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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>>me too, fast asleep. your top stories, weather, and traffic are all straight ahead on wbz. >>the news at 5:00 starts right now. what season are we in? wind chill are in the teens right now. hopefully you've got your snow brush too. developing this morning four police officers shot in similar attacks across the country. the latest on the investigation and the man hunts underway right now. a mother of 4 days after a investigating this as an apparent murder. what the victim's family is saying. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning to you. it's 5:00 right now thanks for joining us. i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. it is monday november 21st, thanksgiving week is here, but you may need to brush off your car this morning. there's actually been in
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thanksgiving, danielle. what's going on? >>is christmas later this week or thanksgiving? i'm confused. look at the wind chills right now. 19 is what it feels like at logan airport. 10 degrees in worcester, 20s for the wind chills for the rest of us. you want to bundle up this morning. it's still snowing some spots. the accumulation was greatest in the western part of the state. now there are still some flakes in but they are coming down from boston through metro west, newton, framingham, up to acton too. the roadways should be fine maybe just a couple of spots that are untreated. it's definitely slow going in the western part of the state. 31 in boston right now, the coldest reading we've had so far this
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per hour, nantucket gusting to 45 right now, so that's the added chill to the air, and it might cause some isolated pockets of damage or outages this afternoon. so the wind stays with us, the flurries end and we don't get out of the upper 30s for highs today. sunshine comes out, windy and cold, mid 30s for the ride home. let's get you on the roads. it looks decent. a live look at the expressway right now by columbia road, light traffic. it is starting t your drive time is accident, 71 minutes from the split to the pike. 95 and 24 north and so is route 3, nothing to slow you down. a mother of four days after a fight outside a -- dies after a fire outside a party. >>police are investigating whether or not anyone should face charges, nicole jacobs was the latest from lowell.
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>>i didn't want to believe it because it didn't seem real. >> reporter: there are many questions surrounding what happened here late saturday night on patucket boulevard. >>for them to take her life away over something -- because an attitude or something. everybody knows these girls. they are a pack of wolves and it's disgusting. >> reporter: this man says his mother was jumped, beaten, and possibly stabbed by a group of girls. >>first they say she got into a fight and a car ran then i found out from neighbors saying there was 8 girls jumping a lady and stomping her. i was like that was my mother. >> reporter: the fight started at a party. the district attorney's office confirms the 44-year-old mother and grandmother was asked to leave the party. family members say she was with her other son who has downs syndrome. >>arms and fists were going and i seen a woman loop around and
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mother's name that he loved her. >> reporter: no one has been arrested for what happened here, but they simply want justice for the mother. that was nicole jacobs reporting. to a developing story four police officers shot in similar attacks across the country. a man hunt is underway right now in texas where a police detective was shot and killed while writing a ticket sunday morning. the officer was sitting in his him, walked up to the window and opened fire shooting the officer twice in the head. police released a picture of a person of interest. two officers shot in missouri late last night an officer shot near kansas city. the suspect was also shot and the suspect is now dead. the officer is expected to survive. and in st. louis, missouri, investigators say a police sergeant was ambushed while sitting in traffic.
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cruiser and someone opened -- a car pulled up alongside the cruiser and shot the officer. the sergeant is in critical condition. the suspect was killed in the shoo-out with police. in florida a police officer was shot while conducting a traffic stop on san belly island -- sanibel island. the officer was in his patrol car when he was shot. the officer was treated and released from the hospital. this was the first officer-involved shooting ever a hit-and-run caught on camera, an elderly woman knocked to the ground. today one man is headed to court to face charges. anna meiler is live with the story. >> reporter: police arrested the man on an unrelated warrant, but this morning he's expected to face charges for hitting a woman at this intersection and taking off. police say they've tracked
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of this white van seen in this video hitting a 72-year-old woman who was walking in a crosswalk knocking her to the ground. >>that's horrible, just tragic. there's no reason for that to happen. >> reporter: officials say it happened friday this morning at the intersection broadway and 4th street in chelsea. >>they don't know how to slow down it's like a racetrack. >> reporter: a witness says the van initially stopped and the woman tried to make sure the driver saw her. >>the car was at the stop and she was banging on the car and the car wasn't paying attention so he hit her. >> reporter: witnesses called 911 and rushed to help. police say the woman was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises on her face. investigators released this video asking the public for help finding the driver. on saturday they received a tip leading them to 25-year-old arnold hernandez of lin. >>that could be your mom or
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arraigned this morning on leaving the scene of an an accident and for driving without a license. a suspect accused of assaulting two boston police officers on boston commons due in court today. the officers were trying to arrest joseph demayo on a warrant out of connecticut friday when they say he turned violate. -- violent. both officers suffered head and knee injuries while trying to subdue him. they were treated. demayo is facing several on police officers. dozens of groups rallying against hate in boston today. there's been an increase of reports of racial and antereligious incidents across the country since the election. the mayor and attorney general will be there this morning. their message, no matter who you supported in the election, hate crimes are not acceptable. a transition meeting resumes at trump tower this morning. president-elect donald trump met
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he looks to fill key posts in his administration. cbs's henna daniels has the latest. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump copied another day of high profile meetings in -- kept another day of high profile meetings in new jersey. >>we've made a couple of deals. >> reporter: among republican job seekers who visited sunday former transition chair and new jersey governor chris christie. >>he's a very talented man, great mayor rudy giuliani who is under consideration for secretary of state. the president-elect is also considering formal rival mitt romney for the post. the two spoke saturday. >>i would tell you it was not only cordial, but also it was very substantive. >> reporter: many democrats remain concerned about those already offered key roles in
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>>he's got need a very thorough vetting. many of the statements are old but still troubling trump's soon to be chief of staff defended sessions. >>this is an honorable, decent human being we're talking about. >> reporter: the president- elect has earned by partisan praise for nominating pompeo as c.i.a. chief. henn 6 people are safe this morning. rescued from a sink boat off the coast. barrack obama is back with a closer look -- brianna is back with the story. >>the boat was 5 miles off the coast when it was rescued sunday. they were taking on water, leaving the crews little
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to help rescue the people from the vessel. >>it was very gratifying to us that we were able to respond so quickly, get on scene to make an attempt to try to dewater the vessel and have enough time to realize it wasn't going to work and get everyone to safety. >>no one was hurt in the rescue and all 6 crew members were taken to new bedford to be evaluated by ems. some classes will resume this morning for students at the bruce school in lawrence. a fire burned there last week causing major water and smoke damage to the building. today only grades 3, 4, and 5 will return to school. patriots have the day off after beating the 49ers on the road. >>it was a happy home coming for brady. dan roche has reaction from california. >> reporter: the talk all week was tom brady playing in his hometown area for the first time
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he was cheered from the time he took to the field -- all the way through as he completed 24 of 40 passes for 280 yards in leading the pats to a 30-17 win, a victory he will remember a long time. >>it was very cool. it doesn't get any better than that. to have the first chance to ever do that was very special. it felt it from the last play of the game. >> reporter: he now has 199 victories, one shy of the all-time record said by manning. he'll have a chance for number 200 they gist the jets sunday. with the patriots in california, i'm dan roche, wbz sports. coming up a heads-up for commuter rail passengers. >>the schedule changes taking effect today, what you need to know. and concerns about first night in boston, the funding
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celebration this year. feeling like winter out there, a real chill to the air with some snow and we have a wind advisory, damaging wind gusts will be possible today. i'll take you through the timeline coming up. i had a great visit at the whitamore elementary school. they were an excellent group of students, barry said, and their core responsible, respectful and
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. wbz helps you usher in the season. the blue many others performed last night. the celebration marked the start of blink, a free show that runs in the evenings through january 1st. that's one good-looking tree. >>it looks good. >>and just like that we've turned the corner from fall to the holiday season. >>mother nature is making it feel like it too. i couldn't believe the snow i saw on the ground this morning. >>you've got to find the brush brush this morning.
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the 20s. >>it's cold. >>kids need to be bundled up at the bus stop. this is going to be the scene in a lot of communities this morning, snow on the cars. scrape the windshield, brush it off. thanks to peg for this shot from worcester. there's still snow coming down in responsibilities the western part of the state -- in spots. the western part of the state where parts received several inches of snow and it's still coming down right now. that's wher spots in terms of traveling. anything that's untreated could be slippery. snow is still flying including through the city of boston of the we've got areas of snow south of town, a couple of flurries towards marsh field. light snow traveling along the turnpike. north of to your recollection burlington up -- north of town too,
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lowell. and then a couple of flurries in amherst, some steadier snow pitsfield into vermont. temperatures 20s and 30s without the wind factored in. it's 31 in boston right now but the wind chill is 19. 11 in worcester. we're talking winter negotiation the hat, scarf, and gloves. the wind -- we're talking the wind gear this main story this day, not the snow. the wind stays strong from saturday to finish today. gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour may cause some isolated pockets of damage or outages as it continues to gust. the wind advisory is up until 10:00 p.m. tonight. it's on the backside of the low. can you see the spin? this low will be pulling off to the north today, and behind it we get a quiet stretch of weather, it just features
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break out. tuesday looks bright, still a chill to the air. the wind will gust 30 to 35 tomorrow as opposed to 40 to 506789 wednesday morning a lot of traveling going on. look at the map, quiet across new england but rain and snow in parts of the great lakes. the storm have it r is going to approach us wednesday -- storm center is going to approach us and it may be cold eh wednesday i'm not we're going to watch it closely wednesday night -- wednesday night. we're going to watch it closely. clouds will coming in tonight. 7-day forecast, less wind wednesday, good day for travel. shower or flurry thanksgiving day. it will be gray with temperatures in the mid 40s, a few more showers toned the week
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weekend. eastbound lanes of the mass. pike, no issues. there is a 40-mile-per-hour speed limit in the berkshires for snow. snow is falling by burlington. there is an accident on route 3 northbound after exit 25 and 128. a car slid into the median. we got word of a second car accident in lowell. this is on 495 south at the lowell connector. watch out for slick roads. slow down this morning. changes to schedule starting today. the mbta says they're updating the departure and arrival times to more accurately reflect their services. a revamped schedule took place in may with the new scheduling building off of the changes. for a full list you can go to it won't happen right away but it looks like you'll be able to take the time to jeannette stadium even when there is not a
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round trips. the kraft group will kick in $200,000 for t the program won't start until late 2018. 5:20 right now. boston's first night's fireworks may be fizzling out. these were the fireworks that welcomed in new year last winter. fund-raising efforts have fallen short this year. there is also a fireworks display earlier in the evening committed to working with organizers. >>there seems to be an issue getting the fireworks paid for. the first night they're looking to move the celebration to copley square. >>the mayor says the city will also continue working with first night to help them raise money. thanksgiving served up a little early at the boston rescue mission. the mayor helped dish out turkey yesterday. 400 families were able to eat a hot thanksgiving
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the mission also have distributing thanksgiving food baskets to people who can not afford the supplies. up next the patriots taking on the 49ers without some key players. >>plus tom brady making his hometown debut what he says about playing in san francisco for the first time. and it's set to be the biggest thanksgiving travel rush in nearly a decade. tips to keep your holiday plans running
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. 5:24. the pats celebrating a win. >>steve burton has more. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. it was a nice home coming for tom brady yesterday. 4 touchdowns on the afternoon in his first game back to the bay area as he was missing gronkowski and hogan. there he is taking the field for three games for the first time in san francisco in his career. fans were loud for his support. the california native also said hello to his predecessor drew bledsoe. he said he grew up loving this team.
5:25 am
edelman and was able to hit james white. 13-3 pats to begin 2nd quarter. 13-10 at halftime. snapped from the a avoids a rush and finds someone in the end zone. he touches four touchdowns on the afternoon. 280 yards in his return home. they win 30-17. >>i've always loved the am organization until 2000 when i loved another team and another organization, and that's just the way it goes. >>it's exciting being in your hometown area seeing some of the grates that you watch growing up here and eddie d-day, it was a fun experience. >>another road game for the pats sunday but closer to home as they take on the jets. the game has been changed. it's a 4:25 kick-off.
5:26 am
is on my tv 38 right after the game. tom brady just one win shy of tying the record. he that problems tie it next week against the jets and break it the following week at home against the rams. that's sports for now. the wellsly 5th great football team capping off an amazing season winning the state championship yesterday. they were not only undeterioration but they shut out every opponent the were they undefeated but they shut out every opponent. they outscored their opponents 380- 0. >>i think they should be invited to gillette to have a talk with the patriots. the patriots could get some tips from them. >>i think so. still to come a family forced from their home. >>what happened when a stolen car came crashing into their front door. , mr. the future first lady
5:27 am
melania trump will not move into the white house in january. this hour-by-hour forecast is more like mid winter here. we're talking about highs that will not climb out of the upper 30s today. there'll be peaks of sunshine that come out, a few flurries. it's all about the wind this afternoon. and i'll take you through the thanksgiving forecast when we
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breaking news overnight a police officer shot during a traffic stop. this is the 4th attack on officers in less than 24 hours. a mother of four dies after a fight outside a party. the investigation underway this morning to figure out if anybody should face charges. and a lynn man head to go court accused of hitting a wo the whole thing caught on camera. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. welcome back, everybody. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. monday november 21st and you may need to clean off your car. snow falling in some areas. our first glimpse, danielle, winter is here. >>it certainly feels like it out there too. the wind chill right
5:31 am
it is 11 degrees in worcester and running in the 20s for the rest of us. you need the winter gear as you're stepping out. we have some snow still flying. you'll need to find the brush or scraper this morning. a lot of communities have a coating out there, so if you do not park outside, you will have to brush off the car. snow still coming down along route 3 from mar field back up through hanover and rockland too. flakes in the city of boston as well stretching west from the turnpike down to needham on 128 from beverly along 114 and then from shirley stretching up right to the mass.-new hampshire border as well, flurries up towards fits burg. we have --
5:32 am
the wind is going to be the story today not the snow. wind gusts 20 to 40 miles per hour. we'll stay strong strong through the afternoon. highs don't get out of the upper 30s and i want to play things through to show you the wind chill is going to be stuck in the 20s from start to finish today. we'll take you through thanksgiving coming up. let's get you on the roads. cars are kind of thing sliding everywhere north of boston. a car slid into median on route 3. that has cleared out but since then a second car has slid into the median on 495 south at the lowell connector and a third car went into the median on route 3 south in bedford. slow it down if you're in the area. breaking overnight a police officer shot during a traffic stop near kansas city, missouri. a suspect was also shot at the scene and has died.
5:33 am
a similar attack happened in three states. a man hunt -- man hunt under way in san antonio where a officer was sitting in his patrol car when police say a driver pulled up behind him, walked to the driver's side window, shot the officer in the head. police released a picture of the person of interest. in st. louis, missouri, investigators say a police sergeant was am a car if you would alongside a marked police cruiser last night -- a car pulled up alongside a marked cruiser and opened fire. the sergeant is in critical condition. the suspect was killed in a shoot out with police. and in florida a police officer was shot while conducting a traffic stop on sanibel island. the officer was in his car when he was shot in the shoulder. a suspect was arrested after a standoff at his home. the officer was treated and released from the hospital.
5:34 am
investigators are looking into an apparent homicide in lowell. police say a 44-year-old woman was asked to leave a party and a fight broke out. her son tells us she was beaten and possibly stabbed in a parking lot. she was the mother of four and a grandmother. a lynn man due in court today facing charges in connection with with this hit-and-run in chelsea. the woman was hit by the van you 25-year-old arnold hernandez of lynn on an unrelated warrant saturday. they say they will file charges today including leaving the scene of an accident and driving without a license. the victim is expected to be okay. a local family looking for a new place to celebrate thanksgiving. >>because a stolen car came crashing into their front door. let's check in with brianna for the details. >> reporter: chris and kate, the cohen family is thankful this morning after their front door
5:35 am
police say the two suspects were driving a black car on route 290 when they got off the highway and crashed into the home. inside the hope was the family's two children and parents. they say they're just thankful more damage wasn't done. >>i thank god that they hit the platform, because if they didn't they would have went through the house. >>we cannot live in there until it is repaired because it's not structural sound. >> reporter: the two suspec and police say k9s weren't able to find them. anyone with information is asked to contact police. the latest now on the trump transition. the president-elect is back at trump tower in new york after spending the weekend meeting with cabinet candidates at his golf course in new jersey. new jersey governor chris christie was among those who met with donald trump and mike pence.
5:36 am
replaced by pence. former new york mayor rudy giuliani also met with the president-elect this weekend. he was a big supporter of the trump team during the campaign and is under considering for secretary of state. another top contender for the job is former massachusetts governor mitt romney who met with trump and pence saturday. part of the foreclosure future first family will not be moving into the -- part of the future first the president's son and wife will move in after he finishes the school year. they will stay in their home to finish the school year. mass. port is expecting nearly a million people to fly through logan this week. they suggest you take public transportation if you can because parking lots will fill up quickly. the mbta is offering some additional
5:37 am
wednesday and saturday until next monday. so with the busy week expected we've got some travel tips to keep your plans running smoothly, packing part can save you time and some money. charging your electronics the night before you take your trip so you aren't stuck without a entertainment. and don't forget to try to get an early start. be ready to be patient. >>charge your kids' electronics most important because that's who you want to be entertained. >>and pack thanksgiving cost you this year? plus a fix for some apple customers, some help for people whose phones keep shutting down. >> reporter: and police have tracked down a driver accused of hitting a woman at this intersection. the charges he's expected to face this morning coming up. see the snowflakes around anna's head. you need the brush this morning. it's a cold start. temperatures are running
5:38 am
of us. south of town, charles says 30 degrees in milt en right now with some -- milton right now with some snowflakes in the air. you'll need to brush off the windshield and dress for winter-like temperatures today. i'll take you through
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welcome back. a closer look at how much your thanksgiving feast will cost plus cyber monday starting early.
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customers jill wagner is live with today's money watch, morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kate. apple will replace batteries in some phones because the phones unexpectedly shut down. apple says it only effects a small number of phones manufactured between september and october 2015. this comes after samsung's massive recall because of exploding batteries. apple wants to reassure customs your thanksgiving dinner will be cheaper this year. the average meal serving 10 people will cost $49..87. a 24-cent drop from last year. the price of turkey, milk and pumpkin pie mix all are lower. and holiday meals are starting earlier and dealer. wal-mart is kicking off
5:42 am
friday. they have been making a huge push to grow online sales competing with anything to not have to fight the crowds, right? >>absolutely, jill. thank you. he like to not fight crowds on thanksgiving. >>luckily we just stay home. coming up a new confrontation in the battle over the dakota access pipeline. >>the protesters are facing off in a clas ready to head out when others head home.
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s. parts of the new england seeing their first snowfall this evening. but it was worse in the northeast. scientists tweeted out these pictures yesterday after an ice storm rolled through in the morning. you could see we had a little bit of a clearing so they could senate pictures. >>i know it happens every year. it -- so they could snap the pictures. >>i know it happens every year but it is shock the first time. >>i think it's exciting. but then it's, like, oh, we know it's coming. >>you two represent all of new england. we make the shift. there's still snow flying in parts of new england this
5:46 am
wipe off the windshield on the car this morning because there are areas of snow that accumulated on some of the grassy surfaces and car surfaces. marsh field along route 3, quincy, hall, into the city of boston seeing some light snow, but just a little bit of moisture with temperatures at or below freezing meaning there may be some slick pats. up to ashby and still snowing up to vermont where they had several inches of accumulation in parts of western massachusetts. 26 in worcester right now, 31 in boston, coldest reading at logan airport so far this season, but you have to factor in the wind this morning. 19 the real feel at logan airport right now. 13 in worcester, 20 for the rest of us. we are talking about a winter chill in the air today. because of that wind -- it's
5:47 am
30-mile-per-hour wind that definitely adds a bite to the air. the wind is now going to be the big story today. wind advisories up notice it doesn't matter where you go across southern new england, all of massachusetts, connecticut, and rhode island until 10:00 p.m. tonight. this is going to last all day. gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour may result in some isolated damage and pockets of outages during the day today. the snowshoers will come to an end. there's pockets of et new york. the area of low pressure departs and it turns brighter today as clearing coming in tonight. tomorrow looks quiet. the wind won't be damaging, but it will still be strong tomorrow. if you're traveling for thanksgiving tomorrow everything's good tomorrow wednesday even looks fine. sunshine will be with us and an increase in clouds late in the day. there will be rain and snow west, so that'll slow
5:48 am
come through wednesday night and for thanksgiving. that will bring us pockets of very light showers and maybe just cold enough wednesday night into thanksgiving morning that we get a little bit of a wintry mix. it's not going to be significant but all it takes is just a trace to get things slick, so we'll watch that. high temperatures today do not get out of the upper 30s and then you add the 40 to 50-mile-per-hour wind on top of that. gusts will be in the 20s. the southeastern massachusetts will be in the low 30s at times today s the clouds decrease tonight, 25 to 30 in the suburbs. tomorrow brighter but blustery, 42 degrees, the wind gusting 30 to 35 tomorrow. 7-day focuser a little less wind on wednesday, good for traveling. shower or flurry particularly thursday morning. we stay gray for thanksgiving. mid 40s to end the week and we
5:49 am
slick roads and flurries still falling three accidents to tell you about right now. the late set of on 495 south, there's a rollover it's off to the right of the highway. a car went into the median on 495 south at the lowell connector and we have another car in the median on route 3 in bedford. so mass. dot just tweeted they are if your commute includes north of boston drive extra slow right now it's very slick out there. thank you very much. a hit-and-run arrest plus police investigating the apparent murder of a mother in lowell. >>and officers ambushed across the country. our top stories begin with that breaking news overnight. a police officer was shot during a traffic stop near kansas city missouri last night. a suspect was also shot at the scene and has died. the officer is expected to be okay.
5:50 am
similar attacks in three states. and a man hunt underway in texas where a police detective was shot and killed while writing a traffic ticket yesterday. the officer was sitting in his patrol car when they say a driver pulled up behind him, walked to the driver's side window and shot the officer in the head. police released a picture of the person of interest. and in st. louis, missouri, investigators say a police sergeant was ambushed while sitting in traffic. a car pulled up algs fire. the sergeant in critical condition this morning, and police say the suspect was killed in a shoot-out with police. and in florida a police officer shot while conducting a traffic stop there on sanibel island. the officer was in his car when he was shot in the shoulder. a suspect was arrested after a standoff at his home. the officer was treated and released from the hospital. police are investigate the apparent murder of another in lowell. police say the
5:51 am
leave a party saturday night when a fight broke out. her son tells us she was beaten and possibly stabbed in a parking lot near an apartment complex. she was the mother of four, and a grandmother also. chelsea police say they have tracked down the driver in hit-and-run at this intersection here in chelsea. you can see in this video as the driver in a white van hits a 72-year-old woman walking in the crosswalk. the driver then takes off. police say this happened friday morning at the intersection of broa a the woman was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises on her face. plea vealed the video to the public asking -- police released the video to the public asking for help to find the man. live in chelsea, anna meiler, wbz this morning. a new confrontation in north dakota at the site of the dakota access pipeline. the sheriff's office believes that 400 protesters are on a bridge
5:52 am
one person has been arrested as law enforcement formed a line to stop protesters. families of those missing from ma labor a airlines flight 370 say they'll be going on a debris hunting trip to madagascar searching for clues as to what happened to the plane after investigators have identified six pieces of wreckage that they say have either definitely or almost certainly come from the jet. a new study suggests the may be on your kidneys. scientists linked it with kidney furnish. they found the risk of developing kidney failure dropped with every extra hour of nighttime sleep. a new way to keep employees happy during the workday may also be keeping them healthy. a california company that developed a meditation app is one of the many companies that
5:53 am
medication sessions for employees. immediate taking has been shown have -- meditation has been shown to have significant help in reducing stress. the american music awards were held last night. >>it was a big night for several artists like drake who broke a record previously held by michael jackson with 13 nominations. he won 46789 the artist of the year award went to hit song. still to come this morning, history on the football field. >>how one college senior divide the odds and fulfilled a
5:54 am
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5:56 am
welcome back. one man making history on the football field. >>the south carolina state running back became player in a division 1 college football game. 55-year-old joe thomas, sr. entered the game in the first quarter saturday and gained three yards on his first carry. he ended the game with four carries, but his teammates awarded him the game ball anyway. >>i couldn't explain it, to be honest with you. the happiest day of my life is today. something i've always wanted to
5:57 am
>>he was carried off the field by his teammates after south carolina state won the game. he had been working out with the team but hadn't seen any playing time before this. i mean, this brings a little wisdom and age, it's good thing to have on the field. >>but minus one running. >>you're heartless. >>just tell it like it is. he's too old, fine. keep it right
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. good morning. thanks for joining: i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. breaking overnight a series of similar attacks on police ac a mother of four dies following a fight outside a party. we're hearing from the victim's family as police open an apparent murder investigation. a boat taking on water and highs winds and waves with a rescue off the coast of massachusetts. and it feels like winter this morning. >>we had some snow falling overnight. there's actually been some accumulation in spots. let's check in with danielle niles for a look at what we can


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