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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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patriots don't necessarily know. >>we could be looking at some future pats right there. >>definitely. go get autographs now. top stories and weather are all straight ahead. right now it's 5:00. president-elect donald trump's first interview since the election, plus his first two hires. a bicyclist killed in taunton. the arrests and the charges two young people face today. and a super bowl rematch between the seahawks and patriots goes down to the again. we've got the highlights and reaction next. live from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz news this morning. good morning to you. 5:00 right now. thanks for joining us. i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. it's monday november 14th. the supermoon still up in the sky. it was beautiful overnight and it's still going to be beautiful this morning. >>for the next hour and 15 independents or -- minutes or so. if you're up early you'll
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right now skies are beautiful. 44 in worcester. we are in the 20s from keene down to springfield. 31 in manchester right now. satellite and radar quiet. we are in for sunshine today. there will be some increase in clouds but not until your ride home. so a sunny and cool start. sunrise at 6:34. mild breeze, 60 by lunchtime. outdoor lunch sounds good me. southwest wind at 7 to 14 miles per hour. weaver going to top out in the low to mid 60s this afternoon. mid 50s with a sunset at 4:23. rain for tomorrow. let's get you on the road. >>we just have some light traffic on the northbound lanes of the expressway here. your drive time from braintree up to the pike is just 10 minutes. south of the city looks good all around. route 3 completely
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slow-downs on 95 or 24 north up to 128. thank you, brianna. breaking overnight crews battle a fire on a hospital property. we will continue to monitor this and bring you updates throughout the morning. >>don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back, but certainly don't be afraid. donald trump trying to reassure the country in his first television interview after being elected president. the minutes. >>he's laying out plans for what his presidency will look like. henna daniels has more. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump's first appointments to his administration are drawing reaction from both sides of the aisle. late yesterday republicans lindsey graham and house majority steve scalise both applauded ryan's previous
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enthusiastic about the chief strategist and senior counselor. a spokesman said that white supremacists will be represented at the highest level in the white house. paul ryan spoke about the appointment. >>i don't know steve banard, is i have no concerns. i trust donald's judgment. >> reporter: trump's appointments came amid his first post election in he stood firm on his vow to point steve justices that could overturn rowe versus wade. >> reporter: some women won't be able get an abortion. >>no it'll go back to the state. perhaps they'll have to go to another state. >> reporter: he appeared to soften on his campaign pledge to bald wall. would you accept a
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appropriate. >> reporter: and to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton's e-mails. >>i'll have to think about it. >> reporter: inauguration day is just 60 days away. henna daniels, cbs news. >>there were more anti-trump protests including two here in massachusetts. dozens gathered at the park yesterday. there were no problems reported. ot springfield. more than 1,000 people marched through the streets there yesterday. stay with wbz and wbz this morning for the latest on the transition of power to president-elect donald trump. police are investigating a possible hate crime. what they say a resident found on his doorstep. wbz's nicole jacobs is live with the details for us. >> reporter: chris, they're taking the situation very seriously, first of all.
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reported to police that he received a handwritten letter thursday on his doorstep and then another one on friday evening. this time, it was typed. both letters were laced with profanity and racial slurs. police are releasing a statement reading in part this kind of behavior is not indicative of the values of the town of nadic and will not be tolerated in our community. this is investigation. due to the nature of the content of the letters this is being possible as a -- investigated as a possible hate crime. we're live in nadic, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. two people due in court this morning charged with a hit-and-run and called bicyclist. anna meiler is live in taunton with details. >> reporter: police say a bicyclist died over the weekend
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with critical head injuries. last night police announced the arrest of two people in connection with the crash. last thursday police say they found 36-year-old michael alfana laying in the road. they bound bicycle tire but his bike and the car that hit him were gone. investigators say the bike was dragged by the car down sh locked about a mile and a half away. the bicycle was in the woods nearby. police say a 19-year-old man has been charged for leaving the scene and misleading police. a second person was also arrested and charged for being an accessory after the fact. both will be arraigned here at taunton district court later this morning. live in taunton, anna meiler wbz this morning.
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murder in easton, massachusetts, 47-year-old michael nagara of florida is due in south carolina court today facing charges. he's also facing charges in massachusetts including accessory to murder after the fact, armed robbery and larsen. last tuesday two boys found 35-year-old daniel smith shot in the woods off of pond street. he died at the hospital later. both easton and state police are still looking for a red 2016 mazda in connection with this license plate number 372-qqk. we are hearing from the father whose baby died in a marlboro home. the father tells the globe he remembers taking a substance with his girlfriend before blacking out. police were called to the home on thursday where they found both adults unconscious. the baby was uni have no and later died at the hospital. albert tells
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baby murder. police and prosecutors have said little about the case. armed and dangerous on the on the run in brock ton. police are searching for two men who held up a gas station there. we're hearing from the clerk who thought they were going to kill her. brianna back with details. >> reporter: the woman tells us the gas station was robbed twice this past week and it wasn't caught on camera because the first time the robbers cut the wires to the chris mi pauloez was working when she says the men rushed in with a gun and knife and told her to get on the floor. she gave them all of the money she had, but apparently it wasn't enough. >>they kept saying"where's the money?." i wasn't saying anything. we don't have any more money. and then they saw my pocketbook and told me go on the floor, so i went on the
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and they left. i thought they were going to shoot me or stab me. >> reporter: the two men got away with about $300 in cash. anyone with information is asked to contact brock ton police. kate. >>brianna, thank you. a super bowl rematch between the patriots and seahawks once again comes down to the final play, but this time the patriots were on the losing end. >>bill belichick not hay the game. steve burton has more. >> reporter: what a game, 7 league changes, and a non-call on a 4th down that ended the game with the patriots coming up short. bill belichick said the entire team has to do a better job, and it starts with him. >>there was a multitude of plays that had they been a little bit different it would have helped us in the overall result.
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better time coaching them. we need better execution. we need to do a better job. there was just 100 plays we could talk about so ... part of that is my responsibility. it's the player's responsibility, all of us. we've got to do a better job. >>the pats will regroup and head west. they get the 49ers sunday. game day starts off at 11:30. the 5th quarter post game show will be on my tv 38. that is the story here. not a happy ending for the patriots. 31-24 they lose but they will regroup, and let's hope they bounce back next week. steve burton wbz sports. coming up new talks about bringing a commercial helipad
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and when the public can weigh in. plus residents deciding if the city should build a new high school. the price tag attached that would make it the most expensive school in the state. dam, good morning. morning, chris. bright sunshine today of the it is going to be absolutely gorgeous. kids want to be bundled up at the bus stop. with the sun we come into the 60s this afternoon. i am trabbing changes tomorrow. rain moving in. -- i am tracking changes tomo. i'll let you know when when we come
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, . a rare sight in the sky overnight. take a look at that supermoon. this is a live picture. nasa called this an extra supermoon because it's the closest a full moon has been to earth in the 21st century. the moon won't be this close again until 2034, another 18 years. >>i told my kids the supermoon hadn't been around since the day my mother was born. they were trying to figure out how old they were going to be when it comes back. it was cute. >>it was quite a sight. it was perfect viewing last night. >>it kind of looked like something in star wars when it was coming up, yeah. >>if you didn't catch it last night we have that live shot. it's going to set in about an hour or so.
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beautiful today. the sun is going to be out, a little warmer than yesterday. outdoor lunch i think for a lot of us. low to mid 60s for highs today. current temperatures depend on where we are. we've got 20s, 30s, 40s on the map. a lot of it has to do with the wind this morning. where the wind is calm we're in the 20s, keene to springfield to north adams 21 this morning. 31 in manchester and low 40s in the city of boston. we're 40 in lawrence and then south of to you. taunton is sitting at 31 degrees right now. skies are clear, and we are in for bright sunshine when the sun comes up this morning. the moon sets, the sun comes up and you want to have the shades with you. we enjoy sunshine today and then we turn our attention to the south. see the rain from north carolina stretching off the coastline. this is a developing area of low pressure moving northward over the next 24 hours and it will bring us a period of rain tuesday. today
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increase in some wispy clouds during the evening today and then tonight the clouds will thicken. tomorrow we start with cloudy skies but a lot of the rain will be to the south. it's during the late morning to afternoon the rain fills in and it rains at a pretty good clip. there'll be a steady rain tomorrow afternoon and then the rain will wrap up during the evening hours wednesday featuring a lot of clouds, but notice aside from a sprinkle or twrl mainly dry. there may be some breaks of sun inland late in the day. how much rainfalls for most of us? it's either side of a half an inch, maybe a little bit less in the cape, so not a soaking rain, but we'll be above average for the day tomorrow any little bit helps with the drought. no rain today and enjoy the warmth. 60 to 65 for most of us. above 10 degrees
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the year. mainly cloudy tonight, 44 downtown. we'll dip into the mid 30s in the coolest suburbs and then tomorrow will be cooler. highs in the 50s. the onshore wind with the supermoon highest tides of the year, so at the coastline tomorrow afternoon and again on wednesday expect areas of minor coastal flooding with these highest tides of the year. there may somebody borderline moderate flooding tomorrow around mid day. a brighter end of the week. we this weekend with a few showers possible by sunday. danielle, eastbound lanes looking good. we are also check the commute to the north and it is an easy ride to the city on 93 from top to bottom. you won't have any problems. the public can weigh in on plans to bring a commercial helipad to boston. city and state leaders
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helipad in an effort to lure general electric to relocate its headquarters here from connecticut. the city's last two public helipads should down in 1999. plans to construct a new one in 2008 were scrapped due to strong local opposition. kate. brianna thank you. a big vote today on whether to build a new high school or renovate the current one. it could be the most expensive school ever in the state. according to the globe the proposed cost least $283 million. three options are under consideration: build a new high school on the current site, build a new high school at a new location or renovate one wing of the existing high school. 5:18 right now. lawrence is looking for ways to fight the growing housing crisis. according to the globe lawrence city officials are interested in
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communities. the cost to be as low as $600 a month. there is a push for 100% renewable energies. support supporters say we need to wean housers off of non-renewable energy. a youth theater group based in boston is about to get a honor. they are the nation's longest running lgbt youth drama group. they will be presented with a national arts and humanities youth program award, considered the country's highest honor for creative arts. the count down is on. we are less than a week away from the faneuil hall holiday spectacular. look at that beautiful 85-foot spruce. the tree and faneuil hall holiday spectacular will be transformed
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more than 350,000 lights. blue man group and the boston ballet will be among the many guests joining us as we flip the switch to turn on the lights. we want to invite you to join us for the faneuil hall holiday spectacular this saturday night. you can see it right here on wbz starting at 8:00. >>when you light up your holiday tree in your house i want you to put it on facebook live. in it's sort of the same thing. >>maybe not lights. >>right. still ahead, the pats fall short in prime time. >>a closer look at what went wrong plus reaction from the team. dan roche has it all coming up. a gayer gem hitting the auction block. how much this blue diamond is expected to testimony.
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. the pats taking on the seahawks in a super bowl rematch. >>tom brady giving his comments after the game. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. we thought last night's game was going to be a tough test for the patriots against the seahawks, and it was. it came down to the final plays, 1 yard, patriots fall short and lose for just the second time this season.
5:24 am
quarter. seahawks with a 25-24 lead, but tom brady finds eddleman over the middle but he coughs up the football. that set up a seahawks touchdown. pats down 7 now and driving, but looking at 2nd and 14 with under 90 seconds to play when brady hits gronk. what a catch. 1st and goal at the 2. 3rd down from inside the 1, brady with a sneak approximate, but he takes off before the snap, never ha and sets up a 4th down. we go to one final chance and they run a fade to gronk. no flag on the play, no catch, no win. patriots and seahawks in a classic, this time it goes to seattle. 31-24 the final. >>certainly it looks like it came down to one play, but it probably was a lot of plays we could have done a better job of. they're a good team. we knew that going on, and we had to
5:25 am
played. just too careless with the ball. they weren't. turnovers were a big factor. we had our chances. we just didn't make enough plays. >>tom brady is also. he also said his knee was pretty sore. you don't like to hear that. we'll see if they rebound next week. greg cain came down to the final play. seattle comes out with a victory and the patriots fall to 7-2. for cbs i'm dan needham's alley rason will stop by the dana far be cancer center honoring her -- farb cancer center honoring her grandmother. a 5th grade football team has done it again. >>yesterday this team won again.
5:26 am
they're 11 and 0 and have shut out every team they've played. the 7th grade team also won yesterday and are heading to the finals next weekend. >>when you won't allow a point it's depressing if somebody scores and breaks the streak. it's a lot of pressure. still to come in our next half hour. more on donald trump's exclusive interview with 6090s when he says about the recent unrest over his win and his only in -- and his message to protesters. plus melania trump and what she says about her hughes questionable tweets. what do you think about this hour-by-hour forecast. the sun will be shining today. it's a cool district court this morning but we come into the 50s by late morning, 60s by early afternoon. some changes tomorrow. rain will be moving in. we'll talk about the
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. breaking news overnight
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building on a hospital property. president-elect donald trump sitting down for his first tv interview since the election. what he's saying about protests across the country. and a bicyclist killed in a hit-and-run crash and this morning two people are facing charges. we have the latest on the investigation. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. welcome back, everybody. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. thanks for being here on this pretty nice forecast out there. >>yesterday it was beautiful. more of the same no it looks gorgeous. the sun -- >>it looks gorgeous. we're climbing into the 60s this morning. it is all about the wind or the lack there have. where we've gone calm that's where we've cooled into the 20s. norwood, 20 degrees right now, 31 in taunton. we are 42 in boston and 50 in province town. it depends on where were you.
5:31 am
skies are clear. you'll be able to see the supermoon for the next 45 minutes until it sets officially at 6:17 this morning and then the sun comes up. sunrise at 6:34. temperatures in the upper 30s we'll call it on average. kids want to be bundled and they'll be able to get rid of that layer this afternoon. a mild breeze with sunshine and a few clouds, around 60 degrees. outdoor lunch good to go this afternoon. clouds increase tomorrow. rain on the way for tomorrow. we'll talk about the timeline coming up. how's it looking out there brianna. we have a live look at traffic into the tunnel. and we're off to a slow start this morning. you're in great shape on the expressway, and it's just 10 minutes from -- minutes from the split up to the pike. it's still really, really light. usually at this time we see some solid red. we're in good shape. we don't have any slow-donees on
5:32 am
brianna, thank you. breaking overnight crews battling a fire in belmont. you can see the intense flames there. we are following this story. we have a crew on scene and we'll bring you updates throughout the morning. anti-trump protests continue nationwide including here in massachusetts, and in summerville dozens gathered at a park. police were there but no problems were rt springfield. more than 1,000 people marched through the streets. president-elect donald trump addressing the protests when he sat down with 60 minutes for his first television interview since the election. trump says the demonstrators do not need to be worried. >>don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back, but certainly don't be afraid. we just had an election, and it's sort of like you have to be given a little time people are protesting. if hillary had won
5:33 am
protested, everybody would say it's a terrible thing and it would have been a much different attitude. >>trump also said when he's sworn in he will conduct himself as a "very good manner." we're also hearing from the future first lady. she'll take up the issue of cyber bullying. she also says she talks to her husband about his tweets. >> reporter: does he listen to you? >>sometimes he listens. >>i'm not a big tweeter. but they hi get a point across. >> reporter: if he does something that you think crossed a line, will you tell him? >>yes i tell him all the time. >> reporter: all the time? >>all the time. >> reporter: and does he listen? >>i think he hears me, but he will do what he wants to do on the end. he's an adult. he knows the con conferences, and i give him my opinion and he could do whatever he likes with it. stay with wbz and wbz this morning for the latest
5:34 am
of power to president-elect donald trump. massachusetts democrats are looking to pick a new leader for their party. the committee is scheduled to meet today to pick a new chairman. jockeying for political position is political consultant gus bickford who was at one time the executive director. steven kerrigan and teacher tompkins. developing this morning in natick. ce a resident received two threatening letters on his doorstep, one thursday and one friday. both contained racial slurs. the police chief says the behavior doesn't reflect natick's values and won't be tolerated. anyone with information is asked to call police. police searching for a gunman in a deadly shooting where one was killed and a second injured when someone
5:35 am
night. both victims are men in their 20s. a massachusetts man who died while hiking in new hampshire suffered an unknown medical condition. 59-year-old james norton collapsed on the trail. members of the hiking group started cpr and called 911 and a national guard helicopter was called in to rescue him. despite their efforts, he did not survive. 24,000 criminal cases involving drugs in the state of massachusetts could be dismissed. massachusetts and public defenders are asking the highest court in the state to throw out cases where a former state chemist tampered with evidence and falsified drugs in cases. prosecutors say they should be reviewed first. the supreme court is expected to hear the arguments wednesday. 5:35 right now. new this morning a warning to keep a close eye on your kids and pets. officials are seeing an increase in calls about sick wildlife. police in hudson, new hampshire, say foxes have been found
5:36 am
them however. officials say if you see an animal stumbling around or lethargic, do not go near it, instead call police or animal control. the group opposing the expansion of boston's children's hospital is opposing the decision to improve the project. they say the construction sun necessary. the project calls for an 11-story building to be built. the massachus health council approved the expansion last month. still ahead this morning the market's opening after a record week on wall street. plus facebook sending out death notifications for living users. what the company is saying about the glitch. and a bicyclist knit taunton dies over the weekend. -- hit in taunton dies over the weekend. more on the charges the two people charged coming up. temperatures climbing into the 60s this afternoon.
5:37 am
i'll have the timeline for rain
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5:39 am
. 5:39 right now. toyota will pay up to $3.4 billion to settle a class-action lawsuit. truck and suv owners said their vehicles lacked adequate rust protection. the settlement covers more than a million vehicles. a glitch on facebook, plus some good news tore att newsers. and jill wagner is live with today's money watch.
5:40 am
and kate. the donald trump rally continues on wall street. investors are betting trump and the republican congress will cut corporate taxes and ease regulations in the financial industry. the dow opens after its best week in five years friday. watching video on your phone won't gobble up as -- up as much data. the videos also won't look as good. by default the band width when available. users will be able to disable the function. and a technical glitch on facebook added death notices on top of some users pages friday that includes mark zuckerberg. the notices were only up for a short time before the problem was fixed. facebook apologized and says it was "a terrible error." this is a big mistake, chris and kate. >>that is a very big mistake, jill. just for the record, i'm
5:41 am
notifications i'm alive. thank you very much, jill. >> reporter: could you imagine randomly going it a friend's page who you hadn't spoken to in a while and seeing a death notice on it? >>no all right, jill, it's getting loud there. >> reporter: that was adjust test, not the opening bell. >>i was going to say 5:41 the market's opening early today. >>a little early on the bell. >>i'm glad you're okay and still alive. >>yes just in case it pops up on there. coming up the latest on the trump university and why the president-elect's lawyers are asking for a delay of the case. also threatening letters left tehran doorstep in natick -- at a resident's doorstep in natick. what police are saying about it coming up ? we counted on our fingers and toes ? ? now you're here to stay ?
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take a look at this. it's going up for auction in switzerland this week. blue diamonds are hard to designed this stone is one of the large -- hard to find. this stone is one of the largest ever found. if you get that, how do you top that gift ever with anything else? >>you don't. >>you don't. >>and how do you insure it? >>i guess if you get ring, danielle, you can never ask for
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because it's the most and he is i have greatest gift ever. >>unless they come along with a nicer more and he is i have blue diamond or something. it's not even that pretty. >>i don't even like it. >>i don't like it at all. how about the supermoon? i love this shot. thanks to our weather watcher stephen connolly for sending this shot from last evening. love the timing there. it was just beautiful, clear skies for viewing, and if you're up right now you can still see the supermoon for the next half hour before it sets. the supermoon also corresponds to some really high tide. 42 in boston right now, but 27 in nashua. it really depends on where you are right now. we are 27 in concord, new hampshire, but 49 in fits burg. what's -- fitsburg. what's the deal. we've dropped off into the 20s in some areas.
5:46 am
norwood. 20 degrees compared to 42 in boston. 46 in marshville but plymouth the wind is lighter, and we've gone to 30. 50 in province town. clear skies over us right now. have the shades with you today. bright sunshine in the forecast. tomorrow brings some rain over the carolinass right now. the area of low pressure is moving northward over the next 24 hours and bringing us a threat for wet weather tomorrow. if you like the sun, if conditions today and the mild temperatures, get outside and enjoy t upper 50s from keene to jeffrey. -- jaffrey. lower 60s in fitsburg. beautiful, around 60 on the cape with a light southwest breeze. let's time thing out for tomorrow the commute should be mainly dry in the morning. by the tail end of the morning the south coast back to cape cod will get some
5:47 am
the coverage of the rain will ramp up by midday tomorrow. areas of rain will fill in. it's going to rain hard tomorrow afternoon. evening commute still features areas of rain and some downpours that will taper off between 8:00 and 10378 tomorrow -- p.m. tomorrow. it will be a little bit damp when you wake up wednesday more than in spots. most of us will end with around a ha i the coastal concerns, the king tides, highest tides of the year, minor flooding tomorrow and wednesday with those high tide and the onshore wind minor pockets. there may be a few bored line pockets of moderate pockets. the weekend turning cooler. north of the city we have some slow-downs on 93 south we have a little traffic but
5:48 am
clear. south of the city traffic is building at the split and on the expressway. you can see it's picking up here. it's now 20 minutes from braintree to the pike and there's also some traffic reported on 24 north in brock ton. kate. brianna, thank you. we have an update on breaking news out of belmont we've been telling you about all morning. fire sparked in a vacant building around 2:40 this morning. the chief telling us police patrolling nearby spd here's a live look at the scene. the chief says the fire is mostly contained at this point but crews will be there a while. he also says overgrown brush has made it difficult fort crews to reach the fire. no reports of injuries. a possible hate crime in natick plus two suspects heading to court today for a deadly hit-and-run. and donald trump sits down with 60 minutes. president-elect donald
5:49 am
the election addressing the recent unrest across the nation saying people don't need to be afraid. and when asked if he'll tone down his rhetoric, he said this ... >>i'll conduct myself in a very good manner, but it depends on what the situation is. sometimes you have to be rougher. when i look at the world and you look at how various places are taking advantage of our country -- and i say it going to be america first. >>trump also spoke about his meeting with president obama last week saying the two discussed a variety of issues from isis to healthcare. meanwhile his attorneys have filed a motion to delay a fraud lawsuit over trump university. they want to postpone the suit until after the inauguration to allow him to focus on the transition. the lawsuit alleges trump university failed on its promise to teach success in real estate. it's scheduled to begin later this month.
5:50 am
videotaped deposition. i'm nicole jacobs live in natick where police are investigating two threatening letters sent to a resident who lives here in town. the man reported a letter he received on thursday morning that was handwritten right on his doorstep and then another one on friday evening. that one was typed, we're told. police releasing a statement this morning saying this kind of behavior is not in natick and will not be tolerated in our community. this investigation is ongoing, and police are looking at it as a possible hate crime. anyone with information is urged to contact police. we're live in natick, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> reporter: i'm anna meiler live at taunton district court where two people will be arraigned this morning in connection with a crash that killed a bicyclist. police
5:51 am
alfano laying in the road with head injuries. they found bicycle tire but his bike and the car that hit him were gone. investigators say the bike was dragged underneath the car on washington street. the bike was found in the woods nearby. the bicyclist died over the weekend. a 19-year-old woman and 26-year-old man from taunton are now under arrest and facing charges. they will be arraigned here in taunt district court this morning. live morning. police searching for two masked men who held up a gas station in brock ton. the clerk says the gas station was robbed this past week. the second incident wasn't caught on camera because the robbers cut the wires to the security camera during the first robbie. she says the men rushed in with a gun and knife and emptied out the register and took her purse. the two men only got away with about $300 in cash. anyone with information is asked to call brock ton police.
5:52 am
seahawks in a super bowl 49 rematch. but this one did not go the same way as last time. it game down to the 4th and goal play on the 1 yard line for the patriots. they tried to tie it up but couldn't. the pats lose, the final 31-24. they travel to san francisco to take on the 49ers next. a growing trend in discipline for kids. a new study suggests more parents are using time-outs to pun kids. doctors found the rate of physical punishment has fallen since the late 1980s. could skills in kindergarten predict a child's success later in life? researchers have found a link between a child's social skills in kindergarten and how well they did in adulthood. they were more likely to have graduated college and have found a job by the age of 25 if they
5:53 am
dr. strange continues to dominate at the box office. they took the top spot this weekend with 43 million in sales. the film that took second last week remain understand second place, trolls with 35 million. and arrival, the sky fi flick -- sci-fi flick did better than expected with $24 million. and robert red ford is thinking about his final curtain call. he says he hopes to retire from acting after his next two films. he says he still wants to direct. he won an oscar in 1980 for directing ordinary people and founded the sun dance film festival of that. that -- after that. that makes me sad. >>he's had a great year. i guess when you're done you're done. still to come a family reunion unlike any you've seen before. >>what happened when some four legged siblings got together
5:54 am
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5:56 am
. a birthday party going to the dogs in salem. >>12 four legged brothers and sisters celebrated their one-year birthday at the northeast animal shelter. their mother, rags, was rescued from a high-kill shelter in alabama. she was at the shelter in salem for less than two weeks before she was adopted. what no one
5:57 am
number of pups who all survived. they were all adopted by local families and they got together this weekend for a family reunion with their mom. i love that. you always wonder, because my dog had a little brother, and we never saw the little brother again after we adopted him, and so this is such a great idea. >>i wonder if the runt's, like, look at me you no, i'm fully grown. can't bully me anymore. keep right here to wbz weather, traffic is all straight
5:58 am
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? salem,. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. it is monday november 14th. raging flames tear through a hospital property of an abandoned building. president-elect donald trump making his first two hires. we have reaction plus an extended look at his interview with 60 minutes. plus a super bowl rematch, the sunday-night show down between the pats and seahawks just like last anytime came down to the final play. some nice weather, 60s for some of us. >>we love it, danielle. keep it coming. >>it is going to be beautiful. we have some changes on the way


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