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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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live, from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning, thanks for joining us, i am kate kate. >> and i am chris. the patrioda about the boston marathon bombing is getting a big response at a film festival last night. and the search for a serial bank robber in massachusetts, why the f.b.i. is calling him the spelling bee bandit. plus, a sneak peak, the lobster challenge for everyone living in massachusetts today. but first, we get a check of the forecast with danielle niles. yes, we are up around 60 degrees this afternoon, chris
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43 in boston right now. a lot of 30s out there, the usually cooler spots. 29 in keen. but we are 45 to 50 on the cape, because of some low level clouds helping to keep the temperature up. the clouds will be stubborn, but they will try to erode heading through the afternoon. clear skies and sunshine for the rest of us. the international space station, by the way, flying by right now, so if you are up, heading ou and see it. 56 by lunch time, sunny and mild. the wind will gust 20 to 30 miles per hour on the cape. much quieter for the rest of us. clear and quiet for the ride home. sunset at 4:19 p.m. and temperatures in the low 50s. changers for the weekend, more- -changes for the week. and now let's get you on the roads. brianna. well, it is pickerring up, dan--picking up, danielle. this dented is at route 30-
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and it is right up to columbia road, per usual, the drive time went up another 10 minutes. chris. all right, thank you very much, brianna. a stand off in norton, police and swat fill a neighborhood when a man barricades himself inside of a home and fires at police officers. >> and this morning he is facing charges. ann >> reporter: yes, they were able to get the man out of the house and into police custody. this all started around 9:30 p.m. last night when a woman called 911 to say she was having an argument with a man inside of the house, and said that he had a bunch the officers say that man is 43--he had a gun. the officers say that he was heath mullet. he barricaded himself inside with a weapon.
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police at one point mullet said he had more than 500 rounds of ammo. officials tell us that he started to shoot at officers from inside of the home, no one was all right, but a bullet- -was hurt, but a bullet did hit a police cruiser and they did not fire back. and then multi-gave up, he was taken to a hospital and now he is facing a long list of charges, including assault with inte wbz this morning. and new overnight, one firefighter is hurt battling a fire, flames broke out at the building on chandler street around 10:00 p.m. last night. the road was shut down for several hours, the injured firefighter was treated and released. no other injuries were reported. the cause is under investigation. a deadly disagreement if a boston neighborhood. the police say an argument inside of a home escalate lathed. a man was found deadly the
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taken in for questions. families who live near by are fed up with the violence. >> i don't know why people are like deciding to kill instead of talking and resolving in other ways. people are losing their family members an it is pointless. >> the suspect and the victim were in their late 20s and early 0s. dent--early 30s. we don't know their names. a cape cod teenager is and nicole has more. >> reporter: kate, word of this alleged attack sent shock waves through the community. the police have arrested the person they believe is responsible. a walk to the bus stop last week turned dangerous for a 14- year-old girl when she was allegedly attacked. >> brought her down to the ground. >> reporter: one week later, bourne police have is made an arrest. charging john allen, and 18-
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with strangulation and attempted kidnapping. >> there was information that made it sound like she was trying to be pulled from the scene. >> reporter: it was not until a witness yelled the victim eats name that police say that allen ran to a vehicle and left the scene. police are not seeing much about a possible motive, but people are concerned. >> this neighborhood never had problems and you know, today, it is sad, but never know. >> reporter: allen is expected to be arraigned here in court today. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. the f.b.i. is searching for this serial bank robber you can see right there, dubbed the spelling bee bandit. he has robbed four massachusetts banks in the last two weeks, the latest last sunday. but each time he writes the word robbery on a note and passes it to a teller, but he
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are offering a $1000 for information leading to his arrest. and now three boston ager are charged with a hate crime. the 15-year-old girls harassed and assaulted a woman. the woman says that the girls made fun of her and then punched her. the teenagers have been released into their parents custody. they are ordered to stay away from one anothe victims. and now donald trump is considering mitt romney for secretary of state. they are going meet tomorrow, romney was very critical of donald trump during the election. and mr. donald trump has asked michael flinn of rhode island to become his national security advisor. hena daniels has the latest. >> reporter: general michael flinn could be involved in every defense and foreign
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trump makes. the idea is already not sitting well with house intelligence committee members. in a statement last night, the democrats bashed flinn because of his re-harks about islam- -reparks about--remarks about islam. >> coddling and empty for defeating the murders. >> reporter: the team says that mr. trump is absolutely open to selecting former rivals for top rolls. among them, texas senator, senator ted cruz, and mitt romney. >> donald trump is a fraud. >> reporter: mr. trump is going feet with romney in new jersey tomorrow. hanahan--to meet with romney in new jersey tomorrow.
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his meetings from new york to new jersey. the building has been surrounded by barriers with secret service agents all around. businesses in the area have complained that it is keeping shoppers away at a time when many stores do a lot of business. a strange reaction to patriot's day, the movie about the boston maraon wahlberg. after the showing, mark wahlberg was joined on stage by wbz security analyst, ed davis. also on stage, the man carjacked by the bombers who helped to lead the police to the brothers. it is produced by our sister company, cbs films. and former massachusetts house speaker is now getting out of prison earlier.
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he served five years of his eight year sentence on charmings. he has battled cancer and getting out early on a compassionate release. and his health is said to be fragile. >> so at least being at home and seeing a specialist, we will be able to give him a diet that is more filled with, know, nutrients and protein. >> he will be released on tuesday, confined to their apartment and will be allowed out only for medical appointments and to go to church. coming up, a field of problems. >> the plans to tremendous name a high school--to rename a high school athletic field. >> also ahead this morning, the new talks of a merger between two local hospitals. >> and lobster, it is what is for dinner. why governor charlie baker wants you chow down.
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lobster roll. weather wise today, beautiful, temperatures are up around 60 this afternoon. outdoor recess is a go for the kids. chilly the morning, some 30s on the map. but near 60-degrees by the end of school today. and these are the kids at the parker elementary school. and this was their parker pledge that they did for eric. have a great day and an awesome weekend, guys.
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good news, everyone, governor charlie baker has declared day and he is encouraging everyone to celebrate. they are saying that the lobster industry is huge for the state's economy. all of the lobsters are like i disagree, that is not how we need celebrate. >> oh, lobster all over the place. >> yes, please. >> yes, you read my mind,
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are up around 60-degrees. and i would say we are doing pretty well. a great sunrise this morning, it is beautiful, clear skies over host of us. the--over most of us. so grab the shareds, maybe a lit--the saids, maybe a little- -the shades, maybe a little bit of a glare this morning. and now areas of extreme drought, expanded across the western part of the state, back west of wooster county and also areas of severe drought expa nine inch or nearly ten inches for a deficit in boston, this is for this year alone. obviously the drought has been going on for several years. so we need the rain, a lot of it. none in the forecast the next couple of days. 43 in boston right now. if the upper 30s in wooster and some areas are in the 0s too. and not a cloud in the sky, except for the cape and the islands, that is where we run into a bank of low level clouds
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stubborn today, i think some of them will try to dissipate and erode a little bit. it is snowing, snowing add attilaer a good clip, too, in parts of minnesota, down through south dakota, down through nebraska, this is pretty much the first significant snowstorm of the season. it is a battle of cold air and warmth coming. we are getting into the colder air in the second half of the weekend. highs today, another above averagy. november. 58 in boston. tonight, mainly clear, maybe just a couple of clouds, particularly in the southeast part of the state. 34 to 39 in the suburbs. 34 downtown. and now going through the hourer by hour this weekend, tomorrow is looking great. notice, sunshine, again, the only exception, southeast part of the the state. and late in the day, 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., clouds are filling in, come in from the ocean, so we turn overcast and then we
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areas of rain fill if, mid to late morn--fill in, mid to late morning and they are here until about midday early afternoon. still a couple of showers around late in the day. but the closer you get to the coastline, we are mainly dry for the rest of the afternoon. so it is not a soaking rain the entire day. oh, what is showing up on the map, enough cold air that we get the rain to change over to snow for parts of western new england and connecticut. and in wooster county, this is by sunday night, as the cold is whipping up and maybe a few inches of accumulation with elevation. so high temperatures for the weekend, inspect 50s tomorrow- -in the 50s tomorrow. for most of us, that is still above arrange and then we are getting--average, and then we are getting colder. so sunday, mid to upper 40s and it is gusty as the wind is kicking up late in the day. and we are in the 40s on monday, tuesday, and in fact, most of thanksgiving week.
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giving day, it looks like it would be rain now, but maybe enough cold air that it could be mixed with mixed with snow in the north. and i mean, this is a million dollar yes what is the winter going to be like? we will reveal our winter weather forecast tonight on the wbz news at 11:00 p.m. do you like the snow, brianna? >> oh, i like snow, kind of. so a certain extent. okay, he the mass pike in brighton, no issues here, birther back there are some problems. there is an accident after exit 13 at route 30 and there are some delays starting here, it is starting to slow you down making your way into boston. so it is 40 minutes to get from 495 to logan. and this debit is blocking the left lane on 24 north, before
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bought tickets to the canceled boston grand prix race have gotten their money back and more payments are coming. there is a hot line for customers who bought their tickets but have not gotten their money back yet. chris. all right, brianna, thank you very much. tomorrow a city so s going to name the field at quincy north high after a family. but some people upset because one family member was accused of molestation while serving as school superintendent in the 70s and 80ss. -has since passed away--he has since passed away. >> i don't have any regrets, i think there are always some folks that do not agree. and i respect that. >> the naming of a field that is part and parcel of a high school here in quincy is just not right. it is just not right.
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members of his family have given. >> and mayor is not backing down. the new hampshire police are trying to tine out who vandalized a buddy bench at a local school. it was donated by a girl scout troop last week. it is meant to be a place where students who have no one to play with with k sit and find so the troop set up a gofundme page to replace it. and now they have now raised more than $3000. four cases of mumps have been confirmed at harvard. the director of servicings says they are working to see if they are connected to an outbreak last spring. and groups are in talks to merge again.
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the are talking. there have been talkings between the two hospitals in the past. but each time they fell apart. it would have to be approved by the state. a young girl is saying thanks to police officers. >> also, hue wrong number is lead--how a wrong number is leading to an extra american at the thanksgiving table. >> and now pajamas that you can wear to the office. sign us up.
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all right, this is a great story a wrong number is wringing an arizona teenager to
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in--got a message inviting him to dinner. he didn't know the number and he asked her to send her picture, and she did. and that is when he realized she had the wrong guy. >> i just said sure, grandma's feed everybody. >> i love it. >> and they met in person yesterday. both are excited about next week's meal. and the woman has exchange and her phone number was posted online. she has since changed her number. >> yes, everyone wants to come to din we are grandma--to dinner with grandma. >> it is a great story. >> you may get the grandma that is like you are doing the chores. >> that was my grandma, sure. and we rely on the police to keep us safe. >> yes, and a little girl is
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their job. an 8-year-old and her mom called 911 after they came home and found that the tonight door was wide open. girl said thanks--girl sent a thank you note to the officers. >> and she is just 8-years-old, it was scary. that is why we got the police. today is the day that hushings hundreds of families are formed. hundreds of kids in foster care will be formally adopted today. it is part of the larger national adoption day celebration, it is going to bring awareness to forks of kids maikos--to thousands of kids across the country. well, what we put on our feet says a lot about what we are. and is there a museum in salem,
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pain--pleasure and pain. all right, that is new business casual. >> it is all from--all right, there is new business casual. >> yes, fruit of the loom created this, it looks like a suit, but it is really just pajamas. and there is a country club look, which includes a fake sweater tied shoulders. they cost about $50 each. and when you duoto the cantab- -when you go to the country club in the pajamas, do they let you? well, a price drop for amazon prime. >> and how the dedication of two police officers help today get family back together with a
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shots fired at police in a stand off. a teenager accused of trying to strangle a girl on her way to school. a re-evieing look--a revealing look at some boston firefighters, they are turning up the heat, all for a great cause. this is wbz news this morning. hey, good friday morning. i am chris mckinnon. >> and i am it is finally friday. and danielle is here. it is friday. we made et. and it is--made it. and it is going be beautiful out there today. the sun is shining, it is a bit of a cool start this morning. brad ford, the sacred heart school, 36. and the dart moth middle school is sitting at 40-degrees right
6:31 am
that is keeping us warmer. grab the shades for most of us. widespread 30s in the suburbs. we rise quickly, though, through the 40s and into the 50s. it is gusty today on cape cod, the wind is gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour there. and now the clouds and the cape are going to dissipate. the ride home, no issues, clear, quiet, sunset at 4:19 50s. enjoy the temperatures for now, i am tracking changes for the weekend coming up. brianna. a chopper over the scene of an accident on 24 north at exit 18. it should be clearing soon. and then is there another accident, a little further up from here, that is at exit 20 and it is also blocking the left lane. so the drive time right now 123
6:32 am
and now the crash in framingham has cleared. but it is a mess here and delays heading eastbound. kate. all right, brianna, thank you. breaking overnight, a man barricades himself and fires at police. >> mom and a child caught in this. and now anna is live with more for us. >> reporter: and chris, after several tense hours, they were able to get the man out of the house and so police custody- -and into police this all started around 9:30 p.m. last night when a woman called 911 and said that a man inside of the house had a gun. and that man is 42-year-old heath mullet. the woman escaped from the house with a young child. police say that mullet continued to barricade himself inside with a weapon. a swat team and others rushed to the house. police say at one point, mullet
6:33 am
rounds of ammo. a bullet did hit a police cruiser. police did not fire back and then they got mullet to give up. he was taken to the hospital. he is now facing a long list of charges, including assault with intent to murder. wbz this morning. a deadly crash at a commuter rail station, a 59- year-old was man hit and killed by a train last night. police are still trying to find out why as the first place, it caused major delays on the wooster line. is driver is going could you repeat after police say that his car was hit by a commuter rail train and then split in half and he ran away. we told you about this yesterday. >> a car was just hit by the train. >> a car was just hit by a train? >> yes. >> the police say that the car pulled and a downed railroad
6:34 am
train. some how they got out of the wreckage and then took off. moments earlier, witnesses say they had rear ended another car and were driving away from that scene. >> they came over after the video, it was just shocking to me. i can not believe that, god was on their shoulder. >> it was major, very scary, especially with kids around. >> it took the police several hours to catch up with the driver. we don't know his name yet. a cape cod teenager accused attacking and trying to strangle a girl is due in court today this morning. and--in court this morning. and now here is nicole with more. >> reporter: well, how with the arrest, it gives the community a little bit of peace of mind. bourne police have arrested 18- year-old john allen, charging him with strangulation and
6:35 am
yelled the victim's name that the police say that allen ran away from the scene. >> came up behind her, grabbed her by the neck, brought her down to the ground and then a witness intervened, celled out the victim's name, and the- -yelled out the victim's name and the male fled the area. >> reporter: allen is expected to be arraigned here in court- -arraigned here in court today. 6:35 right now. a college student taking responsibilities for a deadly drunk driving--responsibility for a deadly drunk driving crash. joseph was drunk when he crashed into a pole. and sampson's father is hoping it makes teens think twice about drinking and driving. >> and i hope that our loss, our loss, as painful as it is,
6:36 am
from having the same loss. >> and he is going to serve tree and a half years in jail and he will lose his license for 15 years. two police officers go above and beyond for a grieving family. aj robbins was killed over the summer in a crash in luneberg. the st. christopher's medallion he had on was not found after the crash. he called in a police officer and the two last ditch chance to give it a shot. >> i was relieved to know there was nothing else tieing him to the spot. >> it was returned to a.j.'s mom and she gave tout his aunt, to--gave it to his aunt, who gave it to him. this weekend donald trump is going to meet with former massachusetts go, myth rom. --governor, mitt romney. trump and romney have not
6:37 am
remember's biggest critics before--elect's biggest critics before the election. and now donald trump has offered michael flinn the job of national security advisor. no word yet on what l he has accepted the job, but he was a close advisor to trump through the campaign. and donald trump says he helped keep a ford t leaving the u.s. for mexico. he said that ford is to the moving the lincoln plant. trump says that he quote, worked hard with bill ford to keep it in kentucky. ford confirmed that the plant will stay. but a company spokesperson says she does not know when the decision was made. in today's money watch, volkswagen is cutting 30,000 workers across the globe, it is going to save the company money and they are still trying to
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cheating scandal and the settlement that resulted. and they are also investing in electric vehicles. well if you have been thinking of signing up for amazon prime, today is the day to do it. amazon is cutting the price from $99 to $79 to celebrate the launch of a new prime show, the grand tour. you can get free two-day shipping and access to shows and music. a turkey farm in lancaster is ready fo nearly wiped out the 60-year- old business. the june fire killed 7000 turkeys. the brother and sister who own the farm said they didn't go under because of the people in lancaster and the surrounding areas would not let it happen. >> we had a lot of community help. a lot of peep came and help today--of people came and helped to clean up the mess.
6:39 am
surround us and give us the support that they did give us, i am not sure what we would have done. >> richard and sue sold 6000 turkeys this year. they are actually hoping next year to get closer to their average in years past, which is about 8000 or 9000 turkeys. well a great hon hour for pete frates--honor for pete frates, he is getting inspiration award. he and his family developed the viral ice bucket challenge that helped to raise more than $220 million. the award goes to someone this college athletics and also overcame a life altering situation. he is going to get the award in january. and boston firefighters are turning up the heat. they just released their 2017 calendar and all of the money is going to charity. fans turned out last night for
6:40 am
firefighters calendar release party. there are pictures of the firefighters and awe sales are going to benefit the boston firefighters burn fusionation which helps burn victims- -foundation, which helps burn victims and their families. >> i think we need to look a little closer. >> you could maybe do a piece for fan. >> i am on it. ahead--for noon. ahead, the search for the spelling bee b bank robber in massachusetts. >> weather watchers checking in, chris, with temperatures in the 30s and 40s right now on this this friday morning. clear skies and--on this friday morning. clear skies and sun sign. and in charleston, 32-degrees and clear skies right now. and just watch the iss, thanks for the heads up, glad you caught it with the clear skies, it is a night sight. have a--it is a thighs sight. have a great friday.
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nice sight. have a great friday. we are on our way to the 60s, but changes this weekend. - announcer: thousands of boston area families depend on home sharing to make ends meet. here at airbnb, we're committed to working with the commonwealth to develop new common-sense home sharing rules.
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and we support rules that protect affordable housing and maintain our neighborhoods.
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guess what, the holiday season starts tomorrow this boston. blue man group, the boston ballet, and more will all be at the hall to help us light the tree. if you cannot be there for person, join us tomorrow night live on wbz, starting at 8:00
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danielle. >> oh, yes, it is time to start thinking about the holiday. >> and i can not believe that thanks giving is less than a week--thanksgiving is less than a week away. and now tomorrow night, the weather is looking great. there are clouds that move in but they are acting like a blanket to keep the temperatures up and warmer than we usually could be. there are clear skies, so heading out to the hall, 52 by 4:00 p.m. by the time e off, we are in the upper 40s and 47 by 10:00 p.m. so it is looking good, if you are not heading out, you can watch it right here at 8:00 p.m. 38 in wooster. 29 in keene, depends on where you are, obviously, as it does every morning. but we are mildest out over cape cod. the clouds are going do try to erode in the afternoon but the rest of us will enjoy bright
6:45 am
clip, pockets of snow in parts of northern minnesota and then eastern south dakota and nebraska right now. this is with a storm center that is going to bring us a shift to the colder temperatures for much of next week. and there may even be some snow mixed in there, too, more about that coming up. until then, no snow in the forecast today. i mean, we are 55 to 60- degrees. get outside an enjoy it. what a day to hike. upper 50s wood taunton: and a gusty wind on cape cod for us, too. and mostly clear tonight, maybe a passing cloud or two going to cape today, 34 to 39 in the suburbs. here are the maps tomorrow, we start with sunshine for everybody, except for the south shore to cape cod.
6:46 am
and then sunday, or really overnight rob saturday, just a couple of showers, it is sunday morning--overnight on saturday, it is just a couple of showers, we will get a band of showers and rain. and cold air is on the backside of the storm and that changes the rain to wet snow flakes, southern vermont, the burke shires, western connecticut, notice a little bit is showing up here in wooster county with some elevation, we pay get wet snow flakes and accumulation mountains--elevation in the mountains of northern new england. high temperatures tomorrow, 50s. and then we drop into the 40s on sunday. that is just the start of the change. a little pattern shift next week, cooler on monday. highs only in the low 40s. and we stay in thehorse most of the week. clouds increase again by wednesday and a chance for rain, could be mixed with snow across central new england on thanksgiving day.
6:47 am
what is our winter like? we will break down how much cold, how much snow, it is airing tonight on the wbz news at 11:00 p.m. brianna, i know you will probably be sleeping, i will give you a sneak peak after this. thank you, danielle. two accidents on 23 north have cleared. but they have left behind a mess. so route 28, or 138 are good to get around there. and back up heading into the city. stop and go traffic like this all the way thank you, an armed man barricades himself inside of a norton home and fires at police. nobody was hurt an officers surrounded the home on john scott boulevard. at one point, the man said that he had more than 500 rounds of ammo. after several tense hours, that man, heath mullet surrendered.
6:48 am
right now. a deadly disagreement in a boston neighborhood. >> yes, an argument inside of the home in dorchester escalated, one man was found dead in the doorway. the other man was taken in for questioning. a cape cod teenager accused of attacking and trying to strangle a 14-year-old girl will be in court this morning. she was able to escape. police say that allen lives on the street where the attack happened, and that he and the victim do not know each other. the f.b.i. searching for a serial bank robber, police say he has robbed four ms. banks in the last two weeks. most recently last sunday. each time he writes the word robbery on a neat note, but he misspells robbery. investigators are offering 1000 collars for information leading
6:49 am
match. >> the goal that was not and the game winner with just 45
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welcome back, a heartbreaker for the bruins when they take on the wild this game was close. and the b's think they score. but they check the replay and the brunts, they are called- -the bruins, they were called for off sides. the wild score the only goal seconds in the game, the bruins lose. and now to baseball, bets did not win the mvp award, he finished second to the angel's mike trout, who won for the second time in his career. the pats are heading west to take oners this weekend. san francisco is just 1-8 on the son and rob gronkowski has not practiced all week because of a chest injury and it is
6:53 am
is not going to play. that means that bennett could see more action this week. be sure to check out patriot's all access tonight at 7:00 p.m., right here on wbz. then on sunday, we start you off with patriot's game day at 11:30 a.m. in the morning. and the kickoff is at 45:00 p.m. right here on wbz. and then tune to the fifth quarter post game show show right after the gauge. --game show right after the game. and now cbs. >> good morning, ahead, a closer look at the president elect's choice for national security advisor. and we continue our series, a more perfect union, how a question in a grocery store led to a friendship between a little girl and an 82-year-old man. the news is back in the
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agine a world where we celebrate thanksgiving like we used to. where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. and the only thing open for business after dinner was the family room.
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let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. we made it, it is friday, and it is time to hit rewind. here is look back at the week that was. concerns this morning about flooding out there. >> it is all about the king tides today. >> a driver trapped in the wreckage of a car. >> two people are due in court this morning charged in connection with a hit and run. >> that bicyclist died over the
6:57 am
nets. >> --cabinets. >> a commuter rail train hits a car in revere. >> a look at the marathon bombing. >> it is really raw, and i think very powerful. >> a mom says that her 9-year- old son is a miracle. >> i think you forgot something, it is pretty, but something is going on. >> this could be the cutest mannequin challenge ever. >> it took >> only four tries? >> one hotel is offering the chance to bathe in the 2016 wine. >> they are letting the kids go in the water? what if they take a big dunk and a gulp. >> i don't think they let that happen. >> do we really have to zoom in on the hair clip? >> yes, it was the funniest thing that happened all week long. >> yes, all right. all right, so we are talking about sunshine today, up around 60-degrees. and then tomorrow, we turn a little bit cooler, and then by
6:58 am
is when we really notice the change, there are some showers sunday during the first half of the day. >> all right, and now the roads as we go to work here. >> i know, really heavy traffic here on the bridge. it looks like christmas lights. >> , just a well--oh, just a whole string of lights there. >> and we will be back here at 7:30 a.m. on the wbz facebook page.
6:59 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, november 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect donald trump makes a controversial pick for his national security adviser. plus, we look at husband, jared kushner, could have inside the white house. disturbing video shows the moment an arizona police officer punches a woman in the head. what happened moments before the violent confrontation. and in our series "a more perfect union, how an innocent question in the grocery store led to an unlikely friendship. the 4-year-old girl who brought joy back into a stranger's life. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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