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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11, >> fbi alert for police across the country. a frightening hit and run caught on camera and the clue that could lead police to the driver. >> major malfunction that sent a river of foam flow into the streets of a california city. >> i cannot move. i am bleeding. i am going to die. >> a dramatic call for help from a woman mauled by a bear in her own driveway. >> this winter? how cold? comments snow? how many storms? the first look at the forecast now at 11. now from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 11.
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snow to parts of new england this weekend. i am david way. >> i am lisa hughes. there is one more day before we make the transition and eric fisher is live in the weather center. you are tracking the timeline. >> it is interesting watching the storm. blizzard conditions in minnesota. you can see a sharp front with of the cold air behind it and record highs ahead of it. gorgeous across new england. the times are about to change. mainly clear skies, back in the 30s, chilly mornin watching tomorrow, low ocean cloud start to back their way in. especially near the coast lines, more clouds to deal with. in line we get sunshine. by sunday morning, rain showers swinging through. the wind -- the winds, the cold and the snow moving through new england for tomorrow take advantage of a bright day, especially away from the immediate coastline. we will talk about how cold it gets and the best chance of snow and the winter outlook. we will see you then. the fbi is out with a new morning -- a new warning urging americans to be on guard against terrorist attacks
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boston. investigators are also putting police on alert. >> that is right. >> reporter: it is important to note that these alerts have become somewhat routine, often happening around holidays and anniversaries. we passed the anniversaries of the paris terror -- terror attack and we're coming up on the anniversary of the san bernardino terror attack. as the holiday bustle. upset as law enforcement awareness. sources tell cbs news that the fbi is alerting police across the country about a potential to what is going on around us. >> reporter: it warns of homegrown terrorists, potential targets, shopping malls, special events, crowded venues. locations in washington dc and virginia, described as target rich zones. the magazine called in new york city's macy's thanksgiving day parade an excellent target. a potential tactic -- it could include guns, ied's, or drones, equipped with ied's. >> i'm always thinking about
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>> reporter: the mayor says that there is no specific threat to the boston area but it is good to stay on your toes. >> we are going to have more visibility out in the streets and people will see more police officers even during the holiday season. we tried to put more visibility out there. >> reporter: the alert also warns of potential terror threats around the inauguration. it is always -- as always, fbi boston as the public to remain vigilant. in a crosswalk and then, as you can see, sped away. there is a very distinct detail on that van that could help track the driver down. katie brace is live in chelsea with the story. >> reporter: this is a crosswalk where the woman was hit. the driver took off down the street. police are hoping that surveillance video leads them
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the video captures the moment a woman in a crosswalk without warning -- a white minivan strikes her. at the driver keeps going. >> to me it is disgusting -- i do not know why anybody would do that. >> it was so shocking. who would do that? a woman. >> reporter: he lived nearby and saw the video. >> i'm surprised because sometimes -- it does not matter. and look twice. because they do not stop. >> reporter: a witness said that the minivan initially stopped at the intersection and the woman tried to make sure that the driver saw her. >> the car was at the stop sign and she was banging on the car. and i guess the car was not paying attention. he hit her. >> reporter: the witness called 911 as other people ran to help a 72-year-old woman off of the street. >> it is a very busy street. >> reporter: at the traffic is constant throughout the day.
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it tough to navigate the. >> people never know when it is the right of way. people are always in a rash. >> reporter: officers hope that someone positive think if they recognize the minivan. they say it appears to be an older model dodge caravan. >> that would be like your mother does your grandmother. >> reporter: that minivan had a paper signed in the rear window as well. as for the woman, she was checked out at the hospital for cuts and bruises to her head she is expected to be okay. live in chelsea, katie brace, wbz news. a winchester man pleaded guilty today to murdering his own mother. matthew maccabean it beat the 70-year-old to death inside her apartment two years ago. he has been sentenced to life in prison. new tonight, former massachusetts senator scott brown says he is up for a spot in donald trump's cabinet. leeann margin is live in the studio with the details.
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he is under consideration to run the department of veterans affairs. he says he is honored to be in the running for the job. brown was a national guard reservist for 35 years. he spoke moments ago with the nightside dan ray, laying out what his top priorities would be. >> obviously, trying to make it so that soldiers do not kill themselves or wait in line so long that they end up dying. i think that is the clear priority. >> president-elect to donald trump it continues to fill out his cabinet and his transition team announced three post today, alabama senator jeff centered -- jeff sessions, kansas representative mike pompeo as cia director and retired lieutenant general michael flynn as national security advisor. the senator elizabeth warren with the selection of sessions who has been accused in the past of racism allegations that he has strongly denied. >> this is a man who has openly -- who's openly racist statements disqualified him to be a federal judge. decades back.
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with him. >> tonight a donald trump is a new jersey, arriving at the trump national golf club. tomorrow the president-elect will be there with mitt romney. there is some speculation -- mitt romney could be of for the secretary of state post. donald trump is expected to meet with the marine corps general james mattis, potential secretary of defense nominee but aides cautioned that not everyone meeting with donald trump is under consideration for a job in his administration. the president-elect has agreed to pay $25 million to settle fraud lawsuits involving donald trump university. the students who sued say that they were promised an education and real estate secrets and the school did not deliver. donald trump denied doing anything wrong and insisted he would never settle. now that the deal is done, the lawsuits are closed. tonight the president-elect is actually opening up about his relationship with tom brady, telling tmz sports that he thinks the quarterback is
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deflategate scandal. >> what did you think of deflategate? >> well, you know, he play better when he had the other ball. i think that tom is totally innocent. i think that -- first of all, i know him. he is such an honorable guy, and i am with him all the way. >> of course we know that they are friends but tom brady has not said who he voted for in the november election. this is a big loss for the new england patriots before their showdown with the 49ers. rob gronkowski is out and not the only player who is going to be missing the game. we want to get to dan roach for those details. >> he is out and wide receiver chris hogan is also out with a bad back to those other weapons that tom brady will miss sunday against the 49ers. not a huge surprise that he will play sunday. he has not practiced all week at it was reported -- this last hit could keep him out of action this weekend.
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lewis is with the team so maybe we will see him making his season debut on sunday. >> we like that. thank you. all new tonight, take a look at the surveillance photographs. police said that this man robbed three separate honey farm convenience stores in the last month. if you recognize them, call was to police. what turned out to boston university. heavily armed police stormed the library minutes after someone telephone campus police claiming to have explosives and then saying that he shot a hostage. police are trying to identify the caller that they believe is overseas. an arrest warrant for the lawrence mother who overdosed in a store with her young daughter watching the surveillance video from september outraged people across the nation. mandy mcgowan failed to show up for her court appearance today. she is charged with child endangerment.
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pleaded not guilty. the prosecutors say that john allen grabbed a 14-year-old girl, tried to strangle her as she walked to a bus stop last week..girl did get away. tonight 125 families in our state are celebrating the future together. it was made official on this national adoption day. >> one of the children who found his forever family is a little boy that you met on wednesday's child. our own jack williams introduce us to mikey last year. it was impossible not to fall in love with him. denise and perry rice did. they say that they were hooked at the moment they looked into his eyes. >> there is an immediate connection. >> mike is a great he has come a long way. >> his new big brother, jake, also adopted, got into the ceremony. the judge let them pound of the gavel making it a done deal and officially making them brothers. i feel like i had an instant connection with that family. >> maybe my favorite story of the day. >> pleading for her oh my. >> at 11, the call for help for
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>> that is not snow. the giant foam of spilling over the streets. last year the second warmest on record, the winter before that, snowiest on record so what does this season have in store? the wbz accuweather team is going to break down what is in store for the next few months coming up next. you will be meeting a dog named boston who has mastered
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he has broken my arms and my legs. i can't move. i am bleeding. i am going to die. >> those are the dramatic calls for help from a woman who was mauled by a bear in maryland. that grandmother begging for her life after the mother bear attacked her in her driveway. karen osborne had several broken bones and more than 80 stitches. this fire drill came with a very, very real surprise and santa clara california.
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airport hangar and in some places this was 5 feet deep. they are not entirely sure how to get rid of all that. officials insist tonight that it is not toxic. >> [ laughter ] >> it will steve there. >> we may have a little bit of that falling through the sky in the form of snow over the weekend. >> before that happens, we are going to absorb all of this glorious weather. >> one of those days -- it is beautiful. the temperatures in the 60s this afternoon, 66 in fitchburg, connecticut, side of 70 degrees but not bad for this time of the season and tomorrow is closing out a full week of all above average temperature so i'm expecting blue squares to round out november. a pattern change on the doorstep. tonight is not bad, 48 in boston, plymouth, 49, worcester, 53, northern worcester county is closer to the freezing mark. a little sliver of mild air on the map, 67 at this hour in cleveland, and the
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arrowhead at minnesota, a snow storm continues. we will see the heavy snow in southern new england -- we will see a big change in air mass and that storm will take the cloudiness from this ocean system which has been producing some swell towards cape cod and the storyline. it will bring the low clouds and. you can see that the line is about on chatham right now. you will see those moving westbound. across southeastern massachusetts, the islands, into boston harbor and towards the cave. inland, you have a beautiful day. we will be -- be dealing in and out of the clouds for many areas of eastern massachusetts tomorrow. tomorrow night, sunset, the clouds is extend inward and we were talking about and overcast night with mist and fog and we are going to bring in the colder air for sunday. well into the 50s inland, brighter skies tomorrow, gorgeous in northern new
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cloudiness. all told, not a bad day and a good day to get out in the yard and take care of business. tomorrow night of the tree lighting looks excellent, clouds, mist of the harbor and temperatures in the 40s. we go towards sunday morning, the change time, band of showers moving through on sunday morning and after that the temperatures hold in the middle 40s, the colder air will start moving in and the wind will pick up. a lot of cloud cover on sunday and a chance for the best chance if you want to wet your snow appetite will be a trip west of the berkshires, 2 inches to 4 inches in northern berkshire county, and i think northern vermont will do really well with this. throughout sunday and monday. scattered cody, snow showers in
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eastern massachusetts. next week if you are traveling, it is about the cold monday and tuesday but it will be dry in the eastern corridor and dry on wednesday as well. the accuweather seven day, monday, cold, wendy, tuesday, blustery, mid-40s, wednesday mid-40s as well but dry. thursday, thanksgiving, we are watching a chance for a possible storm. we will update that as we get closer. i'm sure that you are asking the question what will this winter bring? the team is breaking down what we are looking at for the season and tonight was a little bit of a seinfeld twist as well. 2016 chevy suburban. this allows us to be live from anywhere in the country. -- this is live real-time data back from inside the storm. i am eric fisher and this is -- what do you think? we have got some leafless trees showing up. the emails are starting to come in. >> i do not think we will get off as easy as last year. >> no. >> not all lining up like the
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this winter. i mean, some winters it is clear. you kind of have a good strong gut feeling and this is not one of those winters. >> i feel like last year was clear-cut. we had a strong el ni?o whereas this year it is shifting into a weak el nino which typically means below average snowfall and slightly above average temperatures for doing that although it opens the door to cold air coming out of canada, out of the northern tier of the united states and that links up with moisture, some storms, and maybe a more active pattern? we are not looking at anything shifts back to more the typical winters. >> christmas eve that is not 70 degrees. this year with the weak el nino that we seem to have -- we -- we tend to have a storm track coming down across the northern tier of states, northern across the great lakes. >> more clippers.
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i think that the main take away is kind of like a classic new england winter. we have not had that in a while. >> we are not going to have all fluff storms like two years ago. we are going to have a variety of different type of density snows. >> that is important when it comes to the drought. we had average precipitation. >> what is the water content? >> yeah. sloppy snow could be a good thing this year. >> it is the hardest part of the seasonal outlook. the mountains. a boston is more than 55 be. >> i am thinking more from west of boston since it is more of a classic new england winter. closer to 60, 70 inches. >> that sounds about right. >> and interested in the islands. they have got big winters. >> this year we are going to go slightly below everyone else which is typical. >> around 30 or so. >> putting snowflakes up in northern new england. what do you think? >> the northern that storm track potential, possible blowup storms on the coast. you have got to go with more than they had last year. >> closer to a more typical winter and probably not the end
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pass we had last year. cheers. >> cheers. >> and a mosh to comedians and cars -- they are little bit funnier on some of those episodes. we argued here but we will take up the take away is that temperatures are going to get up averaging out to close to a normal winter, not as warm as last winter and above average snowfall is what we are going for. >> i think that might take away is that everything about weather sounds better with a good cup of coffee. >> great posts. next in sports, kevin durant at the garden. >> anything but golden for the celtics and their fans. monday on wbz this morning, ready, set, go. >> smoother holiday travel. >> a storm could impact her thanksgiving.
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after watching philadelphia be atlantic the week 10, do you think that the eagles will play like they did to start the season or continue to be up and down? i will tell you that they are a playoff worthy team. assuming that carson wentz does not turn the football over and start playing more like prescott in dallas. thank you for tuning into boomer between the games is sponsored by xfinity. xfinity x one will change the
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wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a wbz today at your massachusetts pnw center or visit us at the website. you keep thinking if i look at the score, it will have changed for the better. >> over the summer we were dreaming about kevin durant playing at the garden. he was there tonight. >> he played and the celtics did not pick a big night at the gardens and the celtics host of the golden state warriors. for golden state, it marks the first time that kevin durant was playing in boston since he said no thanks as a free agent to the big green, and hello to
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not the warmest of garden welcomes for kevin durant. it did not seem to bother him. a nice little run a, 23 points, 10 boards -- golden state up 2- 1 -- celtics hung with them for a while. isaiah thomas led with 18 points, boston within 7 at the half. golden state took charge in the third as the celtics klay thompson, 28 points on the evening and how about this? he hit the jumper and then watch what he does, adding his own brand of celebration. they were up 30 early in the fourth. when they cut it to 7 late in the game, steph curry put it out of reach, 64 him, 104-88 at the final and at least one celtic did not appreciate the warriors celebrating during the game. >> i felt it was a little disrespectful. when he was doing what he was doing. you know? i did not think that was too
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but they won the game at the end of the day -- of the day. the next time -- punch them in the mouth -- figuratively. >> we understood. the patriots already in san francisco tonight the rob gronkowski and chris hogan are both back home inactive for sunday's game. if there is a week to go without rob gronkowski this could be the one as they take on the 1 and 8 49ers. knocked the wind out of him and it knocked him out of practice all week and sunday's game. the question going forward is how serious this injury might be. reports earlier this week said that he should only miss one week so we will see when he returns to practice. wide receiver chris hogan is also out for sunday's game. he missed last friday's practice for the back problem that is bothering him.
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three targets. how about good news for the offense? diablo is did make the trip and could see his first game action come sunday. tom brady is ready to go despite a hit that had him limping sunday night. this is his first game at home against the team that he brooded for growing up there will be a lot of friends and family there. he is still focused on business. >> the reason that we are going out there is to play football games. there is nothing that is more important than that. it is easier to compartmentalize. a lot of preparations and getting ready, settled in for the game. and getting the game plan tightens up. tried to go out on sunday and let her rip. at sunday morning starts with pages game dan 11:30 am, and they go -- metellus bennett's. and the kickoff for 20 5 pm at trial -- at wbz and the post game show is on my tv 38 after the game. college hockey tonight, number 11 harvard over number 3 bc -- 5-2 -- a good night. the only concern after the game is isaiah thomas said that we
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that you do after the sports cost anyway. >> yours is celebratory. >> [ laughter ] >> thank you. tonight the cast and crew of cbs blueblood pay tribute to a crew member who recently passed away. he was a big alabama fan and he always sported his fan gear on the set. to the crew -- they all died alabama shirts and they tweeted this photograph in his memory. >> for a good old time. >> the mannequin challenge has been sweeping the nation. >> the competition is truly
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this is pretty incredible. at the mannequin challenge is
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pennsylvania has perfected the mannequin challenge. he sits perfectly still while baking, eating, watching tv and even play dead. the video has gone viral. it took 10 minutes to film. >> [ laughter ] but the owners plan to film a new video this weekend. >> my favorite might be the door you know in the mouth. right? how many dogs and hold it real in his mouth? >> he is awe.
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small business saturday is our day to get out and shop small. a day to support our community and show some love for the people we love. and the places we love. the stuff we can't get anywhere else and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here can help keep our town growing. on small business saturday, let's shop small for our neighborhood, our town,
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(all) get together and shop small. tomorrow is truly like the last best day for a while. >> it will be a double dose of reality. sunday in the 40s, windy, snow flurries but tomorrow, dry, a good day to go outside and soak
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40s every day but one? >> he is getting ready. >> perfect for that. >> perfect, 9:00 tomorrow morning, in the 40s and dry. >> have a good night. >> have a good weekend. captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes william h. macy colin quinn and musical guest drive-by truckers. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: wooo!


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