escalate country. a demonstration in portland, oregon, turns into a riot. anarchists break windows and police respond with rubber bullets. the president and president-elect meet for the very first time, hopending a peaceful transition. and what the administration should know about fighting isis. and a fighting "hallejuah"


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