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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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. right now it's at 5:00 a developing story. a construction accident in duxbury. what led to a 28 worker being killed. >> more cabinet meeting for president-elect donald trump. more names being floated around. >> and a recall due to listeria contamination. the concerns this morning over several pros from a popular hummus company. . good morning, everybody. it is 5:00 in the morning on this sunday, november 20th. we're glad you're waking up with us and sharing your first cup of coffee with us. kind of doing it together. barry burbank, good morning. >> good morning to you kerry. good morning, everybody on this
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we've got temperatures in the 40s. so it's pretty mild out there this morning. i hope you've enjoyed the mild weather over the last few days. it's going to feel like winter the next few days. look at the temperatures out west in new england, 32 with moderate snow right now in pitsfield. these temperatures may go up in the upper 40s and start falling back this afternoon. look at that narrow swath of rain. we showed you that yesterday morning. here it through. we'll get brief downpours and then whip on pretty quickly. most of that know is going to move right on through the green mountains and parts of northern new england so we don't have to worry about that here. so that's the deal with that as it's going to be a fast-moving system. close inspection shows the rain on its way. look at the rain in wooster county right now. you may be hearing it coming down pretty hard. there's a wind advisory up for today. gusts of 50. that's start, at 11:00 this
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the heaviest rain this morning, gusty wind developing a few more isolated scattered showers. temperatures falling through the 40s this afternoon. more weather coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you so much. we do begin with a developing story this morning where a construction worker has been killed in a freak accident. the 28-year-old worker was part of a crew building a development of private homes. jim smith has the story from duxbury this morning. >> i'm yelling at people to construction site. a crew was laying down a water main, when a man cutting a pipe suddenly lost control of a power saw with fatal results. a coworker saw it all happen. >> i saw it jammed on him and kicked back, and cot got him in the throat and, you know, he stumbled and went down. we tried to do everything we could to, you know, stop the bleeding until the paramedics arrived. >> reporter: his fellow worker
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he did everything he could. >> i ripped off my jacket and safety vest and i stuffed it into his throat where the cut was and i tried to just apply pressure. we kept him up right, tried to keep the blood from coming out. >> reporter: paramedics rushed the 28-year-old victim to the hospital, but he later died. >> obviously chaotic. he was down in the trench. there was a bit of extrication involved getting him into -- on in the ambulance. >> reporter: authorities worked into the night. the accident will be investigated by osha and other agencies. a gruesome workplace tragedy only days before thanksgiving. >> you do what you've got to do. somebody is there dying in front of you, what are you going to do? >> reporter: the trench where that pipe was being laid and being cut has now been filled in. the investigation is underway as of late saturday night, the
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his family. in duxbury, jim smith, wbz this morning. chelsea police arrest a man for this hit-and-run. 25-year-old arnold hernandez of lynn was arrested on an unre late theed warrant. he's charged with driving without a license and other charges. the term "transition" is picking up steam. candidates for several top spots wrote with the president-elect some who verbally blasted him during the campaign like former massachusetts governor and presidential nominee mitt romney. a former trump crit i can is -- critic is now under consideration. >> reporter: president-elect trump met with his outspoken critic mitt romney in new jersey. >> was it a product i have meeting? >> it went great. >> reporter: after the meeting, romney who once called trump a
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the new administration. but he said the two had a far-reaching conversation about america's global interests. >> very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had, and appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect. >> reporter: mr. trump also held silt-downs with retired marine general, a candidate for secretary of defense, education advocate michelle reed and kevin johnson. mr. trump will hold more meetings in n with former new york mayor rudy giuliani and chris christi who was demoted of the transition team. on friday the president-elect tapped alabama senator jeff sessions to be the attorney general. and mike pompeo to head the cia. he reached a $25 million settlement in a trio of fraud lawsuits against trump university. today he tweeted the only thing about winning the presidency is that i did not have the time to
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trial on trump u. too bad. as the president-elect builds his team, hundreds gathered in washington to protest the new government. president obama is in peru. the last stop. his final foreign trip as president. mr. obama shook hands with leaders and held a town hall with young people. today he will attend an economic summit and then returns to washington early tomorrow morning. well, two senior o want president obama to replace the chief of the national security agency admiral michael rogers. that's according to a source familiar with the matter. the source says the recommendation came from defense secretary ash carter and director of national intelligence james clapper. separately president-elect trump is considering rogers to take over clapper's job with when clapper redesigns on inauguration day. well with race issues making so many headlines these past few
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open a dialogue on the sensitive topic. >> it's important to understand that racism affects me on the daily. >> reporter: in boston around honest and open conversation on racism is taking place. >> so what are we going to do about these negative stereo types that run through our society that are both hurtful and inaccurate? >> reporter: on saturday, more than 1,000 people of all races and religions packed the majestic theater to take part in the resilienc a >> we have disparities in race, in education, and health. we're here to break the tension, and you can feel it in this room today. >> reporter: people young and old took part in the dialogue through speeches in open mic. the conversations center around racism and how people of all races need to speak and work together in order to move forward. on the top of the agenda was equality and safety for all citizens no matter their skin color. >> some of my height peers
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aren't allowed over the house because they steal. >> reporter: the mayor says at a time when there's so much unrest now is the time to speak about racism. >> we're here to talk to each other in a spirit of openness. this isn't about judging one another. this is about learning from one another. >> reporter: the purpose of the event was not necessarily to find solutions but simply open up the conversation to see where the city of boston stands when it comes to race. >> there's already a dialogue about race in boston. >> by having these dialogues i think one of the measurements are how many people come out. >> reporter: in boston, i'm paul burton, wbz news. a company has issued a voluntary recall of hummus in the u.s. and canada. the fda says the effected products were manufactured before november 8th at a plant where listeria have been found.
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date of january 23rd, 2017, on your lid. it won't happen right away, but it looks like you'll be able to take the train to gillette stadium with even when there's not a home game. the mbta is going to test four round trips. the group will kick in $200,000 for it. but the program won't begin until late 2018. and speaking of that train, fans won't be riding it to gillte on the road. we break down what to expect out of the pats today. >> and if you missed it last night, right here on wbz, we lit up faneuil hall. >> a new satellite launched by in a saturday last night. how the new tech knowledge could help improve our weather
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dramatic pause, pull the switch again. 30,000 lights illuminated the heart of boston saturday. >> it's beautiful. they were a little off. >> we come almost every year, and it's just like so beautiful and amazing. >> reporter: thousands filed in like one big boston family. for the faneuil holiday spectacular hosted by wbz news anchors lieu is a hughes and david wade. all eyes stood on the tree 80 feet tall. >> this is the people are together to celebrate. great time to celebrate all. >> reporter: ushering in the holiday season with festive sights, sounds and hats, not to mention the blue man group. the lighting topped off a tradition kids of all ages count down to celebrate. >> we're starting the holidays and really getting into cherishing what we really have. >> reporter: so the lights are on, confetti is flying, the
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in boston. six weeks of light is and sound extravaganza. and your weather forecast is about to get even better. the ges-r satellite was launched last night it was delayed for a short time because of a technical issue. it is the first of three satellites being built to replace the aging united states weather satellite system. does that make you happy? >> very happy, very, very excited about this. >> i had a funny feeling >> very helpful with the forecast. so i can't wait. >> it's like christmas morning foreign -- morning for meteorologists. so how are you doing? >> i'm doing fine. >> a so-so day today. >> it's going to be quite a changeable day. it's going to be disappointing for you for so many people that have enjoyed the warm weather. this is a different week. but we're going to go right now to the -- >> i think we're going west.
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what's happening there at the high school. 44 there, same temperature in westboro at the elementary school in the same temperature down in -- out at westward, deerfield elementary school. 44 degrees there. these were the high temperatures yesterday. only 51 in boston because we had the wind coming in. quite a different day yesterday. it was so cloudy over southeastern mass. so nice just inland a bit, it was souc clouds rolled in certainly late yesterday afternoon. we saw some lower 60s again yesterday. the temperatures are quite a bit higher this morning in many spots, especially up to the. no. but the temperatures are going to be tumbling as we go through this afternoon. so we got temperatures getting in the upper 40s near 50 right now and it looks like that's going to be the warmest part of the day this morning because the chillier air around hartford in the upper 30s, near 40s. so the cooler air is going to be
5:16 am
it will turn colder this afternoon. we've got some real cold wintry weather on the way going way below average for this thanksgiving week coming up. so the high temperatures 48, 49, maybe 50 in some spots here in eastern massachusetts. that's going to happen this morning. the temperatures will fall to about 44 by 1:00. down to about 38 in boston by 7:00. these will be your highs across the nation. fletch chicago today. 34 in minneapolis. so we don't see the beautiful warm weather w just a week ago on the temperatures in the 70s and 80s across the south. big high pressure in the center part of the nation. the cold air is going to whip in here thanks to this developing low right over southeastern portions of connecticut. it isn't going to be around very long, just a narrow swath of heavy showers which we can see on the doppler radar right now.
5:17 am
searching eastward. this is going to be whipping up like this. the moderate to occasionally heavy burst of snow in the berkshires. so we won't get the snow showers here. but there may be in parts of wooster county. let's trace this band of rain. it epiphany rots on through here. it's a narrow swath of showers with this blue coloring here indicating where the -- some of the heavier snows are going up through the berkshires and up through vermont. maybe into the we'll get some break of sun coming through, but there's going to be still lots of clouds racing across the sky as snow showers occur this afternoon and evening. it's going to be accumulating in the mountains right on through tomorrow. so you're going to see some wind gusts there of around 45 miles an hour and snow accumulating several inches in the higher terrain of portions of the berkshires up into northern
5:18 am
my weather forecast with a wind advisory up from 11:00 this morning to 7:00 tomorrow evening. so we have lots of wind through tomorrow. times of passing clouds and sunshine. four clouds on tuesday. less wind on wednesday. right now, thanksgiving still looks good. there might be a shower or touch you have mist as it clouds over in the morning. >> all right. thank you. so. well many of us have probably been guilty of it at some point. texting and driving. that's despite the possible deadly consequences. one bridgewater mom found herself accident with a texting driver and decided she had enough. katie brace has more this morning. >> reporter: one by one, drivers were told to pull over. >> pull right beside them and they'll be sitting beside you texting. >> reporter: officers were conducting one of their tings to try to cut down on texting and driving. officers doled out the citations. >> it's pretty astounding. >> reporter: even with the ongoing crackdown, one
5:19 am
need back-up. >> turn it out [ chanting ]. >> reporter: pam launched the distracted driving campaign. a couple months she was pregnant and found herself a victim of a texting driver. >> i was driven off the road by someone who was texting and driving and i don't even think she noticed but she drove me off the road. >> reporter: she started a go fund me page raising $1,300 that paid for the lawn signs and bumper stickers. >> it's to put little reminders out there when someone, you know, is driving and goes pick up their phone, hopefully they'll see the sign and that ping of guilt will happen and they'll put it back down. it really can wait. >> reporter: people across town are now putting the signs in their yards, especially along busy roads. reminders to put it down. >> you can beat the odds sometimes, but they add up against you. >> reporter: katie brace, wbz this morning. a friendly sea critter is getting some tlc ahead of the holidays. coming up, the medical condition
5:20 am
better. >> student athlete suspended at an ivy league school. find out what some wrestlers were caught saying. >> is it your birthday today? it's the birthday of actress parsons, she was born in lynn 89 years ago today. jim brown from ub40 is 59. and dierks bentley is 41. if it's your birthday, happy
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. welcome back. an unusual sea turtle is getting some tlc from the staff of the aquarium. : turtle wash add ashore on cape cod. when vet had one lung and still they expect the turtle to make a full recovery and will release it into warmer florida waters in the spring. wow. well the holidays is a time to be thankful for the ones we have here and the ones protecting us in the military around the world. coming up, how some of the -- some in the southshore were able to send some extra love
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. well holidays fast approaching some folks on the southshore want to make sure troops serving overseas that someone back home is thinking about them. dozens of volunteers converge in weymouth to pack and wrap around 500 care packages destined for iraq, afghanistan and wherever else troops are stationed. the packages contain treats,
5:27 am
letters written by school kids. the 133 edition of the game yesterday as yale took on harvard. we'll tell you who came on top. that's headed your way coming up in sports. ? happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start? um, shouldn't it be "spokes-crayon?" can somebody turn on the a/c? i'm melting here. ?air marker spraayer!!!? chemistry, baby!
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are hate crimes in the rise in the u.s.? we take a look at the numbers to see exactly who is being targeted. >> another ivy league school suspending student athletes.
5:30 am
the a university wrestling team, why they sent racially charged and crude messages. >> and a west coast trip for the pats as they face off against the 49ers in san francisco, all you need to know before today ace game coming up -- today's game coming up. . good morning, everybody. it is 5:30 in the morning. .you're up early. but we're glad you are. with us. it's good to know it's not just the two of us. >> i like it when i find out people are watching us out there early especially on a sunday morning. let's see what's happening. we have upper 40s right now. may get close to 50 briefly in southeastern massachusetts. but we do have a center of low pressure. you can see the circulation right in there in these wind particles. you can see the arrows. the low is right there. it's developing and move northeast right into the boston area shortly.
5:31 am
right behind it and come on up at us through the day. along with that, we have this narrow swath of showers producing some locally heavy downpours but it isn't going to last very long. it's really whipping along as you can see it's it's pivoting northward and producing snow in the berkshires and soon up in vermont as it pushes northward up into that. but we won't get the heavy snow here but there will be accumulating snow in the berkshires and tough traveling out there. as you can see this is swath of showers coming through. it's going to whip right on through here, we may have some breaks of sunshine later. we'll have temperatures falling from the upper 40s to the middle 40s by mid-day and then upper 30s by late this afternoon with that very gusty wind, a wind advisory is up. wind may go up as high a -- go up as high as 45. more on the weather in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you so much. it is time to check our top stories. a construction worker is dead
5:32 am
main at a future housing development in duxbury when the man cutting the pipe lost control of his power saw. coworkers tried to stop his bleeding until paramedics arrived. they rushed the 28-year-old to the hospital but he did not survive. federal agencies, including osha, are now investigating the accident. mitt romney says his conversation yesterday with the president-elect was, quote, far-reaching. at this point it's unclear whether romney will be offered a post in the trump administration or whether he would its -- if it's offered. well, today mr. trump's schedule includes meetings with chris christi and rudy giuliani. a recall on hum us spread. the company says some products may have been exposed to listeria. the products have a best before date up to january 24th. and while no numbers have been released for this year yet, the fbi says they have seen an
5:33 am
believe that trend is continuing. >> reporter: from swat can a at a baseball field and a playground to pennsylvania high school students shouting hate messages in the hallway and a throw back to the days of segregation at a high school bathroom in northern california. >> i can't even explain to you what it feels like to go on campus that i love for four years and not feel safe. >> reporter: according to new numbers from the fbi, reported hate crimes were up almost 7% in 2015. that includes a 67% jump in reported hate crimes against muslims. with the racial tension continued even after election day, leslie staal asked president-elect trump about it on "60 minutes". >> they're harassing latinos, muslim. >> i am so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. if it helps, i will say this,
5:34 am
cameras. stop it. >> we're extremely pleased to hear those two words. we would encourage the president-elect to continue to send that message. >> reporter: debra is with the antidefamation league. >> do you see this beginning to subside now. >> i hope so. it's -- this is such a unique period in this country's history. so i don't have precedent to say it will go down. >> reporter: it's not just crimes against minorities. four people are under arrest in chicago after this attack trump supporter. on friday attorney general encouraged all hate crime victims to continue to speak up. >> we need you to continue to report these incidents to local law enforcement as well as the justice department. >> reporter: complete hate crime numbers for 2016 won't be out until next year. but based on what they've seen so far, minority community leaders expect to see another increase. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. columbia university has
5:35 am
lewd and racist messages and texts. the group messages included alleged homo phobic and racial slurs as well as crude comments about women. it is the second school to suspended student athletes in recent months as harvard university suspended their men's soccer team last month after they made crude comments about the women's soccer team. and iteam investigation, kids in state custody missing, sometimes out on the streets for more than a year. ryan how frightening it is for families. >> reporter: right in the middle of a school day, a stolen suv flips in a roxbury neighborhood. three teens rushed to the hospital. >> they -- >> rreporter: christi remembers the frightening call about her scene-year-old son. >> they didn't know if ben was in the car. so for several minutes i didn't know if my son was dead or alive. >> reporter: at the time of the crash, ben was living in a group home in the custody of the department of children and
5:36 am
>> reporter: two years ago, christi moved to massachusetts with her two kids to escape an abusive relationship. but last year, after bouncing from shelter to shelter. >> they took him. >> reporter: and christi says being in dcf custody hasn't done anything to keep her older son safer. he's constantly been on the run, even making it all the way to florida twice. >> how many times has he run away? >> lost count. i think that the same reason that they took him from me >> reporter: the team is learning just how many kids in state custody slip out of sight. a public records request of dcf shows over a three-year period there were more than 3400 runaway intends. on average, kids were gone 36 days and we found 140 teens missing for the length of an entire 180-day school year. while some kids ran away repeatedly, we also found a child who was gone five
5:37 am
1,080 days. >> this is a real important issue. >> reporter: child safety advocate says those numbers need to change. >> did the amount of time some of these kids were gone surprise you? >> i would like to see that time reduced. my question is, what are we doing to keep those kids from being absent or missing from a program or if they are missing from a program, how do we locate them and get them back to safety as quickly as possible? >> reporter: we wanted to ask the commissioner those questions to get mor numbers, but the agency declined the interview question. >> i think dcf slob willing to share this information and answer questions. these are our children. >> everybody likes him, even staff. >> reporter: as christi works to regain custody of her children, she questions why the state took them in the first place. >> it's been traumatizing for all of us this past year to be apart and separated and bounced around from place to place. i just feel there has to be some
5:38 am
numbers. and a week before dcf provided the records, we learned the agency implemented it's first ever program. this provides specific guidelines for contacting police, launching searchs and identifying kids that are a high risk to run. for the iteam, ryan kath wbz news. it is the showdown in san francisco today. the patriots looking to get back in the win column against the 49ers. plus the boston bruins last night jets. we'll have all the highlights coming up next in sports. but barry, you first. >> yeah, kerry, we've had a warm month of november so far. in fact, last week every single day we had a red square indicating above-average temperatures. yesterday was another nice day as well. especially north and west of i-95. so it's been pretty warm so far. the next week it's going to turn much colder. let's go to the trivia this morning and see what it looks
5:39 am
ever recorded in november in boston? was it 71, 77, 83, or 89? none of that of course has happened in november for 2016. bull what is the highest ever? i'll have the answer in my weather forecast. see you in a few minutes. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it.
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. well good morning, everybody. the patriots are walking on unfamiliar ground. people are wondering how the team can get better. the remedy for this is simple, get a win today, and in the process, play better defense. i think we know the particulars. this hit last week is why beginning 7 did practice all week long. it's the reason why he didn't make the trip. gronk is out for today's game. they fix all their problems this upcoming game. it's tom brady's it's a big deal. getting back in the win column would be the best item for everybody. >> we just kind of take the same approach every week, you know, no matter if as i win or loss, you've got to move on and learn from your mistakes or from your short comings from the past week and just get ready for the next opponent. >> moving on. no gronk means more tell us bennett will step in and fill the void.
5:43 am
on any role as a patriot. >> you know me, i'm like michael marty i'm ready to go any time. i never come into the huddle. there's ebbs and flows in the game. i know at some point it's going to come our way. i'm going to have block more than i catch the ball. it doesn't bother me because i feel like i'm contributing to the team any >> oh microwave marty. game day at 11:30. see the rest of the interview with martell us bennett. our post game show is over on my tv 38 right after the game. finally the celtics were whole again. hoe ford missed eight games and crowder missed games with an ankle injury.
5:44 am
jae crowder from downtown. welcome back. he finished with nine. al horford the rainbow, we like that. both players knocking down three suppose on their first attempt. check out the shake, the bake and the floater, filthy. boston up three he is at the break. to the third, here come the miss tops. drummond is a big man and he can throw it down. 20 points, 17 boards for the detroit center. pistons up 3. jae crowder with the miss but big al, the put back with second left on the clock. he finished with 18 with the last two clutch. last chance for the pistons. block party. celtics win and al horford and jae crowder return. they beast the pistons. hockey the bruins take on the jets in the garden last night. second period, beleskey with the one-timer. he's second of the season. evidence staying in the red
5:45 am
feed. just buries the stick. 2-0 boston. burgeon on the power player. goal! he's going to win 4 one. >> some games you feel good and the puck seems to find you. and that was kind of one of those games tonight. it felt like when it bounces, it's going to come into me and things are going to work out. those other games were, you know, you do everything the same and you don't get the puck at sometimes. >> college football, harvard taking on yale. tied at 13. the reception puts the bulldogs up. that's how it would end. yale gets the up said. they beat harvard 21-14. matt ryan was at the -- the quarterback and former boston college football star had his
5:46 am
halftime of the bcu congame. the eagles won 13-0. spoke about the success he had, including bc's number two national ranking in 2007. >> we had some great players, great wins, the divide in the locker room can what you would expect. we were tight. we had a tight knit group of guys and who hat put in a lot of hard work together and kind of, you know, saw it come to life on the field. of it. some of my best football memories. >> big fan of mine. tough day for the umass minute men football team. they got beat by the byu cougars. which is correct, the yolk of the egg is white or the egg yolk is white. which is correct? the yolk of the egg is white or the egg yolk is white?
5:47 am
>> he's always doing these riddles. >> which one is correct? that's funny. we'll let you no he that answer. i think we'll let you know the answer at 7:00. you don't know it already. maybe somebody got it like that. >> a few folks out there. i've got to think about the weather right now. >> it's too much. >> a lot going on, a lot but not much. >> all right. >> i'll explain that. >> that better because it >> let's go -- let's go to the "s". >> on the weather bug network, here at wbz find it's 48 up there this morning. and these are the highest temperatures of the day, probably occurring this morning and then falling temperatures this afternoon. let's go to intermediate school. same temperature there. but out some sterling in the elementary school, it's falling down to 43 there. and we do have by these temperatures presently it's 33 at the sum et et -- summit at mount washington.
5:48 am
upper 30s to near 40s. so the cold air is going to be whipping around behind this developing storm which is will come over eastern massachusetts. look at all the cold air to the west. we have 20s, 30s, we have some teens. hey, pick a lake, we've got single numbers. churchill five above and oh, way -- baker lake, 2 below zero this morning. much of canada is getting pretty cold. in fact, much of the united states. so there's no way out of it. we just can't have this warmwe did but the cold air is definitely coming in. after we hit the upper 40s near 50 for a while this morning, the cold air whips in behind. you can see all the cold air across the nation. it's chilled in the deep south where it's in the 70s and 80s when we were showing the map last weekend. it will be 63 in new orleans today. we'll have a lot of wind. the low center is coming right over eastern massachusetts right now.
5:49 am
wind. once it goes by on the backside, there is a big pressure gradient. the wind is going to start howling and the natural weather service has a wind advisory up. so on the backside we're getting some snow falling in the berkshires. pitsfield, north adams going up in the green mountains and extending up through vermont, most of that is going to stay out there. this area of rain is whipping on through, but you can see it's almost contracting now so it isn't going to last long. this is where up in the mountains. some scattered coatings here. a few flakes and snow showers near the coastline. so here this thing whipping on through this morning. the cool air comes in so this afternoon we start by early this afternoon, back down the middle 40s in boston. the snow will tip to fall periodically in the mountains and even some in the wooster hills and then the cold air will continue to whip around, a few snow showers tonight and tomorrow over the wooster hills areas north and west and temperatures mostly in the 30s.
5:50 am
morning and right on through tomorrow with maybe 15 to high as 45-mile-per-hour and? gusts outer west. it will be blowing a lot of leaves around, that's for sure. it looks like just a chance of a snow flurry tomorrow. and then windy on tuesday with fewer clouds. bright and sunny on wednesday. clouding over on thanksgiving morning. it could be a shower or touch of mist in the afternoon. a mix up north and some showers friday and saturday. so thanksgiving day looking good for theoa so what is the highest temperature ever recorded in november in boston? 71, 77, 83, 89? >> let's go with bill belichick, 77. 83? no i can't believe that. >> november 2nd it was 83 degrees. we've had a lot of warm notifies not nearly that warm. >> we had a good november this year. >> so far so good.
5:51 am
>> not but blue squares, all right. thanks barry. well it is 5:50 right now. a beloved journalist remembered in washington, d.c. more on the
5:52 am
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. welcome back. hundreds gathered yesterday to remember pbs journalist gwen ifill.
5:54 am
she's known for breaking down barriers as a black female reporter and political moderator. the 61 year old died on monday of cancer. from the modeling runway to the assembly line. christi brinkley's career is taking her down a new path. we'll explain coming up when we get a preview of pbs sunday morning.
5:55 am
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5:57 am
. welcome back. model christi brinkley has been turning heads for years. but now cbs sunday morning tells us she's headed into a different field. >> i'm involved here. it's my new workout. >> reporter: no one will ever accused her of lack of enthusiasm. now she's even more motived. >> you could say -- >> reporter: without warranting a drink. it is her new wine level. the fizz is about the hottest thing in the liquor business right now.
5:58 am
each year lately. >> you are tasting nature, not chemicals. >> reporter: and christi brinkley and her partners think they found a way to break through the market clutter. of all the places i pictured you, the loading dock wasn't one of them, i have to say. >> believe me, i'm involved in every aspect of this. >> reporter: more than four decades into a modeling career, christi brinkley never met a camera lens she didn't like. an [ horn beeping ] >> point one at her and this sort of thing happens. >> cheers. . >> it certainly looks good. unfortunately we can't taste it, but she sparkles on the special edition of sunday morning. the food issue right here on wbz
5:59 am
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