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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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without chris hogan also with a back problem. and on the plus side. lewis did travel with the team and can make his season debut on sunday. that would be a big boost. i'm dan roche, wbz sports. students evacuated, police rushing in. >> i saw there was a s.w.a.t. team and dogs and ambulances, helicopters. >> definitely with everything going on in the past couple scary. >> a campus threat turns out to be a hoax. >> it's very alarming, and that's why you can see how serious we took it. >> tonight, the latest on the investigation into the scare. this threat came in over the telephone and generated, as you can see, a huge police response 72 dozens of officers and s.w.a.t. teams raced to the scene prepared for the worst and it wasn't until an hour later that they learned the whole thing
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let's get to wbz's beth germano at boston university. beth? >> reporter: police say that the call came in with such detail they thought there was an accountive shooter on the 4th floor as the caller described am ammunition and a hostage on the 4th floor of boston university library. >> a short time later, there was another call that he shot a hostage. >> reporter: which sent the heavily armed police swarming the campus and shut down bu campus for a time. >> we were all freaking out. we didn't do anything. we just sat there and watched the live feed. everyone was afraid to go outside. >> reporter: police say that the call from a man with an accent was blocked but he
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it was an active shooter scenario unfolding. >> we had a lot of robocalls but this was so genuine. >> reporter: the building was evacuated and sarah wu was ordered to shelter in place. with all the police activity were you feeling in danger? >> a little bit. i was dangerous with no clue. it was the first time i was here when something li happened. >> reporter: the caller said she was barricaded in room 420 but it's just open stacks on the 4th floor and that number is used for slang as marijuana. >> being a hoax, it's horrible. >> reporter: police say that they can't identify the accent of the caller and because that number was blocked, it's
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beth germano, wbz news. >> and police say they do so well, they have been preparing for emergency situations since august. police spent training, getting to know each other, and simulating situations and how to hold them. this could be a swatting call which is a call made to police to deceive them into ki in framingham last year, police rushed to a man's house after a caller told police he shot his girlfriend and was holding the family hostage. the man who lived in the house was at work and his wife and 96- year-old mother were inside and just fine when the police arrived. and the s.w.a.t. team surrounded a congresswoman's home in february after a call came in from shots were fired in the home. that was a hoax.
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asleep inside, no emergency. a computer-generated system made that call. every year, the fbi estimated that police get 400 swatting calls nationwide. david? lisa, shocking video of air hit and run caught on camera. you can see a 72-year-old woman hit by a white man and then it takes off. paul burton is live in chelsea as police hunt for the van. paul? >> reporter: david, police are asking for the public's health if the brazen and heart little woman in the middle of a very busy intersection of chelsea. the woman is in the middle of the crosswalk when she was hit. >> he hit her and the lady flipped over. he realized he hit her and then took off. >> reporter: chelsea residents can't believe what they saw, a 72-year-old woman hit in the crosswalk by a white minivan. you can clearly see the driver
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that's horrible. that's tragic. there is clearly a stop sign but people don't obey. >> you hear it, but it's sad, a 72-year-old woman. >> reporter: it happened on friday morning at broad and 4th street in chelsea. you can see the 72-year-old woman in the crosswalk flipping over the car and landing back as the driver keeps on going. someone comes to her aid and she was taken to the hospital with bruises and cuts to her face. the minivan appears to be missing a right front hubcap or could have a spare tire on the car. >> very dangerous on broadway. it's like a racetrack. >> if you are not careful, they
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they don't. they don't pay attention. people just speed by. it's terrible. >> reporter: and the 72-year- old woman sustained non-life- threatening injuries and is expected to be okay. anyone with information is asked to contact police. we're live in chelsea, paul burton, wbz news. who could forget this video, a mother overdosing in a toy aisle of a and her child near by. we spoke exclusively with amend mcgowan days after of this went public and wanted to turn her life around. she did not show up in court today. a man is charged with assault and intent to murder after. policesay that heath mullet fired shots at officers outside
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only. once he surrendered, offices foundguns, ammunition, and military-style knives inside. richard gardener admitted that he violated his parole when he used a quincy computer in a public library which is illegal for sex offenders. he will serve another year behind bars after serving 28 years for child rape and kidnapping. a high school evacuated when a people sick. nearly 1000 people filed out of the school and on to the football field. the fumes came from a chemical being used on a gym floor. in all, 30 people were treated and one student and a faculty member had to be taken to the hospital. the situation was cleared. and speaking of clear, it was a beautiful scene in boston, a beautiful start.
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weekend. >> and it's starting to feel like christmas at faneuil hall where eric fisher is. eric? >> reporter: good evening, david and lisa, and hi, everybody. it's a festive field. the wreaths are up on the quincy market and the lights are up getting ready for blink which is the show that goes on throughout the holiday season. how about the weather? well, today, it was gorgeous all across the area and still pretty comfortable tonight. the teer starting to drop back down to 53 in boston and 50 in falmouth and 53 in worcester and some of the milder air tries to work into new england tomorrow and for us, storm system in the midwest and a blizzard condition in minnesota, the pattern changer that will bring the cold air in here on sunday and keep that for thanksgiving week. tonight, mainly clear and fall into the 30s and low 40s in downtown boston.
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night as we get ready for the show, temps will hold in the 40s. we expect overcast skies and maybe mist off the harbor but no major issues, and not too cold making the trip into boston. tomorrow at 8:00, the boston pops and the boston ballet and sons of serendip, and the whole bz crew will be down here. if you can't be down here, you can look at us on channel 4. more on the cool down co in a few minutes. david and lisa, back to you. eric, thank you, and it's never happened in tom brady's career. >> but it's hard to believe. the quarterback is playing the 49ers in his hometown and tom's dad is talking about his much- anticipated return. >> and dying your hair with duncan doughnuts coffee? yep. it might help you get the perfect color. >> and a young girl with a special thank you to a local
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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now at 6:00, a homecoming, patriot's tom brady is returning to his roots playing the san francisco 49ers for the first time in the city where he grew up. and brady said he is excited about the long-awaited homecoming. >> and maybe more excite side tom's dad. he spoke with our sister station in david david robichaud has more. >> reporter: in san mateo, brady grew up a niners' fan, and his dad, tom, senior, has great memories. >> it was just awesome, a fun time in our lives. >> reporter: when tom was at
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involved heavily in football . >> as far as i'm concerned, deflate gate, it was not only a setup but a sting operation. >> reporter: tom senior can't believe all the negligencetivity that was directed towards his kid and thinks it's an awful part of society. >> things are more toxic and people are less kind. >> reporter: perhaps nothing was more toxic than the past tom brady junior expressed support for donald trump but has no calls to run for the nation's highest office himself. >> yesterday, i thought the that you hads of being president of the easy was 100 to 1 in 2020. >> reporter: the only odds tom is caring about is the pats beating the niners. >> amazing. he was in the league for 16 years and there was never a
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to san francisco. >> that is, isn't? we don't want him running for office. >> we want him throwing for touchdowns. >> we'll take that. eric down at faneuil hall and we are excited about the christmas tree lighting. >> you set it off with the suit, very festive. >> reporter: i was told sleses more, so only one viewing of the suit, and talking about a gorgeous evening. when it comes to bundling up, u everyone is walking around and you can hear the bells of the salvation army and a change in the season. you can feel it around here. let's take a look at the temps. it doesn't feel like it outside or at least in the afternoon. temperatures in the 60s, mid- 60s around the metro west and new hampshire, 64, and we have above-average readings and 40s to low 50s. no one is bundled up this evening, and all told, a quiet
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a lot of people are asking, what is the bright object in the night sky? that's venus. it's prominent in the cold season. international falls at 28. that will be our weather for the second half of the weekend, and we are watching an ocean storm that kept it breezy on cape cod and back in tomorrow and almost get sucked in by the approaching system and low clouds will work westward for the islands in the morning. tonight, temperatures in the 30s and low 40s. all told, not too bad for this time of year. tomorrow, a mild day, well in the 50s, and the connecticut river valley, 60 degrees and the farther west you go, clouds holding on to the sunshine. the festival of lights, 50 degrees and pleasant and tomorrow night 48 and clouds will be increasing there. a lot of events are starting to
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here at 8:00 tomorrow night, 47 and overcast and a chance for a mist to move in off boston harbor, not cold and not raining and not snowing or windy. low clouds are moving in across southeastern mass and sunset for everyone else. sunday morning, a band of rain showers moves through, and behind the rain showers is the cold. the wind picks up with temperatures falling to the 40s and a lot of clouds snow showers and flurries likely, and they will be most likely across interior new england and accumulating snow in the berkshires. around here locally, you'll get snow showers and flurries in worcester and southwestern new hampshire with minimal accumulation. if you are traveling, cold and window monday, and no issues up and down the east. wednesday, another quiet day
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approaches. the accu-weather 7 day features the coldest air in a while. monday, the coldest day and then on thanksgiving, watching the next system. david and lisa, right now, a little too early to tell if it will be more wintery or a few rain showers. we'll be taking a look at that, and a quick reminder, the winter weather forecast tonight at 11:00. the whole team looking into the factors going into the season, doing that the last several years and this year, it comes with a i hope you like it anyway. back to you. >> eric, thank you. we'll be here. beauty tips and tricks are all over the internet. >> people are sharing unique ways to do just about anything, and the latest thing is dunkin' donuts coffee for thaiing your hair. that is suggested, the dark
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it can create shine and stimulate hair growth. >> that i could definitely use. i am definitely a dark roast and you're a blond roast? >> absolutely. >> and dan roche, extra light? >> extra light. [laughter] there was a moment of hopeful speculation packed and ready to go in the locker room. but gronk officially downgraded to out for sunday's game at the 49ers and gronk finished the game on sunday night but didn't practice all weekend and will sit out. it seems to be a smart move to leave him home to rest up while the pats take on the niners
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chris hogan has a back problem with no catches on three targets on sunday against seattle. and that's a young tom brady playing at high school outside of san francisco. it took 17 seasons but he is finally headed home to play against the team he grew uprooting for. in the 2008 season, he missed it because of an injury. >> yeah. i'm excited. nice to see my parents and my sisters. can go out and win. a special weekend going out and play great, the team, and to have everyone watch, pretty cool for the first time ever. >> and all access gets you started tonight at 7:00 on wbz. bill belichick breaks down the 9ers and sunday morning starts
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bennett, and the 5th quarter post-game show on my tv 38 after the game. a scary moment last night at that time panthers's game where the running backer stayed down after a harmless looking tackle and broke down sobbing. he missed three games with a concussion last season and the team confirmed he is back in concussion protocol today. a picture was tweeted out with a thumbs up but hard to erase last night. a huge night at the garden with the celtics and golden state. as a celtic's fan, you think of the 1 that got away. and kevin durant chose the warriors, and he is average 28 points per game. i wonder if he will get booed tonight.
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and the bruins wrap up their road trip in minnesota last night. under arrest 2nd, david backes scored but it was ruled no goal. and then in the final moment of regulation. this was the difference. it will be loud at the garden tomorrow night and tonight with boos for kevin durant. >> would you boo tonight? >> yes. >> all right. [laughter] a hand-written note is local police department after a 911 call. >> her touching message next. and coming up on the wbz news at 8:00 on my tv 38, a mysterious foam filling the streets of santa clair a california, the industrial accident covering cars and
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this is a special thank you to local officers.
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heart. a handwritten note from an 8- year-old girl. the girl and her mom called 911 recently after they came home to find their front door wide open. officers responded to that call and then got the note that reads, dear officers. thanks for checking out our house. i was so scared even though i'm 8 years old. you made me feel much better. love, jesk -- jessica. the sergeant said that th is the why he goes to work. >> my favorite part, i am eight years old but i'm still scared.
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so you're headed to san francisco tomorrow? yes. i can't believe it's the first time tom brady has ever played before his hometown. 100 plus friends and family will transcribe? >> someone tweeted 8 years old
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the opener. and we will have the tree lighting on faneuil hall tomorrow night at 8:00. see you back here at 11:00. >> dickerson: trump steers to the right. three conservatives are picked to head his national security and law enforcement teams. also tonight, the president-elect settles avoiding a federal fraud trial over trump university. the u.s. history, and it didn't happen here. >> this is just one stack of fake $20 bills. >> dickerson: and "on the road" with steve hartman. a little girl's bold question to a grumpy old man changed two lives. >> and i said, "you don't know. this is the first time for quite a while that i have been this happy." this is the "cbs evening news"


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