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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  November 20, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> pauley: good morning. i'm jane pauley and this is a special edition of "sunday morning." it's our annual food issue. our invitation to eat, drink and be merry. eating and drinking are easier and merrier when there isn't that pesky shopping to do first
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>> house calls from your grocer. >> hello. >> everything you want including dinner. >> it's wild alaskan salmon. >> ordered online, delivered to your door. >> we think we're making cooking at home more affordable, more efficient, higher quality and better for the env grocery store. >> pauley: is your next meal coming out of the box? later on "sunday morning." if if the a meal at home from a box how about a delicious bite at the museum. our history that's not just on the gallery walls. >> now on display at san francisco's museum of modern art, delicious works by some of the world's master chefs.
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>> later on "sunday morning" a bite at the museum. >> bellissima is italian for beautiful. it's also the name of a sparkling wine from italy that has christie brinkley as its number one fan. >> i was watching an old movie -- >> nobody has to teach christie brinkley how to sell >> you can't say bellissima without bellissima! >> without wanting a drink. >> she has good reason to be enthusiastic about the prosecco wine she liked it so much she bought the, part of it. being bubbly about bubbly later on "sunday morning." >> the spice of life is enlivening meals all over our land but first it has to come
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which is where you find lee cowan. >> that's yellow turmeric and mostly what i grow. >> hawaii is a land of many mysteries but one growing in the ground has people clamoring for a taste. >> i don't know if it's a miracle crop but they're doing a lot of research with it so we'll let those folks decide. >> the tropical super food that's super popular ahead on "sunday morning." >> pauley: what's so say champions of the trio of foods under a cloud for quite some time. serena clears up the controversy. >> after years to high cholesterol the egg is finally coming out of its shell again. is the egg experiencing a renaissance? >> it is and we're taking it on with a great deal of joy.
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great foods are having a revival too. butter, potato and -- eggs. sounds like breakfast later on "sunday morning." >> pauley: and more. first, here are the headlines for sunday morning the 20th of november 2016. president-elect donald trump is spending the weekend at his golf yesterday trump welcomed former critic mitt romney. he's been mentioned as a possible secretary of state. new jersey governor chris christie will be among the visitors. he tweeted this morning again about the broadway show "hamilton" calling it highly overrated and demanding cast members apologize for their terrible behavior after making a
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show. mr. pence is the guest on "face the nation." in india a passenger train rolled off the tracks. no word on what caused the derailment. thousands of mourningers -- mourners turned out yesterday for the funeral of gwen ifill. she died of uterine cancer and was 61 year old. now today's weather. a cold front from the midwest sent temperatures plummeting and snow across the east and there's stormy weather from seattle south to san francisco. watch for are the same trouble spots in the week ahead. travel safe if you're trotting
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>> pauley: next, food at your
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>> pauley: we deliver is the
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a thing of the past? our story is covered by anna werner. >> why go to the super market when it can come to you? >> hello. how are you? >> i'm good. thank you. >> seattle mom christine holm gets groceries from amazon. >> thank you. >> on this day from the company's new prime now service. late to watch tv once the baby's in bed. >> those items come to her in just one hour. >> it's about saving time. there's lots of people who don't want to be in online. though is not what your pantry looks like i promised this is organized chaos. >> stephanie landry heads up prime now. >> you get your electronics,
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sorts of things. >> she walked us through this amazon facility where workers take those online orders and fill up brown paper bags for delivery. how many items can you keep in a smaller warehouse like this one? >> between 20,000 and 40,000 items. >> for larger items they have amazon fresh a bigger grocery store and it's not just amazon. google are among 50 major outlets offering online delivery. sales are up 15% from 2015 and could top $12 billion this year. >> feel free to dig in. there's a lot of food you get. >> the new shopping options aren't limited to plain groceries. >> we have garlic chives, celery. >> meet the meal kit.
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antibiotic-free chicken. >> complete with recipes. >> and a bottle of white wine vinegar. >> and precisely measured ingredients from the country's largest seller blue apron. the co-founder matt salzburg said subscribers order 8 million meals every month. >> it's not bad to cook at home and we think we're making it higher quality and better for the environment than how people cook today going to the grocery store. >> want to cook like martha stewart? she sells kits too and plated and new york time. lucy blatter gets hers from a company called hello fresh. >> for me it's most about not having the time to go through
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kids that's really stressful. taking them shopping is super stressful. they ask for everything. it makes it super convenient. >> she gets three meals a week for $60. we should point out you have a grocery store right across the street. i can see it from here. >> i do. >> with all the new services profits can't be far behind, right? >> i call it the sheep effect. not so fast said analyst. >> they're doing it, they're doing it. just stop and think. is that right for you. >> so grocery stores are not dead? >> no, not at all. >> he says online shopping accounts for just 1.5% of the $800 billion grocery market. a key reason is that right now he says buying groceries online is work.
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difficult to figure out what can of baked beans on the shelf i want? >> you don't have a frame of preference. you see it all at once and i'm usually familiar with the layout and go on to the next category. >> and online shopping may send you time but not money. prices can be up to 25% higher and jetta said data shows 90% of traditional grocery store. >> i like personal being able to see the sales. i love going up and down the aisles and seeing the ones i didn't get to see. it makes me feel good to see the products. >> by trying to move the process online are they trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist? >> i would say they are and trying to invest in something
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successful and people are generally happy with. >> but don't tell that to amazon's stephanie landry. >> i see real solutions to people's problems and lives which are very busy and hustle and bustle and providing a solution to make peoples lives better. >> so maybe on a thanksgiving to come your cooking will be out of the box. definitely good enough to eat. >> that looks insanely >> but in the long run will the recipe last?
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[burke] hot dog. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ? we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ? >> pauley: we'll take a bite at the museum. >> at san francisco's museum of modern art record crowds have been feasting their eyes on ellsworth kelly and warhol and then feasting on the works of
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>> it seems obvious. >> chef cory lee re-imagined the museum as another museum gallery. >> people stumble in and sit down and say what is this? >> it offers signature dishes of the world's most celebrated chefs. >> it likes like a museum program and see dishes from around the world i think it's disorienting. >> something they didn't expect but sp >> and continues the experience of discovery but with food. >> lee is a celebrated chef himself. his restaurant is blocks away but the 37-year-old does not serve any of his own creations at insitu. >> i think of him as our curator of food. >> he asked him to design a
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>> he had curiosity and i explained if we wanted to do an exhibition our curator would identify the artist and bring limb to our museum. >> i wanted to do the same food so you can try a dish from belgium or hong kong. it can have a fun and new experience with food. >> chefs from all over the u.s., europe and asia h insitu teaching the kitchen staff to reproduce their dishes perfectly. when the executive chef brandon rogers prepares fresh steamed crab claw it looks as it did when it was served in 1970. >> we got the same bowl and the same proportion and try to imitate that exactly.
9:19 am
roasted duck breast from california's wine country. >> the dishes from 1995 so within the first year of them opening. >> some of the classic dishes served here are no longer on the menus where they originally appeared and sometimes the chefs who created them are among the diners here. alice waters stopped in to try the ago. >> there's pressure when someone tries a dish they entrusted you with is a weird feeling but that's the fun of trying something new. that has turmeric, ginger, lemon. >> coming up, going for the gold. >> this portion of sunday morning is sponsored by bounty,
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>> good these golden stems be the true spice of life? lee cowan traveled all the way to hawaii to find out. >> not far from the surfers paradise on the north shore grows a spice as golden as the hawaiian sunrise that might just
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of healthy glow. it's turmeric. a member of the ginger family that before washed looks like an ugly carrot. it's not a root. it's stem is where all the good stuff is found. native to indians it's been around thousands of years but only recently caught on in the west. now people can't >> this year do you know how many thousands of pounds of turmeric you'll ship out? >> tonnage. major tonnage. >> phil greene and his wife bought the farm a decade ago? >> it's a beautiful day. >> they planned a semi-quiet retirement until turmeric became a talked about super food.
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to me it was a powdered spice in a jar that stayed on your shelf until you made a curry recipe. >> curry is the most common use but turmeric's taste is only part of its allure. scattered to the wind it's a sacred part of hindu ceremony and has been used as a dye for fabric and gives mustard its it a powerful weapon against disease. >> parkinson's, arthritis, diabetes. >> it has an effect? >> it's such a wonderful compound it works in every stance.
9:24 am
dallas. he said thousands of studies have shown it's not only proven to be a powerful antioxident but can take on something as serious as cancer. >> it has mechanisms. >> you know it works but not suhy to be done but the word is out at restaurants like cafe gratitude in los angeles. here turmeric is mixed with steamedal mon steamed almond milk. >> that has turmeric, gingerer,
9:25 am
it's crazy. it's become a phenomenon it's the buzz word in the health world. >> google's trend report called turmeric the rising star of 2016. is it as good as all the hype and as healthy and good for us? >> people love it and come back for it. do i know what it's providing to people, no? >> the greens aren't sure either cash crop so be it. >> farmers grow what people want, what people demand. we kept increasing because it kept selling. >> we all heard the advice eat the colors of the rainbow. here in hawaii it may be the pot
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>> pauley: food lovers welcome any word that things once thought to be bad for your health may be good and throughout the morning we have news of exactly that. >> hello, laidy. >> terry golson is a good egg. ask her chickens. happy to be home all 13 of them living in her backyard outside boston. >> this is florence and pearl. this chicken is veronica. >> do you look at them as the daughters you didn't have? >> not quite that far. i do recognize that they're chickens. >> and from chickens come eggs. what do you use your eggs for? >> i have two eggs every
9:27 am
that's orange. dedicated a cookbook to this single subject. talk about putting all your eggs in one basket. what came first the chicken or the egg? >> i like eggs. before i had my chickens but only after i got the chickens and started eating eggs that were so good they realized eggs could stand alone. >> but for decades eggs were a no-no because they were linked to high cholesterol. well, guess what? recent research suggests eggs are ok again so get them while they're hot. >> the entire egg is so luscious and wonderful. >> americans agree. we spent $6.7 billion on eggs over the past year alone.
9:28 am
>> i definitely have a love affair with eggs. i do. >> now that's something to cluck about. >> pauley: something's tasty in the at >> wild blue lobster. >> he's alive. >> pauley: next. it'll get better. i'm at the edward jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. (laughing) you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal.
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>> pauley: the great dane is the perfect nickname for the chef of the restaurant many critics have proclaimed the finest in the world. we take a peek in the kitchen. >> flour and not exactly what you might expect to find on your plate unless of course you're here. this restaurant in copenhagen not only has two stars but was
9:30 am
then again in 2011 and 2012 and 2014. >> never did i expect or dream up that it became what it is today. never >> 38-year-old chef opened 2003 limiting himself strictly to ingredients in the nordic region. back then it was considered a tall order. >> if you were not coo forget about it. everything else was stupid. >> so noma off the danish word for food looked for culinary explanation from the land itself. foragers like michael larsson collect ingredients every day rain or shine. >> you can use it to make jam. there's so many things you can
9:31 am
>> what's wrong with grabbing a bunch and sticking them in the freezer. >> that's the difference between fine dining and normal dining. we need the best every day and it needs to be fresh. back in the kitchen they get to work. >> it's sliced arugula. >> that's beautiful. >> cooked >> everything is fresh. >> here's a blue lobster. >> he's alive. >> he's alive. >> how much does it cost to eat at noma with drinks averaging $400 a person and if you envision everybody had a pay to enable them to have a nice home, a car, any meal would be very expensive or more expensive. >> but the elegance of prestige
9:32 am
childhood in rural macedonia. >> there's no refrigerators. you pick something from the ground or kill an animal. if you want a chicken you have to grab a chicken and -- >> he came when he was 12 year old and dropped out of school at 15 and began working as a restaurant apprentice a year later during a different culi >> food was like microwave food like ready-made-meals most the time. >> noma turned copenhagen into a food destination and him into food royalty >> it was a game changer for noma and for the city and the nordic region. >> but the story doesn't end there. in a few months the restaurant will move to a new part of town.
9:33 am
small urban farm which is amazing for a cook to actually be able to pick your parsley a minute before you need it. >> until then he'll also open a pop-up mexico and again filling plates is exactly what this man does best. >> i understand it's just food but food is so much more than that as well. om meal it's like a real transcendent moment and for others it's just a vessel to enjoy the conversation better and i'm perfectly fine with everything as long as they in joy their time with us. >> pauley: ahead -- >> this is a young cheese made only four days ago.
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. moving forward with compassion. moving forward with care when you need it. moving forward with laughter and a healthy heart. moving forward with family. why move forward alone when we can move forward together. fallon health. moving forward. together. >> one taste of this cheese and you may be tested to say holy cow. we find out why.
9:36 am
and the singing of the songs. this is their way of communing with the lord so is the work they do in this community in the connecticut town of wait for it, bethlehem. although she might deny it the big cheese among the 38 sisters is mother noella an traditional cheese making. a 2002 pbs documentary dubbed her the cheese nun. did you eat a lot of cheese growing up? >> no. we didn't. >> she enter in 1973. >> i was a college dropout and went to st. lawrence because it was the most radical school in the country. i didn't even know cows before i
9:37 am
many things you would have never done and i happen to fall in love with a cow named shiba and learned to make cheese. >> the dairy that began with shiba's arrival helps them be self-sustaining. one sister serves the cow their breakfast and vice >> every morning i take my cup of coffee to the cow and squirt milk right into the coffee. >> you can do that? >> yes, and it makes it foamy -- >> like a cappuccino. >> a cow-paccino. >> she started making raw milk cheese but her early efforts didn't quite slice it.
9:38 am
>> i was praying for an old french woman to teach me but a young one came and her grandmother taught her how to make this cheese. >> so in a sense your prayers were answered. >> definitely answered. >> what's made here is called bethlehem cheese. wheels of it age in the tiny cheese cellar. >> this right now is a young cheese made only four days ago so you wouldn't want to eat this now. it would be rubbery. >> it's the science behind another noela who earned her ph.d in micro biology from the university of connecticut. >> what grew is the white powder and i did my doctorate on that. >> she went to france and explored the cheese caves and became an expert how different
9:39 am
flavor of cheese. >> touch it. see how smooth that is. >> it's silky. >> you should see it under a microscope. >> we're looking at flavor on a microscopic level. i love your fungi. >> thank you. >> today younger nuns an intern learn how to separate the curds om joke aside mother noella sees different things. >> i see god in the microorganisms and for me it can be sacred.
9:40 am
for us or work is also a prayer. >> pauley: ahead, one potato,
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9:43 am
>> it's challenging. the dishes invented here how do we keep people and grandchildren and people interested in those dishes. that's my biggest challenge here. >> the history -- >> and bring it forward. first formal restaurant. this kitchen is the birth place of what's growing into a $780 billion industry. it's influence on our nation's menus is unmistakable. eggs benedict, baked alaska. >> it's the start and finish. >> and the del monaco steak all made their name here.
9:44 am
>> aged, boneless. >> the del monaco steak and this is it. >> with a history that dates back to 1837. >> we're going to del monaco's for super. >> lunch at del monaco's. >> join us on sunday at del monaco's. >> their fingerprints are on more than our >> most presidents, abraham lincoln ate here and teddy roosevelt. >> in the book there's ten restaurants that changed america. del monaco's may be on the cover. it's like kleenex or xerox became shorthand for restaurant. >> that's right. >> but all ten make up a delicious slice of our cultural
9:45 am
that's to understand who we are. >> and how we think. >> how we look at the world, what sorts of things we desire and how we distinguish yourselves as americans. restaurants like mama lioni's and the mandarin in san francisco which elevated it beyond chopped suey. silvia's and the regiona regional cuisine. and the high-brow shaped restaurants and the middle-brow. howard johnson's? >> howard johnson's is the basis for not only the fast food
9:46 am
industry like chile's or denny s denny's. >> americans now spend more money on eating out than on buying food to cook at home and even if you never step foot in the place that started it you will don't ever forget your favorite neighborhood joint has more in common with iconic restaurants like del monaco's. have you beeom you open up the menu and see del monaco steaks and you think that's my place. >> the last time that happened to me i was with my mom and she told the waiter he works where they invented that.
9:47 am
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9:49 am
>> when it comes to chicken some people like it hot as jan crawford discovered. >> in nashville the line goes down the block for what once was the chicken. >> it's an addictive combination of pleasure and pain. fried chicken doused in cayenne and enough spices to make you
9:50 am
that's father and son owner. nick bishop and nick junior. they fry up the chicken five ways including hot, damn hot and shut the cluck up. why do people want to eat things that cause them pain? years ago with the family of this woman. >> of course it started with a woman. my great uncle sergeant prince being as they say a womanizer. >> a womanizer who was cheating on his girlfriend so she decided revenge was a dish best served
9:51 am
fried chicken. >> but he liked it. >> he did. >> and that was the beginning. >> we'll see that was the beginning but it's so sad we don't know who she was. >> but her legacy lived on. great uncle thornton started a restaurant using the girlfriend's recipend prince's hot chicken shack still packs them in. these days there's competition even from some of the big boys. >> kfc crispy chicken tenders. >> and for those with a stomach of steel there's the death row chicken at shakes. cooks have to actually wear gas
9:52 am
a waiver. >> you can start now. >> it's no gimmick even a few bites burn. but on the night we were there comedian chad wright except asking for more chewing his way to victory. there was a guy with three bites and had to run out. >> amateur. it's sad. that make you? >> an idiot. >> and maybe that's why when it comes to taking the heat andre has a confession. >> you have different levels so which one do you like? >> mild. >> you like the mild? >> i can't tolerate anything
9:53 am
>> at least a potato i day? >> i do, yeah. >> he has potatoes in his roots. >> it's a staple on our dining table every night growing up. how are you? >> so when he opened up the restaurant in 2011 guess what >> every item is potato based. >> you can't have cilantro and jalapeno. >> the humble potato isn't so humble any more. it's a star. dicker serves about 1,000 customers a day at his four east coast locations of potatopia.
9:54 am
unlimite unlimited veggies. >> the potato becomes the blank canvas for your imagination. >> exactly. >> white potatoes are now the single most eaten vegetable in the u.s. but when carb-free diets were all the rage potatoes were force to go underground. >> the problem is not the potato but the technique and how you cook it and what you add to >> seeming to back him up the most recent usda dietary guidelines recommends eating starchy vegetables including potatoes. having it plain is best for your health but flavor-wise -- >> there's so many techniques you can put the potato in. it's mind blowing. it is. >> take french fries for example, back in the 1800s legend had it thomas jefferson
9:55 am
white house dinner. now alen dicker is poise to lodge something equally revolutionary. what is this? >> a dough with creamy mashed potato filling. >> do you feel like it's ready for a comeback? >> absolutely. >> bet you can't top that. brinkley.
9:56 am
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places. (vo) the new pixel, phone by google. exclusively at verizon. the only next gen network that lets you get the most out of it. how is this possible? (vo) because verizon lte advanced delivers 50% faster peak speeds in 450 cities, coast to coast. buy a pixel and get up to $400 back. and get 20 gigs of data with no surprise overages, and 4 lines for only $40 each. why settle when you can have it all on verizon? >> pauley: eat, drink and be merry. a special edition of "sunday morning." here again is jane pauley. uptown girl was a huge hit for billy jole when he was about to
9:58 am
these days she's an advocate for bellissima a sparkling wine. upbeat and as mark phillips discovered very hands on. >> i'm involved here. it's my new workout. >> no one will ever accuse christie brinkley with a lack of enthusiasm. now she's even more motivated. >> you can't say bellissima without bellissima is her very own wine label. a new range of prosecco. the italian fizz that's the hottest thing in the liquor business right now. u.s. sales are up a third each year lately. >> you are tasting nature not chemicals -- >> and christie brinkley and her partners think they found a way to breakthrough the market
9:59 am
of them. >> believe me i'm involved in every aspect of this. >> more than four decades into a modelling career, christie brinkley never met a camera lens she didn't like or liked her back. point one at her and this sort of thing happens. >> cheers. >> prosecco. long the pre-dinner tickle in italy is being marketed in without the price tag. more bubbles for the buck. were you a prosecco involved before you got involved in the business? >> yeah, i've had my fair share. >> in the region of italy about an hour north of venice where anything that calls itself prosecco has to come from they can't make enough of the stuff.
10:00 am
everybody wants prosecco. >> if you're going into the wine business this is the place and where christie has come. how can you tell these grapes. >> our grapes are gorgeous. >> she's not only found a wine she likes christie brinkley seems to have found the fountain of youth. she's 62 years old i'll say that again, she's 62 years old going on 22 by the look of her. >> i've been around a long time. has been 37 years since she became the nation's pin-up girl appearing on three consecutive sports illustrated swimsuit issue covers from 1979 to 1981. the only time anyone's ever done that. and her life has been like a
10:01 am
generation if a little more glamorous. not everybody has the pop-star husband and music video you can more or less play yourself. >> i have a theme song wherever i go. ? uptown girl ? >> billy joel was one of four husbands and two divorces. two good and two bad there were three children along the way. it's been a life of mostly highs and some significant lows from her family's beginnings in michigan to surfer girl california to an art student's life in paris in a post office the legend goes. >> i never wanted to be a model. it was never a dream of mine and i was a little embarrassed and i
10:02 am
do this and i was like, well, i can afford to take us to greece. and they were like ok. we like that. >> whenever she's been tapped out she's always seem to bounce back never with a higher or more unlikely rebound than when she was asked to play roxy hart in the musical "chicago." the reviews were mixed. >> i never felt retired. i always get insulted when i i read former model like former? what do they think i'm doing? i'm still here. i'm not doing anything. >> christie has used her name and product promotion before.
10:03 am
gym equipment. >> total gym. >> and in keeping with the always look your best theme fans should know prosecco is organic and includes a sugar-free option. >> it's zero sugar, zero carbs. safe for people with diabetes or on a diet. >> what the world needs diet prosecco. down the hatch. and if anybody think christie brinkley's new line is a way of toasting the end of her career, toast again. >> it's like people are hoping to get a bottle of my prosecco like a cork and say yay, she's retired. that's not going to happen right retired. that's not going to happen right away. ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort.
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i had frequent heartburn, doctor recommended prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning. 24 hours and zero heartburn, it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10 straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed >> nourishing the soul as well as the body is the goal behind a restaurant tracy smith now takes us to. >> on a busy corner in atlanta's old fourth ward is arguably one of the hottest restaurants in the city. here at staple house the open kitchen is a hive of perfection
10:06 am
sell-out crowds and above their heads are quotes from famous fighters like muhammad ali. if you're dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough which perfectly describes this dream. a dream as big as the heart itself. >> chocolate mousse. >> jen and ryan were famous for throwing five-star their home and in 2012 they wanted to open a real place of their own. that the idea open a small neighborhood restaurant. >> simple. >> simple. >> and they were in the middle of making it happen when ryan went to his doctor for a stomach ailment. that's when their lives caved in. >> he said i'm 99.4% sure it's
10:07 am
have six to 12 months. >> how did you hear he was sick? >> she is ryan's younger sister. >> i'm sorry. >> it's ok. >> it's an emotional story. it's our story and it's joyful and amazing but it's also hard and a bit sad at time. >> wen the neot >> when the news got out friends and neighbors wrapped their collective arms around ryan and threw a fundraiser. >> it was raise to help him out. >> $275,000. >> was that enough? >> more than enough. >> and they used the leftovers to start the giving kitchen a fund to help local restaurant
10:08 am
abby mcdonald's son was born premature and the baby has an expensive machine to help keep him alive and the parents have help with the bills. >> what does the giving kitchen do in >> pay rent for four months. >> they don't personally but do anything to help you out. it's refreshing. >> the giving kitchen has helped more than 600 workers with grants adding up to more than $1 million but there was nothing money could do for ryan. he passed away in january 2014 at age 36. still his family kept his dream alive and opened staple house
10:09 am
his wife jen runs the place. his old pal ryan smith does the cooking and his sister cara is in charge of service. >> i'd eat here with a day off. >> the editors of bon appetit felt the same way naming it the best new restaurant in america. best restaurant 2016. >> yes. >> the charity gets a percentage >> 100% of our net profit after taxes and pay everyone we donate those back to the giving kitchen. >> 100%. >> anything leftover. >> you have to believe somewhere ryan must be smiling. you guys had a conversation on what the menu might be in heaven. >> yeah.
10:10 am
chicken wings. >> staple house could be as close to heaven as a restaurant can get. a reminder a dream like a meal itself is best when it's shared with the ones you love.
10:11 am
10:12 am
>> pauley: for generations countless american co their place at the table. now michelle muller tells us one woman is working to give them the recognition they deserve. >> smiling, happy aunt jamima known for her pancakes. >> her smiling face has been selling pancake mix since 1889. aunt jamima up with of the most recognizable, enduring and
10:13 am
a happy plantation nanny who had little to do with the reality of slavery. >> the idea of a mammy was a constructed image and it was a myth on top of a myth. so i'm going to make cornbread distressing we have every year for thanksgiving. >> tony martin, journalist and cook set out to uncover the real african-american cooking in the jamima code. >> the book was conceived of as a beautiful coffee table book that would contradict the negative degraded image of this enslaved woman in a box. >> so this book is from 1827. >> in her own collection of more than 300 rare and historic cookbooks from african-americans
10:14 am
research. >> cookbooks was a way for women in particular to find their identity. the recipe as they choose and stories they tell about themselves is unique to each writer. >> she published her cookbook in 1866. >> smhe credits the white women in her community to help her bring the book to print and it's a lovely expression of community that existed between >> chef rashard had her own tv cooking show in new orleans well before julia child took to the airwaves. >> what we learned about her is how she thought of herself. she portrays herself as a lady. >> her own cookbook was self-published in 1939. >> the great james beard helped publish the book so in 1940 the
10:15 am
now guess what -- >> her image. >> it's not there. they've removed it. >> i don't think you cooked enough. >> no, i didn't. >> she hopes the cookbooks with their stories and recipes will provide a richer, truer picture of african-american contributions to the american table. >> there's much more to our cooking and who we stand artistic aspect are evident in the books. >> and isn't that what thanksgiving is all about, sharing food and stories and celebrating our commonality and
10:16 am
>> pauley: here's something worth spreading, butter is back. >> this one is from vermont. she's a bona fide butter lover. >> i would like to point out 50% of what's going on in your refrigerator is butter. how long have humans been eating butter? >> thousands and t year. it's a rich history. just talking about butter gets her all melty. >> you can cream it, you can whip it, layer it and still it comes to the table naked by itself and it's delicious there too. >> last year the average american ate more than 22 sticks of butter. holy cow. for decades --
10:17 am
imperial margin. >> for years margarine stole the show then came news of unhealthy transfats in some margarines. >> eating margarine over butter may not be as heart smart as we thought. >> and we were suddenly back to the basics of butter. >> it's so elemental and just tastes so good. >> still at 800 calories a stick, being a heavy could make you a heavy butter user. right now the usda guidelines discourage against eating too much saturated fats including butter. >> you don't sit down to a stick or half a stick of butter. you have a tablespoon here or there. >> and even in moderation one thing is certain -- butter makes everything -- >> better.
10:18 am
butter. >> somewhere julia child is smiling. >> pauley: ahead -- >> i don't know i state i haven't shipped at least one >> i don't know i state i haven't shipped at least one cake too. >> pauley: the island tradition that takes the cake. multiply. hello, all of you. ? happy thanks for giving! thanks for giving lien the strength to outrun her brother. thanks for giving victor the energy to be the rowdiest fan. and joseph, the ability to see monsters. when you choose walgreens, you choose to make a difference... like how every vitamin and flu shot you get at walgreens helps give life-changing vitamins and vaccines... to children in need. so, really...
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risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis the right treatment for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. >> cakes like these are a tradition on one island. dessert island you may call it we set sail. >> this island available only by boat is off maryland but a world apart. british settlers first came in the 17th century and today it's a tranquil place unless you happen onto the kitchen of the
10:21 am
how many can you do in a day? >> no more than ten. >> no more than ten? >> i like to keep it at six or seven because i don't know who is going to order them. >> mary wishell ships to customers on the mainland but has no website. how do they find out about you? >> a neighbor tells a neighbor and the son tells or daughter or whatever. i have no idea. >> it is a process. eight to ten thin layers. each baked in its own pan and then carefully iced. >> i put a dab of frosting. >> he island roots go back countless generations and like most women here she learned to bake smith island cake as a child but no one really knows how it all began.
10:22 am
layers. >> does it taste as good as it looks? it does. and when she started to take them up to the legislature shay voted the cake the official maryland dessert in 2008. >> we were howling like we won the super bowl. >> but it's also suffered setback. coastline lost to a once thriving seafood industry now struggling and a population that's dwindled to around 200. cakes are on the rise every since a business school grad happen to taste one. when did you go from going this is really good cake to see if there's a business? >> miami immediately.
10:23 am
smith island baking company in 2009. he started by visiting the island and talking to mary aida marshall. >> she said i love the idea i'll pray for you. >> murphy first opened the bakery right on the island with an all-local staff but after seven years he moved across the water to maryland vexed island's idiosyncrasies. the bakery still employs any original smith islanders who want to stay on. how do you no if it tastes good or not? >> when there's none left. >> but though she wish the bakery well, mrs. marshall wonders whether it's still a
10:24 am
baked on smith island. >> it's just our dessert plain and simple. more "doing chores for mom" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper if you've been diagnosed with cancer, searching for answers may feel overwhelming. so start your search with our teams of specialists
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the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at >> pauley: and now to john dickerson for more on what's ahead for face the nation. >> we'll speak to mike pence. >> pauley: we'll be win next week here on "sunday morning." >> once i cross the property line i'm not free any more. once i go out to the world i line i'm not free any more. once i go out to the world i belong in a way to everyone else. >> pauley: lady gaga. with asthma not well controlled
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>> pauley: we leave you this sunday morning before thanksgiving among the wild turkeys at the aleghenny national forest near foster brooks, pennsylvania. captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations captioned by media access group at wgbh >> pauley: i'm jane pauley, we wish all of you a happy thanksgiving and hope you'll join us when our trumpet sounds
10:29 am
10:30 am
captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," auditions for key roles in the trump administration and democrats look for a new way forward. president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence hunkered down this weekend to interview cab dates for top positions in their new administration. >> we're seeing tremendous talent, people that, as i we will make america great again. >> dickerson: but will they? not everyone is so sure. friday night mr. pence received an unexpected message while attending a performance of the music hamilton. >> we, sir, we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> dickerson: we'll talk to vice president-elect pence about that and get an update on mr. trump's cabinet pick. kentucky senator rand paul is


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