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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we'll look at the totals coming up, partly cloudy, gusty, cold, and the air temperature will fall into the 20s overnight. as of this week, good travel weather on the east coast for tomorrow and wednesday, watching a developing system that could bring us winter weather on thanksgiving. lisa? >> thank you, david. you can keep up to date with the boston weather app. a magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit japan off the coast of fukushima. there is a threat of waves up to 10 feet tall. you'll remember this is the same area that was devastated by the earthquake and a tsunami in 2011. that was a 9.0. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get
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alan branch has been suspended saying that he was on allegations of drugs. steve burton has more. steve? >> reporter: that's right. they got back from the trip from beating up on the san francisco 49ers. but we have reports that alan branch was suspended 4 games for violenting the substance abuse policy testing positive for marijuana. but they will appeal saying that marijuana is about to become legal for massachusetts. this is a big blow for the patriots because they don't have a lot of depth and he is a key player on the defensive line. we'll see how that wraps up.
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thanksgiving in a basket give away. we'll talk with the owner of the patriots coming up at 6:00. that's the some more in rocks -- rocks ford. guys? >> thank you. we love that event. and we'll start with the sunday game against the jets at friday night at 7:00. and we'll cover the patacy game at met life stadium, a 4:25 kickoff fr now at 5:00, the man arrested in this hit and run caught on camera said he had no idea he hit anyone and his ex- wife tells us that the man she knows would never slam into an elderly woman and take off. christina has more. christina? >> reporter: lisa, the elderly woman hit in the intersection had a cut at her hairline and
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sending her to the hospital. but officials say she will be okay. arnold hernandez is now facing charges in the hit and run caught on video on friday. a 72-year-old woman in a crosswalk knocked to the ground. his defense attorney. >> he saw the lady and at one point he sa view mirror and had no idea he hit her. he didn't hear anything out of the ordinary, there was no bump and nothing to suggest that he had made contact with another object. so he continued. >> reporter: slightly different from the story he gave officers according to the police narrative in court papers. heave told the officer as he was looking in one direction, a woman banged her hand on the hood of his car. as he drove away, he saw the
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his wife, from whom he is separated, said it's a shock. >> i can't believe this is happening. this was a hard-working man who took care of his kids, who took care of me and did everything he had to do. >> reporter: it took a day to find hernandez at the workplace and the van, a vehicle that belongs to his mother. this weekend, police hernandez on an unrelated charm, failing to pay a fine out of lynn. he was held on new charges with the bail set at $2,000. christina hager,wbz news. back to you. state police have received a steady stream of tips after releasing new information about a jogger's murder. in aweing, vanessa marcotte was visiting a family when she went
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investigators are looking for a dark-colored suv that was spotted near the crime scene. police think that the killer was familiar with the area f you have any information, you are asked to call the tip line. you can also find the information about this case on a developing story at 5:00. police in texas have launched a manhunt for the suspect who ambushed an officer killing him in david robichaud has details. david? >> reporter: police in texas are hoping surveillance video and a $25,000 reward will help them to track down the shooting. >> an officer down in front of headquarters. i need ems. >> reporter: the brazen shooting, the officer executed at close range.
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cruiser, got out, and shot detective marconi in the head. there is surveillance of the black sedan speeding away. >> i think the uniform was the target and the first person who happened along was the partner in he targeted. >> reporter: police released video of a man buzzed into headquarters earlier in the day, hours before the incident and they believe he is behind the attack. the deadly shooting was one of country yesterday. others in missouri and florida and three of the four incidents, investigators believe that the suspects specifically targeted police officers. david robichaud, wbz news. new at 5:00, just in time for thanksgiving, the second officer seriously injured during a shooting in east boston is home from the hospital. officer matt morris was shot in
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with kirk figueroa. he said he is lucky to be here and be thankful for. a swastika, an interracial couple's windshield, smashed. people marching today say we are seeing too much of this and are banding together with police. with daily complaints coming into the state attorney general's aspect-hate hotline, a rally today to make a enough. paul burton has the story. paul? >> reporter: lisa, the scene the and theme of the rally, no place for hate, stand up against the onslaught of racist attacks across the common welt. >> no one should sit silently now. >> reporter: standing up and speaking out about hate, several groups rallied on the steps of the statehouse. >> silence is not golden.
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community to stand together against hate in the wake of the 2016 presidential election. in recent weeks, there were more than 300 complaints of harassment and threats to the attorney general's office. >> newspaperss from the ku klux klan were delivered to doorsteps in the middle of night. an attleboro school had praises of the kkk in the bathroom. >> reporter: water fountains, one reading, "for blacks." >> as much progress as we have made as a nation this is a remainder of how much we still have to go.
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student spoke about being harassed. >> bystander intervention is a simple way to deal with hate. >> hip >> hindu and buddhist and jewish communicating all living and working side by side. the city of bost against hate. >> reporter: support your local organizations, and when you see an injustice, don't remain silent. i'm paul burton,wbz news. donald trump's team is taking a close look at scott brown for veteran's affairs secretary. brown was called to trump tower to meet with the president- elect and brown explains they discussed ways to help veterans and their families.
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services should be the top priority but the va can't do it all. >> we'll have to outsource some of the cases to private vendors. we have to work with the dod. when the soon to be veteran leaves the dod, we know when they need them. >> he said president-elect trump is interviewing other candidate bus he should know if he got a mother killed in front of her son. >> and her killer is on the run. the whole thing started after a fight at a weekend party. and a lot of people rely on help to pay for college, and many are complaining about the billing. the i-team started asking questions. >> and too soon for the boston
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not at all. >> and a puppy stolen. police are hoping that you can bring the chihuahua back. >> and breaking news from japan, a tsunami warning in fukushima. 10-foot waves are possible. we'll pass along the information as soon as it comes
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tonight, an eye team follow up. the attorney general is take action against it the company that handles student loans. >> reporter: to pay for college, tanya martin took out several loan agency but after graduating and paying thousands, there is barely a dents in her debt. >> i still owe $70,000. i don't know how. the numbers don't matchup. >> reporter: she canceled her med school dreams because the company doesn't offer a more affordable plan. >> miss a payment and we'll come after your house. >> reporter: more than 500
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the company including describe particular as financial terrorism. how big is this? >> this is a big deal. >> reporter: the i-team was told that acs has agreed to pay $2.4 million. >> the company mishandled it and screwed it up and didn't get students in the payment plan they can afford >> reporter: there are allegations of excessive late fees and collection practices. we learned of the probe earlier and took the questions to the company. what's your reaction to that? >> i can't comment on that. >> reporter: how concerned does that make you? >> as i said to you, we are a loan servicing provider. >> reporter: the ag tells the i-team she is confident that there are improvements in place to protect borrowers. >> we need to send messages to loan companies that we take this seriously and make sure
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students don't get hurt. >> reporter: as part of the settlement, the company agreed to establish a unit that will help borrowers get into affordable repayment plans based on their incomes. you can contact the ag's service to find out if you are available for any of the money. ryan kath, wbz news. people are wo an faneuil hall also flipped the switch on the snow. this is a look at binghamton, new york, snow on the cars. >> kids are excited, eric. last night, a coating on the ground and parts of massachusetts saw an incredible amount of snow, elevation- dependent event. and this picture, a beautiful scene and looks like the middle of winter.
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and a woodpecker out there enjoying 11. and this sentiment, i love snow. peru mass, 20". and connecticut in litchfield, one foot, and redfield, in a lake-effect belt, 27" of snow and still snowing in those locations. universal. 38 the high in boston, an average high for late december and our coldest day since april 1. that was in the springtime at the beginning of the year. the wind is the story, still strong gusts and the wind will remain throughout tonight and tomorrow and a wind advisory stays up for 10:00 for much of the area and the peak gusts at 40 to 50 miles per hour. a cold night, the snow, the
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coming down across lake ontario into connecticut, very long lasting. this is the one we'll watch for thanksgiving. short term, 20 to 30 degrees and with the wind, it will feel like teens and 20s. tomorrow, a little more sunshine and a little less wind and a couple of degrees milder. a mix of sun and clouds and near 40 and still gusty winds out of the northwest and the per hour as opposed to the 50 miles per hour gusts today and cold tomorrow night and clearing and chilly and another night in the 20s. after highs tomorrow, we'll stay in the 30s and lower 40s elsewhere this is below average. we see look towards the travel conditions for tuesday and wednesday, cold but no major problems. wednesday, no pressures in the 95 corridor.
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weak system will move in. with that, a chance for light snow shower activity and freezing drizzle; and that's the main issue for thanksgiving. it looks like a chilly, gray day and temps for many will hold in the 30s and there might be some of the freezing drizzle in the morning. it can't take a lot to create slick conditions. it will be slippery out there if you are going to be driving on thursday. on friday, again, chilly and a lot of clouds. a couple of rain or being for this weekend is a coastal system. unfortunate as to how strong this might be. here's your accu-weather 7 day, chilly and dry for tuesday and wednesday and a chance for freezing drizzle on thanksgiving and a chilly weekend. david and lease -- lisa, all of the sunshine disappeared. >> even the turkey is dancing
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>> i don't blame him. kanye west has canceled the rest of his pablo tour. he had a rant about politics and social media and called off his next show. live nation said that his fans will receive a refund. in a month, patriots day will open in theaters. the early reviews are good and one critic called the handling of the traumatic time respectful. but is the film mi soon after the attack? today on cbs this morning, actor mark wahlberg, a dorchester native said no. >> we felt like everything happening all around the world, this is a message of love and people coming together. and we felt like you know, it was very important to do this but do it right and we being from boston and knowing i would be held accountable personally, it was a lot of pressure.
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our sister company, cbs films that opens nationwide january 13th. coming up new tonight at 11:00, why using a security key card to open a locked door, why do that when you can use your hand? more and more people are choosing to get an implant in their skin. >> it's coming. there's no doubt about this. >> a potential chip. the implant process and possible security risk. that's tonight on the wbz news at 11:00. from chips to self-driving cars. they get the green light in boston. >> where they will be hitting the road soon. coming up at 5:30, prosthetic limbs have changed lives for amputees, and even the best ones don't feel
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the pioneering prosthetic that allows the patient to control the limb with their brain and an early thanksgiving treat for hundreds that would normally go
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cars pulling on boston roadways. >> city hall is moving forward with a plan to study the automated vehicles. the city will let nutonomy to test the cars in south boston. what's special about the park is it has three miles of roadways where you can put the car to the test and navigate around other cars, pedestrians, and cyclists. >> i was driving on the highway over the weekend my wife and said i wonder if my kids will drive? >> i hope so. >> the future is upon us. and tonight, to get your kid to focus on homework is very trick fee -- tricky if they are distracted by a gamut. >> now, the amazon gadget alexa, can ask the assistant to pause the internet. if your kid is supposed to be doing their home oh, you can
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-- turn off the wi-fi? >> you just hope your kid doesn't say, alexa, turn it back on. >> don't listen to mom. joe thomas, senior, became the oldest player ever in a division 1 c ollege football game. he's 55 and gained 3 yards on his first carry and finished up for four carries for minus 1 yardt the game ball anyway. >> these in great shape. lisa and i will be back at 6:00. >> david that, means that there is hope for us. he is not in office yet but donald trump is being graded. next, what the president-elect is getting right and jon culler is showing calls that could get him in trouble with voters. caught on camera, a man falling
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over and the troubles don't end there. and a mother killed in front of her children after a party. what might have triggered the deadly attack. ?
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parts of japan right now, bracing for a tsunami after a
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coast of fukushima. it's possible some areas could see 10-foot waves there in the same area that was devastated by the tsunami and earthquake in 2011. a mother of four, murdered and attacked outside of a weekend party. witnessessay that a group of girls jumped the bottom -- woman and beat her. i'm liam martin. >> and i'm paula ebben. beth beth? >> reporter: family members believe it was a group of women who have did the attacking. no arrests have been made but family and friends are marking the spot where her life was taken. family members are looking for answers after flowers were made outside a lowell apartment complex where 44-year-old


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